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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  July 10, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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i'm surprised at hue many politicians have child in on broccoli. we'll have it for you in the cooler. good morning, everybody. i'm brian shackman. wednesday, july the 10th. some disturbing details in the aaron hernandez murder case. in the cooler, perhaps the best on air correction in the history of television. maybe i'm being a little hyperbolic, but we like this a lot. we begin this morning with details on what happened inside the cockpit of asiana flight 214 moments before it crashed on to a san francisco runway. federal investigators say the pilots thought they had set the plane's auto throttle when they came in for landing. the training captain who was on his first flight as an instructor believed the passenger's jet was coming in at the correct speed of 137 knots. at about 200 feet out he realized they were too low and
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too slow because the lights at the end of the runway weren't lining up. >> after the impact the aircraft ballooned. it yawed left. and it went into a 360 degree spin. >> two flight attendants were ejected out of the aircraft as it crash landed. another member was trapped for a short time under an emergency chute that had inflated. the airline's president arrived in san francisco which you might expect a media frenzy. he plans to apologize to survivors in the hospital. he said it was too early to blame the accident on pilot error. by the way, delays continue at sfo with the runway still closed. some flights delayed as much as an hour and 70 flights were outride canceled tuesday alone. canadian authorities are opening a criminal probe in the deadly crash of oil tankers and that train in quebec. the death toll now stands at 15
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with dozens still missing. the corner's office said some of the victims, this is totally disturbing, may have been vaporized in last saturday's explosion with terrorism ruled out, the head of the rail company that operated the train has accused local firefighters of disabling the train's air brakes while fighting a smaller fire aboard earlier in the day. >> the train had the engine shut down earlier. they didn't do this on purpose. >> what happened? >> the firemen shut down -- they should have gotten the locomotive engineer and taken him to the scene with them. but it's easy to say what should have happened. we're dealing with what happened. >> the local fire chief denies any improper procedure by his crew. let's turn our attention
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overseas now where egypt's interim president has appointed a new prime minister and vice president in the hopes to bring some stability to the country. the muslim brotherhood rejecting the timetable to establish a new government. they say the appointments are i will will illegitimate actions. they said they're cautiously concerned about the free election. the defense expected to rest this week in the murder trial of george zimmerman. yesterday a forensic pathologist testified that gun powder marks around the bullet hoelg in trayvon martin's chest suggest the 17-year-old was on top of the neighborhood watchman at the time of the shooting. >> so the wound itself by the gap, by the powder tattooing in the face of contact of the
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clothing indicated -- indicates that this is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account that he -- that mr. martin was over him leaning forward at the time he was shot. >> today the judge is expected to decide the fate of a 3d re-creation of the altercation between martin and zimmerman produced by the defense. last friday prosecutors filed a motion to block it in court. let's go to boston. where two gangsters come face to face in a courtroom, you can expect things to get a little bit heated. yesterday, kevin weeks, a former partner of james whitey bulger took the stabbnd and testified against his former boss. he was asked if he has any remorse for the five killings. weeks responded, five people are dead. it bothers me. we killed people who are rats and i have the two biggest rats
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right next to me. bulger then lashed out saying, you suck and weeks responded, f you, okay? which prompted bulger to follow suit saying, f you, too, says the 83-year-old ending with weeks asking, what do you want to do? that's me paraphrasing the energy. what do you want to do? do you want to take this outside? if only we had cameras in that courtroom. yesterday's exchange was the first time bulger and weeks had spoken to each other in 16 years. also in the boston area, dzhokhar tsarnaev will make his first appearance in a federal court room. victims, family members and survivors of the attack are expected to be at the heavily attended hearing. he faces a litany of charges in the spree of violence in april that left four people dead and some 260 people injured. of course, those images still pretty tough to watch. in arizona, a bell tolled for each of the 19 firefighters killed in the yarnell hill wild
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fire. thousands of first responders came from far and wide to remember the men who were overcome unexpectedly by the flames. outside, thousands more withstood the heat of summer to pay a final tribute to members of the granite mountain hot shots. the loan surviving member of the crew read the prayer. vice president biden invoked an old saying, all men are created equal and then a few become firefighters. >> i know that the cliff jumper, rock climber, mountain biker, football player, iraqi vet, marine, son of a firefighter. i know them. confident, committed, determined, trustworthy, passionate, they were firefighters. i know them because they saved the life of my two sons. >> that fire, by the way, is 90% contained with more than 200
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firefighters still hard at work battling it. many evacuees returning home absolutely stunned to see the breadth of the destruction. to capitol hill where republicans are not expected to block the nomination of james comby as fbi director. he faced numerous questions related to national security. >> when i first learned about water boarding, when i became deputy attorney general, my reaction as a citizen and a leader was this is torture. it's still what i think. i went to the attorney general and said, this is wrong. this is awful. you have to go to the white house and force them to stare at this and answer that question. i believe the answer is we should not be involved this kind of stuff. >> comey also weighed in on the nsa's surveillance programs saying they were necessary to protect the united states. still he added that he would like to see more transparency with the see cred fiza court.
