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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 10, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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good monday morning. right now on "first look" the debate over national security versus privacy. we'll continue this week while a 29-year-old former intelligence officer claims to be the leaker of the secret surveillance program. jury selection begins today in the trial of george zimmerman accused of killing trayvon martin. we'll take you live to south africa for an update on nelson mandela's medical condition. a deadly heat wave hits parts of the u.s. and lebron james takes over game two in the nba finals.
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good morning i'm betty nguyen. we're meeting the man behind the leak, 29-year-old edward snowden coming forward to london's "the guardian." he leaked the existence of progra programs. snowden revealed his identity during a taped interview in hong kong. >> i'm no different from anybody else. i don't have special skills. i'm just another guy who sits there day-to-day in the office watching what's happening and goes, this is something that's not our place to decide. the public needs to decide whether these programs or policies are right or wrong. >> well, over the weekend, the director of national intelligence, james clapper, called the leaks quote gut-wrenching. a criminal investigation is
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under way. now to our continuing coverage of the george zimmerman second-degree murder trial. the defense made two videos public sunday reportedly from trayvon martin's cell phone. they show two men fighting over the bike. and the voice recording could be heard. nbc news has not independently authenticated the video. if this video is allowed into evidence, it could clear up w whose voice is heard in the 911 call. nbc's jay gray joins us live now from sanford, florida. >> good morning to you, betty. 500 potential jurors here. later this morning. prosecutors along with the defense team will begin the process of selecting just the
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six who will ultimately hear this high-profile case. the pool of potential jurors comes from a community that understands it's back in the spotlight. >> the main thing is to have a fair trial and to select the people that, you know, are going to be fair and give the right choosi choosing of the verdict. >> reporter: that might be a difficult task for a case for more than a year has been wrapped in considerable media coverage and at times -- controversy. but at the end of the day, the need is not to find a jury with an empty mind only with a jury wi an open mind. the key is, whether they can make a fair and impartial decision based on the evidence allowed in the courtroom. >> zimmerman has plead not guilty. claiming the shot was fired in
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self-defense. >> he said, owe, you got a problem? i turned around and said, no, i don't have a problem. >> reporter: martin quote, was profiled by george zimmerman who police said followed the teenager through the gated community despite this conversation with a police dispatcher. >> are you following him. >> yeah. >> okay, we don't need you to do that. >> zimmerman stopped following martin just minutes before the deadly confrontation, just one of several questions at the center of this high-profile case as jury selection begins today. and that jury selection expected to take two weeks. the trial here could last a month or even longer. betty? >> we'll stay on top of that. thank you, jay. we should mention that george zimmerman has sued nbc universal for defamation and the company has strong sli denied his allegations. nelson mandela remains in the hospital this morning as doctors treat a recurring lung
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infection. officials describe his condition as serious by stable. keir has the latest. >> reporter: a statement from the south african government just released describe nelson mandela's condition unchanged. it is a brief statement. this is the fourth time that nelson mandela has been in the hospital. he's said to be stable and able to breathe independently. this statement this morning from the president called on the country to pray for nelson mandela and his family. over the weekend, we saw some of his children and his grandchildren going to the hospital in pretoria where we think he's being treated for a recurrent lung infection. one longtime friend of nelson mandela has said in a newspaper it's time for nelson mandela go.
