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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 7, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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face-to-face meeting with russian president vladimir putin scheduled to take place next month at the g-20 in st. petersburg and move comes after russian authorities granted temporary asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. it comes this after the president said this last noit in an interview with jay leno. >> i was disappointed because, you know, even though with we don't have an extradition treaty with them. they still help us on supplying our troops in afghanistan and still helping us on counterterrorism work and they were helpful after the boston bombing but there have been times where they slip back in the cold war thinking and a cold war mentality. >> kristen welker joining me from the white house. some people would interpret this as a diplomatic snub in advance
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or is this to get putin's attention and maybe things will reverse course by the time the g-20 happens in september? >> reporter: no doubt, thomas, this is a diplomatic snub but white house official say, look. there are other areas of agreement where they can work with russian president putin like afghanistan, for example. this is a diplomatic snub to be sure. the white house has been considering this for quite some time, ever since the snowden issue popped up when they learned last week that russia would grant temporary asylum to edward snowden it seemed like a foregone conclusion the president would cancel his meeting with putin. now, of course, we learn today that is in fact, the case. white house officials telling me that senior administration officials not president reached out to russia to let them know about this ultimate decision. i'm being told at the white house this is part of a broader tension that exists between the two countries right now. in other words, snowden was one
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part of this puzzle. that is reflected in the statement the white house relieved. it says, quote, given our lack of progress on issues such as missile defense and arms control and gobel security issues and human rights and civil society the last 12 months bev informed the russian government more constructive to postpone the summit until we have more shared results from our agenda. other issues that led to these tensions including syria. the white house has accused putin to prop up the assad regime and issue of russian adoptions last year. russia banned u.s. adoptions of russian children. moving forward, the white house says, look. this doesn't necessarily mean a deterioration. having said that, it is a stumbling blocks and russian officials calling it a disappointment at this hour. >> kristen, thanks so much. more developing news. word of a terror plot foiled in
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nepal. official there stopped oil and gas facilities taken over in that country. government personnel had to be evacuated at dawn yesterday from there. intelligence officials say they intercepted communications between two al qaeda leaders and president obama spoke of the global response last night on "the tonight show." >> it's significant enough that we're taking every precaution. it's a reminder that for all of the progress we have made getting bin laden, putting afghanistan and pakistan back on its heels that this radical violent extremism is still out there. >> word of this new foiled plot broke hours after the u.s. government announce the defendant had filed the first criminal charges in the investigation into last year's
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deadly attack on american diplomats. what more can you tell us about the yemeni plot that was spoiled? >> yemeni government sources are saying they are taking responsibilities for foiling this plot that was taking place or scheduled to take place in the southern part of the country involving two major cities and attack on oil installations from which a large part of yemen's oil experts flow out of. according to the report some parts were trying to take over provinces in an attempt to show it has taken control a part of the country perhaps in areas where the yemeni government has not been strong in the past. according to yemeni government the attack was foiled and they were able to prevent some of from happening. the question on everybody's mind is whether or not this attack was the attack that the united states government had intercepted communication related to or whether or not
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this is simply one of many attacks. the yemeni government in the past has maintained a strong campaign fighting al qaeda with counterterrorism support from the u.s. but in addition it has come under attack in areas where it has been very oil rich like the provinces in the southern part of the country. so it's not yet clear as to whether or not this is related to the current ongoing crisis or security concern but without a doubt the yemeni government today saying it was able to disrupt a major al qaeda plot in the southern part of the country. >> i want to bring in the conversation evan coleman. great to see you. you hear the reporting coming from amman there. the fact that yemeni officials foiled this al qaeda plot. is there a new effort by yemeni official to take on the responsibility, the government responsibility to crack down on what is a problem with terrorists, al qaeda terrorists in yemen? >> we hope so. the past few years serious challenges to yemeni government
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authority. al qaeda was known to take over large parts of regions of yemen and able to seize populated areas. it took a coordinated assault to get rid of them. i think they are still in a position if they did it right they might be able to seize an entire port or oil pipeline or refinery and cause strategic damage and do something that is of greater significant than blowing up a building. >> chuck schumer talked this morning about the efforts against al qaeda. take a listen. >> al qaeda in iraq and afghanistan has been decimated largely by the drones and now we are focusing that attention on yemen which is al qaeda arabian benz la who did this. give us time and they will be decimated as well. >> al qaeda and yemen
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responsible for the "uss coal" bombing. hits a head scratcher why yemen is a place where where that type of cancer can grow for lked. >> first the reality is, yes, we have decimate the leadership of al qaeda and very specifically in yemen. two of their most senior leaders, these two were killed in drone strikes. we have seen a number of different al qaeda leaders go down in a different part of the region and saw drone strikes this week and last week. the problem is aqap tends to be resilient. an organization that started in saudi arabia it got wiped out there. it crossed the board into yemen and thrived there. i think the problem is as long
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as yemen is basically a failed state, as long as there is not a strong central government and a military capable of dealing with that kind of threat there will be an al qaeda threat there for years to come. >> right they can persist as we have been witnessing the embassy close, 19. american workers there, about a hundred were evacuated out of there. obviously, that is not a glowing indication of the fact they are saving working there. >> yemenis have said, look, you can't just cut and run any time a threat from al qaeda because in some ways that is giving them exactly what they want. >> right. >> what are they trying to do here? their goal is to try to square the u.s. out of the middle east, terrify u.s. diplomats and others out of the region and in a sense they achieve that by this. i think we have to be careful about that certainly we want to protect our interests and don't leave open targets.
