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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  June 7, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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reporters when asked about the leaks the president defended the government's action saying they help keep america safe. >> you can't have a hundred percent security and also then have a hundred percent privacy. when we're going to have to make some choices as a society. >> the president also sought to aassure americans that the surveillance programs are subject so checks and balances and are not an example of overreaching executive power. >> they're under very strict supervision by all three bran branches of government and do not involve listening to people's phone calls. do not involve reading the mail of u.s. citizens or residents. i think we have established a
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process and a procedure with the american people should feel comfortable about. >> the president comments come on the heel of a new washington post report out today detailing how the national security agency and the fbi have access not just to phone records but also to data collected from the servers of nine major internet companies. the classify program prism covers a whos who of internet biggest players. that includes microsoft, google, facebook and apple. they can monitor internet traffic in realtime watching for potential suspicious e-mail, pictures and dms but the president said no americans are targeted by that program. after wrapping up his initial statement he was a about to leave the president said he welcomes debate on the programs. >> that's also why we set up
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congressional oversight so the folks you vote for as your representatives and they are being fully briefed. >> michael, thaupg for for joining us. let me get you reaction to the president's words today. >> i think it was spriek strooiking. he really str he tried to assure the public this really isn't big brother. he started out saying the government is not listening to your phone calls. as you pointed out repeatedly said there is oversight here and this is not some kind of rogue operation of the government that kind of works to its on will but rather has a judicial and congressional oversight. i think we'll have to see how much that -- how far that goes to reassure the american public given there might be
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congressional oversight but it may be secret. we don't see any of the debate. >> the president pointed out yesterday and insiders were saying we the people don't see this but members of congress, all branches of our government has been aware of this. this is not new. this did not start yesterday and those who need to know, have been kept up to date. >> yeah. i think what you've seen both with these issues and the drone program that was debated several weeks and months ago is there is a level of uncertainty about how much is a secret debate, a secret oversight. how much of that is a satisfying thing. even the president has said he an his administration has struggled with that question of how far do you have to tell the american public that you're in describing what you're doing so
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there's some sense the country feels comfortable with what its leaders are doing. >> the president said if someone wants to know why the government has decided to gone o a fishing expedition with library brooks they have read and phone calls they made this legislation gives people no rights to appeal. the ned for such search is a court of law. this just plain. the president eluded to the fact he had this battle on what is the balance. i want to play what he said tothd ant that skepticism. >> i came in with a healthy skepticism about this program. we expanded some of the oversight.
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but my assessment and my teams assessment was that they help us prevent terrorist attacks. >> for the president that's the bottom line. >> we know when george bush made a statement those on the left hit him hard. >> i think the wording there was really interesting. he said after coming in and examing it my team and him and his team made the assessment that it was all right and proper. i think critics of the program would say whether you're a member of congress or a judge that the law so severely constrain what is you can say that even if you had concerns and clearly we've seen some members of congress have had concerns about these programs for years but they haven't been able to air them publicly
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because of the class pi indicati classification and the secrecy. >> there's been critics within congress and one of them henry waxman who has raised these questions since 2006. thank you for your time. the president said you cannot have 100% security and have 100% privacy. in his words we're going to have to make some choices as a society. your reaction to that. >> he's right. we do have to make some choices. we have to achieve a balance. i question whether we achieved the right balance. these are the law. his actions are not in violation of the law. the question is whether the law allows an overreach by the intelligence agencies into people's civil liberties. >> what's your answer to the classified information that's been leaked two days in a row from this prism program.
