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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  July 26, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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he was kind of already a controversial figure in some ways. now the calls have only gotten worse the last few days. republicans taking advantage of the anthony weiner scandal in new york kind of seizing on this, trying to create a broader narrative. they essentially, by beating the drum really hard, prompted the chairman of the dnc to come out today and say filner should resign. >> just a moment ago, mayor bob filner was saying he would not discuss these allegations. there was a legal process going on, hiding behind that old thing. if he's going this presser here, we should expect him to be resigning, don't you think? >> not necessarily. there's some conflicting reports from local affiliates in san diego. it's possible he'll try to find a way to not resign but to kind of reclaim something, to offer something, some kind of concession that might allow him to stay in power. filner, unlike a lot of these
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other politicians like spitzer or weiner, has tried to skip the whole resigning step in the process of political rehabilitation. as you know, it's continued to get worse. >> yeah, one contrast with spitzer, weiner, or vitter is here we have allegations about his performance in office, his treatment of government employees. a lawsuit filed this week from a former communications director, irene mccormick jackson, alleging he asked her to work at the office without clothing, demanded physical contact, made inappropriate comments, at one point put her in a head lock. again, those are allegations filed in court. that court process will play itself out. on the other hand, we have a mayor here of the eight largest city in the country who has at least acknowledged some wrongdoing because he's already put out a statement saying that he wants to do better and that he needs help. so why don't you unpack for our viewers the contrast between the allegations that have been made and at least what he's admitted
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thus far. >> yeah, absolutely. on the legal grounds, the lawyer for san diego has told filner even last week not to have one-on-one meetings with female employees just for legal reasons, which is a pretty remarkable thing to tell the mayor of the eight largest city in the country. there are a lot of allegations and more that could come out. i think a lot of people have been emboldened by some of the women who have gone on the record and stood in public. a lot of it is a pattern of harassment that we're seeing. of pretty vile behavior. these are women who have credibility. they're not anonymous accusations on websites. these are women risking their careers to come forward and say this guy is a creep. >> james, let's unpack this just a little bit. we know scandals in politics aren't new, but there's a new standard that's kind of brewing where folks can say mistakes
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were made, resign from office, and come back and run for something else. what's going on here? let's talk a little bit about that. >> yeah, there's been this real change in politics. amazingly, a lot of the comebacks have worked. we've been focused on new york this week. i think elliott spitzer is considered sort of the favorite in a lot of quarters. mark sanford's comeback worked. a lot of it is these guys attracted to politics are narcissists in a lot of cases who need that public affection and who can't just go away after these scandals. there's definitely some kind of underlying psychiatric thing that drives a lot of these folks back toward politics. >> james, when you talk about the sort of people who are getting wrapped up in this, spitzer was trying to get this behind him. then he had a sort of public media relapse of more allegations from the past. when filner comes out -- sorry, i was talking about weiner. when filner comes outs and
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weiner gets wrapped up -- oh, here comes the mayor. >> good afternoon. let me be absolutely clear. the behavior i have engaged in over many years is wrong. my failure to respect women and the intimidating conduct i engage in at times is inexcusabinexcus inexcusab inexcusable. it has undermined what i have spent my whole professional life doing and working on, which is fighting for kwequality and justice for all people. it's not acceptable for me to try to explain away my conduct as the product of a standards of a different generation. i apologize to staff. i apologize to the citizens and staff members who have supported me over the years. i apologize to the people of san diego. and most of all, i apologize to
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the women i have offended. over the last week, i have reached out to the men and women who have served on my staff and others who i have worked with over the years and apologized for my behavior. in addition, we have instituted changes in how the mayor's office is run. however, words alone are not enough. i am responsible for my conduct. and i must take responsibility for my conduct by taking action so that such conduct does not ever happen again. beginning on august 5th, i will be entering a behavior counseling clinic to undergo two weeks of intensive therapy to begin the process of addressing my behavior.
