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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 8, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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right now on "first look," developing overnight another plane has crashed killing all ten people on board. flight 214 was traveling well below its target landing speed and the pilot was new to the 777. unrest in egypt, pushing up the price of oil. plus 19 arizona firefighters remembered in a solemn ceremony. d-day for edward snowden. and 40 people still missing from a train derail m. good morning to you. i'm veronica delaware la cruise.
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this morning there is word it's happened again. this time in alaska. officials say all ten people were killed on board. the plane crashed just after takeoff around 11:00 a.m. local. no word on a cause, but it's the second small plane crash in alaska since june 28th in a states where air traffic is frequent. a team from the ntsb is scheduled to arrive this afternoon. now to the crash of flight 214 in san francisco. this morning we're the getting our first look inside the jumbo jet. you can see what's left with many seats becoming mangled on impact. the voice recorder has been recovered. they are looking closely at the plane's actions shortly before the crash when i pilots appeared
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to abort the landing. >> a go-around occurred 1.5 seconds before impact. >> the crash tore the plane into two main pieces with its tail separating from the rest of the plane. it's still unclear what role, if any, the pilot played 234 the accident. it was the pilot's training flight in a 777 but that he had thousands of hours of experience and had landed 747s before at san francisco's airport. of the 307 people on board two teens from china are confirmed dead and officials are looking into one of those 16-year-old girls might have been killed by a rescue vehicle. an autopsy will be performed later this week. answers of asylum for edward snowden. three countries are offering to harbor him and he must respond to one of those countries today.
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any indication that snowden will respond by today? >> reporter: so far there's no sign that snowden has responded one way or the other or will today to venezuelvenezuela's of. it came from the foreign minister, but many believe the time line is being driven. president putin has concluded that keeping the fugitive even in a no man's land is a no-win situation for him. he really wants to see snowden's back as soon as possible. he has other options. two others have offered him asyl asylum. the problem, of course, is that even if snowden responds positively, how is he going to get there? he has no travel documents and all flights to these locations go via havana cuba that flies over u.s. air space.
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we saw last week what can happen. it can be risky for planes and pilots if snowden is thought to be on board. so the saga is far from over. >> jim, thank you. now to egypt where violence persists amongst a dramatic shift in power. 42 people are dead and 300 hurt after an attack in cairo. some lawmakers are calling for the u.s. to quash to egypt's government. >> reluctantly, i believe we have to suspend aid until such time as there is a new constitution and a free and fair election. the united states should not be supporting this coup. >> what is the latest? >> reporter: good morning,
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veronica. it was a bloody start to the morning as pro morsi supporters clashed with the egyptian military this morning in the predawn hours. it was just as the sun was rising. according to the army, they say they were being attacked by supporters who were forced to respond. they called them terrorists but according to supporters under attack, they say it was an unprovoked attack and the army came after them in an area they had been sitting in for many days and have been calling for the reinstatement of morsi. the 77-year-old drought is finally over for wimbledon. the first win since 1936. the prime minister said it was
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an amazing day for andy murray and an incredible day for britain. congratulations. and now here's your first look at this morning's dish of scr scrambled politics. move over anthony weiner. another disgraced new york politician will be on the ballot. eliot spitzer announcing plans to run. he was named in a wide ranging prostitution scandal. no word on if the announcement is connected with the release of his new book. out west the daughter of dick cheney is bumping up against the establish m. she's made no sket of her intention to run for a senate seat, but there's a problem. current senator says he has no plans to retire when he's up for reelection next year. in critical condition for an undies closed condition. she felt ill over the weekend while on vacation.
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surprising words from president george w. bush on same-sex marriage. it is a far cry from the man who once put his weight behind a constitutional amendment. >> it's very important for people not to be overly critical of someone else until you have examined your own heart. >> the former president speaking on immigration saying he was disappointed it wasn't passed under his watch but says it stands a real chance this time around. michael mccall says the chamber will be approaching it with smaller doses. >> it's what the american people wa want. they don't want a comprehensive bill like with obama care passed in the middle of the night.
