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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  August 6, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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welcome back. 20 seconds. mika. >> oh, my lord, going to "the view." are you nervous? >> always nervous on "the view." >> castle in scotland, airnb. >> love it. mike. >> boston globe sales, good move. >> get the new book. >> see you tomorrow. >> here is chuck. that was fast, joe. nicely done a. extremely high threat level. that's how the state department is describing the situation in yemen. all u.s. citizens are being ordered to evacuate immediately. we'll have the latest on developing reaction to potential dangers across the middle east and africa at the start of the show. with another major star suspended for using performance enhancing drugs, what's the future look like for american pastime. hear what former negro league had to say. they happened to be at the white house. it was a coincidence but strong
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opinions about a-rod. former senator causing conservatives a conundrum or two as he pushes republican party leaders on key issues like health care and putting some colleagues in tough spots. >> good morning from washington, d.c. it's tuesday, august 6th, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." now, here is chuck todd. >> thank you to the harvard institute of politics and d.c. summer interns from the iop there for sending that in. keep it coming. it's very familiar backdrop you have there. tuesday, august 6th. lets get to my first reads of the morning. the state department has ordered all u.s. citizens, nonessential personnel to evacuate yemen immediately due to what it deems an extremely high threat level. in addition the u.s. is ordering all nonessential personnel to leave the embassy. pentagon officials tell nbc news two airport transport planes are used to get government personnel out of the country immediately. the uk ordered all staff
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temporarily withdrawn from its embassy in yemen as well due to the threat. the u.s. embassy was one of 19 facilities closed to normal operations earlier this week of the state department said it was making security decisions on a day by day basis. >> we've made our decision for this week that these 19 posts will remain closed. i don't want to venture to guess what a future decision will look like but we'll keep evaluating as we get new information. >> the fact is we now have a better idea of what triggered all of this. a rare intelligence coup in the form of intercepted communications between al qaeda chief iman al zawahiri and nasir. in it they gave the green light for an attack this past week. the latest in plots for yemen, including the plot in 2009 and
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plans to bomb cargo planes in 2010. here is what the czar said after the 2009 plot was filed. >> there is a seriousness of purpose of al qaeda in the peninsula to carry out attacks in the united states. whether they are reaching people through the internet or sending people abroad. >> as recently as last year brennan described qap as franchise. that may seem to contradict what the president has said about the fight against al qaeda. >> in the past year many senior leaders have been captured or killed. their leaders and operatives are removed from the battlefield. their safe havens are shrinking. from pakistan to yemen, al qaeda operatives who remain are scrambling knowing they can't escape the reach of the united states of america. >> of course, the president hit the same talking point again on the campaign trail in 2012.
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bin laden, of course, was dead and al qaeda on the run. not everyone sees the distinction between al qaeda and the afghan, pakistan region and al qaeda in yemen. on monday jay carney tried to clear things up. >> al qaeda's core leadership, the leadership that attacked the united states on september 11th, 2001, has been decimated. al qaeda core in the region has been diminished and is on the run. our intention in terms of the threat presented by al qaeda has shifted in focus to some of these affiliates, including aqap. >> al qaeda, afghanistan, it's al qaeda as far as the public is concerned. the timing of the threat could be coincidental or response to u.s. drone strikes in the last four weeks. four strikes have taken place in the last ten days in yemen, including one overnight.
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the intercept occurred sometime last week. joining me to try to figure this out, chief correspondent richard engel, bob win drom and "time" international editor bobby gosh. richard, i want to start with you. suddenly we've been hinting this was coming from yemen, the plot was launched from yemen, does this mean the way the u.s. responding this morning, somewhere inside of yemen is where they were targeting. >> we've been told initially the focus was always yemen. that was the location where the target was most likely to be but there was a concern because people involved had connections across the region and really across the world. people we've been speaking to said, yes, this attack is most likely going to take place, if it's going to take place at all, in yemen.
