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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 2, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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is correct in terms of where the altercation had, et cetera -- >> yes, sir. >> did you have evidence that possibly he was going -- will was something going on behind these houses here? >> yes, sir. >> you were asked about the 7-eleven. i'm not aware of but what law states that an individual can't go into a 7-eleven with a hoodie? is there some law i missed? >> no, sir.
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>> finally, you did not have the phone records in terms of ray vonn martin or rachel's -- the lady he was talking to, to determine whether it was accurate based on what the defendant's phone finished or not? >> no, sir, i did not. >> you didn't have the defendant's phone records either, did you? >> no, sir. >> i'm talking about the february 29 interview. >> yes. >> no further questions. >> thank you. we have been here almost would hours this morning on cross, redirect, recross, re-redirect. and now you are seeking to re-recross. gi i will give you five minutes. you have five minutes.
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>> i will take it. as far as any blood on mr. zimmerman's hands, when he got to you he was already cleaned up by emt and washed himself correct? >> yes, sir. >> you didn't expect to find blood on his hands at that point, would you? >> no, sir. >> when -- the suggestion is why didn't trayvon martin have blood on his hands, does -- is blood susceptible to gravity as well? >> yes, sir, it is. >> p he gets smashed in the most and thrown on the ground, which way is the blood going? >> towards the ground. >> back down his throat. >> back down his loetd. >> only when he stands up is it going to stop coming out of his nostrils which is after he's no longer being mount bid trayvon martin? >> typically, yes, sir. >> break my nose, put me on the ground, my blood going back into my throat. >> theoretically, yes. >> would not be available to be on trayvon martin's hands at
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that point because there was no blood outside of the nose, correct? >> correct. >> i'm not going to approach you like he did. left -- if he's holding him down, could that be literally momentary she holding him down and mr. zimmerman is trying to get back up? >> yes, sir. >> could he attempt to suffocate momentary as well? >> yes, sir. >> could it be a sleeve or an arm or -- a palm or -- anything that could have given mr. zimmerman that impression? >> yes, sir. >> thank you, your honor. >> i think i'm only going to ask two, lee sxwles thank you. >> may only ask one. right now it could be raining outside, right? >> yes, sir. >> that would be pure speculation on your part, would it not? >> yes. >> thank you. >> you are excused from the courtroom but you are subject to being recalled.
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thank you very much. ladies and gentlemen, i think we will take a 15-minute recess. >> good morning. i'm thomas roberts at msnbc headquarters in new york. we are watching more gripping testimony in the second-degree murder trial of george zimmerman. this morning's session started with the prosecutor making a motion to strike comments made by the lead detective on this case, chris serino. the witness you saw there. under cross exammation yesterday, the defense attorney mark o'mara asked whether serino thought zimmerman was telling the truth during an interview about what happened that might. serino said yes. this morning the prosecution said that answer was inadmissible. >> mr. o'mara was asking the investigator specifically to comment in terms of the truth and voracity of what the witness said. >> in the context of a challenge interview within which the whole premise is to determine voracity or truthfulness, i think that
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since this person took that on, he had been -- now tell what he believes to be the result of that. >> ladies and gentlemen, my instruction is that that's an improper comment bay witness to the truth and voracity of another witness and you are to disregard the question and the answer. >> defense asks soar even bo possible inconsistencies with reports of how close the gun was to trayvon martin when it was fired. >> does not support a contention, allegation, that mr. zimmerman pressed that gun against trayvon martin's chest before he fired it, does it? >> not from -- >> as a matter of fact, known evidence completely contradicts that type of a suggestion, doesn't it? >> from what i understand, yes. >> through no pressing of the gun against the chest, was will? >> not based on evidence i read, no. >> zimmerman needed not guilty
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claiming self-defense. the rile is now in recess for roughly 15 minutes. joining me live is craig melvin. break down the latest for us about the testimony of this detective, serino, how pivotal it was for the prosecution or defense. >> still trying to do the math here. we think detective serino may have been on the stand for about as long as rachel the key witness we saw last week. as if mating testimony this morning on a number of levels. just talked about some of the highlights. we found out that -- at the end there, attorney for the state, got officer serino to testify that there was no blood found on trayvon martin's hands. that, of course, will be something we hear when the medical exam mother and/or paramedic testifies as well. the state tried to get at this idea that there was this physical altercation but yet, there was no dna or blood found
