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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  August 7, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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if you would -- >> i am popping apparently out of my dress. >> twitter is so much more dynamic than facebook. it's an interesting conversation all the time. >> i learned that rick perry is -- having a gps implanted in his nose. >> if it's way too early, what time is it? >> it's time for "morning joe." aren't you going to talk about your pants? >> no. >> all right, it's time for "the daily rundown" with chuck todd. overnight on the terror threats in the wake of u.s. evacuations. yemen's leaders say they have stopped an al qaeda plot. and president obama sits down with jay leno to offer his thoughts. meanwhile, in new hampshire, mitt romney had some tough talk for republicans that are
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shouting for a shutdown. he tells granite staters they should line up between one or two candidates who can actually win. in today's deep dive, meet the new leader of iran. no fan of his predecessor. after a glimer of hope, now it sounds like it might be more familiar rhetoric. we'll go live to tehran for more. >> it's august 7, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." >> thank you to lexi from lexington north carolina for sending that to us. send in your morning greeting and get on television. now my first reads of the morning. yemen says it's foiled an al qaeda plot to blow up oil pipelines. the claim just after the president in his first public comments on the al qaeda threat that has locked down nearly 20 diplomatic posts around the world defended the magnitude of
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the u.s. response when he sat down with jay leno on "the tonight show." >> it's significant enough that we're taking every precaution. it's a reminder that for all the progress we've made getting bin laden, putting al qaeda between afghanistan and pakistan back on its heels that, you know, this radical, you know, violent extremism is still out there. >> intelligence analysts have been telling nbc news that although an order from al qaeda's leader ayman al zawahiri to the leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula to carry out an attack is not rue deep, over the past decade, al qaeda leadership has pretty regularly tried to direct action with aqap. left a statement that there are al qaeda teams on the verge of attack out of those places more out of an abundance of caution
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particularly after benghazi, given the poor security arrangements at those facilities. the same intelligence analysts tell nbc the threats to embassies in sanaa are almost common. though it does speak volumes about the growing strength of the affiliate. would not say whether the u.s. learned of the threat from the now controversial surveil's programs but he did weigh in on russia's decision. >> i was disappointed. even though we don't have an extradition treaty with them, traditionally we have tried to respect if there's a law breaker or an alleged law breaker in their country. they still help us on supplying our troops in afghanistan. they're still helping us on counterterrorism work. they were helpful after the boston bombing. but there have been times where they flip back into cold war thinking and a cold war mentality.
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>> but the president insisted he'll attend the g-20 economic summit in st. petersburg, russia, in september. we learned he's now officially canceled plans to meet with putin in moscow. that was supposed to take place about a day before the st. peter'sburg meeting of the g-20. kerry and hagel will meet with their counterparts in an attempt to iron out the differences ahead of the president's trip. the president joked about his blooming bromance with arizona senator john mccain. >> you two had a lover's quarrel for a while and now you're best friends? >> that's how a classic romantic comedy goes, right? initially you're not getting along and then you keep on bumping into each other. he deserves credit for being somebody who's willing to go against the grain of his own party sometimes. it's not good for me to compliment him on television.
