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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  August 12, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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police department does this a lot. these are stop and frisk stops intended to reduce crime. roughly 4.5 million of them between june of 2004 and june of 2012. the judge makes the conclusions the city carries these out more where there are nor black and hispanic residents when all other things are equal. she says for the last decade or so, the city has been placed on notice that these frisks were being done in a racially skewed manner and the city's response she says was to encourage supervisors to do more of them. i'm reading from the judge's opinion now. the policy encourages targeting of young and black hispanic men based on their prevalence and local crime complaints and this is a form of racial pror filing. the judge finds this policy is ugly constitutional. she wants a federal monitor to make sure that the nypd follows
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the rules. i can't imagine. this is a long opinion. it's so long it's in two parts. the city hasn't said anything yet but i would be very surprised if they don't appeal. >> almost, what? 200 pages, is that what it was? >> yeah. if you put the two of them together. >> side-by-side. you watching this for us. let me ask you about a major change coming from the obama administration on the way that drug offenders will be prosecuted. three hours attorney general eric holder announcing a brand-new justice department policy essentially a by -by-pasd shows the way drug charges are written up resulting in reduced sentences. the judge is said to ease overcrowding at federal prisons and save money and treat low level offenders more fairly according to what we are hearing right now. what are you seeing and what does this mean? >> i think what the attorney
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general is saying that will be the result of this change. but he says that the reason for it, i guess partly a recognition of those factors but he is always saying mandatory minimums were unfair and require a certain number of years no matter what a person's role in a drug crime may have been. if they are not connected to a gang or a drug cartel or organized crime, they should not face the same sentence that more serious offenders do. it's part of an overall effort to refocus the federal government's efforts in crime and it's partly a recognition of diminishing federal resources overcrowding in the prisons. what he wants to do is get the federal prosecutors to concentrate more on the most serious crimes and the most dangerous offenders. he says this is being smart on crime. you can still be tough on crime but he says the goal is to be smart on crime as well. >> thank you, pete williams. i want to bring in "the
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washington post" politics reporter jackie c. eric holder, jackie, beaten up by the fast and furious gun trafficking violation. when we look what is coming out in several hours from holder, how might this be really a legacy issue? >> i think he wants to refocus his final moments here as attorney general to deal with this particular problem. this is something that he has spoken about before. he has spoken about frequently. i think, yeah, this is definitely about legacy. it's something he has bipartisan buy-in and not a lot of that in congress right now. so there are -- there is a lot of things that that can be done and will be done on this. >> that bipartisan bind is a shift what it may have been 10, 20 years ago? >> yeah. absolutely. when you have libertarians like rand paul and someone like mike
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lee is more libertarian minded and liberals dick durbin you have a more a focus bent on congress on the republican side so they will be able to do this more easily than 20 years ago as you said. >> liz, we are seeing the justice department use the power of that office. holder doing it with voting rights and trying to strength protections from minority voters. taken together with the drug sentences we started talking about, what do you make of this? >> it's pretty fascinating. i think what part of this is a recognition of the way the country is changing. first of all, is there a huge libertarian out across the country where people are saying, you know, look. more and more people are saying i don't want the government involved in something that has to do where i may be making choices about my own body. one piece of it. the other piece is a nod to how
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diverse this nation is growing. we are going to see the white population continues to decrease as we become a more diversed nation with birth rates among hispanics, latinos just exploding at this point. i think all of this is a recognition of how the country is changing and why i don't necessarily think the administration is going to get much blow back on any of these things. >> stand by. i want to bring in elliott engle, a democrat from new york. stop and frisk what is your reaction to that development that came out this morning? >> i was not surprised. i was following the hearings and it certainly seemed as if the judge was going to rule that way. like in anything else, it's a delicate balance. it's sort of like what we are fighting in congress, you know, whether or not you want surveillance but you don't want too much. you don't want it to be too intrusive. stop and frisk has been intrusive and the judge has ruled that way. it's a balance to try to get
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crime down but, at the same time, protecting people's civil liberties. it's tough. >> do you agree with what that judgment was? >> i haven't read it. i just heard snippets of it. i think anyone in new york would have told you this is how the judge was going to rule. >> should he appeal? >> i don't tell michael bloomberg was what to do. i think he will appeal because he feels very strongly about it and i think we will see. >> great. let's move on to eric holder. as we were saying earlier in about three hours, expected to make that statement. expected to say prison should be used, quote, to punish, deter and rehabilitate not merely to convict warehouse and forget. 10:00 i know you supported a change. is this what you want as the best strategy? >> again, i think it's time to move on. a lot of people who have minor drug offenses find the rest of their lives ruined from the mistakes they made when they were very young. i think we have to balance it and be smart about it. our jails are full of people
