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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 22, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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hometown of buckleberry. bells will ring for 45 minutes. joining me live now from london nbc correspondent jim maceda. what is the latest, jim? >> reporter: if this is any indication, the number of journalists and well wishers here, it has raised by an order of magnitude since this morning. ten hours now since the photographers tweeted they had seen a conjoy of cars. no ambulance at the time. swing into a side entrance, not this entrance here, of the hospital. that was followed, of course, by a short statement from kensington palace conform confirming that kate was inside and that she was in the early and i have to repeat again and again, early stages of labor, that was ten hours ago. the queen at windsor conflict was alerted this morning. she had no comment. you just mentioned what
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transpired with prince charles. of course, when he was asked that it would happen or could have happened the next six hours, his ply was, you might be right but the labor has already gone on and could go on much longer than that. david cameron had a reaction almost immediately wishing kate and the royal family best wishes for the whole nation calling it a very exciting occasion for all. craig, you're not going to hear anything at all in terms of updates until somebody, a palace official comes out of this door behind me carrying an official birth certificate, taking that to bucking hall palace two and a half miles away by car and put it on that easel in the forecourt of buckingham palace announcing the birth of the baby as 31 years ago, the baby's father william was announced. a little bit of tradition and theater there. back to you. >> a great deal of theater indeed.
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nbc's jim maceda, thanks to you. tom, what are we hearing at this point? we know you're live blogging the latest happenings. can you give us any insight what is happening on the ground and whether this baby could already be born? >> they have been calling it the great kate wait. my sense that wait to be going on a little while longer yet. reports of a car coming from kensington palace bringing the royals there, their laptops and ipads and those kind of things may be a suggestion they might be there for a little while yet. >> tom, what is the average englander saying about all of this? people are incredibly excited about it and it's been the most amazing summer in britain. a lot of people here can't keep the smile off their faces, been
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unbelievably good weather and andy murray another british man winning at wimbledon and kate's baby is the icing on the came is a remarkable summer for the united kingdom. i think people are excited to take their minds off of it a little bit. >> in addition to it being a distraction and you eluded to the economy there, this baby, i understand, is going to be quite the boom for the economy in england. close to 400 million dollars, i'm told. is that right? >> craig, you hear these statistics and these figures a lot. i don't know how much. i don't know whether anyone can really quantify what a baby is worth and i certainly and i think most of my friends here
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don't see this really as a financial opportunity in any way. i think it's just a really exciting moment in our history, because, of course, the thing is this child whether it's a boy or girl because of the change in law is going to be monarch. i hope it is a girl because i think it's an amazing kind of signal, you know, of how the monarchy isn't as feisty more abundance of institution but it's this really exciting modern kind of business really, the ones to move forward in the modern age that believes in gender of equality. for me it's about more than the money. >> tom, let's talk quickly about the names that are being tossed about here. there is a website and i think we have got some of these names that people seem to be betting on. do we have that full screen? i'll throw up a few of them for you. then i'll get your take on what would be the perfect name for will and kate's baby. here we go. well, maybe we don't have the
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names here. >> i'm sure i can ralt some of them off for you, craig. >> give them to me. >> if it's a boy, people really fancy george. george, of course, george the hn vth and vith. george's have been successful and popular monarchs. i think it's if a boy it could well be a george. if it's a girl, a lot of people tipping alexandra which was queen victoria's middle name. i'm not absolutely convinced about the alexandra thing. francis i think is more interesting option as it was actually diana's middle name. royal kids tend to have three or four or five names. >> yes. >> so there is enough to remember a lot of people. i would be very surprised if it's a girl if there isn't the name diana in there somewhere.
