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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  July 29, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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♪ ♪ thank you for letting me be myself again ♪ >> hi there. >> really? >> really. >> lowell maxwell. >> that's "the cycle" all about? >> lord toure. >> i love to hear you say that. i have this feeling maybe it's just me, i feel like this segment is never going to end. >> oh. the segment never did really end. thank you for watching us this year. we'll try to be even better own over the next year. that does it for "the cycle." martin, what you have got to say? >> happy birthday and welcome back to crystal and a very warm welcome to abby. fabulous contributions. finally, some intelligence after those pretty boys. thank you so much. >> amen. >> good afternoon. it's mondays july 29th. and congress has just five more days to do something constructive for the country. after that, recess!
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>> we don't make the investments necessary to make america a magnet for good jobs, we might, as well hit the pause button. >> millions of middle class americans will go to sleep worried. >> give me, give me. >> there's not an action that i take that you don't have some folks in congress who say i'm usurping my authority. >> washington democrats stand around like a lookout guy at a bank rob ril. >> the only question is whether the government gets funded with obama care or without it. >> the president will go to the brink if necessary? >> it's a mistake. >> should not be closing down the government. that doesn't work. it's wrong. >> repealing obama care, shutting down the government just because i'm for keeping it open, none of that will take this country where it needs to go. it is just one week till congress's august recess. that must mean the offices of
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washington's finest chiropractors are booked solid with republicans getting cracked and stretched and adjusted. limbering up to do some epic posturing in the face of the president's agenda. and house speaker john boehner, he's been rehearsing for in moment all year long. >> it's time for us to get serious. >> get serious. >> we need our democratic colleagues to get serious. >> serious as a 60-year-old bottle of scotch right after the i inauguration and keep kupg his strenuous regimen, here he was just ten days ago. >> we've got a big job. we need to stay focused on those things most important to the american people. right now those things are the economy, jobs, immigration reform, farm bill, important things that the house is working on. >> and right. those important things. don't worry in case you thought you missed the passage of the president's jobs act significant progress on the budget, the
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passage of immigration reform, or resolution to an impasse over the farm bill, none of those things actually happened. and in the weekly republican address, majority leader eric cantor gives an idea of what the house who is gop has been doing instead. >> we'll also remove the irs from having anything to do with your health care. the doctor's office is the last place anyone would want to find the irs. >> yes, of course, congressional republicans have been spending the spring and summer casting repeated votes to repeal or defund the affordable care act. and linking health care reform to a whiptop scandal surrounding the irs. all part of portraying a president drunk on power, a portrait that the president addressed in a new interview with the "new york times." >> there's not an action that i take that you don't have some folks in congress who say that i'm usurping my authority. some of those folks think i
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usurp my authority by having the gall to win the presidency." >> that will political reality is one reason the president has been taking a populist approach touring the nation to talk about his economic agenda. he'll head to chattanooga, tennessee, tomorrow to talk about the middle class and income inequality. all part of a series of economic speeches is planned by the president. for more, we're joined now by nbc's kristen welker for us at the white house. we are counting the days until congress takes off for august. not to return until after labor day. nice work if you can get it. so while the legendarily unproductive congress takes off for a month, the president is preparing to hit the road. what's he got planned this week? >> martin, as you say, president obama tomorrow will be heading to chattanooga, tennessee, as i expect, one of a few more trips he will take before he goes on vacation at the end of next week. the president tomorrow will be focusing on the importance of investing in manufacturing, and the speech will likely echo a
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number of the speeches that he delivered last week. the importance of investing in infrastructure, early education, also health care. the president is really teeing up the fall budget battles with republicans, martin. he's really laying out his vision, digging his heels in and saying this is what i would like to see happen. what's interesting is that he, his treasury secretary jack lew who was on the sunday shows this weekend seem to be gearing up for a fight. jack saying the president's not going to sign a bill that cuts domestic spending. republicans have called for cutting domestic spending, repealing the president's health care plan. during the briefing today, i asked deputy press secretary josh earnest if the president would be willing to shut down the government over these issues. also scaling back the esequester. we didn't get an answer on that front. they wouldn't go so far to say that. it does appear as though the president and the white house is gearing up for a big fight over