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if confirmed he would serve a ten year term as director of the fbi. >> any time sarah palin talks you have to pay a little attention, i guess. there's word that she's mulling a return to public office. in a radio interview palin said she's considering running for u.s. senate in her own state. >> i've considered it because people have requested me considering it, but i'm still waiting to see what the lineup will be and hoping, there again, there will be new blood, new energy. not picking from the same old politicians in the state. >> from a media perspective, we would love for her to run. >> maed treadwell and the previous nominee in 2010, joe miller. turning our attention to business. wall street, the dow gaining 75 points. however, the international monetary fund revising its
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global globe forecast for the next two years saying it expects economic activity to slow down because of the recession in europe. let's check in with cnbc's jeff cutler live in london. we can't blame you for that, right? you guys are still dealing with quite a bit of negative head winds there. >> yeah. i mean, i'm a britt. we're talking about the continental european. i will push the thoughts on down the road on this one. the imf was saying the u.k. may grow more than it had anticipated. they cited europe and they cited china and brazil and they said 3.1, not 3.3 this year. when it comes to next year, 3.8 and not 4. i'll tell you what, the u.s. also got a cut as well. 1.7 as opposed to 1.9. christine la guard has been critical. the ftc has slapped a fine of
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$3.2 million on a debt collection agency. this company is called expert global solutions. i guess nobody really likes debt collection agencies. there will be those that will cheer this. apparently this company was chasing debt for people that they didn't even owe. i guess it's about time that industry had a little bit of a slap on the wrist, brian. >> every year scott does a great job over at cnbc. he does the best states for business. he finished his tour on that. what were some of the results? >> yeah. south dakota actually came in at number one. you look down the list. it's a number of states that do appear to be more business friendly. they offer good competition on the ten categories that he looked at. you've got texas, north dakota, nebraska up there top of the league here. >> right. >> i was surprised. maybe i don't know the states well enough. hawaii dragging up in last
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place. apparently they got kicked on infrastructure and also access to capital issues. hawaii may be a nice place to go but apparently a nice place to start a business. >> i wouldn't mind working there. 4% unemployment and texas and north dakota dealing with the oil boon that we have in the u.s. still ahead on "way too early," new details emerging about the p.e.d. investigation. how ryan braun is responding or not responding to questions in baseball. and baby names. we have one web side that says pretty random names are being looked at. we're not talking about apple, prince, or north. we want to know the most out there names that you've heard that are legit. tweet out your best ones using #waytoobrutal. they don't have good ones like mike and brian anymore. we'll read the most interesting ones at the end of the show.
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we'll have a check on weather when "way too early" comes back. a u.s. women's soccer team played in the rose bowl before 92,000 people for the championship of the world. two overtimes weren't enough. the game was decided by penalty kicks. the u.s. team defeated the team from china by a score of 5-4. ♪
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i met a turtle friend today so, you don't get that very often. it seemed like it was more than happy to have us in his home. so beautiful. avo: more travel. more options. more personal. whatever you're looking for expedia has more ways to help you find yours. now to sports or i guess you can call it sports. an athlete is involved in the story. troubling new details emerging in the aaron hernandez murder case after the judge ordered documents to be released to the public. one of hernandez's accomplices, carlos ortiz reportedly told police that hernandez admitted to friends to killing odin lloyd. hernandez was uncooperative when
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the police first showed up at his house. hernandez has pleaded not guilty to first degree murder in the death of lloyd. hernandez has reportedly been eyed for his connection to a double murder in boston last year. court records show a vehicle wanted in the incident near a nightclub has been tracked down in hernandez's hometown of bristol, connecticut. a vehicle has been rented in hernandez's name. to baseball, again, this is sort of baseball. suspensions may be coming for as many as 20 major league players. that according to espn's "outside the lines." sources tell espn brewers slugger ryan braun continued to fail to answer questions to the mlb about performance enhancing drugs. i will point out that a lot of players have also refused to answer questions. yankees first baseman alex rodriguez will meet with mlb officials in the coming week. sources say he'll also likely refuse to answer questions.
