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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 3, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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right now on "first look" the northeast gets battered by the same deadly tornadoes. crews work around the clock of a wildfire. and outrage over new a littles that theist wasted millions in taxpayer money. plus, angelina jolie steps out for the first time since her double mastectomy. new questions over how to spell the winning spelling word show. good morning, i'm betty nguyen.
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in maine a rare tornado knocking out power to more than 11,000 people, all together 40,000 are without power in the northeast. more heart ache in the suburbs of oklahoma city. the death toll in el reno, oklahoma, is up to 13, governor marry falin said it could rise as they search for missing residents. >> it's been hard to handle this magnitude of disaster throughout the state but we'll recover. >> among the dead in oklahoma are three veteran storm chasers. tim samaras, his son paul and colleague carl young were conducting scientific research. their deaths are believed to be the first of their kind. he told the weather channel last year that he didn't look at it
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as a job. >> you know you've succeeded in life if you go out and do the things you love to do and collect a paycheck. >> that is so very true. now let's take you to southern california where the so-called powerhouse fire is burning out of control. more than 22,000 acres have been scorched since thursday and only 20% contained. nbc's francisco has the latest. >> reporter: hundreds of fire fires are working to contain the power house fire burning south of los angeles. ail day long air tankers battled the blaze hoping to bring it under control. over half a dozen homes have been destroyed. >> at this time our priorities are shifting to the protection of life and property but we continue to be fully engaged in full sue expression activities. >> reporter: nearly 3,000 people have been ordered to evacuate but dennis emmel stayed behind determined to save his home.
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>> a wall of flame coming. >> reporter: he decided to fight off the fire with two hoses and fire gear he bought as a precaution a few years ago. >> my lungs were on fire. like i said, there were ten minutes where i really got nervous. >> reporter: officials warn it's the worst. >> all the cooperating and supporting agencies, it's life. so, of your life cannot be replaced but your property can. >> reporter: the red cross has opened evacuation centers in the area where residents are awaiting word when they can return. that may not come for several days depending on dh way the fire grows. nbc news. there is more trouble this morning for the irs in the wake of congressional hearings into allegations it singled conservative groups for further scrutiny. a new black eye for the agency and it is your tax dollars at work. nbc's tracie potts joins us from washington with all the details. all right, explain it to us.
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>> reporter: we'll explain it the way the inspector general plans to explain it tomorrow. another report coming out detailing $50 million of tax dollars the irs says it used on conferences and training from 2010 to 2012. some of that money used on this, take a look, some videos that have come out that prove to be embarrassing for the irs. these are spoofs that were provided for training. they spent $60,000 on videos, something democrats and republicans on the hill are saying need not be spent. the new commissioner for the irs testifying on the hill today says their training and travel expenses are down since 2010 but on top of the most recent report says irs employees unfairly targeted conservative gripes, three different hearings on the hill this week on the irs,
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betty. >> we'll be watching very closely. thank you. to london where sunday's premiere marked angelina jolie's first public appearance since undergoing a double mastectomy. she and brad pitt talked about the surgery and how it's affected their life. >> i've been happy to hear about women's health expanding and after losing my mom to these issues i'm grateful for it and i'm moved by the support from people. really grateful for it. i'm fine, thank you. >> she learned a lot going through it. we learned a lot as a family going through it. she thought there was something to share. that was important to her. that's who she is. >> the 37-year-old actress revealed the surgery last month in an op-ed piece and she says she inherited as gene that put her at high risk of breast and ovarian cancer. it reduced the risk of
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developing breast cancer from 87% down to 5%. your first look at this dish of scrambled politics. a report this morning says president obama has made a secret deal to back hillary clinton on her potential 2016 presidential bid. the story in the new york post cites a book by edward cline writing the deal was made in exchange for bill clinton's key note speech at last year's democratic convention. american taxpayers giveth and this is apparently what happens. as tracie potts mentioned the irs mentioned another embarrassing video. this time the employees learning the shuffle. previous videos of employees with a spoof of star trek. and on that controversy, the gop chairman of the house oversite committee has tough words for jay carney.
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darrell issa says he is not being honest with the american public. >> the administration is still -- their paid liar, their spokespers spokesperson, he's still making up things about what happens and calling this local rogge. megan mccain found time to party with mitt romney before her brother jack's wedding. she tweeted this picture. tennessee congresswoman marsha blackburn seeming to go against her own gender by saying she opposes legislation to require equal pay for equal work. she made the comments on "meet the press" when asked if she would promote workplace gender equality. >> i've always said i wasn't -- i didn't want it to be given a job because i was female. i wanted it because i was the most well qualified person for the job. and making certain that companies are going to move forward in that vein.