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>> i worry it may be an overreach but i can't tell you it has been because we still don't know a lot of details. i just received a notice this afternoon that we're going to get a classified briefing, members of congress, next tuesday. we'll learn a little bit more at that point but what we know now is that under the existing law the pfizer court authorized the intrusion into the internet an into telephone calls so that they could track certain foreign individuals. we don't know what american citizens were involved. once they found there was a connection whether they went beyond that. if you have a law that doesn't achieve the right balance that law and people in the intelligence area can overreach and it's an invitation to overreach when you have a pfizer court that operates in secrecy as it much and issues warrants
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and declarations that are kept secret and the congressional oversight is not adequate, in my view. there's a civil liberties and privacy protection board set up but it was never really operating until 2012. >> when the president says they are under very strict supervision of all three branchs of government. he also says they why they have congressional oversight, his words. these are the folks you vote for as you representatives in congress and they are being fully briefed. that's what the president said but he also went onto said for those that are critical he is welcoming a debate on this. perhaps in response to the questions of whether the transparency he promised whether it's existing. >> i welcome the debate as well. i think it's important not to debate whether he's done something improper because it appears that everything this government has done has been consistent with the law but
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whether the law ought to be changed. whether we have opened ourselves up to an imbalance in protecting security and then ignoring civil liberties and privacy rights of people. americans and others. >> what is the balance? i know it's a complex answer but what are how do you strike the balance? a lot of people know our privacy, the minute you log onto grade scho google or search something, for right or wrong we shrug at privacy that the largest issue of transparency but the next administration you may not have the same feelings toward and these laws exist. >> these laws exist. i think they are not well written enough to protect that balance. i voted against these laws when bush was president. i voted against the reauthorization last year when president obama was president.
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they don't change the laws. once they're on the books, once they have been given too much lee way they continue to build on that law. i think we have to go back and revisit whether those laws achieve the balance. >> right now wall street reacting to may jobs report. the dow is up 154 points. the nasdaq also sharply higher. more people started looking for those jobs. >> big picture is we're continuing to dig our way out of deep hole. that was caused by the great recession that began in 2008. this was progress but more work
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needs to be done. >> jo joining me now is a columnist for roeuters. reaction to the jobs numbers. >> there's other narratives going on that have been very volatile. one of the things going on in market land is if employment gets better then does the federal reserve change the multi-year policies. they bought a lot of bonds. they will do that until the unemployment rate drops. if the unemployment rate goes down the fed will start changing its policies. there's a lot of confusion about whether to take all of this. they are having some confidence that the jobs are out there.
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professional business services up. retail up 28,000. held care up 7,000. manufacturing down some 8,000. >> and government. the feds said they will keep doing what they are doing. the unemployment rate went up today even though there's job creation because more and more people are feeling better about the economy. >> that's a good thing. >> that's a good thing but also leaves us totally in the dark about what we'll do in terms of policy. 38,000 were bar, restaurants and caterers and 26,000 were temporary. jobs that are full employment but really, really poorly paid as at the minimum or below the minimum wage. the unemployment rate could get better while simultaneously creating low paid, not so great jobs. at the rate we're going it's not
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only a deep hole, it will take us 9.5 years at this rate of job growth before we have as many jobs many the the united states as we did in 2008. this is good but this is not ho hosanna. >> as we approach the summer what are we expecting? >> the federal government is going to keep shedding jobs. that's going to be a negative. you're going to have a lot of service industry retail jobs for the summer but not necessarily the ones in which we're going to build a sustainable economy and the feds will go we don't exactly know what to do here because it's not getting better enough. it's not getting worse enough and the current policies we have we can't do forever. >> thank you very much. great pleasure having you on. the "news nation" following breaking news on the ricin letters sent to president obama
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and new york mayor michael bloomberg. federal officials have arrested an actress or former actress. shannon rogers guest richardson. she officially told them her husband sent the letters but the fbi says it's concluded that it was indeed her. you're looking at a series of pictures of the letters. authorities expect to formally charge the actress this afternoon. the last day of hearings before george zimmerman's trial starts on monday. the judge deciding whether key voice evidence and certain words like vigilante and profiling, can those words be used during this trial. we'll get a live report from sanford, florida. join our conversation on twitter. i actually posted my first vine just a short time ago. keep can go up with technology. ♪