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because we're talking iman zawahiri, nasir al wuhayshi, they have a global reach and wouldn't necessarily be contained to yemen. now that this information has come out, perhaps it's disrupted the plot. a lot of security has been put in place. a the loaf embassies and consulates have been closed. there could be a concern that the operatives of yemen could try and take what they can and carry out some sort of attack or maybe even just postpone it. >> bob, you've done a lot of reporting on all of these drone strikes that have been taking place in yemen over the past couple of weeks. do we know are these drone strikes, particularly the ones taking place last week by the united states in yemen, were they an attempt to stop this plot? is the timing coincidental? it doesn't seem like this is a coincidence. >> no. it's hard, however, to put together a chicken and egg
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scenario here. whether we went after them because of the plot or whether they are coming after us. so as a result here what we're left with is a couple of interesting coincidences. you had four strikes over 10 days. you also had a meeting between the president of the united states and the president of yemen last thursday. >> in the oval office. >> in the oval office. >> you've had a number of yemen-related issues. for all we know, it could be al qaeda is responding to the attacks or the reverse. so i think at the end of the day what we're left with is just this, that there is a great deal of interest now by the united states in what's doing on in yemen. i think that that is going to continue, because, as noted, aqap is right now the single biggest threat to the u.s. of the al qaeda affiliates.
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>> bobby, the administration has done a lot of drones. when it comes to finding aqap, it's been a drone war, pure and simple. some intelligence on the ground, some working with the yemen government but it's mostly been a drone war. a question, has it been successful? i look at the statistics. aqap deaths as it's been reported in operatives aqap, 169, 81 in 2011. you've got to ask yourself if the drone war has been targeting these people and they seem as operational as ever. is this a success or not. >> the administration's response would be if it hadn't been for these attacks, things would be a lot worse. it's impossible to measure that. it's clear that it's having quite an impact on the yemeni scene both politically and socially. the last time i was in yemen, about this time last year as it happens, it was part of every
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conversation i had. the al qaeda in the peninsula aqap had taken a piece of territory in southern yemen last year. that's why there was this big spike of strikes. it was part of an attempt with cooperation from the yemeni government to push them out of that territory. that part succeed he had. there were a number of factors, the campaign was one of it. al qaeda no longer holds a piece of territory in the way they did. they are now in some ways even more dangerous. they are dispersed, in hiding. yemen is a fairly large country with large portions of the desert, valley, that are not well policed. so they are not a lot of other options available short of a drone campaign. this is pretty much the only way short of putting boots on the ground that the u.s. administration feels it can do something about this very dangerous threat. >> of course the other part of this plot, richard engel, has to do with zawahiri and the fact he
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essentially looks like he didn't have the capability to do this so he tried to get a plot launched by aqap. what do you make of the zawahiri aspiration, involvement, what does this mean for the aq network overall? >> it shows ayman al swear who has not had the same kind of international profile osama bin laden had wants to put himself on the world stage and asking his most effective assassin to do that. you asked about the drone campaign, a follow-up to what bobby was saying. al qaeda did control a piece of the country. either not just a drone campaign. there is an active war by the yemeni government that the u.s. is involved with in southern yemen. >> bob, i want to caulk aboutta, operational as the united states government says it is, as concerned as the u.s. government says it is. you've pointed out, they haven't
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been very successful. >> well, i think the key thing here is that what you have is a situation where they certainly have not been able to kill the top leaders. what you have here three leaders targeted last week remain active, including al wuhayshi. i think that is something that is very worth questioning. because if you are pressing such a drone cam fein as the u.s. is and the top three guys are still active, still operational, that does call into question its effectiveness. >> bobby ghosh, the stability of the yemen government. one of the things and i think one of the reasons you were there a year ago, we were into this, there was an arab spring. the united states tried to help and in this case apparently had more success in yemen with the transition than they did in egypt and in some of these other
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places. what is the status and stability of the yemeni government today as it was a year ago when you were there? >> i would argue it's more stable than it was a year ago. the trouble is, it is a government that has many, many huge problems on its shoulders. it is a very, very poor country with tremendous economic problems, greater even than places like egypt. they are fighting two different civil wars, not including the one with al qaeda, one in the north against shiite militants in the south, against separatists. this is a poor country with a lot of problems. the u.s. would like the yemeni government to pay attention to the one problem that affects the rest of us. that may not be the highest priority for the yemeni government, even with their best intendings. they have got really too much on their plate for such a small and impoverished country. >> richard engel, bob windrem, bobby ghosh, know a lot about this region. thank you all.