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with drug offenses. is that the best way to go? might there be another way where we could try to rehabilitate them and they could pay a price but it doesn't mean years and years in prison. frankly prisons are overcrowded and we are spending lots of money that we don't have and i think it's time for reassessment and i think this is a good thing that eric holder is doing. >> do you believe there is bipartisan support for this as we were talking about with jackie a second ago? >> i think some bipartisan support. i think it's a tough sell among the republican in the house. >> you're the ranking member of the house foreign affairs committee. i want to move to what we have been watching what is happening in the middle east and russia. the issue of president obama canceling his one-on-one meeting with the president of russia. you add that in with the asylum to edward snowben. when you look at the criticisms to the president right now, should he do more and how might he do more? >> first of all, what putin and russia did with edward snowden i
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think is out rageus and i think the president is right to cancel his meeting with putin. i think there is more we can do. >> like what? >> russia has abysmal human rights record getting worse under putin. we cannot turn the other way and not publicly criticize them and put pressure on them and particularly with the lgbt community. russia is slipping back very fast. i think 23 putin is going to play these games then we need to be less cognizant or less concerned about his sensitive its. when we make our decision on missile defense we need to make them what is good for this country and not what putin may or may not like and a host of other issues. if he is not playing the game bus we don't need to worry about what he thinks. >> i want to get sound here from over the weekend. first of all, president obama then john mccain talking about putin. take a listen to this. >> i don't have a bad personal relationship with putin. when we have conversations, they
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are can dad, they are blunt. oftentimes, they are constructive. i know the press likes to focus on body language and he has got that kind of slouch looking like the bored kid in the back of the classroom. but the truth is that when we are in conversations together, oftentimes, it's very productive. >> the president comparing him to a kid in the back of a classroom, i think, is very indicative of the president's lack of appreciation of who vladimir putin is. he is an old kgb colonel that has no illusions about our relationship, does not care about a relationship with the united states. >> so it sounds like you agree with senator mccain? >> well, i agree with both of them. i think when you look at putin, george w. bush said he looked into putin's eyes and saw his souls. he look into putin's eyes and see three words, kgb.
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i think that is true true. on the other hand, the president of the united states does not need to disregard the important relationship with russia. russia is helping us in afghanistan. they have blocked us. what i'm really saying is that putin feels he is acting in the best interests of his country and we have got to act in the best interests of ours. russia is not a friend or an ally but not a country that can be disregarded. i don't think you throw the baby out with the bath water-by-they we had to be tough with putin. >> congressman, thank you. >> jackie, edward snowden's dad preparing to visit him. here is what he said on abc. >> tipts what i would liat this this to be vetted and open court for american people to have the important facts. i see political theater. i was disappointed in the president's press conference. i believe that is driven by his clear understanding that the american people are absolutely unhappy with what they have
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learned and that more is going to be forthcoming. >> snowden clearly a part of the russia narrative right now. he says his son, by the way, can't get a fair trial and will not take a plea deal. what do you think the future looks like for him right now? >> there was also talk during that interview about potentially negotiating a deal. the justice department hasn't indicated there is any feel on the table of being negotiated so maybe they are stepping a little bit too far at this point. there were two things there. that he thinks he wants his son to come back to the u.s. but he doesn't think he can get a fair trial. it's hard to say. this is a father who cares about his son. what do we expect him to say here? >> he is very protective of his son based on what we have seen so far. liz, to you. the same question. is snowden a traitor or a hero? >> you know, i think that's not for us to judge. what is interesting mr. snowden
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was remarking on the political theater surrounding this on the part of the administration. we know any administration and this administration engages in political theater. what we are missing here is the other side is wikileaks and how mr. -- the young mr. snowden himself has ruled out this information through the media is also an element of political theater on that side as well. so i think that watching how this plays out in the coming months is going to be fascinating to see who wins that. >> this theater has a lot of chapters to go in fronts of us. thank you both. >> thank you. >> got a sink hole swallowing a resort villa miles from disney world in florida and part of the resort collapsed while another section is sinking. this hole is about 60 feet in diameter and 15 feet deep and officials are worried it may still be growing. the building was evacuated and no one hurt.
