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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 28, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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good sunday afternoon. i'm craig melvin. you're watching msnbc. here's what's happening right now. mounting doubts about anthony weiner. first, voters abandon him. now his campaign manager jumped ship. can weiner survive? standing their ground. right now the dream defenders are occupying the florida governor's office for the 12th straight day, including harry belafonte. what's the end game here. it's a wrap. check this out. 3 million people crowd
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copacabana for the pope's last day in brazil. we're live in rio with the pontiff's final message. first, though, president obama continues to tout his economic message today. and in a new interview with "the new york times," he's now brought race into the equation. >> racial tensions won't get better, they may get worse because people will feel as if they've got to compete with some other group. to get scraps from a shrinking pot. if the economy's growing, everybody feels invested. everybody feels as if we're all going in the same direction. >> could racial tension in this country be mitigated at all if the economy was better? kristen welker is at the white house with more on this. kristen, as the president continues to talk about the economy on the road this week, can we expect to hear president obama start to evoke race more as well? >> reporter: well, craig, i
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think you only hear the president weigh in on race if he's asked specifically about it. i attended two rallies with him this past week, one in illinois, one in missouri. he didn't bring up the issue of race. he did in the context that you just played because it was during an interview with "the new york times," he was speaking, of course, in the wake of the trayvon martin trial. so i think that he thought it applied in that instance. i think what we will hear from the president, craig, is him continuing to sell his economic message. he has been calling for investing in things like infrastructure, early education, health care. part of his message aimed at teeing up the budget battles that are just around the corner with congressional republicans. they have been calling for cutting back on domestic spending, repealing president obama's health care law. john boehner saying he is all sizzle and no sting, of not sitting down and actually legislating with him. i can tell you that the white house thinks this is a very
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effective tactic for the president to get out of the white house, to get out of washington, d.c., to take his message on the road, so you will see a lot more of that in coming weeks. and on tuesday he heads to chattanooga, tennessee, where he will be calling for new investments in manufacturing. >> kristen welker from 1600 pennsylvania avenue for us on a sunday afternoon. kristen, thank you. >> reporter: thank you. anthony weiner, let's get to goldy taylor, msnbc contributor, managing editor of the goldy taylor project as well. david is a white house reporter for the "washington post." and peter suitorman, for reason magazine, good to see all of you. anthony weiner's campaign manager has now quit, as you know. the candidate for mayor saw his poll numbers plunge nine points this week. favorable numbers have plunged more than twice that. this is the warm reception he got on staten island.
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>> if i conducted myself in the manner you conducted yours, i would be gone. >> goldy, with voter reaction like that, and his top aide leaving now, how long can we expect anthony weiner to stay in this thing? >> i think the campaign is effectively over. i have never seen a case where a campaign manager quit a campaign or been dismissed in these final days, and that campaign was able to stay and move on. the campaign staff itself will take a horrible hit to its morale. it doesn't really matter what anthony weiner does at this moment, he's not going to be the mayor of new york. so in the words of, you know, that great philosopher, supel, he needs to wrap it up. >> thank you for that. david, weiner's behavior, it's left him wide open to blasts from political opponents especially. this is what peter king had to say this morning on cnn.
