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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  June 4, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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we'll have more on new jersey's longest serving senator and the upper chamber's final veteran of world war ii. the dna debate. the supreme court with a decision that could change the way this country investigates crime. but no debate about game seven between the heat and pacers. a brutally tough series ended with a dud. that is not the case with us. we're loaded on this tuesday edition of "way too early." good morning. i'm brian shactmashactman. i'll have more on the dunkin' donuts concoction later. first, our top story. of the 115 world war ii veterans who served in the senate, he was the last. senator frank lautenberg of new jersey who is set to retire next year at the end of his fifth
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term died yesterday of complications from pneumonia. called one of the most productive nebz of the senate, his colleagues have the moment of silence on the floor where he served more than three decades. his chamber's desk as you can see adorned with a vase of flowers. lautenberg helped pass landmark legislation banning smoking on airplanes which we take for granted now. he also helped set the national drinking age at 21 and worked to establish the blood alcohol standards for drunk drivers. most recently, he was a staunch advocate for stricter gun control laws coming to the senate floor in a wheelchair to cast his vote. frank lautenberg was 89 years old. his death sets up a political battle for who will be appointed to his seat in what could shape up as a contentious battle in the next election. we'll delve into governor christie's ongs it's it he top of the hour on "morning joe." the inspector general's report on the irs's travel
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spending will be released later this morning and includes some new details from the agency's now infamous 2010 anaheim conference. that conference featured employees in film parodies of "star trek." we haven't seen that one much o of:they costed 50dz,000 dlsh each. a total of $135,000 on that tab. thousands of dollars for speakers including $11,000 for a happiness expert and $17,000 for an artist who created paintings of michael jordan, abraham lincoln and bono. on capitol hill, the new acting commissioner of the irs testified before lawmakers yesterday stressing the need to fix the many problems. hall rogers said congress may impose conditions on irs funding.
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>> the agency, the irs, has such power to ruin the lives of every american. we will not tolerate another political enemy's list. we've been there before. having an enemy's list hashg ens back to a dark page in our history. this is deeply, deeply disconcerting. >> the trial of the soldier responsible for the biggest leak of classified information in american history is now underway. during opening statements each side painted drastically different pictures of private first class bradley manning. the defense says manning we leased information he believed the public should see but could not be used against the u.s. the prosecution says manning craved notoriety and put fellow soldiers at risk when he passed the classified information on to
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wikileaks. he's already pleaded guilty to ten charges that carry up to 20 years in prison. prosecutors are pushing ahead with more serious counts that could land manning in prison for life. top military brass are set to testify today about how they'll curve the alarming number of sexual assaults among the ranks of american troops. among those set to testify before the senate arms services committee, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and the heads of the four branches, all four have called the issue degrading. the air force chief of staff even saying, anybody in this air force that suffers this crime you can start by blaming me. i've let them down. a report on sexual assaults in the military showed a massive jump in estimated incidents over the last two years alone. the chair of the arms services committee will join us live on "morning joe" to discuss this particular issue. going to the supreme court now where the highest court in the land upheld a maryland law allowing police to take dna
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samples without a warrant from suspects who have been arrested. in a 5-4 decision, the majority argued that collecting the dna of people booked for serious crime helps to establish their identity and is not an unlawful search. justice kennedy wrote for the majority, "taking and analyze ag cheek swab of the arrestees dna is like fingerprinting and photographing a legitimate police booking procedure that is reasonable under the fourth amendment." conservative justice scalia joins three of the court's liberal judges who opposed this ruling and in the dissent scalia said "make no mistake about it, as an entirely predictable consequence of your decision, your dna can be taken and entered into a national dna data base if you're ever arrested rightly or wrongly and for whatever reason." law enforcement officials say collecting dna is an important tool in solving cold cases. the federal government and 28 states do allow the practice.
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let's get to overseas news. turkish prime minister says the protesters rioting are arm in arm with terrorism. people are demonstrating against what they see as prime minister's authoritarian policies. two protesters have been killed and hundreds of others have been hurt in clashes with police. secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. is concerned about reports of excessive force. meanwhile, this is interesting, serious travel secretary says that the protests have made turkey unsafe for syrians to visit. first it was a factory collapse at bangladesh and now a fire in china raising new concerns about workers safety anne in developing countries. a massive fire at a factory in northern china killed at least 119 people and there are many still missing this morning. chinese media reported that all but one of the doors of the massive chicken slaughter house were locked from the outside
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when fires broke out around 6:00 a.m. local time on monday. the incident heightens questions about the country's food production standards and according to "the wall street journal," chinese industrial accidents this is amazing statistic, have killed more than 70,000 people in each of the past two years. the city of boston's fire chief is stepping down after less than two years on the job because of a power struggle inside the department. in his letter of resignation, he wrote, "i never have the support of a number of members of the department who preferred that the chief be selected from within the ranks of the department itself." 11 days after the boston bombing, the city's 13 deputy fire chiefs wrote a letter to the mayor saying they had no confidence in abraira because of his leadership in the aftermath of the terrorist attack. he was the city's first fire chief hired from outside the city of boston. let's go to business news.