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the commissioner's office is expected to suspend braun, rodriguez, and nearly 20 other players linked to biogenesis including nelson cruz and melky cabrera. let's go to games, please. the white sox tied an american league record, 6 for 6. i remembered him in new haven when he was alexis rios. 32nd player to accomplish the fete. the white sox won the game 11-4. he's a good player, not a great player? yeah. you sort of nailed it. let's do that one again. twins, fly ball. that's not cansecoesque. the ball bounces off of his head. oh, that's tough. if you're a hockey fan, this is news that may surprise you. former nhl player, george la rock has announced his
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intentions to run for canadian house of commons. as a player he dropped the gloves 142 times. over 1,000 penalty minutes. now he's running as a candidate in the green party because he left hockey, he's switched to vegan. his platform includes strong support of no violence and marijuana and illegalization of prostitution. the player who had the ball hit off his head is waldo arcia. it wasn't cansecoesque off the head, but it still was pretty bad. >> easily bad. >> what's going on? >> chantal, we talked about that yesterday. >> yeah, how's she doing? >> falling apart, thankfully. >> oh, good. >> good news for florida and the southeast. i think this will bring rain your way over the weekend, but nothing that will do any devastation or destruction. it is a strong storm. it will move over haiti and cuba. the hurricane center has a path
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that gets your attention but it's going to be very weak. not anything that anyone needs to do any prep or preparation for. if you're driving this morning, the worst weather by far in between pittsburgh and cleveland, downpouring. a lot of flooding. poured overnight. one batch of thunderstorms after another. later today this front will spark additional storms. louisville, cincinnati, pittsburgh, up to central new york. middle of the country, dallas, hot, 101. they're easily getting up there to the hottest period of the year. >> thank you very much. coming up at the top of the hour. "morning joe," asiana flight 214. what we're learning about pilot training that may have put the flight at risk. when we come back here we will of course huddle around the cooler. the politics of broccoli. we'll trace the origins over two decades of partisan intent and debate. ♪
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at the top of the show we talked about the ongoing investigation into the asiana 214 flight crash. you can tell your friends in order to secure a pilot's license the faa mandates 250 flight hours but the faa has
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proposed raising that number to 1500 which could take effect in august. but that was met with some opposition from the aviation industry. to the cooler. the first lady at the white house hosting a party. turning into a debate. the president stopped by and told a 9-year-old girl his favorite food was broccoli. the twitterverse went crazy. he's a flip-flopper. others say it's a partisan issue. >> i do not like broccoli! and i haven't liked it since i was a little kid and my mother made me eat it. and i'm president of the united states, and i'm not going to eat anymore broccoli. >> you define the market as food, therefore, everybody's in the market. therefore, you can make people buy broccoli. >> new jersey governor chris christie also took a stance on the food when asked about obama care's individual mandate. he said, what's next, i'm
2:54 am
mandated to eat broccoli? what happens if congress decides there's a crisis in the broccoli industry and mandates us to eat broccoli. back in the '92 presidential campaign, hillary clinton and tipper gore, they look so spritely and young. they held the vegetable next to a sign that said, let's put broccoli in the white house again. >> looks like the food fight will continue for administrations to come. i feel bad for broccoli. they need some sort of support group. not bad with butter and salt. i'll take it. most people think of motorcyclists as the most courteous. they don't do this. this video may change your mind. he snatches up a coffee cup off the back bumper of a car, right, and he chases her down and he givers it to her and i'm telling you, this isn't staged because, first of all, she dumps it out. she was surprised it landed on her kid. he just drove right off. on youtube he commented, good deed accomplished.
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pretty good driving, by the way. took him a while to catch up to her, too. this is my favorite. it is the absolute best on air correction of all time. last night brian williams and the "nightly news" crew owned up to a mistake on the end of the broadcast. on monday night "nightly news" showed a graphic that omitted new hampshire. we're not pointing it out for the mistake itself but to show you the classy awesome way that brian said he was sorry. >> this calls for a reminder of great things about new hampshire. it's got the best motto, live free or die. and it is the home of the first in the nation primary. it's entire elected delegation is women, governor, two u.s. senators, and members of congress, and while they are all serious people, new hampshire has also given us seth myers and sarah silverman and the inventor of it tupperware and the invent
2:56 am
of paper towels was there. from the peaks of the white mountains to the shores of win any pe sock can i please accept our apologies. a website tracking baby names has a list of the most popular baby names 2013 so far. it has a list based on the most viewed name pages. hopefully people aren't using these names in droves. top girl name imogen, charlotte, harper and number 10, katniss. as for the boys, asher, finn, declan make up the top three. you may recognize number 4. >> what's your name? >> django. >> the d's silent. >> again, it's based on searches. so not necessarily getting these kids names. so it's a little bit flimsy on the credibility department. but anyway we can use a clip
2:57 am
from -- mike? >> yeah. >> mike. willie. you don't get a lot of willie. >> william. >> still ahead on "way too early," your best tweets about the worst baby names. and "morning joe" with an awesome crew, by the way. look at these guys, hard at work in the control room. getting the glasses on. we'll be right back. my mother made the best toffee in the world.
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so we asked the worst baby names legitimate ones. john tower has a few answers. >> we got ta holmes a student named erotica. and marglet, crisscross are all kids i wept to school with. >> that can't be real. >> a slew of them, check out #waytoobrutal. >> sales call today with customer named tiny person. after they hear this hopefully they won't cancel that sales call. time for "morning joe."


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