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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 23, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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london. mazel tov of course to the happy parents. to the happy royal family member day, people who go for that sort of thing, and to everybody who freaking enjoyed it. come on, don't begrudge people their happiness with this. it is legit good news. may he be happy and glorious. g. "first look" is up next. good tuesday morning. right now on "first look," millions celebrate the birth of the heaviest future king born in 100 years. and today he will receive a 62-gun salute. while the world waits to see him and find out his name for the first time. a hard landing for a southwest boeing 737 with 150 passengers aboard. pope francis' overwhelming reception in brazil scared security as the pontiff greeted the masses. plus, a whale of a tale for two divers. ryan braun, the first and certainly not the last, to be suspended. also, one of the most important medical reasons not skip breakfast. good morning, everybody. i'm betty ngyuen. great britain remains in a frenzy this morning after the
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birth of the royal baby. coming in at a whopping 8 pounds, 6 ounces, the new prince becomes third in line to the british throne. now the world is anxiously awaiting the first glimpse of mom, dad and baby. and nbc's jim maceda is live outside st. mary's hospital in london. when do you expect we can see this royal family all together? >> hi, betty. there's still no sign of the royal trio. however, there's great expectation that mother, father and baby will be coming out some time this morning. certainly kate, after spending what seems to be a normal night after a normal, healthy birth is very keen indeed to get out of here and to go first, we understand, to kensington palace and then on to her parents' place. but there's still a tremendous amount of joy and excitement in london, especially the newspapers are doing it up nicely. but it's all pretty much one
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general theme since we haven't seen the boy yet. this one says it's a boy. the daily mail, oh, boy, one's a grandpa coming from prince charles. and this is my favorite today. "the sun" which is normally spelled s-u-n for one day is being spelled s-o-n for son. we're waiting for the money shot which will be the royal trifecta coming out on to the steps of the hospital behind me. back to you, betty. >> indeed, the money shot seen around the world. we are all waiting very anxiously. thank you jim. we'll all be watching as those doors for the royal couple open. and for more on the royal baby, i'm joined by robert jobson, an nbc news royal contributor. good morning to you. i know all of us have been just focused on that hospital doorway. any idea when we're going to see the family emerge?
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>> i think they'll probably be very keen to get rid of this circus outside the hospital and get it back to normal. i think that we're hearing that may well be at some stage in the next couple of hours. kate's hairdresser has reportedly gone inside so that also does suggest she's getting ready for that famous money shot, as jim was saying on the steps of the lindo wing. so we do expect it to be happening soon. and when that happens she'll be carrying the baby in her arms with prince william at her side. and then they'll be whisked away in a car probably first to kensington palace. but at some stage, i do expect them to meet the queen and prince charles at buckingham palace or kensington palace. i'm sure that exciting moment will come all this morning over here in the uk. >> in the meantime, help us understand what's going to happen next. describe what kind of life this is going to be like for this prince. do you expect kate will be a hands-on mom or rely on a royal staff if you will? >> at the moment we're hearing she doesn't have a royal nanny.
