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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBCW  June 14, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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good morning, everybody. i'm brian shactman. it is a friday, june 14th. well delve into the latest developments from the middle east. we have elections in iran and an escalation in the syrian civil war. we'll get to details on that but we want to begin with that deck collapse in miami where a fun night at a sports bar turned into a serious situation in an instant. 24 people were hurt, two of them seriously at a bar outside miami. about 100 people were on the deck of a place called shuckers watching the nba finals at the time of the collapse. witnesses say they heard a crunching sound, saw a pillar come down, before the entire deck fell into biscayne bay. happy nobody was seriously hurt there. we go to syria where the united states has concluded that pro government forces in syria have used chemical weapons against the opposition crossing the so-called red line drawing america more directly into the
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conflict. the obama administration says there is evidence that forces loyal to president bashar al assad used sarren gas a handful of times against rebel fighters, somewhere between 100 and 150 people were reported killed in those attacks. now for the first time the u.s. will begin sending small arms and ammunition to rebel groups via the cia. still, the militarized support is limited, though there are talks of anti-tank weapons and calls for a into fly zone which is estimated to cost as much as $50 million a day. the u.s. already has patriot missiles and some f-16 fighters in jordan. the announcement comes a day after there were reports of opposition groups having to literally build their own weapons. there's been considerable pressure abroad and here at home for the white house to take a tougher approach. "the new york times" reports, quote, the president's caution has frayed relations with important american allies in the middle east that have privately described the white house
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strategy as feckless. still vocal backers of u.s. action in syria praised the decision. >> i applaud the president's decision. 93,000 people dead later, over a million refugees in the countries in the surrounding region erupting into sectarian violence. >> if we do not address the chemical weapons compromise in syria and end this war before these chemical weapons flow out of syria, not only will israel be in the crosshair of radical islamists with the weapons of mass destruction capability, it is only a matter of time do they come here. this morning a top russian lawmaker has accused the u.s. of fabricating the story to suggest military intervention comparing president obama to president bush. we're joined by nbc news foreign correspondent ayman mohyeldin. thank you for being with us again. a busy week for you. the timing here when we talk about russia sending missiles, we have, you know, iran behind
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it and the rebels getting pushed back. is this perceived really too little too late? >> it's certainly perceived as a little too late in the region from the perspective of rebels from others. they see this as very dangerous escalation on the united states' part because now it is a proxy war. this is something many people in the region were warning about, but now you have on one hand the russians backed by the chinese, iranians and hezbollah supporting the syrian regime sending them weapons and money and supplies and fighters and possibly the united states and other gulf states sending money, supplies and possibly weapons to the rebels and these major world powers fighting inside syria. >> that's the point. is it time for americans to pay a little more attention. when you say iran and russia are backing the other side of something we're supporting is there there real potential for a powder keg that goes global. >> we have reached that point many times over and not only is it a proxy war, but this was a war that at the beginning many thought was going to be contaped.
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it's not something the united states wanted to see, but now it has spilled over. you have affected turkey, lebanon, jordan and that is why it is not -- it's a matter of time before the situation continues to worsen. >> all right. >> humanitarian level and on a military level. >> speaking of iran, obviously we want to get your reactions today. there are elections in iran where voting is under way already. there's only said to be one reform candidate in the entire field, an iranian overly talk about boycotting the vote altogether. video from the last election where basically the country was in lockdown in terms of the internet and it was just a serious crackdown across the country when they felt like the elections weren't necessarily fairly taken care of. i guess the real question is, is anything going to change here? >> you know, it's going to be very interesting to see what happens post-voting process. those protests that you saw happened as a result of the post-voting process and that is
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what most iranians and the international community is going to be watching. will they feel that this process had the integrity to bring about a genuine electoral process? i think that's a very hard argument from the kind of restrictions we've seen on some of the candidates running. a lot of the reform candidates that would indicate a diverse and pluralistic political field of candidates have been whittled down to a hand few, many of them selected by the regime there. >> there is going to be a handpicked leader like what goes on in russia? >> not necessarily handpicked but filtered enough to favor a certain ideology within the political structure and that's what raises questions about the integrity of the process. >> appreciate it. going to be busy today. to domestic news. wildfires continue to keep 38,000 people evacuated from their homes in the colorado springs area. it's turned into a deadly situation. authorities say two bodies were found in the garage of a home in a heavily wooded area. the fire which is called the black forest fire measures more
