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tv   Lockup  MSNBC  July 6, 2013 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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membership brings out millions of us on small business saturday and every day to make shopping small huge. this is what membership is. this is what membership does. >> when dennis told me he needed
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my help i was like no, no, no way. >> just do the thing [ bleep ]. a newly arrived female inmate rages. >> a surprise raid causes problems for another inmate. >> when the sort team comes in, aaron is going down. on the banks of the ohio river, louisville, kentucky has been ranked one of the 10 safest large cities in america. but downtown is a two-block
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reminder that not all is well. every year about 45,000 men and women are booked in the louisville corrections jail on charges ranging from miss demeanors to murder. most have only been charged with their crimes and are here awaiting trial or the resolution of their cases. >> act like you got some sense. >> those stays can range from months to years. and during that time, some will find themselves with new troubles. >> we have some intel from two sources. there's been a lot of marijuana on the fourth floor. we're trying to link it back to certain inmates and link where it's coming in. we have some ideas. we have activated the shift team of sort and they're going to try to go in there fast, search the inmates, search the dorm. hopefully we can get the dope out. >> search them, go back in and
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search the dorm. anybody that causes us any problems we put them in one of the holding cells and deal with them later. >> all right. >> any question about what we're doing? >> take your shoes off. absolutely no talking. put your hands on the wall. >> the dorm is evacuated, and the inmates are frisked for contra band before they're moved to holding cells. then the sort team conducts a thorough seven of the dorm. 45 minutes later, the search doesn't turn up mayor tpwhapb,
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but one sister has found something that doesn't belong. >> we have some matches. as a matter of fact, there's the striker off the back of the match packet. this staoutsdz as dangerous because it can make fire. he will be written up and moved down to a single cell. >> let's go. back in your dorms. >> while most of the inmates return to the tkofrpl, aaron beyerle is rerouted by staff for some questions. the match hits were found on his bunk. >> i have extremely bad luck when the sort team comes in, aaron beyerle is going down. >> tell me your side of the story again.
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>> it would not be his first time there. >> all mine are for smoking, fighting, promoting contra band. if you get put in the hall while you're here and you good to prison, your going to the hole when you go to prison. >> and prison is where beyerle is headed. he was sentenced to five years after several repeat convictions for drug trafficking. he can transfer any day now. >> i ended up here because i was working for my father and money was getting a little bit tight. and i like the better things in life. so i started trafficking pills and stuff like that just to make every money on the side. but i didn't do too well because look where i'm at. >> beyerle, however, accepts his
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fate and. >> this is the worst time that you could do. it don't get no worse than this. it is nonstop stress, nonstop problems, nonstop headaches. this is nonstop horriblity. i don't know if that's even a word. >> if they break the rules at home, it's back to jail. as mary has just discovered. >> what's wrong? >> i'm just upset because they take me off h.i.p. and i didn't do nothing wrong. >> why? >> i've got five kids. i'm trying to do everything right in my life. >> when you were first put on
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h.i.p. one of the stipulations was no alcohol. >> i didn't read over all of that. i just signed it. >> don't be upset, okay? we'll work with you. it will work out. >> thank you. >> tell us if you need us. >> thank you. >> lo did he n is released to the home incarceration program. >> h.i.p. is a privilege. people need to follow the rules. absolutely no alcohol, no drugs. >> it seems like every time i'm trying to do the right thing to do better a wrong falls right in front of me and i can't go no further. like i'm stuck right there. >> lohden is moved to a special housing unit for women newly
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booked into the jail. she will remain until a judge decides whether to return her to home incarceration or make her serve the rest of her time in jail. but lohden seems to want to make an impression. >> it is now. snooze you lose. >> come back out here. >> but you've got to calm down. >> i'm good. excuse me? excuse me? >> i got to be on the bottom bunk. >> nobody owns no bunks around here. >> we thought she was calm after putting her in first arrest. obviously sometimes that don't happen. a lot of times an inmate will act out to get to single cell.
