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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  June 5, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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enough. drugs in baseball, back on the front paige. we might be on the cuff of the biggest scandal yet. we are clean, this is "way too early" on wednesday. good morning, eb, i'm brian shactman. the new york media seem focused obvious alex rodriguez when it comes to a scandal. that is the cover of the new york daily news and the back cover of the new york post focusing on the same alex rodriguez saying the game suspensions are far away from that. talk about image, there is a-rod. but the moment i saw the one, i knew we needed a caption contest on this wednesday. how about this, this cat was caught climbing the fence of a russian police within a cell phone taped it toment it's not a
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joke. we already got a few response, tuesday hashtag waytoobusted. we will put our favorite itself on air later in the show. let's begin with the news that could shoj baseball. according to outside the line, they are looking at suspending alex rodriguez and ryan braun with the former miami clinic biogen sis. it had been the tarpth of performance-enhancing drugs. they are reporting the founder of the clinic tony bosyh is expected to talk and could impolitic players. the sources are saying they could seek a 100 game suspension for a-rod, braun and others. we will deal more with this issue in about ten minutes in sports. let's get to other news on wednesday. two days after his death, the
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task of filling late senator frank lautenberg's seat has already turned into a messy battle. fuge geoff chris christie ordered an october special election just three weeks before the state's general election. christie, who could have had it on the same day as the general or let an appointee serve out the term, said the added cost of a separate vote is worth it. >> the costs associated with having a special primary and general election in my mind can not be paeshed against the value of having an elected representative in the united states senate with so many consequential issues are being debated. >> that cost by the way a roared $24 million for a primary and general election. contradiction accuse the governor of wasting money in a play to try to keep his name off the same ballot at mayor cory booker. he could have complicated
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christie's run for re-election by attracting more voters. now, booker who was expecting a relatively easy path to washington might just have his hands full. political reports as many as three democratic congressmen could challenge him in this race. the political shuffle in new jersey is hanging over christie's possible run for president. a new msnbc-"wall street journal" poll shows the government has overwhelmingly positive numbers among brub republican, democrats and independents all above foefrt%. same poll looks at the impact of the recent scandals on the white house. the numbers show they are uniformly raising questions about the integrity of the administration. however, we have to point out, the poll also shows most americans do not hold the president personally terrible i responsible. his approval numbers are
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actually holding steady here, folks. 47% approve. that's improved slightly from the month of april. top military officials vows to crack down on the skyrocketing cases of sexual assault, but members of congress want to know why the crimes haven't been better addressed in the past. the visual was striking. all the pentagon's top leaders in one place, right? all of them with one exception. many admitted grave concern about water happening inside the armed forces. >> accountability in the manner core begins and ends with me. sexual assault prevention in our ranks is front and center with me and at the top of my priorities. nothing saddens me morineauing this exists in our ranks and victimized airmen on on the worst day of their life, they don't trust us enough to insure
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that justice is done. clearly, it's time for thoughtful consideration of every reasonable option. >> despite those admission, some on the senate armed services committee were less than satisfied with the answers. >> we need to know how many women and men are being raped and sexually assaulted on an annual basis and we have no idea right now. >> you have lost the trust of the men and women who rely on you, that you will actually bring justice in these cases. they're afraid to report. they think their careers will be over. they fear retaliation. >> just last night, a woman came to me and said her daughter wanted to join the military and could i give my unqualified support for her doing so. i could not. i cannot overstate my disgust and disappointment over the
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continued reports of sexual misconduct in our military. >>let stick to the u.s. senate where it is set to fill three vague kanes at once for one of the most influential courts in the nation. president obama made the nomination fosser the court of appeals for the direct of columbia circuit yesterday. many expect a serious fight from republicans. the white house says the nominees are highly cawfield and deserve a timely nomination. president obama is trying to intimidate them by putting forward several names at the same time. the president is blasting a proposal he says would allow politics toer fear with justice. >> the fact that republican senators are now pushing a proposal to reduce the number of judges on this incident federal court also makes no sense. when a republican was president, 11 judges on the d.c. circuit court made complete sensement now that a democrat is prrkts it
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apparently doesn't. eight is suddenly enough. people are laughing because it's obviously a blatant political move. >> now to the irs scandal, where some conservative groups got their first chance to tell their story to congress ged yesterday. they say they have gone through years of abuse and they were singled out for extra scrutiny when their organizations applied for tax exempt status. >> the questions were chichlg i was shocked that i water being asked those questions. >> i had anxiety and i felt betrayed, absolutely betrayed. >> the types of questions asked 'ty irs included requesting me to identify the political afill 8 of our mentors. >> we never thought we had to declare our prayer activities. >> some democrats say it has been misclassified as a conspiracy when it was simply a
