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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  June 25, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i'm sad because i don't get barnicle on twitter anymore. >> try to find -- >> if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." mika, get back here. look at her. it's an old joke. if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." stick around. here is chuck. >> a powerful message six years in the making. president obama lays out his plan to combat climate change, trying to restart the conversation he began as a candidate. with the current climate in congress, will anything change. the globally manhunt for edward snowden impacting relations with russia and china. he says the nsa leaker is not in the country. where is he? we'll explain. if it's tuesday, someone is voting somewhere. the question is how many people will be voting in today's special senate election in massachusetts as both candidates
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make the final push we'll talk to the republican who is hoping lightning will strike the same place twice. >> good morning. i'm amy walter. this is a press team for the congressional women's softball game. it's tuesday june 25th. this is the "the daily rundown" with chuck todd. >> beat congress, beat cancer. >> very fun. >> thanks to my colleagues and friends there on the d.c. press team. they take the field tomorrow night playing against members of congress and congressional women's softball game. a friendly competition to raise money and awaynes for young women with breast cancer. we have a packed show ahead. we're keeping our eyes on the courtroom in florida where the george zimmerman trial continues today. our legal team standing by and we will bring you any news as it happens there. we've also got our team standing by in south africa where nelson mandela remains in critical condition. nbc learned his close relatives
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gathered at his home in south africa reportedly after an urgent call made by his children. we're watching all that developing news this morning. let me get to my first read this tuesday. this afternoon in a speech at georgetown university the president will lay out plans to tackle climate change. it's a speech frankly some six years in the making. perhaps the best way to see, it's an attempt to restart a national conversation. frankly that's where this policy debate has been stuck for years talking about climate change has never been a problem. the question is can the president get anything done on an issue that he once said was central to his legacy. if you watched the 2008 campaign, you might be convinced the president would make climate change a legislative priority in his first term. >> as president, i will place a cap on carbon emissions and require companies who can't meet the cap to buy credits from those who can. i'll put in place a low carbon fuel standard that will take 50 million cars worth of pollution off the road.
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>> weeks after being elected, then president-elect obama repeated his campaign vow to reduce emissions by 80% by 2050 telling governors including schwarzenegger, quote, delay is no longer an option. denial is no longer an acceptable response. >> my presidency will mark a new chapter in america's leadership on climate change that will strengthen our security and create millions of new jobs in the process. that will start with a federal cap and trade system. >> well, there was an attempt for a grand bargain on climate and cap and trade. but, of course, deep divisions in congress on both sides of the aisle, emphasis on health care killed any chances of a big climate deal. three years after cap and trade died in congress, the president is running out of time on an issue he once considered central to his legacy. politifact which tracks campaign
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promises has a record mixed at best. politifact said the president has broken a promise to establish renewal energy by 2025, create cap in trade, fuel vehicles, a fleet at the white house. those are just a few of the broken promises on that front. now, the president has had more success on promises to raise fuel economy standards, required 10% renewable energy by 2012, invest in alternative energy, increase funding for national parks and forest and reduce dependence on foreign oil. u.s. domestic crude oil production exceeded imports last month for the first time in 16 years. but the president has britney frustrated by his failure to do anything significant, prepared by environmental groups to pay more than lip service, a lot believe he's let political fear dial back his ambitions. hurricane sandy also brought the climate change issue back into
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the national discussion and back into the president's lap. though the issue was almost entirely absent from obama's 2012 campaign, his inaugural address in january, we heard a notable change of tone. >> we will respond to the threat of climate change knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations. some may still deny the overwhelming judgment of science, but none can avoid the devastating impact of raging fires and crippling drought and more powerful storms. >> the president's new plan has objectives to prevent worst effects of climate change reducing carbon pollution, prepare the country for impacts of climate change that's unavoidable and lead the rest of the word in an effort to combat climate change. the president will direct epa to direct carbon emugs standards for power plants. lay out a time line with a goal