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men and women accused of crimes that range from minor to heinous. the reactions to being in jail run an equally wide gamut. >> all these [ bleep ] got a problem with me i'll go to the hole every grip. and i don't give a [ bleep ]. >> mary lohden has just returned to jail for violating home incarceration rules after testing positive for alcohol. >> this is sobriety right here. >> officers removed her from the dorm due to disruptive behavior. >> excuse me? excuse me? >> but now, even in the single person cell she's gotten into a conflict with a neighbor. >> [ bleep ], just do the damn thing then. [ bleep ]. all your fronts out.
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>> sit down, now. y'all do nothing right to nobody. you treat them like dogs. that's all you do is treat people like dogs in here. treat them like dogs. >> are you done? >> yes, ma'am, i'm done. for now, i am. >> i'm not going to talk even if you're going to keep talking over me. i'm trying to explain it to you. we just came on shift. chow is on the floor. >> i was upset because that guy said i wasn't going to be in here long. mr. shepherd, officer shepherd. >> i can't do what happened on the first shift or the other shift. >> you can keep me in this until monday, aren't you? >> right. >> i have nothing else to say. >> so you can't -- >> i have nothing else to say. >> so, are you going to stop
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yelling then? >> yes. >> so i don't get out and get nothing? >> you get an hour. but i'm going to tell you if you continue all this yelling and screaming, you're not going to come out. >> usually if you can talk calm to them and keep talking. and i'm very monotone. i just keep repeating the same thing. eventually it gets through, their chaotic behavior. >> lohden's future is uncertain. it will be up to a judge to decide if she can return to home incarceration or serve 6 to 12 months in jail. uncertainty marks the lives of most inmates here. but the stakes for dennis hall are considerably higher. he's already served 14 years for sexual assault. now he's charged with murder. >> i killed an innocent man. i can't believe i did it. but i guess anybody can be a
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killer. >> how did this man die? >> strangulation. >> hall admits to murdering one of his roommates, a 53-year-old disabled man named jeff bishop. he hopes to reach a plea bargain with prosecutors to avoid the death penalty, but it still looms over him. >> i'm thinking about them saying, mr. hall, we sentence you to death. i don't know. maybe i deserve to die too. >> the murder occurred in this small house on the outskirts of the city. hall says he was high on drugs when he and bishop got into a fight. after strangling bishop, hall then tried to cover up the crime. >> the next day is when i took him to the basement. he was wrapped up in plastic. you couldn't see his regular body. all you could see is plastic.
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>> hall had help in concealing the body. it came from a third roommate, his girlfriend, heather barrington. >> when dennis told he he needed my help i said, no, no way. i don't think so. i was totally against it. then he was like begging me, basically. he said i can't do this by myself. i'm going to go to prison for a long time if we don't do this. help me move it. he was begging me. i was in shock. i have never in my life been in a situation like this. i never went back in the basement again. dennis did the rest. all i did is move him. >> his body lay decomposing in the basement. >> we got air fresheners and put all through the house. believe me, our house smelled like decomposing body with a
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bunch of fragrance because you can't cover that smell up. >> baringer later told a friend about the murder and he told police. she is trying to reach a plea deal. baringer and hall both admit to stealing disability and social security checks to fund drug addictions. >> an act that took five minutes took my whole life. >> but they are not the only ones at louisville metro whose lives have been profoundly altered by bishop. >> the first thing i wanted to do was to take justice into my own hands, but i decided against that. >> bishop's brother is one of the jail's correctional officers. >> there were times when my brother and i were all we had. so we were pretty close.
3:19 am
i don't remember a time about my brother. >> officer bishop is assigned to sections of the jail where he does not come in contact with either hall or baringer. >> it's a good thing. to be honest, if he were to be walking out in the hall way, you never know what would happen. i couldn't say for sure what would happen. coming up -- >> i don't want anybody to say they're sorry because i know the only reason they're sorry is because they were sorry for getting caught. >> officer bishop faces his brother's killer in court. but first an inmate's self-abusive behavior taxes jail staff. you need for a great summer. this 5-piece dining set on clearance, save over $49! marco! polo! and these op swim separates, on rollback you save over 20%. this nook hd's on rollback. you save $40. great for summer reading.
