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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  June 18, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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bloomberg would not like that comparison a whole lot. we'll tell you what iran's new president-elect is talking about the country's long standing tension with the united states. speaking of tense moments, obama and vladimir putin are not the best of friends. the fbi will be back on the hunt for jimmy hoffa after a tip that the missing teamsters boss was buried in a michigan field. of course, the tip came from a reputed move yeah captain. what are you going to do? how you doing? no, how you doin'? this is "way too early" on a tuesday. so i've got to work on my moffia talk. my collar was a little tight so i went a little i don't know
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what on you. good morning, everybody. my name is brian shackman. his disappearance in 1975. as you well know, there have been multiple and false leads about where the body is buried. the latest tip came from a reputed moffia captain. they said they buried him on that property. we want to know what other mysteries would you like to see solved. send us a tweet using the hashtag way too buried. how did seinfeld eat all of that cereal without it going stale. let's get to more serious stuff on tuesday. top story this morning, day two of the g-8 this morning. the talk is expected to hinge on trade, transparency and taxes. things got off to a somewhat frosty start for president obama and russian president vladimir
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putin at a meeting to discuss syria. still was better than the meeting held with prime minister david cameron where they accused western powers of arming them with rebels who eat human body parts. both of the leaders agreed while they differ on a political resolution, they want an end to the violence. earlier president obama pushed back that more could have been done earlier to avoid the bloodshed. >> this argument that somehow if we had gone in earlier or heavier in some fashion that the tragedy and chaos taking place in syria wouldn't be taking place i think is wrong. i don't think that anybody would suggest that somehow there was a ready made military opposition inside of syria that could somehow have quickly and cleanly
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defeated the syrian army, and one of the challenges that we have is that some of the most effective fighters within the opposition have been those who, frankly, are not particularly firmly in favor of the united states of america and arming them willy nilly is not a good recipe for meeting american interests over the long term. >> joining us now from ireland, nbc news chief white house correspondent chuck todd. i know there was a full report between the room of president obama and president putin. what's the sense of the tone of that meeting? >> reporter: well, you know, aids are using the phrase, business like. when the body language isn't good, that is one thing they emphasize. actually, first of all you set the bar at cannibalism. president putin didn't actually reference cannibalism there, so i guess if that is the bar, that it was a successful meeting. frankly, the body language and
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the meeting itself did go better than when the two of them met at the last summit of world leaders at the g-20 that took place in mexico last year. there was some thawing on some other issues. one thing inside that meeting that happened, what we're told, is that the president made this specific point to putin, that the u.s. position is simply this, they want to thaw it out but they're not necessarily trying to push the entire assad regime out of any political solution. the goal of the united states is by making that concession, if you will, to the russians, that maybe that will get putin on the side of, okay, maybe our interests can be protected here if we somehow bail out of assad, but there is an important report out this morning that after the meeting one of the things that the russian government is now saying is there should be no precondition for a political negotiation that would take place in geneva.
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that's code that we're not for pushing assad out. >> when you're done with the day, chuck, we want you to have a guinness for us? >> i'll have it for you, barnacle, for joe, for mika, for everybody. >> chuck todd live for us in ireland. the head of the nsa is set to testify on capitol hill today. president obama says the government surveillance prms are not nearly as intrusive as some critics claim. >> what i can say unequivocally is that if you are a u.s. person, the nsa cannot listen to your telephone calls and the nsa cannot target your e-mails. >> and have not? >> and have not. they cannot and have not by law and by rule unless they, and usually it wouldn't be they, it would be the fbi, go to a court and obtain a warrant.
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>> meanwhile, nypd commissioner ray kelly is breaking ranks with laumpt officials saying he doesn't think the nsa program should have been kept secret. in an online chat hosted by "the guardian" edward snowden panned saying he was working with the chinese saying he was disappointed with president obama's expansion of what he calls abuse of programs. all i can say right now is the u.s. government is not going to be able to cover this up by jalg or murdering me. truth is coming and it cannot be stopped. a new "usa today" poll shows most americans, 54%, want him criminally prosecuted. the survey also shows that most americans believe the disclosure serves the public interest. snowden's father says he doesn't want his father to reveal anything that could be construed as treason. >> i would like to see ed come home and face this. as someone who served my nation
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for over 30 years honorably, i took an oath to support and defend the constitution of the united states, that's not something that i could have done, but i'm not in ed's shoes. i don't know what he has seen, what he has been exposed to, but i know he is a principled young man. i know what he walked away from. >> the whitey bolger trial has turned into a story of heart break as an old friend took the stand against the former leader of the winter hill gang. after not seeing each other for decades, confessed killer told a boston court yesterday that it broke his heart to discover bulger was an fbi informant. this is a guy with a heart who has confessed to killing people. he said he was beside himself after learning bulger had betrayed his trust. after being a fugitive for 16 years, he was arrested in 1995 and served 12 years for killing 20 people.