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they don't have a particularly large staff. they are living in what's called nottingham college at kensington palace, which is quite a small college. before they move to their bigger apartment 1a in kensington. then i expect them to have a bigger staff. expected to perform on the world stage. talk of australia next year. they'll need a larger staff. i think they want to spend some time together bonding as a family to make sure they can get to know one another. >> no doubt. hey, robert, i want us to do a little royal math here because this baby is third in line to the royal throne. by some estimates they say it will be another 70 years before he actually becomes king. is that what you are hearing? >> i think, of course, the queen is 87. you have prince charles who is heir to the throne. prince william is an adult at 31
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years old. he could be at least 50 years before this young man is on the throne. but they don't think about things like that here in the british royal family. when there is a new king, of course, it comes before the death of a previous monarch which is a family sadness. so the way the monarchy works, it's a team effort with the queen at the helm. it's a unique moment in english, british history really because we haven't had this sort of situation since the days of queen victoria. so i look ford that photograph, i think, of the queen holding her great grandson flanked by prince charles and prince william. it will remind us of the photograph of queen victoria who had the same photograph. back here at home, another frightening plane landing to tell you about. this time at new york's laguardia airport injuring ten people. we want you to take a look at this exclusive video. the front landing gear of southwest flight 345 collapsing
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right after the plane touched down on monday. it skidded down the runway sending debris and flames just flying before coming to a halt. about 150 people were on that plane coming from nashville. >> it was like getting smashed in a car wreck. >> everyone is just a little nervous and freaked out. i mean, understandably so. >> i was reading and all of a sudden you heard the pilot goes, holy cow. they started swearing. i looked up and looked to the right off the right side of the plane and there was just this fireball going down the runway. >> now because of this crash, laguardia closed temporarily. six of the ten injured were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the ntsb is investigating. since his not guilty verdict, george zimmerman has been in hiding, but last week, he actually emerged to help rescue a family trapped in an overturned suv. it happened on july 17th in sanford, florida. officials say a blue ford
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explorer traveled off the road and then rolled over. that's when zimmerman and another man helped two children and their parents escape uninjured. police say zimmerman was not a witness and left the scene after making contact with police. the problems for san diego's mayor, well, they are going from bad to worse. already under fire for sexual harassment allegations. now a former aide has filed suit. irene mccormick jackson served as communications director under mayor bob fillner and says the mayor frequently put her in a headlock and said crude and disgusting things about sex. he issued a public apology earlier this month after a number of female accusers came forward. he has vowed not to resign. here's your dish of "scrambled politics." harry reid is enjoying the likelihood of a primary battle between a tea party candidate and mitch mcconnell.
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reid fired up the crowd after commenting on the now tied senate race in kentucky where democrats hope to take down the minority leader. >> 45 to 45, grimes versus mcconnell, and he got a primary opponent today. he tried to make love to the tea party, and they didn't like it. >> okay now. well, democrat michelle nunn will announce today she is running for georgia's open senate seat. she is the daughter of former senator sam nunn and runs the points of light foundation. americans, we've seen a lot of new jersey governor chris christie, haven't we, from the late night circuit to radio and tv. the governor says it's all in an effort to put a positive spin on the state's public image. eliot spitzer is out with his second campaign video for new york city comptroller. it's the first ad where he acknowledges his past indiscretions which forced him to resign as governor.
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>> look, i failed. big time. i hurt a lot of people. everyone, no matter who you are, deserves a fair shot. i'm asking voters to give the same to me. also on the campaign trail in the big apple was former democratic presidential candidate howard dean. he was stumping for mayoral candidate bill de blasio where supporters got a blast from the past. >> then we're going to brooklyn and then the bronx and then staten island and then we're going to manhattan and all the way to gracie mansion. yeah! >> who doesn't remember that? well, the white house rolled out the red carpet monday for some of hollywood's hottest a-listers. jennifer hudson, amy poehler all on hand to lend their support to obama care. administration officials are pushing a big pitch of the program to younger americans. and it's been a rough homecoming for liz cheney since
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moving to wyoming just last year. a new public policy poll shows just 31% of residents consider the senate candidate to be one of them. and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." for a look at the weather here's nbc meteorologist bill karins. give smus some good news today. >> where? >> just something that doesn't have a 100-degree temperature in it. >> or extremely humid. it seems like this summer has been one or the other. it's really hot or really humid and raining. that's the case in new england. by far the worst weather. new york city got drenched over the last hour. it's now ending and it looks like a dry commute from here on out for everyone in the greater new york city area but southern new england, it's still raining very hard through much of connecticut. now massachusetts is filling in with the rain about to head into boston and providence. won't be long until the rain heads your way either. temperatures very hot yesterday in the middle of the country. very humid and cooler on the eastern half of the nation. that's going to be the theme once again today. we don't have a lot of other
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troublesome weather out there. a couple thunderstorms through nebraska at this hour. possibility of damaging winds. but that's really about it. it's just very humid in the east. additional storms this afternoon. it's very hot in texas. and that will continue. so 100 once again around dallas and san antonio. 94 in denver. as far as the eastern seaboard, showers and storms today. we'll do it again tomorrow. but it looks like we clear it out by thursday and friday. should be a nice end to the week. lower humidity and a lot of us would like the forecast heading into the weekend. >> just in time for the weekend. i like that forecast. congress considering pulling funding for the nsa's surveillance program. plus, two divers take on two whales during a feeding frenzy. we have those details next.
