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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  July 26, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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it will almost certainly not be passed. it will have to be done at the state level where people have to realize that racial profiling means millions of americans are judged guilty till proven innocent, a bias that must end. and now, the end of a nice summer with you, ari, on monday. crystal ball will be back and abby huntsman will be joining us. now it's time for the beginning of martin bashir. >> good afternoon. it's friday, july 26th. and sba sybrina fulton has a powerful message for those who don't appreciate the meaning of tolerance. >> trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> obama is the president. >> there is a hustle going on in the civil rights industry. >> i don't know if i have used the word tolerant. i don't care for that word myself. >> facts about clutching purses. >> and a woman clutching her purse. >> you got to stop young black women from having babies out of
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wedlock. >> obama is all about creating chaos. >> the most divisive form of politics. >> it's not being challenged by anybody but me. >> no one is forcing bill o'reilly to be such an [ bleep ]. >> i stand by the decision. george zimmerman got away with murder. >> this guy is a mall cop. >> what would you like to say to his parents. >> i feel like i let them down. >> please use my tragedy, please use my broken heart to say to yourself, we cannot let this happen to anybody else's child. ♪ ♪ ain't no love in the heart of the city ♪ >> we are following developingnous out of california where the mayor of san diego has just held a rather bizarre press conference to address charges of sexual harassment.
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mayor bob filner came out and delivered half of an intended apology for his actions. after some audio difficulties he left the room and re-emerged to deliver his mea culpa take two and to answer calls for his resignation. >> it is not acceptable for me to try to explain away the conduct as the product of a different generation. i'll be entering a counseling clinic to undergo two weeks of intensive therapy to begin the process of addressing my behavior. >> in short, that was a no. he will not resign and we'll have more on that and all your mayoral sexual harassment and sexting is scandals coming up. we begin with the national dialogue on color, culture and criminal justice that was kicked off exactly one week ago with the president's extraordinaire and extem appear remarks on race from the white house briefing room. and from the streets to the pulpit, from civic groups to the halls of congress, that conversation is going strong.
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just this afternoon, trayvon martin's mother sybrina fulton continued to turn her pain into purpose, speaking at the national urban league's annual conference in philadelphia in very personal and very powerful terms. >> no high school graduation for trayvon. no college for trayvon. no grandkids coming from trayvon. all because of a law, a law that has prevented the person who shot and killed my son to be held accountable and to pay for this all of crime. >> powerful remarks coming as a
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second juror from the case is speaking out. saying that george zimmerman "got away with murder." the only minority on the jury, juror b-29 identified herself as puerto rican going only by the name maddie, she told abcnous that the law simply won't allow for a conviction and that she bears enormous weight from the ultimate verdict. >> i feel that i was forcefully included in trayvon martin's death. i carry him on my back. i'm hurting as much astray von martin's mom is. because there's no way that any mother should feel that pain. >> and as a juror shares her compassion, protests to change florida's stand your ground laws are on going at the florida state house where dream defenders who have been occupying the office of governor rick scott are being joined this afternoon by the musician harry
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bellefonte. and receivie wonder and other musicians boycott the state, another is standing up against stand your ground. >> that stand your ground law, you can have a fight with someone and if they're running away, you can shoot them and kill them and you're fine? that's not coming -- what? >> it's not clear yet if jay-z will join the boycott of florida. but to one foxnous commentator, it really doesn't matter because he believes that that entire profession is responsible for the decline of african-american culture. >> is little wayne debasing african-american culture. >> i don't know what you define as african-american culture. >> he's not having nel influence he and his ilk. >> i'm not saying he's not having any influence. he's one of many factors. >> is he debasing it. >> one might be tempted to ask if mr. o'reilly is debasing
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white american culture. let's get right to our panel. in atlanta is msnbc contributor goldie taylor. here in new york, toure, the co-host of the "cycle" and the hardest working man on this network. toure, the zimmerman trial. >> can we go to that question? is o'reilly debasing white culture if little wayne is having an impact on black culture, surely o'reilly is on television. >> i just said that's for another race conversation. let's deal with what's in front of us. the zimmerman trial, the president's comments, the attorney general's speech. they all opened up a conversation on profiling, social context and stand your ground laws. but mr. o'reilly doesn't want to have that conversation. he wants to have a conversation about single parent families and the lyrics in hip-hop. why does he want to have that conversation rather than the one that we've all been directed to have? >> that's a simple question because he's an idiot. one of the points that he made.