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>> it's a real pathological problem here with him. how he could be out there knowing all this information was going to come out. i think he should do himself and everybody a favor and step to the sidelines. he's not qualified, not psychologically qualified to be the city of mayor of new york. >> congressman king sounds like he's calling anthony weiner crazy. how real is the possibility at this point, david, that anthony weiner is going to damage his party's brand? >> i don't know if it's going to damage the party's brand in a big way. but i think it has become a total embarrassment and distraction to new yorkers, to people in this race. and it may not be a surprise that a republican like peter king is calling for this. but he is a new yorker and has a big following there. his voice does matter. i think it adds to the that pressure. there's this idea that on tho i thon -- anthony weiner, whether he won or lost, it de bill tats
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a future run. the longer he stays in, at this point he may not even attain the second goal to establish his brand for a future run. i think as these calls continue to get stronger, there may be pressure intermly, and his wife and others to say, let's just end this. >> house speaker was on "meet the press" this morning. she tried to turn the issue to weiner's political record. here it is. >> but do i think he has the qualifications to be mayor of the city of new york? has he disqualified himself? yes. he's disqualified himself, but not just because of these scandals, that certainly has. he didn't have the qualifications when he was in congress. >> is it going to be impossible at this point, peter, to refocus the campaign, as long as anthony weiner is in this race? are they going to be able to talk about any matters of substance at all? >> i don't think they're going to be able to. but you know, the thing about anthony weiner is he's never
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been somebody who really wanted to talk about substance. go look at his congressional record. his congressional record is not one of great policy leadership, one of a great seeking of sound bites. that's what he's always been after. he's always had sort of a special sense of his own worth, even for a politician. i think we're seeing that here with this scandal. but you did see that same sort of lack of attention to policy detail, lack of really pushing forth bills, negotiating the kind of legislation that could make you a policy leader in congress, even when he was in washington. >> goldy, let's talk about anthony weiner's wife for a second here. washington insider, longtime close aide to hillary clinton, stood by her husband this week, spoke out on behalf of him as well. has her reputation been damaged considerably by all of this? or is she someone who will be able to bounce back from this? >> you know, i at first believed
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that by her standing up next to her husband, that she had sort of changed the game about the expectation of political wives in all of this. i no longer really believe that. i think as the days have begun to wear on, that she has begun to become seen as, you know, a singular unit with her husband. and she's taking hits to her reputation. it is not for us to judge what happens inside of their marriage, whether she stands behind him or does not stand behind him. that is her call and she has every, every right to it, without any de rigs from us. but the very notion that they are as a political couple, remaining in this race, and continuing to distract new yorkers from the very issues, the very critical issues that they confront on a daily basis, renewing economic opportunity, making certain that we have a better playing field for the men and women who live, work and play there, i think those are the issues we've got to talk about. and as long as they're in the race, we're not going to have that conversation. >> david, you're down there in
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d.c. what kind of attention is this scandal getting inside the beltway? >> it's getting a lot of attention, obviously. this is a story line you can't avoid. one thing that -- you asked me about the democratic brand. anthony weiner is not in office, he's been out for a while. i think that's one thing that sort of insulates some democrats from being tarred by this on some broad scale. but i think there's a lot of interest. and i think the fact that his wife, huma, who worked for hillary clinton, who is obviously going to be a big name in 2016, is also -- keeps this very interesting. will it do anything to end this more abruptly than anthony weiner might want. i don't know. it doesn't seem any evidence of that. obviously with the latest happening with the campaign manager, there's going to be less, i think, less reason to go forward. i think there may come a time soon where it may be a different call here. >> david predicting the end is
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nye. they'll be back with us later in the hour on the weiner scandal, and also talk about immigration reform and the move to kill obamacare as well. meanwhile, egypt's military is now allowed to arrest those staging a sit-in to protest the president's ouster there. the major crackdown continuing in egypt. we'll talk about the new american response there. plus, verdict watch. a military judge is deciding the fate of wicky leaker bradley manning. what that could mean for other leakers, like edward snowden. plus, a surprise on stage. cleveland kidnapping survivor amanda berry making her first public appearance. and wait until you hear where. o, back to the first. they're gonna need a lot of stuff. stock up now and get 15% off school supplies through september 21st when you buy a back to school savings pass. staples. that was easy.