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>> we've lost audio for a moment, but we're listening to the mayor of san diego apologize and talk about moving into a rehab center for two weeks. he will not be taking questions at this press conference, but he is continuing to make a statement. >> as we watch the mayor speaking here, this is bob filner in san diego. we've already heard several new pieces of information from him. the first, as you mentioned, being august 5th a date that he has picked where he will enter what he calls two weeks of therapy. so we know that's part of what he was describing as an attempt to take action. he also detailed some steps that he's already taken such as apologizing privately and now publicly to people including former staff members that he's accused of having inappropriate conduct and contact with of saying that he wanted to
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apologize to the people of san diego. so what we're hearing here is a fairly contrite individual, contrite politician. from what he said so far, he's not finished his statement. two weeks of therapy didn't sound like a prelude to immediately leaving office. we'll have to hear what else he says. >> no, absolutely. i'm not sure now if he's going to continue on and say i'm going to resign when we get the audio back. he did use the word apology several times. he definitely got some serious contrition. he used the word intimidating to describe his own behavior, in inexcusable to describe his own behavior, and can't be excused by saying i'm from a different generation. so he's laying it on hills. he's doing that thing they tell you to do, own up to it. i don't think he's going to tell us anything new. they say get it all out so you don't have this drip, drip thing. i don't think he's going to say anything new here. when everybody gets the audio back, we'll continue. a very convenient time, perhaps, to lose the audio while you're
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in the middle of your national apology. >> if you're a student of po politi politics, you can remember there's presidential debates where audio drops out. it's one of the most awkward things that can happen to a politician in a big moment. it has happened before. this, obviously, being a widely watched, both in san diego, eighth largest city in the country, and around the country where politically this is becoming an issue. some republicans, as we mentioned earlier in the broadca broadcast, have said that democratic mayor bob filner, who you see on the screen here, is somehow a part of larger democratic troubles where you have several candidates that some democrats would rather not have running. again, we've emphasized a difference here, that he's accused of very serious improper conduct on the job. not only in his personal life but republicans have been arguing this is a big problem across the country. the other thing i want to highlight, and angela, i want to hear some of your reactions. beyond being -- we see the
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democratic mayor there bob filner leaving. that's all we've heard thus far. >> he's got to come back. that's an unfinished statement, right? i'm going to go to rehab, then the microphone cuts off. there surely was more to what he was going to say. >> i don't mean to laugh. my honest reaction is it is weird. this is a weird moment we're watching. >> little bit. >> he clearly had more planned to say. it was a prepared address. to recap the news, he did not resign. there are a lot of people who feel given the allegations against him that he should go. the other thing want to highlight before i bring angela in is he also said what he did was not only inexcusable but intimidating. that speaks to the physical and coercive nature of these allegations. again, this wasn't someone saying i've made lapses in judgment, but i'm good at my job. it seemed to be someone saying i've intimidated individuals, i've intimidated women, and that's wrong. >> i literally just asked james this same question. here we are in a situation where
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scandal is not new to politics. to that point, bob filner is not new to politics himself. he's a new mayor, but he was a member of congress for several terms. he worked in politics as a senator in minnesota before that. he's not new. i'm not saying he came in scandalous, but i am saying this to-be-continued statement is very strange. to that point of him needing a fixer and/or to be fixed, the tech guy just came out to try to fix the mic. james, what was your take on that? >> absolutely. i think it was a contrite statement, but it was defiant. that fits with his personality. this is a continuing problem for democrats. republicans will make sure he's in the news every day he holds on. you don't go to rehab for two weeks and kind of resign in tandem with that. my hunch is he's going to call it a two-week vacation and come back and try to say that he's fixed. with these sexual harassment lawsuits, these things go on for a very long time. they get very messy. a lot comes out in court beyond
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the initial allegations. he's certainly going to have a lot of distractions if he tries to hold on. it seems like that's what he wants to continue doing. >> james, you talk about republicans. obviously, that is the politics of this. they have sought to tie this to anthony weiner, who has obviously been in the news a lot. we talked about some of the differences. i want to focus on one of the similarities, which is the direct invocation of therapy. you know, in other parts of the country, outside of the coasts and definitely in presidential politics, therapy is not enough. you have to talk about god. you have to talk about your savior, to have a political rehabilitation. what do you make of these candidates who clearly are liberals in relatively blue areas? not so much talking about this being salvation between thiem, their wife, and god, but really needing medical therapy for the problems they've inflicted upon other people? >> that's a really astute observation and really key. not only would therapy not be convincing for a lot of people.