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>> give me a more serious answer than just he's an idiot. >> one of the points he made is that black women, young black women should stop having babies out of wedlock. yes, that is happening. that leads to the destruction of the family. what he misunders is that not being married does not mean that the father is not part of the family. there are a lot of black families where the parents are not married, but the father is part of the family unit and helping to raise the children and doing the best that he can. there's a lot of reasons why some fathers are not part of the family having to do with the war on drugs and other things like that. that would not be good enough for him as an answer, would it? >> no, but i go back to my original adjective which will block any sort of intelligent conversation. look, you know, what b-29 said made me extremely sad again because she wanted to convict. she understood that she should in her heart convict. but the evidence wasn't there. not just because the prosecutors didn't have the enough physical
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but because of what alec and the nra has done to jury instructions toened sta your ground which is part of jury instructions. you don't need to have a stand your ground hearing before the trial. it is part of the jury instructi instructions. so that makes it extremely hard to convict somebody. >> indeed. goldie, aren't these people doing to an entire race exactly what george zimmerman did to trayvon martin as an individual? they treat the black community like a deny i zechb thuggery outside of civilization, attributing a grossly generalized view to an entire landscape of people, don't they? >> you know, that is the point exactly, martin. the very same people who would say that trayvon did not belong on the sidewalk that night are the same people who would say this president doesn't belong in office. so i just think that they're -- i just don't believe in the notion of some kind of national conversation. i think the conversation has to
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be, at the root, at the grass-roots, you have to talk to your neighbor, talk to your co-worker and the person who goes to church with you. that's where the connections happen. that's where we're going to find some progress forward for us. but to the juror b-29, i this i we let her off a bit easy here. if you've read the jury instructions you know intent was not the issue. it does not take intent for manslaughter or for second degree murder. and so i believe that there seems to be a disconnect between what those jury instructions said and what the injury wanted to read. if it had been me, i'll still be in the jury room today doing hand stands if i believed someone truly to be guilty, then you've got to hold out. it's your duty to hold out. and so i've got a lot of problems with this juror. i certainly have a lot of problems with some of the people who are kicking back on this trial as if it is some kind of indictment on all black people. i simply find it offensive that you would portray
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african-american culture as hoodie wearing thugs one and all. >> indeed. thur ray, if the conservative community is so concerned about black crime, is so concerned about young black men, why didn't any of them turn up on wednesday at the congressional caucus meeting for the future of young black men? why aren't they all attending this weekend's chicago summit on gun crime? because it seems to me the reason they're not doing so is because all of this is a an cynical ploy to stir up paranoia but never address any of the issues that are underneath this. >> that's absolutely right. now they're talking about black on black crime to block the conversation around a peruvian american shooting a black man and the anger ha that las risen up because of long history of rodney king, you know, emmett ti till, on and on.
