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tv   Lockup  MSNBC  August 3, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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that is all for this edegrees -- i'm contessa brewer. that is all for this edition of "caught on camera." stop banging on the cage. >> hands behind your back. close the gap up. >> deputies shake down a housing unit and hit a contraband jackpot. >> liquid courage. >> lying is not the answer. >> i'm to the lying. >> okay but i'm not go to sit there and say your mom stole
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drugs and robbed people. >> an jen mate learns addiction and motherhood do not make a good mix and two other inmates are left wondering which is the father of her child. >> police and everything. >> when a feud from the streets boils over in the jail, deputies are forced to respond and -- >> i can get into the hair cutting business. >> another inmate trains for better days on the streets. >> get a lot of clientele. surround by the foothills outside oakland o, california, the santa rita jail could be
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mess taken for an office park if not for the mile and a half or so of razor wire lining its perimeter. most o of the roughly 2700 male inmates and 300 female inmates are only charged with crimes and awaiting trial or the resolution of their cases. >> some people think it is a joke and fun. it is not fun. it is not a game. it is not a joke. it is real life and i don't want to be here. >> deputies face new problems and challenges every day. >> stay down. >> among the most dangerous is when inmates bring the conflicts from the street with them into the jail. >> better keep gang banking gangbangers. >> deputies just separated two such jen mates who got into a fist fight. they are temporarily placed in different cells but that doesn't stop their taunts. >> a real life beating. >> i [ bleep ] you every time. >> you [ bleep ]
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>> he beat your ass in front of the please and everything because you already know what's up. >> hold on. hold on. >> the two inmates of cory long. >> have anything on you? >> no. >> and ivan robinson. >> i will knock him and bed butting. it is a little war on, you know he. >> you see the inmates as i'm bringing them in he open the door and they are stepping in. the fight is actually taking place right now. the. >> the fight occurred just to the left of the surveillance camera view. deputies respond within seconds. when they deploy pepper spray to break it up other inmates can be seen reacting to it. >> they preponderancer sprayed now. we identified the one person in the purple shirt. >> handcuffed by deputies, long is now in the camera view.
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robinson has already been removed from the scene. both men have been in jail for about a month but the conflict began on the streets. >> on the streets i ain't worried about them on the street but in jail i already know i got the to fight him. it ain't going to be like or nothing like that. going to be a fight every time. >> robinson is in jail for a probation violation for assault after he pistol whipped someone. he and long who is charged with four counts of assault with a firearm to why he has plead not guilty each had separate court appearances that morn oing. >> he did me right here and everything. biting me leak he is trying to give me aids or something.
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>> hopefully i never see him again. >> most ikely going to see him again? >> addition to the latest fight long says he has another reason to be upset with robinson. according to prosecutors long fired his weapon at a vehicle containing four people including robinson and his girlfriend and one of their children. >> he said when i supposedly shot up his car while he was in there and saying she in the car with the baby and all that but it is all lies or allegations. i mean i got proof he was in sacramento when it happened. i wasn't no where out here. >> long says his fate lies in the hand's of robinson's girl trend who might be the only person willing to testify against him. long believes if she does not come forward with a statement in the next five days he will be release. >> if she don't come by friday they got to drop all my charges
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on monday. it. >> you got a lot riding on this. >> robinson is also an alleged victim of long. he says he won't get involved in the case and hopes his girlfriend won't either. >> it ain't like i told her to call the police or call the authorities or nothing but you she do what she had to do. only so much a woman can teak. i can't even put my hands on that woman sh she she will call the police on me. all i could do is tell her not to go to court and testify because i wouldn't want nobody to come to court on me. >> individual conflicts aren't the only ones deputies deal with on a daily basis. >> oakland has a big problem with gangs and the particular individuals end up here. and then you have the problems from the street coming inside the jail. we have to identify the people involved and try to keep it controlled. >> step out. >> step out.