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the budget and the debt ceiling. republicans saying they're not going to increase the debt ceiling unless it is offset with an equal amount of cuts. the white house saying they're not going to negotiate on that issue. >> we've heard the fakes repeatedly from you for the last five years. in the future we should just have an apreebiated term. the president had a big lunch date today. hillary clinton at the white house. with the mideast peace talks, a new york merrill scandal and nm scandal, can you give us any details beyond what they ate for lunch? >> it is one of those days when you wish you could abfly on the wall. this lunch was outside. so a fly at the table. we know they likely discussed the middle east peace talks. the white house signaled that today, of course, given that the negotiations will begin this evening, given that the president traveled to the middle
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east a few months ago to jump start these negotiations. this is undoubtedly something that the president and the former secretary of state will talk about. you'd have to expect that they talked about egypt, as well. it's hard to imagine that they wouldn't touch on 2016. we certainly like to talk about 2016 quite a bit. i can tell you definitively what they had for lunch. grilled chicken, pasta jambalaya and salad. that picture we have of president obama and hillary clinton you see the salads there in front of them. both smiling. the white house characterizing this as a social visit. >> the kristen welker, thank you so much. for more, i want to bring in former governor and presidential candidate howard dean with us from burlington, vermont. good afternoon, sir. >> how are you? >> great to have you with us. given that there are more than 45 million american who's need health insurance and the affordable care act is due to reduce that number by 27 million over the next ten years, do you
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not think republicans might consider accepting the law or should we look forward to speaker boehner leading the charge for their 40th vote against it? >> i think they're a little too smart for that. maybe not. they haven't proved that so far. i do think na the public is fed up with them. they're at 12% in the polls, by far the lowest ever. all they want to talk about is beating up on women and immigrants and gays. i don't see how they are going to help themselves. and there are a number of republicans now who are saying publicly that no, we can't close down the government for obama care or any other reason. so i think eventually they're going to understand that this is not a winning strategy for them. >> and yet, sir, it has been a winning strategy in opposing this president on absolutely every constructive thing, every constructive move that he's attempted. hasn't it? aside from the affordable care act, it's been very tough for him. >> it has been very tough for
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him. but the only time we've really taken it on the chin is 2010. now, that was a really bad loss because they won enough state legislatures so they could redistrict and put the far right in charge of say north carolina and texas and places like that, north dakota. but we've got a ways to go. the president won a fairly overwhelming victory in 2012. and we're going to see how 2014 shakes out. i am reasonably optimistic if about 2014 despite the gerry mandering. i think the american public are going to vote no on the republican agenda which is say no to everything. >> you've got a specific criticism of the affordable care act and you write this. one major problem is the so-called independent payment advisory board, the ipab is essentially a health care rationing body. now, already, headlines from the right are screaming, howard dean admits obama care includes death panels. so would you like to explain the
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specific nature of your criticism? >> sure. first of all, people should read the article. most of them are responding to what folks on the left and the right are writing on twitter which is not adequate. what i said was i want this bill to pass and to be enacted. i want to do everything i can to make it enaced. there are some flaws in obama care. i pointed them out when they passed. i never thought we needed an individual mandate. i think the problem with the independent payment expenditure board is that it is basically a system that doesn't work. it's rate setting. rate setting generally doesn't work. it hasn't worked elsewhere. it hasn't worked for the last 30 years. we tried it in vermont extensively. i think there are some things in obama care an don't work. but by and large, i want to see this bill in place. it's not the bill i wanted. i thought we could have done a much better bill. it is going to reduce the number of uninsured people dramatically, people in their '50s who can't find work because
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they can't get insurance and divorce health care from employment which is very important and its ultimate little going to lead to i think of the fee for service is system which is a much better way to control costs than a board. >> health care is a major factor in economic security. the new associated press survey shows just how much economic insecurity we have in this country. four out of five adults struggle with economic insecurity for at least part of their lives. 67% experience unemployment. 574% rely on food stamps or have incomes below the poverty level. 45% use welfare. and yet, sir, how do republicans see numbers like that and yet, at the same time, advocate slashing these programs to the bone? >> the problem with the republicans is principal problem is they are idea logically driven. the facts don't matter to them. all you have to do is watch fox and some of these outlets. the facts simply don't matter. they make up their own facts.