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>> actually, the president asks john mccain and lindsey graham to go to egypt sort of on his behalf in this case. in egypt tuesday, mccain called the ouster of president morsi a coup. it's a word the white house has carefully avoided. and warned of all-out bloodshed. >> i think that both sides realize they're in a bad spot. in other words, the muslim brotherhood has been overthrown. the military's got to realize that the time of militaries running countries is over. the arab spring changed the world and this region. so i think there is motivation on both sides to try to negotiate out of what could be a tremendous bloodletting. >> but today egypt's interim president declared diplomacy failed. saying in a statement, quote, these efforts did not achieve the success that was hoped for in calling the senator's message
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unacceptable interference in internal politics. joining me from cairo is nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel. and also our guest is a terrorism analyst at flash point global partners. richard, on egypt, you sat down with john mccain. we now have that news overnight. this was an attempt, a fairly public attempt, by the obama administration to try to do something here. is it a total failure? >> well, if the idea was to bring the muslim brotherhood and the government to some sort of agreement to avoid a flash point, then yes, it appears to have been a failure. in fact, the egyptian government, the one that is backed by the military that threw the muslim brotherhood out of power has just announced today that mediation talkings have not succeeded and they are not happy with the shuttle diplomacy by graham and mccain. they think it is interference
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from the white house. the expectation here is there could be some sort of confrontation. perhaps some violent street confrontations. we are now entering an intense period of holidays. today's most likely the last day of ramadan. it depends on the cycle of the moon. if today's the last day of ramadan, tomorrow begins the eid holiday and that's what people are discussing. will the confrontation between the muslim brotherhood and the military start during the eid holiday or after? it is a matter here at least of when, not if. >> rimchard, do you get the sene mccain and graham were also there to tell the interim government and warn them that, you know, u.s. aid is not automatic anymore? >> they didn't want to go that far. i asked senator mccain that. he said this is not the right time for that kind of action. but he didn't say that that kind of action was always
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unacceptable. i think they were here trying to warn or advise the government that they don't want to see confrontation in egypt. they don't want to see egypt. they're worried it alienates the muslim brotherhood. which had several million supporters. after all, it did win the last election. there's a lot of debate about how much true support they have. in order to have an armed group that is radical, that goes underground, you don't need that many people. i think the senators were here on a shuttle mission not so much warn but mostly advise the military this could get very ugly and the egyptianses should avoid that and the u.s. has a stake in this. >> evan, want to switch gears to the terror threat. we've seen the administration on one hand, they obviously decided to shut down a lot of diplomatic missions in the middle east. issued that global warning.
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and now talking with, you know, a lot of people in your world, intelligence analysts, looking at the broad picture here. did the administration -- were they overly cautious in the warnings that they issued? >> look, it was out of an abundance of caution. i think right now, if something terrible happened in a u.s. diplomatic facility abroad, we would be asking ours, why there wasn't more security. the same questions being asked about benghazi. to be fair, given the criticism that followed benghazi, i don't think the administration had much of a choice. given the specificity of the information, they really didn't know what the target really was. if the information developing told is accurate, that target is a serious target. looking to go after pipelines and oil refineries and an oil port in yemen. looking for a strategic target where they could cause a lot of damage with a very small amount of resources. so based on that, look, out of an abundance of caution, was
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probably prudent. >> let's look at ways been developing. there are various reports bbc has one, we know there's another wire report out there, that all of the targeting was in yemen. we've heard the yemeni government say they believed they stopped this. do you believe the drone strikes from last week the u.s. was doing was also part of trying to stop this plot? >> yeah, well, not just the strikes from last week, there was a drone strike this morning before dawn in the same region the drone strikes were last week traveling two vehicles traveling. both vehiclings were destroyed. clearly they were going after a target. i think the answer is there's active efforts by the united states government to try to track down individuals in yemen who are part of this plot or who are threats to u.s. personnel and to remove them. those are actions that i think are ongoing right at this moment. >> richard, the status of aqap, it's been, on would be hand,
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talked about as this absolute most operational affiliate of al qaeda. they've issued a lot of threats. at the same time, are they in a weaker position today than they have been in the last couple of years? >> in the last couple of years, perhaps. there was a time they controlled real territory in yemen and operated like a de facto government in parts of the country. they didn't do a particularly good job. they were thrown out by an offensive led by the yemeni military that was also backed by saudi arabia, also backed by the united states. they do operate quite openly in the country. this is not a group that hides in caves and plots attacks and does this, you know, behind the anonymity of computers. they move around in convoys. convoys that are sometimes attacked by drones. they have heavy weapons. this is a group that is quite a powerful force in yemen. we just talked to people a short while ago in sanaa.