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at the same time, we have to recognize that the purpose of these attacks is to intimidate us and to intimidate yemeni and the government there by see accumula succumbing to that intimidation. at least we hand al qaeda at least somewhat of a victory. >> is it better to be safe than sorry? >> i think ultimately look what happened to ben ghazi and the political fallout from ben ghazi. we didn't really have a choice here. >> evan, great to see you. the latest on the first criminal charges filed in the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in ben ghazi, libya. two people charged including a prominent militia leader believed to be at the consulate during the the attack last september. four americans were killed. joining me is pete williams. what more can you tell us about the investigation and the charges specifically had.
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>> reporter: privately, we have been told charges have been filed in the u.s. in connection with these attacks. we don't know how many but several charges. the most prominent is the leader of a radical islamic group in libya called ansar al siree. witnesses say he was seen at the consulate. he said public in interviews he came there after the attack was over but other witnesses have said they saw him there during the attack. we don't believe he is under arrest. any arrest to happen in libya where it had to be the libyan
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authorities who do it but it's not like he's in an area that is easily accomplished. the second challenge if he is arrested the u.s. want him brought to the u.s. to stand trial and that will undoubtedly start another discussion or another debate with republicans in congress who say people like him should be at least treated as enemy combatants if not charged entirely in the military justice system. i want them to know they can have strength and hope. >> showing they are incredible strength. michelle knight is there at the home where she was held captive is reduced to rubble. john yang will bring us live reaction from that neighborhood ahead. the rnc reince priebus gets a little backing. we will tell you who is
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clock is ticking as the rnc stands firm in its threat not to cooperate with nbc and cnn for primary debates if they don't scrap plans for hillary clinton biopicks. they have until august 14th to cancel their plans. >> they are promoting hillary clinton and they are going to spend millions of dollars doing it. i think we have responsibility as a party to make the choice as to who our debate partners are. >> now priebus is getting
8:16 am
unexpected backing from david brock. letters to nbc and cnn, brock writes given this could coincide with a potential clinton presidential campaign the timing raising too many questions ahead of the twix election. in a statement nbc news says it is independent of nbc entertainment and has no involvement in this project. cnn says instead of making premature decisions the rnc should, quote, reserve judgment. let's bring in michael steele who san msnbc political analyst and former dnc chair and former pennsylvania government and nbc news political analyst, ed rendell. let's show everybody what maureen dowd's column today in "the new york times" is staying about all this. she writes the following.
8:17 am
michael, let's get on the record. here hillary clinton hasn't decided a thing to run or not to run. so is this just making her seem more important in everybody else's minds? >> no. hillary clinton is important because of the role she played as u.s. senator and secretary of state. she is a prominent political figure who is on the cusp of the 2016 presidential race. so there's a lot of energy behind that. >> is she important enough to have a biopick made about her then? >> apparently cnn and nbc believe that she is. so they are doing it. i mean, they are doing the production and writing the scripts. i think -- i think that the rnc is smart to make a preemptive shot across the bow and say we have a hard enough time cutting through the den of bias and political noise to do this setup, you know, going into this race, this is going to be an important open seat for the presidency to sort of focus so
8:18 am
much on one candidate, not one but two biopicks last docudramas is a little bit much and i think they are smart to put that point out there. >> governor, what do you think that at least these projects they raise too much about fairness and conflicts of interest? >> i think both he, maureen dowd and michael, i love, are make ago mountain out of a mole hill. the only thing you're doing it might have triple the audience it might have been in in the first place. don't insult the intelligence of voters. no one will look at what they know is an entertainment vehicle. and three years before an election say i'm going to vote for hillary clinton in 2016 if she runs because of this. if you take this to the extent, "time" magazine had chris christie on the cover. should marco rubio and ted cruz say that is unfair to us?
