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tv   Hardball Weekend  MSNBC  June 23, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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a psychopath that that will never be a piece that he understands. mitch's pitch. let's play "hardball." good evening. e ooh chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. the propaganda war for 2014 has begun. the man who wanted to destroy the obama presidency is out there with the first big fire bomb of misinformation. it's about the irs problem. mitch mcconnell who said his heart publicly to limiting president obama to a single term is declaring that he -- well, he's declaring there was a
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coordinated campaign out there, out at the white house, to use the leather raj of the government to target conservatives and stifle speech. this language which sounds like a rico prosecution is based on nothing. there's no evidence of any white house involvement with the actions of the irs. if he was, don't you think, mr. mcconnell, the white house would be dancing in the moonlight? don't you? >> if there was, loose talk was involved, do you really believe the head of the republican party and the senate wouldn't be using it to nail the president into a political coffin right now? give me break. this is a cheap charge, the kind a politician makes when he has no political am moe and the only thing he has to throw on his side is his shoe. thank you for joining us tonight. let's take a look at this right now. mcconnell spoke to conservatives today at the american enterprise institu institute. his speech was a rabble-rousing
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25-minute unloading on the oklahoma administration entitled "the continuing assault on the first amendment," focusing heavily on the irs. we showed you the tape. let's show you the controversy. here's what we know and what everybody else knows. according to the i.g. report, that's nonpart sal. we also known there was a republican bipartisan person who was in question here and it was a screening manager under him, under the republican, who came up with the improper targeting criteria on his own. we know this thanks to transcripts released by representative elijah cummings from the interviews he had with those people at the irs. like i said, all the evidence to date shows the white house has no involvement in the white house controversy. that didn't hold back mcconnell. take a listen here. >> what maps isn't whether they were doing it in washington or cincinnati. that's not what matters.
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or duluth. what matters is the culture of intimidation. the culture of intimidation this president and his allies created around any person or group that spoke up for conservatism. so, no, i don't believe the president ever picked up the phone and told somebody over at irs to slow walk these applications or audit anybody, but the truth is he didn't have to. he didn't have to do that. the message was clear enough. >> let me go to you on this, john. i don't know where you stand, but i have been -- i cover the news every day here. i read the papers in the morning starting at 7:00 in the morning. i read everything. he comes on, he's great member on that committee. he's given us all the evidence he's been able to collect and we listened to everything that darrell issa gave.
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i have yet to hear one piece of evidence from the campaign that anybody from the president's campaign or team or camp broadly defined anyone, male or female, had anything to do with the screwup over the irs. how would mcconnell blame anybody for that, that he was somehow a puppeteer. they're all totally nonpartisan people. in fact, a lot of them, we're learning now, happened to be a republican. at least the main guy was. why would anybody accuse the president of intimidating them into screwing the right wing? what evidence have they got. >> let me -- >> how would they answer the question first? i know this is a heat-chasing show. i know we love heat, but let's start with facts. to we have a fact of a connection that as mitch mcconnell himself said in his speech, there's no evidence he -- >> let he go over the further quote so you're fully informed. he talked about this being a
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coordinated campaign, coordinated to the use the leverage of power from the president. what are you saying here? the president was involved in the irs mess or not? >> well, i think what mitch mcconnell was saying, and mitch mcconnell -- let's back up. he's been a fierce advocate for the first amendment since the beginning of the campaign finance reform. he's fought against the idea of cracking down on political parties. he believes firmly in the idea that we should have a political party that has a strong political system. he believes, and i tend to agree with him, that the president has done his best to demonize his opponents, especially after going after the koch brothers, the tea party groups. i think mitch mcconnell said -- >> mitch mcconnell is accusing somebody on the other side of demonizing? it's about obama, getting rid of obama, exterminating obama.
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just again, is there any personal line, draw your line, anything you want, between the president and the people and his bureaucrats -- i'll use that term neutrally, over the irs. why would these brats respond to anybody? they're in there for life. they're headless nails. why would they do what the president said in some speech? >> we have plenty of evidence and this has come out of people asking -- >> when were they intim dated? >> i don't have the -- >> you said they were intimidated. >> we have plenty of evidence these came up at the hearings. these group were asking about their personal beliefs. >> no, no, no. you said the irs was intimidated by the president, no, i -- >> why did they do what they did? >> i don't -- >> you don't knee the answer. neither do i. it's fair. your thoughts. >> chris, you know, i think you got to a lot of the points i would have made. look, barack obama has something to do with this and its this.