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for existing power plants by 2014 and then finalize in june of the following year. but to do more requires legislative action and this congress is just not going to prioritize anything to do with climate. republicans seem to be licking political chops labeling every proposal previewed today as some form of increased cost in energy passed to the consumer. nrc's rapid response team hit four senate democrats running for election with releases like this one. rushes in climate change agenda, jobs and economy fall victim to liberal wish list. the president has problems on the left on this issue. environmentalists voicing concern the president may be using this climate push as cover to approve the keystone pipeline. last week 145 former obama staffers led by billionaire tom steyer, a clean air venture capitalist, a long time supporter and fundraiser for the president, they wrote a letter urging the president to kill the project. bottom line for the president, this speech is as much about his
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legacy as it is about trying to gather public support for tackling this issue. he doesn't want folks to look in 20 years and wonder why didn't obama do more or try to do more. speaking of legacy, the effort to pass immigration reform in the senate took a substantial step forward last night. as a bipartisan amendment to bolster border security cleared a procedural hurdle. when it comes to a senate vote big enough to put pressure on house republicans and john boehner, you can only call last night's vote adequate. the amendment passed 67-27. 15 republicans voted for it, no democrat voted against it. given that 6 senators did not vote, including 2 democrats, the overall legislation remains on track for 70 votes. the sweet spot was 75 plus in the senate because that number would have meant that they would have gotten half of the republican conference. instead, looks like they are not going to get that. republican leader mitch
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mcconnell felt politically comfortable enough knowing a majority of the conference would be against this he put out a statement slamming the compromise saying this. when i called for a debate on immigration earlier this monta massive bill pushed up an artificial deadline without any real opportunity for review or amendment isn't what i had in mind. remember, he stayed largely silent in this debate until yesterday. now, democrats also had to make some concessions to get the bill through. it includes a provision, for instance, by utah senator orrin hatch that would prevent undocumented immigrants for qualifying for social security benefits. immigration reform advocates declared victory and this morning opponent's criticisms of the bill that it isn't tough enough should now be a nonissue. >> legislation concerning beefed up border security removes any argument that border security is not sufficient. i money, this is not only sufficient, it is well over sufficient.
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we'll be the most militarized border since the fall of the berlin wall. >> while a final vote of 70 doesn't spell momentum, it didn't build it getting through the house. one can't help but wonder the more this drags on the more gop support erodes. senator boehner has three options, once it passes he could take up senate bill, put it to the floor. unlikely. two, he sends the senate bill itself to the house judiciary committee to be marked up and of course get to the floor for amendment. three, he has the house pass a much smaller immigration bill, less ambitious, maybe that just deals with border security, a few other things. essentially just enough to pass something and bring it to a conference committee and then make a big fight for the senate vote later. looks like having the house act before the august recess is looking less likely. there's some advocates of reform who fear in the house doesn't pass something by august nothing
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will happen at all. but others are bracing for a longer slot. the window we're operating in is within 2013. if we can get it done this year, i think that's the key. >> you don't subscribe to the idea if it isn't done by august, it won't get done? >> not necessarily. i think it would be great if it did get done by august. i think you could come back in september or october, a little later and get it done. >> here is the most likely route at this point in the house of the small broad consensus bill that gets immigration into conference. the region. boehner only wants to fight for support for the senate bill wups, not twice. using the marked up bill as a vehicle means getting votes for the bill twice a more difficult task. turning now for the worldwide search for edward snowden, the man who admits to revealing u.s. secret surveillance programs. not only has the u.s. government been able to reel him in, the search has turned into a frustrating and embarrassing exercise for the obama
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administration emphasizing the limits of u.s. influence despite attempts to build bridges with former cold war adversaries. after word came he fled from hong kong to moscow, u.s. leaders called for his return. >> we simply hope that, as i said, the russians will understand this should not be taken lightly. we hope very much in one way or another, and there are several ways it could be done, there will be some cooperation here. >> what we know is we're following all the appropriate legal channels and working with various other countries to make sure that rule of law is observed. >> but this morning russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov lashed out for demanding snowden's extradition but insisted he never crossed the russian border. that would technically be true if he has remained in the transit zone of the moscow airport. he flew into.