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they what they want is regular order pieces of legislation. >> this afternoon rick perry is expected to unveiled exiling future plans. he could announce a run for a fourth term as governor or a bid for the presidency in 2016. and anthony weiner's wife has failed to respond on her finances. she had a part-time job while serving as a top aid to hillary clinton. and that's going to do it for your morning dish of scrambled politics. the heat wave continues in northeast. temperatures reached 105 with all of that humidity in some cities over the weekend. but the kids definitely have the right idea. >> water was the key. water or stay in the frozen food aisle. >> with your head in the freezer.
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you were listening to me. good morning, everyone. we're waking up to a tropical storm, the third named storm of the season. it it could be somewhere off the east coast five days from now. it's well out in the atlantic now but it's moving fast. it will be moving towards barbados and the bahamas. you notice any time we have a storm approach iing the eastern u.s. from the south, warm water, you have to watch it closely. but as of now, it's not expected to be a big storm. but intensity forecasts are not the best. we'll watch that for you this week. it was hot yesterday. pick your city. the only exception was atlanta was cool with the rain and clouds. the humidity has made it it feel unbarable. chicago is extremely humid. dew points of 70, that's high.
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a few showers in virginia and washington, d.c. but otherwise, it's going to be just like yesterday. it's hot and humid. if you get an afternoon storm, you're considering yourself lucky. >> it's horrible because you can't make it it to the beach. it runs a perfect beach day. >> the mornings are better. the defense beginning presenting their case in the george zimmerman trial. plus the search for 40 mill misting people. we'll have the details after the break. fpz and didn't know where to start. a contractor before at angie's list, you'll find reviews
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. welcome back. defense attorneys calling their witnesses to the stand today in the trial of george zimmerman. the man who has pleaded not guilty in the death of trayvon martin. zimmerman contends he acted in self-defense. sara is outside the courthouse in sanford, florida. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, veroni veronica. a new week and a new chapter in the trial of george zimmerman as the defense prepares for their first full day at the helm. through nine days of testimony
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and 38 witnesses, the prosecution laid out their attempt to show george zimmerman as an overzealous neighborhood watch volunteer who set in motion a deadly chain of events. now it's the defense's turn. so far they have been able to use the prosecution's own witnesses to build a case of a man protecting his own life with his pulled the trigger. they could wrap up by wednesday or thursday. >> everyone on the outside was like, wow, but i knew these weren't state or defense witnesses. >> my son is trayvon martin. >> reporter: prosecutor's called trayvon martin's mother to listen to the screams in the background of a 911 call. >> so you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> what's your name?
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>> just, there's gunshots. >> and to identify them. >> ma'am, that screaming or yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. >> and who do you recognize that to be, ma'am? >> trayvon martin. >> reporter: jurors heard testimony from martin's older brother and the medical examiner who stated trayvon martin lived one to ten minutes after being shot. when the defense took the reigns late friday, they called george zimmerman's uncle and mother to the stand who also testified about the 911 call screams. >> do you know whose voice that was screaming in the background? >> yes, sir. >> and whose voice was that? >> my son george. >> reporter: both mothers swear ing that voice belongs to their son and a jury who must decide who is correct. other stories making news this morning, last night fire officials said two tankers from
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the train derailment are still on fire. raising the risk of more explosions. five people are confirmed dead with 40 more missing after the train crashed into the small town. canada's prime minister called the accident around unbelievable disaster. a procession of 19 white hearses carrying the remains of the arizona firefighters passed through on sunday. hundreds gathered on the streets to pay the respect on their final journey. now for your first look at business we turn to courtney reagan. >> futures are higher now following friday's better than expected jobs report. investors get data this week on consumer and inflation and the fed feed meting. the unemployed are starting to get hit by the sequester cuts. the jobless benefit falls by
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$43. the number of people working part-time is atd the highest level since october. and facebook. s to make it easier to find people on the web. starting today the social network is responding to millions of users on its english site. >> thank you so much. some more unemployment news. hiring is up, but many realize it's in temporary jobs. 17 million americans or 12% of the workforce is a temp, freelancer. whole foods is recalling a brand of cheese sold in 30 states and washington, d.c. a bacterial infection sickened a number of people and killed one person. do you know the name douglas dayton? maybe not, but you surely know target. the company he founded, he died friday after a battle of cancer. excessive drinking costs the
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u.s. economy $220 billion in lost productivity. americans throw back about 117 billion alcoholic drinks a year and hangovers cost $1.37 per drink in lost productivity just in case you're wondering. coming up next, your sports highlights. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet.