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it's a blocking mechanism a way of saying reverend sharpton, you talk about race baiter. >> where are they this weekend? if they care so much, why are the they on their way to chicago. >> they are in their mansions. they don't care. this is a 90% white party and everything that they need to do is to stoke white racial anxiety to bring more white people into the fore. this is a turnout era. we're not about the middle of america deciding elections. it's about the each party, each tribe deciding elections. we have to turn out our folks so they bang the gong. this is what they've been doing since the advent of the southern strategy, bang the gong, stoke white racial anxiety to bring people home to the polls. otherwise the liberals will giveaway stuff, your hard earned money to the others. >> goldie, where are these people? why were they not in the house on wednesday when there was a constructive hearing led by
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delegate eleanor holmes norton, why are they not on their way to chicago this weekend if they care so much, if this is the number one issue, it's the number one issue, black on black crime, that's all i've heard all week, where are they? >> because they aren't interested in solving those pathologies to seem to play out in urban economic centers. you know, this is really about the politics of containment as i've explained before. this is about keeping the problem far away from me. as long as i can keep it away from me and marginalize those people who live in this consistent condition, i can assuage myself from any guilt. i don't have to help, lend my hand, be part of a solution. i can sit back here, bang my drum, make my living and keep this problem separated from me and from my family. what we ought to understand though is that when we raise the quality of life for the least of these, we raise the quality of
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life for all of these. when we fix education, when we fix public health, when we fix what's happening in inner city crime, we fix the quality of life for all-americans. we have got to understand it isn't about us and we. it's about them and us being together in one big fabric. >> two of the most eloquent thugs in america, goldie taylor and toure, thank you so much. >> well, yes >> thank you. coming up, paul ryan economics. don't stop believing, congressman. >> do you think that the economy would have been better if you and governor romney would have won? >> i have no doubt in my mind. play close.
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next year marks the 50th anniversary much lbj's war on poverty. next week the house will conduct a review of how we fought that particular war. and so who better to lead that review than the man hon would like to gut all of these programs entirely. congressman paul ryan. here's what he said in an interview with the nbc news in plain sight poverty project. >> everybody cares that we get people out of poverty. but unfortunately, a lot of these strategies have failed miserably to the point where we had the highest poverty rates in a generation. >> joining us is congresswoman donna edwards of maryland. welcome. >> i want to get to mr. ryan's is comments in a moment. first, we were just having a discussion about some of the things that have been said about race by conservatives in the wake of the zimmerman verdict. why do you think that people like mr. bill o'reilly think
1:18 pm
it's perfectly acceptable to use condescending phrases like the civil rights anniversary and to mock something that led to people giving their lives so that ordinary citizens in this country could vote? >> you know, i don't really know what's behind this, martin. i have to tell you, it must be disturbing for just millions of americans across the country to hear this kind of vitriol coming out of people on television, coming out of the mouths of elected officials and leaders. it's actually pretty frightening. and i think coming off the heels of the supreme court's voting rights decision, the trayvon martin nondecision, he think it's important for us to redouble our efforts in this country to have a responsible conversation about race, but also to have a responsible conversation about the kind of public policy changes that we need to move this country forward. >> amen to that. now let's look at mr. ryan and
1:19 pm
his charge that the war on poverty has in his words, failed miserably. the food stamps program and medicaid, as you know, have aided millions of children and the elderly. would you call those war on poverty programs a failure? >> well, absolutely not. and particularly now as we've had over these last couple of years a decline in our economy and a recovery in the economy from the great recession. these programs actually could not be more needed than they are today. and they've actually provided the benefit of a foundation for working families to work their way out of poverty. i think lbj and that generation actually were inspired in what they created. it's unfortunate the republicans in congress led by paul ryan want to dismantle that. what they did with the farm bill, they couldn't pass a unified farm bill because they were not satisfied with $20 billion in cuts to food stamps.
1:20 pm
>> indeed. i was going to come to that because the president this week spoke about the need to invest in the american worker. in the middle class. paul ryan on the other hand, has tried to cut over $100 billion from the food stamp program. he's also tried to gut medicaid. again, does he do this because he simply has no idea what it's like to live in poverty and therefore, doesn't understand the benefit of these programs? because he speaks about them as if they could literally be cast away and make no difference whatsoever to the lives of people who rely on them. >> i used to think it was because they just didn't know. increasingly, i think it's because they just don't care. and you know, i think that our responsibility has to be to protect the middle class to grow the middle class to, look at the income disparities that have been created over this last 20
1:21 pm
years because the republicans have been so interested in protecting the already protected class than they are in making sure that the middle class grows. >> but when you say they just don't care, i mean, are you telling me that having been through a recession for five years, and seeing so many people lose their jobs through no fault of their own, seeing so many poor people driven to the fringes economically, they really don't care about those people? >> well, martin, let's look at the facts. we're talking about people who wanted to cut unemployment benefits at the height of the recession, people who would cut food stamps for working people who need that nutrition assistance in order to make it over this hump. we're talking about people who would cut head start, meals-on-wheels. they gut social security and medicare. so i think i can only draw one conclusion. >> congresswoman, you've already persuaded me with the facts.
