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tv   Lockup New Mexico  MSNBC  July 28, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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be. that's our report. thanks for watching. i'm john segenthaler. >> people tend to rebel when they put you under a microscope. >> told the lady on the parole board you called her a -- and a -- >> fell for a staff member. >> the love of my life. >> david and i had known even other for seven months when we got caught. >> it was a bad choice but i
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wouldn't take it back for anything. we have an inmate by the name of conrad salazar. we're going to transfer him from a level six facility to a level five facility. we have issues with the collation officer assigned to this individual. we need to move him to an alternative housing area.
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he is pretty short so he's going to be getting out soon. so it's in the best interest to get him transferred out of here. >> what does he know at this point? >> he is understand the assumption he will be traveling for a medical at which time i will speak to him. >> staff move conrad to a different part of the prison to defuse the situation. >> saw that officer right there i stabbed him in the head when he was 18 years old here. >> he was 18. i started working here.
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he opened my cell and i stabbed him in his head. no? >> i had been working here for about six months. conrad complained like he always did. i went to give him the phone. the officer opened the door, came out with a shank. lucky i have a hard head and it bounced off my head and just cut me in the back. sent me to the hospital. came back to work this day. i'm going to see about -- i just come do my job. that's all. i'm not -- i don't want to act like them, you know? >> he says he doesn't take it personal. >> would you take it personally if someone stabbed you in the head? >> oh, definitely. probably retaliate, you know? >> you get a little change of environment. we're actually moving today. >> where? >> we're going to the level five. >> my last 60 days are going to be over there? >> correct. everything goes good, my last 60 days i could get a little bit of interaction with people before i
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get out of society because 12 years of supermax is no it -- well, actually 16 years, so it's not a good transition to go before, you know. if i'm too dangerous to go to level five, how am i not too dangerous to go to population? >> i don't want you to go with any false impressions. what's going to happen is you are still six/five and they're going to review you. any decrease in your custody level be through that process over there in level five. you still need to follow that process for a level six step five. have a good day. enjoy it. >> whatever. >> i got 60 days to go home. by the time the process happens there i'll be lucky if i get two weeks to come out on the tier with people. anything is better than nothing, i guess. you interact with somebody physically because there's no physical contact.
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you can't talk to no people. our visits are through glass. it's not the same. you know what i mean? hopefully they'll let me out on the tier where i can go out and interact with people and talk and work on my social skills a little bit. you know? >> even though conrad has just been told he will get none of the special privileges the others in his new unit do, he still talks a good game. >> i'm just hoping they let me out to population, like, you know, be able to walk around, play cards, work out with people and stuff. that is a big deal. >> kind of weird, no? coming back to a population after all this time. wasn't expecting this when i woke up this morning, you know? >> how is it going? you know who i am?
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>> no. >> i'm esteban. how is it going? you going to be okay over here? >> yeah. >> you know why they sent you here? >> because i completed the level six process, so my next step is level five, right? >> okay. you weren't having any issues with any other staff over there? >> no. >> no? >> i need some kind of reintegration. even if it's tier time for a little while with people, you know what i mean? just to get used to being around people, you know? >> you know what i got to do first, though, right? make sure all your concerns, everything that i've got to go through your file, everything, to make sure -- >> i don't have no enemies. >> but you are a validated gang member, right? or did they take that tag off of you? >> suspected, i think. >> they got you as suspected? okay. you going to be okay over here? >> yeah, yeah. >> we're not going to have no busted windows, no nothing like that? >> no. not with 60 days to the house. >> all right, man. i want you to just stay cool, okay?
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>> back in level six, staff has received information about the presence of weapons. >> i had an inmate come up to me yesterday and tell me that another inmate -- every time he is in there sweeping or mopping the pod that he keeps asking him if he can get him some metal pieces of four or five inches long. he said, yeah, every time i'm cleaning in there, he is asking me for metal objects, but the other day when i was sweeping, he called me, got my attention and he pulled out a piece of metal. he says about this long and says, never mind, i have one. so i hit the neighbor and sure enough, the neighbor had one. the object that was found was about seven inches. we're missing probably about this much of rod still. basically we're going to go down to s-pod where these weapons were found. i shook down three of the inmates, and i'm going to shake down probably the rest, the whole pod.