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welcome back. a frenzies welcome for pope francis in the world's largest catholic country. but in brazil, it's creating quite a headache for his security detail. nbc's claudio joins us from rio
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de janeiro. i understand authorities found a pipe bomb? >> reporter: yes, betty, they did. about two days ago. and during a routine security sweep, they found a small pipe bomb not in rio de janeiro but in a town about 200 miles from here. and it is the location where there is a shrine dedicated to the virgin mary that the pope is supposed to or scheduled to visit tomorrow. now the pipe bomb, we are being told, was quite small and it was found in a public bathroom near the path where the pilgrims and the pope are supposed to take. it was detonated under control, but it looked like the immediate danger that the pope was facing was not from the bomb, or from bombs of terrorism but from the overexcited crowd of the brazilians. yesterday we saw pictures of him getting stuck in a massive crowd trying to reach him, touch him. it didn't help that, obviously, he was in an ordinary car with his window lowered. but that's francis style. we look forward to a very exciting week.
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>> he did leave the popemobile back at home. okay, claudio. thank you very much. stories making news this morning -- today the house will consider legislation that would cut off funds for the national security agency as well as limit its operations. now one such limitation would bar the nsa from collecting phone records on an individual unless he or she is the subject of an investigation. milwaukee brewers outfielder and 2011 national league mvp ryan braun has been suspended for the rest of the season due to violations of the mlb's drug program and labor contract. braun will miss 65 games and will not get paid. in a statement, braun said he has made some mistakes and is, quote, willing to accept the consequences. now that is a far cry from what he said at a news conference last year. >> by no means am i perfect, but if i've ever made any mistakes in my life, i've taken responsibility for my actions. i truly believe in my heart, and i would bet my life that this
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substance never entered my body at any point. >> well, a new study from the harvard school of public health shows skipping breakfast may increase your chances of a heart attack. in the 16-year study, men who skipped breakfast had a 27% higher risk for heart issues compared to men who did not. so get eating, folks. in california, two divers, you have to see this, almost became breakfast for some humpback whales. the divers were just, look at this, a feet or two away from those whales as they surfaced for tasty fish. the divers quickly swam back to the boat with, of course, a whale of a story. now for a first look at your business, we turn to cnbc's mary thompson. good morning, mary. >> good morning to you, betty. i'm glad i wasn't in that water. that must have been -- that's a bit of a shock to see those whale tails. parents are picking up less of their kid's college tuition.
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they are turning to grants and scholarships compared to 20% of their own income and savings. parented are also eliminating some schools their children are considering based on coasts. some companies are struggling to fill sales positions. staffing firm manpower says sales jobs are the second hardest to fill this year. that's because during the recession, salespeople were among the first to be laid off and many people switched occupations. taco bell is scrapping the kids meals and the toys that it passed out along with them. the restaurant chain saying kids meals weren't big sellers so they are going to be moving some of the individual items that were included on that menu like the soft taco, they will all move over to its regular menu. betty, back to you. >> at least they are still there on the menu somewhere. okay. thank you. and straight ahead, all your sports highlights with richard lu i. you're watching "first look."
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and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. time for some sports action. let's get the latest from richard lui. >> good morning. the pennant race is on, betty. richer matt moore adding to tampa's surge with his first career shut out. 3-0 over boston. it's their 18th win in the last 20 games. pulling from fourth to second place in the american league east. try waiting eight days, 6 hours and 23 minutes and then this. miami's giancarlo. lucas with the score there.