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they describe massive security presence on the streets. they say they are observation planes over the old city of yemen. some foreigners, the ones who are still in the city, are largely staying inside their homes. so there is a major crackdown going under way in yemen right now, and i don't think you would see that level of crackdown if it wasn't a serious organization that had a real presence on the ground. >> kevin, is it your sense that the threat, this terror threat, is now subsided? >> i would be very careful about that. i mean, they may have decided to change their timing or the individuals planning this might have been killed in drone strikes. but aqap has proven to be a resilient branch of al qaeda. they've proven to be very determined to strike at strateg being targets and really offset the balance of power in this region. i think we have to be very careful not to underestimate them. this may not be over and may not be the extent of what they had planned. >> richard engel, kevin kohlman,
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instability in the middle east, it seep seems to be a daily st. next, romney's warning to the tea party over the shutdown threat in the fight to repeal the president's health care law. will a new president present new opportunities for the u.s. and iranian relations or is the honeymoon over before it ever began? first, a look ahead at today's politics planner. the president at camp pendleton today. we'll hear from him. giving a speech there on veterans issues. and we've got secretary clinton, look at that, obama and clinton in california together. did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age? [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite
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just short of the one-year anniversary of the benghazi attacks criminal file charges been filed. government officials that ahmed abba hatoli has been charged with playing a significant role in the attack that killed four americans, including u.s. ambassador chris steven. authorities have not said whether he's been arrested yesterday. the move makes him the first person known on it charged in connection with the raid. a half dozen other suspects also face charges. the details are being kept under seal. this morning in cleveland, demolition crews officially tore down the house where ariel castro held three women captive for decades. one of the victims, michelle
6:18 am
knight, was on hand for the demolition and she released balloons in honor of the other missing children and their families. and if it's wednesday, we've got some results. napoleon versus duggen in the race for who will lead detroit out of bankruptcy. wayne county sheriff benny nap pallon and former county executive mike duggen were the only two to net enough votes in the mayoral runoff. what's amazing about duggen is he did it as a write-in and he ended up being the leading vote-getter as a write-in. obviously, he's got to be the heavy favorite there. coming up, new jersey senate candidate, we check in on his uphill challenge against the front-runner corey booker. first, today's trivia question. which presidential election and transition period resulted in the highest number of special senate elections in the last 60
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new heartfuls are made with real bacon... ...and oven-baked to crisp perfection. new heartfuls from beneful baked delights. mitt romney saying a government shutdown over defunding the health care law would be perilous for his party. deciding to jump into what will be a dominant debate this month thanks to rowdy town halls. he told several republican donors at a fund-raiser for the new hampshire republican party, quote, we've got to stay smart, very smart. emotion is understandably at play in washington among some of our fellow republicans. but we need to exercise great care about any talk of shutting down government. i'm afraid in the final analysis, obama care would get its funding, our party will
6:23 am
suffer in the next election and the people of the nation will not be happy. couched his lecture in a hint of self-deprecation, saying this. i know i lost. i'm probably not the first person you ask for advice. i may have a thought or two of value. there's any doubt he wants to have a role as a gop elder statesman, this should put it to rest. his office released a transcript of the speech to the media. meaning he wanted all of us to know what he said. by weighing in, romney has lined up behind his former running mate paul ryan who has also come under fire from some conservatives for comments he made on sunday. >> it's just not that simple and easy. rather than sort of swinging for the fences and trying to take this entire law out, i think there are more effective ways of achieving that goal. >> some conservatives weren't fans of romney's remarks. red state blogger erick erickson
6:24 am
tweeted this. i guess they're right about defunding obama care. romney says they're wrong. now, new ads, urging them to sign on to lee's letter. heritage foundation president, former senator jim demint, he's going on the road to push his idea of repeaing the law this way. something i spoke to him about yesterday. >> i think ted cruz and mike lee, rubio, others, are doing exactly the right thing to go out and tell the country that we need your help to stop this law. this is maybe our last chance to stop it because millions of people are going to be signed up. >> a warning for 2016, quote, my guess is everyone of the contenders would be better than whoever the democrats put up. but there will only be one or perhaps two who actually could win the election in november. think it through. stay smart. he said, only get behind one or two. as the republican party
6:25 am