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we need to get one guy, escort him down here, and, remember, nobody in the cell will go through. until the canine go through. so once we pull the guy out, make sure we do a thorough strip, because if they see us, they know what's going on. they're not hiding nothing in their buttocks. probably stay on the top tier, stay on the bottom and walk around and see if we catch people stashing anything. if they start flushing a lot, shut down the water. everybody is going to the yard. >> this may be the officer's last chance to recover the weapons before they're used. >> there's, like, four or five weapons in there once you melt them all down. >> also ahead, conrad's mouth gets him in trouble with the parole board. >> he told the lady on the parole board [ bleep ] [ bleep ] and he called her a bitch and a whore. ♪
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after receiving an inside tip that inmates may have weapons in the level six facility, officers begin searching the units. >> so basically what i'm doing here is i'm looking inside the heater vent here. there's a space between the heater and the wall. that's a real common area for them to hide contraband. they tie a piece of wire or string and they'll fish it through the crease here and they'll feed it through the vent. found a shank in there yesterday. it was a pretty nice one. it was about -- just about a five inch piece sharpened a little bit. >> the officers didn't find the metal stock, but they did find a possible new source of weapons. >> yesterday one of the weapons we found were made out of the material. that's the new thing, i guess, now. i never really have seen a big chunks missing out of them, and they're taking these chunks out and they're melting them down and making a weapon, and this
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stuff dries pretty hard, so it's not soft. there's probably four or five weapons in there once you melt them all down. we're going to write him up for destruction of state property and take his stool out and when we have a stool available, we'll give him another. like i tell a lot of these officers, if you do your job, you should be safe. you shouldn't get stabbed or anything like that, but there's always that one time you slip up or you forget to do something, and that's when it happens. these guys want you and they'll wait and wait until you don't follow procedure. and that's when you get hurt. >> it's not uncommon for inmates to land longer sentences in prison because of bad behavior on the inside. inmate david scritchfield learned this lesson the hard way. >> i've been in prison 18 1/2 years now. i have been convicted of aggravated assault on police officers probably two or three times, battery on officers. you know, anything you can think of.
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>> i mean, i have stabbed officers. i've sliced officers. i've probably thrown chemical warfare on 30 people, 40 people, if not more. at one point it had gotten to where i had absolutely lost my mind. i had got out of my cell over at the north by sliding my handcuffs to the front, pulling out about a six to an eight inch knife and stabbing two different officers and chasing quite a few other ones around. i still lost. i ended up -- they actually put me in the death house. i stayed in that cell for about 30 days staring at the table. i was 20 when i came in. 19 when i fell.
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i came in with 18 months. >> how old are you now? >> 38. >> so all this extra time, is this all because of your behavior in prison? >> yes, every bit of it. i fought the law, and the law won. i mean, i got it in my head that i was going to battle and go against authority figures and do all i could to earn my reputation in prison. >> last time we saw conrad salazar he was being transferred to level five after threatening a staff member, but today we're seeing a whole new side of him. >> today i get to go see my wife and kids. i look forward to visiting with them every week, you know? or every month. depending what level i'm on. >> i had a friend who was in
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prison that i met him through that introduced us, and we met 13 years ago. we were married two years after we met. >> hey, you're going to go through this door, down the stairs and to your left. >> thank you. >> he's been locked up the whole time. he went out of state for about six years. he was in california for a couple of years. he went to virginia for about a year and a half. he went to illinois. when he was in california, we went and saw him. we spent summers out there with him. we took the whole family, the kids, his mother. he is being released next month, hopefully. >> what are you anticipating? >> i don't know. we're excited. i don't know. worried. nervous. he has never been out there with us. our whole time together has been in here, so the kids have all been raised here too with him being locked up. it's taken him a while but he's starting to realize that he needs to get out. he wants to be out with us, and hopefully it's finally going to