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vak vacationers say they felt the building shake. >> was walking into the room and heard banging, banging, banging. glass breaking. and he ran back to the car. >> at least 48 units have been destroyed. the people staying in the villa have been sent to hotels but say they lost everything in that collapse. g even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel for my pain and stiffness, and to help stop joint damage. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections,
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nan anderson is back with her family this morning after the missing teen was reunited with her father on sunday. the 16-year-old was rescued by the fbi on saturday. her alleged abductor james dimaggio was shot and killed. hannah's grandmother saying the reunion is the first step to getting past the ordeal.
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>> i'm excited for my son who gets to have her at least. he lost his wife and his -- my beautiful, handsome grandson. we just got to work at getting closure from now on. >> nbc luke russert joins us now live from san diego. you know, luke do we yet know the circumstances around how dimaggio was killed here? >> reporter: not specifically, richard. but we do know is that there is a group of four folks from idaho who are on horseback who were having a weekend in the country over there. they were on horseback. they spotted mr. dimaggio and hannah anderson and found them to be sort of odd. let's take a listen to the encounter that one of them described to nbc. >> the weather or something? >> if you can do that. >> reporter: oh, i'm sorry. i guess we don't have the bite right there. but essentially what they saw they said they found them sort of acting in a peculiar manner.
7:18 am
they describe a story of where hannah anderson puts her toe in the water and one of the hikers said you shouldn't do that. there are fish that can bite you and hannah anderson saying i guess we are all in a lot of trouble right now. sort after cryptic message, if you will. they alerted authorities after they returned home and the fbi went on an investigation using helicopters, were able to spot a camp site close to where they had seen dimaggio. they sent a team in that hiked two and a half hours when hannah went away from mr. dimaggio, they went in and killed dimaggio. >> thank you, luke. i want to bring in marc klaas a group he formed after the kidnapping and murder of his daughter. marc, thank you for joining us. what do we see hannah anderson
7:19 am
returning home what are the concerns the family might have and what should they be looking out for? >> i mean, this girl and this family has gone through an enormous amount of trauma over the course of the last week. right now, it's all about getting used to the new normal. nothing will ever be as it was before and whatever the circumstances of this situation are, she's going to have a very difficult time reconciling this very recent past with a future of uncertainty. so it's going to be a very long road for hannah and her father as well, no doubt. before they are able to put their lives back together and see some light at the end of the tunnel. but i think obviously the most important thing is the two of them stay together from this point forward. >> well said. marc, you've heard about the circumstances. i was just talking about luke russert who is on the ground there in san diego. what do you make of those pieces of information we have around dimaggio's death and her rescue? was this lucky in the end? what do you think?