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if snowden stays there, he doesn't need a russian visa and doesn't have to go through passport control. all of this underscores the difficulty of dealing with the russian government. specifically vladimir putin, who showed no fear of butting heads with the u.s., most recently over syria. what made this more frustrating, the u.s. believed they were on the verge of having snowden extradited from hong kong when china and hong kong and to aspire to help him escape. here is what they told nbc news. >> the solution is get him out, disappear from hong kong, at the same time they realized that the only point that they have to answer hopefully is about why didn't they stop him at the airport. >> on monday, white house spokesman jay carney lashed out at the chinese government to make, quote, a deliberate choice to allow snowden to slip away. >> the chinese have emphasized
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the importance of recognizing mutual trust. we think they delta huge setback. if we can't count on them to honor legal extraditions that's a problem, and that's a point we're making directly. >> senator john mccain went after russian president vladimir putin for showing contempt for the united states. >> has he to understand, and we have to be serious, that this will affect our relations with russia in a broad variety of ways, and that does not mean return to the cold war but means a very realistic approach to our relations with both of those countries. >> now what in the u.s. continues to hold out hope putin will agree to return to the u.s. if he fleece against snowden's most likely destination appears to be ecuador where officials are said to be looking favorably on his request for asylum. snowden looked into seeking refuge in iceland. more on this all day today. up next, the political obstacles ahead for the president's
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climate change agenda. plus a new twist in the irs mess. it wasn't just conservative groups that were targeted. new documents show liberal groups were singled out, too. first a look ahead at today's politics planner. in this busy day, we should remind you the president is going to be meeting with bipartisan group of congressional leaders this afternoon. no doubt they want to know what's going on with immigration reform but also the student loan compromise. that has to be done before july 1st. watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. it starts with little things. tiny changes in the brain. little things anyone can do. it steals your memories. your independence. ensures support, a breakthrough. and sooner than you'd like. sooner than you'd think. you die from alzheimer's disease. we cure alzheimer's disease.
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. >> we have to come to the realization that we are dealing
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with extreme weather patterns in a way that we haven't seen probably ever. and the frequency of these extreme weather patterns and the consequences can be devastating if we're not ready for it. >> eight months after hurricane sandy devastated new york and new jersey, the president is renewing his effort to combat climate change, directing a plan that would set epa to set emission limits for new and existing power plants, new efficiency targets for buildings. $76 billion for projects in the nation's most vulnerable areas vulnerable to rising seas. combined the new president will reduce the roll of greenhouse gas below 2005 levels by 2020. the president for center for american progress and a fellow at the american foundation who focuses on energy and
6:19 am
environmental issues. welcome to both of you. myra, let me start with an issue a lot are looking at saying better late than never but he's been a little late on this issue? >> i think most people are pretty excited by the president's actions today. i mean, these are important steps to take and to address one of the greatest challenges of our time, climate change. we've seen the cost of it, as you referenced in what happened with sandy. we have extreme weather, droughts in the country in part because of climate. so i think actually most people are pretty excited that the president is taking these kinds of steps that will really address the challenge. that's what presidential leadership is about. >> nick, when you look at the president's proposal they put out there, any common ground you like? >> there are some common ground areas. increasing the federal process for renewable projects on federal land, if you look at a
6:20 am
lot of energy projects stalled, a lot are renewable ones and they have profit margins. expediting them through the process, making sure they are done with a sensible environmental review i think should have bipartisan support. >> has been pushing that, so maybe bipartisan support for that. >> four years ago it seemed like there was momentum on this, that you had the business community saying, you know what, this is inevitable, we have to make changes, they wanted to be part of the process, then things fell apart. why do you think they fell apart? >> look, i think there were a lot of interests who didn't want a big cap in trade bill. i think what the president has done is recognize he can't get action through the congress but he's still responsible, as president, for action on this issue. he's taken really a series of steps, taken a series of steps today, all the tools in his toolbox to address his challenge. this is what elections are about. a lot of people have been anxious on the progressive side
6:21 am
about the inaction, the u.s. not leading here. here is a way in which the president is really saying, look, i'm going to be responsible. i'm doing what i can to solve this problem. i wish congress would get over its action and actually address this. >> obviously you're sensitive to the expansion of power, regulation on this front. what should the role of the federal government be in preparing communities. one part of this plan i think will touch people at home, the general public will grasp onto easiest is this issue of preparing communities for what clearly is more extreme weather. >> i think that makes sense. especially i think congress rejected cap in trade, make prices skyrocket all for little to know temperature change. you're talking a few tenth of a degrees celsius in a century. that's why the american public and congress rejected climate change. having people better prepared