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they. your sue points of view and courses of action that are based on what they wish the world were like, not what the facts are. they're not pragmatists. that means they could do anything and it's not necessarily related to the facts or the reality. >> governor howard dean, thank you, sir, for joining us. >> thanks very much. >> coming up, as the president stakes out his economic strategy, the national conversation on race and voting rights continues to simmer. [ chainsaw buzzing ] humans. sometimes, life trips us up.
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the president, the attorney general, and a group of civil rights leaders met this afternoon at the white house to discuss how best to move forward
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in the wake of last month's supreme court ruling which struck down section 4 of the voting rights act. chief justice john roberts wrote that section 4 was no longer applicable because things have changed dramatically. unfortunately, it would seem that the chief justice doesn't spend much time in texas or north carolina. the justice department has already been forced to challenge a texas redistricting plan that would significantly reduce the power of hispanic voters. there's a surprise. meanwhile, north carolina governor pat mccrory is expected to sign a bill today that makes it increasingly difficult for minority groups to have their voices heard at the polls. however, in his defense, governor mccrory may not be entirely aware of this because as he admitted on friday, he still hasn't read some portions of the bill. and lest you have any doubts things have not changed as much as the chief justice would have you believe, look no further than one weekend commentator
1:17 pm
explaining what he believes is the real reason for detroit's bankruptcy. >> you have 3% fourth graders reading at the national math standards. 47% of detroit residents are functionally illiterate. 79% of detroit children are born to unmarried mothers. they don't have a physical problem, they have a cultural collapse. >> the more things change, the more they stay the same. i'm joined now by goldie taylor and professor james peterson, director of africanen studies at lehigh university. professor peterson, let's begin with these two bills. was this not precisely what ruth bader ginsberg feared when he she wrote last month a governing political coalition has an incentive to prevent changes in the existing balance of voting power? >> that is exactly right. and people should read her opinion. it's very, very powerful and her dissent that have particular decision. you can also measure this by the
1:18 pm
expedient sit with which certain states move towards these different types of laws that would impede the voting, mostly of minorities. sometimes also of college students and seniors and other pockets or demographics that tend to vote democratic. at the end of the day, the gutting of the voting rights act decision was such a strange piece of information because at the end of the day, it argues that because preclearance was working, that we no longer needed preclearance. >> yes. >> but obviously, if preclearance is working, we still do need it. >> and here are these examples. >> here are the examples. listen, there are other states that we're not talking about like pennsylvania which also has this voter i.d. piece put in place now. so we have to think critically about what the gutting of the voting rights act meant but also we have to turn the table, how do we start to address and redress these challenges. >> goldie, perhaps the best example of the things have not changed example, the ku klux
1:19 pm
klan last week dropped flyers overnight on the lawns of residents in springfield, missouri, suggesting that homeowners could now sleep well knowing the klan is on neighborhood watch? i mean, this is wonderful, isn't it, as the supreme court justice said, things have changed enormously. >> there are pockets of this country that where bigotry and racial divide really does tend to live and breathe. but the more things change the more things remain the same. if you look at cities like st. louis, cities like detroit, cities like camden, new jersey, cities where decades in the making you have found an infrastructure institutional wide collapse, you can look at things like the industrialization, you can look at things like the collapse of public health, you can look at white flight and the tearing part of a basic economy that creates the kind of cesspool that you see where people are
1:20 pm
fighting to survive and make it. on the other hand, you're still seeing that kind of ma lining and fear and politicking used really to address these, those people living on the margins and you're seeing people like the klan take advantage of that to grow their ranks. that's unfortunate. >> right. professor peterson, the ku klux klan is now on a neighborhood watch scheme. but things have changed. >> listen, honestly, i'm less concerned about the kk and more concerned about republican legislatures and other political officials trying to block or impede access to the polls. i'm also concerned about conservative commentators and others who want to talk about cultural depravity as one of the sort of ruling reasons for the decline of a city like detroit. i don't want to talk about anything till we talk about what goldie just said, deindustrialization, middle class fight, the ways we outsource -- the economy that supported cities like detroit and now we're surprised those cities are bankrupt. you can blame it on the people left behind but that seems
1:21 pm