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>> in toward suppress gang activity. >> hands behind your back. close that gap. >> deputies conduct frequent shakedowns of housing units throughout the jail and search for gang intelligence along with weapons and other forms of contraband. >> it is all about information. and this is information. >> sergeant buzzby just discovered scrawls of writing. >> information constantly being passed around. occasionally someone higher up in the structure that make rules for the entire facility and those rules are distributed to the other inmate and the orange place to keep it without the staff finding it is up their rectum and some of them can keep them for a long time and only pass out when they need to. goes with them to court. goes with them to the next facility. and that is how news travels in and out. >> while many of the confirmed gang members are confined to maximum security cells other
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inmates live in large dormitory style units but they are subject to contraband shakedowns as well. >> they know the game. they are not too surprise. >> they are are confined to an adjacent recreation area. >> these are razors. >> soon after, deputies hit the jackpot. they discover a large bag of inmate made alcohol. >> it is made with probably 50 to 00 oranges. sugar. and bread. jackpot. this is a good find. >> here is some oranges. got them before they could start the next batch. especially during nfl time brink drinking is big and common in the odds. everyone contributes the oranges that you get in the lunch and make a batch for sunday football games.
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liquid courage. >> we found everything that we were expecting to find and more are so of it. >> coming up,. >> robinson described the shooter as a black male 22 years told 27. 6-foot. thin build with dreads. >> corey long learns more details from the case against him. >> they used to tell my son that i would go to school and then he got to the age where he understand where we really were and said mom you are in the in school, you are in jail. >> a young woman with a troubled past attempts to become a better parent. yer always after me lucky charms! whoa. i forgot how good these taste! [ lucky ] ♪ they're magically delicious
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fighting inmates to gang activity and home made alcohol, the deputies at the santa rita jail face daily challenges. >> but there is another side to the jail. an educational program to give
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inmates a chance to make it on the outside rather than doing more time on the inglide we have the adult base executive education. people can take classes to get the ged. barbering. food service. cosmetology. computer skills. >> byron tries to enroll in as many classes as he can. >> ged. computer technology. >> a lot of programs over here for us to better yourself. i'm going to be this great comeback story. >> hall is serving a three year sentence for pet it theft. he also has prior convictions for vehicle theft. receiving stolen property and burglary. department store tvs were h his specialty. >> we would go in wal-mart and take a 40-inch tv and peck it up and open it and take it all out and take another one out and put two in a box and walked out the door.
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>> limy thefts were driven by drug use. >> i know life on a happy basis. drug takes its toll. you would give it all up for this right here. >> poe is currently enrolled in the dad's class. today's topic is using the principles of addiction recovery to become a better father. >> honesty is the cornerstone of any recovery. >> but in terms of honesty, poe finds old habits diehard. especially when it comes to enhancing jail food. >> this is the canteen. it is actually out of the kitcheners right. >> we got our own little ways of lifting these things up.
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>> santa rita also offers classes to female inmates. alex andrea mcbride in the mom's class and due to repeated incarcerations she has taken it more than once. >> they use used used to tell i went to school and then he understood where i really was and he said mom you are not in school, you are in jail. >> how did you respond to that? >> i was like oh, man. >> it has only been 90 days that she was here and gone and now back. >> mcbride is currently serving an 8 month sentence for violating her parole of prior convictions for grand theft, commercial burglary and robbery. drugs also played a role new hampshire her problems. >> i smoked weed and crystal. i used to play volleyball. i used to cheer lead. >> i love my family but
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whenever i get high i push myself away and close them out because i don't want them to see me like that and feel like they are going to judge me and brings a big space in between us so i don't see my kids. i, you know, badded things like that. >> mcbride admits she has difficulty with some of the material. >> lying is not the answer. number two says. >> but i don't like -- >> i'm not lying. >> don't tell them. i'm not going sit them and tell them your mom stole drugs and robbed people to get. >> one of the things that she refuses to do is to go into a drug program. >> he knows that i go and do something because he knows that i come back and he came to a point where he was like mom i don't even want that no more. >> by him saying that do you don't you think he realizes what you are doing and wants you to stop so saying to you don't bring him. >> yes, so that is what -- are.
