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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  June 29, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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i can talk to someone who knows exactly how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. that's why i'm with scottrade. announcer: scottrade- proud to be ranked "best overall client experience." good evening, americans. live from minneapolis, it's 5:00. let's get to work. >> apparently racism is over. >> a monumental decision from the highest court in the land. >> this decision strikes down a key part of the voting rights act. >> the act was a crowning achievement of the civil rights movement and helped transform the south. >> millions of americans are denied the right to vote because of their color.
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>> it was a 5-4 decision with chief justice roberts joined by scalia, thomas, alito and deen. >> i is what i is and i'm not changing. >> that is precisely the mindset of the old confederacy and why they merited extra scrutiny. >> we don't need to worry one bit about minority voters being purged from the roles. we haven't seen that in a long time. >> racism went from racism 1.0 to 2.0. there are these voter i.d. laws. >> do you think in 1965, barack obama, a black american could be elected president? >> of course not. >> so it changed. my point, that's robert's point. >> that's not the point. >> good to have you with us. thanks for watching. if you think racism is dead in america, i would make the case that you need to think again. this is all about race. earlier this week an unbelievable move. the supreme court rolled back the clock on voting rights in this country. these five justices struck down
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section 4 of the voting rights act of 1965. they ruled local voting districts with a history of racial self-incrimination nation. they don't need to preclear changes to their voting laws. make no mistake, this ruling will have a huge negative impact on black and minority voters in this country. it has caused widespread outrage from a number of prominent politicians who already fought this fight nearly 50 years ago. >> in the 11 states of the could be if he had rasy and even the states outside of the south there have been a system attic deliberate attempt to take us back to another period. and these men that voted to strip the voting rights act of its power, they never stood in unmovable lines themselves never had to pass a so caught literacy test. it took us almost 100 years to get where we are today. so will it take another 100
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years to fix it? to change it? >> chief justice john roberts argued america isn't as racist as it used to be back in 1965. it is an absurd position considering mississippi finally got around to officially abolishing slavery in february. roberts argued, it is up to congress to redraw the map of the nine states that need preclearance to change voting laws. are you kidding me? congress? there is no doubt, boehner's pattern of failed leadership will do nothing to fix this problem and it is an absolute shame. it is an american shame. look at the numbers. from 1982 to 2006, over a 25-year period, the act was used to block over 1,000 proposed changes to voting laws in this country. last year alone, there were a few. it was used to stop a voter i.d.
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law in texas. a florida law that eliminated early voting days. now, folks, we need to wake up to this. this is an element of fairness here. it is estimated the florida law would have made it more difficult for hundreds of thousands of minority voters to just cast ballots. top people around this country, they think racism is dead and gone. it is simply not. the ruling of the supreme court, you know, it seems to parallel the thinking and the ways of paula deen and her followers. interesting and ironic how this came down. she visited the "today" show this week to do what? make excuses. >> let me ask but this part of the deposition. we were asked whether, you were asked whether using the "n" word when telling a joke was hurtful and you said, i don't know, most jokes are about jewish people, red necks, black folks i didn't make up the joke. i can't myself determine what offends another person. that last sentence gets me. >> and i can't. >> i can't determine what
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offends another person. do you have any doubt in your mine that african-americans are offended by the "n" word? >> i don't know, matt. i have asked myself that so many times. because it is very distressing for me to go into my kitchens and i hear what these young people are calling each other. it is very, very distressing. >> you've never joined in on that language. >> no. absolutely not. it is very distressing. it is very distressing for me because i think that for this problem to be worked on, that these young people are going to have to take control and start showing respect for each other. and not throw in that word at each other. it makes my skin crawl. >> whatever language young people use in paula deen's
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kitchens is no excuse for her to use hateful words herself. deen didn't end it there. to close out the interview, she played the victim card. >> i've had wonderful support from reverend jackson. i've had wonderful support. and i tell you what, if there is anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back, if you're out there, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me. please. i want to meet you. i want to meet you. i is what i is and i'm not changing. and i -- there's someone evil