absurd if we don't want to talk about the economic positions that changed the ways in which american cities operate. >> goldie, someone on cnn this weekend said the answer to all of this is to pull up your pants, stop using the "n" word, respect where you live, finish school and don't have babies out of wedlock. that's the answer, isn't it. >> i'm all about the politics of personal responsibility and respectability. while i yanked my son back in the lous and put a belt back on him. we ought to be talking about how we raise our children but should not mistake correlation for causation. certainly wearing where my pants are laying or how many children there are in my family, those things are outcomes. we ought to be dealing with are the things that drove these problems and on top of that, deal with effective solutions for answering those pathologies. so it takes meaningful jobs at meaningful wages and takes fixing broken health care and
1:22 pm
broken educational institutions. the school district in east st. louis is under constant threat of state takeover. every manhole is missing. the infrastructure of the city is falling into itself. till' address those things that drive these issues and get ourselves off of the business of ma lining and persecuting the people who represent the outcome, we are never going to find meaningful solutions. again, martin, i'm going to tell you, we aren't looking for solutions. we're looking to contain this and keep it far, far far away from us. >> goldie taylor and professor james peterson, thank you. coming up, dressing for success, it turns out anthony weiner isn't the only american politician swept up in a little scandal. i love that just washed freshness, but then it goes to the die. so try new glow unstopables. they fill your closet with scents so fresh
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he sent the texts. he sent the pictures. he misled voters. but he says, this is not about him. >> there are going to be media maelstroms, sometimes when you're mayor. there are sometimes things that capture the public attention. i am going to show in this campaign that you can try to make this about something ellis, but this is not about me. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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♪ i tthan probablycare moreanyone else.and we've had this farm for 30 years. we raise black and red angus cattle. we also produce natural gas. that's how we make our living and that's how we can pass the land and water back to future generations. people should make up their own mind what's best for them. all i can say is it has worked well for us. from suicidal tactics to the dumbest idea we've ever heard. here are today's top lines. will the real republican party please stand up? >> it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. >> some mixed messages when it comes to how americans are dealing with today's economy. >> today is national chicken wing day. >> 80% of adults will at some point in their lives deal with near poverty. >> where is the real republican
1:30 pm
party. >> there was a sense of not upward mobility in the abstract. it was part and parcel of who we were. >> what's the real republican party? where is it going to land. >> that's what's been eroding over the last 20, 30 years. >> senator tom coburn is speaking out against fellow republicans who raised the deaf withholding money for government unless obama care is defunded. >> richard burr said he thought that was the dumbest idea he ever heard. >> one of the dumbest ideas you've ever heard >> he said supporters of the idea are being dishonest. >> you've reached a peculiar path when coburn is the voice of reason in the senate. >> aren't those all signs of a party that's split. >> the neanderthals are fighting with the crow mag nons. >> when you're rand paul martin luther king, had enry david thorough, this is madness. >> this is the anti-war left wing democrats of the 1960s.
1:31 pm
of. >> that nominated george mcgovern and destroyed their party for almost 20 years. >> i don't want that to happen to our party. >> shutting down the government is a suicidal political tactic. >> one of the problems that the republican party may have. >> and i said, do i need to come back down and refresh myself. >> the harshness of its rhetoric. >> they said you're spot on on what you're saying. maybe you got the weight ten pounds up. >> let's get right to our panel. joining us now is the "washington post's" nia-malika henderson, host of post tv's on background and democratic strategist julian epstein. nia in lickka, when republicans aren't attacking the president they seem to be attacking each other. and the public is noticing. according to the latest "washington post" poll, just 21% of the american people identify themselves as republicans. now, anyia malikka, why would
1:32 pm
people prefer not to be known as those who would deepen the plight of the for by slashing food stamps and not prefer not to be associated with a party that contains people like congressman steve king who describes undocumented immigrants as dogs and drug traffickers. >> so much for the party rebranding. that's what we thought we would see after the election. >> what rebranding? >> it hasn't happened. it's hard to point to pro active things the party has done to make americans connect with their agenda. partly that's because they don't have much of an agenda. and boehner spoke to that saying basically, we shouldn't be measured by what sort of laws we actually put in place but how many laws we will stopped. it's hard at this point to actually keep up with all of the infighting that's going on in the party in the senate, have you sort of the old bolls against the new folks like rand paul and ted cruz. in the house they're divided against the senate, and then you