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>> so how does that make you feel ms. mcbride? >> it makes me feel like [ bleep ] because i -- i guess i just do those things to cover up what i'm doing because some of the times some of the things i do i want to get high, too. i mean okay i -- it is kind of like old now because i'm not that young now any more, you know. and i don't know. i don't want to be talking about it any more. >> the class strives to help mcbride become a more responsible parent. an objective made even more important by the fact that the father of her five-year-old daughter is also incarcerated at santa rita but there is still some question as to who exactly the father is. jacob cowen is serving 57 days for battery and vandalism.
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trino is serving 90 days for a parole violation. to this day, neither is certain which is the father. >> i was talking to her on the phone and she was telling me that she was pregnant and going to have an abortion. i do no, you told me already you were pregnant and now you are going to have the kid because i wouldn't want anything to do with you if you got an abortion. in the meantime she also found somebody else. >> i claimed the kid really, right, because when i got h her she was with this other cat, you know, and like i kind of snatched her from him and was like, you know, we were together while she was still with him and really like my part, whatever, right. >> despite the men's uncertainty, mcbrideed says the father is jacob cowin. >> were you with him when you met jake? >> yeah, but trilo in jail. he got in a car crash and like
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he didn't remember who i was. >> i was in a high speed chase and i crashed on thornton avenue going up the wrong way of the freeway and i guess they said there was money and dope all over the freeway and i woke up eight days later in a coma. i woke up here in the clinic in santa rita. took me close to a month to remember her. i had lost my memory. >> meanwhile, mcbride asked cowin to accompany her to get an abortion but things did not go as planned. she was on the back of cowin's motorcycle and had all their money in a back pack. >> the money blew out and i'm hell a mad. it wasn't just that money it was all my money. >> how much? >> you know, i mean it was like, i can't tell you to the dollar amount but it was a
6:20 pm
little bit, you know. like $1,800. lelele. >> cowin and his parents helped raise the bab baby for the it percent year but all parties decided she would be better off with alexandria's parents. cowin and wound up in the say housing unit. >> hot daughter. talk to me about that. >> that is my daughter, right. but there is a chance it might be his daughter, too, right. but ouch. >> i claimed her, you know. >> she has his last name and he has been teaing care of her who am i do t. speak or even say anything. >> no hard feelings between
6:21 pm
two? >> not at all, man. >> if anything i'm looking forward to kicking with you again. i will look him hundred. >> i candidate got in hard feels towards her neither. >> i don't have a problem with it. >> no, i don't. no. >> coming up. >> christmas is coming. kind of celebrate. >> one of the suspects answers to authoritys. >> do you waive your rights to a hearing? >> yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. >> she didn't show up at court today. hopefully they drop all the charges. >> corey long bides his time. [ male announcer ] in your lifetime,
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kills odor-causing bacteria. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth. step out on the gate. >> during a recent shakedown at the santa rita jail, deputies discovered a large bag of inmate made alcohol. shortly afterwards, they found the remnants of even more. >> it is pruno. they obviously drank this already. they were in two canisters right here.
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>> one of the inmates now facing displenary action is robin. >> trying to celebrate. get a little tipsy. >> long was originally convicted six years earlier for a brutal assault. >> knocked two people out. i broke somebody's jaw, 18 places. i broke his face basically. >> he is back in santa rita on a a parole violation. the latest of 17 violations he has had since his assault conviction. this time picked up on a warrant for missing court ordered anger management classes. when was searched police found a switchblade knife which is another violation. >> violence. everything i do. >> walk that way to the wall and turn to your right. >> unless he convinced the staff that it wasn't his he
6:26 pm
could lose 30 days of privileges such as the ability to buy food from the commissariry and visitation. >> you can read and understand epilive. >> i'm done. >> you are willing to accept the 30 days loss of privileges. >> yes. >> all right. >> do you waive your rights to a hearing. >> yes, yes, yes, yes. i just want to sign it. take the 30 days. >> and waive your right to a 24 hour rating period. what i need you to do is sign right here, please, on the bottom line. okay. these are your copies. you have k. have is them and do whatever you want with them. thank you very much. >> normally the inmate is hail more concerned not the so easily and available to accept 30 days loss of privileges. he was not the typical onmate that received a writeup. >> corey long does not share the acceptance when it comes to his charm charges of four count of assault with a firearm. >> long has recently received
6:27 pm
paperwork from his lawyer that jut lines the prosecution case against him. >> at the they show her a picture of me and she is going to identify me. i don't even know her. >> one of the alleged victims is another santa rita inmate. he says he would rather have nothing to do with the case but is concerned his girlfriend might testify against long. >> they looking at me like a switch that is your woman. all i can do it put in her head like it ain't cool to go tell him. he can call me a snitch. he candidate got me on meno paper work. i never called the police on the cat. >> but long's legal paper work would indicate otherwise. >> robinson said he was driving westbound on arthur street approaching when saw a bmw 745 driving northbound and stopped at the intersection where arthur street.