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>> "the daily beast" blogger, tom sykes, keep us posted. >> thanks, craig. >> we will have continuing coverage of the royal baby's birth on msnbc. right now, a call for action in florida and beyond. thousands continue to cry for the repeal of controversial stand your ground laws. over the last few days we have seen protests in various cities all over this country and they have been demonstrating against the laws and demanding the justice department file federal civil rights charges against george zimmerman. trayvon martin's mother was among those promising to keep fighting. >> not only do i vow to you to do what i can for trayvon martin, i promise you i'm going to work hard for your children as well because -- >> those rallies followed history making remarks from president obama himself friday. in a surprise appearance in the white house briefing room, mr.
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obama spoke personally about trayvon martin and about race and talked about his own experiences. >> when trayvon martin was first shot, i said that this could have been my son. another way of saying that is trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> meanwhile, in florida, today is day seven of a sit-in by a group oftivestiv activists. >> i can also see that stand your ground law may be splg that needs to be reviewed by florida -- >> you -- >> by the florida legislature or any other legislature. >> do you think the stand your ground law in arizona is worth looking at again? >> i think that -- i think that -- yes, i do and i am confident that the members of the arizona legislature will. >> reverend al sharpton is
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founding president of the national action network and is also host of msnbc "politics nation" at 6:00 eastern monday through friday. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i know your group was behind the 100 city rallies over the weekend. how did they go and what was accomplished? >> it went well. when we announced it last tuesday, it had never been done calling on hahn cities and we were able to do 102 cities. it was in civil rights work historic to be able to pull that off in four days in so many places. but i think what was very critical is that there was no violence anywhere reported, well disciplined and it was able to raise the issue of policy. stand your ground laws, as well as what the justice department was going to do. because everyone keeps talking about we need to have a race conversation and we do but a conversation needs to lead to legislation. we can't just talk about it. we have to do something about it because otherwise we begin to
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profile people all over again by saying, oh, yeah, people, a young man was unarmed was killed. that's talk about it. no, let's also do something about it. >> john mccain is suggesting that the stand your ground laws be reviewed. a lot of republicans don't necessarily agree with that. many of these states where these laws exist aren't just red, they very red. are protests, are calls for change, are those going to be enough to actually change the laws? >> yes. and i'll tell you why. one, because -- and i think we should not gloss over mccain's statement. that was a breakthrough. to have somebody like john mccain agree it should be reviewed should be big news here because he is not someone that always agrees with things like that. but i think that you can protest on design to raise an issue. when you can look all over america and see a hundred cities march peacefully in one day you can't ignore that.
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>> yeah. >> and if you have a national view, the justice department and the congress, the next march is the 50th anniversary march of martin luther king iii is doing with action network and all of us. the congress has to look at this federal law can supersede state law saying these laws violent people's civil rights. that is what the '63 march was about. the '63 march 50 years ago when i was a kid couldn't go. you probably weren't even born. led to the'64 civil rights act. we are talking about national law here. it always starts with protests because if someone doesn't raise the issue, they won't be dealt with. >> i want to get your take on president obama's remarks friday, the surprise remarks from the white house and then the response, if you will, that ensued the past two days. i'll play some of what the president said and then some of the response. take a listen. >> you know, there have been
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talk about should we convene a conversation on race. i haven't seen that be particularly productive when, you know, politicians try to organize conversations. they end up being stilted and politicized. >> i appreciate and applaud the fact that the president did finally show up, but this town has been spinning a store that is not altogether true. he did not walk to the podium for an impromptu address to the nation. he was pushed to that podium. >> was president obama pushed to the podium? >> if you listen to the president's statement, clearly the president talked about personal experiences, he talked about their need of going beyond conversation. i helped organize a lot of the outrage around this. none of it was focused at pushing the president. it was pushing legislation and pushing the criminal justice system.
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a lot of people are personal things no matter what with the president and i get that, but let's not do that at the expense of this family. we did not need the president to preempt the justice department so those that are opposed to this can say, they are not doing an objective federal investigation, they are being ordered by the president because of politics. sometime in our perm frefances for each other we iscan sacrifi justices for the families. >> reverend, always good to see you. you can watch him every night "politics nation" at 6:00 eastern on msnbc. i want to bring in florida state senator chris smith as well. he is a civil rights litigator. he is one of the folks calling for special session to change florida stand your ground law. senator, good to see you. governor rick scott met with protesters at his office on friday and said he is standing by the task force that was convened after the shooting that recommends essentially the law just basically stay the same.
