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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  May 19, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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the meaning of the word arrogant. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. hurricane skandy. the continuing tropical [ bleep ] storm, that is rocking the obama administration. >> i understand the republicans are still very angry that obama care is law. what's sad is if they try to use this as an excuse to try to repeal obama care. >> the irs has a role to play in the implementation of obama care. >> remember, the irs is the enforcement arm for the president -- >> there's a republican playbook here -- >> which is another reason why if we had the opportunity to do it, we ought to pull it out, root and branch. >> guess who the republicans are! >> really, tea party? really? you're surprised that you're targeted by the irs? you named yourself after a group of people who proudly and historically violated tax laws. >> we're not going to let that distract us and the president
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from actually doing the people's work and fighting the middle class. >> too often, our politics aren't focused on the same things you are. >> we actually have a political party and a force in this country that thinks it's the right, morally correct thing to do to have a vote and to take insurance away from a fellow american. >> the president's got business -- >> i'm confident together, we will continue to never-ending task of perfecting our union. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. the republican master plan to take down obama care was revealed on the sunday talk shows this morning. republicans using the irs scandal to steal health care from 30 million americans. that's the plan. they think because the irs plays a very small role in implementing parts of this big law, that's going to affect a lot of people, the entire thing is just going to go to hell in a hand basket. their bogus logic makes
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absolutely no sense, but their mission is very clear and they're very up-front about it. first up, failed presidential candidate, paul ryan, congressman out of wisconsin, kicked off their misinformation campaign this morning. >> as bad as this is, the person in charge of this bureaucratic snafu has now been put in charge of implementing obama care. the irs is now going to be granted huge amounts of unprecedented power over our health care in the implementation of obama care. and so, this is just rotten to the core. this is arrogance. this is big government cronyism. and this is not what hard-working taxpayers deserve. >> huge amounts of unprecedented power? it kind of makes you think that, holey smokes, my doctor is going to be calling the irs every time i go to see my family practitioner, to see if it's okay to take my medicine or something like that. come on! it's not true. mitch mcconnell made the same point, but also brought the midterm elections into the mix.
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>> if i were predicting what's likely to be the biggest issue in the 2014 election, i think it would be obama care. i think it's coming back big time. and by the way, the irs has a role to play in the implementation of obama care, which is another reason why if we had the opportunity to do it, we ought to pull it out, root and branch, single who's piece of legislation that's been passed in modern times in this country. and the american people are beginning to learn, as the premiums go up, as jobs are lost, the full effect of this on our slow-growth economy has been enormous. i think that's likely, frankly, david, to be the biggest issue next -- in 2014. >> bring it on, brother! bring it on, mitch mcconnell. we want it to be the biggest issue. helping 30 million americans. did you notice in that sound bite, very similar to what paul ryan said, connecting the irs to obama care. hold that thought. and also, focus on the word that he used, learn.
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and, of course, michele bachmann is out there, trying to scare people over obama care. her lies really take the cake. >> the irs has admitted, this is the largest expansion of power and authority that they've had in modern times. and they've proved they're incapable of dealing with the power and authority that they have today. i believe not only as the house repealed obama care, now i think that the american people are going to demand after the 2014 election that the senate repeal obama care. and i think the president will be in a box. i think he'll be forced to repeal his signature legislation, because the people will demand it once they're thrown off their employer's health care insurance and after millions of people lose jobs and people lose health care. literally, the decisions of our life and death may very well be in the hands of the irs. that's a chilling thought. >> people are going to lose health care! people are going to get fired!
