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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  August 8, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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rubio. we also have the numbers in the $425 million power ball lottery. i'm still here and i'm sober so it wasn't me. this is "way too early." i'd even take the million. for that after taxes, i'd still have to show up for work. i have three cars and a lot of college to pay for. i'm brian shakt man. yes, we do have the cat dressed up as a shark on a rumba. of course we do. we also have how things are getting worse for the new york yankees. we'll have those later in the cooler and in sports. we begin this morning with yet another dangerous summer wildfire in california. the sill vir fire torched thousands of acres in the southern part of the state. the fire already raised 15 homes as 40 mile-per-hour winds spread across the already pretty dry area. first scene on tuesday afternoon, it spread to 6,000
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acres in a matter of hours. by night fall, it could be seen glowing in the california hills. almost looks like volcano. some 1500 people and campers have been evacuated. two firefighters and one resident have been injured. there is no love lost between the united states and rush why particularly since edward snowden has been granted temporary asylum by moscow. now the white house is cancelling president obama's planned talks with his russian counterpart. president obama and putin were expected to sit down and discuss among other things serious on going civil war. the kremlin said it is disappointed by the cancellation. the decision was reportedly unanimous by the president's national security team. the political standoff between the two nations rekindles a debate you might recall between mitt romney and president obama during the 2012 campaign. >> this is to russia. this is without question our number one geopolitical poe.
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they fight every cause for the world's worst actors, the idea he has month more flexibility in mind for russia is very troubling indeed. >> governor romney, i'm glad that you recognize that al qaeda is a threat because a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing america, you said russia. not al qaeda. you said russia. and in the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back. you know, the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> considered one of the lines that won the election for president obama, actually. white house press secretary jay carney says the u.s. will continue to work with russia on a number of issues. president obama still plans to attend the group of 20 summit in st. petersburg next month. in yemen, more drone strikes this morning as it's still unclear what sort of attack al qaeda is noting there. the government is sending mixed signals about whether the terror group was planning to hit major oil terminal as the spokesman first claimed.
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still, there's no doubt that country is a hot bed for violent extremists. the american embassy closed in several locations because of the plot. president obama told troops at camp pendleton that the u.s. does not retreat from the world and does not get terrorized. >> because of you, osama bin laden is no more. because of you, al qaeda's top ranks have been hammered. even as we decimated the al qaeda leadership that attacked us on 9/11, al qaeda affiliates and like minded extremists still threaten our homeland. still threaten our diplomatic facilities. still threaten our businesses abroad. and we've had to take these threats seriously and do all we can to confront them. >> meanwhile, those heavy u.s. drone strikes in yemen continue. according to "the new york times," three strikes this morning have left three people dead. another wednesday killed seven. and a targeted attack on tuesday
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killed four people, all said to be working for al qaeda. president obama also addressed another critical issue within the arms forces, its alarming rate of sexual assaults. it follows a recent report that as many as 26,000 instances of the crime went unreported last year, a 35% jump from 2010. the pentagon is reviewing records to screen for past instances of alcohol-related offenses, child abuse and unwanted sexual contact. yesterday the president made clear he is committed to the issue. >> keeping our military strong also means insuring the safety of everyone who puts on the uniform. so i want you to hear it directly from me, the commander in chief -- it undermines what this military stands for and it undermines what the marine corps stands for when sexual assault
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takes place within our units. we have new numbers out of new hampshire that are giving us an early look at the state's 2016 presidential primaries. according to the latest granite state poll, chris christie leading the pack among likely republican contenders. christy has 21% support. that is up ten points from april. he's followed by senator rand paul. jeb bush is in third. up five points in the past few months. support for marco rubio, the florida senator, down significantly, knocking him to fifth place in the poll just slightly above ted cruz. favorability points dropped 18 points. on the democrat side. again, it appears to be hillary clinton's nomination to lose. the former secretary of the state ran away from the field, 62% support from likely
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democratic voters. that's up only 1% from the 61% in april. she's been dominant since her name started floated for 016. this morning the judge presiding over the court-martial will decide whether to allow the legal counsel to step aside. he is representing himself but has three stand by attorneys who are there to offer advice if he requests it. yesterday one of his lawyers said hassan is deliberately trying to get the death penalty. he says it is contrary to our professional obligations. the lawyer then suggested the lawyers change their rule and say that he didn't need his assistance. the former army psychiatrist faces 13 counts of murder, 32 counts of attempted murder in the 2009 dangerous shooting in ft. hood. three people will share one
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of the biggest powerball prizes of all time. there were two in new jersey, nobody won it on the morning show/"way too early" team. two from jersey, one from minnesota split the $448 million. that is before taxes. they're going to share the booty with a lot of people though. 38 other tickets won either $1 million or $2 million. so we'll wait for the next big one. the truth, is the top four lottery prizes of all time have all come since march of 2012. now to business where later this morning we get the weekly unemployment numbers. yesterday all three major indices were in the red. the fears of the fed tapering its bond buying program persists. we have a little negativity in the markets. we have the s&p 500 now ten points below that 1700 mark and the dow jones industrial average below 15,500. let's check this with geoff cutmore. good morning.