1:33 pm
have a people like brand sandoval and suzanne martinez, governors pretty effective in terms of governing their states but also broadening the appeal of the party. >> julian republican ret tick has gotten so embarrassing that party leaders like boehner and cantor have been forced to condemn the anti-immigrant attacks by people like steve king from iowa. according to mr. king however, this public display of outrage is a complete sham. take a listen to this. >> is the description such that they have to go out to the press and do a press conference or can they come and tell me i know you're right, i support you. they can do that privately. they have a lot at stake here. there's a leverage within the house of representatives and they need to be concerned about their own leverage. i wouldn't ask them to step forward. i don't want them to take repercussions. i want the rule you have law preserved. >> julian, perhaps people don't want to be associated with the republican party because it's
1:34 pm
even nastier behind closed doors than it is in public. >> it's at least progress that party leaders are condemning some of the more outrageous statements their members are making this year. they didn't with rush limbaugh. think nia hit it on the nose. there's three problems going on inside the republican party right now. they do not have the an economic program other than the politics of negation, trying to stop things and unravel what obama has done. >> tax cuts. >> well, that's kind of johnny -- that's about it in terms of an affirmative economic policy. that as we know from the last election, that dog ain't going to hunt. secondly, they continue to get ensconsed in social issues which are very, very unpopular, not just abortion and immigration, but even on national security, the republicans
1:35 pm
conservatives have always been the largest bloc, those numbers are at history lows, as well. this is the republicans continuing to shoot themselves in their own foot. >> nia-malika, marco rubio is another republican who has tried to take command of the immigration issue. however, mr. rubio along with senators mike lee and ted grus has talked about shutting down account government unless the affordable care act is defunded. go ahead, what next. >> a lot of bluster around that. one of the things they're also
1:36 pm
trying to doing is turn the subject away from the economy into the social issues, primarily around abortion in some ways, that might work for them. in terms of they are at least in sync i think with wanting to ban this 20-week abortions after 20 weeks, but again, they're off topic because most people right now the are concerned about the economy. the president out there saying all of this bluster and these that's is more drama and not good for the economy. i think most americans agree with that. a go ahead, julian. >> i think the mistake they're making is they think issues like the abortion issue will be tough for democrats in the red states right now that are running for senate re-election. those democrats in those states will figure out how to get past those issues. they're not going to win the debate with americans that vote on these issues. that's the point here. these social issues are not withiners for them. >> julian and nia, thank you. coming up, middle east peace talks begin as protests continue in egypt. we'll take you there live in just a moment.
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even as he tries to restart negotiations between the israeli and palestinian governments, john kerry is also having to focus attention on the protests in egypt which have taken a decidedly horrific turn. on saturday he said in a statement that egypt needs to take a step back from the brink after government forces reportedly fired on crowds of protesters killing at least 82 and injuring hundreds more across the country. so gruesome were the deaths that workers at the cairo main mortuary tell "the guardian" newpaper we didn't have space in the fridges for all the bodies. we turn to foreign correspondent ayman mohyeldin in cairo. have the generals lost completely control of egypt? >> well, martin, the criticism is they're trying to take too
1:41 pm
much control of egypt. many of these decisions right now seem to be in the hands of the military. things like rounding up the leaders of the muslim brotherhood, the military calling on protesters to go to the streets to authorize the military to crack down on terrorists which has become synonymous with islamists including those holding the protest rally behind ousted president mohamed morsi. if anything, the criticism is at that time generals hold too much power and perhaps this interim government that has been put in place does mot have the power it needs particularly on the front of negotiating an outcome between those that are encamped in this pro-morsi rally and the interim government trying to build a more inclusive political process. that is why the chief of the eu foreign affairs commission is here meeting with the representatives of the muslim brother hood and the government to try and stave off what many people fear may be an impending is crackdown on this protest in
1:42 pm
the coming days. >> ayman mohyeldin from cairo. thank you so much. today, secretary of state john kerry was busy trying to push toward forward something that has confounded president after president, peace between the israelis and palestinians. to that effect he nunses a new envoy to the middle east, martin endike of the brookings institution. he did not mince words when he noted this an uphill struggle. >> going forward, it's no kret secret that this is a difficult process. if it were easy, if would have happened a long time ago. it's no secret, therefore, that many difficult choices lie ahead for the negotiators and for the leaders as we seek reasonable compromises on tough, complicated, emotional and symbolic issues. >> joining us now is michael o'hanl o'hanlon, a senior fellow the brookings institution. mr. endike, a friend of yours,