8:19 am
hillary clinton and joe biden weigh in and say you didn't do a cover story about us. it's allowed russ. rein -- ludicrous. they are now threatening to shut the government down is what priebus should be skeng trating on. >> they came out with ideas about the rnc and autopsy report of 2012. in that autopsy, priebus says he wants to limit the number of debates in 2016. the republican candidates advma themselves look bad in debates. this is buying him cover, isn't it? >> no. the number of debates doesn't stop stupid coming out of your mouth. you can just have one debate and have that happen. >> doesn't this limit the chances statistically greatly by having less debates? >> yeah. that may be. the fact of the mat is, you know, we have been talking in my
8:20 am
last year in office about moving the convention up out from late august into earlier in the process to having a fix the number of debates that would be sponsored and conducted with the rnc partnership with the media. and made that somewhere between six and eight debates over the course of the primary cycle. this is part of the party's conversation for some time. they are just putting into effect. it's not trying to short-circuit the process. it's trying to get to the nominee as quickly as possible to get through it. >> isn't that a protection of the nominee that has the most money and it doesn't allow for other candidates, maybe like a ted cruz or rand paul who may not have the rnc's backing? >> you're assuming they won't have the money. i suspect if those gentlemen get in the race they will be able to raise the funds as all of them will. i don't see anyone with a purse of a mitt romney jumping into this race at this point. that may happen, but as we saw
8:21 am
in 2012, this wasn't a monday campaign. this wasn't about the money. it was about the messages that did or undid the candidates in the long run and i suspect that is how the voters are going to be going into this cycle as well. i agree with the governor. having this come out right now is really a mountain and mole hill kind of situation but at the end of the day, it's out there and it's part of the narrative now and it's puff piece. we don't know what it's going to be. >> right. >> i think the party smart to say, look. if you go down this road, you're going to do these biopicks we have a few guys you can do a biopick on or you shouldn't do them at all. >> the clintons don't have control of this message and many of us we have lived through the clinton years and we know what they were. we have been down that road before. and then there is a thing called google where people can fact check anything they want to. i don't understand what the big mystery is here. obviously, as michael said, this is hillary clinton's life, an important political figure but
8:22 am
not important enough to capitalize on to make movies about. >> well, look. that's an entertainment decision made by entertainment executives, number one. not by news people. number two, who has any idea what this is going to be like? my guess is it will paint hillary in a good light and maybe not so favorable light. everybody should just hang on. if cnn and nbc are going to lose the republican primary debates and anything like the ding bats they had in 2012 i don't think cnn or nbc will be hurt too much. i think is signifying nothing. again, respect the voters. voters are not going to vote on a biopick. >> i got to leave it there. once the governor brings up bats, i have to go to break. >> those ding bats have 5 million viewers every time they are on stage.
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still ahead, the house of horrors no more. we take you live to cleveland as the home there where three women were held captive is taken apart piece-by-piece. president obama weighs in on a brewing national controversy. russia's anti-gay laws for the olympics in sutury. what president clinton had to say about anthony weiner coming up. [ dog ] we found it together. on a walk, walk, walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere.
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the cleveland house of horrors where three women were held captive is reduced to a pile of rubble. for a decade 52-year-old ariel castro tortured and raped three girls in that home and an amazing step for the healing process for these three women surrounded by neighbors and supporters. michelle knight was at this site this morning carrying yellow balloons. >> they can strength and they can have hope. i go from here as being a motivational speaker and let everybody know that they are heard, that they are loved, and there is hope for everyone. >> the aunt of gina de hay suje
8:31 am
there. >> you can see the dump truck is lined up to take away the rubble that is left. big cheers when the first chop was ton out of the house and big cheers when the final wall came tumbling down. gina dejesus aunt and said she was so filled with anger and wanted to keep going and take the rest of the house down. anthony castro, aerial castro's son took out belongings before the demolition started. he welcomes this demolition and said he would like to get this behind him as well. >> we're doing our best to deal with everything and, you know, we'd like to honor the wishes of, you know, the victims and give them respect and we would also like a little respect to just get this -- this part of our lives over with.