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up next, look at president obama as he heads west to tout the housing recovery. it's an issue that dogged this administration since day one. how big of an impact have his policies made in healing the housing market? we'll take it to the gaggle in a few. baseball drops the hammer on rodriguez and others for allegedly using performance enhancing drugs. we'll hear what a-rod is saying about historic suspension and what legends are saying about the stain of steroids. ahead, today's politics planner. as we told you, president goes west, trying to figure out our theme here. he's going home. oh, i get it. my producer says it's home, because the president is talking about home. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. being sixteen, alex thinks he's invincible. his dad knows he's not. that's why dad got allstate accident forgiveness. it starts the day you sign up.
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with members of the gop leadership. why holding feet to the far. lone star rising, the democrat who dared tussle with republicans, ready to make a run for governor. sounding off, what legends of the game are saying about historic suspensions handed down to some of baseball's biggest and highest paid players. but first today's trivia question, which state has had the most female governors? first person to tweet the correct answer to@chuck todd and daily run do you understa "the daily rundown." the answer coming up on "the daily rundown." ♪
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of the day. president obama is on the road again trying to tout the recovery of the u.s. housing market. in just about an hour, the president is headed back to the site of his first presidential address on the issue of housing. it was just weeks after he took the oath the first time. >> in phoenix and its surrounding suburbs, the american dream is being tested by a home mortgage crisis that not only threatens the stability of our economy but also the stability of families and neighborhoods. >> that was the president five and a half years ago. two years ago home prices in the phoenix region were down 60% and banks were foreclosing on 70,000 homes a year. today home prices are up 20% from a year ago but they are till down 40% from their peak in 2006. therein lies the white house conundrum on the economy in general and housing
6:22 am
specifically. things are better but they are not nearly as good as they were. today's event is part of the summer push by the white house to do two things. one, show the country he's focused on the number one issue on their minds, the economy. two, try to get some credit for the recovery from the great recession. but of all aspects of the economy, getting credit on housing is not easy. across the country housing prices are on the rise. but there are some folks who contend, including republicans, the housing recovery is simply happening because home prices bottomed out. the market had nowhere to go but up at some point and it's not a true sign of a full recovery. in phoenix, for example, much of the gains are driven by private investors buying distressed homes in bulk and renting them out for a profit. these same investors use all cash pushing individuals out of the market prompting buyers to warn individual home owners are needed to sustain the growth. during the president's first term aides admitted tack links housing prices was difficult because it wasn't a silver bullet, couldn't order banks to
6:23 am
refinance. trids programs but programs didn't help the folks most at risk. helped on the margins but didn't have the impact the white house hoped for at the time. all this said, what the president is rolling out today specifically calling for reform of the government agencies known as freddie and fannie to include more private capital so taxpayers are more shielded from bailouts on paper, should have a chance of getting some bipartisan support in congress. the speech comes at a time when home ownership is at a 17 1/2 year low. at a town hall president obama was asked about ownership and here is what he had to say. >> frankly, there are some folks who are probably better off renting. what we don't want to do is return to a situation where people are putting no money down and they have very easy payment materials at the front end. then it turns out five years now because they have an adjustable rate mortgage they couldn't afford it and they lose their
6:24 am
home. >> i remember at the time it was a remarkable thing for a president to say people might be better renting than owning a home. that's where the market was just a few years ago. lets bring in our gaggle for tuesday. not bring them back but in for the day. doug, washington bureau chief for "usa today," republican strategist phil musser. good morning to all of you. you were working in government or at the time of this housing crisis. there wasn't an easy legislative solution and it's been a hit or miss issue. >> it was challenging for us. we did take a lot of steps when democrats controlled the congress. we passed a number of bills to deal with the housing crisis. the president did take some executive orders. i think the third thing i would add to what the president is trying to do is contrast what he's doing now with the disorder and kind of dysfunction with republicans in congress. i mean, people are looking at what's happening in washington right now.