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out there that saw what i had worked for and they wanted it. >> well, somehow paula deen turned herself into the victim. and so people are just eating up her bogus tears. her book sales are through the roof and this week she added yet another paula deen cruise to the high demand. that's right. deen offers an eight-day cruise around the caribbean with fans. unfortunately a large group of white americans think racism is gone in this country. they see people like paula deen as a victim of political correctness. listen to bill o'reilly a few years back. >> there are bigots and people who won't like you because of the way you look. they're there. that's not the overwhelming majority of the country. i don't believe that. after 9/11, we pretty much dropped that race stuff, didn't d we not? we're pretty much all americans there, right? i hear yes, i hear no. to me from my perch, there were
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blacks killed in that tower. all right? all right, look. if you don't think we dropped it, i do. >> bill o'reilly was wrong then and he is wrong today. it is harder for african-americans to get good jobs in this country and a good education. the current black unemployment rate is more than double the unemployment rate for white americans in this country. the only way african-americans can combat inequality is with what? their vote! now their right is under attack from the supreme court. now, i told you on this program last week and we documented how republican governors have a major impact on the everyday lives of americans. their mission now is to roll back the clock on voting rights. the republicans are scared to death about the demographics in this country. since the supreme court's decision on tuesday, texas,
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mississippi, alabama, arkansas, south carolina and virginia. are already moving forward with voting restrictions. so here you have a conservative supreme court. i go back to the case that george w. bush, he gave two rouchbds. at a cuts to the wealthiest americans. he deregulated as much as he possibly could and of course he put two extremists on the supreme court. now look what we have. now you have a conservative supreme court that i think is contributing to the big divide in this country when it comes to race. basically what they're saying in this ruling, we have archaic voting laws. 1965 is yesteryear. civil rights is not the issue today that it was back then. and do you know what we're going to do? we're going to turn it over to tea partiers and the congress and we're going on let them
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redraw the map. do you think the supreme court knew what they were doing? you're right they did. this is all about power and control. and the only thing that satisfies the conservative movement in this country is when they can keep a liberal down. when they can keep a worker down. when they can keep a minority down. do you really believe in your heart that sgraboehner is going feel political pressure from american and make sure there will be fairness in every state? do you think there were any states sitting on the edge of their seat, waiting to do something as soon as this ruling came down? look at the states that i just listed off. there will be more. where are they going to come from? they're going to come from wherever there is a republican governor. wherever there is a republican governor, you can count on conservatives and legislative sessions across the country to do what? try to oppress the vote. it is on steroids.
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get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question, are conservatives ignoring racism in america? you can go to our blog at and leave a comment there. i could not have a more credible voice, i could not have a more important man on this program tonight than the reverend jesse jackson who has spent his life fighting for voters rights in this country. founder and president of the rainbow push coalition. good to have you on the ed show tonight. thanks so much. >> yes, sir. >> your reaction to the supreme court ruling this week. how deep does it go? how dangerous is it to the progress that this country has made since 1965? >> well, it goes as deep as my father coming from world war ii. an honorable discharge. not having the right to vote.
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having to sit behind p.o.w.s on a military base. it is the most radical move since 1896. 1865, got right to vote. the supreme court took what we would have been on the battlefield. we won the right to vote in 1965 themselves took it back in 2013. and it is astonishing, the pain that we're going on feel. you look at the captor race in ohio that took them in one district. you will see more of that. you will see jerry mandering. it is a very radical move. >> the federal protections being stripped down by the supreme court now opens the flood gates for conservative legislative sessions to get together and ramp it up to suppress the vote. >> do you know what the big irony is? in 1965, when blacks got the rate to vote, why women couldn't
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serve on juries in the south. the '65 voting rights act, women on juries and students could vote on campus in 1974. '75, you got bilingual voting. the entire social fabric of the last 40 years has been attacked by this decision. >> revv reynold, where does the african-american and the minority communities in this country, what is the recourse? what can you do? what is the game plan? you see how quickly they have moved on. >> one recourse is to see, if the plank at the bottom of the ship, if it drops out. it affects black latinos in texas and arizona affected by this. blacks in the deep south are affected by this. white women are affected by this. so our social labor, all of us must close ranks. i hope president barack obama will do what lyndon johnson did finally.
