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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 27, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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good morning on this memorial day. right now on "first look," president obama tours the storm ravaged oklahoma as residents begin rebuilding their lives. i want folks affected throughout oklahoma to know that we're going to be with you every step of the way. >> a weekend of weather exstreams across the country from deadly downpours in texas to unseasonable snow in parts of the northeast. plus, a bizarre camera mishap halts a nascar race. sunday is rare. dants of the planets and a dance party reunion you do not want to miss. good morning on this memorial day, today is the unofficial
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start of summer. but it is also a day to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. today, president obama will visit arlington national cemetery. tracy potts is live with a preview. >> reporter: good morning, happy memorial day. that will not just be the focus in washington. yes, the president is headed to arlington, also the focus on how america plans to do on the war on terror going forward. today, america remembers the loss of brave soldiers who died fighting for freedom. with flags at every grave, this morning, president obama heads to arlington cemetery to, once again, lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. looking ahead, america faces new threats. al qaeda dismantled, but not destroyed. the president wants to scale back our use of force against terrorist itself. >> not every collection of thugs that labels themselves al qaeda
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poses a credible threat to the united states. >> republican accuse him of going za soft on the enemy. >> the idea that we korn can't have a foot print to respond to the bin ladins of the world is dangerous. >> our enemies are emboldened all over the planet. ♪ god bless america >> today, a time of mourning and celebration. last night's concert reminds us of america in time of war even when that war is changing. now, looking ahead to today, we've got ceremonies along the national mall specifically forle world war ii veteran, viet nam vets and women who died in our country. it will be a busy day and a historic day as we remember those who not for our country. >> no doubt, tracy, thank you. turning to the damage in moore, oklahoma.
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president obama pledged federal support in the wake of the ef-5 tornado killed 20 people and injured many more. jay gray reports from moore, oklahoma. >> reporter: from the chaos and intensity of the strike through the rush of first responders, and the rumble of the grueling cleanup and recovery -- ♪ amazing grace, how sweet the sound ♪ >> sunday night for am the first time in a week. >> god our refugee and strength. >> reporter: moore paused for a memorial service. ♪ he came out of nowhere. >> reporter: to reflect, remember, and reaffirm their determination. ♪ dropped like a stone. >> we may be fogged down for a short time, but we will be right back up stronger than ever and we will rise up again as a state. >> reporter: earlier in the day,
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carrying the sprars an support of the nation, president obama spent time with victims and first responders. >> when we say, we got your back, i promise you, we keep our word. >> reporter: as he toured the devastation, he talked about the overwhelming scope of the tragedy but says the country sees much more than the splintered metal and wood here. >> from the first responders who dug through the rubble to the teachers who shielded with their own body their students, oklahomans have inspired us with their love and their courage and their fellowship. >> reporter: a courage and strength that despite so much, being splintered and scattered for miles here, has actually kept this community together. >> we survive together. we fight together and we build together. >> they will continue to lean on through a long and difficult recovery. jay gray, nbc news, moore, oklahoma.
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>> a tragic turn in the search for a teenage boy swept away by raging flood waters in texas. rescue teams found his body sunday bringing the death toll from flooding in san antonio up to three. the bodies of two women were found saturday after flood water up to 10-feet to trap them inside their cars. 130 others were in that storm which dumped record rainfall in may. the storm was so strong it swept cars and even a city bus off the streets. well, while memorial day usually marks the beginning of the beach season, in some parts of the country, well, it looked a lot like winter. oh, yeah, an upstate new york ski mountain was blanketed by fresh powder. in this video, you can see the police ard-like conditions turned the roads into a one-lane mess. in new hampshire, santa's village, amusement park was forced to close because of too much snow, can you believe it?
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we are sure some kids are upset about the closure. hopefully the irony of it all wasn't lost on that snowman. meteorologist bill kierans is here. >> for everyone in new england, saturday wasn't grey, it was unbelievable. so that storm is gone. so what's left? we talked about the horrible flooding out of san antonio. we are dry down there, at least. all the problems today, really the next couple of days will be in the mid-west. we kind of that have warm humid air over the middle of the country. if between is where the thunderstorms are rocking and rolling. we have a large complex of storms. all the white flashes on there are the lightning strikes. there is just a classic collection of storms rolling through the central plains with wind damage as the primary threat. severe thunderstorm watch up to
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demonies area, through ames, iowa, this is going to roll through all these areas over the next half hour to two hours. down towards kansas city, up to st. louis, probably by noon today if it holds together. the problem is we have storms, additional storms dying out, still bringing rain to illinois him we get more flash flooding. we have to watch a lot of our rivers over this area over the next two weeks, including the mississippi. today, a severe thunderstorm watch is out for a few spots. later this afternoon, we get another round of storms, tonight, anywhere in relevant low, wind damage, large hail, the possibility of isolated tornadoes, spri southern nebraska an areas of northern kansas. so we'll watch out for you around lincoln, nebraska, areas there in the northern portion of kansas. as far as memorial day forecast goes, it looks beautiful, if not
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gorgeous today. finally from philadelphia to new york city. boston towards the water in the 60s. once you get inland, albany to areas that we're seeing cold and rain, well will finally in new england be gorgeous. >> that's a long time. >> you want some nice conditions for everyone. >> that's true, thank you, bill. an apple and two mellons go under the hammer. you will not believe how much they fesh. plus, there were extra lights in the sky this weekend. we will tell you what they were when "first look" returns in three minutes. fetc.