1:43 pm
both sides have agreed to a nine-month timetable but what is the specific goal here? because as you just heard, nobody, nobody is suggesting anything but that this is probably al impossible assignment. >> yeah, it's a great question. you know, i think it's tough. it's maybe near impossible. but i wouldn't rule it out. there are a couple of reasons to have hope. one is that, of course, even prime minister netanyahu of israel who is seen as a hawk has to worry about a couple of trends in security. one of which is, of course, that the palestinian population inside of israel proper is growing. if he believes in keeping a jewish majority state forever as he surely does, then the idea of a two-state solution has to be of some appeal because otherwise, palestinians can outnumber israelis some day in the broad area that he or his successor would govern. secondly this temporary lull in terrorist activity won't last forever. and the broader region's con fla ration could affect israel if there's a sense that israel is the only reason why there can't
1:44 pm
be peace. he's got a number of reasons to think seriously about compromise. and there may be a greater american willing flez to back stop an international military presence that would help police and secure the peace. which i think the israeli public would insist upon and expect, and ipy there's work being done to lay the ground work for that. on the palestinian side, there's the big problem of hamas. can't imagine them being part of a successful negotiation. on the other hand, fatah which rules the majority of the palestinian people needs to have some kind of a feather in its cap and show a path forward with greater economic prospects for growth, for prosperity, for the palestinian people. if it wants to compete with hamas and the hard line message, it's got to have a more positive vision of peace and economic growth. and that can come from a two-state solution. i'm not going to give up hope just yet. >> michael o'hanlon with a perfectly succinct analysis, thank you so much. >> thank you, my friend.
1:45 pm
coming up, anthony weiner will do anything to change the subject. anything, that is, except bow out of the race. >> [ speaking foreign language ]
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1:48 pm
a new poll puts anthony wiener fourth place among democratic vote in other words new york and seemingly every pundit out there the appears of one mind. he should drop out. however, it appears that neither hell nor high water will stop mr. wiener from trying to become mayor of new york. not the campaign manager who resigned over the week, that word that are mr. and mrs. clinton are worried he won't go away, not even a report he wasted $45,000 of campaign money in 2011 to investigate who hacked his twitter account. let me repeat that, the "new
1:49 pm
york daily news" is reporting he spent tens of thousands of dollars on private investigators to find himself. ladies, i give you mr. anthony wiener. >> do bill and hillary clinton want you to -- >> i have said continually that i'm going to leave this decision to the people of the city of new york. and i'm going to leave this to the people of the city of new york to decide. period, end of conversation. it's their decision. it's not yours. it's not mine. it's not some sunday talk show pundit. it's up to the people. >> and joining us now is josh barrow, political editor of business insider and mckay coppins, political editor at buzzfeed. josh, are you calling for weiner to engage until coyote tus interruptious and pull out but you say not because of his wife or party but because of his own psychology. >> right. i think the sexting and the whole record that are anthony wean ser put together in congress come from the same
1:50 pm
psychological place within anthony weiner. he says what can i do today to get my ego boosted. in congress, he only sponsored one bill that will became law, and it was a pet project of a major donor of his. he spent a lot of time shouting on cable news. he was great for msnbc, but he built up a reputation of champion of causes. at the same time, he was being counterproductive toward he ever efforts in the democratic party in the house alienating other members of his party. if he had been less self-promoting and woken up in the morning and said what can i do to serve the people, he'd have built a better political career. so similarly, why couldn't he stop himself from sexting? he had to know this was going to come out and be bad for his campaign but he couldn't help himself because he needed the daily ego boost. >> mckay with the exception of pope francis and the dalai lama
1:51 pm
everyone is calling pore him to pull out from the clintons to david axelrod. if he stays in, is your assessment this is political suicide for anthony weiner. >> i think he's done. i think he's done. i mean, i noticed when the whole scandal was erupting the second installment, that my twitter feed was dominated by left, right, no matter where you were on the ideological spectrum slamming him. there was know an pollist gist. no one was trying to defend him or give him the benefit of the doubt. his entire career has been built on self-promotion, his only agenda is making himself famous. that doesn't earn you a lot of good will within the party. i don't see the democratic party forgiving him any time in the future. his career is over. >> josh, even donald trump this morning said this. he's a disaster. he's a sick guy. he shouldn't be running. i mean, things have gotten