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that is what women want. they don't want the decisions made in washington. and congress has given the nfl until july to resolve the ongoing fighting for testing hor human groelt hormone or face hearings. the league and players league agreed to mandatory hgh two years ago but yet they sl not happened. for a look at the weather outside, it's been tough over the weekend. bill karins is a look for what we have in store this week. >> two weeks of deadly flash floods and tornadoes. quieted down a little bit this weekend. let's recap what happened on friday night. on live tv, another large tornado was on town. this is all the tornado tracks from that evening. the big one was the one south of el reno to the west of oklahoma city thap that's the one that killed most of the people, by the way, most of them were in their vehicles when they were killed, including the three storm chasers. winds estimated up to 165 miles
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per hour. it was that left turn that it took. now, in tribute to those storm chasers, in the northern plains yesterday, in north dakota, south dakota in nebraska they spelled out the initials of those men, tim, paul and carl young over the state of nebraska. these were vehicles with gps that show where the cars were located. that was a nice thing in the northern plain. over the weekend, severe storms yesterday and last night. a few storms around anderson, south carolina and a lot of wind damage, a lot of lightning, too. i know there's clean-up to be done. less than 100,000 people without power. hopefully they'll get back on today. still rainy weather up i-95 but looks like our severe weather threat is just about over for this morning. later on this area of yellow has a chance of damaging winds and large hail. includes amarillo and lubbock. we won't be in tornado type weather pattern this week. it will be a decent week of
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recovery. we'll dodge a few storms tuesday and wednesday but they shouldn't be too bad. >> they need time to recover, no doubt. still ahead, a $590 million mystery. and what's lunch with the oracle of omaha worth? plus, controversy at national spelling bee as experts dispute the winning word. [ male announcer ] here's a word you should keep in mind. unbiased.
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some stories making news this morning. deadly protests in turkey are entering the fourth day. they are upset about the rising power of the prime minister. the white house is calling for calm from all party. new from china a fire at a poultry farm killed 112 people. rescuers say more than 300 people were in the factory at the time of the blaze. the number of people still trapped, that is unknown at this hour. a congressional delegation traveled to russia but found nothing speveng could have helped prevent the boston
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marathon bombing. that coming from the head of the six-member group. lawmakers call the meetings as productive. the winner of last month's $590 million jackpot is still a mystery. i might hide out a little bit, too. it's been two weeks since the drawing. lottery officials say that lone winning ticket, someone out there has it hopefully, sold at a supermarket in florida. some linguist have problems is with scripps national belg bee winning word. they say the kneydl, the most current spelling is not the knaidel. and residents in minnesota get a spectacular show over the weekend. just before sunrise saturday, clouds parted and voila to reveal a rarely seen northern
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lights spectacular hoe. it happens when highly charged electrons clash with elements in theette's atmosphere. just beautiful. to your first look at business and we turn to cnbc's courtney reagan. good morning. >> good morning. futures are higher after futures fell sharply on friday and the markets ended with back-to-back weekly losses. the dow, the nasdaq and s&p 500 were up for a fifth street week in may. automakers report their may sales today forecast to rise more than 6%, rebounding from a disappointing april as consumers are still heading to dealers to buy new cars and trucks. want to win a lunch with warren buffett? you have until friday night to bid on the annual prize on ebay. you've got have a lot of money to do it because last year the winner paid $3.4 million.
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>> really? i wopder what they serve for that prize? that better be a good meal. thank you, courtney. here are some other business headline. in tokyo the nikkei fell again, losing 3.7% to a six-week low. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke spoke to graduates at princeton university. he told them economics is good at explaining why choices made in the past were wrong but he said, quote, about the future, not so much. ipad maker apple goes to trial today over allegations by federal and state authorities that it conspired with publishers to raise the price of ebooks to break's hold on pricing. the better life index report is out and switzerland tops the list for residents most satisfied with their lives. norway was in second place, iceland, third. the united states, well, we dropped three spots from last year and we're ranked number 14. still a pretty good place to live. just ahead, nction's richard
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lui has a look at this morning's sports highlights. including a tango at home plate. ♪
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24 hours after the nba fining hibbert. he issued an apology yesterday and issued this to jason collins and said, quote, would like to discuss some things with you. hibbert plays tonight. game two in nhl western conference finals. blackhawks unstoppable with a rash of goals. a 4-2 win over the l.a. kings leading the skeerz two games to two. look at this one. twice in five minutes, soccer usa player clint dempsey. >> five minute? >> yes. team usa stunning germany 4-3. this absurd goal capping it off. >> a lot of football left in this, mind you. high off the pitch by jones. it's a goal! that's going in! i can't believe it! >> what was he doing it?
