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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  June 13, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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together in his own jokes. deep into the night, new jersey governor chris christie slow jamming the news. hard off brian williams. the reason fallon was asleep. while you were sleeping grown men were playing hockey for a long time. highlights from a stanley cup classic that went triple overtime. in business, a global selloff. we'll tell you what it means for our stock market on this thursday edition of "way too early." good morning, everybody. i'm brian shackman. it is june the 13th. it is one of those mornings where a lot happened while you were sleeping or for our west coast friends, while you were still partying or doing whatever it is you do deep into the night. but not a lot of partying on trading floors at this hour. global markets are in a bit of turmoil. heavy losses from japan all the way to europe.
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cnbc jeff cut more. what's happening right now? >> you have to buckle yourself in for the roller coaster ride in the japanese session, brian. we were down over 6% to the close here and there was plenty of movement in the market. it's been typical of the kind of sessions we've been having in tokyo over recent days. a lot of it is about the tapering talk at the federal reserve and whether we are at the cusp of a change in the interest rate cycle. obviously that pushes up the cost of money. that means traders have to think a lot harder about borrowing it to put it to work in the markets. are they going to get the return necessary to cover the cost of that capital. they're also asking questions about whether their position's appropriately the risk here, whether or not the program is going to work that the japanese are pursuing and ultimately the
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answers that they were concluding today, well, maybe we got too much at risk in the market. we've seen a broad withdrawal, if you like, a derisking at the moment in terms of the way traders are positioned. >> your down pretty strong in europe and the u.s. futures, they're not down as much as japan was down, correct? >> no, they're not. it has to be said that the u.s. markets have broadly come through this stronger than the other global markets. we're probably going to get a weak start to the session. let's face it, the dows now have three down days for the first time since 2013. before you shed tears for the traders that are in the market, bear in mind the dow is up 14% ytd and the nick up 19% year to date. they have plenty of gains. it just means they are taking their opportunity to book them while there is this nervousness over the fed withdrawing some of
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the stimulus that it's given the market since the global financial crisis. >> jeff live for us in london. our top story in the states. the nsa vowing to make public that he says proves the government's secret surveillance of phone calls has helped stop terror rits threats. general keith allen says the electronic programs prevented dozens of attacks. >> great harm has already been done by opening this up and the consequence, i believe, is our security is jeopardized. there's no doubt in my mind that we will lose capabilities as a result of this and that not only the united states but those allies that we have helped will no longer be as safe as they were two weeks ago. >> the man who revealed that classified data, edward snowden, tells a hong kong new hampshire that the u.s. government has been hacking china's computers for years. the 29-year-old is likely facing
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charges for his actions. congressman peter king doubling down that the journalists who published those documents should be punished. >> greenwald, he has said he has names of cia agents and assets around the world and they're threatening to disclose that. the last time that was done in this country we saw the cia agent murdered in greece. no right is absolute. i think it's very targeted, very selective and certainly a very rare exception. in this case when you have someone who discloses secrets like this and threatens to release more, then there has to be legal action taken against them. >> a new "time magazine" pole shows half of them surveyed said snowden's leaks was okay. 53% believed snowden should be prosecuted. overall more people approve than
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disapprove of the government's internet surveillance program. former president george w. bush gets slightly higher remarks than president obama when it comes to who's more careful about protecting privacy. meanwhile, a top intelligence official who served under both those administrations is retired. michael morell will be replaced by avrilhaines. a new push to stop abortion after 20 weeks is being pushed back. >> the incidents of rape resulting in pregnancy are very low, but when you make that exception -- when you make that exception, there's usually a requirement to report the rape within 48 hours. in this case that's impossible because this is in the sixth month of gestation. >> i just find it astonishing to
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hear a fraez repeated that the incidence of pregnancy from rape is low. there's no scientific basis for that. the idea that the republican men on this committee think they can tell the women of america that they have to carry to term the product of a rape is outrageous. >> afterward the arizona republican tried to walk back his comment telling politico saying that his bill does nothing to turn that around. gomez told abc news, quote, these kind of comments only come from a mormon, end quote. overseas, as fighting spirals out of vote, sectarian violence raises the number of people killed to 93,000. so in reality it's far likely higher.