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i think it would be seen as a negative. if tough a politician standing up saying i need to go to therapy, for a lot of people that would say, you should not be holding elected office. there's clearly something medically wrong that you're working through. i think that it is part of this new era that we're in where people are encouraged to be more open. you know, bob filner saying in part of the statement that we caught that he wasn't going to excuse his behavior based on coming from an earlier generation, even though that's what basically he spent the last month doing. he's now doing the 21st century thing, which is i'm going to go seek medical help. we'll see if voters buy that. you know, it would be very interesting, though, to have a regional breakdown with some kind of polling that shows how open people are to therapy because i think you're absolutely right. it's something that might work in new york and maybe san diego. certainly wouldn't work in the heartland. >> ari, let me touch on some of your legal background. there is a legal process that's
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going to play out here. there has been a seat change in america over the last several decades around the rights that women have in terms of sexual harassment at home, once upon a time. legally a woman could not be raped by her husband. that has thankfully changed. women have had to face certain things in the workplace. nowadays, sexual harassment lawsuits and sexual harassment law is such that women feel a lot more protected, not completely protected, but more protected because the law is there to outline the things you should not do and cannot do. the sort of comments that were made are not just gross, but they are against the law and people can sue for millions of dollars. >> yeah, i think that's an important point here. you've definitely seen a change in federal law. eleanor holmes norton and other female members of congress, i should emphasize because it's female members who put the issue
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on the table, really changed the law. one of the words you'll hear is a hostile work environment, which is a big difference from sometimes what you used to hear, which is were you physically touched or intimidated or were you forced into exchanging, you know, some inappropriate acts at work? they've broadened that, and many of the allegations against mayor filner here, as we wait to see if he's going to come back out to finish the press conference that he began where he's announcing going into therapy but did not announce any resignation to date. a lot of these allegations are at that outer level. you can win a court case nowadays under the law by saying you were simply inappropriately spoken to in certain instances or inappropriate suggestions and unwanted advances made repeatedly, even without coercive touching. in this case, we emphasize as we see the doors opening up to the press conference here. he admitted being intimidating. let's take a listen to part two. >> i apologize for the
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inconvenience. for the sake of, i guess, those who want a clean tape, i'm going to start over. let me be absolutely clear. the behavior i have engaged in over many years is wrong. my failure to respect women and the intimidating contact i engage in at times is inexcusable. it has undermined what i have spent my whole professional life working on, fighting for equality and justice for all people. and it is simply not acceptable for me to try to explain away my conduct as the product of the standards of a different generation. i apologize to my staff. i apologize to the citizens and staff members who have supported me over many years. i apologize to the people of san diego. and most of all, i apologize to the women that i have offended.
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over the last week or so, i have reached out to the men and women who have served on my staff and others who i have worked with over the years and apologized for my behavior. in addition, we have instituted changes in how the mayor's office is run. however, words alone are not enough. i am responsible for my conduct, and i must take responsibility for my conduct by taking action so that such conduct does not ever happen again. so beginning on august 5th, i will be entering a behavior counseling clinic to undergo two weeks of intensive therapy to begin the process of addressing my behavior. during this time period, i will be at the clinic full time. though, every morning and evening i will be briefed on city activities. this intensive counseling will just be the first step in what will be a continuing program
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that will involve ongoing, regular counseling. i must become a better person. and my hope is that becoming a better person, i put myself in a position to some day be forgiven. however, before i even ask, before i even think of asking for forgiveness, i need to demonstrate that my behavior has changed. and that will only happen over time and only if such incidents never, ever happen again. so when i return on august 19th, my focus will be on making sure that i am doing right by the city in terms of being the best mayor i can be and the best person i must be. thank you. >> that's san diego mayor bob filner saying he is not resigning from the mayor's office, but he's going to a full-time clinic for intensive counseling that will continue