1:52 pm
pretty bad if a paragone virtue like trump is questioning your credibility and integrity. >> it takes one to know one, right? >> i guess. >> i think donald trump can't be wrong about everything. i think it goes back to the fact this is an issue that basically everybody except weiner agrees on. he's down to 16% in the new west poll. as the scandal festers another week or two, we'll see the numbers continue to decline. it shows the breathth of how much everybody agrees on this even trump up. >> mckay, do you think this episode will dog mrs. clinton's campaign should she run in 2016 and other democrats? >> well, i don't know. you see the republican party out there trying to hard to push this idea. this is the real war on women, right? that will mayor filner out in san diego and anthony weiner and eliot spitzer somehow together comprise this war on women. i don't see that will really getting a lot of traction outside of washington. but i do think that hillary clinton, there's a reason as we saw an in the new york post
1:53 pm
report that the clintons are trying to distance themselves from anthony weiner and from this whole episode. i think the worst thing that this can do is dredge up memories of the clinton marriage when they were in the white house, and that whole saga. that's something they want to avoid. >> do you agree with that. >> i think that's right. in addition to being a philanderer, bill clinton had actual accomplishments. >> thank you very much. josh barrow and mckay coppins. we'll be right back in a moment. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪
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i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade... ranked "highest in customer loyalty for brokerage and investment companies." congestion, for it's smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the busses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution to the earth. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment. for everyone who's a valedictorian, there's another 100 out there that they weigh 130 pounds and they've got calves the size of cantaloupes
1:57 pm
because they're hauling.5 pounds of marijuana across the desert. >> that was congressman steve king with his latest contribution to the debate on immigration arguing that the vast majority of undocumented immigrants are the in fact mass drug traffickers. if case we were tempted to believe he might have exaggerates those figures for effect, he hopefully explained he's standing by his numbers. >> so the question is -- is it 100, is it 100 drug smugglers for every valedictorian dreamer or is the number above or below? they're not saying he was wrong, it was 50 or he underestimated. >> given that there is not a single peer reviewed study to support his ridiculous assertion, what possesses an elected representative to say such a thing? what prompts him to desuess a discussion about immigration to the imbecilic level most lightly deployed by bloviaters. we have to assume he is very worried and with good reason. first, he's worried that his own
1:58 pm
constituency is changing. according to the latest research, iowa's undocumented population is growing from 55,000 in 2007 to 75,000 in just three years. but worse than the changing demographics are the changing views of his constituents. a recent poll reveals a whopping 68% of voters in iowa's fourth congressional district support an earned pathway to legal status and 65% support an earned pathway to citizenship. mr. king is now entirely out of step with his own constituents. but he's also apparently out of touch with his own party because according to the gop's post election coroner's report, this is not the kind of language that the republican party wants to be associated with. if hispanic americans perceive that i an gop nominee or and candidate does not want them in the united states, they will not pay attention to our next sentence. so given that be mr. king no longer represents his
1:59 pm
constituents, nor his party, who does he represent? here's the view of a fellow member of congress who appeared on this broadcast. >> i think steve king is clear little al outlier in the republican party. and some of us are doing the hard work ignoring the ignorant racist comments that he makes. >> and do you believe that mr. king is agignorant racist? >> i can't think of any other words that truly describes the very despicable words that he said. they're both ignorant and racist statements. >> which begs the question, does the 49th congressional district of iowa deserve to be represented by an ignorant racist? maybe not so much. thank you so much for watching this afternoon. remember, you can follow us on facebook @facebook bashir live and also on our twitter feed. but chris matthews and "hardball" is going to take you forward from now.
2:00 pm
the weiners and the clintons. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start with this. this thing in new york is getting a lot bigger than some sleazy e-mails. there are largers stakes in in matter that be the political future of a desperate former congressman. it comes down to one word, reputation. there are cynics who willer. >> that politicians and politics cannot go any lower in public esteem. for those i can't help you. if you've lost hope, you're pretty much on your own. this weiner business only a matter he argues is still a private matter involving him and his laptop is giving new york and the democrats the kind


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