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on martin's hands. we heard that from officer serino. we also heard from officer serino a number of times that george zimmerman was apparently elated there was a video when we -- of course, we now know officer serino during that so-called challenge interview bluffed there was a videotape of the altercation. zimmerman said that he would have, you know, been excited about the prospect of such a video. we also heard from officer serino that the positioning of the body, positioning of trayvon martin's body, showed that picture, positioning was inconsistent with what george zimmerman told him. also, very interesting, and towards the end there we heard that officer serino found that unbelievable that zimmerman cannot remember three of the streets in that gated condo complex. he said that was something that
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would raise flags. you just played a snippet of what was probably the most powerful bit of dem this morning, the idea that officer serino said at this point there was no evidence to suggest that 2 gun, nine millimeter gun, was actually pressed against trayvon martin's chest. instead he said that based on the evidence it appeared as if he was over him and with the shirt hanging off, mark o'mara demonstrating that in court. 15-minute break now. at this point we expect to hear and expect to hear at least from the medical exam mother and/or the paramedic today. >> craig melvin reporting from sanford. thanks. appreciate it. i want to bring in legal analyst lisa bloom, veteran prosecutor, paul henderson. the biggest starting point of today was the judge's ruling asking that the fact serino
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testified to the encounter he had with zimmerman and questioning he had of zimmerman, did you find it to be truthful he answered yes, judge said strike that. isn't that feathers to the wind now to the jury? how do you get that back? >> right. you can't unring the bell. they have already heard it. then the judge says let me remind you yesterday when a lead detective said that he thought george zimmerman was telling the truth. well, just disregard that. we are all human beings. they heard it. i suppose they will follow the instruction and rye to put it aside. it seemed to me most of what we saw this morning was the defense simply getting the same answer a different way. they go through the investigation and go through the inconsistencies and ask the detective were you concerned about that? no. did that cause you any concern? no. so really had got the same content just by asking different questions. >> at one point the defense attorney asked serino about a tomorrow found in the area of the altercation where ray vonn died days after the shooting. take a listen.
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we don't have that. okay. we will get back to that as soon as we have it. let me ask you about the point of questioning we just left off with everyone. the biggest thing a lot of people have questions with is if this -- brutal beating to place and george zimmerman according to george, zimmerman's testimony, bleeding like a stuffed pig from the back of his head and front of his face why isn't there blood or any teach dna remnants under the fingernails of trayvon martin from a ground and pound beating zimmerman likes to describe it? >> you see that's going to be very for. this is why like looking at today's testimony which -- you know, probably not very dramatic but it is -- absolutely compelling. and it is setting up the forensic evidence which is going to come in and you hear that they are starting to allude to it now. forensic evidence is objective. so it is going to tell us specific facts and we compare those facts to the stories we are hearing both from the
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officer that's testifying now and from zimmerman's own version we were listening to yesterday as he is telling tuesday story. this is one of the things. i'm sure that the jury is paying attention to and asking this exact question. if your nose was so bloodied and had been in such a violent attack, will has got to be dna, some skin, scrapings, some blood, somewhere on trayvon and if that is not there, it is going to look bad for zimmerman to try to explain. how do you all of this happen. which is why you saw the final questions when the prosecutor stood up and had one question that you are just speculate when he was alluding to whether it was raining outside because you are just speculating as to how the blood may have come or how the blood may have been contained in his most if his nose was busted. we saw the pictures. is paul making a good point there? there could be an explanation of how blood or dna might not be on
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the hands of trayvon. but what about a type of bruising or infloridamation of trayvon martin's hands from being in a fight like that? >> apparently there is one small cut on trayvon martin's hands. i expect to hear about that. defense has answers for the lack of blood. we heard some of that today on the cross-examination. their theory is that george zimmerman was down. he was on his back. when he was punched, the blood went back into his nose, went back into his throat, only after the altercation when he got up gravity made the blood go down. they also pointed out it was rainy might and said that -- trayvon martin's hands were not properly bagged, if that's the case that would seem to be an error by law enforcement. they had been developing the theory yesterday and today george zimmerman may have exaggerated out of a panic response. they even got chris soar even oh lead detective, to agree with that. okay, maybe he wasn't pounded 25 or 30 times as indicated. maybe it was considerably less than that. he was just so afraid that he
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exaggerated. exaggerated much more positive word than lied. >> i want to say thanks to lisa bloom and paul henderson. we are going to stay with this coverage of the george zimmerman trial. we are going jump back to live witness testimony from sanford after a quick break.