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went to the congress and made a national speech to the congress and to the nation arguing the morality and the legality of a comprehensive voting rights act based upon need. i hope president obama will make such an emergency address to the nation. we'll be very busy with expensive lawsuits. we need the highest level of national strength on this one. >> now, nancy pelosi today is calling top democrats trying to gather support and momentum right away about the voting rights act decision that came down. the democrats will be very much engaged in it. no question. the key player here is the speaker of the house. what confidence do you have that john boehner is going to recognize any political pressure or need for social change to fix what has been destroyed? when he is a conservative. the conservative court. we know how they work hand in hand. we know what their ideological mission is. what confidence do you have, reverend, that john boehner will be an honest broker in this? >> so far, he has shown none.
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but mr. canner said the other day, for example, his experience walking across the bridge showed him something different. rather than that kind of anecdotal observation, i think we must challenge the whole nation. and at this point, the documentation and the president can call this special session of congress. there is no interest in the nation more vital than the equal protection to vote. only the president has that kind of authority just as johnson did. >> and i want your response to justice roberts had a says that racism today isn't what i it was back in 1965. >> the only reason why we're getting better at voter elections is voter protection. if the heat play the spurs, they have a great game, right? without the referees, the game would become a brawl. re referees matter. oversight matters. it has taken 40 years to deal
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with the impact of gerrymandering. the schemes, so you can vote but your vote don't count. you can vote but you can't win. >> when paula dean called me, i listened to her. i said number one, you are not beyond redemption but you must address the affected workers. you must address your workplace environment. and and a plan for remedy. to that stenlt she can be redeemed. but redemption involves more than words. it involves a plan of action and fundamental change. i hope she makes it out of this. i've seen people come out of deep holes before. grace and mercy are very strong. but grace, mercy and a plan of reconstruction. >> reverend jackson, thank you for your time. remember to answer tonight's question at the bottom of the
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screen. share your thoughts with us on twitter and facebook. coming up, a texas legislator takes stand for women's rights. the rapid response panel weighs in. and the supreme court makes a big stand for equality. i'll ask george takei. >> you can safely pro claim you are in support. look what mommy is having.
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time for the trenders. here at the ed show we listen to you. every week before the show, we check our facebook, out twitter and our blog. you decided and we are reporting. here are this week's top trenders voted on by you. >> shame on you.
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>> our number three trender, tammy's takedown. >> your left foot? it hurts? my feet hurt, too. >> an irs contractor gets served by iraq war vet tammy duckworth. >> so i'm sorry that twisting your ankle in high school has now come back to hurt you in such a painful way. my right arm was essentially blown off and reattached. twisting your ankle in prep school is not defending or serving this nation, mr. costello. >> our second trender. anthony weiner's three-way. >> threesome. has martha ever had a threesome? >> maybe. >> maybe? >> our exclusive poll finds weiner leading the crowded democratic primary field. >> the former congressman is on a roll as his bid for mayor continues. >> i'm sure they'll provide some
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stiff competition. >> this week's top trender, down goes doma. >> marriage is what brings us together today. >> the supreme court has just struck down the federal defense of marriage act. >> while conservatives predict the worst -- >> there's a storm gathering. >> we are becoming a nation that our founders would no longer recognize. >> society itself is at risk. >> haven't you been listening? traditional marriage is dead. everyone has to get gay married. >> i think that would hurt our children and i fear for the future. >> the rest of the country celebrates equality. >> we now have the people, the constitution and the courts behind us. >> it feels good to have love triumph over ignorance. >> i feel jubilation. i feel fabulous. i feel every gay word i can think of.
