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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  July 30, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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personality and bill is an interesting character in the new york mayoral race. >> there is a great race without wieners. >> wouldn't it be great if that was the ultimate network? we will have to think about that. >> that was so inside baseball. >> thank got we have donny here as much. if it's too early, can you tell america what time it is. >> she left, but it's time for morning show. >> "the daily rundown" with chuck todd. >> i think she stayed. >> a little grand bargain shopping. president obama prepares a new tax pitch to find a budget deal to boost the economy and job growth. we will hear from the communications director as well as republican senator bob corker. meantime in washington, secretary kerry hosts negotiators to try to restart
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the talks to restart the talks to find a path to lasting peace in the part of that mideast. we will tart the talks early this morning. a deep dive into who will be the next chair of the federal reserve. it's an unusually public and passionate fight playing out or a big job that has one voter right now. president obama. good morning from washington. it's tuesday, july 30th. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. we might find room it talk about some campaign in new york city involving a guy that people like to make jokes about. anyway. stick around later in the show. stick around for my first reads in the morning. any cut in the corporate tax rate must be matched by an overhaul of the entire tax code. he is dropping that demand in a
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last attempt. the white house is redefining as far as that phrase is concerned. the president will make republicans after offer they hope he can't refuse. they will promise to cut the tax rate in return for investments and a mix of job creation proposals including spending on manufacturing and infrastructure insisting that new tax revenue generated boy the corporate tax code is to some republicans a non-starter. they want any of that revenue butt become into the idea of loyal rates. the president will trfl to a warehouse where the orders are killed to give what the white house calls the first in a series of policy speeches on a better bargain an for the middle class. on monday amazon plains to add more than 500 full time jobs days after they posted a second
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quarter loss of about $7 million. the president will make a rare trip to capitol hill to talk strategy ahead of the august recess. as far as you wondering about white house outreach to republicans, dennis does plan to go up to meet with a bunch of republicans as well. meanwhile in the republican party, there is no unity on how to position the gop for the fall fights ahead. the effort to threaten the government shut down unless the healing care law is defended. it got support from the conservative group, but it has been panned by many other republicans in the so-called establishment, calling the ideas a suicidal political tactic or the dumbest idea i have ever heard of and a good way for republicans to louz the house. texas senator ted cruz went public and he was one of the guys pushing the effort and understand intoed to these
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criticisms. democrats try to make the most of the decisions. >> a lot of politicians who lick to say they are a posed to obama care. they voted to repeal obama care. every one was a meaningless empty votes. >> republicans use the power of the person and defend the constitution and don't fund obama care. >> i would suggest anyone has this idea, give a call to newt gingrich. he will return your phone calls and ask how it works. it was disastrous for newt gingrich and the republicans and the country. >> joining me now, communications directionor jennifer palmieri who is here to preview what the president will say today. nois to see you. >> nice to see you. >> we start with this bargain an you are i hadding out a day approximate a redefined grand
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bargain. when you separate out and pursue tax reform separately, the assumption is there will be new revenue generated even if you lower rates. is that correct? >> thru a variety of means there can be one-time chunk of revenue that is dreating that. it puts it into proposals. we have infrastructure and college investment plan and ideas for having more manufacturing. you should take that revenue and approximate uh it into these programs that would create jobs in the short-term. >> everybody has been on the map on whether you can do reforms separate low and a time when the white house insifted it had to be done together. speaker baper believes you have to to it together and others say you can separate it.
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to you have papers who say let's go ahead and do the corporate tax reform because it's easy. >> i will let the republicans on the hill and i imagine their reactions today. we had some encouraging conversations with senate republicans on having this type of bargain, pu we had also said we wanted to have corporate tax reform done in the contax of overall tax reform overhaul that would include the tax reform. we wanted to close roop holes on the wealthy re230er78s andform bargain on the deficit. they don't want to move off a notion of new revenue. we are saying here's something we doting agree on. we can do corporate tax reform and put it into jobs. they will help american
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corporations be more competitive and help create new jobs as well. >> does this mean you are done with the bev sit reduction and you don't node anything new at this point? there is no talk of any of this revenue going to debt reduction. you want to do it on spending. >> we have an offer on the table as you know for a larger deficit package. that still stands, but the gel in pursuing that has always been in the long-term about economic growth and creating jobs and having a middle class. we wanted a package that creates stability and more over it makes room for the investments we need to make in infrastructure and education and that kind of thing. the deficit is going down and that's a positive thing. let's at least do what we agree on and take action now that everyone wants. that will help create jobs.