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happen. >> daddy. >> hi, baby. >> i can't wait until you get out. >> you guys got everything set up already? >> yeah, we're ready. all we need is you. >> the question is are you ready to get out? >> i'm ready to get out, but it's kind of like a lot of anxiety. i don't know what to expect. >> you'll get used to it. you'll be all right. >> yeah. we'll see. i'm going to have to -- i'm going to walk through the shower like that like without shackles. put bars on the windows. >> we can do that too if you want. >> put a cot next to the window. with bars on there. make me feel at home. >> i would rather not. >> it's going to take some getting used to. it's going to be kind of, you know -- >> on all of our parts. not just you. >> do you know what day you're getting out yet, or is it still up in the air? >> the projected out date is may 19th, so for sure when i hit parole board next month, and then they'll tell me for sure what day i can get out. >> that's when they give you the
10:18 pm
date? >> right there they'll have your exact date you're getting out and tell you about your dress out and the $50 check they give you and all that. >> cool. >> when do we see you again? >> i got a visit scheduled again for saturday. i'll try to call before then, no? >> okay. >> almost out there. see you guys later. >> love you. >> love you too, baby. >> love you, babe. >> it's harder to adjust to society going from this, you know, going from this to freedom out there, you know? i don't know what to expect when i get out, you know? coming up, conrad's mouth gets in the way of his parole. >> why do you guys expect to talk to us like this and then just expect us to go okay, uh-huh. plus, david has had his fair share of fights with officers, but now he's in a tight spot for being too friendly with staff. >> i fell for a staff member and
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visits provide many inmates a glimmer of hope for the future, but for david scritchfield, it's a sight he may never see. >> i fell for a staff member here. she got fired. this is paula, the love of my life. i can't even have visitation. >> well, i met him while i was working at the penitentiary, and he was one of my patients. he is a real smart one, smart alec, funny guy. i was too. i was feisty right back to him, and so we just started messing around, joking around like that. i think that's what our playfulness with each other is what got david and i to start a friendship. >> as the old saying goes, you can't help who you fall for. you know? >> david and i had known each other for seven months when we
10:23 pm
finally got caught. >> an officer came up to me and told me that he thought there was some impropriety going on within -- between david scritchfield and a nurse. okay? so what i did is i pulled up his information on the computer. i had a bunch of phone calls from the inmate. i started listening to the phone calls. the name paula came up. paula happened to be the nurse the officer told me about. >> they said that they recognized her voice on the telephone. we were communicating, you know, outside of the prison system. i didn't want to get her in any kind of trouble, but i couldn't stop communicating with her. there was no way that that was going to happen. >> one day i was out on my med run, and one of the sergeants came and got me from the pod and said that the captain wanted to talk to me. so we went on up there, and when we went up there, they asked me if my cell number was a certain number, and i said it was, and
10:24 pm
they asked me if i had been talking to david, and i said no. and they began to play a tape. >> after we played the tape for her, she confessed to everything. she confessed to having a relation with him. >> i just didn't know what to do, and they just said they wanted my badge and i was going to be escorted off the grounds, and so i said okay. they took my badge, and there i went. >> her security clearance was pulled, and she's no longer allowed on the penitentiary in new mexico. >> why? >> for the fact that it's a threat to security of the institution. >> i didn't -- i guess i didn't realize what a security threat they thought that i was being. i didn't think david and i were anything like that, but who he is and his reputation, i can understand their fear of what i could have done if he had ever asked me to do something like that, but that was never what we were about. >> it puts everybody at risk, a
10:25 pm
very high risk, because they're letting out all our secrets, and inmates don't tell us their secrets. we got to find them out, and if somebody is telling them all our secrets, then it goes against us. it hurts us. >> it was a bad choice, but i wouldn't take it back for anything. i think he is the best thing that's ever come into my life. >> although visits are out of the question, david and paula are allowed phone calls. >> he tries to call me once or twice a week, and so that's pretty much the only time i can talk to him. >> i talk to her as much as i possibly can through phone calls. i just got my phone privileges back. >> we just connect. we're just right and left hands, you know, without one, the other one doesn't work as well. i don't know how else to put it. he is just my heart. >> it's a reason for me to change. to get on and be able to be free with her. there's nothing else more important to me. nothing at all.