6:25 am
they see a transportation bill falling apart. seeing republicans voting 40 times for health care. they don't seem to be attacking about the economy or jobs. the president is out on the road, talking about tax reform, infrastructure, housing. it's a good split screen for him. >> susan, he's got the week to himself. congress left last weekend. he gets this final week. the other thing he's doing tonight is leno. what's interesting about the leno appearance, the first time we hear from the president on the terror plot and on a late night. >> that's a lot. >> i hope we get one this week. >> probably. >> we think we probably could, might. >> it's hard to imagine that the housing proposals he's going to outline today actually become law. it's hard to imagine it gets through congress. it sets the stable, as doug was saying, for a contrast. sets the stage for 2014. i don't think we know what election 2014 will be. trying to make it the best in
6:26 am
history. says it will be a tough time but maybe not the cases given the number of losses they had in 2010. >> the proposal he's making about trying to reform fannie and freddie something that conservatives love to rale against for years. on paper this should be a fairly easy thing for a lot of republicans to buy. >> i'm going to take a bipartisan approach this morning. i served at the previous administration as a senior official of hud. i'll say a couple of things, probably ben bernanke thank you tour. the president should be there thanking ben bernanke for an easy money policy that kept interest rates down. leaving that aside, these are proposals that should get bipartisan support. a debate about the role of private equity versus government backstop is a good debate for congress to have, good proposals in the senate that can get bipartisan support and these reforms could and should happen this fall. the president is probably not as far as republicans on where should the role of the private sector be versus the government.
6:27 am
republicans are probably more on the private side. the president is taking steps in the right direction. he's got a very good housing team. shawn donovan as hud secretary has done good things in this administration. this could be a light compromise we could look for in the fall. >> kumbaya. you read the proposal. when you read the proposal you see it answering a lot of criticisms you had, many on the making of fannie and freddie about bringing private capital back in. >> everyone wants to help middle class families refinance their mortgages. i think to phil's point about fannie and freddie, they have been punching bags for the right for a long time. the president is talking about transitioning to private sector. i would hope that this would get some attention in the house of representatives. >> color me skeptical. >> we'll see. we've got a little bit of breaking news this morning, a health concern having to do with former george w. bush. during his annual physical examination, this came from
6:28 am
president bush's office, during his annual physical exam at the cooper clinic in dallas yesterday, a blockage was discovered in an artery in his heart. at the recommendation of his doctors, president bush has agreed to have a stint placed to open the blockage. the procedure was performed successfully earlier this morning without any complication at the texas health presbyterian hospital. president bush in high spirits, eager to return home tomorrow and resume his normal schedule thursday. he's grateful to the skilled medical professionals who cared for him. he thanks his family, friends, fellow citizens for prayers and well wishes and encourages us all to get our regular checkups. susan, here it is. this is a man, one thing about him, very healthy. >> super fit. >> a very fit life. just a reminder, no matter how much exercise you get -- >> god bless you, mr. president, and speedy recovery. he's an amazing man who has given to others in many ways. he's bald, as we know, keys out out there standing up for
6:29 am
people. i hope he's back in kennebunkport. >> george w. bush. no worries. i assume the well wishers. >> mr. president, back to the ranch. >> by the way, up next jim demint versus gop. we'll talk with the former senator about why now, as head of the powerful heritage foundation, he's focusing so much fire on republicans instead of democrats. still ahead a-rod's defiant response to his 211 game suspension. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc.