6:28 pm
the passenger of the vehicle fired a handgun towards him. robinson backed up and escaped. he describes the shooter as a black male 22 years old to 27. 6-foot thin build with dreads. he says his car was struck by gun fire. i don't even know nobody who look like that. >> do you own a bmw? >> no. we don't like 745s. >> [ bleep ] ain't no talking. ain't no snitching. you feel me half of these in here probably right now snitching on paper work. i seen paper work in here right now. you feel me. >> long says it is his understanding if robinson about's girl friend does not provide a statement in the next two days the case can be dismiss and he will be release. >> she didn't show up at court today so hopefully tuesday is my lucky day and they drop all
6:29 pm
the charges. >> coming up. >> how you would someone get drugs in here. >> all women have a pocket. that is who you. >> alexandria mcbride shares a secret. >> and you put wax on there and this brings it out. >> the unofficial norrist shares a secret can of his own. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one.
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president obamas it top national security advisors meeting at the white house about the al-qaeda threat that prompted the closing of 22 embassies in the middle east and north africa tomorrow. alex rodriguez is expected to speak tonight after the latest minor league rehab game. new reports say major league baseball and the new york yankees turned down requests to meet with his representative to discuss a potential suspension. back to lockup.
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other than the various scrubs inmates wear to signify custody level there is very little in the way of color inside the santa rita jail. >> that is quite. >> victor does what he can to change that. in jail on a parole violation he creates colorful roses out of the fuel items he is able to downtogether. >> toilet paper. red and put water together and then the color what i do on the color i break the cranes up and put it in the water and it blows up and i put the color around color crayons on with a stick or make a little paintbrush out of plastic and for the shine the wax brings it out. that four or five layers. you cries of shock drop it. it won't hurt, bam be you know what i'm saying.
6:34 pm
that's rough. you know, sometimes you you know you get wax from certain places, man. you know, you know, see people waxing the floor you might be able to slide up this there and get some of the wax. >> he sells roses to other inmates for $6 in commissary snacks and toiletries. >> i'm an artist. >> let me know. >> i will order you canteen. >> most of his customers mail the roses home to loved ones. >> your family taking care of you, i feel like it is courtesy to send something back to your family. so it is about respect be love, you know. >> inmates like wheaten know that creativity and a positive attitude are keys to doing time. >> if you don't remain positive then your time is going to do you. don't let the time do you. you are always worried about
6:35 pm
family out there. friends. you don't have any money. >> byron poes lack of money along with a drug addiction made him a frequent resident of the santa rita jail. >> i'm in here for theft and retiring this time. i know i said it. but this time. >> you sure? my grandson was born this year october and i got to put it down for him. >> good morning. >> if p.o.e. is going to retire from a life of crime he will need to get whatever he can from the jail's education department. >> good morning, guys. >> one of his most popular classes is a reentry program that helps frequent offenders deal with the pressures of the outside world. >> fy call you a mother [ bleep ] i already detached myself from you. >> this is actually good. this is actually the first time i took it in all these years of coming to jail. >> listen, man, is it
6:36 pm
aggressive or is this, you know, trying -- that is aggressive. okay. >> and i actually found out more about myself than i have ever. >> suns i have been incarcerated my son told me the things that affected him when i was out. one of them was to his mother. >> she an extraordinary lady and passionate about her job and kind of puts her heart into trying to save each individual one by one. >> you tell somebody who is not in recovery some of the things we done and they try bay like 40, 45 jobs. can they get a little hard. i got to kind of reinvent myself just to get back some where and stay out of trouble. if i do anything else, it is over. they are going to put you right back on the cookie sheet. >> this is a redirection of the
6:37 pm
discussion that caused the rif. >> byron poe, i think he may have been through enough now to be willing to change. he certainly presents that way. i have seen that before. so i don't know for sure. we kind of learn to adjust to our environments so he may be getting good at saying that he is going to succeed in here and i hope that he is able to stay consistent with that message when gets release. >> you did a great job. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> something else? >> while about poe hopes jail programs might help him a job on the streets alexandria mcbride would love to land one on the inside. >> can i be a worker? >> no. >> take that off your head. >> deputy mullison knows her well. >> mcbride is always the onmate that needed attention. in different ways and always loud when walked in. >> good morning, all that kind of stuff.