2:22 am
the 37-inning scoreless streak ends. and the longest scoreless streak in 28 years for them. wow. don't want to beat that record. training camp will be different. player blood samples taken to create a benchmark for growth hormone undetermined still. the specific test procedure and discipline process if it's found. they are working that out. let's talk chest hair. >> looking at that, let's not. >> a pittsburgh pirate's fan chest with this let's go bucs. it looks similar to a pittsburgh penguin fan with his chest reading, let's go pens. >> both of them are missing an apostro apostrophe. brady hoch was glad that grant beat michigan and even
2:23 am
gave his family tickets to the game this november. i'm a michigan fan but i'm a bigger fan of grant reed. >> that's a great story. thank you richard. we do appreciate it. we are going to be along with bill karins for first buzz and we'll tell you what caught our eyes today. that's next here on "first look." is white marks. ♪ secret outlast clear gel goes on clear with 48 hour odor protection. to outlast your day...any day. secret outlast clear gel. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity to discover the heart-pounding exhilaration beyond the engineering. ♪ come to the golden opportunity sales event to experience the precision handling of the lexus performance vehicles, including the gs and all-new is. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
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the british government is going to give out a special silver coin to every baby in the uk who is born on the same day as the royal baby. i got a copy of one of the coins. all i got was this stupid coin. that's right. kate middleton went into labor this morning in london when the
2:27 am
rest of the royal family heard that, they were like, oh, my god, what's labor. do we have to work? >> she did plenty of it yesterday, i'm sure. we're going to stick with this topic because that's what everyone is talking about today. it's our first buzz as well. and this is a bit of a cash cow, isn't it if the royal family. >> talking about fallon and coin and the royal family has a lot of coin here. they are worth a lot. there was a study done by a firm called brand finance and the value of the royal family, $68 billion u.s. dollars. when you look at the number of businesses ranked last year that makes them more valuable than goldman sachs, in the realm of american express and kraft foods. and they estimate the value to the economy is over $40 billion. >> we're talking about billion with a "b." and this last baby, $380 million. >> we love them here in america. i think more than they do there. >> absolutely. >> translates to money.
2:28 am
>> speaking of this rich new baby is going to be a billionaire. already is one. there is a lot of betting odds on what the name is going to be. it was george. george used to be at the top. now it's james. 2-1 betting odds. george. and then henry which is prince harry's real name is also up there. but a lot of people think it's going to be james because there are links to kate and will's family there. kate's brother's name is james. also britain has had, get this, seven king james in its history. >> i heard henry was chosen as long as they made sure he was called harry. call him henry but call him harry. >> all the stories about ryan braun and his suspension for the rest of the season, the loss of $3.2 million. everyone needs to know the name dino lorenzo jr. this is the person that was allegedly mishandled, according to braun, his tainted sample back in 2012 when braun said about him, there are a lot of
2:29 am
things we learned about the collector, the collection process, about the way the entire thing worked that made us very concerned and suspicious about what could have happened. just amazing all the stuff. this was like a lance armstrong-type denial. >> just the start. "way too early" is coming up right now. stay right here. we welcome with humble duty, the firstborn of his royal highness, the duke and duchess of cambridge, the third in line to the throne. >> the royal baby is here. we all know that. now we want to see the little man. and what i want to know most, his name. a live report from london on the way. also scary moments at one of the nation's busiest airports. a landing gear malfunctions at laguardia as a plane skids to a stop. and ryan braun's career skids to a stop. the all-star outfielder cuts a deal with baseball in the p.e.d.
2:30 am
scandal. what his suspension means for all the other players allegedly involved. why i've said it before. we're clean. this is "way too early." i am all juiced up on caffeine. i'm brian shactman. tuesday, july the 23rd. and where else would we begin? the royal baby. 4:24 p.m. british summertime. her royal highness, the dutchet of cambridge gave birth to a boy. unless you've been under some sort of proverbial rock, you knew that. 8 pounds, 6 ounces. third in line to the throne. kate and baby reportedly both in good health. but remained at st. mary's hospital overnight. for the latest out of london we go to jim maceda at st. mary's hospital. i guess the next thing we want to know, are we going to see these three any time


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