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mistake. another politician feeling controversy about the role of mothers in the work place by blaming them for america's education woes. mississippi governor phil bryant maimgd made the remark yesterday. >> how did america get so ped yoker? >> you want me to tell the truth? i tell the truth. you know, i think parents became, both parents started working and the mom is in the work place. it's not a mad thing. i am going to get if trouble. i can see the e-mails tomorrow, but now both parents are working, they're pursuing their careers. it's a great american story now that women are in the work place. >> so it's the mother's place to teach them to read in. >> no, no, i think there was that lofk nurturing opportunity both parents had a little time. >> he thought his words would
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evoke some people's comments. let's check in with carolin roth live in london with today's word on the street. hey, carolyn. >> reporter: brian, great to see you. yep, it all started with books. now, amazon is selling everything under the sun. now even groceries. it has been testing a grocery's delivery service if seattle for five years. good job for keeping that under the radar and if successful it could expand to 20 cities by 20 freep. in other fuse, a, a very unusual move by chrysler, which is actually resisting a push by us regulators to recall 2.7 million older joep models for fuel tank models, chrysler saying the request is based on incomplete analysis of the underlying data. finally, i get excited about this story. every year, the bids are in for
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warren buffet annual charity laun lunch. this is after only two days of bidding. the deadline is friday fight. we should expect that number to go up quite sniblthly. just remember, last year's winner, he paid $3.5 million. so it should be very interesting to see how high that number can go. back over to you. >> proceeds go to the foundation that helps poor people in the city of san francisco. care rin roth thank you so much for yourself live in london. all right. here's your wednesday assignment, folks, get out your tablet or computer. this cat is now outside a russian police within a cell phone strapped on. how about it. use the hashtag "waytoobusted." we'll have the responses later in the show ampts report that 20 players could get major suspensions for drug enhancing use. we talk about how it could
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impact major league baseball. i love this one, drones that get a bad wrap. they may help you get a pizza t. experiment that may put a lot of delivery boys out of a job. and a check of the weather when "way too early" comes back.
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. >> the big stories on "top story" mlb looking to possibly trying to suspend 20 players or more including a-rod, ryan
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braun, you tucked in your shirt for this one. >> it's huge in the question, though, is they are not going to have positive drug test, the mlb paid for some of this information. if they do go forward, do you think it will stick? do you think they will get this doen? >> if they go forward, i think lit stick. they will deal with mr. bosch. they are indemnifying him. they will protect him by prosecution by the state of florida or progressive conservative him by prosecution by the deat. players involved will be suspended if it's proven true. it's going to take a while to suspend them because of the strength of the player's association, not the union. but what this does, brian, it points out that baseball to tear credit has the strongest drug policy of any major sport. every other sport, the nfl, nba, pale in comparison to the strength of this drug policy. >> this will put enough fear in people toing a as a deterrent.
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>> for a while. they'll always come up with something. but for a while, this will do it. lifetime suspensions in effect for alex rodriguez. >> let's go to some actual games. chime in, if you like. >> really? >> i get paid by the word, though so not too much. mark tes ra up in the 3rd. mariano gets mike avials to pop out. on the way out, he says something to the umpire, who throws him out of the game. >> after the game. >> the game was over. >> it happened to earl weave, after the game the next game, before the game. >> different issues. >> yeah, that's funny. all right, the sox had a big one, one of your favorites. first time. the former south carolina gamecock back in the big. boston by the way, 17 runs.
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ortiz had a triple. they're up two first half games. >> i want some of those rinse tonight. what about the kid from the dodgers? >> yes, let's talk about it. you want to say his name? carl crawford, who was injured, there is a shocker there. two home runs. >> what? there's your lead story. al crawford is on the disabled list? >> two home runs for the first time since 1949 when barn cal was in college. he had two home runs and five ribis. he took a curtain call. how about that? >> something carl crawford couldn't do, he hurt himself on the steps. >> bottom of the 10th, john mayberry evens the game, next inning still tied with the bases loaded, 2 outs, mayberry at the plate again. >> line drive, left field, ball
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game! walkoff, grand slam! >> in your softball game yesterday. >> walking off with a limp. >> a groin pull. thank you. let's go to bill cancer, yesterday, it might have been one of the most beautiful days in the north. >> everything was beautiful until we heard them talk about mike's groin. >> you got to play them all. >> yes, we do. a beautiful start once again, look at the shot from the d.c. area, gorgeous sunrise, low humiditys. enjoy this, by the time we get to thursday and friday up and down the east coast, it will be humid and pouring rain. once again, thunderstorms rolling through. lots of lightning strikes with it. we still have a flash flooding threat out there. more thunderstorms later in the same area. if we get any, the tornado will be occupant towards the lubbock year. as far as the tropics go, we have a chance of development in the gulf.