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unprecedented powers. the irs is going to be knocking at your door! folks, she said it right there, michele bachmann, hold the house through gerrymandering, take over the senate, and repeal obama care and we're going to vilify the irs as best we possibly can to get the american people against the signature legislation that president obama was able to get through. let me be crystal clear. the irs will never have access to your meck records and they will never be making medical decisions. michele bachmann, once again, is lying and trying to scare you, the consumer. the internal revenue service has a simple role in obama care. first, it will verify if people are eligible for subsidies and tax credits by looking at income, which is documented through the return. they will be the verifying agency. secondly, they will check whether citizens have health insurance at all and determine
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if they have to pay a penalty tax. the whole idea of this is to get more people covered, to bring down costs, to have better outcomes, to have preventative clinics, to help out the young people, to make it better for the elderly. it's good for america and millions of people. she said, millions of people will lose their jobs because of obama care. again, she's lying. now, keep in mind, just look at the politics of this. any political body anywhere that votes 38 times to repeal any type of legislation, could we both come to an agreement that they're a pretty determined bunch. i mean, this is what they want to do. the republicans will stop at absolutely nothing. they will use everything they have in their power to derail president obama's agenda. so you may be sitting there tonight thinking, gosh, ed, what the hell am i supposed to do about it? let's focus on that for a moment. let's focus on what we can do, you, the consumer, me, the
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consumer. let's focus on learn. it's an interesting word that mitch mcconnell used. now, everybody's backyard is different. i don't know who your insurance company is. i will tell you mine. i have a north dakota corporation that's based in fargo, it's called ed schultz broadcasting. it's been in business since 2004 when i started my national radio show. and i have employees who have insurance. i have some that don't. the bottom line here is that there is a lot of things about obama care that i don't know and i know you don't know. and guess what, there's a lot of people in the media that don't know and there's a lot of paem in congress that don't know. so i've got an interesting piece in the mail from my insurance company that i want to share with you. it says, health reform answers personalized for your business. and seeing that i am a capitalist and a businessman that employees people and actually needs payroll, i thought i'd look at this. and i did. and it says, federal health reform is complex and means
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something different to every business. that caught my attention. blue cross/blue shield of north dakota has tools personalized to your individual business to help you navigate through the rules and decisions you are facing. folks, you and i have to engage. the government isn't just going to show up and say, here, here's insurance. that's what republicans want you to think. this is about you and i taking advantage of something that's on the table. and if you're a business owner, a small business owner, i suggest that you pay close attention in your backyard, no matter -- when i say backyard, i mean your state, your region, whoever your insurance company is. now, it's interesting, blue cross and blue shield of north dakota, what they're going to do, guarded by the eighth graders, i might say, they're going to have this seminar.
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and i'm going to go to it, because there are some basic questions that are going to be answered. and they ask in this flyer, how will the exchange and federal subsidies work? do you know? do you know how this exchange and these subsidies are going to work? i'm going to find out. which business will be penalized for not providing employer-based insurance? another good question. the other one was, what are the tax implications? what are they? good, bad? going to pay more, going to pay less? is it going to help your business to have more people covered? the other question interesting on this flyer was, how does the number of employees affect health insurance decisions? what does it mean if you have so many employees that are covered? what does the competitive post-reform benefits package look like? nobody knows. speaking of learning, those five basic questions, i would venture to say that there isn't a cable host, there is ant network reporter that can say with conviction that they know the
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answers to every one of them. all we hear is obama care sucks. all we hear is the negative from the republicans, and dammit, we have to repeal it, because millions of people are going to lose their jobs. that is a lie. their whole political plan, right now, was in front of us this morning. to vilify the internal revenue service to the point of no return, connected to obama care, and to defeat obama. to still make this his waterloo. this is paul ryan this morning, spilling the beans again. this is a crucial sound bite here. check this out. >> as bad as this is, the person in charge of this bureaucrat ii snafu has been put in obama care. the irs is going to be granted huge power over our health care in the implementation of obama care. so this is just rotten to the core. this is arrogance. this is big government cronyism and this is not what