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. it is day 12 now. the protest inside florida's capital building. supporters are demanding governor rick scott convene a special session to repeal that state's stand your ground law, among other things. the sit-in organized by the group dream defenders started after the acquittal of george zimmerman earlier this month. phillip agnew is the executive director of the dream defenders. capital police were refusing to allow food or water deliveries to the folks camped inside the building. police are denying those claims. i wanted to clear it up with you here off the top here. what's the situation there right now? >> yeah, there was a lot of confusion about whether or not we could bring food in. food is there. we're not starving. i was just talking to some people, i had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast and croissant sandwich for
12:15 pm
lunch. we came here in the name of peace and progress. there's no progress without struggle. we have food. and we intend to stay, no matter how long it takes. >> you have high-profile support from harry belafonte friday. here's what he said. >> if you don't want to deal with us, to be able to function in our cities, continuing to have normal cadence, that's an option. if you want to go further than that, we know how to stop the machine. and i think the last thing the governor of this legislature would want to see is the state of florida comes to a grinding halt. >> what does he mean by that? what do you plan to do if governor scott refuses to convene a special session? >> there's multiple ways to get this special session called in. if the governor doesn't want to take up any leadership, we can go through our lawmakers. starting this week, we're going to announce a number of lawmakers who have signed on to our petition for a special session of the congress, or the
12:16 pm
legislature. we're going to get what we came for. i think what mr. harry belafonte was alluding to was the massive power that we've been able to assemble, the people we represent are the backbone of the state of florida. the people who are forgotten, the people who are looked over. and so if we're not able to meet some sort of agreement, find some sort of agreement on this here, in this way, there are many other ways peacefully, nonviolently, that we can show our power in order to get what we need for the future of our children. our children are dying every day. and no matter how clean the bottom of the hole is, our kids in the bottom of the hole. mr. "b" and people around the country are ready to stand up for our children. >> this is not just about stand your ground then in the sunshine state? >> right. no, it's not. we're introducing trayvon's law. it's a three-pillared approach. we presented a proposal before
12:17 pm
our lawyermakers. that includes not only stand your ground, but racial profiling, as well as the schools-to-prison pipeline. what we want to do is come to the table for the first time and have young people at the table in deciding their future. stand your ground is a very small part of it. but a critical one if we want to amend the broken ties that we've had in the last year here in florida. >> day 12, again, of the protest inside the capital building. at this point how long is your group prepared to stay inside that building to advance your agenda? >> it's actually day 13. we're prepared to stay there -- no problem. we're prepared to stay there as long as it takes. we've said that since the beginning, and we're determined to do it, as i said. we're prepared to struggle. the support has been monumental. but i broke my streak today at the capital, but we've got people there who are determined -- we don't have
12:18 pm
anything to go back to. we don't have communities that we're looking for to going back to. so we came here for something, from all over the state, all over the country. and we're here to do work. we're waiting on the governor to show some leadership. we'll have our own special session this week starting on tuesday. and it will continue through a number of weeks. we'll be there as long as it takes to really get something done in the state of florida. >> how long does the group right now inside the capital, phillip? >> right now, we've got about 15 people. we started with about 50 to 60 on friday. a few people from our group had to go back to new york, and folks had to work. most of our people are students and young people. so right now, we've got about 15 people holding it down. they can't see me, but i miss all of you all. i'll be back tomorrow at 6:59 a.m. >> executive director of the dream defenders. phillip, keep us posted, sir. we'll be right back. [ tap ] ♪ we'll share the same dream
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the court-martial of private first class bradley manning as early as this tuesday. the presiding judge is considering whether manning was aiding the enemy with general evil intent. that language is important. manning is accused of giving more than 700,000 documents, and diplomatic cables to wikileaks, including a video showing a helicopter attack in iraq. that mistakenly killed innocent civilians. the legal director of the center for constitutional rights joins me here in the studio. what have we learned from the proceedings that started back in june? >> we've learned a number of things. we've learned about the brutal treatment of bradley manning before the court-martial started, that the u.n. repertoire described as torture. we learned that he's being charged with aiding the enemy, even though he had no intent to aid the enemy.