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after his two-week stay at that center. he said i must become a better person and used the word apologize five times. james from politico, he used the word responsibility several times. but he's not resigning. and he's going to be taking briefings on mayor's business while he's doing this intensive counseling. is this going to be enough for him to stay in office? >> we'll see how people respond in san diego. i certainly don't think the republicans who have called for his resignation are going to stop. i suspect a lot of the women won't. a lot of the comments he just made are going to be incredibly damaging in a sexual harassment lawsuit, a civil suit. he just essentially confessed to wrongdoing, but very -- i think ultimately contrite at the surface level but defiant underneath the surface. i don't think a lot of people are going to change their minds about him or give him another
12:19 pm
chance. we'll see if he can hold on. i think, you know, it's very hard to remove a mayor without a recall election in california. that's something that it might well come to. >> yeah, i'd put it a little differently, although we might ultimately agree. i thought it was very defiant. this is a man who stands accused of very serious wrongdoing, seems to be acknowledging that, and two weeks of therapy, two weeks of vacation, two weeks of private time, i don't think people care what you call it. he's stepping away in part from a scandal, stepping away from the spotlight, and plans not to change his role. we didn't hear anything about taking a dock in pay or salary or any other tangible punishment that he would call for himself. to me, the big -- and this is what i want to get your response on. the big thing that jumps out about this statement we just heard, this weird two-part technical difficulty administered press conference, which i think will be noticed
12:20 pm
and go to the awkwardness as well as the substantive problems, was the statement, i'm going to be the best mayor i can be. for a lot of people, he looks like one of the worst mayors right now. >> well, and what was very interesting about what he said was it was not a past-tense thing. i made mistakes in the past. i harassed women in the past. it was a present-tense statement, which is i am not a good man. essentially, i need to become a better man. i think that part of it is really interesting. he's saying he's currently flawed. he's not trying to say he's past it. he's kind of acknowledging frailty but in a very, very defiant way. ultimately, there's no kind of laying out of an accountability mechanism. he's not saying, if i do this again, then i should go. i need a second chance. he's saying, it doesn't matter if i improve or not. i'm going to try to become the best mayor i can. if not, i'm still the mayor. that's how it sounded. >> exactly. and he's not talking about independent oversight,
12:21 pm
independent investigation. let's have an ombudsman come in and get to the bottom of this. angela, did you have a point? >> i did. ari, before we went back to the mayor's press conference, you mentioned there were some women in congress that are very strong working on some of these issues related to sexual harassment. it is so ironic to me that mr. filner was also part of the progressive caucus, served under the speakership of nancy pelosi. lo and behold, here we are. we can't really blame the generational thing because of that very clear generation pal pairing there. i just am interested to see what's next. he was very, very clear about, you know, he hopes to some day be forgiven, which to me reads as not only am i not resigning, maybe i'll run for higher office. james, i'd love to hear your take on that as well. >> yeah, absolutely. very good points. nancy pelosi has not called on him to resign. she was asked about it at a press conference yesterday, sort of deferred to the people of san
12:22 pm
diego. but she is the -- kind of the senior person in the california delegation. she's really the leading democrat who's not the governor in that state. so we'll see now, is this enough for nancy pelosi to have some cover to say he's working through these things, or is the pressure going to ramp up on her? there are some competitive house races including one in the san diego area in 2014 where this could become an issue, and republicans, whether it has merit or not, are going to use this as a data point to push back on democratic attacks over this so-called war on women. they're going to say look at these democrats. so this makes it harder and less clean for democrats to push that message in a lot of places, and i think in that sense, it's kind of an unwelcomed distraction for top democrats here in washington. >> all right. thanks, james, for being here and being part of a rather bizarre moment in san diego history and in modern american political history. glad we had you to cover the
12:23 pm
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it's almost august. the month when all of washington stops bickering because they all go home for five weeks. today the president and the first lady are hosting cabinet members at camp david. the meeting in the maryland mountains comes as the president tries yet again to reboot his jobs agenda. the economy has seen a net gain of 1.2 million jobs so far this year, a positive sign which the president acknowledged on the road this week. >> today, five years after the start of that great recession, america has fought its way back. i care about one thing and one thing only. and that's how to use every minute -- [ applause ] the only thing i care about is how to use every minute of the remaining 1,276 days of my term