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it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. snowden has withdrawn his request for from russia. he requested asylum in more than 20 countries. >> obviously he wants to stay out of the clutches of the u.s. government and given the way they persecuted the his letter blowers and is trying to find a place where he can do that. >> snowden himself issued a
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statement in the last 24 hours through wikileaks saying in the end the obama administration is not a frayed of whistleblowers like me, no. the obama administration is afraid of you. it is afraid of an positioned, angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised and it should be. nbc news correspondent jim maceda has the latest. >> he requested an official for for apply lump where wikileaks on his behalf submitted an application through the foreign ministry. russian president putin seemed to pour cold watt other that option. on monday, yesterday, he said that if snowden wants to stay in russia, qi but only if he stops leaking intelligence. that is, quote, damaging to u.s. partners. however, the kremlin announced today snowden must have reconsidered his position because he withdrew his
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application. he applied for asylum in at least a dozen countries while he lives on in that transit zone that no-man's land in moscow's airport. including the country of venezuela. today visiting moscow for business reasons, venezuelan president maduro defended snowden. as a fighter for human rights and someone who should be protected. but nbc news asked him if as rumored he was going to fly snowden out of moscow any time soon and back to venezuela, on his presidential plane, he laughed and replied, quote, i'm only taking back the good gas and oil agreements i have signed he here. >> mass protests don't grow in cairo with a deadline looming for egypt's president. you are looking right now at tahrir square. packed once again with people for a third straight day. the clock is running down on this ultimatum that's been given
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to mohammed morsi from egypt's military. expiring tomorrow. within the last few hours mor si's office tweeted out a photo showing him meeting with the defense minister and prime minister. several members of the cab met and two of his suppose people already jumped ship. nbc ne we know that it means business when egypt's army, the independent army, gets involved to give this ultimatum. what are the options for mor si as calls for his ouster gets louder? >> no position from the muslim brotherhood and president morsi intends to stay in power. the question is can they right now create some kind of power sharing agreement between president morsi and political opposition that can five way forward for early elections. keep in mind early elections was one of the main demands of the
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protest over the past several weeks and they say that that's going to be the only way that they are going to withdraw from the streets and that really depends on whether or not some kind of agreement can be reached in the next 20 hours. it does not seem so far that's likely to happen but that is one possible scenario. >> do the protesters feel encouraged by the fact they sawmill tier helicopters flying over giving them the signal they had intervened with some type of prospect for a solution? >> absolutely. the people in tahrir square, those that signed the petition, calling on president mor si to step down from office, they are viewing the military statement one way. it is an ultimatum for president morsi to solve the problem or leave office. there's no chance that he will solve it in the way he's attempted to in the past that would satisfy them. the way they are looking at the military's involvement is that the military has sided with the people and is now asking the president to listen and meet all of their demands, including
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stepping down from office or ending the political stalemate. >> we will continue to watch the clock together. great to see you. thank you, sir. we continue to stick with our coverage of the george zimmerman trial on msnbc. they are in a court recess now. we are going on jump back to live witness testimony from sanford after this quick break. [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter... because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet. also available in delicious peanut butter. all this produce from walmart and secretly served it up in the heart of peach country. it's a fresh-over. we want you to eat some peaches and tell us what you think. they're really juicy. it must have just come from the farm. this right here is ideal for me. walmart works directly with growers to get you the best quality produce they've ever had. what would you do if i told you all this produce is from walmart?