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veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. when officers at the louisville metro department of corrections jail recently conducted a contra band, they discovered a matchbox and striker under aaron beyerle's
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bunk. today beyerle goes to a disciplinary hearing which could result in getting time in segregation. >> i'm not the person that's going to put my business out there. if they said they found something, they found it. i'm not just going to say it was mine and cop-out like that. that's not my style. >> go to the table over there. have a seat in that red chair. >> beyerle is due to transfer any day now. if he is sent to segregation that sanction could carry over to prison as well. >> do you want to tell me your side so fast story? >> when the the sort team came in i was at the very front of the door watching tv. there was a group of people by my right. i don't know who put it there. i can't give you no individual name or anything like that. all i can say is it wasn't mine. >> here's what i got, this isn't your first time getting caught with contra band. it's hard for me to believe that wasn't yours. especially since it was wrapped
3:24 am
up under a cup under your bunk. do you think people had time to cover that up. >> i can tell you the same thing. you're not going to believe me. what you're going to do is what you're going to do. >> september you got caught with a bunch of tobacco. november, narcotics. >> because of previous offenses i'm automatically guilty? >> you know what, i'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. so what i'm going to do is i'm going to take two weeks of your gym and you're going to serve out. >> so i can't go to gym or nothing like that? >> you can't go to gym for two weeks. all right? >> all right. >> i'm thinking it went pretty well. but the gym, yeah, i'm kind of mad about that. but i guess i can't go for two weeks. he could have done it for a lot longer than that. so he was fair. >> con fist skating contra band
3:25 am
has always been hard for the jail. >> probably a full 25% to 30% of our inmate population has some type of mental illness. we do a pretty good job of stabilizing our mentally ill folks that come through our doors once we get them here. we get them back on their medications, for example. we take care of their health care needs. they go back to the street. either they don't have access to their medications or they quick taking it. they decompensate. very short time later they're back in custody and we go through that cycle all over again. >> can you call medical up here? >> mr. coleman, we went through this how many times now? >> a lot. >> 19-year-old antonio coleman is on not classified as a mentally ill inmate, but many of his actions require the same level of staff attention.
3:26 am
in the four months he has been at louisville metro, he has more than 40 reports of self-abusive behavior. now he has cut himself again. >> we've been through this a couple times. >> he's beat his head before. he's cut himself before. it's usually just self-harm. it's never really against anybody else. it's against himself. me and him have a real good rapport. just by talking to him i can deescalate the situation. >> so what's going on now. >> i've been here too long. i'm ready to go. i'm going down. that's why i pressed out. >> did you take your time already? what did you take? >> five years. >> coleman was recently sentenced to five years in prison on charges of robbery and assault. >> prison is not as bad as jail. trust me on that one. i'm not saying it's going to be the marriott. but, you know, it's a lot better
3:27 am
than jail. >> how are you doing, antonio? where are you cut at? >> why are you doing that? >> to keep it from getting infected. >> i'm going to keep cutng. >> what would make you stop? >> i'm going to keep on cutting until i'm die. i cut my neck. i ain't playing. >> the last thing i want is for you to hurt yourself more than you already have. >> because coleman has threatened his own life, he is moved to a holding cell and placed on suicide watches. meanwhile, they search his old cell to find what he used to cut himself with. >> a piece of his arm band. he's been using it to
3:28 am
potentially hurt himself. >> he will exchange his jail uniform for a suicide smock. it will be the only thing covering his body until he is taken off suicide watch. >> it's green. it's really thick. it's not that warm. it has sleeves on it. no real back. you cannot tie in knots. you cannot cut yourself with them. it's just something to cover up with more or less to make sure they don't harm themselves any more. slide your shirt off, t-shirt and everything. >> coleman will be monitored throughout the rest of the evening and seen by mental health staff in the morning. >> it does take a lot of manpower and time-out of our day. it's not the just one officer having to deal with this, multiple officers, the sergeant having to do paperwork, and a site doctor will be up here tomorrow to talk to him.
3:29 am
coming up, antonio coleman prompts an emergency response. then -- facing heinous charges, two co-defendants profess their love for each other. [ male announcer ] away... [ children laughing ] ♪ the smell of salt in the air. ♪ it's the sound a seashell makes. [ seagulls calling ]
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hey there. here's what's happening. presidents of nicaragua and venezuela are willing to give eric snowden asylum. bail set $2 million for a man arrested near the university of washington in seattle. jasper was driving a stolen pickup truck of weapons. a volcano is spewing ash near mexico city has forced usair lines to cancel more flights. now back to the program. due to mature subject
3:33 am
matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> time is approximately 1749 hours. antonio coleman 5 cell north 3. >> antonio coleman had recently been put on suicide watch at the louisville department of corrections jail. now the special operations response team or s.o.r.t. is sent to remove him from his cell due to disturbance. >> the team has flooded his cell. he was hitting his head on the wall.