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than 15,000 acres, is only 5% contained. as of yesterday afternoon, it had already destroyed 360 homes with 13,000 other properties in jeopardy. officials say more than 700 firefighters are battling the flames. reinforced by active duty military and national guard troops. this is a factor i did not know before researching this, this is the most destructive fire in the state history of colorado. so it's one we really need to keep paying attention to. authorities are still trying to determine what caused an explosion and a massive fire at a chemical plant in louisiana. the fire broke out thursday morning at williams ole fins chemical plant near baton rouge in new orleans. it burned more than three hours leaving one person dead and injuring 73 others. police say the chemicals were burned off and pose no threat to the surrounding area. take a look at this scene in california where the wing of a private jet, i mean that is unbelievable, that little picture there, slammed into mt offices inside a hangar at an
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airport in chino last night. the story goes mechanics were running the jet engines and the plane broke loose from its wheel locks and skidded right into the hangar. fortunately we can tell you nobody was hurt. looks like a movie. after recent doom and gloom the u.s. market made a convincing comeback yesterday closing back above the 15,000 mark. cnbc's steve sedgwick live in london. i guess the two questions, a, what led to the turnaround in the u.s. markets and how does today look? >> yeah. what led to the turnaround was pretty much -- good day. we've been worrying about economics and the three arrows that japanese have thrown at their economy to turn it around. this time around we led higher on decent economics. the retail sales were the best we've seen in three months and secondly the weekless jobless claims were better than most expected around 334,000 was the figure there, and about 12,000 lower than previously. in terms of where the markets are trading at the moment and what we're expecting out of the u.s. a little instability out of
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asia. the nikkei down 6.4% in japan in the previous session was up a couple percents today in the european markets holding their head above water at the moment. stories for you, walmart the largest private sector in the united states, 1.3 million workers, looks like they're hiring more temporary staff. if this is about cost cutting or not it remains to be seen. according to a survey which included one store inner y state, 27 were hiring temporary workers another were hiring temporary and full-time workers. five not hiring at all. a slight change of strategy ensure they have temporary first time they've done this outside the holiday season. the airlines are getting less predisabilitible in terms of their timing. it appears in april about four months in terms of being on time, around about 77% of flights were on time as opposed to the same month a year ago. they're blaming the faa and cost
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cutting measures. >> always the sequester's fault. learn that by now. have a great weekend. steve sedgwick live in london jo today marks six months since the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary in connecticut. legislative efforts have failed to change gun buying and background checks at the national level but flanked by families of victims democratic lawmakers vowed to try again to pass major gun reform. supporters of new restrictions also met with president obama and vice president biden. they dressed in green and formed a green ribbon on the west front of the capitol to honor victims of gun violence. lighter note here, not necessarily if you're in the murdoch family. rupert murdoch back on the market. the chief executive filing for divorce of his wife of 14 years. the 82-year-old married wendi deng in 1989. they have two young daughters and it is murdoch's third
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marriage. in the papers, we talk about it a lot in this part of the country, but "the new york post" famous for its witty and crude headlines. nothing special today. maybe we need to jazz it up a little bit. we have an opportunity to have fun here. tweet out your best headline based on the rupert divorce from "the new york post." you have to be creative, guys. you can go to the border of tastefulness if you want to. we'll mention the best options later in the show. the #is waytooprenup. here's what we got, foxy ladies with the subhead rupert fires wendi, rehires palin. news that sarah palin has been rehired by fox news. but you guys can do better than that. i bet people on the floor, meacham can do better than that and he's not from new york. still ahead on "way too early," a wet and wild day for tiger woods at the u.s. open. how he fared in round one and why some are wondering if he's actually injured.
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also, why are nancy pelosi and company -- busting a move? that made my day right there. an explanation and more of that impressive barmitzvah type dancing when "way too early" comes right back. a gunman brandished automatic weapons and threatened the crew with hand grenades. the plane landed at beirut where 19 of the passengers, 17 women and two infants exchanged for fuel, but some of the passengers were beaten and at least one was reportedly shot. you say men are superior drivers?