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u.s. auto sales storming back last month led by sales of full sized pickup trucks. overall, consumers researched 1.4 million vehicles in the month of may. that up is 8% from the same time a year ago. let's go to my friend steve sedgwick with today's word on the street. hey, steve. >> hey, brian. great news. small business that's are driving this big pickup in vehicle sales. it is pickups led by the ford f series that are seeing a great momentum to the upside. actually the ford f series are made a lot more jobs are being created. that is good news for ford. bad news for ford, 465,000 cars are being recalled. there is concern about a fuel delivery module which could cause leaks. they had 600 complaints. no fires, no accidents have been reported yet. that's just a small down side for ford in what is a generally good "newsday" for them. elsewhere, it appears smoking does actually cost companies a lot more money per employee, around $6,000 per year because of lost productivity, of
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course, they're away from the desks, longer than nonsmokers and the increased health care as well. i suppose for the upside, does it mean they have less pension drawdown as well because they tend not to live as long, brian. >> steve, you like bad food, right? >> i love it. >> what's the worst food you eat, like what is your sort of guilty pleasure? >> everything. everything. but i can not eat what you're about to describe. >> why not? >> you have this eternal equation, sweet or safery? can you not mix, brian. you're talking about dunkin' donuts. it just doesn't work. it is morally wrong, brine. >> morally? is that part of a cultural comment you're trying to make us about in america? is that it? >> no, no. look, hey if, you want to mix your sweet and savory, that's entirely up to you. i loved glazed donuts and can eat many, many, many, possibly a whole tray. i love my fried breakfast as well. i cannot put the two together. i think is down right wrong.
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>> there you go. it goes natural in our awful country i think starting to day. steve sedgwick, we appreciate the insight on the donut. by the way, yesterday we had a hands free whopper, but now we have the donut bacon sandwich. so in term of gluttony, what is next? the most creative food predictions? there is a grilled cheese covered burger. we'll put some of the best responses on the air a little later in the show. you can always chime in with me . the pacers, they had a chance to make history last night in miami. game seven highlights. highlights for some, low lights for others. and this picture, well, you may want to make you run from the border. taco bell's official response for that. we'll check on that story and weather when we come back.
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>> it has been called a massacre what has happened in china in beijing. more troop movements are now reported as the army sends reinforcements into the city. although the pro-democracy movement in the square has been crushed, students fear it isn't over yet. ♪
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lebron just dominated. 32 points. and there was -- there actually was a dwyane wade sighting. >> looks like a ray allen sighting as well. >> 99-76. they win the series and move on to face the spurs. of course, the old guys in san antonio against the now i guess almost like a dynasty if they win in miami. >> early prediction? >> i think that -- i'll be routing for san antonio but i think miami will win. >> miami in six. >> did you get a hair cut? >> i did. >> nice job. >> thank you. i'll give you her number. jason kidd announced he'll be retiring after 21 seasons. new shoes? >> no. >> a lot for the hall of fame. one of the best point guards to ever play in the nba. kidd finished second time in assists and third in triple-doubles. the announcement comes two days after grant hill announced the end to his long time career. the two shared the '94-'9 arookie of the year award and picked second and third in the
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'94 draft. glen robinson was the number one pick that year. >> i absolutely did know that. >> you know who live tweeted the bruins game last night? mike barnicle. i mean if you want riveting twitter action -- >> in other words, i'm surrounded by two really cool guys to day. >> just follow barnicle and the bruins. >> i'm going to trite google later on today. >> we have interesting stuff on google and pornography we can talk about with you. >> no, i'll pass on. that please. >> let's go to the playoffs. bruins against -- >> where's the exit? >> game two in pittsburgh. barnicle was live tweeting about. absolutely brutal for penguins fans. the bruins came out of the gate. the easy goal on the breakaway. and off to the races. dominating 6-1. take a 2-0 lead. they go back to boston. >> finally, so quick baseball. yankees looking to rebound after getting swept by the mets and losing the weekend series to the
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red sox. mark teixeira, the first home run of the year. that wouldn't have gone out of any other park. grand slam in the third. yankees won 7-4. angels struggling to say the least, swept by the astros. worst team in the american league losing game four yesterday 2-1. the angels now 11 games behind the rangers in the west. how is that money spent? >> i had joe blanton in the fantasy. he did great. >> if you want to find the hottest bat in baseball, look no further than the philadelphia phillies. dominick brown is on a terror. he hit the national league leading 17th home run yesterday. ninth long ball in the last ten games. impressive. phillies beat the marlins 7-2. barnicle said he's not sold on the guy. >> i want to point out, i have very few skills in this life. but for some reason i always recognize people that get their haircuts. i can recognize people on the street like i haven't seen since kindergarten. those are two things i do well. i want to good on record.