12:23 pm
his intent was only to educate the american public. >> and embarrass the government. >> embarrass the u.s. government. embarrass them so that the public would respond in the way that he thought appropriate. which was to end secrecy, to end the war in iraq, et cetera. but there was no intent to aid the enemy. under this remarkably broad theory that the government proposes, any journalistic organization, not only wikileaks, but "the new york times" and this network could disclose to the public at large material harmful to the united states. >> this is a case being watched closely, especially by supporters of nsa leaker edward snowden. what kind of precedent does this case set going forward for leakers? >> well, this case is arguably distinct in the sense it comes in the context of a court-martial. so it's under military
12:24 pm
jurisdiction. but it is at a piece with snowden and a broader campaign the obama administration has been waging against whistle blowers. in the case of edward snowden, he like manning disclosed information that has now been very valuable to the american public. and he's been charged with not only leaking classified information, but two counts of 100-year-old statute, the espionage act. >> he chose to have this particular case decided by a judge, not a jury. how could that help or hurt him? >> well, the -- you know, it's unclear, and i think in the legal context, choosing a jury over a judge in any situation is context specific. i think there have been some disappointing rulings by in judge so far, including her ruling that his intent to educate the american public is
12:25 pm
irrelevant to evaluating whether or not he was aiding the enemy. and her refusal to take into consideration his pretrial treatment, also was a disappointing ruling. hopefully she'll evaluate the evidence fairly in this case, and at a minimum reject the aiding of the enemy charges. >> will history regard him, generally speaking, had history going to regard bradley manning as a whistleblower, or is history going to treat him as a traitor to his country? >> i think history's instructive here. he's in a similar position as someone named daniel ellsworth, who leaked voluminous information about foreign policy in vietnam. and at the time was dismissed as a traitor by the nixon administration. he is now widely regarded as a heroic figure. i think the same will happen for bradley manning as well. >> legal director at the center for constitutional rights. thank you. >> thank you. a church bus carrying a youth group crashes, killing three, injuring dozens.
12:26 pm
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tragedy in indiana, where a bus crash has left three people dead and dozens injured. among the dead, a church pastor and his pregnant wife. witnesses say the bus was carrying teenagers home from a church camp, when it flipped over on interstate 465 there. the bus was apparently just a mile from the church when it crashed. i'm craig melvin. here's a quick look at some of the other top stories making news right now. egypt's interim president is giving the prime minister the go-ahead now to have the military arrest civilians in the wake of this weekend's violent clashes between police and
12:30 pm
supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is urging egypt's leaders to work together to curb the violence of the all of this as the death toll from the weekend violence rises to 72. new details today in that deadly shooting at a florida apartment complex just outside miami. florida police say it all started when pedro vargas shot and killed six people, including the apartment's managers. s.w.a.t. team members eventually shot and killed vargas. they were also able to free two of the hostages. at this point no word on a motive. and an unexpected appearance in cleveland this weekend. amanda bear ri, one of the women held captive for more than a decade, surprised a crowd at a day-long concert. the 27-year-old was all smiles, but didn't say anything, as she waved to the cheering crowd.
12:31 pm
>> give it up for amanda berry! [ cheers and applause ] i told her she had a little bit of time to make up on the partying, and that you guys would help her out tonight. pope francis is wrapping up a historic prip to brazil today with a mass that drew a reported 3 million people. take a look at that crowd. nearly the entire 2.5-mile crescent of copacabana's broad beach overflowed with people. the pope worked the crowd, kissed babies, he took a sip of tea handed to him. he also caught gifts on the fly we're told. he's in rioo on this sunday. claudio, it looks like there's a good number of folks still on the beach there. >> reporter: indeed. the pope left many hours ago, but look at that.
12:32 pm
there's still what i would say are tens of thousands of pilgrims still on the beach having fun. of course, they've turned this event into a massive party. it's not over yet. you consider these kids, all 3 million of them, have been sleeping on the beach in tents, in sleeping bags last night. and they've been here for more than 24 hours now. all to witness the biggest event of world youth day. the mass said by pope francis. it was almost 3.5 million, as a matter of fact. that makes it one of the biggest religious services ever held anywhere in the world in history. of course, following after the manila world youth day. the pope was received as a rock star. and that comparison is not that far-fetched. think that koebcopacabana was ae rolling stones concert. they only averaged 1.6 million.