8:13 am
can you give our viewers some insight into why the task force stands behind the law in florida? >> well, the task force put together by the governor were people that were all chosen by the governor who support the law. when put together task force or a group to discuss something, you should put that people there. it was all people that either wrote the law, supported the law, voted for the law. i asked to be on the task force and was declined. i was in the legislature in 2005 and argued against it and thought it would bring an interesting perspective. when you stack the deck, of course, you're going to get the results you want. >> governor scott has indicated he is not going to call a special session. you have not been able to get a committee hearing on stand your ground in the past. when you return from recess, will you change your approach at all? >> yes, we have reached out on twitter and facebook and we started the #hear the bills for
8:14 am
people to tweet to say at least hear the bills. at least let's have a discussion to take you about these bills. after the anderson case last year we had a verdict that people were concerned with, we put a special committee together and looked at the law about reporting their kids when they are missing. we changed the law. we want the same thing in this case. we have floridians are concerned about the direction we are going when it comes to self-defense. we at least want to have the discussion and possibility of changing the law out adjusting the law so it makes sense for a civilized society. >> last week, a lot of talk about boycotting your state. stevie wonder saying he is not going to perform in florida until the state abolished stand your ground. i understand 3,000 likes demanding a boycott of florida. how realistic is it to think that people are going to boycott the entire state of florida,
8:15 am
home of a lot of amusement park, orange juice. >> i think you'll see that voice growing. i've talked to members of the house that this thing could get real. it's snowballing downhill right now. if the legislature comes back and we don't even discuss it again, if we just put our heads in the sand and pretend everything is fine, will you see voices growing and i wouldn't be surprised if it gains more momentum if we don't at least discuss it and why we have been pressing legislature to at least hear the bills, at least let's start the discussion and let's do what the president is saying and do what senator mccain is saying and what reverend says and let's have the discussion in the legislature. last year, they avoided it and this year is the time to act and at least discuss the issues. >> senator chris smith, thank you. here is today's big question. should congress intervene in the
8:16 am
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the battle over the fut of detroit will begin this week in federal court. thursday detroit bake the lars american city ever to file for bankruptcy protection and it could mean more layoffs in detroit and selling off assets and scaling back on more basic services like trash collection. detroit will also be looking to reduce the staggering amount it owes its more than 20,000 retired city workers. of detroit's 18.5 billion in debt, it owes more than $9 billion in pensions and health benefits to retired city workers. those workers, as you might
8:20 am
imagine, are now concerned about losing benefits that they rely on. albert is the president of michigan council 25 of the federation of state and county and municipal employees. i understand you represent about 3,000 detroit city workers. you are also a detroit native, i understand, mr. garrett. first of all, what have you been telling your members in the wake of what happened last thursday? >> well, essentially what we have said to our members is, number one, that we are going to fight the bankruptcy in regards that it is illegal that the state of michigan assures public sector workers that their pensions that have been invested cannot be touched by anyone. what we got is an unlawful governor who actually waived his constitutional obligation to protect those pensions. you may well know we are in court fighting that very issue. >> some retired city workers, a lot of retired city workers
8:21 am
didn't pay into social security. they rely on the pension we are talking about and the governor and others have expressed some concern but they say it's necessary. what are the alternatives to reducing pensions in detroit? >> it ought not be a question of reducing pensions. it ought to be how do we get our hands around the financial obligations of the city of detroit. one of the things that we have said as a union all along to this governor, to the previous mayor and even to the extent we have a chance to talk to him is is there a way we can fight our way out of this? by way of example, michigan council 25 through a intr collaboration with other unions would have roofed the fiscal crisis in the city of detroit as it related to the budget. when we talk about the pension liability we are talking about a long-term debt, doesn't have to be paid off immediately, and also doing fixes that would