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barack obama's election created this intention reaction on the right such that a tea party was born that hated bailout when barack obama was president, didn't really midnight them when president bush started them. it was so intense, that there were 1,700 applyinging for 501 exception. their sole purpose was to rinse barack obama out of the fabric of the united states. go back and remember what the tea party was. remember when they were marching what was on those signs. he's a kenyan, a fraud, a witch doctor. >> that sounds like demonizing him. that's what john says the president does. you're sounding like mitch mcconnell demon niizing them. >> we were in a recession and his top priority was deny barack
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obama a term even before he completed a fourth of his first term. you had young guns in the house who plotted a full spectrum of destruction. >> thank you, joy. you're fabulous. john was on the defensive tonight. that's the phrase some people use, maybe not. one of the leading proponents and practitioners. he's apologized to the gays and lesbians he's hurt. don't worry. other organizations have worked to change his place. plus we wouldn't have normally pay attention to a collapse of a farm bill. this shows how dysfunctional the republicans have become in running the house of representatives. you can't predict anything and i certainly can't with regard to the immigration later this summer. what are the chances of immigration making it through the house?
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welcome back to "hard ball." in this show we arch talk about the march to gay rights in this country, whether it's polls showing support or prominent support. we've seep hillary clinton, for example, put out a video declaring her support for gay people. here it is. >> lgb americans are or colleagues, soldiers, teachers, loved one, and they're full and equal citizens and deserves the right of citizenship.
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that includes marriage. >> that's the way most of us think these days. jason collins made "sports illustrated" when he came out playing an american sport. now a leading proponent of what's called gay reparative therapy, the idea that therapy can help gay person turn straight. this week he posted an apology. this is pretty start ling. i'm sorry that some of you speptd years working through the shame and guilt you felt when your attraction didn't change. i'm sorry we promoted sexual orien take change efforts and repair tifr theories about about sexual orientation that stigmatized parents. here's part of that speech. >> while there has been so much good as exodus, there has also been bad.
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there have been people that we've hurt. there are horror stories. and i'm not telling you this for any other reason than to be honest and tell you about this true ministry. in 37 years, we haven't done everything right because we're a bunch of humans. we've hurt people. we've helped people. but we've hurt people. they told stories of abuse and pain, missed opportunities, awful words that were spoken to them, stories of abuse and pain from the church and even from exodus. >> wow. well, joining me right now is wayne baines. he's executive direct over truth wins out and psychotherapist laura berman. this is a sensitive subject.
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i can only imagine what it's like when you're a young boy or girl and your sexual orientation is not the same as your classmates and you live with it for a long time aunt you have no one to confide in and then you tell them and all that time you're told there's basically something wrong with you and then you're told if they pray for you or you go to the right therapist, there is something wrong, there is a problem. let me ask you this, wayne. i know you don't agree with it. tell me where the hurt is like these organizations where they basically bring you in as patients who are going to be cured. >> that's exactly right. they demean people. they dehumanize them. they tell them they're not whole, complete, good enough. there's a threat of many young people being thrown out of their house, being rejected and it's devastating and the worst part is they go to groups like exodus and they're told they can change
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and when it inevitably fails because it always does, then the victim is blamed for the failure and we've seen everything from suicides, people who have been horribly depressed or they kill themselves slowly through alcohol or drugs. they don't believe in themselves. they believe they're inferior. exodus is growing down. you can't pray away the gay. >> what do you mean by that phrase? i'm concerned by that. pray away the gay. what does that mean? >> that's exactly h what they do. they go and plead on their hands and knees and plead with jesus to cure them of their attraction for the main sex. they're made to fast. they wear rubber bands and when they see somebody they're attracted to, they snap it. it's one more course of idiocy. >> let me go to dr. berman.