continues to struggle with its identity, will the first in the nation primary state take romney's advice? our gaggle. former republican governor from maryland. stephanie shrock. and senior congressional reporter for politico, ranu maju. >> the american public hates it -- >> i guess you're going to speak first. >> i'm sorry. it's rude. >> what we're clearly seeing are the august town halls are going to be about this. it's conservative on conservative crime, if you will. these are conservatives targeting republicans. >> it's good dialogue. lousy law. the american public hates it. the young people, particularly young voters, young obama voters. >> the law is not fully implemented. >> the public will hate it once they know -- >> the public will know -- >> the public is always anxious about things they don't know yet. >> paul ryan's views are
6:26 am
correct. be strategic. howard dean was the journalist -- >> you believe about this shutdown, if -- >> it may not be the right strategy but continue to attack it as it's popular, it's overly expensive. >> how do you defend the law? at some point, he does -- the governor's bring up point, that the public is -- has this preconceived notion that they don't like the law or it's not going to work or they think it's not going to work. there's a lot of negative mojo. >> you said this preconceived notion. as soon as you have the conversation about what's in the law, women and families in particular love this thing. i mean, it's the fact that you don't have to be a pre-existing condition, that health care -- >> -- candidates run on it? you know, the big things that happened in 2010 is democrats passed the law and cowered. republicans said, great, we'll run against the law. >> the difference, today it's getting implemented. now there's millions and
6:27 am
millions of women who are having their birth control covered. >> i think either candidate will take this issue as they need to in the state they represent. every state is different. i've got to tell you, i think the individual aspects that are going into effect are incredibly helpful to particular women. thus women and families. you're going to hear more about it. >> the other aspect is what romney -- you know, it seems liker h everybody has an opinio about what strategy to take. you cover congress. the one person we don't hear a lot from is john boehner. he's the guy would has to decide which of these path, to go down. everybody else is trying to make this decision. >> the republican leadership is sort of in a box here. because they hate the law. they want to show that they hate the law. but they know they've done all this show boats -- >> for example, does it work? they've tried this. >> exactly the fight they don't want. all of a sudden, it becomes a test of purity among
6:28 am
republicans. >> to keep government open, you're for the health care law. >> mcconnell is on the defensive on this issue when he's been pushing for repeal since the beginning. so this is a difficult thing for republicans, particularly ones who are facing primary challenges next year. >> it's this atmosphere, i want to bring something up here. rodney alexander, former democratic congressman, switched parties, was a republican, he decided he's not running. the statement he put out was the indictment that they hear all the time whispered in the halls. he said, rather than this, posturing has led to a standstill. i do not think this environment will change any time soon. i've decide d not to seek re-election so that another may put forth ideas to break through
6:29 am
the grid lock. saying that ceiling debacle 2011, i don't see improving any time. >> you're part of the problem. i'm very serious about that. >> the media is. but you know what, for the politicians, the way they play to the partisan -- >> good point. legislatures create more safe seats. you're creating -- >> that is the problem, it's not the media. >> it's gerrymandering. >> nobody talks about this. >> i'm so glad you brought this up. >> it's true, that's the -- >> we have so many seats that are very, very safe republicans and so many very, very safe democrats. the fights are in the primaries which move to the extreme and then we wonder -- but it doesn't reflect the population in this country as a whole. >> is there a member of congress you cover that thinks this place is running swimmingly?
6:30 am
>> even if they think that, they would not voice that. with 11% approval rating. to some extent, that's a bit of a copout. saying the place doesn't work so i'm going to retire. keep in mind, when these guys do this, if you want to do something about it, stay, but there's no doubt this has been one of the most unproductive congresses. this and the last. >> i wish gridlock with respect to obama care -- >> when the economy's going well, gridlock's fine, right? you guys are going to be coming back, i promise. but coming up, we're going to look at the new supposedly moderate leader that has taken control in iran. we say supposedly because we're getting some strange back and forth now. he's promising a new relationship with the world but is the honeymoon already over? coming up, the deep dive into why hassan rouhani's presidency could end up being more of just the same. later, bill clinton ducks the weiner question. hear how the former president puts some distance between
6:31 am
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the honeymoon may be over already. if it ever began. after expressing cautious optimism about a new day for u.s./iran relations, rhetoric from both sides is taking on a very familiar tone. today, a deep dive into the man at the center of all this. it's the new iranian president, hassan rouhani. surprised washington, tehran and rest of the world when he cruised to victory. picking up more votes than all five of the hard-liner candidates put together. keep in mind, the moderate label is relative, particularly in iran. the cleric was a revolutionary who spoke out in favor of ayatollah khomeini in the '70s. he joined the government after the revolution.