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we will see what the reaction is. there is enough people on both sides of the aisle that want to pursue this. >>. >> you don't believe you need to be neve sit rukds fall. you don't seem to be pursuing new deficit reduction, is that fair? >> we continue to pursue it and have discussions with the republicans on the hill. to date we haven't had a sense that the republicans are prepared to do any more in terms of revenue. not making progress there. we will continue to have those discussions. here's something we all agree on and help the middle class and helps american businesses. everyone agrees on it and we should pursue this bargain. >> i have to ask you quick low with news that the military is interrogating president morsi and putting charges up if they
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pursue this. does that change the united states's position that this was or was not a cloud and right now i know the government said it was not a cloud and considering what they are dog to president morsi, is it not locking like a coop every day? >> it if it turned out to be the case, so i won't speculate. >> you don't know if morsi is being intergetted? it. >> i can't speak to that. >> jennifer palmieri, we will be watching the president pr the white house. we will be watching for that. >> thank you, chuck. >> the period is extending the olive branch. will they take it and watch for a new version. bob corker of tennessee is a former mayor of chattanooga, ranking member of foreign relations and a golfing partner of the president a couple months ago. one of the republicans on more
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friend low terms with the president. good morning. >> how are you? good to be with you. >> i want to ask this new proposal that you are seeing and hearing for the first time this morning about separating out and pursuing tax reform and pursuing the revenue and putting it towards the spending programs. first reaction? >> i don't know any details. i had a brief conversation with dennis, the chief of staff and i don't know any details. we can talk more and he has been on a loose group of sounding like the senators with the white house and as i learned more, i will be able to respond. i wont really hear them and i don't know enough to respond. >> philosophically, i am sure you will respond that produce boy text reform and put into
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lowering rates and ef dit. could you be open to the idea that included using new revenue? >> there two paths. one is we have the sequester coming up and i know there is no republican that i'm aware of that will want to use tax revenues that deal with cuts. there is an opportunity for us to substitute mandatory cuts and reforms for those discretionary cut that some think are too large. the mandatory reductions for discretionary cuts. revenues, again i have no idea. it would have to be a massive deal for any kind of republican to hock at revenues as part of this. if you are looking at a larger deal, i haven't seen the scope,
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but the deal sequester, no one would be interested. >> it doesn't sound like i might have want supered it that if there were rev nows created, you would want to see it used for sequester some to deal with that? >> no, no. it depends on what we are talking about. if we are only dealing with sequester, i don't know of any republican who wants to do anything other than substitute for discretionary reduction. we end up with the same reduction and they are better and it makes our country smaller. on the revenue piece, the only way that republicans will be willing to lock at rev nows for anything. it would be if there was transpoermative that tops in entitlement. we kpanyhow they had long-term
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solvency. i am getting called on the interview. >> fair enough. >> i had a 30 second conversation with dennis this morning. i know something is coming out. if you will, i would like to respond to the programs with knowledge and i really just don't have an idea what that they are uk talking about. >> people want to respond before they have that. how dare you want more information. i want to move to the debate going on in your party and having to do with how the debt ceiling negotiation and sequester negotiations and whether funding should be used as a bargaining chip. what say you? >> it's a silly effort and people behind that is we don't have the courage to dole with real deficit retukzs.
