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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 2, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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loss of firefighters to a wildfire in 80 years. today president obama called those 19 hotshots american heroes. the fire that they were battling in arizona remains tonight 0% contained. good tuesday morning. right now on the "first look", we learn the names of the 19 elite firefighters who lost their lives as the community gathers to remember them. desperately seeking asylum, edward snowden applies everywhere for refuge. ultimatum in egypt. countdown between protesters and supporters of president morsi. plus a russian rocket crashes. serena crashes at wimbledon. good morning. a massive wildfire in arizona
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continues to burn as a close knit community comesing to to remember 19 fallen firefighters. a candle light vigil was held for the men as we learn r more about just who they were. they were members of an e elite group known as the granite mountain hot shots and ranged in age from 43 to just 21 years old. many were fathers and all of them died as heroes doing what they were called to do. a grieving community came to pay their respects. >> so heartbreaking for the families. i just want to send my prayers and thoughts to the families. >> those guy. s are all our brothers, they are all our fathers. anyone who will put their life on the line to protect other people they don't know, i think e we should be willing to come and pay tribute to them. >> andrew, 29.
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anthony rose, 23. >> at the vigil, the name ls of the 19 firefighters were read aloud as people left flowers and flags. the remains of the men arrived in a caravan of white vans. the governor has ordered all flags statewide to fly the at half staff. the fire that took their lives is still burning out of control northwest of phoenix. it's now grown to 8,400 acres and remains 0% contained. 500 are bat. lg t -- battling the flames. the former nsa contractor edward snowden has withdrawn his application for political asylum in russia after the president said he would have to stop leaking u.s. secrets in order to be accepted. tracie potts is in washington with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that now leaves 18 countries
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where snowden has reportedly applied for asylum. take a look at this map. they range from brazil to india to most of europe, but now not russia because as you noted, he did not like the condition that was attached in the statement he's blaming all of this on the united states and the obama administration saying the administration has adopted the strategy of using his citizenship as a weapon, taking away his passport, seeking to stop me from exercising a basic right that belongs to everybody, the right to seek asylum. but that seems to be getting harder and harder. at least 6 of those 18 countries are saying as of this morning he can't apply for asylum while he's still stuck in the moscow airport because he's not yet stepped on russian soil technically. overnight there was a meeting between secretary of state kerry and his russian counterpart, but no word they came on any agreement on what to do about snowden.
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>> tracie potts live in washington, thank you. another victory for same-sex marriage. this time in the sunshine state. for the first time ever a same-sex couple has had a green card petition approved. the couple says though their marriage is not recognized in florida where they live, he can now eventually apply for u.s. citizenship. the couple said they feel vindicated. and now here's your first look at the dish of scrambled politics. new numbers on how the wealthy influence elections. .1 of 1% were responsible for nearly 30% of the money contributed to 2012 federal campaigns. that's about $6 billion and that doesn't include donations made
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to superpacs. allison grimes is vying for the senate seat. it's not all bad news for david petraeus. he will be paid $150,000 to teach two classes this fall while much higher than the average professor's salary. it will be covered by private fundraising and not taxpayer dollars. jeb bush is joining a chorus of republicans urging the house to pass immigration reform. in an op-ed, bush encouragings the house to adopt the senate bill passed last week. president obama danced his way into tanzania on monday. they were welcomed by a band and dancers on the final leg of their african tour. and kansas republican congressman tim huls camp introduced an aem to same-sex marriage.
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it has no chance of becoming law, but it's complete with 28 co-sponsors. congressman paul ryan is dramatically increasing his role on the fundraising circuit. the candidate has some 20 events planned between now and the the end of the year to benefit house republicans up for reelection. and new jersey governor chris christie released his summer spot if i play list. bruce springsteen has two songs in the top five. other artists include the drifters, talking heads. that's your morning's dish of scrambled politics. turning now to the george zimmerman murder trial, two important witnesses took the stand monday in the case against george zimmerman on trial in the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. the witnesses sanford police investigators who conducted multiple interviews with zimmerman shared their thoughts
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on his version of the story. >> reporter: good morning. george zimmerman, he may still take the stand in this case. he may not, but the jury got to hear his version of events through taped interviews and a video walk-through of the scene. >> he tried to grab my head. >> reporter: prosecutors played video of george zimmerman walking investigators through what he says happened the night trayvon martin was killed. in initial interviews, two detectives nailed down zimmerman's version of events before moving on to more pointed questions and subsequent conversations including why zimmerman didn't identify himself as neighborhood watch to martin. the investigators question why zimmerman got out of his car and why martin looked suspicious to
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him. they illustrated the physical stature of martin. >> was the purpose in showing this photograph to show how skinny, as you stated in the recording, trayvon martin was in comparison to the defendant? >> one of the purposes, yes. >> during cross-examination, he testified when he told zimmerman someone may have taped the fight, zimmerman expressed hope that was the case. there was follow-up questions. >> you think he was telling the truth? >> yes. >> reporter: the trial ran an hour long during his testimony. >> the state put on some witnesses that began to push back against george zimmerman's self-defense theory. the police had interviews with him that were recorded and you could hear their questioning some of things he brought up as to why he was doing what he was doing there that night.