3:34 am
he threatened the officer on watch to kick his ass. >> go to your knees. on your knees. cross your ankles. put your hands on top of your head. we'll go on three. >> coleman is placed into an emergency restraint chair. he will be bound at the legs, wrists, and waist. >> we can clean the water up,
3:35 am
things like that. we can put up with something kicking on the door here and there. but when they're self-abusive or damaging department property, those are red flags for us. they really have to be addressed. we can't allow them to be self-abusive. so he was placed in the chair for that reason. >> after his wound is treated by medical personnel, coleman is fitted with head gear to prevent further injury. >> he will be in that two hours. we will assess him. hopefully he has had time to calm down from that. what we're going to do now is we're just going to go over and talk to him. he's been in the chair now for a a half hour, 45 minutes. >> what's up, antonio? why was you hitting your head on the wall in there in your cell? why don't you tell me about
3:36 am
that. >> so that's why you flooded and everything. >> yeah. >> you have another 45 minutes or so. >> i'm done. my head hurt. >> no wonder your head hurts. you were beating it on the wall. that didn't solve nothing, did it? >> no. >> you beating your head on the wall is part of what got you in here. you could be in your cell, upset but you wouldn't be restrained like this. so it's up to you to get all this passed. your attitude and your behavior is going to dictate what we're going to do. >> can you get me some water. my mouth is dry as [ bleep ] in here. >> you can't met nobody until you met me, [ bleep ]. >> mary lohden was a challenge pore officers as well. >> [ bleep ], just do the damn
3:37 am
thing then, [ bleep ]. >> but today, now housed in a woman's door, lohden says she has a different view. >> i'm just lovely today. this is a transformation. i took some time, thought, and process and figured out that wasn't the place for me to be. i have the gift of tkpab. i would rather be in an environment where i'm involved with the population instead of isolated. our tv is not on yet until we get done mopping. as long as we mop, scrub down our showers and sinks. see how pearly. see how them sinks are shine something ma'am, them are glistening over there. life in the dorm is not that bad. you pretty much get along with everybody. it goes well. everything is swell. >> we got all the good treats in
3:38 am
the world. we got the fritos, everything imaginable today. we are loving it. okay. if i get another elbow to the head, i'm going to start throwing. >> over the last year and a half, lohden has been in and out 11 times, all of her offenses rooted to an addiction to pain pills it. >> was my down fill. it's like i gave it up. gave it all up. first i gave my home up, then my car, eventually i gave my kids up because the drug took over my life. i want to get a good job, stay clean and sober, get my kids, get a home. just live happy ever after. >> a happily ever after ending is not likely in the future for dennis hall. these days he does little more than ponder the sentence coming his way and thinking of his
3:39 am
girlfriend and co-defendant. >> that you restore everything that was taken back and renight us with your children and our family, lord, in the name of jesus. hallelujah. praise god. give me a hug. >> and even though the couple is only living about 500 feet away from each other, their lives couldn't be further apart. >> i cry now and then. you know, i get heather on my mind. or i'll get one of her letters out and read it. >> i gaze out of the window and look up at the moon. i play the waiting game and pray you'll be here soon. heather. snookums. she's a hard one to describe. i've never had so much love pointing to me. >> dennis actually drew this one for me. like a motorcycle wing. snookums which is what he calls
3:40 am
me. he had just got off work. he had those little cut off shorts, a wife beater, and a long beard. he looked crazy but sexy. >> but theirs is not a normal love story. hall admits to murdering their roommate, whose brother is a correctional officer here at louisville correction. barringer helped hall move the body to the basement and covering up the crime. both cashed disability and social security checks to fund their drug habits. >> heather don't belong here. she only knew about it. i told her to testify against me. i told her to turn in state's evidence. i said go ahead and testify if you have to.