6:38 pm
so when she was quiet or anything i knew something was wrong with her and she was up to something. >> when are you going home? are you sentenced? >> march. >> and you stayed clean? >> yes. you proud of me. >> i wouldn't go that far. >> i did a t. for a minute last time i was here. all i want to do is get get high. to get high. get high. get high. >> how would someone get drugs in here. >> all women have a pocket. that's how. >> any time anybody is brought in to jail into custody they are subject to strip before they come out to the housing unit. and we take their clothing and then they bend over and squat. >> use your hands to separate your butt cheeks all the way. cough. all right. >> and if something falls out or if we see something we tell them hey what is in there, can
6:39 pm
you pull it out. sometimes it can be way up there that there is no way it can come out for a couple of days or they to fish around and find it themselves. >> mcbride says this time she hasn't struggled or used drugs in jail but still struggles with another issue. reconnecting with her two children who are currently in the care of her parents. >> my son wants to see me. i guess it is so emotional for him because my son will cry every time i leave or throw a fit and then act funny for a whole day or two. that is understandable and you tonight want them to go through that. my son wants me. you know. can you deny them of that. that is why i get high a lot and i run the streets and do what he do. and then when you get high you lose track of time and you get lost in your life. >> so its' hard. it's hard.
6:40 pm
it's hard. >> coming up. >> separate the hair, right? >> sanitize your hands, okay. >> byron poe learn hes a new trade. >> okay. >> and. >> obviously i'm still here. she came and popped up and testified. >> cory long's hope for leaving jail is dashed. ♪ this summer was definitely worth the wait. ♪ summer's best event from cadillac. let summer try and pass you by. lease this cadillac srx for around $369 per month or purchase for 0% apr for 60 months. come in now for the best offers of the model year. "first day of my life" by bright eyes
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the more are seasoned inmates inside the santa reis a jail know that choosing the right friends can be an important factor in doing their time unscathed. >> i got to find the one that calling my name. >> how do you do that? >> you got to look at her eyes
6:44 pm
and see. have conversations with her. >> byron poe has discovered that choosing the right mannequin head can help him complete the jail's barbering class unscathed as well. >> step one was to. >> separate the hair, right? >> sanitize your hands, okay. >> oh. >> what you did. >> i did. >> all right. next step is to. >> separate the hair. separate. >> sma sanitary maintenance area. >> it is my hope that they want to continue and that they like the profession and this is something they would like to do and hopefully enroll in barber college. go on from there. >> does that hurt, keesha? >> mr. poe has been a stu dent in the class now for about two months. he does very well, you know. comes in and does his bookwork and participates as you can see with practical operations.
6:45 pm
he likes to barber. he is good at cutting hair. he is doing well. >> i can get into the hair cutting business. i can do a lot of female's hair this way. get a lot of clientele. >> or i might just break into the hair cutting business. >> good, okay. that looks good. >> all right. >> so did you hear that? >> at first i was kind of leary of this class but i thought, hair cutting. >> okay. >> you don't think men don't cut women's hair but it's fun. >> while poe says he hopes the education programs will help him stay out of trouble the next time he is released. >> jacob cowin has turned to religion. >> i wrote that last night.