8:22 am
allow to reduce that cost by way of example, we cut the total adjustment and due to some of the factors that brings down the cost. what is really going on here is a masterful scheme in which the big money interest in the state of michigan is coupled with the folks in new york, have decided they want to -- >> why? >> without any real voice of the city workers or the citizens. >> but what would be the motivation there? why would there be this grand conspiracy to bring down detroit? >> well, when you say -- i didn't say bring down detroit. >> okay. >> there is a mindset in this state that believes that the folks who currently run the city of detroit ought not run it and they can run it better. for instance, to go into bankruptcy there ought to be good faith bargaining. that hasn't taken place. we have not exchanged one proposal yet we are in bankruptcy court. i think there were four sessions
8:23 am
that we sat down with him and there were more sessions where they basically set up and spoke to us. we didn't exchange ideas. we didn't exchange proposals. it was basically here is what the problem is. mind you, we have been dealing with this problem for quite an extensive period of time. >> not to cut you off but we are running out of time. i want to you at least concede that governance has been at least part of the problem in detroit, michigan. >> you know, what has been the problem in detroit, michigan, is not dissimilar what is the problem in urban centers around this country. there has been disinvestment in the city and, as a consequence of it, you go from 1.5 million to 700,000. what we need is for the governor, the federal government to say, guess what? detroit is vital to the economy in this nation and it needs some love. that love needs to come in terms of some kind of revenue to assist not to bail out the city but, in fact, to help the city. not a bailout.
8:24 am
just to help. >> okay. >> that happened in new york, i mind you. that even happened to some extent in pennsylvania. right now, what is going on in detroit is nobody is doing anything to assist it with revenue and we are just getting this cut, cut, cut mentality that really doesn't address the problem. >> albert garrett, big thanks. do come back. >> thank you. the great wait. we are continuing to follow the breaking news over the pond. all eyes of the world are on that hospital in london. there it is right there. we are, of course, awaiting the arrival of the newest member of the royal family. coming up, we will take a look at the betting odds on names for baby cambridge. also this. >> we should not be judged on how many new laws we create. we ought to be judged on how many laws that we repeal. >> house speaker john boehner on how history should judge one of the most unpopular congress
8:25 am
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[ whispering ] goodnight. there are so many people in our bedroom. [ dennis ] talk to an allstate agent... [ doorbell rings ] ...and let the good life in. back with breaking news now. we continue to wait and watch anxiously that william and kate have welcomed their first baby. we go to anna bell roberts outside buckingham palace where the official baby announcement will take place. i assume still no word, huh? >> that's right, no word at all. however, there are few people gathering behind me as you can see in front of the railings of bucki ingham palace. that is they will see the famous easel and there is the medical bulletin which is when we will find out whether kate has had a boy or girl and we will find
8:29 am
occupy the weight and maybe the color of the eyes and the hair color. what is going to happen next is a royal aide will arrive on the set of the lindo wing at the hospital and they will get into a car. the car will drive to from the hospital to buckingham palace and by a chopper film its every movement and that envelope will be opened and the bulletin attached to the easel. i can tell you that in the last hour or so, the queen who was at windsor castle 40 minutes away by car arrived back at buckingham palace. i know that because the flag on top of the palace changed. so we know she's here. is that significant? who knows. she spent the weekend down at windsor and maybe she was planning to come back at this time on a monday morning. she is to hear the news first when it finally happens.
8:30 am
>> this really is quite the fascinating elaborate production. i understand the baby's name is not going to be announced when the sex and birth weight are posted. if that's true, i think i understand this cleckorrectly w do we get the name of the baby? >> who knows. it took a week for william's name to be relieved and only a day for harry's fame to be released. that is up to kate and william. betizing furious. so much so the name alexandra has been suspended by one betting company. they said they took over $2 million for alexandra. so, obviously, a lot of people out there think a princess is on the way, they know something. the other top names for the girls victoria and charlotte and james, george, frances.