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operate on him this morning. they put a stint to open the blockage having to do with one of the arteries in his heart. he's in high spirits. according to his offense he's eager to return home. believe it or not he's going to be able to go home tomorrow and do this. in his statement he thanks family, friends and fellow citizens for prayers and well wishes and encourages all folks to go get these regular checkups. president george w. bush, a very, very fit individual. so a reminder this stuff can be with anybody at any time. we wish him well. the godfather of the tea party may have left the senate but hasn't left politics. a deep dive into former senator jim demint's ongoing campaign and sometimes war with status quo. he left congress in january to head up the heritage foundation, a decades old think tank. under his leadership they are no longer content to talk about policy but instead stepping up
6:34 am
efforts to be active in the political process throughity lobbying arm heritage action. openly campaigned against the farm bill and helped sink it. demint touted giving a path to citizenship. republicans on the receiving end seemed surprised. south carolina conservative worked on the fampl bill. we went into battle thinking we're on our side and find out they are shooting at us. republican center said heritage's action is destroying the foundation. it's become a pac, a political operation. i think they are losing a great opportunity to be a thought leader. the head of heritage action said the group is trying to give people other than the two parties in power. on sunday demint said it's what the country needs. >> are you guys dysfunctional? >> no. this is a debate we need to have, whether nsa or obama care, do we have the courage of convictions. is this a law we think it's
6:35 am
going to hurt our country? >> you'll be hearing a lot more about heritage in the last month or so. this august while lawmakers are on vacation demint will be personally appearing at nine town halls. the focus, the president's health care law. the same issue in 2009 that led to the beginning of the tea party. joining me now, former south carolina governor jim demint, chairman of the heritage foundation center. >> great to be with you. >> do you want to be called senator anymore? >> jim is fine. >> lets start with, i want you to respond to some of this criticism you've received or heritage received from fellow republicans mick mulvaney. >> he's a great guy. i was getting criticism in the senate when we decided we couldn't change the country unless we changed the people in the senate. i got very involved trying to elect some common sense conservatives like pat toomey, marco rubio, rand paul. we've got a great new group in. there's a lot of work left to be
6:36 am
done. one of the things i discovered as i got involved with that, the action is outside of washington. if we're going to change the direction of the country, we have to build a consensus among the people of the right direction to go. that's not going to be expressed in political terms. it's going to be expressed in a way that people understand will make their life better. that's what we want to do at heritage is to build a consensus nationwide of what it is we need to do to avoid being like detroit and be more like texas, in effect. >> lets focus here on health care. you're making this push, doing these town halls. let me ask, do you agree with marco rubio, lee, if you fund any part of the government, you're essentially funding the president's health care plan and that means you're not really opposed to it. is that how you would view supporting of any government? >> no. i think more and more americans know this law is unfair, it's
6:37 am
unaffordable, unworkable, very unpopular. it's going to hurt our country. it's going to hurt people. so if this is not worth fighting for, what is? i think ted cruz, marco rubio are doing it right thing to go out and tell the country we need your help to stop this law. it's maybe our last chance to stop it because millions of people are going to be signed up over the last few months. >> i guess i would ask you, when does -- when do you say, okay, the president won re-election. the supreme court said it's constitutional. there has been there argument about the supreme court upheld the constitutionality of it. when do you say it's the law of the land, i don't like it, maybe i start pushing for reforms from the inside and tweaking the legislature? >> i think what has happened is just what nancy pelosi said would happen. we passed it and now we're finding out what's in it. americans don't like it. the president has gone around the law to waive it.