6:46 pm
why don't you read it to me. >> read it to me, man. read it to me. i wrote it. >> he begins a letter to the -- by stating who he is. >> cowen had numerous stays at santa rehe that the past several years jes not all charges stuck but one of the stays was the precursor to a five year prison sentence he served after shooting and wounding another man in a bar fight. this same, he is serving 75 days for battery and vandalism. according to police reports, he broke his girlfriend's door during an argument and a punched h her numerous times in the face and hand. >> i don't -- i only know how to do one thing and it ain't good. it's bad. just you trouble. if it is gubernatorial it is what is getting me in trouble. my whole life i just did the wrong thing. i just was good at being bad.
6:47 pm
>> introduced as being from god our father and from the lord jesus christ. >> based on. >> during this stay at the jail, cowin can't help but to also have thoughts about another former girlfriend currently doing time in the female wing. >> she was there for me man solid and wouldn't be more solid than her. >> san drea mcbride says cowin is the father of her caught. he was the only guy i loved. we had a lot of memories. >> he went to prison for five years. >> i shot somebody at a bar. it was self-defense pretty much. a fight that got out of hand and dude put a knife on me and i pulled my gun out and shot him. everybody told on me. they all sung. i'm like man. >> she said it was hard for her or whatever, right and she split. pretty much dogged me. >> a couple of years later he
6:48 pm
got out and he was -- i think when looked at me he would be like just get mad because when you look somebody -- >> he was gone for five years. but i don't know. i love him still. i will always love him. >> if you could get back with alexandria again would you? >> back with her like back together? man, no. i ain't doing that. i can't do that to myself. i can't even do that to her. i will be her friend though and always be there for h her. as far as being herman and all that, i can't do that. >> oh, man. >> i got a different type of good morning i like one that i should keep and be nice to. so i'm trying like to learn to be right, you know. because i really don't know. >> whether she is with cowin or not, mcbride will soon leave jail and must again attempt to
6:49 pm
control her drug addiction in order to raise her are two children. >> have a seat at the usual chair to your left. >> her case manager has known her for two years. a span in which mcbride has been in and out of santa rita on various parole violations. >> has come into custody each time a different persona and host of problems and a different level of motivation and how long that is sustained a questionable. >> in order to teak advantage of reentry services offered by the county, mcbride must commit to a residential drug treatment program upon the release. the case worker recommended 12 months but mcbride would like to negotiate down. >> none. >> what have we got? let's talk about it. >> 90 days. >> so what if i do. >> 12 months. >> what if i do 90 days at one of the ones that you pick. >> let's be realistic. >> six months.
6:50 pm
>> we'll start with the negotiation of that. >> i think that she does not want to see, she doesn't want to address h her history of substance abuse. might be too painful. for a host of reasons but unless she he does treatment, unfortunately, we'll probably see her back in about four months. >> what's making you have anxiety about this? >> what? going into the program? >> yeah. >> because i don't like rules. and i know myself, and i know if somebody tries to tell me what to do or get at me crazy and there's bitches there, i've been in that thing with hella broads. you know what i'm saying? i want to do my own thing. i just did time. you know what i'm saying? >> you did your own thing, and that led you here. let's just keep it real. >> i understand that. >> okay. so we're trying to switch it up. >> and i'm agreeing with you on that, right? but i'm just saying like, okay, so what did the -- what is the program going to do for me? how is it going to help me? i just got three questions. okay. go ahead. >> let's start with the first one. how's it going to help you? >> yeah. >> it's going to focus on your recovery.
6:51 pm
>> okay. >> which you haven't done. >> okay. >> and your addiction has led to what? >> have me coming back here. >> okay. and you want to keep coming back here? >> no. >> okay. so that's what it's going to do. it's going to focus on your recovery and keep you out of incarceration. stop you from recidivating. coming up -- >> then the other bitch came behind me and then i got into a fight with her, so she won really, so they're mad at me right now. >> a setback for alexandria mcbride. and -- >> congratulations to every one of you for graduating today. >> a milestone for byron poe. the average fast-food dinner is over $6.50 a meal.