6:22 am
for severe weather incidence, whether greenhouse gases or not is common sense preparation. >> are we at a point in this debate, let me ask you on the conservative side, where, all right, should it matter whether this is man made or not? everybody seems to agree something has changed. >> i don't think it should matter if it's man made or not. if the climate is changing and it's severe, we need to do something about it. that being said, the president's request to reduce co2 from new and existing power plants isn't going to do anything to slow temperatures. again, even if we stopped all our carbon dioxide today by 2050 .0 change in the earth's temperature. all these things will come at a great cost but have little impact on the climate. whether it's man made or not and it's causing problems, yes, we need to do something about it. these regulations, things like cap and trade aren't going to make a difference. >> go to the issue of man made. does it matter if there's
6:23 am
general consensus it's man made versus not man made. >> i think if you say it's man made, people feel like you can do more about it. the truth is we have more than two decades of science. all the scientists agree we have man made climate change happening. i think the issue here is we've been told by conservatives for decades now that there's nothing we can do about it, have minimal impact. we've already seen large scale reductions in part because of the actions the president has already taken on issues like the fuel efficiency standards. what's exciting about today is that these are serious common sense measures to make sure the united states is leading in climate change, also providing good jobs because renewables and others will provide good domestic jobs here in the u.s. and we can address the issue, the biggest challenge of our time. there's nothing radical in this plan. these are common sense measures. other countries have done far more than we have. i think this is an area in which
6:24 am
i would hope there's bipartisan support. but if there isn't, the president can lead on his own. >> how are conservatives in congress going to react? >> probably pretty negatively. it stems this is a back door cap and trade plan. all the major headlines. regulations on new and existing power plants are doing what congress rejected and he's going beyond them now. >> elections have consequences and this is what the president was voted to do. >> this is a nice debate, healthy debate and even some parts of common ground. that's what this show is about. >> exactly. >> thank you both for having a very substantive debate with me. up next keeping our eye on the courtroom in sanford, florida where we could hear today from the teenager who said she was on the phone with trayvon martin in the moments before he died. first, the trivia question, who is the only epa administrator to serve two separate terms. first to tweet the the answer,
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the second degree murder trial of the man charged with killing trayvon martin, an armed florida teenager. six jurors and four alternates heard opening statements monday as well as several taped 9/11 calls as the sides painted conflicting portraits of the defendant george zimmerman who claimed he killed martin in self-defense. joining me lisa bloom, our legal analyst. what did you learn overall yesterday during opening statements and what have we seen so far this morning. >> the prosecution got better points on style in the opening statements yesterday. passionate, short, concise opening statement. the defense began with a terrible bumble, a knock knock joint that fell flat, a very
6:29 am
long-winded opening statement. on substance, this is a close call. both are claiming the forensic evidence helps their side and ultimately that's what this trial is going to boil down to. >> lisa, i can't help but wonder how much the tv cameras being in the courtroom changes the style of opening statements. you know, obviously this is not something we can test. you're an expert on this. do you think the way they went about their opening statements would have been different had tv cameras not been on? >> you know, i've watched high-profile trials for many years. the attorneys say at the beginning they are well aware of the cameras, by the end of the trial they forts about them and are focusing on the evidence and doing the best job they can for their position. ultimately it doesn't have a huge effect. sometimes we wonder about jurors as well, are they going to change their mind in a high-profile case and take a popular position. no juror admits that, they say they decide based on the
6:30 am
evidence. >> how important is the testimony of the friend of trayvon martin. >> we could hear testimony today, as you say, from a teenager girl whose story ultimately changed the course of this case. because as everyone will recall, initially george zimmerman was not charged. he claimed self-defense and the police believed his story. the family then spoke out and there was public outcry. when the family's attorney got ahold of this young woman who claims to be on the phone with trafb martin when she said he saw george zimmerman following him. she was trayvon martin was afraid, she told him to run and that's how this encounter came to light. that turned the course, law enforcement took a different look and ultimately zimmerman was charged. >> sounds like you think she may be the most important witness on behalf of the prosecution. >> she could be an important witness but stay tuned for cross-examination because she also said trayvon martin's funeral was something she did
6:31 am
not attend because she was in the hospital. that story turns out to be untrue. >> lisa bloom, our nbc legal analyst. somebody that will be helping us throughout the duration of this trial. our deep dive into the massachusetts special election. democrats poured millions into this reliably blue state to keep republicans from pulling off a scott brown repeat. republican dave gomez joins us. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. but to us, less isn't more. more is more. abundant space, available leading-edge technology, impeccable design, and more than you've come to expect from a luxury vehicle. the lexus es350 and epa-estimated 40 mpg es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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and epa-estimated 40 mpg es hybrid. and didn't know where to start. a contractor before at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare