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the finaling hearing before george zimmerman goes to trial monday is now entering its fifth hour. both sides have been going back and forth debating scientific analysis of voices heard on the 911 calls. the state wants to use an expert who says trayvon martin is heard screaming on the 911 audio. the defense says the technology is not conclusive. the morning a voice analyst said the screams were not zimmerman's. it was a redacted version from
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the news. >> the screams don't match at all. that's what tells me that it's not george zimmerman of the screams that i present. >> i think you said you didn't make a determination as to who it was. you made a determination as to who it did not appear to be? >> that's correct. >> joining me now is ron mott. when are we expecting the judge to make a decision on this key evidence? >> we do expect that she will make a decision at which point she's heard all the voice experts that both sides would like to have in this trial. we've not heard from the one expert who has made perhaps the most declarative conclusions about who is speaking and who is yelling on that 911 call. that's alan wright. we're expecting he will come up this afternoon. the judge said she would be happy to extend the court
11:20 am
session until 6:00 today. one of the distinctions that the state was making is this particular witness who was on the stand this morning, tom owen, said he can say that george zimmerman's voice is not the voice. he is not saying it's trayvon martin but it's not george zimmerman. the defense hammered him hard when he tested the samples that they did not reach what is considered the standard in the industry of 16 seconds in length. he's got a clip that's far shorter and the standard is about 20 words. he's got far fewer words. the defense is asking how do you get the software system to give you the okay that a much smaller sample size can reach the conclusions that you've made. they got into a little back and forth and the state objected. the judge said you're going outside the hearing. the hearing is all about determining the methods that are used and not the conclusions
11:21 am
that the scientists are making using those methods. >> zimmerman is accused of second-degree murder. the judge has to decide and consider, we talked about this yesterday, some keywords that like profiling but also the kind of dress that people can wear in the courtroom. >> reporter: there's still some motions that have yet to be introduced today. we don't know how they will get to it. perhaps the judge will have court tomorrow but that defense motion is to try to eliminate from the trial some of those, what they consider highly charged words that may not be favorable to george zimmerman. as you mentioned profiling, want a be cop. they don't want that spintroduc in front after jury. still a lot of stuff to go. this voice testimony is going to
11:22 am
be very critical to the case. we do have one witness yet to go who was probably going to chew up several hours, i would imagine. who knows whether we will get this done today or not. >> the other motion is rather to ban clothing featuring trayvon martin's picture or support for him in the courtroom. >> reporter: i think, obviously, the gallery is a part of process here. i think what the defense is asking in that particular motion is that the jury is not sort of colored by the dress, the attire or the gestures made by people in the gallery. i think they want to make sure the decorum of the court is held up to a certain standard. that includes the public and the media. >> okay. all eyes will be on that courtroom. george zimmerman has sued for
11:23 am
defamation. let me play a bit of this back and forth. tom owen saying it's common for scientists to have differing opinions on whose voice may be on that tape. let's play it. >> as far as the conclusions that you reached is it uncommon in your field for scientists to disagree as to their opinions as to what evidence may show even if they apply the same methodologies? >> yes, they do disagree. >> we know this. we've seen this before. experts look at the same thing and see very different. that's why you have the state's witness or the defense witness and try to be the most persuasive to the jury or the judge. >> that's true and frequently these expert witnesses cancel each other out. they each come from a different perspective. they will give different
11:24 am
opinions and frequently juries have to weigh through those. my experience is they frequently cancel each other out. >> it's interest that the expert who analyzed the voice had a redacted version and not the original in possession of the state. he compared the audio to samples of zimmerman's voice. there's also some discrepancy on the length of tape. >> if the method was reliable then it's a question of weight. how much weight do you have to give to that person's testimony but not that he can't testify. obviously using methodology that some think is reliable. it's really not a question of admissibility from my point of view. it's a question of how much weight and the weight you want to give to it that's the believability. that's something the jury gets to decide. >> monday this is the beginning
11:25 am
of jury selection here. we will know as i understand it between now and perhaps sunday the judge's decision on these defense motions. as get to the heart of this trial, what is on your mind. what do you expect down to the jury selection? we've seen this before. who will end up and their backgrounds. >> the jury selection will be a challenging effort on both sides because largely there's a lot of strong feelings on both sides of these issues. lawyers will have to try to wade through those, not so much that they haven't heard about it but do they have the kind of opinions they cannot set aside and view the evidence. this will be a challenge for both sides. >> the racial composition will be a huge challenge. >> it will be up with of the aspects of it. there's also the question of whether the defense will knock people out because of their race. there's federal law that prevents that from happening.