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other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? don't wait to ask your doctor about spiriva. time for sports. miami trying to avoid the 3-1 series hole in san antonio. spurs come out hot.
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tony parker, pretty sharp, despite that hamstring strain. they led by as many as ten in the first quarter. but miami quickly comes back in the second. dwyane wade hooking up with lebron james after the turnover. fourth quarter now, wade, i mean he was straight all over the place. that's one of six steals, the lane to the court. who says that knee is bulky. looks like that '06 finals mvp. he had 32. lebron had 33. chris boshgs kind of m.i.a., had a playoff high 20. they tie this series at two games each. that pivotal game five will probably determine the series. to golf where eyes were on the skies actually as the u.s. open tries to finish round one and complete round two in pennsylvania. tiger woods, he didn't great round. he was delayed and then cut short because of weather. he was 2 over on the 11th when had to call it a day because of darkness. there was concern about his wrist but the three-time champ
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insists it's not an issue. we'll see what happens today. phil mickelson, that cross-country red eye where he landed at 4:00, teed off at 7:00, helped him. 3 under 67, one shot off the lead. the leader was donald finishing with three straight birdies but has to get through the toughest part of the course. he picks it up on 14. to baseball, marathon game between the a's and yankees, bottom of the 18th, tie game, bases loaded, nate freeman, a broken-bat single to left off mariano. that's the thing about baseball, hit it hard and it's an out, hit it soft and it can win the game. they sweep the yankees. now i would probably gloat, but then i'll have to watch the red sox highlights because they're -- they're in baltimore for the first of a four-game set. bottom of the 13th, tie game, two men on, chris davis, usually he hits them over the fence but again the bloop wins the game. baltimore takes it 5-4.
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so boston and new york lose in relatively dramatic fashion. to the nfl according to patriots owner robert kraft the signing of tim tebow may be more than about football. kraft told reporters for me personally having tim tebow on the team, he's someone who believes in spirituality, very kettive and works hard. the fact that spirituality is important to him is important to me. we don't know if tebow will ever play in a patriots' jersey. the internet has been flooded with merchandise. the newes esest addition to the website, the elvis logo with a tebow body doing the tebow'ing kneel. i don't know how they're going to sell. i am not into that one. david wright may be battling to keep the mets out of last place in the nl east but number one in the hearts of some cougars. deadspin reports the mets were looking for a partner to help them promote voting for the all-star team. the site says the team approached cougar life.
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i did not know about this website. it's a dating site for younger, hot men to meet sexy older professional women. okay. but basically they wanted to help stuff the ballot box and get him in the starting lineup for the all star. why did they consider this? wright beat out coal hamels and matt kemle for the title of hottest cub. they decided against the plan once it got picked up by the media. that's a silly thing because why -- this -- it would always get picked by the media. we were all -- we would be all over this. >> i saw way too much of cougar life website. that's what i know. >> come on. >> no. i'll bookmark it now though. let's get to the weather forecast and get to your father's day forecast too. the big story yesterday was the severe weather in the east coast but this stuff in colorado just mind boggling. it's so hot and so dry and these fires continue to burn out of control. i mean, containment still very minimalized in these blazes especially the one near colorado springs. today will be another hot dry
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day out there. on the east coast a couple hundred thousand that can't watch us base they don't have power at their houses because of the wind damage throughout the regi region. we're watching the cold rain exiting from the storm yesterday. a nasty morning in southern new england. the afternoon hours will get better. as far as the weekend goes, saturday is nearly perfect on the east coast. storms in the middle of the country and then father's day looks nice with hit or miss showers and storms. not going to be a rainout. >> we had no power when i left this morning. >> yeah. those storms are strong yesterday. >> thanks, bill. appreciate it. mika? >> a lot coming up straight ahead on "morning joe." just about ten minutes, some outrage this morning at an upcoming trip for the obama family. they're going to africa. how the administration is defending the trip's hefty price tag in the age of the sequester. we're going to talk about the big development in the conflict in syria. the u.s. will begin sending small arms and ammunition to rebel groups there after officially declaring the so-called red line of chemical weapon use has, indeed, by
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crossed. we're going to have my dad, dr. briz will come in. david ignatius will join us and joined by president bill clinton and mayor rahm emanuel and rock and roll hall of famer john mellencamp and thriller legend stephen king joins us for the unlikely new project coming up in a few minutes this morning. >> small show today. >> a big range. >> ending the week with a whimper. >> yeah. that's us. >> see ya. >> when we come back here on the water cooler you said, the burger that could feed a small army. i mean look at that thing. louis will have all the juicy details when we come right back. all business purchases.