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>> good morning to you. you know, j.p. morgan just cannot shake off the bogeyman, can it? the latest news they told us that they are being investigated by a unit of the department of justice about the sale of mortgages. we know already that they have some issues around fines related to mortgages. this would appear to be a new investigation into the sale of mortgage-backed security products. so keep an eye on this bank here. they've already given us significant set-asides for potential fines related to this story. we know that they got slapped with $850 million in civil suits earlier this week. there is potentially more litigation around the corner on this mortgage backed security story. who thought it? tesla seemsing to gob from strength to strength. this is a company that's already had 300% upside in the share price year to date. and on better numbers than the analysts were expecting yesterday, they got a 14% pop in
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the share price. maybe, brian, electric is the way to go after all. at least that's what the market seems to be saying about tesla. >> i guess they got $450 million net worth for that stock pop yesterday. we talked so much about it over here about that "washington post" sale. one significant newspaper that is really an international name had to come out and talk about its future as well. tell me about that. >> yeah, "the new york times" is not for sale. the man who runs the business says we will not be going on the block. you mention there the washington, the "boston globe" we've seen pass into other hands here. i guess people focused on the old print businesses and whether they'll be moving into dot-com or digital owner hands in the future. not "the new york times" according to management. >> of course, carlos slim tried to swoop in and get some of that newspaper when they were really weak. they fended him off as well. thank you geoff cutmore.
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moving on. so there was word paula deen turned down a chance to be on "dancing with the stars." so we thought what other embattled media celebrity could use a bump and take hir place? maybe the tango in front of the world does good things for you. i don't know. tweet us. we'll put the best answers later on the show. a fan storms the pitch in miami. renaldo isn't upset about it. details of the awkward moment just ahead and the discovery channel responds to accusation of viral advertising after a shark is found on a new york city subway. could it be a sign of things to come in the ad world? not sure about that. that and a check on weather when "way too early" comes back.
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but, you know, if you're still bent on blowing this fat stack of cash, there's a couple of ways you could do it. ♪ ♪ or just go to e-trade and save it. boom. ♪ tiger woods anticipate phil mickelson go to the final major of the year as favorites. the pga championship gets underway this morning at oak hill country club in rochester, new york. woods looking for his first major since 2008. las vegas odds makers have tiger still a 3-1. mickelson even coming off the british open 12-1. the first group tees off at 7:10 a.m. eastern time. alex rodriguez will be in the lineup for the rest of the season unless he gets hurt or
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doesn't play well. an arbitrator will rule on that suspension. the decision is not expected until the end of the calendar year. mlb declined comment but the head of the players union said the suspension is way out of line. the yacnkees in chicago trying o avoid a three game sweep. rivera blows a save. the game is tied at 4-4. go to the 12th. one run lead. diaza, that is a walkoff triple. the white sox get the win and the series. 11 1/2 game behind the first place red sox, mr. barnicle. beat the astros on stephen drew's home run. >> a-rod only has 54 more games to go to break joe dimaggio's record. he got hits in two straight
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games. >> let's keep an eye on that. barnicle is mondaying toing our joe dimaggio-a-rod hit streak. top of the eighth, game tied at three. jason hayward. single for the rbi. braves up one. bottom of the nine. braves up three. nats threatening with bases loaded. wilson romos, lines out. pretty well hit. braves make it 13 in a row. it's all because of the waffle house. 15 1/2 games off the second place nationals. the cleveland, tigers looking for a win. after striking out first three at bats, cabrera doesn't strike out on that one. detroit has a one-run lead on that bomb. this goes extras. top 14. prince fielder, two-run double. detroit gets the win. that is 11 in a row. using one of fan crashes sporting events, kind of
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annoying. it's kind of funny. last night in miami, renaldo led in the championship. he had two goals. an overzealous fan runs on to the field. okay, he was wearing a renaldo jersey. all right. maybe that's why the soccer star does this. i don't know what he is saying. but i mean they're hugging. usually it's like maybe a little light touch. then he gets tackled. he must have said something to him that really got him. that's like a full 15 second bro hug. he's like listen, i won't get you beat up. you need to leave. >> yeah. >> i don't know. maybe it's soccer. with us, that gets a hard takedown and a few punches in the ribs. >> yeah, we've seen bad reaction from soccer players before. renaldo gets like big thumbs up for that, i guess. >> that may be they're long lost cousins.