7:20 am
>> oh, this was very lucky. those four people that encountered them and basically started putting the pieces of this puzzle together only to realize finally that indeed this was the girl from the amber alert. i think it provided an enormous service to this case by notifying law enforcement and letting them come in end this ordeal. >> there is this other story we have been following over the weekend. 2-year-old rhode island boy recovered safely last night after his mother and another woman were found murdered. it was a similar murder/abduction case like hannah anderson's. when we see these two cases together in such a short amount of time we have to ask is this becoming a more common of a situation? >> i don't think it's becoming any more common. i think we are starting -- we are paying more attention to these kinds of situations. we also have another ongoing amber alert here in the san francisco bay area of a little
7:21 am
girl who disappeared about a month ago. so kids are disappearing on a regular basis. it's then a matter of putting the tools together that will aid law enforcement and the public in reconciling and solving these horrible, horrible situations. >> talking about tools here. you were an unlikely of cell phone amber lerts like hannah anderson's case in authority. encouraging cell phone users to keep an eye out. i was driving through the south land and the messages up on the freeway boards as well. when it comes to amber alerts, why are you opposed to it? >> i'm not opposed to the amber alert. my doubt pauley or jayceed duggard and others were not be qualified. instead it goes up to a higher
7:22 am
authority. a state based authority that takes -- that wastes time putting the whole plan together and basically, takes 3 to 5 hours to issue an amber alert. we know statistically that if a child is going to be murdered as a result of an abduction, 76% of those kids will be dead within the first three hours so it's almost a self-defeating program. it just needs fixes and tweets and it could be just fine. >> we thank you for your work over the years. thank you, marc klaas, appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> what is in a name? depends on who you ask in a legal battle. changing a son's name from messiah which is on his birth certificate but the parents of the 7-month-old could not agree on the last name so they ended up in court and the judge ruled the child's name should be martin michaela and leaves out
7:23 am
the parents name messiah. >> messiah is a. only been earned by one person and that one person is jesus christ. >> never intended on that naming my son messiah because it means god and i didn't think a judge could make me change my baby's name because of her religious beliefs. >> we are more on the story. when asked what the judge thinks about the name jesus or jesus, she said she thought about it but it's not relevant to this case. the appeal is set for september 17th. ok, i am coming. [ susan ] i hate that the reason we're always stopping is because i have to go to the bathroom. and when we're sitting in traffic,
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wild as the announcer got the crowd going. another clown played with the obama mask's relationships. >> like and effigy in a klay rally. been no reason to mess with his lips if he had been a white president. >> both senator claire mccaskill and lieutenant governor denounced what happened there. the missouri state fair called it inappropriate and disrespectful. anthony weiner is releasing a brand-new tv ad. >> they have made it clear they don't want me to win. this isn't what they want. they have gotten their way far too long. you give me the chance i will fight for you and your family every single day. >> president obama on vacation this week in martha's vineyard and already hit the links. he might need more practice. his pifirst putt was a miss. perhaps he'll take comfort in the place where he is staying with his family includes a
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swimming pool and basketball court as well. michelle obama posted this of her and their dog. they were upload odd facebook and instagram to help nat read the record for largest online photo album. being active. and being with this guy. [ male announcer ] getting to know you is how we help you choose the humana medicare plan that works best for you. mi familia. ♪ [ male announcer ] we want to help you achieve your best health, so you can keep doing the things that are important to you. taking care of our customers. taking care of her. and the next thing on our list is bungee jumping. [ male announcer ] helping you... now that's what's important to us.
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it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together. a handful of conservatives gathered at the family leadership summit in iowa. one of the first gatherings of gop presidential hopefuls. a whole 30 months ahead of the state's caucuses. not to be outdone vice president biden will host a steak fry next month and tom harkus event is right of passage for any presidential hopefuls and friday was about hillary clinton. emily's list hosted a madam president forum in des moines. susan and keith, good to see
7:32 am
both of you. susan, starting with you. ted cruz speaking at the family leadship summit and standing ovation for saying this. >> there is no more important regulatory reform we can do but appeal every single word of obama care. that reaction right there shows how we win this fight. >> susan, cruz here, is he hitting the right notes, giving that these social messages have been given out? talking about the issues on that. did not work in 2012. >> no, it didn't. he is, right now, talking more towards 2014. he has got to show he can not only get himself elected but probably in 2014 help other people elected. he is saying these reckless things is the fact is republicans did agree on many things when it came to reforming health care like keeping your kids on until you're 26, preexisting conditions. he is just throwing out red meat to a crowd and frankly as a
7:33 am
republican i'm happy to see it happening now, because hopefully this sort of nonsense will burn out quickly so serious candidates can get in early. >> keith, talk about biden's presidential aspirations. maureen dowd says the following. what would hillary clinton choice say to you? an obama third term or bill clinton third term? >> first of all, i don't want to be disrespectful to the current president we already have, but i do think that barack obama has been a successful president. i think hillary clinton could be a potentially successful president. the same thing with joe biden. i think it's too early to determine whether either of them will run, although obviously the assumption is both of them will. regardless of what maureen dowd says, this is a race about each individual preserving their own record and their own legacy.