2:23 pm
>> no freedom until we're equal. >> joining me now, actor george takei, he has been an activist in the gay rights movement in this country for a long time and we really appreciate him being on the program. thank you for your time. there was an interesting clip there. as far as the ignorance of the country. what do you think? what did you sense before the ruling and how did you feel after the supreme court's decision? >> well, certainly after the supreme court's ruling, our hearts were soaring and our bodies were literally up in the air. we flew to raleigh, north carolina last wednesday to work as a narrator with the north carolina symphony. but we heard the news in los angeles. and we got the details once we landed in raleigh, which has a man and a woman constitutional amendment.
2:24 pm
but we got all the details and we were elated. it is a new day for america. however -- >> go ahead. >> well, when i pledge allegiance to the united states, i say, one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. one-third of the nation now has equality. now, we have to work on the other two-thirds. so we're keeping our sleeves rolled up. >> why do you think societal attitudes are changing? and yet also on the conservative side, they seem to be much more pointed, demeaning, fear mongering. they talk about the children. what is your response to all of that rhetoric in. >> they're fearful because they're unaccustomed to it. they don't know that sexual orientation is an ill mutable quality. as immutable as race.
2:25 pm
i mean, i am asian. african-americans are whack and you can't change that. in the same way, our orientation can't be changed. however, we are coming out and we're becoming more and more a part of american society. people are discovering that we're bankers, sports heroes, school teachers, we're everywhere. and they're fearful of that. it is none of their business but nonetheless they want traditional marriage because they feel it is icky. that thing called ick. and that, too, has changed considerably. in the latest field poll, 78% of people under 39 support marriage equality and equality for the lgbt community. so it is a generational change during. >> this is a big turn to end
2:26 pm
discrimination in this country. there are end of life issues. there are so many things that are going to be intricately involved in this change in america. although the conservative movement, i must focus on this. they're staunchly opposed to it. new jersey governor chris christie attacked the court's ruling on wednesday. here's his response. >> i don't think the ruling was appropriate. i think it was wrong. and it is just another example of judicial supremacy. >> he says he'll veto a gay marriage bill if it passes through state's legislature, new jersey. just as he did in 2012. what is your response to republicans who continue to fight against discrimination and equality? i mean, they seem to turn a blind eye and act as if this is something that is just totally and morally wrong and they play the moral card a lot. your response to that, and
2:27 pm
governor christie. >> moral card and religion. they always come to religion. they have to understand that there is a strict demarkation between the separation of church and state. we are buddhists. and we understand that we can't write our faith values into civil law which applies to everybody. what they don't understand is that if they want respect for their faith, they have to respect thele, many different faiths in this country. and so we've got to get them to understand the demarkation point between the separation of church and state. and i'm surprised that governor christie still has yet to get that education. >> george takei, i appreciate you being on the ed show tonight. thank you for joining us on this vitally important topic. republicans try to fill their binders for the next election.
2:28 pm
the panel weighs in on the gop's attempt to win over women and more. that's coming up. and righties are cooling to rush limbaugh's hot air. we'll discuss conservative radio's waning influence. next, i'm taking your questions. is like hammering. riding against the wind. uphill. every day. we make money on saddles and tubes. but not on bikes. my margins are thinner than these tires. anything that gives me some breathing room makes a difference. membership helps make the most of your cashflow. i'm nelson gutierrez of strictly bicycles and my money works as hard as i do. this is what membership is. this is what membership does.