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florida will get drenched. a heavier rain starting today. will work up the eastern seaboard. that's why i water mentioned, heavy ran will arrive. as brian mentioned from about, i'd say, georgia forthwards, everything should be nice. 76 in new york. no humidity, it should be great. >> beautiful. i didn't need to take many hours. >> top of the hour morning joe, the new pollss are out this morning. while respond ents care about the latest controversies, you may be surprised to see how it is affecting the president's approval rating. just when you thought you saw the last of that, we have reason to bring it b.c. the. the accidental jump kick heard around the world might land if court. [ male announcer ] erica had a rough day. there was this and this. she got a parking ticket...
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[ music playing ] all right. you got a little gel. i got my haircut. bill karins didn't even notice. >> come on, bill, how cold you not notice? the use of the drone is oat issue in washington. here's what everyone can agree on. using drones to deliver pizzas.
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they have a drone to fly pizzas out outside of london. there are two on the way. they say they are serious about this idea flying pizzas. >> they're working on the kinks on bread and bred sticks. >> as long as we have a pizza helicopter. that's awesome. i have trouble saying that. remember the taco bell worker yesterday, as suspected the restaurant chain plans to fire that poor guy. last night, david letterman fared well by the top ten calls received. take a look. >> does the lick yield or subtract calories? no. 7. when will licked shells be in my area? >> no. 3, he is the same guy that stood in the lettuce? remember that guy? >> probably the same guy.
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>> probably. of course, it's the same guy. >> how many guys are going to -- >> no. 2, can i have the shell lick bid a rabbi? and the no. 1 call received at taco bell headquarters, hi, michael douglas here. >> oh. that's just wrong. >> i'm not touching the one. >> you remember r & b singer miguel, right, he made that genius decision to jump into a crowd, land. >> right, landed on a girl's head. >> take a look. go ahead. ♪ ♪ [ music playing ] >> that was the most unsmooth thing i have ever seen. >> it wasn't even singing. >> i know. when miguel came down, he landed on two fans heads. one says she is experiencing
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head trauma and may have caused brain damage. we are learning miguel posed the idea of jumping into the audience and was told not to do it with the risk. he did what every on-air person does. >> ignoring the producers. if that is true, they not liable. he is. there is another clip. we wanted to show from amagz youtube can el is gaining a lot of popularity onloin. watch this intense on-air relationship between the local meteorologist and the anchor of this show, a former pageant queen. >> i understand you have god news and possibly a halo behind you. >> possibly a halo. >> it always comes into question whether it hits you and a halo. >> isn't that odd? i'm the one always carrying this halo around. >> thanks for the hard to get applause, nicole. >> yes. >> how is that, carol, that good
2:56 am
enough for you? >> that's lackluster. >> it's just perfect. >> breath taking. >> lovely like you, carol. >> yes, exactly. >> that's way i would describe it. >> i don't see anything. >> you didn't call any attention to it. >> i didn't call attention to it. >> because you don't see it. >> my halo. it's been manufactured. >> wow. letting it all hang out, brian. >> not a night. that's kind of a mean girl. >> it wasn't nice. >> that was local philadelphia anchor and a meteorologist showing off their lovely on air rapport. >> i think i'm on carol another side. >> we have a quick pick. i have it right there. they are saying there is no controversy. that's a peck nicole tweeted saying, carol is gorgeous. look at this picture. they also wrote there is nothing but love between them. se included the hashtag
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halos4ever. >> that's trenning right now. the best responses on our caption contest just weighing nicer "way too early" will be right back. zblmpbls we had never used a contractor before and didn't know where to start. at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. no company can pay to be on angie's list, so you can trust what you're reading. angie's list is like having thousands of close neighbors where i can go ask for personal recommendations. that's the idea. before you have any work done,
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today's caption day the cat phone smuggler nabbed by russian prison guards, no had to get realized i was persian. >> the trailer poster from the new irs training video based on james bond from russia with love. #way too busted. "morning joe" starts right now. see the new 3d printers could soon be printing your dinner. nasa is now funding research to


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