1:22 pm
you've already persuaded me with the facts. donna edwards, thank you so much. >> thank you. many could up, the world according to carlos danger and sydney leather. oh, dear >> he actually said that about himself to me. the exact wording was that he's an argumentative perpetually horny middle aged man and at the time, i was like, oh, no, you're not. but yes, he is.
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and diplomatic ties. and while visiting singapore's renowned and historic botanic gardens, the vice president and his wife jill were given the honor of having an orchid named after them. something that clearly thrilled mr. biden. >> now i know i've arrived. >> thank you. >> and no visit to the gardens would be complete without some local refreshment. the vice president stopping at a food center for some chilled lime juice. the bidens will make a pit stop in hawaii tomorrow before returning to washington on sunday. armed, no doubt, with a fistful of new friends and an orchid that may end up in the white house if the vice president chooses to run until 2016. and if mr. biden does decide to run, what might his opposition look like? that's just ahead. plus, the day's top lines starring, you guessed it. >> it's not dozens of, just like i told the post and they made a
1:27 pm
big headline out of it. it's not dozens and dozens. it is six to ten i suppose. >> how many conversations did you have with women after he resigned that were sexual in nature? >> i don't believe i had any more than three. you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands? to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪
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is little wayne debasing your culture? >> i'm laying out my ideas to give the middle class a better shot. you can't just be against something. you got to be for something. >> votes in the senate. you know. >> all sizzle and no steak. >> one of the reasons why i ran against him in the last campaign. >> do you think that the economy would have been better if you and governor romney would have won? >> i have no doubt in my mind.
1:31 pm
>> here in america and around the world, people should be free to choose the god that they worship. >> he's all about stirring the pot and generally involving things that have to do with race. >> for everyone who's a valedictorian, there's another 100 out there that have calves the size of cantaloupes because they're hauling marijuana across the deserts. >> you want racism, that's racism. >> you don't think the lil' wayne is debasing your culture? >> i don't care for that word myself. >> i asked you if he's debasing african-american culture, yes or no. >> i don't know what you define as african-american culture. >> what you looking at? is he emblematic of our culture? no. >> steve king, mayor filner. >> does not reflect the values of the american people. >> they have both admitted they need therapy. >> i was placed in a filner head lock. >> how many women. >> dozens and dozens. it is six to ten i suppose, but i can't tell you absolutely what someone else is going to
1:32 pm
consider inappropriate or not. >> he was making these campaign promises that he had totally changed. >> i don't have a game plan. i'm just doing what i'm doing. >> i am proof that that is not true. >> do you think i did not know when i got into this race that there wasn't a possibility that something like this would happen? >> joining us now here in new york is frank aruta, senior editor at the atlantic and james pederson a professor at lehigh university. garantz, are you one of those who feels that anthony weiner should engage in some coyote tus inderruptus and calls his campaign to an early stop? >> if he pulls out now, i think that's it for his political career. you can't leave congress and a campaign for mayor of new york city and have a career. if he can calm things down enough so that he can go through with it, he might have a career in the future. >> you think he should continue.