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welcome back. we love hearing from our viewers tonight in our ask ed live segment. the first question comes from jamie. will the hateful gop ever pass an immigration bill in the house? i've been on record time and time again, no. i don't think they are. they don't have any political pressure to do so because of the gerrymandering. they don't believe in it. they're afraid of the demographics and of course, the best way to control the demographics is to disenfranchise as many potential democratic liberal voters that might come into the fold and would also, of course, support
2:31 pm
union strength in this country. it would grow because there are so many low wage workers who would be affected by immigration reform in america. so no. i do not think so. i think the conservatives have done a heck of a job making everybody think they are the ones on border security. they're the ones in the senate who have stemmed forward and said we are really sure about securing the border. when it comes to human rights and family issues, they won't do it because they're afraid of the demographics. our next question comes from wayne snyder. how can an anti-abortion republicans call themselves pro-life and still support capital punishment? they have an amazing innate ability to separate the two and easily do it. i've always said the democratics are the ones that care about you after you're born. the republicans never have. they separate the two because i think the republican party and the conservative movement has had a very twisted view when it comes to justice. they think the answer to
2:32 pm
everything is the death penalty. it is a behavior that they are willing to address and pass judgment on despite all of their faith connections. they show very little mercy when it come to the death penalty. yet on abortion, it is now become the real cultural issue that they hold over the heads of the democrats to help them win favor and hold on to rural america. and it ends up getting a lot of people voting again their best interests when it comes to economics. stick around. the rapid response panel is next. [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
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apparently the governor of texas rick perry has nothing better to do than to pick on a public servant who simply stood up for something she deeply believes in. democratic state senator wendy davis has become a political internet sensation after staging an 11-hour filibuster this week to block a vote on closing most of the abortion clinics in texas. her filibuster drew national headlines and huge crowds of protesters, instead of discussing the legislation, governor rick perry made the politics personal. at the national right to life convention on friday. >> in fact, even the woman who filibustered the senate the other day was born into difficult circumstances. she is the daughter of a single woman. she was a teenage mother herself. she managed to eventually graduate from harvard law school and served in the texas senate.
2:36 pm
it is just unfortunate that she hasn't learned from her own example. that every life must be given a chance to realize its full potential. every life matters. >> that come by texas governor rick perry has been judged by most americans as totally unfair. senator davis was forced to defend her own personal choices. >> i would say to him that i had the privilege of making a choice about the path i chose for my life. i'm so proud of my daughters. >> later, davis said this to a local report bethe governor's nasty attacks. >> i would just say that it really demeans the office that he holds to make a personal statement like that. >> wendy davis' filibuster killed the texas abortion bill. the fight is far from over, folks. governor rick perry has called a special session to address this issue. one republican said he fears the
2:37 pm
next abortion battle will make the state capital in austin, texas, look more like madison, wisconsin, before the walker recall. joining me now on a rapid response panel, state senator from hey high, nina turner. also with us, john nick dlols and jim moore, author. we have to start with you in texas. is there no stopping the attacks on women's rights? your thoughts? what's happening? >> well, i think they have a problem on their hands. the governor has complicated it for them. we had a west texas loyalman here in the 990 case against sam richards for governor who once said something similar to what he has said about wendy davis. he made it personal. he said, i'll going to hoof her and drag her through the rough. making it a male/female thing. that's what he has done. that doesn't mean he won't keep up the attack.