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>> he knocked it in. >> he couldn't make up the decision. >> he probably doesn't want to get out of bed today. that's going to sting for a long time. this husky rushing the diamond during a college world series game this weekend. not too interested in the players here. hey, you. nah. >> wants to play catch? >> no, he didn't care. that was his victory lap and walks off. who's alpha dog there. tampa bay rays minor hits to center, the catcher says, got ya. no, this time. doggone it! he scores to win the game. >> nice. >> i think of this, that's what it remind me of. 11 million views later -- >> look at this kid. >> 2-year-old internet sensation titus ashby trying to outdo himself with cameos from jimmy kimmel -- >> is this for real? >> it is. >> he makes one, not two, not
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three, not four. yes, five from a bridge 30 feet above -- >> he can't even see the net. >> he's 2 years old. look at nba playoffs 2020. titus is like, i'm out. >> that kid is going to be a star. thank you, richard. another week and more trouble to report for the irs. a house committee says a soon-to-be released report finds the irs, get this, spent 50 million bucks in two years on employee conferences. joining me now on the phone is christina, political editor for pbs newshour. good morning. >> good morning. >> this report says the $50 million was for more than 200 conferences. and one speaker was paid $17,000 to talk about leadership through art. no doubt this kind of spending is going to anger taxpayers. >> yes. that is likely. and one of the things, this is actually similar to the general
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services administration, which you might remember, little known government agency that actually there was a big probe and they found out they had been spending on some lavish things. things that would surprise taxpayers. that's similar. really, every government agency must have things like this. >> but not $50 million, right? >> no. but once you start looking you do find things like this. certainly taxpayers don't like it. >> darrell issa says partial transcripts, moving to the irs story with irs employees says it wasn't a few rogue employees in the cincinnati office but irs employees in washington played an active role with conservative groups. if true, it sound like this could be key to the investigation. >> it's been one thing with the investigation from the start, who knows and what did they know and how high up does this go? that's one reason they've been
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asking so many questions of lois lerner, who ran this from information who took the fifth but they've been talking to her behind closed doors to get information. it's still unfold pentagon. most important thing to remember is members of congress don't want to let up and they're going to be continuing to probe it. >> we're going to hear a lot more about this, actually, both stories. have a great morning. coming up, richard lui and bill karins join me for our first because. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. and now i'm training guys who leak a little to guard their manhood. with man style protection... whoa... of new depend shields and guards. who are you? this is my house. perfect. come with me. built you a little man space under here. how 'bout that. sweet. see depend shields and guards are made to fit guys. that's awesome.
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here's our first buzz. bill, you're first up. >> another controversial tasing. sco scooter, officers knocked him over. >> oh, scooter. >> he's a lama. >> one liner for you. biggest member of congress members. >> biggest killer. >> yes. trains. >> no way. really? >> yeah. >> that one, the steam engine? >> that's going to make grumpy cat even grumpier because that's mine. this cat, its been an internet sensation but now grumpy cat has a movie and book deal. you've got to see this cat's face. doesn't it look mad? it looks sad. grumpy cat will come up and you'll see tweets or remarks saying, i had fun once, it was awful, you know -- >> i think grumpy cat has a good
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public relations team. >> he need to wake up. it's early. >> he needs someone to pet him. i don't know. need to be happy. i'm betty nguyen. stay tuned. "way too early" starts right now. hold on, brothers. hold on. everybody just go, go, go. keep going if you can. keep going if you can. everybody duck down. everybody duck down. storm chasing, another set of deadly tornadoes in oklahoma has storm chasers become part of the story. turkey in turmoil. protests spread as the country's leader blames twitter for a lot
2:30 am
of the problems. it was a star trek video that got us talking. now another many baresing video emerges from the irs. that's right. this is "way too early" and we're not dancing a jig on this monday morning. good morning, everybody, it's june 3rd. we will never use company resources to make a company video. we can make video for free. we'll get to the irs story in a little bit. the wild weather continuing in the midsection where 16 people were killed over the last few days. first in missouri where three people are dead after severe flooding and several tornadoes also touched down there, causesing severe property damage. the major loss of life and damage was back in oklahoma city, in that area five twis


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