12:27 pm
to make this country work for working americans again. >> but the president also railed against republican obstruction. >> i say to these members of congress, i'm laying out my ideas to give the middle class a better shot. so now it's time for you to lay out your ideas. you can't just be against something. you got to be for something. >> now to be fair, republicans are for things. they supported those massive sequester cuts. just this week, the nonpartisan congressional budget office crunched the numbers. here's what we got for our money. a loss of 1.5 million jobs and more than a full percentage point of gdp growth. there's another thing the gop is for, defunding obama care. that's a thing. maybe even shutting down the government to do it. we need our money man dan gross to help us make sense of all
12:28 pm
this, if possible. friend of the show dan gross is back. dan, we seem to be heading toward a government shutdown over obama care. what is going on? >> is my mic working? >> it is. >> it's not just a san diego thing? well, it may be sort of the last gasp. ufz you have to put yourself in these people's mindsets. they think obama care is the worst thing that could ever happen. god forbid, a lot of people are going to have insurance. once it gets into effect next year when they can't refuse people for pre-existing conditions, when these exchanged start to work, there's no going back. they see this as their last chance. they're grasping at straws. they voted 38, 39 times in the house to repeal. the senate isn't playing ball. it's the way the system operates now is they have to have their tantrum over the debt ceiling. then you make some sort of deal. i think that's what we're going
12:29 pm
to see more of. >> when you have a really bad tantrum, it's known as a tanty. this is almost a tanty level. they have three proposals to bar any bailouts of any kind of detroit that are moving through the senate here. i find that just incredible. it seems to me you could have a debate with everything on the table ideologically about is there anything we could do for detroit? we were talking on the show about opening up a detroit branch of the smithsonian. that way you could buy up $100 million to over $1 billion, people it accessible to the public. it's an investment. instead of having any of that debate on the hill, they want to say nothing for detroit no matter what. >> i don't think the obama administration is completely out of this. they want to detroit with the gm deal. they're not backstopping their
12:30 pm
municipal bonds. they're not backstopping the pensions. when a big company goes under, we have this federal agency that guarantees pensions. it says, you know, you're not going to get 100 cents on the dollar but maybe 50, 60 cents. someone will pay that out. what you're seeing now in detroit, which is damaging, is all these retired workers, their income is going to go to zero. what does that do to the local housing market and consumer businesses there? so i think the thing they should be looking at is some sort of scheme to backstop the pensions of those workers at the very least. >> so dan, gridlock in the beltway has everyone grumpy, including the whole of america. with this very clear report that says if we could cancel sequestration, move this economy forward, we could potentially save 1.6 million jobs. if that's very clear on its face, numbers don't line. numbers aren't partisan, right? what is the problem? why can't we move this forward and stop these across the board cuts? >> well, one of the problems is
12:31 pm
that the economy is kind of doing too well. it's creating 200,000 jobs a month. the private sector is racking up big profits. consumer confidence is at a six-year high. exports are up. every piece of data we're getting is pretty decent, except for the data on wages. so we don't have this kind of crisis atmosphere we had in 2011, 2012 where we can say we really have to do something, the pressure from the business community on the congressional republicans to act. they feel like they're doing pretty much okay. so i think one of the challenges now ironically is that the private economy is almost too good to get these people off the ball. >> dan, there is one american icon that is making a comeback that most of us are happy about. the last time you were here, friend of the show, you complained that we didn't have twinkies in it the green room. today we have a veritable poe purr ree of twinkies.
12:32 pm
>> just for me? >> you're a true friend of the show. >> my complaint was that there was nothing in president green room, let alone twinkies or cup cakes. >> now your cup runneth over. >> a year's supply of hostess cup cakes, yet your complaint grows and grows. >> these guys restructured in bankruptcy. new owners. they innovated. these are lower calorie. they last for longer. they're back in business. >> only you could take it to chapter 11 right out of that filling. >> hostess should run detroit. dan gross, thank you very much. and hostess, thank you for the twinkies and cup cakes. next up, more politics. who the stall in obama care implementation is really hurting. more "cycle" coming up.