2:38 pm
they will pass the bill again in a special session that starts monday. >> nina turner, is this what aware going to see unrepublican governors across america in them trying to outdo one another on this issue? >> yes. they are trying to outright one another. that's what we get with the ridiculous redistricting that has happened throughout the country. what perry said about state senator davis is unacceptable. she is a woman part of the fabric of the american dream. in my estimation, a cycle breaker just as i am. and how dare he try to judge her life experience with senator davis' standing up for and what women who are pro-choice and men who are pro-choice. we are just standing up for folks' right to have an opportunity to make a choice. so republicans can get all the women together that they would like. but it is all a charade and nothing more than an illusion. they don't really care about women. >> john nick dlols, will austin end up looking like madison,
2:39 pm
wisconsin? and this is really the platform to propel rick perry into the conservative movement to run again in 2016? your thoughts. >> austin already looks like madison, wisconsin. those crowds that came out spontaneously. you don't get crowds that big. you don't get that intensity, that all-night feeling unless the issue is very hot and intense. so i think you already have a wisconsin moment in texas. it is likely to get more intense as the coming week plays out. and the thing about perry's presidential cab candidacy, this is a different game. he is essentially inviting wendy davis to take him on. and if she does so, i will remind you. we've spent a lot of time over the last ten years, 15 years talking about that moment when texas might make its shift. i think the wendy davis/rick perry race, even if perry does prevail will be so intense. it will take him down a few
2:40 pm
pegs. i don't think he is helped. >> jim moore, your thoughts on that comment. >> i think there is no question. she moved the needle significantly the other night with what she did. there are a bunch of single mom and suburban house wives, to have a difficult time to ever vote for a conservative white male in conservative office. there is a window between 2014 and 2018 when it looks like probably the mayor of san antonio or his brother, the congressman, the castro twins, are well poised to run for governor. there is a moment where somebody like wendy davis can step in and she has a chance to win. it is a tough fight but it is not impossible. >> she could be very successful in moving things. >> topic number two. the new effort to recruit in 2014. there is now a new group call women on the right unite. just a note. both of the women's website and
2:41 pm
the women's section of the are outdated. one still mentions the upcoming 2012 election. if they can't even bother to update the website aimed at women, that doesn't say too much. this effort to recruit women, how can they do it, nina, in your state, what are women thinking? how could they even associate themselves with the conservative movement in. >> it is an illusion. we know how to think for ourselves and i think the women understand who stand in for them. any time that you would put into a budget bill, under no circumstances would a woman who was seeking to make a choice of abortion be able to have a medical emergency. you want to put her life on the line. any time you cannot stand up for women to have access to high quality medical care and also, not stand up for their rights to have equal pay for equal work. something is wrong with that. we need to elect folks to office
2:42 pm
who care for everybody. we're talking about mothers, daughters and sisters. women are not second class citizens. i don't think any woman in ohio or this nation will buy the illusion that the republican party is selling. >> will this fight motivate progressives nationally? >> it already has. wendy davis is a rock star politically. not just in texas but nationally. and i think this is something that has happened. it is a big deal in america. we have so much frustration with washington. so many time things don't seem to happen in washington. people more and more are looking to the states and they are seeing these battles play out. and i think that wendy davis is the face of this state-based resistance to the right. >> jill moore is rick perry running in 2016? what's the call? >> i don't think anybody knows yet. but i'll tell you what. he likes his entourage. he like his security staff. he likes traveling and living like a king.
2:43 pm
and i don't see him walk away from it. >> ohio state senator nina turn he, john nickols of the nation magazine, washington correspondent there and jim moore. political analyst from texas. great to have all of you with us. thanks so much. >> tonight in our survey i you asked, are conservatives ignoring racism in america? 94% of you say yes. 6% say no. up next. paul ryan is fighting the war on poverty but he is on the wrong side. [ female announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function
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paul ryan. republicans needed damage control after the farm bill didn't pass. what an embarrassment. instead they got paul ryan. while fumbling through what went wrong, he dropped yet another doozy. >> i focus on poverty these days. we get the 50th anniversary of
2:47 pm
the war on poverty coming up but we don't have much to show for it. >> well, ryan got one thing right. too many americans still in poverty. the congressman forgot to mention his focus has been making sure it stays that way. you see, the congressman proposed budget after budget which guts resources for the poor. he attacked the child tax credit, food stamps and low-income family health care plans. sounds so compassionate. the u.s. congress of catholic bishops called it unjust identified and wrong. he doesn't want to help the poor. he wants to villify them. >> more takers than makers. takers versus makers. >> if paul ryan wants us to believe he is going to start flexing his muscles for the
2:48 pm
poor, well, he can just keep on pretending. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar, for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save you by switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars. but how're they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology
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show." this is the story for the folks who take a shower after work. who have been vilified by right-wing talkers of america time and time again. but wait a minute. the right-wing echo chamber is in trouble. for the past 30 years, conservative talk radio has dominated the political conversation and guided the thinking of many lawmakers. rush limbaugh has been treated like a gift from god. >> the people that listen to 10 hours of talk radio a week or more voted republican by a 3-1 margin. those are the people that elected the new congress. that's why this is the limbaugh congress. >> all right. conservative talk is still dominant, but its influence is starting to fade. if you don't believe me, trust gop messaging guru frank luntz. luntz was caught on camera speaking to a group of young republicans at the university of pennsylvania.