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talk about heart break. he cut a deal with the federal government to be a federal witness four years later. the supreme court is back in the middle of the immigration debate. yesterday in a 7-2 debate they blocked a law from arizona requiring proof of citizenship to vote. it does not require applicants to present such documentation. three other states have similar laws to the arizona laws. the court's decision has outraged some on the right, including ted cruz, who was vowing to add an amendment to, quote, close this hole in federal statutory law, end quote. speaking for the first time since winning the election, the president-elect called relations between iran and the united states, quote, an old wound which must be healed. he went on to defend iran's nuclear rights saying tehran will not participates until they
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stop interfering in iran's politics. the election results were promising but tehran made clear it is not showing nuclear weapons. >> the iranian people want to move in a different direction. they rebuffed the hard liners and the clerics in the election who were counselling no compromise on anything any time anywhere. clearly you have a hunger within iran to engage with the international community in a more positive way. >> tens of thousands of brazilians took to the streets in a series of mostly peaceful protests. they're looking for higher tax rates and poor government corruption. in rio de janeiro they put a car on fire. women may soon be taking another step towards joining the
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elite forces of the u.s. military. u.s. defense officials tell nbc news that female troops will be allowed to train with army rangers in 2015 and with the navy s.e.a.l.s. the following year. earlier this year secretary of defense leon panetta cleared the way for women to serve in combat roles. defense officials are in the process of drawing up a blueprint for putting women in roles. standards for special forces jobs and combat will be the same for men and for women. now to business. according to the financial times, the federal reserve is expected to say they will taper down their $85 million a month bond purchase. any decision by the fed will be dependent on the economic recovery. more on today's business headlines, let's go to jeff cutmore. >> hey, brian. that is the only story. robin harding wrote that he
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thought tapering could come as early as september. now there was speculation on that opinion piece that he may have an inside track on the fed. in the end he denied that he had any access to federal officials. there was no leak, he said, and for those who were getting excited about it because we saw the dow shed about 100 points or so on the story, chill out. chill out was his message on twitter for those who were getting exercised about it. it remains the only story here. it's just another opinion right now as we go into that fed meeting. markets in europe are trending more. f ftse higher. the cac is as is the dax. you'll have a mild start to your u.s. session. >> i don't know how much of a movie buff you are but we have another over the top wall street movie to look forward to. take a liliesen and watch. my name is jordan bell 49er.
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the year i turned 26 i made $49 million and it really -- me off because it was 1 million shy a week. >> nobody knows if the stock is going to go up, down, sideways or circle. >> fugazzi. >> it's a wa azzi, woozzi. >> that was the '90ed, jeff. was it just like that? >> well, of course, he went to prison, didn't he, for securities fraud back in 1998. deja vu, here we are all over again. so i had to think about this. i reckoned what bernie madoff, fast and furious money making hits the barrier. alan stanford, man of money ii or maybe global financial crisis, the hangover, somebody else who's gone to prison for
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their misdeeds in the financial industry. >> thank you very much on this tuesday. still ahead on "way too early," for the first time this year, the bruins and blackhawks close out a game without going to overtime. we'll show you who got the edge in the fight for the stanley cup. another bruins putting on a show off the ice. a hunter has a close encounter with an american black bear. we'll show you how that ended up. "way too early" will be right back. >> we have made engine start and the ignition and liftoff! liftoff and america's first woman astronaut and the shuttle has pulled the tower. [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter...
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time for sports. bruins and the blackhawks facing off in boston for game three of the stanley cup finals, game tied 0-0. daniel paille lights the lamps off the boards. puts it past corey crawford. on the other end of the ice, bruins going -- tuukka rask, 28 saves. shutout. some say it was the easiest shutout. they had an easy time until the end when things get a little testy. chicago says we don't like to lose. we want you to have a black eye. that's what we did at the end of the game because we don't like to lose. bruins take a 2-1 series lead wednesday night in bean town. that means they need to energize the boys. they're not happy. baseball, the red hot orioles playing the detroit tigers. barnacle was on this bandwagon early. major league leading 24th home run of the year. the tigers had the last laugh. they jumped on the orioles'
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pitching in the fifth. they win it 5-1. give the fans a little attention today. chicago game, foul ball weeks little havoc in the stands. check out this one guy. he's gone. you can see his feet. that's what happens after six beers. yeah. and as brian is getting a good laugh. how about nobody helping him up. give the guy a hand at least. come on. a little applause. he's got to wear a looser shirt. foul balls in the indiana/mississippi game. gets tossed into the stands and it becomes a battle, a donny brook, a mele between a group of young kids. she's excited. it's not a mele. she knocked him out. she just boxed him out. it's her ball. that's fine. all right. well, somebody ends up crying, but they always do. she shouldn't gloat so much.