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[ french accent ] antacid! sorry, i have gas. but you relieve gas, no? not me... that's his job. true. i relieve gas fast. [ male announcer ] gas-x is designed to relieve gas. gas-x, the gas xpert. the trial has now resumed with a new witness in george zimmerman's case. this is george zimmerman's close friend who george zimmerman actually stayed with this man and his wife after the shooting of trayvon martin. >> yes, he is. >> the witness identified the defendant, george zimmerman. >> the record will so reflect. >> how long have you known him, approximately? >> at least five years.
8:25 am
>> you knew him back in february of 2012, shark? >> yes, i did. >> would you consider him a very good friend? >> best friend i ever had. >> i want to draw your attention to february 26, february 27, evening of february 26, 27. did you get a call and you end up responding to the -- twin lakes? >> i did. >> did you meet the defendant's wife will? >> i did. >> later the following morning, did you come into contact with the defendant, george zimmerman? >> yes, i did. >> did you trance port him with his wife? >> i did. >> did he make some statements to you regarding what he alleged happened regarding the shooting he was involved in? >> yes, he did. >> and did he specifically state that that sunday night, the 26th, he had -- was going shopping at target? >> correct. >> object, your honor.
8:26 am
lead. >> sustained. >> if you can tell us what the defendant told you -- let me -- you were with yourself and i believe you were driving, is that correct? >> i drove myself. >> let me rephrase the question. when mr. zimmerman, defendant, was telling you something about what happened, he was in the car with you? >> that is correct were you driving? >> i was. >> was his wife, shelley zimmerman in the car with you and him? >> she was. >> did he make statements regarding what had happened regarding the shooting? >> he did. >> can you tell us what the defendant said regarding what he alleged happened. >> george said that the nighttime, that sunday night, he left his home as he did every sunday might to get lunches for the -- for the week. and as he was going to go to super target, which really is close to his home, he was going to -- just droois out of his neighborhood and it was dark that night. on his way there is when he observed someone in a black
8:27 am
hoodie and someone who was looking like someone he had not seen before. he knew most of the people in his neighborhood. so he had observed someone walking through the neighborhood with a hoodie on, looking either in the windows or looking into around residences and such. >> let me interpret you. did he describe the individual he said? >> he did. >> how did he describe him? >> tall. being six foot. and about -- slender. slender build. >> he stated the person was doing something, you said? >> he said -- looking into -- looking -- walking through between two sets of town homes, when you look to your left and right, you would look at -- in the windows and wouldn't be in a position really to look into the front door or such. side windows. >> yes, sir. did he further describe the individual by race or ethnicity? >> well, at that time he knew that he was a black male.
8:28 am
>> okay. i interrupted you. you said -- what else did the defendant tell you regarding what happened? >> he said that he went -- when realized that the person had a was walking through the neighborhood was someone he didn't know, didn't recognize, and someone who usually looks through a neighborhood while it is raining, it is suspicious. lot of times juveniles will walk lou neighborhoods or people who are suspicious, walk through neighborhoods while it is raining because you get less people walking around, walking their dogs, taking an evening walk. someone who might want to be a little more suspicious, acting suspicious, they will do it when it is dark and raining. that was -- might have been a trigger he said to me. >> okay. what i want to do is focus as best you can in terms of what you recall him saying. >> i'm sorry. >>ers that all right. >> he said -- he observed what is now -- realizes trayvon. walking between the two buildings. and then he came down and he
8:29 am
observed him, thought it was suspicious. he was going to call the non-emergency number. sanford police department. >> did he state that the individual that we are referring to now as trayvon martin, starts towards him and came under the light and so he was using his phone? >> correct. george was using -- sorry. did you mention george was using his phone or trayvon? >> what did he say? >> i never -- i was never told by george that trayvon was using his phone. >> i'm sorry. that he -- >> george glass george zimmerman was using his phone. >> correct. he dialed the non-emergency number and wanted to make sure he called that line instead of the 911 call. >> did he say, the person you know as the victim, trayvon martin, approached this car? >> got close at this point. >> what does he say about had a? >> walked down the street. about where -- george had remained in his vehicle. trayvon had walked down, i
8:30 am
guess, down the sidewalk area. walked a little further away. walked back bit. then -- george had, i believe, pulled in to the front of their clubhouse. and parked his vehicle there. and -- waited for sanford police to arrive. >> does he say -- apologize. i interrupted. >> did you sorry. >> okay. did he say that -- the person you now know is trayvon martin, when i he, i'm talking about the defendant, george zimmerman, he walked up to the passenger side window and stlood a moment and goes to the front of the car and comes around the my window, driver's side, towards the rear of my car, walk away? >> yes. very -- walked around the vehicle, close proximity. they were -- i think they looked at each other, george said. >> did he, defendant, then say that at some point then he lost sight of the person you know as trayvon martin? >> yes, briefly. >> you recall then the -- in