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that's my zone. >> you got to be good at something, brian. >> let's go to weather. >> let's show what you we're doing out there. beautiful sunrise this morning. wake up on the east coast and turn your ac off. it's just a gorgeous start to the day. so cold front went through last night. now we get our reward weather. unfortunately this morning we have a lot of people waking up in oklahoma city saying give me a break. thunderstorms are waking everyone up. we have thousands of lightning strikes with the stormgz, flash flood warnings for oklahoma city. remember on friday they got the seven to eight inches of rain. the flash floods that killed people. now they're picking up a quick two to three inches. even strong storms rolling through the area. then we're going to do it later on again this afternoon. thankfully it's not a big tornado threat. we'll see more heavy rain and flash flooding. the biggest cities in that. i have my eyes on the tropics. if you're if florida, tropical moisture. a weak tropical storm could head your way in the last two days. not a lot of damage with that in florida. if you chose this week to be in florida for vacation and beach weather, you're not happy.
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>> yeah. it is now hurricane season, too. thanks, bill. >> coming up, "morning joe." with the passing of frank lautenberg, chris christie has a pretty big decision on his hands. of course the option he's considering and the implications of his choice, we'll discuss all that on "morning joe." when we come back here, the water cooler why joe biden says bradley cooper caused him great pain. we'll be right back. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your important legal matters in just minutes. protect your family... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. there was this and this. she got a parking ticket... ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time. good thing she's got the citi simplicity card.
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my name is joe biden. i'm a friend of bradley cooper's. >> that was vice president joe biden following up actor bradley cooper's speech at the national conference on meantal health. yesterday, there is a little more to it. we have to bring in lieu is. >> that's right. i have to get in here. >> deep into the story. >> cooper joined biden yesterday to talk about mental illness. cooper's character pat suffered from bipolar disorder. biden told the story about being too busy to introduce his granddaughter to the actor while vacationing in brazil. >> my youngest granddaughter says, pop, she said, bradley cooper is in this hotel. and i said, you're kidding me? i said that's nice. she said, pop, you're his
2:53 am
friend, right? i said, well, yeah. we're kind of friends. she said, pop, you ought to call him. and i said what do you want know do? pop, we have this very big swede. you should have him down like you do other people like you have presidents and things come and see you. i said, honey, i have to go meet the president in brazil. she said, pop -- that's all. i said, honey, i have to go to the meeting. well, bradley, somehow we're going to have to make up for this. you owe me. >> i actually thought it was going to be cooper who blew off biden. >> i think it is the effect that bradley cooper has on people. working at fast food kitchen and restaurant isn't the easiest gig out there. sometimes disgruntled employees get revenge. last summer a burger king worker was fired for posting this picture of his feet planted in two tubs of shredded lettuce.
2:54 am
that is just wrong! now a taco bell worker is in hot water for this facebook photo showing him licking a full sleeve of taco shells. it even ended up an taco bell's official website. the restaurant chain issued a statement saying although we believe it was a prank and the food was not served to customered, we're conducting a full scale investigation and will be taking swift action against those involved. i should hope so. i mean i'm all for doritos locos and beefy crunchy burrito, but i want my food clean. let's move to the irs really quickly. as soon as we saw that cupid shuffle dance video made for an irs conference, we couldn't wait to see what jon stewart had to say. >> those taking part in learning the coop i had shuffle are competing to become in the next great dance sensation. >> we're told that cupid dance video cost $1600 to make. >> two things.
2:55 am
first, after watching that video i'm pretty convinced it would be difficult for the irs to coordinate anything. let alone a political plot. and number two, how the. [ beep ] did that cost $1600? >> by the way, scarborough pointed out what is a woman in an ankle boot doing dancing anyway? >> this is wrong. now every now and then we come across a clip on the internet that just grabs everyone's attention. we have to play it. check out this father and son duet. ♪ ♪ don't let me down ♪ nobody like she does ♪ don't let me down
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>> that is some talent. that was christian mel and his 2-year-old son covering the classic beatles song "don't let me down"ment we'll see how he does in a couple years. >> thanks, lewis. that is good stuff. still ahead on "way too early," your tweets predicting the next big things when it comes to over the top food combos. >> general tsa's on pizza. >> we heard about that. you hurt my feelings, todd. i did? when visa signature asked everybody what upgraded experiences really mattered... you suggested luxury car service instead of "strength training with patrick willis." come on todd! flap them chicken wings. [ grunts ] well, i travel a lot and umm... [ male announcer ] at visa signature, every upgraded experience comes from listening to our cardholders. visa signature. your idea of what a card should be.
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so we want to know if can you do better than dufrgin' donuts bacon donut sandwich. >> i have to say, i have never been more proud of our audience. >> because you want to eat every one of them. >> alex, burrito with a slice of pepperoni pizza as the tortilla. bacon ice cream cake sandwich. deep fried caramel chocolate double dipped krispy kreme donuts. >> i that i is just playing on the fact that we're just way, way too gluttonous.
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most people go away for vacation and bring back a t-shirt or bot toll of alcohol or whatever. but mr. dan norwick came back with a fiancee. great picture w was enjoying himself. he's an awesome producer and a good man to boot. i better get invited. that's all i have to say because i like champagne and i don't cry, actually. anyway, congratulations, dan. "morning joe" starts right now. . >> just because one small area of their business raised a couple of red flags, now everybody at the irs has to stop their lives and prove their innocence. see that's the problem with auditing, irs, you may have perfectly reasonable explanations for every action that you took. that doesn't mean we don't need you to go backme


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