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meanwhile, dozens of shiites have been killed by thousands of suny rebels. vid video posted online shows houses being set on fire. many of the 60 dead are pro assad fighters. president clinton and john mccain should act more swiftly in fighting rebels. they would risk looking like a, quote, total fool if they act too cautiously. clinton cited his own record in kosovo and bosnia. there is an uneasy calm in turkey in the wake of protests in the city. thousands clashed in istanbul's taksim square leaving four people dead and thousands injured. yesterday prime minister erdogan met with protesters. they say they don't represent the protesters. it was a plan that set protests
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in motion last month. now turkey's ruling party is considering setting a vote to change the construction plans. the murder trial of repeated mob boss whitey bolger in the city of boston. prosecutors said he is responsible for murder in the city. he says he was a small timer. the same lawyers say three ex-mobsters who have pinned murder accusations on bolger cannot be believed. he's accused of being involved in 19 murders and the 83-year-old was the most wanted man in america. you're looking at video upon his return when he was captured in santa monica, california. a man who held three women hostage is pleading not guilty.
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the defense showed interest in a plea deal if the death penalty was ruled out. the victims disappeared separately when they were 14, 16, 20 years old. after the hearing castro's attorney acknowledged that, quote, certain charges in the indictment cannot be disputed. he has been held on $8 million bail. the 10-year-old girl is recovering from lung transplant surgery in philadelphia. a bit of good news. a judge's controversial ruling expanded sarah murnaghan's chance to have adult lungs. her aunt said the donor lungs came through normal channels. >> they were able to resize the adult lungs without any issue. it was a perfect fit into sarah and the surgery's done and she's heading to recovery. we expect her to be, you know, doing some things within the
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next couple of days and taking her first breath so we can't wait for that and she really did well. so we're very, very, very excited and we're very, very, very thankful. the family's public quest to change the organ list sparked public debate over how donor lungs are allocated. wildfires are forcing dozens of people from their homes. 100 homes have been absolutely decimated. thousands more are being threatened. it's called the black forest fire expanded by 50% and now covers nearly 50 square miles. some 600 crew members worked to try to stop this from spreading. no help from mother nature. temperatures reaching 100 degrees and high winds. the washington redskins' name, it's been criticized for years. in a letter to congress nfl commissioner roger goodell defends the name."usa today" sa
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strength, pied and respect. it looks like the redskins' name is standing pat for now. if you had to change the name of washington's nfl team, what would you change it to? washington gridlock, something like that. most creative ones in the show. #waytoopc. looking for creative and taste full alternatives, and there are many. still ahead, tom brady, one of my favorites, weighs in on his new tim tebow favorite. what he has to say about timmy. a presidential interruption. please turn your ringers off. don't want to do when you're seeing the president. we'll check on the weather. "way too early" comes right back. it's hard to find another
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that's not much, you think. except it's 2% every year. go to e-trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs. spoiler alert: it's low. it's guidance on your terms, not ours. e-trade. less for us. more for you. i'm not going to say anything about the outstanding qualities of the chicago blackhawks. i'm not going to say anything. >> president obama in a tough spot in massachusetts yesterday. he's got his hometown chicago blackhawks facing the boston bruins in the stanley cup finals and if you got a chance to watch it, game one was an absolute classic. let's go to triple overtime. tied at 3-3. 12:00 in. 117th shot of the night goes in. that was sort of a soft goal, right? andrew shaw wins it for the blackhawks. the fifth longest finals game in
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history. both hockey teams have a little bit of time to rest up. game 2 is saturday night. seven goals in that game. wasn't some conservative first game. this was an awesome hockey game. nba news. tony parker has a mild hamstring strain. he got hurt early in game three in the nba final. it's unclear whether he'll be at full strength or doesn't play. if he doesn't play it's bad news for the spurs even though they are up. our daily tim tebow update, turns out my man tom brady likes him. >> every time a new teammate comes in you welcome him and do whatever you can to help them fit in and understand what we need to do. it's been a fun couple of days. >> he's only slightly more interesting sound bite than tebow. snoozer city. let's go to baseball. a ceremonial first pitch that
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we've never seen before. 13-year-old nick legrand is fighting a life threatening bone marrow disease and can't travel out of missouri. he threw the first pitch in oakland and they caught the first pitch for him before the a's yankees game. leave it to oakland to be completely creative. they're in first place and they did beat the yankees. i love that kind of stuff. let's go to golf. this is an unbelievable story. weather could be the biggest factor in this week's u.s. open. derecho, which i have never known b it's forecast to slam through the area and wreak havoc. tiger woods is a favorite. soggy conditions. he hits it long. even if it plugs, he'll be ahead. weather could be a huge factor for phil mickelson. he attended his daughter's eighth grade due wags. scheduled to land in pennsylvania, 4:30 a.m.