1:33 pm
>> if he wants to have a political career which is why he's running >> professor, republicans have now decided to use mr. weiner as evidence of what they're calling the democrats war on women with rnc coshares sharon day writing an op-ed saying i have to wonder if the filner-spitzer-weiner party, where do women draw the line. does mr. weiner sending pictures of his genitals problem that the dras are now sticking it to women? i can't believe we're talking about this, but no, it does not. let's be very, very clear here. when we're talking about the war on women, we're talking about specific pols trying to roll back particularly women's access to health care, roe versus wade and other issues at the state level, defunding planned parenthood all the these things at the state level where republican legislatures are trying to roll back women's rights, especially access to health care and reproductive rights. if you look to the comments on the right about the way they see
1:34 pm
rape and women's rights, those are real policy issues. and that's not to dismiss weiner or filner or spitzer or their indiscretions. that's the everyday sexism we need to try to address and think about, but there's a difference between what's going on in the personal lives of politicians who make mistakes and the policy level where statutes and different laws are trying to be regressive with respect to women's rights. >> garantz, the democratic leadership has been fairly robust. here's nancy pelosi on mr. bush weiner. take a listen to this. >> let me be very clear, the conduct of some of these people that we're talking about here is reprehensible, so disrespectful of women and what's really stunning about it, they don't even realize it. they don't have a clue. and it is really if they're clueless, get a clue. they need therapy, do it in
1:35 pm
private. >> and dnc chair debbie wasserman-schultz issued this statement regarding filner, for the good of the city of san diego, i call on the mayor to resign. that's been the democrats' position. meanwhile, mark sanford is back in the house and divideavid vits a senator for louisiana. >> a long tradition of politicians have a very expansive personality and want to bring everyone into their lives in every kind of way. i think there's a type in that regard. weiner is good on the stump, he connects with people. i've watched him on the streets here in new york city. it's fascinating see that. i wonder if this is a type in politics. >> are you suggesting he has some kind of pathological addiction to the attention. >> he definitely likes the attention. all politicians do. >> professor, mrs. carlos danger human malabdin has suffered public humiliation and now being attacked for standing by her
1:36 pm
pathological husband. does she garner plaudits for her resilience or do you think she is as coupleable as him in terms of sheer political ambition? >> i'm not reading it that way, martin. it's hard for me to read her purely as some kind of enableler because it's so difficult to measure from the outside what are the intricacies of a relationship and marriage. those of us who are married understand the complexities of marriage and the nuances. it's very, very difficult to try to measure what is going on with them. i don't judge her in that same way. instead, it's very, very important for us to understand that they are public and unfortunately, mr. weiner has introduced the part of their private life into the public, but that doesn't mean we all now can become experts what their relationship is. i don't read her and i don't think she codes as an enabler. an at the end of the day, it took a lot of courage on her part to stand there and sort of take it and geb to do it the
1:37 pm
sort of deja vu thing all over again. we don't know what's in their minds, what kind of goals she has for herself or what they set for each other as i an couple. we don't note the specific terms of what their relationship is either. we will know mr. weiner has demonstrated what we think of as being egregious behavior. maybe he's lost quite a bit of credibility in terms of running pore mayor of the city of new york. i don't think that gives us license to judge his partner exclusively in that way either. >> garance, the call for the san diego mayor, bob filner to stand down have sadly fallen on kaef ears. moments ago, he did offer an apology. here's what he had to say. take a listen. >> simply not acceptable for me to try to explain away my conduct as the product of the standards of a different generation. i will be entering a behavior counseling clinic to undergo two weeks of intensive therapy to begin the process of addressing my behavior. >> did you notice there that he
1:38 pm
was offering almost the explanation that his conduct comes from a different generation. since when was it acceptable for men to grab women in a head lock? >> i don't think it's ever been considered acceptable. going into behavioral therapy for two weeks is basically a two-with he can refret from the media than doing something that's going to change his behavior or rectify anything. >> this is a man who has had apparently decades of this kind of conflict and he's going to resolve it in two weeks. >> there's no evidence he would be able to do that. if he's doing instinct actionable, there should be actions taken. >> garance, thank you so much for coming to us, and professor james peterson, thank you, sir. when we come back, we'll shift our focus to egypt where massive be demonstrations are once again under way. we'll have a live report from cairo in just a moment. it starts with something little, like taking a first step.