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let me ask you a general question. can someone -- we have people who have dangerous proclivities, child molestation, things like. we could go through the whole range of sexual things you want to change about yourself. let's take something quite dominant in our culture straight people, gay people, something that's different, born that way. i believe it is nature. do you believe it is nature? in other words if it's something you're born with -- >> right. reparative therapy is based on the assumption that being gay is a choice and it's not a choice. >> really? a choice? wait a minute. let's stop right here. attraction is not a choice. >> right. that's the fallacy. >> you pick up "playboy" or "playgirl." you are attracted to either gender. that reaction is repulsive. what do you mean by choosing? >> that's an assumption. that's like me telling you i'm going to put you through reparative therapy that you
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cannot be a man, you can be a woman and you know you're a man. >> does it ever work? >> it does not work. this is something the american psychological association has been talking about. 15 years ago they came out in opposition of this and establishing the fact this is does not work looking at study after study. not only does it not work but the people who go through it as you heard, first of all being guy or lesbian in this country, still today in 2013, the incidence, especially young people who haven't come out yet and don't have a community of support, the incidence of drug addiction, suicidal thoughts and actions, suicidal acts is significantly higher. and then you put them through a religious group like this, and not only do they have -- feel like they're a failure, but they have a crisis of faith ads well because their god and the god they believe in has beltred them in their minds so they have nowhere to go. >> the country i grew up in -- i'm in my 60s. the country i grew up in was
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very different than what i live in now. the words like queer thrown around, gay might have been using for campy reasons. nod full tolerance but certainly full understanding and acceptance in a positive way. what do you think of a young person today who says, you know, i think i'm that way. how's it different? i want some hope. >> there's a lot of hope. somebody who's young today knows they can do anything they want, that i can be anybody they want. and there is no limits on succeeding in this country today. there's a good chance if they come out, they're going to be loved and accepted by their parents and friends, perhaps even their churches. so think the world has changed dramatically even from when i came out in 1988. it is incredibly refreshing and
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it's only going to get better. >> keep it up. wayne besen. dr. lauren. great to have you. >> thanks for having me. charging the republicans with a bunch of malarkey. isn't that healthy? anyway, this is "hardball." the place for politics. malarkey. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] for dad's first job as dad. nissan tests hundreds of child seats to give you a better fit and a safer trip. snug kids, only from nissan. ♪ woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days.
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back to "hard ball." the late night comedians take the light. fair well to mahmoud ahmadine d ahmadinejad. >> we're finally saying good-bye to mahmoud -- ♪
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mahmoud, of course, is known for a number of questionable choices, most offensively never wearing a tie with a suit. evidently they don't have father's day over there. of course, my rivalry with mahmoud goes all the way back to 2006 when i was promised the cover of ""newsweek"" magazine and the access of stubble over here eventually got wind of that so he started developing nukes just to get himself on the cover and pushed me up to the gold about corner. seven weeks later, mahmoud's gone, "newsweek" is gone, and look who's still here. >> putin takes credit for possibly pocketing a super bowl ring in 2005. >> are you aware of the fact that vladimir putin stole a
4:25 am
super bowl ring? here's what else he's up to. tack a look at this. >> violence, and we're continuing strengthen our cooperation on this issue, including as -- we welcome the russian host of the winter olympics. >> actually i really do think that vladimir putin clipped robert kraft's super bowl ring. i really do thing he grabbed it. next, "the godfather" meets him, sort of. he played tom hagan, of course. a lawyer for the family. the trial of james "whitey" bulger is going on this week and guess who showed up at the courthouse to see what's happening. you bet. there's robert duvall leaving the kous this morning. he sat in the back of the courtroom with others. he's shooting a movie with billy bob thornton and robert downey
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jr. next joe biden is using his words to sum up his feelings on immigration reform. >> all the stuff you heard the last six months about the astronomical cost of immigration reform, it's a bunch of malarkey. >> a bunch of malarkey. that got a lot of play during the vice-presidential debate over the past election. getting 30,000 twitters. ryan regarding the benghazi controversy. >> with all due respect, that's a bunch of malarkey. miriam reports malarkey is a term that's sticking around. it's a big week for hillary clinton. missouri senator claire mccaskill has become the first setting member of congress to endorse hillary clinton for the presidency 2016.
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now there's ooh a new campaign for the republican super pac america rising. that campaign was launched by matt, the former campaign manager for mitt romney. for now it's the pro hillary clinton super pac ready for hillary. that's "hardball." coming up, "your business" with j.j. ramberg. the latest app from ink. so you can spend less time doing paperwork. and more time doing paperwork. ink from chase. so you can. we're headed the same way, right? yeah. ♪ [ panting ] uh... after you. ♪ [ sighs ]
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. a new york-based play stace is developing in dubai. the challenges overseas. that's coming up next on "your business."


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