6:35 am
he served as the nation's deputy commander during the iran/iraq war. he was also national security adviser under two presidents and the top nuclear negotiator. rue rouhani had been a local ally to the ayatollah. he warned the u.s. against a secret agenda. white house said it wants a peaceful solution but insisted iran engage seriously. in other word, while the faces may have changed, the talk still sounds the same. joining me now by phone, nbc news tehran bureau chief ali arusi. we may get our camera shot back up. always tough when we're broadcasting out of tehran. here we are, maybe his presiden presidency's now 72 hours old, and already it seems what seemed like a promising potential start between seeing something worked out here or the start of what could be progress in talks,
6:36 am
we're suddenly ratcheting things back. what's going on? >> he's being very cautious in his term. does not speak off the cuff like his predecessor. in his press conference, he would absorb every question before answering it and he was very careful in his answers. he talked about the relationship with the u.s. being important. but he was very critical of the united states. he says the united states keeps sending dual messages to iran. saying it would be a willing partner to iran if it was willing to engage. then he said the house of representatives had a new set of sanctions on iran. what they say and what they do differ. he was always adamant he was open to substantive and -- with the u.s. he said the u.s. is the main power in the world and if we're going to make a deal, we have to make it with them.
6:37 am
since taking on the presidency, he said he's been very kuscauti. he doesn't want to give any false hope. he also says there's work in iran. they don't have a very good relationship with the u.s. so things could backfire very quickly. he doesn't want to put himself in an awkward position. he is a diplomatic sheikh so he really does think about every word he says very, very carefully. >> i want to stop you there because for somebody who's known for picking his words very carefully, to be quoted, as he said, about israel, when he made this remark, was quoted by the student news agency, said, quote, the zionist regime is a wound that needs to be removed. that sounded more like the type of rhetoric you would have heard from ahmadinejad and supposedly was not going to be rhetoric you were going to hear from rue
6:38 am
hani. what more can you tell more about that remark? >> he was misquoted by the news agency. and from other news outlets who picked it up. we were able to watch the video of him at the jerusalem day parade, an annual parade here in iran in support of palestine. his exact quote was the israeli occupation of palestine has been a wound on the muslim world. it's quite interesting that some hard-line iranian outlets would want to run with the different story to possibly paint him in a different light. i'm not for a moment suggesting that he has any fondness or anything for israel because that's not within the parameters of the islamic republic. but what he was talking about was the israeli occupation has been a wound on the muslim world. so he was quite careful about what he said there. also, in his press conference yesterday, he kept alluding to a
6:39 am
foreign country that was influencing america, that was influencing congress and the american people. obviously he was talking about israel but he never mentioned them by name. which is quite different from what we've heard before. ahmadinejad referred to israel as the cancerous tumor that has to be removed. he avoided this kind of language. >> i saw you were questioning the new president yesterday. as always, thank you, sir. turns up the heat on corey booker but is it too little too late? we'll check in on the new jersey senate hopeful with just days to go. first, time for a little white house soup of the day. tom yum goong. east asian soup. we'll be right back. [ whispering ] uh! i had a nightmare!