8:31 am
my favorite is alfred but that is not on the list. >> we know kate and william did not want to know the sex of this baby. when it is known, what will be the official title? >> that will be the your royal highness, his royal highness, princess, let's just say of cambridge. that is how this prince or princess will be known and we can be sure every move this prince, princess takes will be followed in the early stages. it's thought the royal couple will take the baby back to kensington palace which is a short distance from where i'm standing at at buckingham palace and the baby will spend his or her fir few days there or may soon head to buckleberry where kate's parents live for a couple of weeks. >> anna bell roberts, live in london, thank you. stay with us for continuing coverage of the royal baby's birth. we will be right back.
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making the case. does the justice department have enough to indict george zimmerman. sabotage as a strategy? is this the future of the republican party? and battle over abortion. state legislatures keeping the heat on new restrictions. those are today's topics for our panel. kate shepherd is with us and corey day. corey, you got this article up today on the root saying it could be very hard for the justice department to bring charges. here is a quote from the article. if the state of florida's prosecution of george zimmerman was an uphill battle, any department of justice effort to prove that he violated trayvon martin's civil rights would face the legal equivalent of mt. everest. why? >> well, craig, proving a federal civil rights crime is one of the most difficult things
8:36 am
for any prosecutor to do. it requires the federal government to meet the highest rules, the most strict rules of evidence but also the highest standards of proof in american law. specifically, they have to prove that george zimmerman had racist thoughts in mind at the moment either leading up to the shooting or right when he pulled the trigger. it's not enough to establish that he may have racially profiled trayvon martin and not enough to establish that he followed trayvon martin. they have to prove that he was harboring racial thoughts and he was motivated by racial bias when he pulled that trigger. really, these kinds of cases are only brought by the justice department when they have the slam dunk and this is anything but. >> politically here, let's talk about that. last week, attorney general eric holder said the justice department shares the concerns of people outraged over the verdict. what would happen if the justice department took this on and then
8:37 am
failed? >> that's really a great question because when president obama made his surprise appearance in the white house briefing room last week, the one thing that came out of that which was interesting was that he made a rather personal, but an eloquent case about why stand your ground laws may actually lead to these types of conflicts. one of these types of things that rarely in politics do you see a politician with a few sentences be able to change people's mind but just in the last few days, i've seen several people now change their position on the stand your ground laws and i think that president obama could actually make that case and challenge some of these laws and that that could be the direction that the administration has on these cases. >> let's pivot here and talk about the article you pointed us toward today the article on gop obstructionism and from jonathan chatman in the new york magazine. it says in part, quote, the terms that we traditionally use to scold bad congress's on
8:38 am
instruction and gridlock don't come close to describing this situation. is what is going on here as a result of leadership absolutely losing control? is it the result of jerry make any difference -- gerrymandering? >> you've seen the republican party move to sabotage now. you have a passed law in president obama's health care reform act passed by the house and senate and signed into law by the president and now speaker boehner taking to the air waves this weekend in an interview talking about how he will do anything possible procedurally to up-end that law and stop it from taking place. when you combine this what happens in the u.s. senate with filibusters on everything. you see it move to outright
8:39 am
sabotage of the government. >> this is what boehner saying seemingly pointless votes repeal obama care. this was his response. take a listen. >> we should not be judged on how many new laws we create. we ought to be judged on how many laws that we repeal. >> kate, is that the clearly synthesized for the gop? >> it seems like it. they haven't focused on getting new things done. it's about blocking and making partisan statements about laws that already exist and clearly what they have been focusing on for years. this isn't exactly new. >> corey, one of the phrases that jumped out at me from the article this idea of procedural extremism. >> right. yeah, procedural extremism is an outgrowth of the issues they have been dealing with -- outgrowth of their strategy until now. this is all about the midterm elections for next year. they are digging in and trying to appeal to their base. the problem is once they have a
8:40 am
standard bearer who is running for that nomination for their party and gets it, this holds that nominee back. they cannot win national elections this way. >> kate, i want to turn to the abortion debate again now. last week, texas became the 1th state to ban most abortions after 20 weeks. just hours after that, two republicans state reps introduced a bill that would restrict abortion at the sound of a fetal heartbeat which i understand can come at about six weeks. what is the motivation here? why are they doing this? >> as if it weren't clear enough. they rolled it back to 20 weeks. they passed building restrictions that will close almost all of the abortion clinics in the state. they have outlawed the use of medication almost entirely in the state and put up about women's health and keeping women safe. i think this new law reveals it's about eliminating access to abortion at any cost.