11:26 am
the other side is the prosecution will try to find people who are biassed toward the prosecution. jury selection in the case will be a real challenge. the issue is can you find 12 people who can put aside their strongly held positions and reach the decision based upon the evidence. that frequently can occur. i've been in high profile cases no matter what you can do that. >> thank you very much. we will have continuing coverage of george zimmerman trial for you and on "news nation" we have it covers for you. we're tracking tropical storm andrea moving up the east coast. take a look at the video. thousands of people without power. we'll get an update on how long the stormy weather is expected to last and whether it poses major dangers. la's known definitely for its traffic, congestion, for it's smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the busses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution to the earth. so i feel good.
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choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. tropical storm andrea is moving quickly up the atlantic. thousands of people are without
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power in south carolina. the storm is soaking the southeast coast today and forced the cancellation of the last day of school for hundreds of kids. i don't think they mind. joining he with the latest forecast is kelly. i see the activity behind the radar. >> you said it. it's racing toward the northeast. check out the speed of this thing moving at 28 miles per hour. that's good news. it's not going to sit and linger. the winds have gone down to 45 miles per hour. still the national hurricane center saying it will lose those characteristics. we have a tornado watch in effect from the eastern sections of north carolina. sometimes when the systems interact with land you can get some quick tornado spin ups. we're conditicerned about flash flooding. that's where the thunderstorms are going on. you can see the rain pushing through new york city and up into new england as well.
11:31 am
we do have the flood concerns. there's the look at your tropical storms. you could experience some gust twi ty winds. eventually the system heads out to sea. >> thank you for that update. ncht. president obama set to meet with china's president xi. we learn in addition to hacking and americans banks and stealing u.s. security secrets the they hacked in president obama and john mccain's 2008 campaign. (girl) what does that say? (guy) dive shop. (girl) diving lessons. (guy) we should totally do that. (girl ) yeah, right. (guy) i wannna catch a falcon! (girl) we should do that. (guy) i caught a falcon. (guy) you could eat a bug. let's do that.
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because when people talk, hey. whassup. guten tag. greetings earthlings. what's crackalackin? it's great we express ourselves differently. if we were all the same, life would be boring. so get to know people who aren't like you. you'll appreciate what makes us different. the more you know. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues... with three strains of good bacteria. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. : late today president obama will begin a high stakes summit
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with china's recently installed new president. the two will hold talks in california. among the discussion cyber attacks linked to the chinese government. u.s. officials say hackers sponsored by the chinese government have routinely attacked bank, law firms and contractor stealing national security secret. nbc news has learned it's gone further to the heart of political system including president obama's campaign. micha michael has more. >> reporter: months before taking office, cyber spies had penetrated the 2008 campaign including direct hits on chicago computers. >> hackers range information from policy positions. >> reporter: what wasn't
11:36 am
revealed is u.s. intelligence agencies quickly traced to the attack to the people's republic of china. >> this was against the two american political parties. >> reporter: in the summer of 2008 when the world's attention was on the beijing olympic, the fbi discovered the obama and campaign computers were under sustained attacks. officials were spoofed when they got a phone call from a top chinese diplomat complaining about this private letter from john mccain to taiwan's new president. the problem was that letter had not yet been delivered. >> yes, we can. >> reporter: in chicago at obama's campaign headquarters a phony agenda e-mail was circulating among top staffers with an attachment that
11:37 am
contained a hidden virus. >> he says we have reason to believe that your campaign systems have been penetrated. we think by a foreign entity. >> reporter: the campaign hired a private security firm to stop the sophisticated cyber attack. >> it was designed to get in and stay in and get data and keep getting it. >> reporter: china officials consistently deny any roles if sie psy cyber attacks. it was a persistent and growing threat that can no longer be ignored. >> let's bring in times correspondent. we know this summit is important. how will the president bring up cyb cyber espionage?