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>> i wish i was his cousin. that is crazy stuff. oh, well. talk about what happened yesterday. missouri got drenched. three days in a row now. now if you're in kansas city to wichita up through the ozarks, you're getting this round three. three days in a row of these storms. the flash flooding threat is very high today. we already lost a couple lives in the last two days. the other story, texas. if you're wondering where summer is, that's where it is. it was 100 widespread throughout the entire state, 105 yesterday if dallas. that is eight days in a row of 100-degree heat. we're doing it again today, predicting 104. as far as the northeast goes and mid-atlantic, there are showers and storms out there. it's not going to be all day rain, brian. just like what we saw hit and miss during the afternoon. >> thank you very much. coming up, "morning joe." very early polls in new hampshire show troubling signs for marco rubio. could his run for president be over even before it began? and when we come back here, we'll, of course, huddle around the cooler.
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at the beginning of the show we told you chris christie and hillary clinton leading in the
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early polling in new hampshire. i know it's only 2013. but if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends that in 2006, ahead of the new hampshire primary, hillary clinton led the field with 30%. that is more than double john edwards, al gore, john kerry and joe biden. now you know this is one name not on that list, that would be obama because he did not declare his candidacy until 2007. all right. enough of the real news. let's hit the cool er. stephen colbert on higher hourly wages. thousands of states walk out demanding twice the hourly salaries. >> $15 an hour. what do they think? the arches are made of gold? i mean the consequences of a wage increase are horrifying to kplag contemplate. there were 4.4 million front line cashiers, cooks and crew in the fast food industry.
2:53 am
a living wage would eliminate 3.6 million poor people. that's the kind of thing hitler used to talk about. it only someone had been around to give him a happy meal. jimmy kimmel talking about the new technology that allows facebook to predict what you'll be interested in on your news feed. >> facebook said they changed theal ga rhythm. it could determine which posts you will find interesting and if you miss them when posted, they move them back to the top of your list. what would be better is if they're able to figure out what things find uninteresting and to eliminate them, like this. >> preston's first solid food. >> warning, warning, you are about to upload 120 pictures of your baby eating peas. you would like to proceed? >> yes, i would. >> three, two, one --
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>> brought to you by basic human decency. >> i don't know what to say about that. the mystery of the dead shark found on a new york suby is growing. a passenger snapped this picture before the car was shut down early yesterday morning. many assumed it was a viral promotion for the discovery channel shark week. the network says no go. what? it was your shark? you caught it? barnicle says he caught that shark. he ends the controversy. but another shark was spotted out of the water. this is not barnicle's kitchen en. it's a cat dressed up on a shark on a rumba. this is what my job has come to. he seemed very comfortable cleaning the floor. there is only one explanation for two stories like this coming out on the same day. >> watch out! >> you can't just wait here.
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>> we're going to throw bombs into the tornado. >> it's too dangerous. >> too many of them. we need a bigger chopper. >> i just get a chill on shark week. you could do the ad campaign for that. >> all right. thank you. brian, we're going to now talk about what's coming up on "morning joe." donnie and mike are here raring to go. new hampshire will soon be turning to quite a popular place for some potential presidential conditioned dates. new polling from that state shows republicans could have a tough fight on their hands. a certain former first lady blows away the rest of the field on the democratic side. the latest claim of sexual harassment against san diego's mayor are really becoming hard to hear. they already were. but this is unbelievable. female troops who say they were
2:56 am
raped in the military claim the mayor came on to them during support groups. >> oh, no! >> details on that story are just ahead. yes. i said that. plus, president obama snubs russian president vladimir putin with the white house planned sitdown between the two leaders. the "morning joe" crew weighs in. >> obama, you know, when he critiqued him on that it was scathing. now it seems all right. still ahead, what an embattled celebrity could use a little bump on "dancing with the stars"? [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity to discover the heart-pounding exhilaration beyond the engineering. ♪
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but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? so we asked what embattled media celebrity could enjoy a bump by joining the cast of "dancing with the stars." our producer has some responses. >> carlos danger which would be the perfect stage name. how about mr. t?
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>> thats with a good one. we had a lot of weiners, a lot of a-rods. my favorite is edward snowden's girlfriend. i think that would be good. listen, "morning joe" starts ♪ >> good morning, everyone. look at that. it's thursday, august 8th. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set, we have former communications director for presidents george w. bush and former senior adviser for the 2008 mccain presidential campaign, nicolle wallace. we have the chairman of deutsch incorporated. >> what's with the glasses? >> they're new. >> vanity glasses. >> are they? >> can i see them, please? >> i have -- >> are they real? >> willie and i like to go up and down madison avenue on saturdays and we saw this -- >> put them on and find out they are not real. let's see.


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