10:26 pm
coming up, david finds a loophole in the system that could get him visits with paula. >> i love the fact that i'm getting married to the woman i love, but i don't like the fact that i'm -- my hand is being forced into that. and the tension between one inmate and staff reaches a boiling point. [ jackie ] it's just so frustrating... ♪ the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter. ♪ so today, i'm finally talking to my doctor about overactive bladder symptoms. [ female announcer ] know that gotta go feeling? ask your doctor about prescription toviaz. one toviaz pill a day significantly reduces sudden urges and accidents, for 24 hours. if you have certain stomach problems or glaucoma, or can not empty your bladder, you should not take toviaz.
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>> i took martial arts for 14 years. boxing and kung fu. i'm not hard core no more. i want to get into movies, man. i want to be a comedy actor. i like to make people laugh. i'm handsome. >> nathan madrid is not the worst behaved inmate at dnm but he has his moments. >> i was talking on the phone. the c.o. told me to get off the phone. i told her -- when she hung up on me, it just -- i just felt disrespected in every way. so i started telling her off. and for that, i got a report. >> disrespect to the officers is a zero tolerance policy in nyu unit.
10:31 pm
if i give him a break for making threats to a correctional officer, it's not a good thing. it's not a good practice. hello, mr. madrid. the reason we brought you out here today, we're going to hold a unit management team meeting. i think you know why. this conduct report issued for threats, verbal abuse, and gestures and displaying unlawful order. inmate madrid was on the phone approximately 40 minutes. at 5:40 p.m. my correctional officer told nathan madrid to lock down for next shift. he yelled up [ bleep ]. i turned his phone off at that point. i walked to the window and told him this is a directive to lock down. he was told approximately five times. during this time inmate madrid was telling me you're [ bleep ], girl, you're [ bleep ]. if you're writing me up, i'm going to make it worthwhile. inmate madrid locked down and then started banging the door with a stool. he continued for a while. inmate madrid was informed that
10:32 pm
the incident would be a behavior log and a misconduct report. okay. mr. madrid, this is very inappropriate behavior in this program. >> i lost it. i was talking to my grandmother. she advised me she did her job. it just didn't matter to me because i just wanted to know if my brother is going to live or die. >> you've got to understand your mouth keeps getting you in trouble. what you did was you put her authority in question in front of all the other inmates. okay? >> before anything like this happens, you should have come to me and said, you know what, i need to call -- or i need to do this, and i need to be able to speak with my family. but once you took it too far with amy, i know you have a habit of doing that, because i have been advised by some of the other staff members that you will go off on them, but then you'll apologize for it. >> basically, you need to cut it out, okay? what we're going to do here is regress you to the beginning of the program, step one. you're going to lose all your privileges. all right?
10:33 pm
and we'll see you here probably in six months if you're still here, nathan. >> five one? >> five one. this is behavior that i'm just not going to tolerate, period. so what's going to happen now is we're going to put you back in the strip cage. the officer is going to pack up all your property, and we're going to move you out of this unit. that's it. think twice before you do this again. >> clear. >> had i not been in here, it might have been a different story. >> i don't got nothing against you jackson. but when i say jackson, you should have got right in there and told her to quit yelling at me. but you didn't. her yelling at me in front of everybody, what, is that all right or what? make me look like a [ bleep ]. >> you lost it before she did. you know the truth, nathan.
10:34 pm
>> i have 2 1/2 years of good time and with this report, they can take all of it. if my lady is watching this, you don't want to wait for me, beat it. you know what i mean? i don't care. >> did you just break up with your girlfriend? >> it's going to happen anyway. >> why? >> because i -- she's been waiting for three years. she's not going to be -- you know what i mean? she's not going to understand this. it's all good. it ain't about her. it's about me, man. i need to get right with myself. >> we sat down to interview conrad salazar, just days away from his projected release about his recent parole hearing. apparently it didn't go so well. >> you're camera hungry, huh? anything to get on the camera. >> verbal abuse and gestures,
10:35 pm
parole board. >> you understand have you the right to remain silent? you going to make a statement? >> yeah. what's this report for? >> you told the lady on the parole board [ bleep ] [ bleep ] and called her a bitch and a whore. >> for no reason i just went off on this lady for no reason? >> you're entitled to put your statement, and that's why i'm getting your version. >> okay. i asked her simply why she was putting me on intense supervision. it was just setting me up to fail, and she got pissed off and asked me why. i said the last time you put me on that, i ended up shooting a cop and i couldn't hold down a job. she said, you shot a cop? get him out of here. in ten years i think i got two of these minor reports for verbal abuse. all women. you know? why do you guys expect to talk to us like this and then just expect us to go, okay, uh-huh, yeah? >> did you call any witnesses? >> i need to know who the parole board is so i can ask them questions, like if she started the confrontation.