12:33 pm
now the pope -- >> i didn't mean to cut you off. you've been covering the pope now for several months. what have we learned from his first international trip? >> reporter: well, first of all, we learned that he's even more popular than we thought, at least in south america. initially, it looked like the vatican and brazilian authorities underestimated his popularity. and the warm welcoming of the brazilian people. he was almost mobbed in downtown rio. it was more orderly later on. it was amazing to see him driving down copeacabana four nights in a row and still millions of people kept coming. that's quite a sight. >> claudio in rio for us this sunday. always good to see you. back here, more troubles for anthony weiner today. weiner's campaign manager has called it quit, under
12:34 pm
revelations that he sent raunchy photographs to women on twitter after the twitter scandal that forced him out of office in 2011. joining me live now, democratic former pennsylvania governor ed rendell, an nbc political analyst, and michael steele, also an msnbc contributor. good to see both of you. governor, let me start with you. do you think that weiner should get out of this thing at this point? >> absolutely. he's not doing himself any good and he's not doing the city of new york any good. >> what's the motivation at this point? why at this point do you continue to drag your wife, and your small son, and the city that you claim to love so much, why do you continue to drag them through all of this? >> i think he must be compelled somehow to do this. i think anthony weiner is a brilliant guy who's obviously got some problems. and i think those problems are compelling him to stay at the center of attention. if he withdraws, he's not going to be at the center of attention
12:35 pm
for a long time to come. i think that's the problem. but if he thinks it through, if he thinks what's best for his wife, thinks what's best for the city, if he thinks what's best for the democratic party, that he claims to love, he would get out. >> michael, you know, we spent a lot of time talking about anthony weiner. it's not just democratic politicians these days who are in the hot water over things that they've done and things they've said. iowa congressman steve king back in the news again. not just for what he said, but the fact that he's now digging in his heels as well. i want to play for our audience, remind them what he said and his response when folks were demanding an apology. here it is. >> they aren't all valedictorians, not all brought in by their parents. for every valedictorian, there's 100 out there who weigh 130 pounds and have the calves of cantaloupes because they're hauling hundreds of pounds of marijuana across the desert. i said, do i need to come back
12:36 pm
down and refresh myself? they said, no, you're spot-on on what you're saying, but maybe you've got the weight ten pounds up. >> steve king talking about illegal immigrants. republicans always seem to respond sort of in the same way to steve king, michael steele. they condemn, they distance. >> right. >> but they don't call them -- he said some other ridiculous things. you know this. like when president obama was elected, what does this look like to the rest of the world, what does it look like to the world of islam? i will tell you if he's elected president and the radical islamists will be dancing in the streets in greater numbers than september 11th. why has there not been a coordinated campaign to run steve king out of the rayburn office building in d.c.? >> because the people you are talking about getting behind this coordinated campaign didn't put him in office. number one. the people in the district that he represents put him in office. and as long as they tolerate and
12:37 pm
either support or at least, you know, ignore those comments, he'll stay there. i think secondly, you know, there's a distinction between what you say and behavior. and we tend to -- at least in the political world -- judge behavior a little bit more quickly, a little bit more harshly than we do words. words you can take back. words you can nuance. words you can ignore. behavior is much more glaring, and in your face. so when you compare the behavior of individuals like a vitter or a weiner, versus the words of a king or an allen west when he was in the congress, there is the distinction that is made at least politically, and i think largely the american people do, they may find the words unless it borderlines and is outright racist in some way or hateful, there seems to be much more of a pass, if you will, for words
12:38 pm
versus behavior. >> ed rendell, it sounds like michael steele is saying, and you correct me if i'm wrong, mike, but it sounds like you're saying that what anthony weiner did is worse than a lot of the things that steve king has said. >> no, it's just judged differently. it's just judged differently. it's not a question of what's worse or less worse. it's how people hear it, how people see it and view it and how they ultimately judge it. >> governor, another politician accused of behaving badly, bob mcdonnell, weathering allegations for weeks about improper use of campaign money. has not got the ink and air time, because frankly, there aren't any sexy pictures involved. there is a new report out today that his wife used thousands of dollars from his pac to buy clothing. his spokesperson tells us she was just borrowing the clothes. is this a story that you think is going to be going away anytime soon, or is this simply the drip, drip, drip? >> no, i don't think it will go
12:39 pm
away. but let me quickly respond to what michael said. he's right in the way things are judged. but i'm glad the democratic national convention chairman said he ought to get out of the race. what steve king said is hurtful to tens and tens and tens of millions of americans. it's disgraceful. no congressman should have that mind-set. he should resign as well. in terms of bob mcdonnell, it's a great tragedy, because he's been a very effective governor. one of the best governors in the united states in terms of what he's done. he's taken some courageous stands. but clearly there's a problem, it has potential criminality here. not maybe just for the governor, but his wife as well. no, this is going to be the subject of grabbed jury investigations. >> ed rendell, michael steele. i wish we had a lot more time. i'll have to get you guys back on a sunday. >> happy to. >> thank you. renaming the redskins.