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there you go. don't give up so easy. all right. finally chad johnson has been released from prison a little bit early after apologizing to the judge who gave him a 30 day jail sentence for a pat on the behind of his lawyer. appearing in court yesterday in a tan prison suit and handcuffs, sobered up by the experience, he was sorry for disrespecting the courtroom and judge kathleen mchue accepted that apology and extended his probation an extra three months. get a check on weather with mr. bill karins. you know, at first i was a little -- that's a beautiful shot there. i don't know where -- >> that is nice. look at that. >> i thought the judge overreacted. you know what, court of law, probably shouldn't do that. >> yeah, she got his attention. we don't want to pay for him in jail for a month but get him out and learn his lesson hopefully. as far as what we're dealing with out there this morning, i bet you we probably have more than one person in the dallas fort worth area right now.
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thunderstorms over top of you. rough night. flash flooding is also a possibility too. the worst travel driving out there early is dallas fort worth. atlanta, you'll have tropical downpours. during your morning rush hour, interstate 20 especially, some problems. that humid air in d.c. when you have dew points up there in 70, that's where it feels oppressive. just gross. the forecast, d.c., virginia, down through south carolina, north carolina area. that's where the worst of it will be. numerous thunderstorms. kind of like yesterday. even worse. the concentration lasting half hour to hour. just about everywhere in the eastern seaboard. it's a beautiful day in chicago. 71, low humidity. not many more days as we head into the summer season. we mentioned it yesterday, brian, temperatures in alaska. it continues to be this crazy heat wave. yesterday was 94 degrees in interior sections of alaska. today is upper 80s, few 90s
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likely. just to show you how unusual this is. one spot in alaska, mcgrath, their all-time hottest temperature was 90 degrees. they're expecting that five days in a row. >> i have some friends there. good for them. >> they don't have air conditioning. they don't know how to deal and cope with it. >> january is so bad i think they'll be okay. >> it is. >> thanks, bill, very much. coming up at the top of the hour, "morning joe," president obama and vladimir putin meet face to face. with the u.s. and russia backing opposite sides in the fight, can there be any solution? we'll huddle around the cooler with the most interesting view out of the airplane window wasn't 30,000 feet. this passenger captured quite a scene out the airport window on the runway. "way too early" will be right back. [ male announcer ] erica had a rough day.
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we can actually see what obama's future ratings will be and the reasons why they may go up or down. it's pretty incredible. let's take a look. next week his approval ratings will go up three points. let's see why. obama makes it illegal for your friends to post photos of their babies on facebook. that makes sense. in july his ratings will drop five points.
2:55 am
let's see why. obama hires miss utah as his speech writer. finally in august his approval rating will rise 12 points. let's see why. obama appoints ryan gosselin as secretary of -- >> miss utah is taking it on the chin. let's huddle around the cooler. hanging out in a tree stand. one hunter gets a surprise visit from a black bear. one moment the bear is at the bottom of the tree and the next he's right next to him. the hunter plays it cool. i almost want to whisper because i don't want to bother the bear. after some sniffing around the bear eventually leaves him around. check out the hunter's reaction after the bear finally walks away. >> holy [ beep ]. >> they sometimes use urine to
2:56 am
attract animals in the field. i think he didn't need to go out and buy some at the store after that experience. heads up for all of you hunters out there. this is a hobby for bears. quick google search shows dozens of videos of bears to climb trees to get a look at hunters. this video might seem fun until you realize there's some worker handling your bag. a cargo loader was captured on camera hurling boxes on to a conveyor belt. hope that isn't, you know, your cake made in china for your wedding. this was filmed a year ago but it's flying around the web today. the person who filmed it said it wasn't the first time he's seen handlers getting a little rough with the baggage. how many times is he missing the conveyor belt. this guy should be fired not for throwing but for being a bad shot. that's brutal. still ahead on "way too early." what's an unsolved mystery that you would like to be solved? how about captain crunch not
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here we go. they have a tip on jimmy hoffa's body. we thought we would visit all of the unsolved ones. the limbberg baby, what happened to it. maybe you still have some of that ransom money left willing to share. how many licks does it take to get to the center of a to thety pop. >> that is the biggest one. >> how do they gram all the gram into golden grams. and where do my socks go when they don't come out of the dryer. >> you have a bonus? >> one more. michael writes hey shactman, straighten your time, this isn't a fraternity house. >> people think i'm simple or something, but the bottom line, my collar was too tight and i was asphyxiated. my cheeks were getting red. let's go to "morning joe" right now.


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