6:38 am
now we see the congress gets exceptions, big unions, big corporation. it's the little guy. it's the young people that are going to get hung with this thing and lose their insurance. i think now we know we've got the majority of americans who are asking congress to stop this thing. so that's what we're doing. these folks need representation and we need to make sure they have it. >> is there a point you say people start signing up, you have to say, well, you can't repeal it. you've got to work inside. do you get to that point? >> a couple of years from now, millions on it. they have lost this health insurance from their companies, it's going to be hard to return it. i was in london a few weeks ago. they talk about the plan -- they have got now the largest employer in the country is the health system, the third largest employer in the world. it's not working well. what we're trying to do is sound the alarm, encourage americans to get engaged and push lawmakers of all parties to stop this thing while we still can. >> let me ask you about some
6:39 am
politics. lindsey graham's re-election. he's got two or three different primary challengers. do you support lindsey graham's re-election. >> in my position at heritage, we don't get involved. >> some parts of heritage gets involve. >> even heritage action which can is not endorsing individuals. they get more involved in grassroots. i think primaries are good for the party. i know when i was in office i hated them. you've got friends against friends. right now republicans don't have a consensus leader. there's a lot of jostling in our party about the right idea to go about things. even though i've got maybe some friends who are now going to face tough primaries, i think it's a good thing and good for the party. >> do you think it's good mitch mcconnell is good for a primary. >> it gives a chance to remind
6:40 am
people what they have done well and the opposition to remind people what they think they haven't done well. >> do you think lindsey graham is a jim demint conservative. >> i don't think he would want to be called a jim demint conservative. we're all different. people will have to decide that for himself. >> is it fair to call him a conservative. >> he can tell you what he is himself. i won't call -- >> you think labels are helpful. >> what i'm trying to do is step outside of partisan labels, liberal, talk about connecting with people. the more we can get away with labors, the more we can communicate with people. >> we'll be watching your town halls this month. >> thanks, chuck. up next, a-rod's 211-game suspension. hear what pioneers of the game are saying. we'll talk to peter gamins, the man who is the godfather of baseball reporting. wendy davis plots her next move.
6:41 am
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day, the man at the center of baseball's biggest scandal in decades was back on the diamond monday night. alex rodriguez played his first game getting one hit in four at-bats despite being suspended from major league baseball through the 2014 season for taking peds, performance enhancing drugs and obstructing investigation into biogenesis anti-aging clinic. a-rod wasn't the only one to get punished. a dozen others got 50 suspensions. they accepted their punishment. a-rod is fighting it. here is what he said after the decision came down.
6:45 am
>> i want to express to you guys and the fans of baseball that the last seven months has been a nightmare. it's been, you know, the probably the worst time of my life. i'm fighting for hi life. i have to defend myself. if i don't defend myself, no one will. >> he did not deny using peds the second time, by the way. we should point out rodriguez is allowed to play until his appeal is heard which my not happen until the season is over. we're talking baseball at the white house monday. it had nothing to do with strads. there was -- steroids. a bunch of negro league baseball players that came for a meeting with the president. i got to sit down with them. they played in the '40s stand '50s. minoso was the only man to play professionally in seven different decades. when he was 53 he was one of the
6:46 am
only major league players to get a hit in a big league game. i got to sit down after they met with the president to talk about that experience and also talk about a-rod. >> a beautiful thing. might not express how you feel about it. you know how you feel. but express it how? >> made a comment about, you know, there was no negro league, there was no jackie robinson and the importance. i echo what he said. i'm very happy he took time from his busy schedule to have us here and recognize the importance of what negro league has been or is. >> tell me your impression about what's going on with the steroid. first of all, what did they call a performance enhancing drug in your day, coffee? >> before not make enough to buy maybe one bottle of dom
6:47 am
perignon. i remember they used to be tough. people smoking marijuana. never in my life have nothing in my life. never get drunk in my life. not even smoking. before all we had on my mind, i have to play tomorrow and i don't do anything before this game. >> i coached high school baseball for 20 years. i hate to think that any of my players would have had to enhance their skills that way, because we all know that those peds, performance enhancing drugs, are going to hurt you layer in life. it's going to hurt you physically and also mentally. i think that these players did a lot of harm by trying to take shortcuts. >> i'm thinking if you're going to mostly get stronger.
6:48 am
this game is not -- if it was like that, then everybody who lifts weights would be in the big leagues. >> do you think baseball should be doing what they are doing being tough on this? >> yes. if you don't be tough right now, have to be tough -- >> is the punishment of a-rod appropriate by baseball? >> i really do. he's kind of suffered from that. i wonder if he can return to baseball after that layoff. >> we know there was a steroids period, 1989 to say 2007, right? what do you do with these players? >> i wouldn't put them in. >> put them in? >> i won't keep them out. >> you wouldn't put them in? >> no. >> bonds, clemens. >> i wouldn't either. no way. >> joining me now by phone mlb baseball's peter gammons.