8:32 am
>> reporter: the demolition work was done here for free. originally, it was going to be paid for with $22,000 that officials found in the basement. $22,000 of ariel castro's money. once the need for that went away, they offered it to the three women as restitution. they said no. they would rather have it go to the neighborhood. >> thomas? >> john yang reporting from cleveland, ohio. thanks so much. appreciate it. no patience. president obama speaks out against russia's anti-gay laws ahead of the olympics and 20122.0. fresh off controversial comments, republican congressman hints at a run in with it 2016. those are today's topics for our agenda panel. gang, good to have you here. igor, i start with you. we have the iobc, international
8:33 am
olympic committee receiving this delivery of more than 300,000 signatures from groups like all out and athlete ally asking them to condemn russia's anti-gay laws. president obama talked about that last night. take a listen. >> i have no patience for countries that try to treat gays or lesbians or transgender persons in ways that intimidate them or are harmful to them. i think putin and russia have a big stake in making sure the olympics work and i think they understand that for most of the countries that participate in the olympics, you know, we wouldn't tolerate gays and lesbians being treated differently. >> igor, how significant is this? we have the news this morning the president is canceling face-to-face meeting next month with putin on the snowden situation but the president says he has no patience for this. how important is the president examining out and do you expect
8:34 am
other world leaders maybe to follow suit? >> it's a big deal. this is the president building really what he started in december of 2011 when hillary clinton made that historic speech in geneva saying gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights. here he is tag it full force in a second term and saying that a law like this is really unacceptable. the hope for all of these groups is that you're going to have further action, maybe you'll have something happen at the u.n. as you know, maybe you'll have other world leaders. maybe you'll have greater visibility of lgbt athletes at the olympics in a sign of the protest of the law saying this is just unacceptable. but this is a good first step by the president and i think there is going to be more to come and more pressure now on putin and russia because of this. >> as we wait for more international reaction we have seen more reaction.
8:35 am
last hour on jansing and co, take a listen. >> i'm not yet comfortable because sports minister in russia came out and said the law would be enforced during the olympics. i want to make sure the olympic committee gets absolute guarantees both for those who attend and the coaches certainly for the athletes that it will be a discrimination-free event. >> victoria the onus is on the ioc. what is their track record when it comes to human rights issues for host countries? >> historically the ioc has dragged its feet when it comes to human rights. i think the 1968 olympics in mexico city the united states along with the rest of the world for example south africa were dealing with issues of racial segregation and had the black power movement when the athletes stood on the podium and raised their 50s in solidarity with those facing oppression. the question will the ioc be
8:36 am
sympathetic to the gay rights movement? because in 1968 they weren't to the black rights movement. we are seeing patterns in the past going forward and it doesn't help russia is turning a blind eye. i think historically the track record is not that good. >> let's talk about the pattern of responsibility for our elected leaders. we haven't had republicans speak out on this issue as of yet. do you think that we will eventually see someone step up to the mike and take this on? >> i hope so because you're talking about the protection of american athletes abroad here. these are american citizens and american athletes competing in these games. the fact they need to be protected, the fact they should be able to compete freely, these are important issues. i would imagine they would have a lot of bipartisan support on something like this and i think you see this is coming at a time when the united states government, i think, as a whole, both congress and the president, you know, are extremely unhappy with russia. the president canceling any kind
8:37 am
of bilateral meeting with putin shows extreme displeasure with his russian counterpart. >> the network involved with the olympics nbc said nbc universal supports equal rights and fair treatment for all people. the spirit of the olympic games is about unifying people in the country to celebration of sport and it is our hope that spirit will prevail. certainly it. i want to switch topics. victoria we have got republican congressman steve king heading to south carolina to meet with big pocket donors down there and still fresh off of his comments calling most undocumented immigrants drug pushers. will this put him in the category of those eyeing a run at 2016 and rebel rouse the base? >> absolutely, thomas. we have steve king and my home state of texas, rick perry throwing his hat in again, and ted cruz. ted cruz has been spending a lot of time it iowa.