8:31 am
terms of mr. zimmerman, defense, saying he was talking to dispatch, non-emergency number? >> yes. >> did he tell you that in terms of whether he was asked are you following me, he answered yes, i'm following. but he didn't see trayvon martin at that time looking for him. >> kind of two -- as george describes to me will were two phases of the contact. first one was when he first saw him and then pulled in to the clubhouse parking lot and second one was when he re-established contact with trayvon who walked down another side street and that wasn't the main street around the circle. then he -- backed his car up and tried to keep a visual contact with him and followed him with his car. and -- didn't get out of his vehicle until he lost visual sight of him. >> then you recall the defendant telling you that -- the dispa h
8:32 am
dispatcher saying to -- the defendant that we don't need you to follow him and he said okay. >> correct. that was at the point he had already gotten out his car first and as he describes the me there were two reasons for getting out of the car. first he didn't know the street. i guess he was on that center street. it is a small street. he didn't know the actual name of it. he got out of his car to try to establish a visual contact to try to direct the police officer in to meet with trayvon and dispel the suspicions. to find the exact address. as a police officer you want to know the exact address of where you are going. >> hay started walking and put his phone somewhere? >> he -- put his phone in his pocket after the dispatcher told him they didn't need him to follow him. he was going to walk back to his vehicle. >> then he said something
8:33 am
happened at that point? >> he told me that as he was walking back to his car down the dog path, that -- trayvon had confronted him, walked towards him and con fronted him and they had a verbal -- >> what do you recall the defendant telling you that trayvon martin told him and what did he say in response? >> he cursed. i'm not going to curse here today. he said -- do you have a problem? he used a curse word? >> you wrote a book about this, right? >> i did. >> you wrote a book and were you quoted -- quoted what the defendant, george zimmerman told you, krektd? >> correct. >> you recall in that book writing -- do you have a probably wlem that? >> that's what he said trayvon martin said. >> right. correct. >> okay. and you didn't put in that book anything about a curse word at all? >> i believe i did. >> you did? okay. >> i believe i did. the -- do you have a problem and then he used the initials m.f. >> okay.
8:34 am
may i approach the witness, your honor. >> i'm going to show you your own book and i'm going -- unless i have the wrong page. page 28. to refresh your memory. >> correct. >> don't read from it. refresh your memory. >> all right. yes. he told me that do you have a problem and then the curse word. it was taken out of the book because it was pretty graphic. >> okay. so you -- on purpose you took it out i think the publisher asked that that not be put in. >> because you put on there -- do you have a problem and then he -- mr. zimmerman, that you said -- replied no, i don't have a problem. >> correct. >> you believe the words were actually what now the defendant said? >> m.f. >> [ audio muted ]
8:35 am
mr. trayvon martin replied. >> you do now. >> the defendant claimed that he, trayvon martin, was coming at him at that time? >> he was very close, probably within an arm or two arm's reach. george lost contact visually. >> i apologize. >> okay. go ahead. he -- as george was reaching down to get to his phone to re-establish contact with the dispatch, that's when physical contact happened. >> so the defendant told you that he has his words with trayvon martin. >> correct. >> then -- he said that he went and reached for his phone in his pocket. >> correct. looked down. >> sorry. looked down. >> he looked down to reach to get into his pocket. >> at that point is when trayvon
8:36 am
martin hit him. >> struck him in the nose. >> okay. >> so he -- defendant claims he looked down and that's when trayvon martin hit him? >> he looked down, got his phone and said as he looked back up, he lost visual contact for maybing a second. to get his phone out of his pocket and went like this. as he looked up, the punch came square in his pace. >> the defendant say he took the phone out or left it in his pocket? >> i'm -- i don't remember that. >> okay. >> i don't remember. >> then what -- what did the defendant claim after he claims that the victim hit him in the nose? >> he stumbled backwards. and found himself on his back. partially on the sxwras partially on the sidewalk. >> did he say what the victim was doing at that point? >> he moved forward and got on top of him. >> did he describe to you how he got on top ever him? >> his knees were up somewhere near his chest or up near his
8:37 am
armpits. he was beginning to punch him. >> okay. the defendant is claiming that the victim straddled him, i guess. >> correct. >> his knees were up to his rib near his armpits correct? >> correct. >> began punch. >> that's what george said. >> began punching trayvon martin. >> trayvon began punching george zimmerman. >> i got it backwards. sorry. defendant is claiming he is on the ground and trayvon martin -- >> punching him. he said that he was on his back and trayvon martin straddled him and began punching him in the face. >> but the way he described trayvon martin straddling the defendant, he claims that his -- said his knees were up to his rib cage or armpits. >> somewhere around that, correct. >> then he said -- what?