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we want to take ourselves out of the debit and act like we are being principaled. we are not going to vote for the cr. it is very courageous. most of us see through it and realize they are just taking themselves out of the debit. woe have an opportunity to get our count row right as it relates to tiskal issues. we have taken big steps and when people take themselves out of the game, they understand what's taking place. >> there was a report that quoted you using colorful language when it came to a meeting with the most recent deal to avert the so-called nuclear option have having to do with a certain presidential appointee and disagreements. when you quoted directly about how much he was involved and can you enlighten us?
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>> it was a moment where you think you know i was in a rough and tumble business. built shopping centers all-around in my former life, there were words that express better what one feels than others. at that moment, i did use colorful language. the point was well-taken and i am probably closer to leader mcconnell. i felt that things needed to be straightened out. >> was it a coop in egypt? >> it's okay that we don't address what it was for a period of time. preponderan i think we need to understand how calling it something and the momentum in one direction or another. i think our country needs to
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have a common influence on what's happening in egypt. we are a nation of laws and i think we need to go ahead and address this in the appropriate way with legislation. i do think that continues as we off along pushing them towards the democratic side as quick le as possible. that's what we node to do with our aid and influence. >> bob corker, former mayor of chattanooga in tennessee. thanks if are coming on. when the president goes, you can watch that spoe. day one of the push for peace in the mideast. the big apple circus is staying in town for another week or so. fertile a lock ahead -- first a at the planner.
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. >> as i promised on twitter, it's a two-hour daily run down we will try to do in 60 minutings. a new round of peace talks in washington. the entire mideast is itching closer to the brink on a civil war taking place in syria and iraq and other places. let's see if they can. musical chairs. the interesting battle lines being drawn in the fight to replace ben bernanke. a very public campaign and something we have never seen. larry summers and janet yellin.
6:21 am
of course the elephant in the room is this republican rumble between rand paul and chris christie. it got rougher. paul struck again. the trivia question. which member of congress has a parent who lived in a palestinian refugee camp as a child. the first purpose to tweet the answer gets the on air shout out. coming up after just a couple of breaks. [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at liberty mutual insurance.
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do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. back now with more first read. no shortage of challenges for the u.s. in this o pamma administrati administration. the turmoil in egypt to the growing sectarian violence in iraq. the u.s. is opting to take another shot at peace talks that may be the diplomatic equivalent
6:25 am
of mission impossible. representatives of the governments and netanyahu began formal talks this morning. secretary of state john kerry made the issue a top priority after being sworn in just months ago and made a half dozen trips to the mideast to get the two sides to the table. >> i think reasonable compromises has to be a keystone of all of this effort. i know the negotiations are going to be tough, but i also know that the consequences of not trying could be worse. >> the man kerry tapped to lead negotiations is well versed in the nerkzs. he has done two stents of ambassador to israel and played a key in 2000. he tends to restart the talks in 2007 and 2010. burning president obama so badly he is keeping the issue at
6:26 am
warm's hongt. he seemed to set the barlow. the most difficult work of these negotiations is ahead. they will approach these talks and will continue folks in determination. there is one group that won't be represented when they mead today. the elected leaders in gaza. home to nearly 40% and dubbed the terrorist organization and every invited. they denounced the talks and saying he doesn't have the authority to negotiate on behalf of them. you get to the number one point of so many sticking points. steve clemens and laura rosa who is an amazing tweeter. she writes the back channel news log focused on the mideast and something i follow. welcome to both of you. we have been down this road so many times with so many other issues of late with the mideast.