2:52 pm
listen to this. >> and they get great ratings, and they drive the message. and it's really problematic. and this is not on the democratic side. it's only on the republican side. democrats have got every other source of news on their side. and so that is a lot of what's driving it. if you take marco rubio's getting his [ bleep ] kicked. who's my rubio fan here? he is getting destroyed. he is trying to find a solution to immigration that isn't the traditional republican approach, and talk radio is killing him. that's what's causing this thing underneath and too many politicians in washington are playing coy. well, apparently, frank luntz didn't learn anything from mitt romney in the 47% mistake. he made the naive mistake of
2:53 pm
telling college kids with iphones in their hands that the conversation was off the record. really? luntz, you need to get updated with how kids use technology. they have no loyalty, but only to the information. this is what they're saying behind closed doors. it's a good thing for liberals in america. for more on all of this, let's bring in talk radio consultant holland cooke. holland, it's great to have you with us. holy smokes, they are throwing sand in the sand box. what's going on here? >> of all people, you'd think a media consultant would know that the camera never blinks. and, ed, you've known me long enough to know that i'm not much of a conspiracy theorist. but this is enough to make you wonder. i myself a media consultant with sympathize with frank luntz, because there is nothing more frustrating than you do the research, you formulate a plan, you outline it for the client, and then the client doesn't follow instructions. and the results are bad. so here's the conspiracy theory.
2:54 pm
did frank talk himself blue in the face trying to get the republicans to do the obvious, and then end run them by pretending that this whole thing leaked? he can't be so naive as to think that when he tells a roomful of college kids, now, everybody turn off your wireless phone. we don't want this recorded, that they'll all do it. his work is garden variety perceptual research. reince priebus released the post martem after the election. same thing there. this party of no thing is not selling. the negativity has worn thin. they lost the war on women. and they are extremely unfriendly to hispanics who tipped the election. but talk radio is still the mantra. >> well, it's interesting. is conservative talk radio
2:55 pm
leading the gop down a path of destruction? i mean, have they really been -- have they been the ones who have forged this big divide? >> the short answer, yes. and you make an important distinction, because radio is fine. am/fm radio has over 243 million people a week age 12 and above listening in the usa. it's talk radio that has a problem. rush limbaugh has 14 million listeners. used to have 22 million. these numbers come from talkers magazine, to which i contribute. the most widely quoted source for the big talk radio scoreboard. so do the math. 14 into 243 is about 5%, meaning 95% of people listening to the radio aren't listening. glenn beck has 7.5 million listeners, 3% of the radio audience. 97% aren't listening. mathematically, this is fringe media. so who do you think they're talking to? the fringe, the tea party.
2:56 pm
and it's all of this survivalist and chicken little stuff that keeps their audience tuning in every day. but they're not talking to mainstream america. >> and do you think that talk radio -- or should i say conservative talk radio make the turn before the mid term to make a positive impact on republicans, to keep the house and win the senate? i mean, do they have that same influence that they had back in the early 1990s? >> well, the influence is there. but the message is all wrong. frank luntz himself is fretting that the gop could lose the house because limbaugh and this legion of sound-alike talk hosts, all the local stations, are saying ignore the research, steer hard right. so they seem to be on course. >> yeah. all right. holland cooke, always great to have you with us. is where you can find holland cooke's work.
2:57 pm
that's "the ed show." see you tomorrow right here at 5:00 eastern right here on msnbc. it's "the ed show." have a good one. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side.
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