8:38 am
he was there last month for a gop state dinner and going there again this month and in the fall. you said earlier that the 2016 is shaping up to be a 2.0 of 2012. absolutely that. i think the key here is going to be these extreme elements of king and cruz are going to be pulling the republican center of gravity to the extreme. i see them as pace cars where they are going to pull all of the crew over to the extreme but then when the general election comes, they get out and regularitiably doom the republicans. >> the rnc did their post autopsy results in the spring. they learned lessons from certain candidates certainly more extreme one would be michele bachmann. it seems like the same old song and dance from a lot of people that don't have the best shot at getting to the white house and have a chance at hurting other republicans from doing the same. >> yeah, you got michael steele
8:39 am
to admit in last segment that they really want to limit the number of debates. this is why, again, you have reince priebus coming out and saying we are going to pull all of our debates if this hillary documentary runs. it's really an effort to try to minimize how many americans see the full field of candidates that is going to run and get those candidates kind of slowly drop out and present the party as kind of a more unified moderate party. look. it's not 2004 any more who president george w. bush could run in a real anti-gay agenda and get his base out and get some of the moderate independent voters out and win an lex election. they can appeal to their base as much as they want but that is not enough for them to win a real national election. republicans, national republicans see that and they are ver scary scared, i think. >> the fact that instead of focusing on a star that they
8:40 am
want to make, they would rather go after the democratic star and take down the potential of hillary clinton. again, has not declared if she is running so it's interesting they are going for her no matter what. >> right. believe me, you can fund-raise a lot if you're the republican party. every time you mention hillary clinton's name and her running is a great fund-raising opportunity for them. the more they make off of that the better. i think you're right. they are completely divided from every issue from immigration to the budget. we heard romney last night talking about what a bad idea a government shutdown would do as vickie was saying, stars in the party like ted cruz are pushing for this. >> thank you, gang. i really appreciate your time. can you find more from our panel on our website back with more after this. galax. whew - that is cool. it's only 30 bucks a month with unlimited web and text. even you can afford that one little buddy.
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is it mere or do i see kind of a romance with you and john mccain? i remember you two had that lover's qauarrel for a while. what happened? >> that is how a classic romantic comedy goes. initially you're not getting along and you keep on bumping each other. >> one of the lighter moments from the president's appearance on "the tonight show" last night. joining me is bell, holvst of f. the extra x? it doesn't mean what i think it means? right? yes. it stands for sexy. >> let's get into this. last night, the interview with jay leno, it was specific, it was pointed. the president got into certainly hot button news items, specifically trayvon martin. take a look.
8:45 am
>> this is a sensitive subject for african-american families because a lot of people who have sons know the experience they had of being followed. >> sure. >> or being viewed suspiciously. >> there the president takes on stereotypes in the country without going after george zimmerman specifically or without going after the way that we balance justice in this country. how do you think he did with trying to handle that and speak to middle america about what is still an issue for our country? >> i mean, i think he did the job that he does. he sort of walks a very fine line. i mean, his left hand was moving. i like to think his right hand hand was down below holding the anger. he has to walk a fine line because he is president of all of america and he know he is speaking to black people at the
8:46 am
moment and trying to bet get our backs. >> you hope one hand is down nch clenched because he is trying to not to express that kind of anger, do you really think that the president has that kind of anger, that he hides from us? the fact that he sees this as a situation where it is something to get p.o.'d about? it is something to stand up and talk about. if so, he is doing a good job of hiding it. >> well, president obama is a great middle of the roeder. i think -- i think he does have to have that anger inside of him. he said trayvon could have been me. there is no way you could say that and not have the anger inside of you at that moment. >> a lot of commending how jay leno approached this. this wasn't a softball moment. they had lighter moments as we saw there. they went through the health care and trayvon martin and into russia and what is going on with vladimir putin. jay leno appeared with lawrence o'donnell last night and talked specifically about the approach. >> i don't have an agenda.