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hard-working taxpayers deserve. >> the irs is going to be the verifying agency of your income. so when the state checks on how many people are covered in a certain business, such as mine, they will make sure that employee a, b, c, and d made so much money, to make sure that they qualify. that's the power the irs is going to have. and they make it sound like it's some intrusion into your front door where the government's going to be taking over. let me tell you something, liberals. we are going to win this fight. and we are going to learn. and i'm asking you, as a consumer, to start asking questions and start paying attention to what really is happening out there with obama care. last night on this program, we gave you a human example of who's going to get helped. tonight i'm telling you as a business owner, i'm not going to be writing the biggest checks i do every month for health insurance, because they're going to go down, because some of my qualifying for federal be
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subsidies. hey, they pay taxes too. what the republicans fear is some day we will have universal health care in this country. what the republicans fear is that they are not going to be able to protect their corporate donors, their cronies, the influence of big insurance with lobbyi lobbyists in washington. that is what they are protecting. they give a damn about the tea party and who's being infiltrated by the irs, but they don't care about sick people at all. they don't have a plan that's as good as obama care. and they know that generationally, the democrats are always going to be remembered politically for doing something, for change. and they're trying to change that change! ic i could go on for hours on this. and i am infuriated that the republicans, and darn it, they are organized, they know how to get their talking points together and they are going out and connecting the irs to this and want you to believe a bunch of lies. i will be here every weekend to
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debunk everything they say on health care. get your cell phones out p. i want to know what you think. tonight's question, will the republican's scandal machine backfire? text "a" for yes, "b" for no to 67622. you can also go to and we'll get the results later in the show. and i will have a camera crew if fargo on june 27th and answer the shows the very next day at 5:00. and i will prove to you that paul ryan is a liar, i will prove that michele bachmann is a liar, i will prove to you that the minority leader in the senate, minnesota mtch mcconnel liar, because that's exactly what they are. for more, let's towner the congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz from florida. >> congratulations on your new time slot, ed. >> well, thank you. i'm going to show you a picture of a big fish later in this
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show, because i've got a lot more time to do that. this two-day-a-week gig ain't bad. >> good to have you back. >> are the republicans using the irs scandal to derail obama here? your thoughts? >> here's what the republicans are doing. what they're doing is basically implementing project "shield the facts that they have no agenda," operation "shield the fact that they have no agenda." look, we do need to take a look at the decisions thaerp made that were wholly inappropriate at the irs to treat organizations differently instead of equally. i mean, that is absolutely essential. that investigation should be done in a bipartisan way without a partisan agenda. but, of course, that isn't in the dna of this republican party or this republican leadership. and in fact, they are being driven by the these right-wing organizations. in fact, to actually set aside real legislation that we might
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have an opportunity to consider and debate, in place of focusing on investigations so that they can really try to trip up the obama administration. >> congresswoman, they are talking about the midterms already. they are talking about 2014 and taking over the senate and repealing and putting obama in a box. what about that? >> they're even talking about 2016. what they're trying to do with the benghazi investigation, which clearly has had, you know, a thorough review. it was -- the independent investigation done and authorized by secretary clinton, in which all 29 recommendations that came from admiral pickering and from ambassador pickering and admiral mullen are being implemented. that is about 2016 and the possibility of hillary clinton running for president. and nothing more. what they're doing is nakedly transparent. what we need to do is focus on creating jobs and turning the economy around. you know, for paul ryan to say, or for mitch mcconnell to say
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that the focus of the 2014 election is going to be obama care is really a demonstrative of how dramatically out of touch the republicans are -- >> it's a good thing for democrats. this is a good thing for democrats that they want to make this the focal point. >> i know, it's hilarious. it's a terrible thing for americans. and to say -- for the republicans to be obsessed with denying americans the opportunity to not be dropped or denied coverage for pre-existing conditions or to force kids to lose their health insurance coverage, and right now they can stay on their parent's insurance until they're 26. as a breast cancer survivor, that's offensive. i have women who write me from all over the country and tell me thank you and ask that we fully implement obama care. >> we will have you back, congresswoman. really appreciate your time tonight. debbie wasserman schultz here on "the ed show." share your thoughts with us on twitter and on ed show and on facebook. we want to know what you think.
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on everything your business needs. that was easy.