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>> reporter: he returns to the stand this morning and defense continues their examination. the videos very interesting yesterday to everyone in the courtroom. the judge reassured the jury they will have access to them during their deliberations. back to you. >> sarah, thanks so much. once again, the weather channel's todd santos is in for bill karins for the national forecast. >> i feel like the big story the last couple days has been the heat across the west and southeast. we'll start to see that ease up a lil bit the next couple days, but yesterday, boise, idaho, had 110 record high. there's a look at some of the excessive heat warnings in the southwest. some of the advisories in the northwest. many of those drop especially into tomorrow. some dangerous heat possible. be safe out there. at least with what you're doing during the afternoon. 97 in vegas. 100 in phoenix. that's your starting point for some of these high temperatures.
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chance for a shower or thunderstorm during the afternoon. some of the activity across the northeast, similar to how we started yesterday. in the afternoon if you were traveling, we have a lot of airline delays. could see a similar setup across the east coast. flash flooding also possible in the light green areas. there's a look at the forecast. it's a broken record here. the pattern is just stuck. >> we hope it goes away. thank you, todd. coming up, could egypt be headed for a major showdown? plus an arrest in the nanny cam robbery. and a major malfunction for a rocket bringing satellites to space. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
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turning now to egypt where a 48-hour last chance ultimatum appears to be the final straw. the military wants morsi to meet demands of millions of
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protesters who want to oust him or generals will impose their own plan for the country. the white house confirmed president obama called president morsi on monday encouraging him to respond to protesters' concerns. we have the latest from cairo. >> reporter: good morning. the stage here in egypt is set for what is shaping up to be a very serious political showdown on the political level and today on the street level. supporters of president morsi have organized rallies in provinces across the country trying to show that the president and his supporters still have a legitimate legal base for him to remain in power. this obviously comes after days of intense protests that culminated with a massive rally on pond where millions of egyptians took to the streets. it was part of a grass roots campaign that got signatures calling for his removal. that's forcing the hand saying this situation is critical.
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it's affecting national security and no longer manageable leading them to issue that ultimatum. the question, what solutions could come out of this? president morsi has been holding emergency meetings with other officials. yet not clear is how this is all going to play out. there's still 30 hours left on that ultimatum. >> live in cairo, thank you. some other stories making news this morning, the texas state capital was packed with demonstrators on both sides of the controversial abortion bill. state senator wendy davis who rose to the national spotlight last week during an 11-hour filibuster thanked the crowd for their enthusiasm and support. texas season the only state in a fight over abortion. ohio governor signed a bill into law that requires ultrasounds for anyone seeking an abortion. pro-life groups are calling the bill historic while democrats say the move is controversial and unpopular.
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former congresswoman gabrielle giffords fired a gun for the first time since she was shot in the head more than two years ago. she and her husband both long-time gun owners are currently campaigning for expanded background checks. the man suspected in a brutal new jersey home invasion is set to be arraigned in court today pe. he faces charges of burglary and child endangerment. the june 21st attack was captured on a hidden nanny cam inside the victim's home. and a russian rocket carrying navigation satellites crashed just seconds after liftoff early tuesday. the rocket began to tear apart in midair before smashing into the ground in a giant ball of fire. and now for your first look at business, we turn to seema mody. >> the big auto makers report their june sales numbers today with analysts expecting another
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strong month for the industry. june could be the best month since december of 2007 before the recession actually began. consumers replace their ageing cars and trucks. and what's in a name? a judge grants kraft a temporary injunction to keep cracker barrel from selling their meats in stores. they say it it infringes on their cheese brand and that would confuse shoppers. jeep tops the list of the most patriotic brands in a survey considering emotional engage. ment. jeep was the only car brand in the top ten which also includes hershe hersheys, coke and disney. >> thank you so much. straight ahead, your sports highlights are up next. you're watching "first look" on msnbc.