8:47 am
i don't go in there. there is no gotcha questions. let me ask you about that! i think the real trick is let him answer the question, wait until they are finished talking. i think a lot of people are confused about obama care and the economy and they don't quite understand it but they do understand trayvon martin. >> does this approach going on last night like "the tonight show" and jay leno saying i got no agenda and people don't know what side of falls down on through his jokes and how he handles himself through interviews. seems like a good middle ground for the president but is this an effective way people not watching television or keeping up with papers or news feeds on twitter? is this the best way for him to reach them? >> he is trying to talk to jay leno and he is the king of america. as far as middle america goes, jay leno is the king of middle america. it's the best place to go. jay leno the master of the no follow-up question. ly not get a tough back ended
8:48 am
question. he can go traven yvon to brocco >> overall do you think he did a good job? >> i think jay leno did a great job of interviewing barack obama and i think barack obama did a great job of campaigning to be for the rest of his presidency. >> yeah. it is his. >> yeah. >> he doesn't have to run again. >> he is running can i finish it? >> time is of the essence. great to have you here. >> "totally biased." complete biased. >> excuse me. premi premieres on fxx. you can watch lauren o'donnell's interview with jay leno at thank you so much. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health
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a massive search is underway for a man accused of kidnapping two children. hannah and ethan anderson were last seen on saturday. police believe a family friend, 40-year-old james lee dimaggio took them. their father pleaded for their return sending a personal message to his daughter last night. >> jim, i can't fathom what you were thinking. the damage is done. i'm begging you to let my dot t daughter go. hannah, we all love you very much. if you have a chance, you take it. you run. meanwhile, the body of the children's mother was found in dimaggio's burned house sunday night along with the body of a child and it could take several days for dna tests to determine if the child was the boy, ethan.
8:53 am
joining me now, clint van sant, former fbi profiler. clint, what's going through your mind when you're hearing the story and what kind of picture are you painting about the suspect and the motivations of this person that could have set him off down this path? >> yeah. i think this is one more heartbreaking story, thomas. you notice the father says let my daughter go. that to me indicates that the father, like other family members, believe the other body found at the house other than the mother was probably the 8-year-old boy ethan. we also know a loejdly that the suspected kidnapper had some design. he liked beyond being a friend. he liked the 16-year-old girl. so it sounds something terrible where the suspect may well have murdered the mother, murdered the boy, burned the house down to destroy the evidence and then
8:54 am
took this 16-year-old girl and fled with her. we know he's lived in texas before, thomas. we know the house that was burned out where the victims were found is right on the mexican/u.s. border. this is the reason why the amber alert has been released, license plate, car description and for the first time in that area cell phones are receiving amber alerts all over the area. >> right. >> giving the description of the victims. >> that's one thing that i've been very interested in seeing on facebook is the fact that people just posted about the fact they received an amber alert. for most people it was a surprise to them that there was this connected tissue, that people would get these amber alerts sent to their telephone which is a great way of putting everybody on foot patrol. >> it is. of course, the whole premise of the amber alert is especially if you have a description of a car and a license plate, that gives you and me and millions of other people in that area something to
8:55 am
look at. we know what hannah looks like. we know what the alleged abductor looks like with and without facial hair. the challenge is right now finding that car. it sounds like something that may have happened very quickly so we may find that car fast. hopefully we'll find hannah alive. >> chris van zandt, you're absolutely right. hopefully we will. thank you, sir. i appreciate it. that's going to wrap things up for me today. thank you for your time. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. don't go anywhere. now with alex wagner is next. president obama has scheduled a sitdown with frenemy and russian president, vladimir putin. the panelists jerry bernstein, katrina van den hoevel and ryan grimm. we shift to yemen. will the war on terror ever end? we'll discuss with a man mull
8:56 am
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8:59 am
president obama isn't scrambling jets for a 29-year-old hacker, but a 29-year-old hacker is scrambling the president's schedule. it's wednesday, august 7th and this is "now." last night in an interview with jay leno, president obama confirmed that he would travel to st. peter'sburg for the g-8 summit. they made clear president putin's shelter of edward snowden comes at a price. the white house announced it would cancel a scheduled bilateral meeting between the two leaders in moscow prior to
9:00 am
the summit. press secretary jay carney explains we have reached the conclusion that there is not enough recent progress in our bilateral agenda with russia to hold a summit in early september. he added russia's disappointing decision to grant edward snowden temporary asylum was also a factor. in the last hour an aide to president putin said the kremlin was disappointed to the move and the invitation remains open. russia announced last week that it would allow snowden to stay in the country up to a year. following snowden's leaks and subsequent flight to russia president obama repeatedly expressed that he should not get in the way of u.s. and russia's relations. >> we've got a whole lot of business that we do with china and russia and i'm not going to have one case of a suspect who


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