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well, the bicoastal mayoral embarrassments ten for democrats today as an 11th woman steps forward to accuse san diego mare bob filner of sexual harassment. as anthony weiner suffered another blow to his campaign as former president clinton be who officiated at weiner's wedding declined to endorse him. >> neither hillary, nor i, was ever involved in the political campaign. they understood that from the beginning. there are too many people running for mayor who have been my supporters, supported her for senator, supported her for president. everyone understands we're not going to be involved as long as our personal friends and people with whom we feel only tatiblig are involved. so the feelings i have are all person and since they are, i shouldn't talk about them. >> interesting. let's bring back our gaggle.
6:44 am
stephanie, got to start with you. you run an organization that's trying to get more women in elective office. these two men are frankly looking -- they're staying on the democratic party right now, are they not? weiner and filner? >> and with the focus of getting democratic women elected. one of the things i want to highlight here is the republicans have been trying to twist that it's about the messengers here. and we still have a case and it is a credible case that we saw successful in 2012. which is the war on women. it is being waged on the republican party because of their policies. this is not about -- >> no party has cornered the -- >> -- and that's what this -- >> how important is it for the democratic party to get filner out, for instance? he doesn't seem to want to go. even though the local leader of the party is try to get a recall. >> i think ultimately the voters will have to decide. because it is awful. what he has done.
6:45 am
and the voters are going to decide in new york city as well. it is awful what he has done. >> you know, what i'm try to figure out, how did this guy serve 20 years in congress? i mean, a guy who's 70 years old doesn't just this behavior at 70. it's amazing to me we haven't heard more reports. >> i guess bill clinton's behavior wasn't a big deal. i guess democrats don't want this at all. they're trying to make the point that this is about the policy, not the messenger. it is giving republicans clear opportunity to point out the deficiencies and the democratic message. you know, this is something they want. >> this is a democratic message. they're try to highlight the activity of a couple bad apples. >> there's no doubt they want these guys to go away. >> for every filner, there's a vitter. that's right. >> the whole women's thing with bill clinton, i'll never understood. you'll have to give me a seminar
6:46 am
on that. >> it's all about letting the voters decide. we're back to the policy. you've got a republican party right now that is opposed to equal pay, tearing apart health care on women. >> this tv ad to take the birth control pills away -- >> effective with running against the -- >> and the male gender gap, so both parties have their issues. >> is this something -- what should we do to work on this? >> since candidates all say stupid things on the stump, because it lends to narrative which you take and run in commercials very effectively. >> especially when a candidate like todd aiken says something on the stump but also co-sponsors a bill to redefine race. >> bill clinton always does race
6:47 am
questions about how serious -- >> and careful what he said. he's not stupid. >> anything republicans can do to make bill clinton look bad, they will do. so they can hurt his image, that will help them in 2014. >> i'll have rush hot coming in, talking to him about his bid, see if he can catch up to corey booker. trivia, question asked, which presidential election and transition period resulted in the highest number of special senate elections in the past 60 years? the answer was 2008. you had colorado, delaware, illinois, and new york. congratulations to today's winner, fish hawk frank. if you had a fish hawk frank handle, you'd have a better chance. i like that, fish hawk. send your trivia questions to daily
6:48 am
we'll be right back. geoff: i'm the kind of guy who doesn't like being sold to. the last thing i want is to feel like someone is giving me a sales pitch, especially when it comes to my investments. you want a broker you can trust. a lot of guys at the other firms seemed more focused on selling than their clients. that's why i stopped working at my old brokerage and became a financial consultant with charles schwab. avo: what kind of financial consultant are you looking for? talk to us today.
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for once we have got political news out of new jersey that has nothing to do with chris christie. well, maybe. next tuesday's primary day in the garden state. that's right. the winners advance to an october special election to determine who replaces the late senator frank lautenberg so nothing like an august primary where voters might or might not show up at the jersey shore. booker has a huge lead. 54% of the vote. frank pallone is second and holt at third and oliver at 5% is sheila oliver. each tried to find an issue that would add some momentum to their campaign for congressman hotel it's the debate over privacy.