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welcome back to "first
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look." let's get the latest in sports from richard lui. >> let's talk lucky numbers. after 77 long years, a british man andy murray winning wimbledon. >> andy murray's moment at wimbledon and finally the great british drought is over. >> an entire country feeling that emotion. three straight sets gave him the win. this is the first for a male brit since back in 1936. the last british woman winner was in 1977. the angels make it 10 wins in 12 games.
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he gave up five hits while shutting out boston 3-0. a tribute to victims of the sandy hook elementary school tragedy. the voices choir sang the national anthem. ♪ o, say can you see ♪ by the darns early light >> perhaps it was the socks he was wearing in the game, rivera blowing his first save since 2010. baltimore beat new york 2-1. derek jeter returns to pennsylvania for a aaa game. he singled in a second rehab game. he's recovering from a broken ankle bone last october. ramirez had a single in his game with the rangers aaa team. he's not played in the majors since 2011. he was suspended for using
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performance-enhancing drugs. it's day two. look at those things running down the street fps the nine-day running of the bulls event. they safely run the half mile run. the bulls can be over 1200 pounds. several people were injured, no one was gored. >> you have done this. >>. we'll talk about that later. >> okay. i'm holding you to that. coming up, richard will be back with bill karins. we'll tell you what caught our eyes. for the two of you... and you can make them even more special... with fancy feast mornings. mornings are delicious protein-rich entrées... with garden veggies and egg. each one perfectly designed... to start her day with a little love. fancy feast mornings gourmet cat food.
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it's time for your first buzz. we're talking bulls, mud and baby sloths. >> what a mix here. >> we're going to start with the bulls. before the break, we were talking ab the running of the bulls. richard has done this. >> it was a long time ago. it's pretty dangerous because it's the humans you're worried about. in the pictures, you can see some folks falling down. >> so that was you? >> that was me. so three groups. i was in group number two. that's group number one. my spanish friends were like what are you doing? >> you run into the arena. >> you get in the arena and they push aside the bulls and you get to wrestle with the calves. >> why did you do this? >> it's because you were with your friends. have to do it it once. >> billy crystal does it it.
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bill karins? >> i'm here to help. everyone is trying to figure out how to beat the heat. these kids had a good idea. playing in the mud in central japan. this is what they did to get through their heat wave. i expect photos from you this afternoon as you try this yourselves. >> the parents love it it too i'm sure. >> baby sloths. take a look at this. this is your awe moment for the day. this is the minneapolis zoo. you have mama and baby sloth and this is breakfast time. how cute is that? ru chard is looking like i'm crazy. come on. >>s th >> that is the lowest on the cute factor. >> i think they are adorable. >> i was considering an ant eater, but not the sloth. >> so you're putting that up there with a panda bear? >> mama and baby feeding time is
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adorable. it's heartwarming. >> i can't help you with this moment. i thought you'd be on my side. this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned because "way too early" starts right now. i was holding on so tight. and bam. the impact was so powerful. if i did not have the strap going around my chest, i probably hit the ceiling of the plane. that's how hard it was. and then the plane was tilted like this. so i was like this. and then i hit the ground one more time. from that moment, my mind was blank.
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>> a harrowing experience and the pie llot of that plane may e logged less than 50 hours flying a 777. 40 people are dead after shootings outside a military building in cairo. and first anthony weiner running for mayor and new york has another disgraced politician attempting a comeback. this time eliot spitzer. not teasing. this is "way too early." good morning, everybody. you go away for a holiday weekend and a lot happens. we want to get you up to speed on stories we're following. starting from the latest of the investigation of the plane crash in san francisco. the pilot of flight 214 was still


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