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.the white house to get the oka
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from a judge before it asks news organizations to reveal confidential sources. new york's chuck schumer says he will have a group of senators to write the legislation. they are coming under fire for seizure of phone records from
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the associate press. in texas, a gunman killed five people including a county sheriff. they say he was randoming firing from his pickup. he later died. a man was arrested overnight in the u.k. in connection with last week's british soldier. the suspect was taken into custody on suspicion of murder. an aunt of angelino jolie died of breast cancer. this comes after the actress revealed she was avoiding the rare disease. we have jupiter, mercury and venus were visible in a bit known as the dance of the planets. sounds so nice. the three planets shined in a triangle formation to form a conjunction. the next shot at this rare sight won't won't be until 2015. u.s. markets are closed on
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memorial day. when it opposite tuesday morning the dow will open at just over 3,500. the god news, the dow has gone up every tuesday for the last 19 weeks. in asia today, japan's nikkei fell more than 3%. for beach goers looking for the best sun scream, listen to this they rated generic walmart and target brands as the best. so stop spending money on that expensive stuff. yahoo is reportedly bidding to buy the site hulu depending on the length of the licensing rights. the nbc company comcast is a part owner. the federal government is investigating f-150 pickups with ecoboost engines after the drivers reported it lost power during acceleration.
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japan resumed commercial flights of the boeing 787 on sunday. they were actually grounded world wide in january because of battery fires. one of only six surviving original noon 76 apple 1 computers still in working order was sold at auction in germany on sunday. an unknown telephone bidder bought it for a world record price of more than $671,000. i don't know if you can get the internet on that thing. and at an auction in japan, two require melons sold at auction for nearly $16,000. that is $6,000 higher than those sold last year. i got to taste one of those. not for that price, though. in sports, lebron and wade crushed the 6ers. miami now leads the series two games to one. in hockey, joe thornton scored a power play goal in the
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first period. andrew j.galiardi forced a decisive seventh game over the los angeles kings. well, 35 runners who were not able to cross the finish line at the boston marathon got their cannes before the indy 5 thuchlt on sunday. in the race, though, tony kanaan stole the show, getting the checkered flag and the celebratory milk bath. justly hermann is coming under fire. she faces abuse allegations relating to her former job as the head coach of the tennessee women's volleyball team skens 16 years ago. hermann was hired back in may to replace tim friend gianetti after he resigned. several new jersey officials including two senators called for her firing in the wake of this report. notre dame quarterback
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everett goldston has been suspended by the university for poor academic judgment. he started 11 games for the fighting irish last season. well, now, senior tommy reese is expected to run the offense for the irish in 2013. take you to nascar. at least ten fans were actually injured and several cars were damaged during the coca-cola 600 when a rope cable fell over the track and grand stands. that's frightening. robbie rodgers became the first openly gay athlete to take the field in a major u.s. sport when he took the soccer field for the l.a. galaxy last night. this came after nba player jason collins came out. a brewer sideline reporter should count her lucky stars this memorial day. this weekend, she came oh so close to being struck by an errant foul ball. that knocked down the microphone, you see that there. but she played like a champ, oh,
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yeah, she kept on reporting. good for her. scary, though. in toronto, the blue jays norisaki, the post-game interview was memorable one. he is learning english. okay. then he came to the interview both excited and prepared with no cards. >> reporter: what do you have to say for yourself? >> my name is nori nag sackiment i'm from sa man. >> all right then. cow saky began to get pelted in the face with a gator ade shower. not a bad introduction to the big leagues. just ahead, a battle of sequels at the box ofgs. we'll show you who came in first. plus, will smith tears up the carp wet a former side kick. look at those moves. you are watching "first look. kwmts
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there was no escape for the president from his contradiction on sunday especially for those hammering him on his leaks to the media. sharls schumer said he is organizing eight senators to look at setting rules on how media leaks are investigated. the latest on the crack just now from nbc news' koern national correspondent. >> journalists should not be at risk for doing their legal jobs.