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written by people just like you. no company can pay to be on angie's list, so you can trust what you're reading. angie's list is like having thousands of close neighbors, where i can go ask for personal recommendations. that's the idea. before you have any work done, check angie's list. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. i love you, angie. sorry, honey. in the bay state. voters heading to the polls to determine who will fill john kerry's seat for the next 10 months. republican nominee will try to defeat ed markey. they told nbc news they aren't taking anything for granted. >> you have to go out and do the work. if you don't get the work out,
6:35 am
you don't get the win. >> i'm asking 17 months to accomplish what i've done my whole career, if i don't keep my word, which i will keep my word, they can vote me out. >> early on rejected a pledge for outside money, he would need it to even out the playing field. hasn't worked out that way. sat back to see if gomez was a contender worthy of support. what money the gop has spent has been far less than the democrats according to smart media group democrats spent $5.2 million to just $3 million by republicans on tv ad. senate majority pac spent $2 million to help markey. for gomez things got so bad that by the end of may, a member of gomez's campaign said, quote, goppers had moped in lab coats for months. stop analyzing, start winning, get out of the endless postmortem and help. some money came in from an
6:36 am
outside group, americans for progressive action established by a winemaker, john jordan. outspent massachusetts gop. on top of the financial advantage congressman markey was able to roll out a host of names. president obama, former president clinton and over the weekend vice president biden who mocked gomez's promise to serve as a new kind of republican. >> these guys are not just conservative. they are anti-government. they don't want the place to function. they think we're better off if it isn't functioning. >> turnout is expected to be light. in fact, officials predict half a million less than the turnout in the 2010 election between martha coakley and scott brown. brown himself campaigned for gomez last night trying to remind voters of the last time they knocked off a democratic
6:37 am
favorite. with me republican gabriel gomez. thanks for being on. >> thank you. appreciate being on. >> polls show you're behind at this point. nothing is done until all the ballots counted, don't want to get into that a little bit. are you disappointed in the lack of republican support national you've gotten in the case. >> no, nrc, rnc and a lot of support in massachusetts as well. i'm happy and thrilled about the support i've had from the republican party. >> i know some of the people on your side, some consultants have openly act add bit distressed at the lack of support you've gotten. they were not speaking for you or you've just not been focused on it. >> they are not speaking for me. i said we'd win with or without. congressman markey has thrown the kitchen seat having people from president obama, president
6:38 am
clinton, vice president biden coming up here to, i guess, defend his record that he's not able to defend himself. i'm very happy with where we stand and the support i've had. >> one of the things you've tried to do is make the case you're not a national republican, that you're your own guy, a different type of republican. has that been a hard message to sell? have voters been skeptical as you've tried to make that point and make that case? >> no, i think the message is resonating. the message is they know how broken d.c. is, the cynicism, fiscal mismanagement, hyper partisanship. they know i'm my own person. i'm a republican, but also disagree with the republican party on a number of issue, gay marriage, comprehensive immigration reform, background checks. they know i'm going to put people before politics and put down d.c.'s way of doing the old way is not the right way to do things. >> so right now immigration bill that's about to be voted on in the senate, would you be a yea or nay? >> i want to make it a gang of
6:39 am
nine. hopefully senator warren will join me and make it a gang of ten. i have a good perspective to be the son of columbian immigrants, i couldn't be happy to go down and work with senators and get the comprehensive bill done. it's the right thing to do. >> are there other parts of president obama's agenda you would be signing on if you get elected today? >> i'm ashamed only four republicans voted for the background check bill. i would be one of the ones going down to work for that. i have credibility as a former s.e.a.l.s and get more democrats on board. we need to make our communities safer. >> if you don't win today, you're probably not done with politics. what about this experience say i might do this again, run again in 2014. >> i've had a great time. i'm highly confident we'll pull out our vote and be successful tonight. people are enthused to vote for
6:40 am
me. congressman markey spent millions of dollars from his group, outside group painting me as somebody i'm not. hard to get somebody to vote against somebody where my people are voting me. >> good luck on the campaign trail. thanks for coming on. we'll watch the returns. >> appreciate it. >> much more on the final hours of this special election. by the way, we contacted the markey campaign and invited them to come on this morning and they weren't able to come on. go to the website for more on this race. we'll be back with the gaggle and new revelations that the irs wasn't just targeting conservative groups. first white house soup of the day herb swiss charred and feta. we'll be right back. i can help you narrow it down. ok thanks. this one's smudge free. smudge-free. really? and this one beeps when you leave the door open. upgrade your laundry room and kitchen appliances during red white and blue savings.