12:40 pm
i could talk to these guys as well. as training camp starts, the renaming of the team's name restarts. we'll talk about that, plus, why there's an empty feeling at the baseball hall of fame for the first time in nearly 50 years. [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness... accomplishing even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel for my pain and stiffness, and to help stop joint damage. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever,
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also available in delicious peanut butter. "first day of my life" by bright eyes you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen.
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the start of a new football season has added new fuel to the controversy over the name of one of the nfl's leading franchises, the washington redskins. suzanne is the president of the "morning star" institute, also founding trustee of the national museum of the american indian. suzanne, last time we kind of rap out of time here so i wanted to have you back. players reported to training camps last week. two former redskins players voiced support for considering a move to considering a name change. this is former receiver art monk talking on wtlp radio last week. take a listen. >> if the native americans feel
12:44 pm
like the redskins or chiefs or whatever name is offensive to them, who are we to say, no, it's not. >> in that same interview, darrell green said it deserves and warrants conversation, because somebody is saying, hey, this offends me. but the very next day he told another station, quote, in no way do i want to see the redskins change their name. suzanne, you've been fighting for years now to have the team change its name. are you finding there seems to be more support for the effort this year? >> well, yes. there is more support. there is an increasing amount of support as people really consider this issue, and consider that it's not just a superficial issue, it's really quite nuanced, and that it's more than about the team. do you support the team, then you have to support the name. we can really do two things at once. we can support the team and not
12:45 pm
support the name. so we're for a total name change. and we're always happy to have anyone who wants to join in that effort. >> dan snyder has been quoted as saying, among other things, we'll never change the name. it's that simple. never. you have been fighting in the courts as well through a trademark lawsuit to force a change. where does that case stand? >> well, there has been 21 years of nonstop litigation, and two cases, one that carried my name, and that one ended in 2009. and another that's carried on by amanda black horse, and other native young people who were between the ages of 18 and 24, when they filed the lawsuit in 2006. and then it just got geared up again in 2010. so that's the one that's pending before three of the trademark
12:46 pm
judges who are of the experts in the field. and we expect a decision within this calendar year. and we hope that it will be the same decision that was rendered in our case by the experts. >> the team, of course, used the name for decades now. many players, many fans said they are proud of that name. what do you say to those people? why should the name be changed? and a lot of folks probably aren't even familiar with the history of how this name was even attached to the football team in washington as well. >> well, it came about during the bounty hunting period when our people were skinned and our skins were handed in as proof of indian kill. but you don't even have to go to that history to see that hon its face, it's a racial slur. and there's no other team name that's comparable in the -- in
12:47 pm
all of sports in america. >> why don't you think a lot of people see it that way? i mean, what do you think the disconnect is between what you just said and a lot of -- again, a lot of folks, especially washington redskins fans say, it's just not that big a deal. the cleveland indians. the atlanta braves. we could play this game for a while. >> we're a very small population, and it comes as a surprise to a lot of people that we're still around. and that we're still the same people, speaking the same languages, dancing the same dances, understanding the same understandings as we've always had. and because we're such a small population, the racism against us is really invisible. >> suzanne, we'll leave it there, from the "morning star" institute. thank you for your time. >> thank you. this is usually the day we celebrate baseball's finest.
12:48 pm
but all is quiet in cooperstown this year. this weekend for the first time since 1965, no living members are being inducted into baseball's hall of fams. barry bonds, clemons could have been inductees today. this is their first year of eligibility. the journalists two vote are sending a clear signal to the stars of the steroids era. wait a sec! i found our colors. we've made a decision. great, let's go get you set up... you need brushes... you should check out our workshops... push your color boundaries while staying well within your budget walls. i want to paint something else. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. refresh your home inside or out with behr premium plus ultra. interior flat starts at $31.98 a gallon.