8:41 am
six weeks most people don't know they are pregnant at that poimt if it's an unplanned pregnancy. this essentially to outlaw abortion all of the time. >> you would think folks behind some of these repeals and restrictions would also understand you could end up -- this could become an issue that costs you votes in the polls. no? >> i think you're right. there is a larger agenda here in the anti-abortion movement and about challenging roe v wade at the national level and we have seen the 20-week bans and now a second attempt at a six-week ban. north dakota has one in place and challenged in court right now. they want to see another abortion case before the supreme court to roll back access across the country. it's not just about texas but creating a bigger access about abortion. >> we have to leave it there. thank you all so much. you can find more from our panel
8:42 am
at follow the link to thomas's name. great roots activism we will talk about that. this week, protesters have a new target. voting rights and new restrictive laws being pitched in north carolina. i'll talk to the director of voting rights for the naacp and don't forget today's big question. should congress intervene in the stand your ground debate? all you have to do is head to thomas roberts's facebook or twitter pages to weigh in on that. alert.
8:43 am
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8:46 am
neither carolina is running that press krcconference. the previous 11 weeks of protests have resulted in arrests. they focus on the economic and social and education and voting policies. they have been organized by the north carolina chapter of the naacp and joining me now from that organization is eydie, a senior director for voting rights for the naacp. always good to see you. first of all, how is the new voter i.d. bill before the north carolina senator, how is this bill different from the one passed by the house back in april? >> well, when we look at this legislation that is before the north carolina senate, this photo i.d. is very harsh. it's one of the harshest photo i.d. measures that we have seen in our nation. when we look at it particularly the fact that students have been systemically cut out. you cannot use a student i.d. you can't even use a public employee i.d. as the measure that is before the north
8:47 am
carolina senate currently. it also cuts out any type of i.d.s that are given by the states for people that utilityize state reourselves or state assistance. so when you look at this photo i.d., it's very clear that the photo i.d. is meant to disenfranchise voters and that is why we are seeing an outpour of voters in the state of north carolina across many demographics. when you look at the excellent work that is led by reverend barber in north carolina, that you see a multicultural across ages of people who are standing up and saying that enough is enough. when we look at this photo i.d. in north carolina, this proposal, you know, the state itself admitted that 316,000 rechted voters do not have the photo i.d. and need it to vote. 34% of them are african-americans. so you have to ask yourself what
8:48 am
is the real intent? i think it's very clear that it's a disenfranchised voters in north carolina. >> what about the effort to restore the voting rights act? we know congress helped congress last week. what is the latest on that? >> well, i think it's promising when we look at the senate hearing that we saw congressman john lewis and congressman send is sensenbrenner said the voting rights is imperative and congress need to move as it in din 2006 in a bipartisan manner and we constitute section for the voting rights act so we can ensure we are protecting american voters. this summer i think members of congress will be very surprised by the outpour of constituents that will come to their town halls, that will be at their meetings, that will raise the issue of voting rights. >> i do want to talk about more monday specifically. one of the things that has
8:49 am
continued to strike me about these protests, we had video there. a lot of the folks are protesting they don't look like us. i mean, here is something that was started by the national association for the advancement of colored people and a number of the people who have gotten arrested, again, not minority by any way, shape, form or fashion. what do you think is behind that? >> i think it's clear this issue cuts across many demographics, many constituencies because it's about the american values of democracy. the naacp is a very large organization that has members that represent many demographics. so what we are seeing is that under the leadship of the naacp and north carolina, the vast numbers of people from north carolina are coming out and saying enough is enough. it's time to put democracy back in fronts of partisan politics and so that's why we are seeing
8:50 am
so many people get arrested in order to say enough is enough in the state of north carolina and let's but democracy in front of partisan politics. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. do appreciate you. >> thank you. folks, we asked, and you answered -- in a big way. today's big question -- should congress intervene in the stand your ground debate. that was the question. we just got a few responses here. john tweeting in florida, once you obtain your concealed carry permit you automatically become judge, jury and executioner. then this -- no, let the states correct themselves. the people will speak. just got to have time for the correction. john -- yes, the law makes no sense. it is basically a get out of jail free card for anyone that has a dispute with anyone. keep the comments coming on facebook or twitter.