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they have seen him go into the hospital on a number of occasions and each time he's recovered and return home. >> he's 94 years old. he turns 59 next month. now, here's your "first loo look"'s dish of scrambled politics. kelly ayotte will back a bill to overhaul the immigration system. >> i have looked at this very carefully, our immigration system is completely broken. we got 11 million people in this country living illegally n the shadows, we have a legal immigration system isn't meeting our needs to grow our economy. this is a thoughtful, partisan solution to a tough problem and so that's why i'm going to support it. the senate cjudiciary committee approved it last
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month. with her support, moved close to the votes needed to avoid a filibuster. congressman frank malone is expected to throw his hat into the ring for the new jersey senate seat. senator rand paul is planning a class-action lawsuit against the white house. in response to the nsa surveillance program, the senator calls the practices unconstitutional and says he ambulance to take it all of the way to the supreme court. the top democrat on the house oversight committee that irs' testimony will the agency's target of conservative groups didn't originate from the white house. . senator cruz is heading to iowa next month. he'll headline the state party's
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annual park in des moines. and spring cleaning has its advantages. take a look at what the president of pennsylvania's lycoming college found in one of his office's closet. it's the naming the school founder. signed by the president of the united states, abraham lincoln, quite a find. well, the southwest, just can't seem to catch a break, first wildfires, now, extreme heat that's being blamed for at least two deaths. the mercury in las vegas hit 112 degrees on saturday, breaking a record for that date in 1955. scorching temperatures were to blame for the cancellation of high school graduation nbc's bill karins is here with the latest.
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>> if you look at last summer, you never know, let's talk about what happen first in the west. little cooler in the california. when you see salt lake city, utah, was 97. that's hot stuff, that's spreading to denver today. the hot air is going to spread east monday and tuesday. it's not going to cross the appalachi appalachians. a lot of areas in the mid-atlantic and the northeast, we're watching some drenching downpours. we got rain through the ohio valley, right down through the southeast. some very heavy downpours, already crossed through d.c. and baltimore. this is heading into areas of newark, wilmington and delaware. later on this afternoon, we have the chance of some strong storms in the mid-atlantic region. the raleigh area, all of the way up through virginia, washington,
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d.c., if we get sunshine it's actually bad. the thunderstorms will be stronger and we do have a chance of tornadoes in the mid-atlantic. >> all right, thank you, bill. erin brockovich busted. and gas prices wild swing across the country. we're back in three minutes. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got...
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decision to come this week on white house on whether to armed rebels fighting the syrian regime. the obama administration is also deciding to whether to send air power to enforce a no-fly zone. this morning, new details on the suspect , he gunned down fie people before fatally being shot
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by police. erin brockovich was arrested over the weekend for boating while drunk, an officer arrested the 52-year-old after he watched her allegedly struggle to dock at the las vegas harbor. a racetrack worker in canada was killed in sunday after a horrific crane accident. he was escorting the machine as it was moving, a car that had too earlier had to be taken off the track. the tallest building on the new york governors island is no more this morning. it took more than 200 pounds of explosives and just ten seconds. the lot will now make way for a new park. now for your "first look" at business. we turn to cnbc. good morning, jackie. >> good morning, betty. apple ceo tim cook is giving the keynote address at the company's
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conference today. he's expected to unveil a new software. meantime video gamemakers are in los angeles today for the annual e3 conference. microsoft will reveal more details on its xbox console, the xbox one. which has been criticized by gamers for its design and now that it needs a constant online connection. and the bid for lunch with warren buffett. the winning bid is $1 million, down from a record $3.4 million last year, proceeds go to the glide foundation. $1 million for lunch with buffett seems like a bargain to me. >> all right, thank you, jackie. the dow finished up about 1% last week along with employment report that added 175,000 new
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jobs. speaking of hiring, the auto industry is selling vehicles at the highest rate in six years. and, it could be on the verge of a hiring spree, usa today reports that factories are operating at 95% productivity. investors on monday will be keeping a close eye on sheer clothing line from lululemon. they had to pull pants because they revealed a little too much of the backside. gas prices shot up, 24 cents a gallon in tid many west and chicago, but dropped 12 cents in california with the national average price for a gallon of regular down 2 cents. lost airline baggage a thing of the past? well not yet. but airbus revealed bag to go. it tracks your bags using gps,