8:38 am
>> well, george began screaming for help at that point. >> did he say anything about the -- defendant grabbing his head and doing something with his head. >> absolutely. once he started screaming, true vonn -- george said trayvon grabbed his head and started bashing his head on the concrete which upper half of the body was on the dog path. >> i think you quoted mr. zimmerman, defendant, saying he was anchtes from the grass, correct? >> about. as george was explaining it, this upper half of it, somewhere was still on the concrete the rest of his body was on the grass. >> i think your quote is i notice -- from about eight inch essay way from the grass, correct? >> correct. >> mr. zimmerman -- defendant tell you i tried to maneuver the ordery enough to get my head up to the grass? >> it was a squirm, he said. as he was squirming down towards the grass to keep his head from getting hit by concrete, he says
8:39 am
his jacket kind of remained still. his jacket since it wasn't buttoned, it stayed where it was and his body moved towards the grass. little bit more. >> what else did he say about anybody seeing this or coming out? >> he said will were several people came out. at least two he saw that came out and -- directly screamed for help towards those people. as he was screaming it was more -- directed at someone. >> did he say -- one of the individuals that came out was a man and he yelled directly at him and the man just -- went right back in? >> he -- he stated that he was going to call 911 and was than going to get involved. >> did he say then there were other individuals that saw this, too, correct? >> perhaps. at least one other for sure. that witness was -- what was happening. may have been the same person that had the flashlight or that -- showed up later. >> i think you -- and you can refer if you need to refresh
8:40 am
your memory on page 28 where you point at mr. zimmerman, did you not, at the bottom of page 28 of your book. >> several, yes. will were several. several people. >> did you said two other men saw us out will and did nothing? >> zblekt correct. >> i believe so. at least one other, maybe would others. >> then he claimed that -- mr. martin -- trayvon martin, was still on top of him and -- took his hands and put it over his most, correct? >> up with hand was trying to cover his most and one hand was trying to cover his mouth to keep him from scream. >> right. i think that you quoted mr. zimmerman as saying that ray vonn martin put his hand, takes one of his hands and puts it over my most and pinches it closed while his other hand goes over my mouth. >> it was described to me something like this. maybe a pinch, maybe not like that.