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♪ ♪ yes, we can ♪ yes, we can ♪ yes, we can ♪ yes, we can >> president obama set aside all the scandals and delivered the commencement address at morehouse college today. the president got a warm reception, despite all the rain. president obama is weathering the political storm and we're getting more proof obama care is what the republicans really targeting as they investigate the internal revenue service
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scandal. let's bring in joan walsh, martin bashir and joy reid here this afternoon. nice to have you with us. joy, can republicans use the irs scandal to bring down what they always wanted to get rid of, obama care? >> no, it's just as futile as the 37 votes to repeal obama care. if you want to set up a quote/unquote scandal to bring down a program you don't like, the message has to be simple. i'm not sure how you get a tea party group called bring down the, didn't get to be a nonprofit for a year, had to wait, and now i want to get rid of your health care insurance. now you're going to be bumped off your partner's health care because some group had to wait a year to get their c-4. >> so why are they picking obama care and pinning it early on in 2013 as this is what they want to do. >> the economy is getting
2:22 pm
better, it's not getting better fast enough or better for anyone, but i was really interested when mitch mcconnell said that today. i half expected him to say, we're going to run on this economy and the unemployment rate is still too high and all the twelve talking points that didn't work. but no, we're going to shift to obama care, and there's this loose link now with an official who maybe was nominally involved with the department that was reviewing these applications, because she was never mentioned in the ig report. what i think is so crazy, there's just a demand for heads to roll. and if somebody's name was ever attached to any program, they should be gone, rather than actually trying to find out, well, who did this, and why? and who gave the orders. >> you know, what joan said is absolutely right. and in some ways, i'm sure the people who put together the new diagnostic book for the diagnose of psychiatric illness will be disappointed. because this week, the republicans combined two in one,
2:23 pm
obsessive-compulsive disorder with avoidant personality disorder. and what's that about is this, all roads lead back to november. the irs scandal is a scandal because the president and the white house prevented right-wing groups from campaigning against it. benghazi talking points were adjusted eed in order to prevey questions, casting aspersions on the president's tackling of terrorism and homeland security. the whole thing relates back to november. and they have a fundamental problem with accepting a simple truth. he won. he won the election. but they cannot accept that. >> and they lie. millions of americans will not lose their jobs because we are implementing a health care law. i want to show you what donald rumsfeld said about the president today. here it is. >> what's happening to the president is incrementally trust is being eroded because of the
2:24 pm
different messages coming out. >> as always, donald rumsfeld is dead wrong. a new poll shows the president's approval rating is at 53%. >> can i ask why we listen to him anymore? >> he wrote a book, i guess. >> is this the guy who told us it would essentially be a cakewalk, we could go to the war with the army we had, we could go light and invade an entire country of 20, 30 million people. this guy shouldn't even be listened to, so everything he says is immediately off the table. >> so why is the president weathering the storm so well with a positive number and approval rating. >> it's simple. americans are looking at this president. they don't see the ogre that republicans try to paint him as. they see a guy who's doing his best against a party who is hell-bent on opposing an election that's over and going back and re-fighting it. >> here's another dandy. mitch mcconnell had to face himself on "meet the press" today. watch this. >> there are restrictions now on the kinds of activities that,
2:25 pm
for example, a 501c-3 and 4 organizations, charitable organizations are being abused by not just people on the right, but most of the so-called charitable organizations that are involved in political activity in this country who are, in my judgment, involved in arguable violations of their tax-free status and violations of the campaign law, happen to be groups on the left. so that is a problem. >> big groups on the left, oops, this is how he responded to the 26-year-old clip. >> i was wrong 25 years ago, i've been right for the last two decades. >> kind of like us, huh, martin? >> well, what can you say to that, honestly? it's ludicrous. and the whole idea, ed, about them never mentioning the name "karl rove" in relation to 501c-4s is just sacrilegious.
2:26 pm
if you want to have a discussion about -- >> this morning karl -- >> as harry reid said, what has karl rove done to improve the social welfare -- >> well, this morning on fox news sunday, karl rove connected it to the naacp about how they have used it for years as a political organization. i mean, they're running for cover anywhere they possibly can to put this on the president's desk that he knew everything and that he -- >> oh, he dictated it! >> he was using it to make sure he would get re-elected. >> there's a better thing that came out this weekend. they seem so uncertain that they can tie it to the president, that they've decided they don't have to. and peggy noonan said it today. she called it a dog whizstle. because the president campaigned against the tea party and against citizens united, that was as good as telling people in the irs that they should go after his enemiey becauses.