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now for the latest in sports. >> good morning. we have all kinds of news for you. baseball honored the 19 firefighters killed sunday in arizona. moments of silence were held for the elite team of firefighters before major league games. the arizona diamondbacks hung a jersey with yarnell and a 19 on the back. andy pettitte broke a franchise record for career strikeouts last night. he now has 1,958 strikeouts. that's impressive. and that puts him ahead of
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edward whitey ford. the most of all time. yankees third baseman alex rodriguez hopes to return to the majors soon. he's scheduled to play tonight on a rehab assignment. in washington, d.c. in his first game back from injury, the nationals bryce harper made a dramatic return. he hit a blast over the left field wall for his 13th home run of the season. and a huge upset at wimbledon as serena williams was knocked off by 23rd ranked of germany who won on a second match point with a powerful forehand. a shot that could not be returned. and robert gill of the arizona cardinals revved up a treadmill and ran for 25 miles per hour. this is a human as he trained to get ready for the season.
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i don't know if he's trying to get ready for the kentucky derby or for the nfl. do not try that at home. >> this seems unwise for a professional athlete. imagine if he would have hurt himself. he could have ruined his season. >> he broke a record. >> it's time to dig deeper into the top political stories. joining me for our first look at politics political editor for pbs news. good morning. let's start with this fight against abortion in texas that that fight against restrictive abortion bills is heating up. ohio passed a strict measure of their own. even though this is happening on a state level, will it hurt the gop nationally with women? >> the movement around pro-choice groups is very powerful at the state level.
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and that resinates at the national level. they are organized, they are able to get people to vote. it's not just about democrats. there are a lot of pro-choice republican women that done want to see restrictive measures like this passed. again and again, in virginia earlier this year, you saw a lot of this last year. so there are also a lot of successes for the anti-abortion. north dakota, arkansas, we have seen a lot of changes over the last six months particularly since the tea party took over in 2010. this is where the fight is. >> and speaking of gop attacks on women, the party is reportedly gearing up their strategy against a possible presidential run of hillary clinton in 2016 and their attack is going to be that she's too old. doesn't that carry a huge risk of backfiring? >> something you saw in t"the nw york times" over the weekend.
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she's going to be 69 years old if she does run. this has been use against many candidates. we have had a lot of younger presidents over the last few decades. are we ever going to have another president who is in that generation? it's up to the voters really. >> christina, thank you for being here this morning. >> thank you. coming up, first buzz, all the stories we're talking about this morning. that's next. ♪ hey! ♪ ♪ let's go! ♪ [ male announcer ] you can choose to blend in. ♪ ♪ yeah! yeah! yeah! or you can choose to blend out. ♪ oh, yeah-eah! ♪ the all-new 2014 lexus is. it's your move. the all-new 2014 lexus is. cheryl burke is cha-cha-ing in depend silhouette briefs for charity, to prove that with soft fabric and waistband,
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time for first buzz. i'm joined by betty nguyen and todd santos. todd, you have sign language.
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>> nice. >> this woman made a huge impact this year. seeing some of the video that's what it looks like. >> she had the moves too. >> language isn't just the words. she interprets. they did a few with killer mike where he's free styling and she's keep pg up with him. >> think of how much work to listen to the lyrics. >> that looks like a workout. >> and betty, i guess dolphins have wingmen too. >> dolphins have formed a bromance. the university of north florida discovered that this bromance allows these male dolphins to create a wingman. they go and hunt the lovely ladies. on top of trying to hook a woman, these dolphins what they will do is make sure that the lady stays with her mate.
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it's so amazing. they are so much like humans. so much so, if they get closer, they will start a dating website. >> for dolphins. thanks, guys. this is "first look." stay tuned. "way too early" starts right now. i do think if the situation is going to e resolve itself for the benefit of egypt over the long-term, then all the parties there have to step back from those positions. democracies don't work when everybody says it's the other person's fault and i want 100% of what i want. >> president obama chimes in on egypt once again in turmoil over who should lead the country. a live report from cairo updating the protests, the role of the military and what happens next. and where in the world does edward snowden want to go and will he be able to go anywhere? we have overnight developments in the americans' efforts to
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stay from the u.s. government. and while you were sleeping, a russian rocket was trying to take it to space. russia, it's not rocket science. i mean it is rocket science. this is "way too early." it's tuesday, july 2nd. mika is not here so i thought i would wear this suit. don't tell her. actually we have an incredibly busy news day even if most of you are on vacation. we're going to touch on apple's next move and in the cooler it's an extrav ganz is a. our top story, a somber one as we know more about the firefighters who died in arizona. with a wildfire burning out of control, there areoi


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