10:36 pm
>> you can submit questions to me in writing, but i can tell you right now i won't find that relevant. >> you can't hear what the questions are. >> you said i wanted to know whether or not she initiated it. >> right. >> just write the questions and have them call me and as soon as i get them down here after they call me, i'll come back. >> okay. i will. >> all right? >> all right. >> what, are you going to keep me here another two months, three months? i don't understand it. >> conrad's actions have delayed his pending release. and now with months alone in his cell to stew on this fact, it may be a recipe for disaster. after nearly ten years of producing the "lockup" series, we learned safety is every prison's number one concern, and the constant shakedowns of the penitentiary of new mexico proves this prison is no exception to the rule. >> what we're doing this morning is there's some information that there could be some possible problems in this unit, so we're going to go in there while the inmates are out, what we're
10:37 pm
going to do is strip search him, and once they're done, take him to the yard, and we're going to shake down the cell. make sure you're looking for any drugs, any weapons. just be careful. these inmates say they're a little agitated so make sure you work in twos pulling them out. make sure you have your partner with you at all times. >> a lot of inmates like to hide stuff under the rim. with the mirror i don't have to get my hands in there. some of them like to put a razor blade and they like to put it in one of the vents. a lot of times on the top the inmates there's a space, and the inmates will hide stuff. today it was a lighter. >> it was smuggled in by somebody. if an inmate gets ahold of something that will ignite, like an aerosol or something, they can use it as a weapon.
10:38 pm
they can also basically burn up their whole cell if they wanted to. makes it real easy. >> so easy, in fact, it happened not long ago. >> we received emergency call over the radio that there was a fire over in "r" pod. >> just frustrated. decided to light a fire. i put a staple in the electrical socket. in a prison what you call a prison match. just lit a bunch of linen and stuff that i had on fire. >> as soon as we got up here, i already had two officers, and i immediately positioned myself at an angle here to attempt to extinguish the flame. >> i sat at the back of the room for a while, and when the room started getting full of smoke, i just grabbed a blanket and put my head in the toilet and started flushing the toilet to keep the air flowing. >> we tried to extinguish the fire. it was unsuccessful. i gave the control center commands to open the door 15
10:39 pm
inches and by then i was already trying to get underneath the door, up at the top. >> i knew that he was going to be coming into my room, so i had to stay as calm as i possibly could because i knew i was going to have to go a couple rounds with him. >> as soon as the door had opened up, i saw inmate luna on the floor, had his head in the toilet, was motionless. i started spraying the inside of the door. at that point in time when i was coming down with the hose of the fire extinguisher, inmate luna had gotten up and had come out the door sideways. when the door opened, i ran out of the room and was sprayed with a fire extinguisher, and i swung at one of the cos that was holding the fire extinguisher trying to put out the fire. >> once he did that, he came over, took a swing and actually did hit me. and i had taken the fire extinguisher and i had actually swung it in defense of myself
10:40 pm
and hit him in the head, and he was still fighting and still trying to hit me, so i grabbed his arm, and another officer already had his arm. we both had him like that, and we had actually had to take him down. >> it's nothing to be proud of. i don't want to sit here boasting about myself or to be a bad ass or anything like that. it's mindless. it was irresponsible. i got emotional, and i acted without thinking and it led to a lot of chaos. >> i was scared. you never know. i mean, when he was -- we were boxing and he was punching me and i was blocking some of his punches, but he was making contact, and i didn't know if he was actually sticking me with a weapon. >> i ended up getting charged with assault and battery without a weapon on a staff member, damage to property. if one of the cos would have gotten seriously hurt, it would have -- that i would have been here for a long, long time.
10:41 pm
>> to me it's nothing personal. if i took things personal, i couldn't even come here every day. we're human. they're human. they have a bad day just like we do. we have to kind of understand that and realize that and give them their space. the next day is a new day. coming up, conrad seems to be on a downward spiral. he is denied a family visit and goes off on staff. >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. you know? >> and david and paula are getting hitched. >> i brought you this application from the marriage policy. "off the beaten path"... he said. "trust me"... he implored. alas, she is beginning to seriously wonder...