6:27 am
i am stun stunned at why now and why is this issue to begin the talks and syria and iraq is on fire. it's not big. it's little. john kerry believes in his heart and soul that unless you move forward in the mideast peace talks, you can't solve or address the large problems in the broader mideast. whether that's right or wrong, john kerry feels it and the white house has given the latitude to hang whimz this or thifr something. so far he tlis to getting on the meters at the beginning of a track. that's not delivering a dole. he's huffing and puffing as hard as he can and he said he will not give up until his last breath if that's what it takes. it's a bit of his moby dick. >> there no expectations. people say the bar is low and i don't think the bar exists. to me it's how do you begin these conversations when hamas
6:28 am
is there? >> what's important is that secretary kerry said yesterday that the two sides agreed to talk for a minimum of nine months. that's important because everyone remembers three years ago when there was a peace talks we learned at the white house. by agreeing now to talk for a minimum of nine months, they seem to have immunized the process from the verge of collapse every time there is a bad mead meeting. >> you find a former ambassador to israel and last time it was george mitchell. president obama wanted the signal, i won't have anybody who is automatically seen as tipping the scales towards israel. this time in the chief negotiator, they may say hey. >> you raise a really interesting point that will be the most fun part of this. less the issue between the palestinians and israelis, but the court politics around who is
6:29 am
neshting. he is a great guy around frink leen stein. remember when dennis ross came in, he was the goy netanyahu called. he refused to call george mitchell. >> he has not made them this issue. the white house runs against the way it normally operates. that is to micromanage many of the foreign policy issues. that will be the game on whether or not this succeeds. >> they worked so hard to get to this moment, but we are in a point where you look and convince him to back up in syria that seems to be the crisis that maybe matters more. they really want to have the civil war and the border. >> i think there some challenges
6:30 am
that are better done inizible low. there a lot of phone calls. i think that each of them, a lot of stuff they have to work out doesn't lend itself to press conferences and a slauf the stock and there tensions and it's not necessary low showing up where the american national interest is going to be the event? >> i can't help but wonder with former secretary clinton dining and having lunch with president obama. she had less interest in trying to jump-start the mideast. john kerry clearly wants to make this his legacy. >> when she came into the job, she was bashing china and raising the questions saying that george bush shouldn't go to china for the beijing olympics because of tibet and darfur.
6:31 am
he said it was president clinton's plan. a cautious and smart in weighing the different issues. >> that's right. everyone is running again. >> that is the difference. i appreciate your perspectives on this. next, a deep dive into a campaign that we can't stop watching. it's not the mayor's race, but the battle to be the next fed chair. there is one vote that matters here. president obama's. will he pick larry summers or janet yellin or someone else entirely? you are watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. [ whimpers ]
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6:35 am
it's a lot bigger than that. women versus men and liberals versus conservatives. they have been vocal and surprisingly so on monday. the editorial board endorsed yellin and slammed summers in the writing. yellin is reminiscing with summers and supporter it is. they support a letter to the white house in support of janet yellin suspected by the most liberal members. dick durbin and dianne feinstein and king reminded the president that whoever gets voted in, they may have confirmation and there may be at least 20 democrat who is don't vote for her. the central bank'sests to
6:36 am
stimulate the job market. yellin is known for being meticulous in her work and the show between 2005 and 2007, she repeatedly warned colleagues of the lopping housing and credit crisis. a trusted white house insider who is the support of other trusted white house insiders that includes tim guidener and won ruben. the current adviser sperling. treasury secretary in 2005 rebutted the manies and being head to a financinew price. in his familiarity with summers, they give the edge. summers is not without controversy. while president of harvard and a reputation for being brash, he
6:37 am
eventually resigned after comments suggesting with innate differences why women are not as successful as men in science and math. there is another under current in the yellin dwight. joining me now to brick this down, politico's ben white and msnbc contributor. welcome to both of you. i want to start with you. you are the white house insider. former inside with vice president biden's chief economist essentially. summers versus yellin. do you have a preference as an economic liberal? >> as far as a choice, we have an embarrassment of riches from my perspective. janet yellin has been in the fed, but larry will be there as well. especially in the sense of
6:38 am