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the news cycle begins in cleveland where the man accused of holding three girls captive in his home for more than a decades has copped a plea. ariel castro pleaded guilty this morning to nearly 1,000 charges, including kidnapping, rape, and aggravated murder. one victim claims he starved her until she had a miscarriage. castro's plea spares him from the death chamber. he'll spend the rest of his life behind bars. the justice department says it will not seek the death penalty for former nsa systems analyst edward snowden. attorney general eric holder confirmed that. snowden continues to hide out inside the airport in moscow. he's been seeking temporary asylum in russia on fears he would be tortured and killed if he returned to the united states. two people have been killed during mass rallies that have been brewing across egypt once again today. tens of thousands of people who backed the country's military are now demonstrating along with supporters of former president mohamed morsi, who the military forced out. prosecutors have also opened an
12:37 pm
investigation of morsi on charges that include murder and conspireing with the militant group hamas. morsi has remained in hiding since his ouster now nearly a month ago. but turning from the chaos in egypt to the political chaos in congress, we know about that on health care. as we mentioned, republicans are now threatening a government shutdown this fall if the spending bill includes funding for obama care. last week the house held its latest super symbolic vote to push back the individual mandate yet another year. that came after what was admittedly a much more significant move on this front. the white house decided to delay the employer mandate for a year. even sew, the administration does credit the three-year-old health care lost would lower cost for consumers. take, for example, insurance premiums in new york, which are expected to fall 50% by next year when those online exchanged take effect. similar stories are playing out in other states like massachusetts. now, the white house says more savings are actually on the way
12:38 pm
as competition continues to rise and that mass pif structural reform obviously takes some time. opponents say the premiums will keep rising and forcing some costs on to employers leading to job cuts. our next guest has been making some of those very arguments, but he does say the gop has to stand for more than just complaint and repeal. he was a health care advisor to mitt romney, a politician who knows about the individual mandate. he writes the forbes blog on health care and social insurance reform. thanks for being here. why don't republicans focus more on at least just targeting the parts of the law they say will increase costs rather than going at the whole thing, which we know in some areas according to the numbers does cut some costs? >> yeah, i think the consensus among the conservative base and the republican leadership is let's let the law play out through 2014. so then we can say, okay, obama care didn't work. it didn't fulfill the promise that it was supposed to. it didn't make insurance more
12:39 pm
affordable. then we can talk about reform in the next election cycle. that's what you hear a lot on the hill. >> i'm glad to hear that they're going to let it play out because that's not what i'm hearing. i'm hearing we're headed for a government shutdown unless obama care is defunded. what is going on now to sabotage obama care is not treasonous but just sharply beneath the reasonableness of any elected officials. he calls it contemptible. many people have banked the same gong. come on. what's going on here? >> that letter in the senate that mike lee has led, the senator from utah, 12 senators are on board with that. other senators have said in strong language they don't like it. tom coburn said that. richard burr of north carolina said that. i'm told there's more to come. there's a fair amount of descent as to whether shutting down the government is a good thing. a lot of these guys weren't around in 1996, so their memories aren't as good.
12:40 pm
>> so we hear often that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. does that sound familiar with these 39-plus votes to repeal obama care? i'm just wondering -- and just to that point, i'm just wondering whatever happened to the repeal and replace strategy? they got caught up on repeal, nothing on replace. what's going on here? >> on the first point, important thing to mention is most of those repeal votes happened in the last congressional session. so there are some republicans who are new to congress, who wanted to be able to say that they voted to repeal obama care and go on the record for that. that's a reason why they had these more recent votes. i agree with you. i think republicans will fail to repeal the law if they ever succeed. if they don't have a compelling replacement strategy. i think the challenge is that actually the people are most passionate about repeal are the people who are least passionate about replace sometimes. i think that's some of the a-symmetry you see. >> before we let you go, on a
12:41 pm
more personal note, you worked for mitt romney. he was all over the place on this issue. i like the old mitt romney. some people like the new mitt romney. that's what's great about america. we have these debates. did you feel he was personally frustrated about the way health care seemed to dog him during the campaign? >> well, he said himself he knew it was going to be tough because of the similarities between the affordable care act and what he did in massachusetts. and it's hard to explain. there are meaningful differences between a state-level reform and a federal reform. if you do a federal reform, you want to address medicaid. you want to address medicare. you want to address the employer tax exclusion that ties people to insurance with the workplace. you can't do that at the state level. i think on some level he got a bad rap in that regard. but it is what it is. you know, the irony was a lot of his contributions that brought us to where we are. >> it's a low bar, but you're better at explaining this policy than mitt romney was. thanks for spending time with us. up next, he's taught us about fatherhood and all kinds of
12:42 pm
stuff. next up, shark week. let's get after it. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health
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12:46 pm
they're the villains in our movies, the stars of our documentaries, and the name we give to anything that's powerful, sleek, and ruthless. >> like a beloved american holiday, shark week returns to the discovery channel for its 26th straight year on august 4th. this year for the first time ever, new robotic cameras will capture every twist and turn of these fearsome beasts and that sounds awesome. they'll stalk a 60-foot prehistoric shark that makes a great white look like a guppie. it may still be lurking in the depth of the ocean, which means i'm not going swimming anywhere. to keep the predator party rolling each night, shark week is debuting "shark after dark," a live hour-long late night show with serious bite. joinings now is the host of "shark after dark" josh wolf.