3:41 am
that's what she might be doing. >> if she testifies against you? >> i still love her. there's nothing that can take my love from her. that's one thing i do have going for me. nobody can take that love >> coming up. >> ready to go forward on the final sentencing? >> hall faces the judge and the brother of his victim. . and -- >> does the court scare you sometimes? >> sometimes. >> mental health staff try to break through to antonio coleman. oni breath fast with tums freshers. concentrated relief that goes to work in seconds and freshens breath. tums freshers. ♪ tum...tum...tum...tum... tums! ♪ fast heartburn relief and minty fresh breath. see, i knew testosterone could affect sex drive, but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% testosterone gel.
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100% whole grain brown rice and wheat and bake it with real sweet potato or savory red bean? a new line of triscuit crackers with a delicious taste and a crispier crunch. brown rice triscuit. a new take on an old favorite. [ slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums you doing all right? >> the louisville metro department of corrections jail
3:45 am
grapples with a problem that plagued jails nationwide. an ever-increasing population of mentally ill inmates who require significantly more medical care and staff attention than other inmates. >> it is actually becoming a national epidemic. we deal with a population that oftentimes apply with treatment. it can result in criminal behavior. you have some that become assaultive and aggressive. it is related to symptoms of the mental illness. >> while not classified as mentally ill, antonio coleman frequently receives attention from mental health staff for self-abusive behavior, including cutting. he was recently in a restrained chair after threatening suicide. >> are you thinking about hurting yourself now? >> no, sir. >> do you want to hurt anybody else? >> no, sir. >> you don't want to hurt
3:46 am
yourself? >> no, sir. >> he thinks coleman's recent sentencing of five years for robbery and assault is a contributing fact or of this behavior. >> does the court scare you sometimes? >> sometimes. >> is that why you got so upset was because of court last week? >> yeah. >> what were you worried about? >> i didn't know what it was like and what it was going to be. >> so next time you go to court you won't be so scared. is that what you mean? >> yeah. i already know what's going on. >> and i believe you will. when you're in new territory it can be scary. >> yeah. >> but once you've been there before you're not so scared. >> yeah. >> does it make sense? >> yeah. >> i can feel that way too. >> do you want to get your clothes back. >> yes. >> get your jumpsuit? >> yes. >> and go back to your level 2?
3:47 am
>> yes, sir. >> thank you. >> staff are hopeful that coleman has calmed down and might remain so until his upcoming transfer to state prison. but mary lohden has had a setback. >> i'm back in here where i first started. >> she has been sent to segregation for 15 days after an officer found her with cash and a lighter. >> when he told me i was going to get 15 days in here, i was ready just to clock out, which means i was ready to uppercut him. i felt like uppercutting the the man. you know what i'm saying? and i'm glad i didn't have my little outburst or anything. yeah. i felt very, very angry. >> lohden's segregation cell is considerably different. >> the day drags. it drags and drags.
3:48 am
it seems like you're in here even longer. one day is like two or three days. you don't get to use no phones or nothing. you can barely see the tv. i am in a good spot where i can see the tv a little bit. this is only open because we're about to eat. once we get done eating the slot goes back up. it's no fun at all. i take things for granted in my life. i took a lot of things in granted for my life. the important things i always slip up on. so i'm going to try to work on that so i don't keep on coming back here. >> aaron beyerle also has a history of coming back to jail on various drug-related charges. this time he received a five-year prison sentence and could be transferred out any day. so he's doing his best to stay in shape, since his gym privileges were suspended after he was caught with contra band. >> you can't do no cardio in
3:49 am
here unless you want to look retarded. >> it is just one way beyerle deals with the monday not any of jail. >> the best is going to sleep because i have a few hours of freedom. i'm always on the streets when i'm dreaming. i'm never locked up. it takes me out of this environment for a good six, seven, eight hours. >> while beyerle's dreams over him a brief reprieve, den his hall has just made a deal for a far more significant break. >> can you raise your right hand for me. >> he's been at louisville metro two years facing a potential death sentence but just reached a plea agreement with prosecutors to spare his life. >> at this point in time mr. hall would like to withdraw his plea of not guilty. >> instead he will serve 40
3:50 am
years in prison. >> 40 years is a long time. it's basically a lifetime. >> step over there. place your hands on the wall. >> hall's co-defendant has also reached a plea agreement. the most serious of her charges, complicity to murder, has been dropped. >> i was sentenced for tampering with physical evidence and possession of a forged document. that's all. just those two things. it's 10 years at 20%, which is two years. >> because baringer has also been at the jail for almost two years she could serve as little as an additional three months in prison. >> i will be on probation for the next 10 years. okay. as long as i don't do anything wrong, break any laws, my life will go back to being normal. >> baringer's new normal will be one without hall. >> i miss him. i wished all of this wouldn't
3:51 am
have happened. i never planned for this to be part of my life. i still have feelings for him. but i'm going to try for the rest of my life to worry about me. >> remember the good times because we can't be together no more. just remember each other. i never had no one love me like heather. i love her. i always will. coming up, dennis hall goes back to court again. but this time to hear from the brother of his victim. >> i had a lot of sleepless nights whether or not to allow the state to take its course or for me to do the job myself. this summer was definitely worth the wait. ♪ summer's best event from cadillac. let summer try and pass you by.