8:41 am
pinch like had a and a cover. >> skoe -- in other words, trayvon martin is using one hand over his nose and then one hand over his mouth, correct? >> something to that effect. >> what does mr. zimmerman, the defendant, say happened hen? >> he said that because his jacket rode up a bit, that with the perhaps -- with the inside of his leg, he felt or looked down and saw that he had a holster and firearm. >> okay. before he -- the defendant said that dash did he say that he desperately got both of my hands around the guy's one sxwris took his head up long enough for me to shout again for help? >> right. that was the main thing he did with his hands was to lie to clear his mouth because with his mouth free he could scream and he could breathe. >> okay. the defendant is describing to you that trayvon martin pinching
8:42 am
his most and other hand over his mouth, right -- >> can't breathe or -- >> correct. >> do i have this right? >> correct. >> the defendant is claiming he took his hands and removed at least one hand off of trayvon martin. >> off off of his own mouth. >> okay. >> defendant is laming he never hit trayvon martin at that time? or never knocked him off of him, right? >> that was not described to me. >> okay. then -- the defendant told you he had brief control of the wrist but then he believed -- said -- i knew when he felt the sidearm in my wrist with his leg correct? for a brief moment hi control of the wrist but i knew he felt the sidearm at my wrist with his leg. >> that's when -- right. that's when he let go of the other hand let go and said he
8:43 am
went for the gun. >> okay. trayvon martin went for the gun. >> grabbed for the gun. >> okay. i think you quoted him as saying he took his hand covering my most and went for the gun saying something at that point, correct? >> he did. >> you said what words did he utter? >> he says you are going to die and -- he used the m.f. term again. sorry. i don't like that. >> for the record he used the word. [ audio muted ] and then -- i think you got -- [ audio muted ] >> at this point we are going to take a quick break. what are you doing? oh, hey. using night-vision goggles to keep an eye on my spicy buffalo wheat thins. who's gonna take your wheat thins? i don't know. an intruder, the dog, bigfoot. could you get the light? [ loud crash ] what is going on?! honey, i was close! it's a yeti! [ male announcer ] must! have! wheat thins! [ male announcer ] you wait all year for summer. ♪
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8:47 am
on the stand is mr. zimmerman's best friend. lisa bloom is joining me in covering this. why is he being called as a prosecution witness? sit because he wrote the book "defending our friend the most hated man in america exploring zimmerman's time living with me and his wife? >> i'm waiting for some powerful moment that has not yet come. he is zimmerman's best friend, as you say. he even got in at the beginning of the testimony that he cares very much about george zimmerman, smiled rat hat hill. all the testimony he has given has been slanted towards george zimmerman. he has an interview with dr. phil. it may be that he gave a detailed version of the story relayed to him by george zimmerman and the prosecution will use that to show further inconsistencies in george zimmerman's story. >> we listen in to how this is going. >> you didn't put it in the book, correct?
8:48 am
>> correct. >> he also told you that when he managed to get the -- his hand off of trayvon martin's hands off of his mouth, he had control of the wrist correct? >> to some degree, prevent him from putting it back over his mouth, yes. >> he told you that he, defendant, managed to grip -- to -- break the grip on the gun where the guy grabbed it between the rear side and hammer, correct? >> whether it was the gun or the letter casing, reaching down and grabbing. >> right. >> broke the grip of the gun with the holster. >> you didn't refer to the holster when you wrote it in the book correct? you put. >> correct. the holster is -- that's exactly the place where the holster holds the firearm in place. whether it was actual firearm or
8:49 am
holster -- i didn't see a difference if someone grabs ahold of the holster, gun, intent is probably the same. >> defendant is telling you then he shot at ray vonn martin but didn't know whether he struck him or not. thought the shot went wide. >> he did say that. >> may i have a moment, your honor? >> you may. >> you have month further questions. >> xros. >> good morning, skier. how are you? >> fine. >> how long have you been law enforcement? >> since 1992. >> pretty much a career for you? >> it is.
8:50 am
>> you enjoy doing what do you? >> very much. >> did you get any college training or anything before going to the police academy? >> well, i -- not before the police academy? >> not before the police academy. i had run out of -- right out of high school i went into the army, was in the u.s. army infantry. when i got out, i then applied directly to the daytona beach community college police academy. >> completed that, and have been in law enforcement ever since? >> correct. >> you discussed your career with george zimmerman. have you not? >> in detail. >> and it was actually you who assisted him when he decided that he needed a firearm. correct? >> that is correct. >> and did he tell you the reason why he wanted to get a firearm? >> he asked what would -- whether he should or shouldn't, to start with. i recommended that he should, that anybody who is a
8:51 am
now-convicted felon should carry a firearm. >> that's sort of your life philosophy? >> that's my opinion, correct. >> being armed is better than not being armed? >> the police aren't always there. >> and you then encouraged him to do that? >> i told him if he wished to, go to a place that actually trains for the concealed weapons permit and to get that training. >> which you know that he did. right? >> he did do. >> he he actually got his concealed weapons permit? >> i believe him and his wife. >> then he needs to decide what weapon he should purchase. is that correct. >> that is correct. >> did he seek your counsel in that regard? >> he did. >> object as to the leading, this is direct. >> let's focus a bit more. how long did you know george? >> about five years -- it was
8:52 am
about four years at that time. >> i think you said he is your best friend. >> best friend i've ever had. >> would that affect in any way your testimony here today that he's a good friend of yours? >> well, not as far as the truth is. >> okay. you're going to speak the truth, good or bad, for mr. zimmerman. >> correct. >> as far as that friendship, you were contacted on the night this event happened? >> i was. >> offered your help -- and i guess helped shelly, who was going through what she was going through. right? >> near hysterical. she had called me from -- she was visiting had her father's home at the time when she received a call from a neighbor from twin lakes. then she immediately called me and both of us got into our vehicle and arrived at twin lakes about -- within ten seconds of each other. >> how upset was she? >> indescribably hysterical.