12:47 pm
welcome back. tell me about this show. >> well, it is a traditional hour-long late night talk show. it's going to be a little shark centric, obviously. it's live. here's the craziest thing. discovery wanted to do kind of a traditional late-night old school, so there's no live to tape. there's no edit. at 8:00 p.m. the camera will turn on for the very first time and i'll do a monologue. we're going to do -- we'll have celeb guests. we'll have shark expert guests. we're going to field pieces. i'm swimming with sharks for the first time. >> you got to swim with them. >> but i'm not a great swimmer. >> not that strong a swimmer? >> i'm a horrible swimmer. i told my producer, i'm not a great swimmer. she goes, that'll be funny. i was like, what? >> as i found out working with ari, when you do it live, sometimes people make mistakes. we love him regardless. sharks are not funny. you are funny. late night wants funny.
12:48 pm
so how is that going to work? >> well, we're going to tell some shark jokes, but it is not a -- you're going to run out of shark jokes. there's maybe three. so we're going to have shark guests on. we're going to have experts. we're going to have people who survived shark attacks. it's a comedy. we're doing a field piece here. we're also spoofing other discovery channel shows. there's one called "naked and afraid." they drop two naked people off on an island. they go for 21 days and tell them to survive. we're doing a spoof. we're filming it here in new york city. they're dropping me and a girl off naked in new york city tomorrow. we're doing a field piece. i'm less afraid to be naked in new york city than i am to be barefoot in new york city. that sounds like a really bad idea. >> is there going to be some "sharknado" stuff in there? >> this is just spoofing that show. the whole show can't be sharks or they're going to fall asleep. >> how awesome was "sharknado? >> the craziest thing --
12:49 pm
>> did you see it? >> you shouldn't have seen it. >> tara reid was in it. it was a tornado that picked up sharks. >> so they're flying around through the air. a shark would just come out of the air, bite his arm off. >> i think the most unbelievable thing about the entire "sharknado" is tara reid was in it and she wasn't drunk throughout the entire show. the most unbelievable thing. >> are there sharks that are alive out of water in the tornado? >> oh, you're talking about the "sharknado? >> yes, they're alive. >> there's a "sharknado 2" coming. and they throw bombs into the tornado to kill the sharks because nothing could go wrong when you throw bombs into a tornado. >> sounds like a bad under the dome spinoff. like an under the bodome with sharks. has anyone looked into that? >> it was so not great, but it
12:50 pm
was so not good it was. anybody in the '90s who had a career went on and did this movie. >> not to make it about me, but my teleprompter reading is like that. it's so bad it's good. is so bad it's good. >> the question i have for you, you're in the center of the sharknado. what is the fascination, seriously, in american pop culture with sharks? >> i think the unknown as much as we think we know, we don't. and there's things we've never seen. they're so vicious and ferocious that i think that's fascinating us. the power that they have. have you seen the ones, the great whites come from underneath the seal and jump out of the water? >> yeah. >> that is just fascinating me see. there's still a lot of species of sharks. >> we've never seen them meet. >> the great whites, we've never seen them mate on camera. >> i've never seen you mate. >> there's a youtube channel. >> angela, it's friday.