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his tee time is 7:11 a.m. i think that kind of story, he'll go alone and be awesome. bill, my question is coming in from the west is he going to have any trouble? >> no. the good news is that if his plane doesn't land the round won't start anyway. >> good point. >> likely the first round will be delayed today. with the storms rolling through this morning. ryan mentioned the word derecho. that was a possibility last night. we were thinking bad event, tornado, damaging straight line winds. we did have damage, a few tornadoes, but overall compared to what was possible. it really wasn't all that bad last night. any time you have a high risk of weather, there were no fatalities. earth it was a bust or we missed it. a little bit of both. as far as the severe weather goes now, it's into pennsylvania and west virginia. huge complex of thunderstorms. call it a meso scale connected
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system. in baltimore they're playing the u.s. open about 8:00 a.m. lightening associated with it. they'll keep the players indoors and wait until it passes. what's interesting about the forecast in the mid-atlantic, we want that complex to remain through the area. not severe but we want it to rain and cool off the area. later today if it doesn't, we have the possibility of additional storms from georgia, mississippi, alabama, all the way up through the mid-atlantic. if it doesn't rain a lot and cool off the air mass and it does heat up with sunshine, we will have the potential for sunshine. d.c., baltimore. round one this morning, round two this afternoon and that could be damaging. >> seeing that tornado graphic, it's kind of disturbing. mika, good morning. a lot going on this morning? >> oh, yes there is. former president clinton is back in the news.
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he has news for president obama. president obama risks looking like a total fool. we'll tell you what he was talking about and what's behind that advice. and america has a new todd akin. he feels it's necessary to say that the incidents of rape resulting in pregnancy are very low. lesson apparently not learned. howard dean and michael feel are here to chew on that. the nsa surveillance story, we'll be joined with general mike hadey. >> listening to that sound out of congress. >> oh, my gosh. yeah. we'll take a look at that again. >> thank you, mik mika. more with governor christie hanging out with jimmy fallon. we'll be right back.
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this can't be measured against the value of having an elected member of the united states senate. that's why i'm throwing my full weight behind this decision.
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>> oh, oh, oh, oh, come on. come on now krispy kreme donut. how are you going to be setting me up like that? it's too easy. it's not even funny. >> isn't that what your audience says every night? >> yes, that's right, it hurts. just step off, brother. >> isn't that what your bathroom scale says every night? >> bam. that was fantastic. good sense of humor last night. of course, slow jam in the news that governor chris christie. pretty good stuff from the governor. >> not bad, brian. governor christie wasn't the only one to hit the late night circuit. veteran nbc news man tom brokaw saturday down with david letterman and delivered a special message from president
2:55 am
obama. >> i was at the white house. a small reception. president obama was there. i'm going to be seeing david letterman. i've got a question for him. we've intercepted his phone order for a big bucket of kentucky fried chicken. does he want tater tots with that. >> i do. i want the tater tots, mr. president. >> letterman wants the tat tater tots. this week president obama was addressing remarks when he heard a buzz from the crowd. >> no other country can match that history. and what was true years ago is still true today. who's beeping over there? you're feeling kind of self-conscious, aren't you? it's okay. >> not want to be that person.
2:56 am
glad to see the president laughed it off. there's no word on the owner of that cell phone in question. now moving on to some feline news. the family in oregon are parents to a two-headed kitten. it has four eyes, two noses, two mouths and is healthy. it was rejected by its mother. the kit ten's name, of course, is deucy. finally, we bring a new meaning to the term real estate boom. the listing price is $750,000. the square footage, 52 feet wide by 185 feet deep selling a decommissioned cold war missile silo as a home. there's actually a launch control desk, there's a big red button. according to the broker they're spacious living set. >> your property taxes should be
2:57 am
pressie low. the acreage is pretty small, right? >> that's right. >> i will just say i didn't even look at the screen on the two-headed cat so i don't know what it looks like. >> it's kul, actually. deucy the cat. >> i don't see the cat. >> still ahead on "way too early," the new name for the washington redskins when we come right back. [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter... because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet.
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we're having a little fun with our new name the washington redski redskins. to john tower see what they should be named if they had to pull the name. >> washington carpetbaggers, washington bones, our favorites, david putnam, the washington filibuster, great blocking but the team never seems to make any progress. the washington orangemen, the mascot would be john boehner. >> wow. i won't talk about any tobacco. a lot of word play on dot, dot, dot skins, i'll keep it pg and say some were funny. to "morning joe" which starts


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