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we're getting an inmate from another facility. inmate conrad. he's coming from a level five on a suicide watch. >> salazar stated that if he was put back in his cell, that he would hurt himself or hang himself. >> i go through all this just to see your family. >> since we met conrad, he has threatened staff twice, and now with only eight weeks until his potential parole date, he has threatened to take his own life, forcing staff to move him into a medical observation cell. >> tell me this, did you threaten to commit suicide? >> it's the only way you can come over here. >> why? >> because i can't see my family. you know? they [ bleep ] out the paperwork. they'll tell you they didn't, but they gave me the run around, [ bleep ] that up. and now they got to pay overtimers and bring people out to go through all this [ bleep ]
10:46 pm
just because they couldn't just let me see my family. >> conrad, you're getting out in two months. >> that's what they say, but they'll do everything in their power to keep me here. so [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. the system they can [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. you know? so everything i can possibly do to make them work more, they took my yard. why not take my tv, which they did as property, and not get my visit. all because i was not kicking down the door to get their attention to come down. what the hell? they put you in that position and then when you -- you are trying to fix it, remedy it, they come and punish you more. the [ bleep ] level system. change it back. let the doors open and let us do our [ bleep ] time. this ain't helping me or society come out like this. >> back in level five, david scritchfield is also finding it
10:47 pm
hard to see the love of his life. >> they've refused to give us visits because she's an ex-staff member here. because of that, the only way that we're going to be allowed to have visitation is if, you know, we get married. so we're going to work it out and try to get married over the phone. i love the fact that i'm getting married to the woman i love, but i don't like the fact that my hand is being forced into that. it would be different, i'd have more understanding if we had done anything illegal or if we had broken the law. we weren't transferring drugs or doing anything that those situations generally hold accountable to those individuals, and, i mean, the worst we're guilty of is falling in love. that's all. >> how exactly does an inmate get married to a woman who is not allowed inside the prison? >> hey, i brought you this application from the marriage policy. do you want me to explain the
10:48 pm
process to you? >> yes. >> okay. 60 days, they normally require 60 days from the date that you submit the application until the date of the marriage. the marriage done at level five and level six is done by proxy, you would be on one end of the phone. your fiance would be on the other end of the phone with somebody that has the authority to marry you. the case worker signs this. the religious coordinator signs it. deputy warden and then the warden. they also need a copy of the marriage license so that has to be obtained before you actually can get married. if you want a wedding ring, it has to be approved through the chaplain to get it to the property officer to put on your property. and basically that's it. >> i can turn that in as soon as possible? >> you can. you can. that's why i'm hand delivering it to you. >> once that happens, then i can have my visits, right? >> the policy allows you to have visits with your fiance based on the fact that she was an employee here before, i believe
10:49 pm
that she was denied before this whole marriage thing came up. ultimately, it's still going to be up to the warden, though, okay? but she'll be a member of your family then. okay? that makes it different. >> okay. >> all right. here it is. >> thank you. >> all right. >> see you. >> appreciate it. next, the warden catches wind of david's plan. >> even if you get married, we cannot allow the visits. >> and conrad finally leaves pnm. just not the way he planned. >> 50,000 volts. may cause you to self urinate ore self defecate. do you understand? help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology,
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although it's a new day, not
10:53 pm
much changes. back in medical, joni brown pays conrad a visit. >> right now you're on suicide watch. >> i'm only here because i'm protesting. >> but you're using the system. if you're saying you aren't really going to commit suicide -- >> i didn't say that. i said i'm protesting. >> okay. all right. you're protesting by claiming that you're going to commit suicide? >> there's different ways of protesting. there's hunger strikes. my hunger strike didn't work. >> everything that you're doing, you end up paying for. you were almost to the door. what is your release date now? you have other reports pending. >> it's all because the way they put me in that position. >> it's always they put you in that position. you don't have to react that way. you don't. you want an instant answer. you want it to be resolved right away. you know nothing works that way.