11:38 am
>> i think for the administration there's a distinction between run of mill government to government espionage. a lot of what china has been doing is targeting things that have nothing to do with national security. these aren't just military contractors. it's the scope of the espionage that is concerning to officials. this comes in the context of larger concerns among american companies and industries about intellectual property rights and china not doing enough to stop it. it becomes a trade issue. there's a certain level of espionage that's tolerated. once it goes down to banks and other parts of american industry, high-tech companies, for instance it becomes a different issue. >> we know those companies have lobbied and been concerned an brought their concerns to
11:39 am
washington. president obama met with xi at the white house in 2011 when he was china's vice president. this is the first meeting since he became president in march. in addition to this urgent issue and the complexity of it, we know that north korea is also on the agenda. >> that's right. north korea continues to have one major sponsor. key to keeping that situation under control is getting china to continue to put pressure. they have been somewhat helpful in recent months in that regard. i think also this meeting is not a formal talk. i remember when obama went to china the first time in his presidency. everything about that was formal. there were no meetings without 15 or 20 people on each side sitting behind the president. this is a much more get to know you session. i think the goal is these two leaders can build a working relationship that the former
11:40 am
president of china and president obama never had. >> i know you appreciate the complexity of a get to nemeetin when you're talking espionage and human rights concerns. >> there's a number of serious trade issues on the table. this is not a meeting that has deliverables expected to come out of it. it's different than other summits that world leaders have and you're going to get major working paper. there could be some results but that's not the outcome that anyone expects. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us on this friday. see you soon. : this week the president reshuffled his security team appointing susan rice as his advisor and nominating samantha power to replace her. it's a significant week for the senate who lost frank
11:41 am
lautenberg. >> the questions were chilling. i was shocked i was being asked those questions. >> i had anxiety and i felt betrayed. >> what happened to you was unfair. it was unfair and incredibly inconvenient but it was a mistake. >> mr. chairman -- welcome to washington. >> i don't want what you believe in. one of the things that i don't do well is this. >> susan was a trusted advisor during my first campaign for president. i'm thrilled that she'll be back at my side leading my security team. >> today we'll begin the process of sending a new representative to the u.s. senate. i'm calling for special election to be held this year. >> joining me now nbc news
11:42 am
senior political editor mark murray. a potpourri of things that happened. >> we had our nbc journal poll that came out and the controversies regarding the nsa program that came up over the last 48 hours. >> in the last couple of hours, john mccain has tweeted out he's headed down to review the situation at guantanoma prison. >> president obama was thwarted by congress yet he has still vowed to close this. it seemed lieng this w eed likeo
11:43 am
be a slam dunk . >> this trip for john mccain comes after mccain was in syria. what are we to make of these actions from him? >> he's being a player in a will the of things. he's a big mover and shaker in the immigration debate. it started today but the first vote next week so john mccain has been all over the place in ways that are a little bit different from president obama's first term. he's been more of partner on some issues than he was during that first term. >> do we know or do we believe the motive of this trip is to follow up on the president saying let's try at it again meaning the attempt to close down that detention center, that prison where you have more than a hundred under that hunger strike. what to do with those detainees. >> my understanding of it is
11:44 am
this the the fact finding trip to see what is happening there. as you just mentioned the hunger strike at its 18th detainees has been a very big issue. it will be interesting to see if mccain comes back arm in arm with feinstein and they decide to start twisting elbows with democratic colleagues on capitol hill as well as republican ones. the family of a second child in need of lung transplant has won a court order making him eligible to request an order from an adult. we'll take a look whaths happening there. should the winner of last month's record share some of her winnings with the woman who has now been identified as the person who allowed the elderly winner to cut this line?