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>> reporter: that was president obama last week announcing the justice department will review internal guidelines covering the news media, after prosecutors secretly seized the phone records of a.p. reporters and the private e-mails of a fox news journalists. but new questions of the role of the man ahead of that review attorney general eric holder. >> you cannot investigate yourself and i think it's a total conflict of interest. >> on friday, the justice department confirmed an nbc news report that holder had personally approved a 2010 sealed search warrant for fox news reporter james rosen's e-mails. in court papers, an fbi agent says rosen asked, solicited and encouraged a source to give him sensitive information about north korea and he was a possibly co-conspirator for violations of the espionage act. >> what the public must never condone is shut down reporters from asking the questions they
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need to ask. >> this is a campaign against journalism in my mind. >> reporter: he says the e-mails had extensive investigation and the federal judge made a decision. they back fired with the watergate in the 70s. bob woodwards meeting in a parking garage made for cinematic drama. today, technology changed the game. >> it's easier toing that these leaks than it used to be. if you e-mail spokesman, it is much easier to establish that than if you leave flower pot on the stoop and go meet in the basement. joining me now to talk about this is lynn sweet from the washington "sun" times. good morning, lynn. >> reporter: good morning to you. >> the bottom line, can they get to the bottom of the records or
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is senator cope lan right, you can't investigate yourself without a conflict of interest? >> reporter: i think in this one they can because the fact situation will be not too complicated to physical out. i think in that case they can at least get out the facts, yes. >> so big picture, though, how does this look for attorney general eric holder? politically, can he survive this? >> reporter: i think he can and because people might be surprised he does not want to look leak he has got run out of town. there was thought he was going to leave the second term and was going to stick around because of the gun running fast and furious scandal. i think this means he will be around a while. >> tomorrow, president obama will join governor chris christie in touring the rebuilt jersey shore. should christy be worried about aligning himself too closely with obama? could this hurt him with republicans? >> well, he went through flack after the storm in the presidential campaign for doing just that. he not only seemed to survive it
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but thrived. now, he's mentioned as a presidential candidate even more than he was in 2012. so as long as he can be seen as delivering the goods, helping new jersey rebuild, he's not going to suffer for this. >> all right. lynn sweet, thanks for getting up early with us on-holiday. we appreciate it. >> reporter: okay. take care. >> now, for another look at the weather, here's meteorologist bill kierans with the weather forecast. >> it's significant. >> it is. i'm dressed for it looks like a picnic, right? a lot of people are having those today. >> almost the 4th of july. you can wear it twice. >> hey, i might. >> well, here's what we're dealing with. it seems to be the last cold morning. the keer skies, we're owe clear skies, we're down to 43. albany is not much better, boston 47 degrees.
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that cold air will be a thing of the past. it will be a rapid warm-up. we will go from low 40s in hartford to 72 degrees. you will get up 30 degrees. you can wear a tee-shirt in the afternoon. we are near 80 degrees today in d.c. to baltimore and philadelphia. ocean city maryland will be packed. down along the coast. the southeast will be gorgeous from charleston to the outer banks. perfect beach weather. not bad around the gulf. just a lot of sunscreen. >> i like the sound of that, bring it on, thank you, bill. now, to entertainment, "fast and furious 6" sped into the box office, raking in $598 million. "the hangover part 3" didn't get great views. this one did, "strar trek" the
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darkness, it was a good movie. officials are investigating claims made by amanda bynes that lapd officers sexual aassaulted her. she was taken into custody after allegedly throwing a bong out her new york apartment. actress marissa hargetay announced she will return to her role of olivia vinson, good for her. a lot of fans excited about that. jersey shore's snooki instagramed her encounter with governor chris christie at the sea heights boardwalk. after they met, she claims the governor doesn't like her. finally, will and jayden smith brought along a special guest on the norton show." [ music playing ]
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♪ jump on it, jump on it >> he revived his famous carlton "jump on it" dances from the "fresh prince" days. they got some moves. they can still do it. >> you can't do it. we're going to get him to do it one of these days. we'll move on, though, we'll give you some time.
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day. right now on "first look," president obama visits the storm raf and area as residents genre building their lives. >> i want the residents affected throughout oklahoma to foe we will be with you every step of the way. >> a weekend of weather exstreams across the country to unseasonable snow in parts of the northeast. plus a bizarre camera ms. happen at the nascar race. a dance of the planets and a dance party reunion you do not want to miss. good morning on this


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