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pictures of protesters in cairo. tens of thousands of supporters and opponents of egypt's ousted president are attending mass rallies today with at least five people killed in clashes in alexandria. these protests come after a judge ordered deposed former president muhammad morsi detained on charges including murder. for more now, we go to nbc news foreign correspondent a min mo ha dean who is in cairo. can you explain these charges and how protesters have reacted once they were announced? >> sure, the charges stem back to a time when president morsi was a political prisoner here in this country and then over the course of his tenure as president. in essence, the charges involve him collaborating or conspiring with a foreign organization in
1:43 pm
this case hamas which is the palestinian militant group cha charges that the president conspired with this organization to carry out attacks inside egypt including the one that ultimately freed him from prison going backing to 2011. it's a little bit complicated. somewhat ambiguous. a lot of people here are describing it as bow lit size the. nonetheless, the protesters coming out in support of his removal answering the call by the military to go to the streets to show support for the military have welcomed this investigation. they want him, they want other members of the muslim brotherhood to be put on trial. supporters of the ousted president, however, have rejected these saying it is nothing more than a witch hunt in an attempt to institutionalize this military coup by removing all of the senior leaders of the muslim brotherhood that included the former president. >> we are kernel in the period of ramadan.
1:44 pm
people have come out from friday prayers. is there anxiety that the what appears to be a relatively peaceful protest at the moment aside from a few firecrackers might actually devolve into some kind of violence? >> well, what we're seeing is two very different patterns emerge. if we look at the protests that have been mostly peaceful as you mentioned, they are here in cairo in two different squares, those that are supporting the military and those sirte supporting the ousted president. what we tend to see over the course of the hours in the evening, as protesters intensify they get more violent as they come within the vicinity of one another. police in alexandria tried to break up a crowd of supporters belonging to the ousted president, but away from the main cairo and alexandria cities is the northern part of sinai. and that really has become very restive. we're talking about sustained
1:45 pm
gun fights, heavy casualties on the part of the military, the militants there are much more armed using rpgs, very heavy weaponry to attack police and military checkpoints that have been set up around the city. that has become the major concern of security for the egyptian military in the northern part of the sinai peninsula. in addition to the type of lawlessness we see here that sometimes resembles a lot of street fights and running battles between supporters and opponents. today has been relatively calm. as i've said, in the coming hours is when it tends to intensify overnight. >> is there any sense finally and briefly, the military may be prepared to sit down with the muslim brotherhood and have some kind of coalition conversation? as we understand it from a variety of sourcesings all negotiations have broken down between the military and muslim brotherhood. there were some early negotiation has took place.
1:46 pm
that now has completely stalled. the concern after today is the military called on protesters to come down to the square to give the military a green light to crack down on what it describes as terrorism. but critics and skeptics are afraid that is simply a green light for the military to attempt to break up and crack down on pro-morsi supporters very violently. that is the major concern now, that the military may feel since the negotiations have broken down and that large crowds have come out to that rear and elsewhere in support of the military, the military may interpret this as a mandate to go in with force and break up these protests violently and that could lead to a lot of casualties. >> ayman mohyeldin, thank you. you stay safe. >> coming up, christie versus rand, rand versus cruz, cruz versus rubio. the 20816 baseline is now bumping. 16 baseline is now bumping. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn?