2:27 pm
because of course everybody knows. >> he hypnotizes people into voting for him. >> everybody who gets audited feels like they're being targeted. we're all human. that's our first basic reaction. why me? why my office? >> and we all know one group was denied their status. and it was a group of democratic women. so at the end of the day, yes, people should not have been reviewed by these terms. >> so president obama weathers this storm? >> yes. >> you have to look at who the so-called victims are. unless you are trying to form a 501c-4, this story isn't about you. peggy noonan also said, i know some rich people in the salons who i hang out in on the weekends who were also audited. american people aren't going to relate to that. >> before you go, we got you a little gift. it's from joan, joy, and i to welcome you back. we can't give you any product placement, so we're not going to say what it is, but it's bubbly, a little small congratulations, great that you're back on air and we're all so thrilled that you're back. >> you're a great friends. >> from the three of us, that's
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a small gift to you. i real >> i really appreciate it. and thanks for coming in on a sunday. i bet that's a good bag right there. remember, you can see martin's show here on msnbc, every weekday at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. up next, the republican crusade to hurt american workers. [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
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siemens. answers. man: the charcoal went out already? ... forget it. vo: there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford original charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill. welcome back to "the ed show." we love hearing from our viewers, so tonight we decided to answer two questions in our "ask ed live" segment. the first question is from a viewer named david renner. if we could vote out one republican in an effort to change the party's direction,
2:31 pm
who would you pick? well, obviously, john boehner. and this is why i'm so mad at dennis kucinich walking over there at fox news. because i think kucinich after he was redistricted and gerrymandered out and lost in a primary, i think kucinich could have moved to cincinnati and been a great national candidate to defeat john boehner. boehner is the problem. boehner is the man who has done nothing to work with this president when it comes to jobs and he is always there in a very spiteful manner and he lies a lot. so he would be the guy. the next question comes from marshall, texas. "why is there so much hatred for president obama by the republican congress?" well, keep in mind, we have two ideological, you know, battles going on here. number one is that the republicans, all they want to do is privatize everything they possibly can. president obama believes that the government has a limited
2:32 pm
role in doing things. for instance, he thought that it was important to have a stimulus package when he was handed the worst economy since the great depression. he thought it was important to help out the automobile industry, although no republicans wanted to help him whatsoever, because it was about saving jobs. and so sometimes government does play a role. republicans, they, of course, don't think republicans have a role in anything, except going to war. stick around. the real talk panel is next. [ female announcer ] your smile. like other precious things that start off white, it yellows over time. when it comes to your smile, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing.
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at the end of the day in america, majority is supposed to rule. that's what elections are about. we won with majority rule. the president won with a majority. majority does not rule anymore and millions of working people are suffering as a result. >> you want to know why americans dislike washington? it's just this story and so many more, but this story is a microcosm as to why there's so much dislike towards our government. the republican addiction to the filibuster is becoming a real threat to the rights of millions of hard-working americans across the country. of all things, the national labor relations board is the government agency set up to protect american workers from wad bosses, abusive corporate owners, things in workplace that are detrimental to workers. this is where grievances are hard. but the senate has not really fully staffed the board for nearly a decade. why? because there's an attack on labor. republicans keep blocking the
2:36 pm
president's appointments. now, this week, an appeals court said the president, he couldn't even make recess appointments to the board either. you see how the judiciary is turning right wing as well. the now round of nominees, they breezed right through this senate hearing on thursday. full disclosure, one of the nominees is related, to a staffer here on "the ed show" on msnbc. now, senator lamar alexander said the nominees are qualified, but he's expected to vote against them anyway. senator bernie sanders delivered this blistering response. >> minority is doing everything they can in this case to make it impossible for working people, who are on the job, to have their rights protected, so that tomorrow if some fella out there, some woman tries to organize a union and get fired, against the law, that worker will have no recourse.
2:37 pm
i think that is a terrible, terrible thing. i'm not here to criticize the republicans. they are doing what they believe is best. it is part of a long-term strategy to obstruct, make it impossible for the president or any of us to do what we think is right in terms of protecting, in this case, american workers. if these nominees, in fact, get the votes that they need, which i suspect they will, they go to the floor, i will be very distraught if we do not seat them because of another filibuster. >> let's get some reaction from our real talk panel. steven greenhouse is the labor reporter for "the new york times" and larry cohen is the president of the communication workers of the america. great to have both of you with us tonight. steven, you first. why are republicans just he hellbent on sabotaging the national labor relations board. >> republicans have never been big fans of the national labor relations board, especially when
2:38 pm