targeting the unemployment rate, what you worry about and the president himself said this. a fed chair who said i am more worried about prices than unemployment. that's a trade off for thefed. janet yellin and ben bernanke. i know for a fact that they are concerned about high unemployment. >> ben, you are a recovering political reporter and spent a lot of time on that. that's amazing to you is you are covering two senate campaigns going at each other with the yellin and summers camps. are you surprised? >> i am surprised by it. you never see a suggestion at the fed getting to this politics. a lot of folks are trying to put forward the candidate. i think that areaed laid out the case trek low. they are both going to try to
6:39 am
bring down the unemployment rates. summers has been more critical of the extraordinary tools the fed has used. they are not going to be that much different. a lot of it gets back to rivalries. you see that play out and i think it's clear that summers has the inside track because obama is comfortable and knows him well. anybody in the white house and outside the white house, they said it's summers. i would be surprised if it's janet yellin at this point. >> i want you to interpret the sentence about the fed chair. i want a chairman who can step back and say let's make sure we are growing the economy and keep an eye on inflation. if it heats up, let's make sure we are not creating new bubbles. i think everybody probably looked at it and wanted to interpret it in the best way. >> is there a gender promoun in there? >> no, but i wonder if they are
6:40 am
just tipping the scales towards larry. >> i think that might be fair. i read it myself and i don't know that i picked up on that, but after that i read an article where he elaborated and some that were kept cal, but also concerns that if you are keeping interest ras low for too long, you worry about asset bubbles. yellin and bernanke watched out for that. he has given speeches saying here are the risks and we are carefully monitoring them. >> to go in and i talked to political pros who say the white house, they signal now with no pick will be made until after labor day. they said stop this and slow down. the longer this lingers is not good for larry. >> it could be. there is a lot of opportunity for these opponents so say i don't think yellin is better.
6:41 am
if they were to nominate him now, they wouldn't get it before november or december before his term runs out in january. he would get bashed in that and there is a no win situation for the white house if they want summers which they probably do. woe will see a couple of months in the race playing out. it could not if he gets dippinged to which in the process. >> i learned that the white house is not sold on janet yellin and it seals as if she should be either the obvious choice and if you have doubts, they lock somewhere else. the most likely approximatic is tim goitner. >> there have been stories, but i don't buy em this. i think it's one of the two. boy the way, i don't think we should convince ourselves that summers has as much of an inside
6:42 am
track as they suggested. they are talking about front-runners. this is held so closely, poem talk about this all summer. >> yellin about this all summer. you saw what he did. that would have been good. >> he would have been excellent. one quick point on the confirmability question. senators lined up and said we would rather see yellin. most of those would get back as far as hey picked. >> fascinating thing i have to say. i couldn't take my eyes off of it. good stuff. we couldn't do a show without how they are roasting the hot dogs and the soup of the day is minestrone chicken sausage. minestrone is simply leftovers.
6:43 am
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>> three times with a member of congress. his father's family emigrated to the u.s. in the 1950s. congratulations to today's winner. send in your ideas to "the daily rundown." we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪
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. >> we have to leave you with a 50 read nugget of the day. if you thought we would do a whole show without mentioning anthony wiener, think again. he shed ten points in the last
6:50 am
woke and is in fourth place. 50% said he should get out of the race and they are not the only ones who think that. the clinton camp shows that it's an embarrassment the clintons. every new york mayoral candidate has called for him to exit including the guy who is now technical in second place in this poll. >> would you want his endorsement? >> look. >> great question. >> i think he has invalidate himself as a public figure. >> he is basically in that virtual tie. a democrat did his best to distance himself from the weiner disaster. >> you're not going to vote for anthony weiner. can you just say that? you don't think he should be mayor are new york? >> fair point. that is correct. >> he should not be mayor of new
6:51 am
york? >> that is correct. >> ellioiot spitzer. how about that? david, i'll start with you. this spectacle writes about really we are doing a disservice to public service by emphasizing the freak show so much that is anthony weiner and the spectacle in new york city that it almost is a way to tell other politicians you have to be a freak to get attention. >> well, americans will elect creeps to public office. if you look at mark sanford, if you look at the fact that -- >> mark sanford is a creep? that is the next level oo. >> in general, if you look at where anthony weiner was in the polling before we found out what we probably knew, but he just didn't admit to, americans will elect politicians who they think are a little bit not nice people because that is what they think of politicians. but they don't elect liars.