8:51 am
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get out your spiral notebooks. president obama kicks off a
8:54 am
campaign style push on his economic agenda with his featured knox college in galesburg, illinois yesterday. yesterday the white house released this clip of his previous speech. >> it depended on a belief in the free market but it also depended on our sense of mutual regard for each other, the idea that everybody has a stake in the country, that we're all in it together. >> meanwhile, speculation about the president's successor continues. former secretary of state hillary clinton and new jersey governor chris christie are running neck and neck now in a potential 2016 presidential match-up in iowa. a new quinnipiac poll finds 41% of iowa voters surveyed would vote for clinton. the same number would choose christie. and fans lined up for signed copies of congressman john lewis' new graphic nocvel on th civil rights movement at
8:55 am
comiccon over the weekend. he says he hopes young folks will be able to feel, almost taste what happened, to the illustrated book that goes on sale next month. and something stinks in the napgs's c nation's capital. no, it is not a joke about congress. the plant known as the corpse flower is apparently blooming next to the capitol at the d.c. botanical garden. so head on over for a whiff of a flower that's said to smell something like rotting flesh. that's a good spot to end it, we think. i'm see you back here tomorrow at 11:00 eastern. "now" with alex wagner is next. i have a whole bouquet of rotting flesh flowers on my desk. stop by. >> i'll be there. among rotting flesh flowers, talking about other things, kicking off with a very special look at the state of financial reform three years after passage of dodd-frank. ly speak with the lawmakers behind the legislation, former senator chris dodd and former
8:56 am
congressman barney frank, about too big to fail, consumer protection and the pine line running between pennsylvania avenue and wall street. plus, a conversation about the conversation on race in america. we'll discuss the president's historic remarks with harvard professor charles ogle tree, plus panelists bill burton, margaret carlson and luke russert. and, get ready -- we are officially on royal baby watch. we will discuss the costs of maintaining a monarchy with our resident brit, martin bashir. all that when "now" starts right after this. [ female announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies,
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there's a new way to fight litter box odor. also available in delicious peanut butter. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product. race relations, financial reform, and labor pains. it is monday, july 22nd, and this is "now." early today, news broke that the duchess of cambridge is in
9:00 am
labor. soon to give birth to her first child with prince william. kate middleton checked in to a private wing of the london hospital just after 1:00 a.m. eastern time. we'll be bringing you the latest on the royal delivery throughout the show. we are also following the reaction to president obama's comments on trayvon martin's death and race in america. we'll speak with the president's former professor at harvard law, charles ogle tree, later in the hour. but we begin today with a milestone in financial reform. the third anniversary of the dodd-frank wall street reform and consumer protection act. three years after dodd-frank was signed in to law, its ability to prevent another financial crisis remains the subject of heated debate. according to the "washington post," as dodd-frank turns 3, it remains a work in progress. the post notes the same intense lobbying and political wrangling that took place when the bill was being written has continued to hold up or water down some of its provisions. while much remains in development,


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