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we're back with the brain trust. first, breaking news just in from the white house. the long stalled mideast peace talks will resume tomorrow. that's when israeli and palestinian negotiators will meet in washington. david, let me start with you. this is some major news down in the beltway. how surprised should we be? again, all of this of course just days after secretary of
12:52 pm
state john kerry says this would happen. but to have it happen so quickly. >> absolutely. happened quickly in terms of the announcement p. but they have been working on this sense senator kerry became secretary of state. the president took a long awaited trip to israel and he announced he wanted new ways to talk about this. and john kerry has been over there as secretary of state and that is sort aftof a symbolic w. but it is a high stakes effort. it is obviously not going to be easy. never has been but is something the president is obviously putting a lot of time into. >> peter, this is a song that we've all heard before. is there any reason to believe that the end of the song will be different this time? >> well, you never know where it is going. i mean, these are talks that have really been in the works for three years here. it's been stalled for several years. and what we saw here is that talks would be cut in part because israel agreed to release
12:53 pm
over a hundred palestinian prisoners and so israel here is taking action, kind of saying, we want to be at the negotiating table. we want to do something that will get us in a position where he can start talks again. where those talks go? hard to say. >> pete, i will stay with you. what is your headline for next week? give it to us. >> gop plan to defund obama care fizzles. >> really? that's your headline, pete? that could be a headline, every week. >> this is a particular -- this is of particular note, in part it fizzled because republicans are against it in many ways. a letter from senator mike lee released middle of last week saying basically, you know, we don't want to support any action to fund the government unless it contains language that defunds obama care. but that letter was signed only by 11 republicans and looks like leadership is not letting up against many prominent
12:54 pm
conservatives. even activist committed. this is just an great strategy. not really getting us anywhere. >> goldy taylor, what is your headline? the last segment, weiner limps towards election day. we have to see a close to the weiner campaign. this is not good for new york. can't be good for his family at the end of the day. >> goldy, do you think that he really cares about that? because if he did, would he have even got into it in the first place? >> everything that i've seen about weiner says that it doesn't matter to him. but if he's got to stand outside of this and take an honest look, if he really cares about those issues, issues of the economy, issues of policing in new york. if he cares about the issues those in new york, he has to. if he has any semblance for a
12:55 pm
come back in the future, he has to end this now. >> david, your headline? >> craig, house of representatives break for summer recess with no action on immigration. this is a big deal for immigration opponent. they wanted something done in the house by august and that's not going to happen. i think they say, okay, we will come back and deal with it in the fall. but that will be backed up on the budget. longer we have gone from the election day, less it seems like rank and file republicans think they have to do anything on immigration. that's a problem for reform and those who want to go forward, including the white house. >> comprehensive immigration reform, david, do you think it'll be more of this sort of, this piecemeal approach, if you will, to reform? >> i think the stakes are high because the republicans want to do this piecemeal approach. the longer we go, the less i think it'll happen. you don't see a lot of senators pushing to talk about it any
12:56 pm
more. as soon as we get to the fall, we talk about the budget. that could be a problem too. will republicans want to look like they are working with bm on yet another issue and vice versa? these things get bottled up. others say, hey, republicans did need to look forward to 2014, 2016 and know that latino voters may be growing. that probably the best hope. >> goldy, republicans know how important immigration reform is to their electoral hopes. they know that. so if they know that going forward, then why the hold-up? >> we're talking about two different kinds of republicans. there is political capital to be wasted away if they can't come to some kind of agreement. this country is literally growing in ways away from the republican party. on the other hand, you have another kind of republican. ats that's the person who jerry
12:57 pm
mannedered no a very be, very safe red district with strong anti-immigration tropes going on and they simply are not, not, going to fold in nicely into immigration reform. they are the steve kings of the world. >> all right, goldy, david, peter, big thanks to you. big thanks for all of you watching this sunday afternoon. i'll be be back next weekend. up next, "disrupt kro." have a great evening. and win f. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. nobody likes to miss out. that's why ally treats all their customers the same. whether you're the first or the millionth. if your bank doesn't think you're special anymore, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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