6:49 am
what i found interesting talking to negro league players and also modern players, if there's one sea change it's that players are more outspoken about what's going on. >> absolutely, chuck. if you go, not following relationship between major league baseball and players' association for a long time, going back to marvin biller, roberts found him, what they had to battle through against baseball ownership. i understand that. became such a lightning rod in the late '90s, early part of this century. the union which was very much based in the national labor relations board fought ideas of any testing whatsoever. what's happened is -- i don't know how much the union is going to be ruptured, but the sea change is players have risen and
6:50 am
said the union hurt us in many ways because it had an uneven playing field. we want it leveled. they have been so outspoken. michael weiner running the has responded very strongly with them. a-rod is a little different case because there is that feeling that maybe bud selig went overboard on rodriguez but that is to be determined probably in november. but the players really want it and i would say, you know, jonny gomes of the red sox made a joke about i hope my union dues aren't going out. >> that jumped out at me. big picture here. quickly. is this the period -- i sort of am weirdly optimistic. i feel like yesterday was cathartic. you're a baseball guy. do you feel that way? >> absolutely. i heard this from a lot of players yesterday was that it's not just about testing.
6:51 am
i mean, you can mask most anything. but now that the major league baseball has kind of gotten into csi, the investigative units, they can go wherever the next place is, whether it's phoenix or san diego or who knows. missoula, montana. they will go after them and they have much better chance of catching and stopping it and i really believe it is for the integrity of the game. i mean, i had a player from the rays ask me, well, if nelson cruz doesn't hit over .400 with three homers in our five-game series in the series in 2010, don't we have a pretty good chance to win? the same question was raised by somebody from the angels who said if alex rodriguez doesn't have a 1500 ops in the alcs in 2009, do we end up winning? if the results sometimes are held into question i know it's about a third cousin of the
6:52 am
black sox scandal but that is something that no sport can tolerate, the question whether or not the results are legitimate. >> matt kemp looking for his mvp trophy from two years ago from ryan braun. peter gammons, thanks for jing joining me on the phone. >> here is our question of the day. congratulations to today' winner jeremy hooper. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] if you've run out of tissues and considered other things...
6:53 am
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yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands?
6:55 am
let's bring back the gaggle. wendy davis the darling of the texas democrats was in washington, d.c. yesterday and asked point blank whether she
6:56 am
would run for governor, u.s. senate, state senate and she eliminated the u.s. senate. >> i wish she would reconsider because cornyn, only $5 million. greg abbott has $20 million in the bank. i wish she would reconsider the senate. >> unbeatable but you don't call a race unbeatable until you run. i say no guts, no glor. women should take on risky things. they are doing it in kentucky. why not? >> a lot of women running. >> this is a tough race for her the tea leaves i read from her -- she is proible going this is tough. >> thinks like she is thinking about re-election. >> my friend announcing in new york's 21st district 29-year-old female taking on incumbent bill owens. >> first trip i took to 1q0e9 john palmer was covering for nbc. such a nice guy. loved his job.
6:57 am
memorial service on saturday. >> senate seat there in georgia i think it's a race to watch. >> women will decide whether the democrats keep control of the u.s. senate. that's it for "the daily rundown." chris janssizing next. bye-bye. i'm meteorologist bill karins. temperatures in texas continue to be hot. flooding concerns to the north of there in kansas and missouri. then it's almost chilly once again areas of the great lakes to the northeast. we are going to see scattered storms in many spots today but we shouldn't see too many horrible airport delays. the west remains dry. have a great day. [ female announcer ] it's simple physics...
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good morning. i'm chris jansing. the terror threat isn't debating. and right now, the state department is getting nonemergency personnel out of yemen. we are not sure how many people were told to leave because of the increased threat from al qaeda but we do know this morning u.s. air force transport planes are headed back to the united states carrying nonextension prime minister. we know a suspected u.s. drone strike killed four al qaeda in yemen today but not clear if that has any connection what is going on now. this morning we are learning where the terror threat came from. the intercepted chatter that close 19 u.s. embassies and


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