8:53 am
she had almost no information to go on because the neighbor i guess that called had -- they had to hang up so she couldn't get further updates as to george's health or status or what he had had. i mean i put my arm around her had just to kind of keep her from blacking out, i guess. >> because at that point she had got an phone call from somebody that actually said that george was involved in a shooting. correct? >> she told me that she got a call that say george was involved in a shooting in handcuffs and bloody. >> so you arrive at the area, complex, where it happened, meet with shelly. >> correct. >> did you see gornl at that point? >> we walked up to where the yellow crime scene tape was that was surrounding. it was a massive area that they had had circled off so we couldn't get very close to the
8:54 am
actual scene itself. but inside the crime scene tape was a sanford police officer car. in the back seat of the police officer car shelly and i saw someone who she more quickly identified as probably being george lean his head down and lay down from the back seat. he had laid straight down where no one could see him. >> did you have any contact with him at that point? >> none. couldn't get anywhere close. >> we're watching gornl zimmerman's self-described best friend testify about the days after the shooting because zimmerman and his wife, shelly, lived with osterman and his wife. lisa bloom is watching this testimony. how strong of a witness he is defending and talking about george zimmerman in the time and weeks after the shooting? >> based on what i've seen so far, i think it was a mistake for the prosecution to call this witness because now on cross examination, we're getting into how devastating it was for's
8:55 am
family after the shooting, something the defense, i'm sure, wants to bring out in as much detail as possible to show there was sadness and remorse on zimmerman's side. don't see this as much of a benefit for the prosecution. >> paul, how about for you? what's your reaction to this witness? again this is a person that wrote a book about his time living with george zimmerman and his wife after the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> and clearly, the jury is paying attention to that, too. i'm surety first flag that goes up when they call him and he indicates not only is he zimmerman's best friend but he has written this book. this is a witness that's on the stand that has a lot of potential for bias. i believe they called him just to give corroborative evidence about zimmerman's story that he told him. just tying in to the last witness they call, he's going into a little more detail about how his mouth was covered during that fight. it was actually pinching the nose and covering the mouth. i presume that the prosecution is going to come back and say later on, talking about, again, when there's no blood and
8:56 am
there's no forensics on trayvon martin's hands, that that means something because of this testimony that corroborated the earlier testimony. >> lisa, real quickly, book editors, do you know them to want sensational items in a book or less sensational items in a book? >> well, i see where you're going with that and i had the same thought. but i actually looked it up and this book publisher is the small christian press. maybe they did take out the profanity. who knows? >> lisa bloom, thanks so much. that wraps up this hour for me. see you back here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern. joy ann reid is filling in for alex wagner with more testimony from george zimmerman's trial. tends to stay. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day
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9:00 am
enforcement mode sometimes but i like to analyze everything i hear to make sure that it makes sense. but i would say -- >> so let's start off then not to belabor too much with keeping your mind on direct testimony, but let's start with he first told you, he was on his way to super target. >> correct. >> that seem unusual or unusual to you? >> every single sunday, like clockwork. >> tell me what he said to you about him first noticing who later became known to all of us as trayvon martin. >> he observed trayvon walking between two sets of town homes and looking in to -- i believe there was a window to one where the light was on and you could see that someone was looking in the window of a town home and it was about that time that trayvon and george made eye contact with each oer


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