10:54 pm
nothing. >> i got 60 days. i'd rather do it right here where you keep nitpicking. and taking my time away. >> this isn't long term housing. you won't do it right here much. >> i'd rather do it here. leave me here. >> it's not going to happen. that's not the way it works. >> why are you going to put me back in there? >> because you're on suicide watch because mental health deemed that you need to be here. this isn't long-term housing. you can't be on -- >> i'd rather be in here. >> it's not going to happen. it's not going to happen. who's responsible for their actions? they can't make you do it. you know how it is to be a short-timer. every little thing can set you off because it's jeopardizing you going home. we used to call it short [ bleep ]. >> there's a lot of high anxiety and i'm not going to say that there's not. >> so then you have to abide by the rules. do what you need to do to earn your good time and get out.
10:55 pm
>> on a weekly basis i go through all of the facilities and visit with the inmates to see if there's any needs that they have that haven't been addressed through the regular line staff. >> i hear. let's open up the food port so we can talk. what do you need? >> i'm trying to get married. i'm trying to do everything that i can to do things the right way. >> right. >> now, i understand there's a situation to where she was a staff member. but what i'm asking you to look at is the fact that in a position that i had as a convict where i could have done things illegally, we didn't do anything but break policies. why would you deprive us of visits when we won't even have contact? >> well, one of the reasons is you know that policy does not
10:56 pm
allow for anybody that was an ex-employee or ex-contractor to come back into the facility. irregardless of the nature. okay? inclusive of that is the fact that even if you guys got married legally, the department of corrections won't recognize that as something that we approve. so in other words, even if you get married, we cannot allow the visits. >> all right, well, how about this? can -- can i get you to talk to robert and get you and robert to maybe move me to central. i'm working on the last of 18. i'm trying to do good and stay focused. >> i'll tell you this. next january we'll have this same conversation and if you give me clear conduct between now and then, i'll seriously sit down and discuss it with you and probably at that point in time, i will call the warden and see if we can transfer you to central. >> i appreciate that. >> give me that time. >> yeah. i ain't got no problem with that. >> don't mess with my office or any of my inmates.
10:57 pm
>> no. >> if you want to wait you can tell your fiancee maybe look for january and get you transferred out to central maybe you'll be allowed to do that over there. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> all right, thanks. >> we look at former employees coming in to visit an inmate as a security threat. simply for the fact that they have information that would be valuable to an inmate to aid them in an escape or to circumvent our systems that we have. you know we had several years ago where a love affair happened where you know this woman even rented a helicopter and brought him into the old main facility yard to help him escape. you know, some people just -- you know, their love for these guys just grow so big that they'll do anything for them. humans are still humans. inmates are human. bottom line. >> anytime that you can reach a mutual understanding like that where there is at least hope, that's the one thing that you
10:58 pm
don't want to take away from any human being, what he holds in high regard or what he has hopes for. i mean, love does a lot of things for people. it isn't just the fact of love. we all grow old and mature and grow, you know? i'm not trying to stay the same knuckle head i've been my whole life. i'm trying to do good and get back out in society again. >> after eight days on suicide watch, today conrad is being transferred to another prison. pnm's officials would not disclose the reason for his move. >> conrad salazar is being transported to central new mexico correctional facility. >> it's kind of a sad day to think about conrad? >> it's always a happy day? >> to what? >> to say good-bye to conrad. >> yeah.
10:59 pm
this is an electronic mobilization device. 50,000 volts. it may cause you to self-urinate or self-defecate, understand? >> yes. >> conrad sees this relocation as another positive step towards his eventual release. >> this is where i'll do my last 60 days. you know, it's somewhere where i can focus on the street instead of getting umt and my visits taken and taken of no more reports. whether i can focus on getting out to the street. here it's not good for that. you know what i mean. you take care, no?
11:00 pm
this sunday, the state of the economy. and will washington make it worgs with another partisan showdown? the president on the road again to sell a second-term economic blueprint and to blame republicans for standing in the way. >> you can't just be against something. you've got to be for something. >> but what is the president's record on the economy? and what is his agenda? plus, will washington go to the brink of a government shutdown this fall? this morning i put these questions to the administration's point man on the economy, treasury secretary jack lew. plus, a showdown this week in the house over the nsa's controversial post-9/11


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