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celebrated her 104 birthday and what family it is. lillie has 10 children, 67 grandchildren, 178 great-grandchildren. with 160 great-great grandchildren and still counting. so, happy birthday to lillie, we do wish her the best. the latest in sports from richard liu. good morning monday morning. the nba finals tied one game each. game two san antonio, the dunk, oh, no. miami's lebron james blocking that shot. what a surprise. all cranked up, too. lebron on the fastbreak with the showtime slam there. the heat crushed the spurs. jason kidd retired. he wants the vacant head
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coaching job for the brooklyn nets. it will be a homecoming. also on fire, the french open final. shirtless protester running a flare on to the court. >> little rally on fire. what is he doing? >> the man on the belly had the kids rights on it. he was safely removed. nadal destroyed david ferrer. it was a very good victory for nadal. a record eighth french open title. no man has ever done that in a grand slam. great gas mileage and engine power that's what jimmie johnson credits for his win. contestants battled in the toe wrestling championship. >> that looks nasty, i'm sorry. >> they were going to -- similar
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to arm wrestlinwrestling. they lock toes and try to pin the opponent's foot to the floor. >> how do you train for that? i don't want to know. >> you just hope for the smell of success. questions about the nsa's secret surveillance program. for more on this, the washington bureau chief joifor the chicago sun-times, joins us now. he has no apologies s this guy going to be viewed as a hero or a traitor of classified information? >> well, that's the problem for the obama administration, as they pursue him, which i'm sure they're going to do, many people -- i have feelings that the obama administration overreached on this one. >> his interview yesterday, to the guardian, snowden said any analyst at any time can target
2:23 am
anyone, do you find that frightening despite the nsa's claims that this program is under strict court supervision? >> well, yes, the kind of claim that frankly we would need more information about what he meant on that one. and yes, the blanket claim that obama made from california just a few days ago was that no one was really looking at your privacy was being sacrificed that much. we need to know more about that. >> lynn, thanks so much for joining us thank you. coming up -- bill karins and richard will be here for first buzz, what caught our eyes today. walking the grounds. in tuscany. [ man ] her parents didn't expect her dreams to be so ambitious. italy? oh, that's not good. [ man ] by exploring their options, they learned that instead of going to italy, they could use a home equity loan to renovate their yard and have a beautiful wedding right here while possibly increasing the value of their home.
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straight out of compton. crazy mother [ bleep ]. called off. sawed off. body bodies are. as i believe, i'm stopping. when i come back. straight out of compton. brian williams showing his rap game. >> have to watch "nightly" more often. all right, time for "first buzz." you got a really great story today. >> feel-good story. hats off to arizona diamondbacks. they drafted a corey haan, arizona state player in this slide here he got paralyzed from the neck down.
2:28 am
he was california's mr. baseball 2010. what a nice thing they did with the jersey there with drafting him. >> what do you have today? >> i got a naked alert. i got the world nude bike-riding day. on saturday. this says mexico city, one place they did it. they said they let it all hang out. to show how fragile the body really is. as well to show that hey, get out of your cars. get out of your cars. >> they're not all naked. >> you're allowed pasties and you're allowed stuff below the belt. mine is maybe that everyone can partake in. companies are starting to allow you to buy vacation time. what they're doing, you can buy up to a week's worth of it. they'll prorate it.
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if you have too much vacation time, who does? i guess some people do, you can sell it back. or donate it. i think it's a good program. more power to those companies. i'm betty nguyen and this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned. "way too early" starts right now. i think the public is owed an explanation to the people who made these revelations. i sit there day-to-day in the office and watches what happens. the public needs to decide whether these programs or policies are right or wrong. we have a face and name attached to the person who leaked information about the government's surveillance program. what happens next for 29-year-old edward snow zwrn den. serious concern for nelson
2:30 am
mandela. and on a lighter note, mike tyson and the tony awards, two things that i thought would never go together, oh, yeah, they went together. this is "way too early" on a monday. whether it's train wreck or not, i like mike tyson. good morning, everybody. it is monday, june the 10th. the leak that revealed the nsa surveillance programs, it's a major and serious story. it has national security, personal privacy, presidential politics and now it's a global story with snowden possibly still in hong kong. we need your name, folks. tweet your response and we'll show the best ones later in the show. now to the story itself, this morning we're learning more about


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