6:52 am
last month he introduced legislation to repeal the patriot act the legal basis for some of the nsa's intelligence programs. >> it's not simply unconstitutional. it changes the relationship between a citizen and the citizen's government. if the government regards people as suspect first and citizens second that changes the structure of our nature and reason for being. >> new jersey senate candidate democratic congressman holt joins me now. >> good to be with you. >> let's start with the issue itself. we heard last night president obama defend the program. he said he is skeptical of it too, but when you see the program, he swears that privacy isn't being violated. is that enough for you? >> it's not enough. really since 2005 when i was on the intelligence committee, i've been warning quite vocally about
6:53 am
the damage that is being done not only in the authorized activities under the bills, but the way they are being used outside the authorization. the bills have -- the laws have given the nsa kind of encouragement to go way beyond where they should go and this vacuum cleaner wholesale collection on all americans doesn't make us safer and as you heard in the clip from the debate the other night, i think it changes the very relationship between the citizen and the government. >> it seemed that was an issue many of you guys actually fairly were close in agreement upon. i got to ask you, you know, this polling and i know there is other polling out that indicates the same. a big gap for you to make up in six days against cory booker. are we missing something or is this too hard to overcome? >> you did make reference to it a moment ago that this is a mid august primary and we have never had it before and the only election on the ballot.
6:54 am
>> who knows who comes, right? >> yeah. so i'm working hard. i've got a great organization. i've been talking about the issues and that is one of the differences. you say there wasn't much difference. well, yeah, the other candidates, whenever i talk about universal single payer health care or breaking up the banks and zero percent interest or nearly that for student loans, or stopping warrantless spying on americans, they will say, me, too, we are progressive too but they downtown signed like it. i'm the one that actually has a progressive word and made this campaign about progressive issues. >> if you doned succeed -- >> a good organization, i think we can do it. >> if you don't succeed in this round, there is another election next year. could you end up running again against then a sitting senator cory booker when you would have more time? >> i've generally said that the winner of this primary is likely to be a new jersey senator for years to come.
6:55 am
that's why i'm putting the emphasis on identifying my supporters and turning them out to vote. that's, you know, old-fashioned politics. >> yep. all right. rush holt, democratic candidate, congressman rush holt, five-time "jeopardy" champion what we like saying about you, thanks for being on. >> looks like he is going to win it. >> something about booker tells me if he gets there, that he is not going to play well with others, democrat or republican, that he is going to be -- we are calling him a disrupter. he will ab disruptive force. >> look at the way he got into the race. frank lautenberg was still alive he said he would not get out of the race and cory booker said he was and that upset a lot of democrats. >> the way some feel about ted cruz in the senate i feel you'll hear old bulls whisper. they are social media guys.
6:56 am
>> by the way, pretty good answer. turnout. >> no good answer. >> shameless plugs. speaking of good answers. give me one. >> new book coming out. thanksgiving. >> speaking in the third person. >> i am. bob dole. >> like bob dole! >> emily's first ever madam ever president des moines, iowa. come on down! >> does this mean claire? her first visit to iowa as a presidential candidate? >> check it out on friday! >> maggie haberman has a good story about chris christie. >> somehow i feel like he'll find a way. he'll find a way. that's it for this edition of "the daily chris jansing is next. bye-bye. i'm meteorologist bill
6:57 am
karins with your business travel forecast. attention is on the heavy rain and the flash flooding threat through kansas and missouri the next 24 to 36 hours. this is a travel trouble spot especially as we go throughout the next two days. still very hot in texas. we will have scattered storms in the east but i think only minor concerns and minor delays at the airports. have a great day. being sixteen, alex thinks he's invincible.
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7:00 am
and russia may be heading for the deep freeze. president obama has officially canceled his one-on-one meeting with vladimir putin. the president will attend the g-20 meeting in st. petersburg in september. here is what the president said about the relationship are russia last night before this news broke. >> so there is still a lot of business that we can do with them, but there have been times where they slip back in the cold war thinking and a cold war mentality and what i consistently say to them and what i say to president putin is that's the past and, you know, we have got to think about the future. >> i want to bring in "the new york times" politics reporter jeremy peterer answer loy business mono. let me read the white house statement just came


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