it's a democratic president trying to name people to the board. they see the board as a tool that helps companies unionize, or when they fire workers seeking to unionize. so testimony the republicans generally don't love the board. there was this big case in south carolina a few years ago when the labor board said that boeing had acted illegally in trying to open up a factory in south carolina, and that sent many red state senators, red state politicians ballistic. and then, also, in, federal appeals court ruled that president obama's recess appointments to the board were illegal. >> that's really the critical point there. now they are making it so this board can't even function. mr. cohen, i know this is a hot issue with you. how important is it? how crucial is it, and how damaging is it to america? >> it's critical, because in most ways, the nrlb is a floor, it's not sufficient, but for 80 million american workers in the private sector, it's all they
2:39 pm
have. not just union workers, but workers who speak out in places like starbucks or mcdonald's, fast food workers. if they speak out and are fired or intimidated in any way, the only place they have to go is the nrob. that's really what's at stake here. the floor for the american workers is destroyed by republicans who have an 18th to 19th century view of laissez-faire capitalism. they think markets are enough. lindsey graham said it, flat-out, i don't believe in any kind of labor union protection or protection for american workers. we don't need the nrlb. that's what they really believe. >> mr. greenhouse, what resource do workers have in your opinion? >> well, if you're trying to -- if you think your wages are too low or you think for boss is mean or mistreating people and you try to set up a union and your employer fires you, that is illegal under american law. but if you want redress, you have toot to the national labor relations board to do that, and
2:40 pm
now without the board having -- because republicans are apparently going to block krpgs of the nominees, the board will not have a quorum to function. so the workers are kind of left without a real -- >> larry, this is all about the attack on workers. this board hasn't been filled out for ten years. the bush administration never wanted this board anyway. it's been in place for years, but this conservative move to be anti-worker is really just all part of the puzzle for them, isn't it? >> it's part of their puzzle. the u.s. chamber of commerce, corporate law firms like ones right down the street here are behind us. they are absolutely determined that this president won't have a democratic majority in the nrlb during the entire second term. and the only way to top this, as senator sanders said, democrats have to step up and change the rules and say that we are going to confirm, by a majority, the members of the nrlb. republicans -- >> so that would be filibuster reform? that would be filibuster reform, where harry reid would get 50 votes and we would get a full complement, five seats, there's
2:41 pm
on one person on that board right now, and i understand that that person's position is going to expire in a few months as well. it would be mission accomplished on the part of conservatives to get rid of the national labor relations board as a functioning body. >> that's right. >> so if the filibuster was changed and leid laharry reid ct the full complement of workers on there, it would change the landscape for workers? >> tomorrow is the eighth anniversary where republican leader frist within the to the floor to get bush nominees for the judiciary confirmed. and we need to remember, they did that in a much more benign environment the than what we face today. from everybody from the director of consumer financial protection board, to all the members of the nrlb, they're all filibustered by no talk. >> do you think the democrats have been staunch supporters of filling out this board? >> they've been pushing pretty hard. one might argue that they
2:42 pm
haven't been pushing hard enough. we might reach this really kind of crazy situation in august when the chairman's term expires, ed, that there'll be no confirmed members on the board. and, you know, the zero people and kind of impossible for the board to move forward. >> we talk about filibusters. we talk about not getting positions congress if i we s co. this is all part of the construction. this is all part of the republican plan to discredit this president, to take down labor in this country, and to make it harder on the middle class. i don't know how you can be an advocate for the middle class and call yourself a conservative and not fill this board out. i mean, and sticking it to workers is fundamental in this country. steven greenhouse, larry cohen, thanks for being with us tonight. tonight in our survey, i asked you, will the republican scandal machine backfire, 83% of you say yes, 17% of you say no. still ahead, fox news hires another brain wizard. prr pretenders is next. >> a lot more to do, you know?
2:43 pm
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and for our pretenders tonight, we receive glad tidings from media monopoly man, rupert murdoch. murdoch graciously revealed his latest enrichment to the political dialogue in america. the hiring of a defunct congressman alan west as the fox news contributor. we're sure this one-term wonder has plenty to contribute. yes, alan west, the man who once compared democrats to nazis should have no problem being fair and balanced. here are just some of his classic classics. >> every time i see one of those bumper stickers, i look at person inside that's driving. because that person represents
2:47 pm
something that would give away our children. >> i believe there's about 78 to 81 members of the democratic party that are members of the communist party. >> anytime someone has come across your board, they haven't been invited, that can be considered what the founding fathers wrote as an invasion into your country. >> these other women on the other side, these planned parenthood woman, the code pink woman and all of these women who have been neutering american men. i'm here as the modern-day harriet tubman to lead people on the underground railroad into a sense of sensibility. >> this tea party star has bestowed many pearls to the american public, but it's a far cry from wisdom. i'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but if rupert murdoch thinks he can make americans believe alan west is a newsman, he can just keep on pretending. flying is old hat for business travelers.