11:45 am
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new information today in the gut wrenching debate over when a child can receive a lung from an adult donor. the 11-year-old is the second family to sue health and human services to change the age limit rules for adult lungs. wednesday the same judged ruled an exception be made for the 10-year-old. joining me now is a health care reporter from politico. this opens so many doors for conversation. when you add in the emotion here, when ever you're talking about kids and kids dying it is difficult but this judge has now gone into area where people are
11:49 am
questioning the ethics and whether the right moral decisions are here. >> that's right. it's unprecedented for a judge to weigh in on policy for v individuals on the transplant wait list. it's a deliberately developed set of rules to allocate a scarce resource to the benefit of most people possible and this short circuits the usual decision making there with the court making in. >> i believe there was somewhere around 222 people on the wait list there. several of them children who were younger than her. this judge says it relates to sarah. this will be revisited june 14th. what do we see as this next step? i covered mickey mannel when he
11:50 am
was dying. we've seen these questions come up before regarding who is able to go to the front of line. >> that's one of the major concerns from the transplant community is there's an impression out there that people whether well connected or prominent have advantaged in moving up the list. these policies work hard to take that factor out of picture so people kind of trust in the rules that everything is being done fairly. what happens next is on monday the nonprofit group of transplant concerns and physicians who set the transplant policy will have an emergency meeting and decide whether or not they will suspend this rule regarding 12-year-olds.
11:51 am
in that case you'll have all kids under 12 to be on the adult list or whether they will stick to their guns to try to maintain the policy and try to convince the judge that she should not get involved. >> who are the leading voices? is it the doctors here at the forefront of the rule that's in place? >> yes. it's a wide range of people from the transplant community. there are policy experts that work under a contract from health and human services to design the policy and implement it. >> we'll see what happens next as you point out. we could be at a critical point with this. thank you. perhaps we'll have an opportunity to talk with you more. we'll be right back. ve been som. and some difficult ones. but, through it all we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history.
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time now for the "news nation" gut check.
11:55 am
how would you feel if the person buying a lottery ticket let someone go this front of them. that's the issue. we have more details from nbc. >> call it the cost of kindness. last month 34-year-old mom mindy said the let a little old lady get in front of her in a grocery store line while waiting to buy a quick pick. >> i was like go ahead. it's not a big deal. >> actually, it kind of was. this week she said she saw that woman again on tv claiming the prize for the single biggest lottery pay out in history. 84-year-old glory mackenzie won $590 million. >> the joke was it will probably be the lady in front of you. >> not everyone is laughing. one said chshe was supposed to buying an office pool.
11:56 am
in a statement she publicly acknowledged the politeness but with a lump sum pay out of almost $371 million some are saying she deserves more than a thank you. >> ill give somebody money that let me go ahead of them. >> we hope she gives a little bit of money. that would be nice. >> experts say even if she stood her ground in line she still might not have won. >> timing had changed. that combination of numbers wouldn't have come up. most likely it would have been some other combination of numbers. everything would have had to be exactly the same. >> while she may not be any richer, she still has something money can't buy. >> luck of the draw. >> a sense of humor. >> okay. on this friday, my team is talking about this. what does your gut tell you? should the lottery winner share some of her winnings. i think she should pay for her
11:57 am
kids to go to college. she should peel about 10% of that money and give it to the woman. to go the cycle is up next. a friend under water is something completely different. i met a turtle friend today so, you don't get that very often. it seemed like it was more than happy to have us in his home. so beautiful. avo: more travel. more options. more personal. whatever you're looking for expedia has more ways to help you find yours. [ male announcer ] moving object detection. ♪ blind spot warning.
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