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6:44 am
supreme court ruled the line item veto unconstitutional making president clinton the first and only u.s. president to ever have the power to cross items out of a budget law for about a year. of course we're watching the supreme court at this hour where several major decisions could be announced in just a few moments, just after 10:00 waiting for justice to hand down decisions on constitutionality, federal defense of marriage act, whether or not a section of the 1965 voting rights act is outdated. we're now learning it wasn't just conservative groups targeted by the irs. a new report shows liberal groups were in the irs line of sight as well. is this turning into a story of republicans overplaying their hand or more of a story about the white house's struggle to get ahead of a bad news cycle. lets bring in our gaggle. michelle bernard, nbc colleague, kristen walker and tracy. michelle, let me start with you.
6:45 am
the irs scandal looks like it's a bureaucratic scandal. >> it is. >> not the political scandal that republicans were wish they had come up with. >> absolutely. it appears they have really overplayed their hand. it's still a scandal, a problem. this is not what the irs is supposed to be doing. this kind of behavior is absolutely horrific. that being said the republican party was trying to make this into something so absolutely awful. now we find out they were looking at democratic groups as republican. >> i might argue was it horrific or an overwhelmed irs agency on 501 c 4s and they hold -- i think one of the things we haven't talked about is the shadiness of the law and maybe that is the issue. kristen you and i watched this white house frankly stumble out of the gate in their response to this. almost they were so fearing the political impact that they sort of gave it -- their lack of reaction gave it legs.
6:46 am
>> that's right. they were slow to react. when they did it was jumbled and confusing. this certainly gives them a leg up. i think the question is what happens next. a lot of people looking to see what happens with loislerner, overawe the section, put on leave. a lot came out of the finding by danny werfel, will they put those in action, make a change. >> tracy, what the white house will tell me, part of the reason for their lack of agency, they knew they didn't do anything wrong. this was sort of something that happened on their watch, but that sort of -- that explains the sort of lack of a sense of urgency. >> sure. >> how should they deal with this now? >> any white house would rather be dealing with some bureaucratic ineptitude problem than some nefarious scandal. >> they knew it was bureaucratic ineptness. >> that's a difficult thing to unwind and unravel and complexity of any federal organization like that. you can't just immediately be
6:47 am
able to see from end to end. certainly there was some time involved in the unraveling of this. the testimony is the reporting. when those things happened, it's always better, in this case, to have ineptitude than scandal. >> this brings me to the guy who is living the fable of the boy who cried wolf at this point. if you're john boehner, don't you want to replace this guy in government reform is the congress's watchdog. >> yes. >> at this point, you could argue he's losing -- lost a lot of credibility as a watchdog. >> darrell issa has lost a lot of credibility. over the last weeks looking at the bill, john boehner has lost a lot of credibility also. this is a point in time where john boehner needs to do something. he needs to speak to darrell issa, has to get the house under control. has he to decide what is his legacy in the history books, an effective speaker or someone
6:48 am
that allowed the most conservative wing of the republican party to run roughshod over him and basically do absolutely nothing as members of congress. it's a huge issue, not just for the speaker but congress in general. >> you bring up the farm bill and hear one of the lack of motivators for boehner on the farm bill, as a voting member he's never been a big fan of subsidies in general. while he knew he had to get it passed, he wasn't super anxious about doing it. >> the big question what happens with immigration, certainly what happens with the farm bill raises a lot of questions, how does he gets immigration reform passed when they couldn't get the farm bill through. i was speaking to one of his aids who said, look, they aren't going to immediately bring it to the floor. you pointed out there's three options they are considering but doesn't seem to be a real sense of urgency there. >> tracy, your roots campaign politics. i look at this, connect imgraying, republican party's
6:49 am
own decision trying to figure out what their problem is and their lack of attention to the massachusetts senate race that had a republican nominee with a hispanic surname. i am just dumbfounded. i don't understand the lack of support. i'm sure democrats are gleeful it didn't happen. >> i'll try to tone down my smile. there's a lot of people who are excited for the outcome of tonight's race. we all remember that infamous autopsy report that the gop issued. if this is the comeback, i wish them a the lo of luck. >> it just seems like the autopsy was made and no one inside the party earn priebus is preaching about it. >> they don't care. something is very wrong with the republican party. do they want to win elections or want to be so pure they don't care about the changing demographics of the country. >> back seat drivers of the country. you can't lead if you don't have followers. that seems to be the bigger
6:50 am
problem they have. stick around. trivia time. asked who is the only epa administrator to serve two separate terms. the answer is william 197 # 0 and then he was appointed by reagan in 1983. congratulations to aaron. and governor chris christie did tweet us the correct answer. thanks for playing, governor. but you weren't first. if you have a political trivia question for us, e-mail. [ male announcer ] running out of steam? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle.