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unlike prison, sentenced inmates arrive in jails all over the state, jail inmates come from a much smaller region. they often know each other on the streets. dennis hall has an especially uneasy acquaintance. hall murdered his brother. and today he must appear in court for formal sentencing. >> on the record in the case of kentucky versus dennis m. hall. we passed this case briefly to allow the victim's family the opportunity to be present for final sentencing. the only rule is that you have to address me personally. this is not a chance to talk to mr. hall. it's a chance to talk about mr. hall, but address me and not speak to him directly. it's hard, but that's not the way it's got to be, okay?
3:56 am
anybody have anything they want to 28th me before i post sentence? >> chad bishop has been preparing for this day and has his statement ready for the judge. >> he doesn't realize this but his sentencing today you're setting me free. i had a lot of restless night resting on the decision whether to allow the state to take its course or for me to do the job myself, to be honest. but i have more than myself to think about. so i'll allow justice in the state to units course. they'll be doing my job for me. and it won't be quick and painless. it's going to be over a very long period of time where every day he gets to die just a little
3:57 am
bit more. and i work the prison system and i worked for metro corrections. no matter what anybody says, those incarcerated for a long period of time they do die a little bit every day. because they don't get to do the things that we in the free world do. it's not going to bring my brother back. it's not going to repair the damage that was done. i don't want anybody to say that they're sorry. i know the only reason they're sorry is they were sorry for getting caught. it's a military thing. i bought victory cigars not long aofplgt i'll be smoking one this evening. and i have a very special one that cost me $22 that i'm saving for the day when i get the phone call from one of the institutions and they tell me that he's finally dead.
3:58 am
well, our family is going to be getting together that very evening, and i'm not kidding, and we're going to be throwing a dennis hall is dead and he's in hell party. and that's going to be a day of celebration for the family bishop. so i would like to thank you for your time. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> i was actually hoping to look dennis hall right in the eyes. and i wanted him to know that i meant every word i said. let there be no mistake. when men talk, usually we look each other in the eyes. so i wanted to look him in the eyes and let him know how i actually felt. when the judge told me i had to address the court, that took a little bit of the satisfaction out of being able to express myself. but i took my best shot because that's the last time he and i
3:59 am
are going to see each other or be in the same room together again. >> mr. hall, i don't know what happens once you go behind that door. i think you do. you've been to the penitentiary. it's a wholly unpleasant place to be. my hope for you, and it is for everybody in your situation, is that you take advantage of whatever opportunities are there for you. and that at some point you develop a sense of 'empathy for what you've done to these people. not just to mr. bishop but to his family. and the curse of that is that you will feel the horror of that. but the blessing of that is that will allow you to change. good luck with what happens next. thank you all.
4:00 am
is edward snowden's wait over? two countries now willing to take the nsa leaker in. the prosecution has rested and now members of both families have testified. so what does it all mean? it's a big travel weekend. what better time for the inside scoop. what really happens in the cockpit? plus, the dow reaching 60,000. is that really possible. why one money expert says yeah. good morning, everyone. welcome to weekends with alex whitt. let's get to what's happening out there. deve


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