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inmates at the santa rita jail never know when a fight might break out or when they
6:55 pm
might be subject to a surprise shakedown. but today is an eventful one for byron poe for an entirely different reason. >> it's that day. graduation day. >> graduation's a ceremony where we celebrate the graduates of the different classes. and for a lot of the men and women, it's the first time they've completed something in their lives. and so we want to acknowledge that. >> congratulations to every one of you today for your accomplishment, graduating. i'm very proud of all of you. it's an honor to graduate today. it says a whole lot about each one of you. you have proven that you can achieve and succeed. >> this education actually has opened me up to motivate me to living a clean lifestyle. >> and there's yet a lot of hope for every one of you. i want to let you know that even though you're here in santa rita, it did not let that stop preparing you for your future. >> byron poe is an "a" student.
6:56 pm
because i give exams every other week on the lessons that i've taught, so that is the "a" roll. i call it the chocolate cake roll. very good student. >> this is the grads from d.a.d.s., are byron poe. >> thank you, mr. terry. >> once i get out, i know i'm going to make it better. this probably is my last -- i won't even say probably. i know this is my last run at criminal activity, drug use. i'm going to do everything there is possible for me to stay out of here. >> congratulations to the march graduates. [ applause ] >> i'm kind of elated. i was kind of emotional. i started to cry. i didn't think this would bring me to things like this. but graduating here out this program allows me to believe
6:57 pm
that there's goals that i can achieve once i leave. >> congratulations, everybody. congratulations. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thanks, jen. >> all right. >> one inmate previously enrolled in the jail's education program is not graduating today. alexandria mcbride was dismissed from her m.o.m.s. class for fighting with another inmate. >> she flew to the ground, and i went crazy on her. so she came into my room and that's when she told me she despises me and she wants to punch me in my face. then the other bitch came up behind me and i got into a fight with her and she won really. so they're mad at me right now. >> fight anybody, anybody want to, bro. whatever, bro. whatever, bro. become increasingly clouded as well. he is charged with four counts of assault with a firearm for allegedly shooting at a car containing another santa rita inmate, byron robinson, robinson's girlfriend, and one of her children.
6:58 pm
long says he can prove he was out of town at the time but acknowledges past troubles with robinson. >> well, we used to be cool. like my dad, my whole dad's side of the family is from the '70s and they from the '70s too. so like we all grew up around each other. and like we all know each other. our whole family know their whole family. it all escalated over a fight. something that could have been avoided. when we went over there, though, we was going to talk it out, but somebody pulled a gun on all of us. so when they did that, that just -- that sparked everything right there. >> long thought that if robinson's girlfriend did not testify against him, he would have to be released, but it didn't work out that way. >> obviously i'm still here. she came and popped up and testified. >> what did she say? >> she just said she seen me with a gun in my hand. but she never seen me shoot it,
6:59 pm
so i'm just going to have to fight it. >> how did you feel when you saw her show up? >> i was kind of mad, angry, but they've got to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that i was the one firing the gun. the only witness they got she's saying that she never seen me shooting the gun or nothing. she just said she saw me standing there, so that's why they band it over, they had enough evidence. she said she seen me at the scene with a gun in my hand, but she never seen me shooting. so that's good enough right there. >> but corey long's hopes of walking out of jail a free man would not come to fruition. long made a plea deal with prosecutors in which he pled guilty to one count of assault with a firearm. he was sentenced to ten years in prison.
7:00 pm
get on your bunk, now. get on your bunk now. i'm not asking. >> deputies respond to rising tensions in a female housing unit. >> i'm not asking you a question! why are you talking?! ♪ the street ain't safe for me no more ♪ >> a popular rapper, whose ups and downs have been chronicled in the oakland media -- >> fan mail, females. i've got a whole bunch o


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