2:48 pm
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one of america's most important institutions, a sim bm
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of the trust between generations is also in need of wise and effective reform. social security was a great moral success of the 20th century. and we must honor its great purposes in this new century. the system however on its current path is headed towards bankruptcy so we must join together to strengthen and save social security. >> finally tonight, history is doomed to repeat itself exactly eight years after president bush's failed attempt to privatize social security, many americans are experiencing somewhat of a deja vu. president obama's term began with proposed cuts to social security through chain cpi. the obama administration isn't deg to gamble with the future of social security, but they are proposed cutting earned benefits for some of the most vulnerable americans.
2:52 pm
liberals, don't take your eye off the ball. republicans still want to destroy the new deal. senator bernie sanders put it this way on our show. >> the american people are saying loud and clear, do not balance the budget on thelderly the sick, and the poor. why is he doing this? i think the president continues to some very, very strange idea to keep believing if he makes major concessions to the republicans, that somehow he's going to get something back in return. >> eight years ago, president bush tried to strengthen social security by privatizing it, and then of course, the market went down. how would that have worked fw it had gone through. he got hammered in the midterms. democrats won back the house and added six new faces in the senate. if president obama gets his way with chain cpi, he could face the same fate. democrats run the risk of a poor turnout if they don't stand up
2:53 pm
and protect the big three. i'm an obama supporter. you know that, but the progressive movement is going to be around a heck of a lot longer than this president or any other president. joining me, adam green, cofounder of the progressive change committee. good to have you with us. your organization does great work on this, advocating for the big three. obviously, president obama isn't going to be running again, but democrats are, and he has proposed chain cpi in his budget. how closely are liberal groups paying attention to democrats who might get hoodwinked this is a good idea. >> very closely. in 2012, one presidential ticket explicitly ran on the idea of cutting social safety net tickets and that was defeated by barack obama. he didn't have a mandate to cut social security benefits. the democratic party doesn't have a man dade, and many groups and activists are saying you can't call yourself a democrat
2:54 pm
and support cutting social security benefits for millions of our grandparents and veterans, so we're out there actively supporting congressman who are spearheading an effort in the house to get their colleagues to vote against any deal if it has cuts to social security, medicare, or medicaid benefits and we're rallying around people like tom harkin from iowa and mark begich who are not only saying these are off the table, they want to expand social security benefits. it's in the interest of the democratic party not just to help millions of people right now but to make sure their base turns out and they don't commit political suicide. >> would you work against candidates who align themselves with chain cpi? >> yes, we will recruit primary candidates to support candidates who won't cut social security nets. we can't have people calling
2:55 pm
themselves democrats while cutting social security benefits for our grandparents. >> you have your state on the eye of montana. max baucus is no friend to liberals. why does max skwiehu witchweits get thrown around? >> if he was kwd running for senate, he could be a game changer. he's kind of a prairie populist, a farmer who ran for governor, not elected, just got his second term, and his principle is standing up for the little guy who has big corporate interests. so we're working with thousands of people across the state of montana on a draft schweitzer movement. >> is he kind of the model democrat in the country? >> he is the model democrat, and to have someone from the perceived red state of montana
2:56 pm
talking about trust busting, saying the corporations own this government and we need to take it back, and who has such a record of political success would be a game changer. he would be an amazing partner to elizabeth warnen, and that's why people are asking him to run and pledging to volunteer for him if he does run. >> your group does great work. adam green, thanks for joining us tonight. i appreciate it so much. finally tonight, a couple big things happened in the schultz family. congratulations to sarah and christian. that is for ed and wendy, grandchild number ten. and of course, there was another big arrival this week. a ten-pounder on wrong lake in manitoba. we certainly have to show you that. there's my baby for the week right there. i'll show you how to take a couple days off. that's the "ed show." i'm ed schultz. have a great week.
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tide vivid y el boost. traducele. she only uses tide vivid detergent plus boost for her whites. y me deja los blancos viendose como nuevos, lavado tras lavado. that part's true. ese es mi tide, cual es el tuyo? this man -- >> hope you're not married. >> wants the prostitutes in his neighborhood gone. >> if i catch you, you get a life sentence. >> he -- >> you ought to be ashamed of yourself! >> -- wants government officials to play by the same rules as everybody else. >> they're afraid of me. >> you're not allowed do that. >> and they're afraid of my video camera. >> and she -- >> i probably cried more than i have in my life. >> -- summoned the strength to protect her father. what all three of these people capture on camera is shocking. >> something just hit me like a ton of bricks. >> in plain sight. >> you're going to jail, buddy. >> and in their homes. >> get out of my f


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