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we have some developing news that we have to share. nelson mandela's daughter says she was with nelson mandela. she told him of president
6:54 am
obama's upcoming trip to south africa. and in her words, she told him, quote, obama is coming and he opened his eyes and gave me a smile. michelle bernard. kirsten wagner. you know, you have to give it to nelson mandela. he is just hanging on. >> he's hanging on. incredible life. incredible legacy. i can remember sitting back and watching the first democratically held elections after he was released from prison and watching miles and miles of people voting because of nelson mandela. >> just some things you never believe are going to change, and then all the sudden it changes. >> and it changes overnight, and you never forget it. >> i want to talk about climate change, kristen. he's going to lay out a speech today, put out some new rules, sort of acknowledging what he can do and what he can't do when it comes to the lack of
6:55 am
congressional support. but i've had democrats quietly wondering, why is he doing it this week? there is some questioning about the timing of this week. a lot of people are going, hey, it's long overdue. >> absolutely. it's about legacy building. this goes back to fulfilling promises that he mapped out in 2009. this speech was scheduled several weeks ago according to the white house. they also admit, hey, this is not a bad time to try to shift the narrative back to what the president wants to be talking about. his second-term agenda. especially with the base on the surveillance program. >> we just talked about with the irs scandal, quote/unquote scandal, excuse me, with benghazi in the rearview mirror, climate change in an attempt to make it look like he's running washington again. >> not again but still, and certainly as he enters this
6:56 am
second term and really gets going. the more policy actions we can see, the happier a lot of people are going to be as opposed to scandal, scandal, scandal or pseudo scandal. exactly. we'll take the speech. >> this is a precarious time in his term to see how much he can get done or not. shameless plug, michelle. >> shameless plug. congratulations to the washington area women foundation for a fabulous program yesterday i was proud to be a part of. topic, can women have it all? >> no comment. tracy. i hear about this at home. very fast, tracy, go. >> i have a very happy chicago sports family today. >> how about that? the blackhawks with an amazing win last night. >> i have to plug the congressional women's softball game wednesday at 7:00 a.m. >> and now you can't play? >> i'm not going to be able to play, but we will be cheering
6:57 am
them on from africa. 7:00 p.m. >> that's it for this edition of the daily rundown. i'm hitting the road with the t president as he heads off to africa. coming up next, chris jansing, bye-bye. and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. awarded five-stars from smartmoney magazine.
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the power to lose weight like never before. join for $1. hurry, join by june 29th and you'll get a free summer starter kit. the weight watchers 360 program. because it works. good morning. i'm chris jansing. six decisions left before the supreme court ends this term. right now we're waiting for the big three. all have to do with equality. defensive marriage act. prop eight. enormous implications for lgbt americans. and the decision on the voting rights act in 1965. pete williams is at the court and will bring you those decisions as soon as they come down. we are also keeping our eyes on the florida courtroom where george zimmerman is being tried for second-degree murder in the shooting of trayvon martin. a charge he denies. a key witness for the prosecution takes


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