12:51 pm
>> tmi. >> so i guess my question, along the lines of what ari was just talking about, is the fascination with sharks i don't understand. i want them as far as possible. but the data also says that you're more likely to be killed by a hornet, a wasp, a bee or a dog of which i'm afraid of all of them. i literally run from bees to this day, but folks are still very afraid of sharks. so what is all the hype about? is it us reminiscing on "jaws"? >> i researched it, too. you're more likely to die from a coconut than a shark. discovery is not going to make a coconut week because a coconut can't bite off your leg and feed it to you. you're not -- i'm not going to say it's funny if someone gets killed by a coconut but i'm not going to say it's not funny. if somebody gets eaten by a shark, it's gruesome. the fear of that happening and
12:52 pm
it's the finality of it is just -- it's a horrible thought. that's he what i would say the fascination is. people doing that kind of stuff. >> all right. ouch. >> he went to kiss a shark and it bit him in the lip. >> that's disgusting >> we took this to the facebook and asked you if the shark crazy returning to tv makes you excited or afraid? clearly excited joe hit us with a concise, love "shark week." absolutely. and aaron margaret ret buoys posted i can only hope it's better than sharknado which is impossible. we hope you'll like us on the facebook. something you are sure to enjoy, josh this weekend at the legendary caroline's comedy club. swing by if you're in nyc. thanks very much. up next, my thoughts on some police procedures that do not pass the smell test. but before that, a final taste of "shark week." >> two weeks ago, the world fell in love with snuffy the seal
12:53 pm
injured and dehydrated. we now go live to his triumphant return to the sea. >> we are just moments away from releasing the rescued seal back into the ocean. and now you see it. snuffy's triumphant return. >> holy. >> "shark week." it's a bad week to be a seal. ask about the air optix® contacts so breathable they're approved for up to 30 nights of continuous wear. serious eye problems may occur. ask your doctor and visit for safety information and a free one-month trial. ♪ even superheroes need superheroes, and some superheroes need complete and balanced meals with 23 vitamins and minerals. purina dog chow. help keep him strong. dog chow strong.
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12:56 pm
there's something natural, perhaps darwinian been profiling, people who can size others up can make better
12:57 pm
choices who to date or who to avoid. racial and religious profiling is bad law enforcement policy which is why the chiefs of police has condemned the practice. their report on it began with the words racial profiling has no place in law enforcement. racial profiling is an intellectual short cut that is anti-scientific because race is socially constructed and not an actual biological rally. a police survey of traffic stops found even though blacks are stopped more often, evidence of contraband was found in 17% of white traffic stops but only 8% of black traffic stops. despite data showing blacks use and sell drugs at similar rates, blacks are arrested at much higher rates. profiling has fed into a mental feedback loop. blacks are overpoliced thus creating stats that seem to justify profile and thus one in four black men stunned 35 say they've been treated unfairly by police in the last month and for
12:58 pm
black men 35 to 54 it's one in five. as pulitzer prize-winning author david lewis said, whites commit crimes. black men are criminals. thus whites are seen as making mistakes. blacks are seen as inherently aberrant. the human potential lost in assuming a large swathe of americans are guilty till proven innocent is massive. profiling impacts others who haven't been profiled sending the message they are considered criminal, less american and suspect. there's also an added challenge for police officers, most officers are professional but the minority who profile lead to many people distrusting all of them, damaging their ability to protect and serve. policies like stop and frisk which instiactualityize profiling are often a waste of police time when nine out of ten stops don't even lead to a summons. if you don't make as many stops as other officers, then commanding officers have questions. what can we do? a week ago the president spoke
12:59 pm
of legislation he spearheaded as an illinois state senator. >> illinois, i passed racial profiling legislation and it actually did just two simple things. one, it collected data on traffic stops. and the race of the person who was stopped but the other thing was it resourced us training police departments across the state on how to think about potential racial bias and ways to further professionalize what they were doing. >> the law led to the realization that black drivers were being stopped three times as often as white drivers. today it's twice as often. which is progress sort of. there's a bill in the senate now proposed by maryland's ben cardin, the end racial profiling act which mandates training, collects data and allows the doj to grant money toward implementing fairer practices. it will almost certainly not be
1:00 pm
passed. it will have to be done at the state level where people have to realize that racial profiling means millions of americans are judged guilty till proven innocent, a bias that must end. and now, the end of a nice summer with you, ari, on monday. crystal ball will be back and abby huntsman will be joining us. now it's time for the beginning of martin bashir. >> good afternoon. it's friday, july 26th. and sba sybrina fulton has a powerful message for those who don't appreciate the meaning of tolerance. >> trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> obama is the president. >> there is a hustle going on in the civil rights industry. >> i don't know if i have used the word tolerant. i don't care for that word myself. >> facts about clutching purses. >> and a woman clutching her purse. >> you got to stop young black women from having babies


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