6:52 am
>> now it feels like, molly, i think the difference here is that anthony weiner got caught lying. >> he has a technical explanation for how he has been consistent saying and still saying there are still other women that are going to come out. he is not trying to parse. but it's clear that the voters are over the freak show. the voters feel like they got dragged into this freak show on sort of false pretenses and he sort of trampled all over their goodwill. they were willing to give him a chance and we saw that in the first q poll when he was on top but now we see they have soured on this being dragged into this circus and what seems like his own psycho drama. >> what would you say to your son? he said i would tell him i've cleaned up staten island or some bizarre thing rather than what a rational person might do attacking the reporting. he was self-centered. >> that is how he has been.
6:53 am
even two years ago when this first scandal broke. here is the thing. anthony weiner shows up to this debate the only one who does and says, look. headline writers don't determine elections. polls don't. but the thing is the quinnipiac poll is 53% of them are saying no way. here is the creepy thing. david, in the new york daily news interview at the very end, he talks about the issues that he stands for. i'm going to fill potholes and work on affordable housing and solve and talk about stop and frisk. is there any -- about to drop? he is like, not sure. and that is the problem. you can't focus on policy. you can't focus on governing if you don't know what is going to happen next. >> at this point, if he claims he wants all of this focus, then he might as well get out of the race. the other three candidates seem to many pt to talk about those issues. david, you cover a lot of the
6:54 am
inside republican imagination. rand paul amping it up again, went after chris christie again yesterday. he seems to be relishing this fight. >> look. rand paul came to congress to push the things that he believes in so he is happy to have this fight. chris christie loves to fight. that is sort of his m.o. this is a debate the republican party need to have, is finally having. >> but you want to have it now, probably not too close to an election. >> the libertarians have to square their idea what kind of surveillance we need and what the payoff is or what it's going to cost in terms of safety. they haven't done that yet. >> but, molly, interesting. listen to how rand paul used noiv 9/11 imagery to attack chris christie. >> it is really i think kind of sad and cheap that he would use the cloak of 9/11 victims and say, oh, i'm the only one who cares about these victims. hog wash! if he cared about protecting this country, maybe he wouldn't
6:55 am
be in this gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme all of the money have you in washington or don't have. >> i had the thought in my head 2008 when joe biden was attacking rudy giuliani for 9/11 and now a fellow republican hitting a fellow republican. >> it's two republicans having this conversation. not a republican and a democrat like it was in 2008. you saw this with the vote on the amendment in the house last week. these are deep divisions within the party. the 2016 primary is the arena for all of the problems the republicans have having to be hashed out and you see potential candidates staking out their role. >> i know a lot of times i bring you on and we talk about immigration. the divide in the party is not on immigration but how to frankly deal with the president and healthy and now how to deal on national security. >> the spectacle may be focus on the primary but the big question how are these candidates able to
6:56 am
fare in a general election and you saw what happened with mitt romney. he went so far to the right. wasn't able to come back. >> shameless plug. you first. >> i've got to congratulate the 2,36 latino children who are reading for latino for looratin literature program. >> government shutdown strategy is not necessarily a strategy designed to win as opposed to something designed to have the fight. >> bob corker called it silly and rough on it. molly? >> shout-out to my son who turns 4 tomorrow. he has managed to survive four years of my parenting amazing. i love you, baby boy. >> my shameless plug, remember doug bailey at the museum. a bittersweet evening of celebrations and remembering. you can watch the president's speech on the economy live at 2:00 p.m. here on msnbc. see you back here tomorrow. coming up next is chris jansing.
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i'm richard lui in for chris jansing. let the 2016 speculation begin. what did they talk about? did either one ask the other about a run for president? this comes after the former secretary of state had lunch with her old boss, president barack obama. they dined al fresco. according to a spokesman largely friendship and they wanted to get together because it's been a while. the last time was in may. the obama's had the clintons over for dinner at the white house. i want to bring in ruth and chris. ruth, start with you. to be a fly on the wall, right, between hillary clinton and joe biden. if we


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