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to describe the current house of representatives as a group of lazy self-indulgent egomaniacs with no interest in legislating. after all, republicans have made almost 40 concerted attempts to repeal the affordable care act. and over in the senate, well, they just want to defund it. >> several of my colleagues and i have made it clear we won't fund obama care as part of the short-term spending bill that's going to be considered here in congress in september. obama care is a disastrous law. it threatens the future of small business owners and workers all across the nation. >> and yet, there are others within the gop who had are not so thrilled by the efforts of mr. rubio and colleagues. .richard burr of north carolina called defunding the law through the continuing resolution the
1:51 pm
dumbest idea he has ever heard adding defunding is the affordable care act is not achievable by shutting down the federal government. at some point, you're going to open the federal government back up and barack obama is going to be president. oh, dear. for more, we're joined by the washington editor for the national review, robert costa in washington and political analyst jonathan alter is here with me, the author of "the center holds obama and his enemies." john, this idea of focusing on repealing or defunding the affordable care act, is this all part of john boehner's contention that congress should be judged not on the laws they passed but on the laws they repealed? >> you know, the thing that's so nutty about this is it's all in cloud quvenzhane land as republican senator burr said, obama's president. he's got the street toe pen. they don't have the votes to override the street toe.
1:52 pm
so even democrats are kind of living in a time warp. they're so traumatized, some democrats that they think it's 2012, 2011. it's a fantasy. obama care is here to stay. there is nothing they can do to get rid of it. and so it's just a question of whether they want to face reality or not. this applies to a lot of their other cuts ending amtrak or closing basically defunding the fish and wildlife service. the list goes on and on and on. it makes for you know, nice talking points in republican primaries but it doesn't have anything to do with reality. >> robert, the rift over the affordable care act appears to be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to gop infighting. you wrote earlier this week about the rivalry between senators rand paul and ted cruz, both potential 2016 candidates, both of whom were in iowa last week. are we going to end up do you
1:53 pm
think with another con tenuous gop primary in 2016 with one of these twos as it were representing the tea party and a more moderate representing the traditional republican party? >> in fact is, i think this current battle over obama care defines where the party is moving ahead of 2016. there's a battle for redefining the center of gravity on the right. it's not just enough now to repeal obama care. have you to want to repeal obama care by putting funding for the government on the table, as well. when i was in iowa following cruz ab-paul, they're fighting for that right flank, trying to become the most conservative republican in the emerging field. >> so far right, they're going to fall off the flat earth. >> possibly. chris christie has gotten in the act criticizing the libertarian foreign policy of rand paul. take a listen to this. >> this strain of libertarianism going through both parties right now and making big headlines i think is a very dangerous thought. i love all these esoteric
1:54 pm
debates that people are getting in. >> senator rand paul for example. >> you can name any number of people and he's one of them. these esoteric intellectual debates i want them to come to new jersey and sit across from the widows and the orphans and have that conversation. >> now, in response, john, a rand paul aide said this. if governor christie believes the constitutional rights and the privacy of all americans is esoteric, he needs a new dictionary or needs to talk to more americans because a great number of them are concerned about the dramatic overreach of our government in recent years. is this a good tactic by chris christie do you think? >> i think it's a necessary one. >> is it good for him politically? >> it is, because they have to have a reckoning. they have to have this out in the republican party. they have to have this fight. and you know, if they want to go over the cliff with the loonies, then they will cease to be a
1:55 pm
viable political party. they'll be a remnant party. if they want to go more in the christie direction which is conservative, they'll continue to be competitive in elections. it's the choice of republicans all across the country. but if they nominate somebody who is so out of step with the american public, that they get wiped out in the 2016, then you could have another kind of barry goldwater situation from 1964. >> robert, what did you think of chris christie's intervention there? as we know, you covered the you right flank in iowa. what did you think of christie's intervention? >> i've spoken to sources in his inner circle. they actually are trying to be strategic right now. they see this massive fight building on the far right of the party. and as 2016 nears, they think they can up an the center right space. he's starting to make his opening sal vol in that
1:56 pm
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stay tuned, chris matthews and "hardball" is next. weiner weary and stay classy san diego. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. the new yorker magazine for next week has anthony weiner mounted up on the empire state building tv helicopters swarming around and above as he takes pictures of the tower's pinnacle. it wouldn't be -- it would be hilarious if it weren't for the fact it's dominating democratic politics in this world. weren't we the country that taught the world that people had the brains and judgment to pick their own leaders? didn't we say, certainly churchill did that democracy is the st


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