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brzezinski,. what insight into russian actions in the last couple weeks does the proximity give you? >> they're our next door neighbors and you can actually see russia from land here in alas alaska. >> the gift that keeps on giving. i thought it wasn't going to be giving anymore but it's giving. coming back to fox news as a contributor and as part of the main stream media. happy to have her on board. you're a mainstream media yourself. time for the water cooler. >> happy friday. new york is still recovering from the damage left by hurricane sandy but david letterman is preparing for the future. last night he found a way to protect the city from another
2:54 am
disaster. >> you know who really is looking forward the future, mayor michael bloomberg, the mayor of new york city. today he unveiled his $20 billion program to protect new york city from the affects of climate change. here now is the simulation and the videotape. watch this. >> and she's one of the most powerful women in the country and she's not afraid of dancing in public. honoring congressman for being the longest serving member of congress nancy pelosi danced to "stop in the name of love" mary wilson from the supremes was there to sing and health and human services e secretary kathleen sebelius and lynda carter joined in as well. look at her, she is getting down with her bad self. i love this video. i don't know what they call that. now, false advertising can be a problem, brian, and for one
2:55 am
unsatisfied customer in the uk, he thought it warranted calling the british version of 911. take a look. >> yeah, hello. can i have the police, please? >> okay. one second, please. >> i need police assistance. >> no. you need to tell me what's going on, sir. [ inaudible ]. >> here we go. okay. then. what's it called -- i think she's calmed down. she's got her nickers in a twist over something or another. >> what happened there? something's obviously happened? >> basically this woman, she's like basically advertising the newspaper for like, you know, like private services like massage and stuff, yeah? >> yeah. >> and basically she's like misdescribed herself and like misrepresented herself, yeah. like because obviously she thinks i owe her a living or something, you know what i mean? >> okay. >> well, brian -- >> call the cops because his
2:56 am
escort -- >> wasn't i guess good looking enough for him. you know -- >> it's always worth a 911 call. >> that's right. now finally, continuing our quest to find the world's most extreme food, we go to wendy's in manitoba, canada. this is a real thing, brian. it's called the t-rex burger and nine patty cheeseburger, weighs 2 pounds 4 ounces and clocks in at 3,000 calories. 200 grams of fat. and 6,000 milligrams of sodium. the price about 22 bucks. i think that's a steal. unfortunately, wendy's front offices got wind of the burger and ordered the local franchise to shut the operation down. they released a statement saying for obvious reasons, wendy's of brandon neither condonees or promotes the idea of anyone consuming a nine patty hamburger in one sitting. listen, their whole slogan is, where's the beef? this is perfect. >> you got a lot of teeth there. even i don't think you can get a full bite of that sucker.
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>> oh, my gosh. i would like to try. i would like to at least try. one other thing, i really highly doubt that you and bill don't know about cougar life. you played so dumb earlier in the show. >> no. we're neither young nor hot, louis. that's your territory. thank you. we'll see you in a little bit. >> still ahead on "way too early," rupert murdoch is getting a divorce. your best and most creative "new york post" headlines and "morning joe" just moments away. can acne cleansers be tough on breakouts and be good for your face? [ female announcer ] now there's new neutrogena® naturals acne cleanser. acne medicine from the wintergreen leaf treats breakouts. no parabens or harsh sulfates. for naturally clear skin. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® naturals. for naturally clear skin. by earning a degree from capella more iuniversity, you'll have the knowledge to make an impact in your company and take your career to an even greater place. let's get started at
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rupert murdoch getting divorced for the third time. "the new york post" known for its headlines so john tower has some of the best responses. >> good ones. unhitched from the murdoch. silver fox. rupert's on the prowl. still death do rupert. get it. and our favorite, divorce corp. >> nice. we get the mockup and everything. the one i liked, this from david, murdoch trading in for a newer model. have a great weekend, everybody. time now for "morning joe."


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