7:34 am
i think it's about a clinton third term or obama third term. it's about that person running on that person's record. what susan is dealing with and what i'm dealing with in the democratic party is that the republican party it seems to me has lost its sense of seriousness with ted cruz and marco rubio to a certain extent each and rand paul who between them have, what? five years of experience in national government? the one candidate who is serious in the republican side, chris christie potentially, is not very well liked among republicans. he is better liked among democrats than independents. i think they have a real challenge on their hands. >> keith, i think you may see a real challenge when it comes to the democrats who are looking potentially for someone who is not as conservative as barack obama when it comes to the nsa policies and drones and that we may go back to a candidate of 2007 named senator barack obama who was the anti-war and in this case may be the anti-security
7:35 am
candidate -- excuse me not security, but against the anti-obama policies that are currently in place. >> not a candidate yet but one person who is getting a lot of talk at the moment and that is donald trump. abc's jonathan karl asked trump if he could be taken seriously after questioning president obama's birth certificate. listen to this. >> i don't know. was there a birth certificate? you tell me. some people say that was not his birth certificate. i'm saying, i don't know. nobody knows. you don't know either. >> keith, tactic or real answer here? >> does anybody really care what donald trump says other than donald trump? he is good for television ratings but the relaality he wi never be the president of the united states. i think donald trump even knows that. he is a good diversion. unfortunately, the republican party took him seriously as a candidate in the last election even though he never announced as a potential candidate just as they did just about everybody else who potentially ran.
7:36 am
michele bachmann who ran, herman cain. the republican party is not a serious problem. donald trump considers himself a republican and the republican party dent distance themselves from him, mitt romney embracing him shows how far off the deep end the gop has become and i think a huge problem for the republican party. >> keith, keep doing us that favor. you just discount it and we will keep going around with our serious candidates. >> susan, you want him out, right? >> donald trump? i don't think he is ever getting in. there is nothing to get out. i would prefer him not bringing up silly matters such as the president's birth certificate on television and doesn't do us any favors but, again, this is what he does. every so many months he raises his profile in republican politics and goes away because he is not taken seriously. >> we have to go. thank you both. have a good day. checking news feed. day five of deliberations earned a way in the racketeering trial of mob boss whitey bulger.
7:37 am
jurors asking a question to the judge on the racketeering charge. bulger faces 32 counts of racketeering. private bradley manning defense team will present evidence in the sentencing phase. he faces up to 90 years in prison for giving classified information to wikileaks. the 25-year-old said he leaked the material to expose wrong doing in afghanistan. israel has relieved the names of two palestinian prisoners who will be relieved this week. part of a u.s. brokered deal that led to the negotiations. but at the same time, israel has also moved forward to build nearly 20 million homes for jewish settlers and in a part of east jerusalem where the palestinians want to establish their state. leah michelle made her first public appearance since the death of her boyfriend and
7:38 am
co-star cory monteith. she was named best actress at the teen choice aaward and dedicating it to monteith. >> whether you knew him personally or just as finn hudson, cory reached and he became a part of all of our hearts and that is where he will stay forever so that uguys so much! >> monteith died from a lethal combination of alcohol and heroin. in nor way they have undercover prime minister cab evidently. norway's prime minister wearing a taxi driver's uniform and driving unassumed passengers around oslo. many had no idea who he was until he revealed himself. one person complained about his driving skills. looked funny, didn't it?
7:39 am
alex rodriguez hit a home run on sunday bringing yankees fans to their teeth after booing him throughout the weekend and booing him as he came up to home plate. the bomb was a-rod's first home run since returning from an injury. the yankees star is allowed to play while appealing his 211-game suspension for steroid use. tech world is rumored to be their new iphone. kayla, it has to be a real winner here. expectations are pretty high. >> a lot riding on this phone. it's expected to be unveiled at an industry event on september 10th. it's reportedly going to be called the iphone 5s and some of the bells and whistles could be featured a finger sensor for added security and better camera but unclear if it will win over
7:40 am
consumers. google has made big inroads there with its android devices that range in price. the new phone could be good news for others buying older models on the cheap. if you've been looking for an iphone, you could get a price break but the iphone 4 is expected to be discontinued. >> shareholders want a smig. see how it goes. a new study out talking about vacation time. >> it's interesting. recent data show a company would rather give you vacation days than sick days even though workers are less likely to take all of their vacation. maybe that is why they want to give it to you. the bureau of labor statistics says a worker with a year under their belt offer 10 paid vacation days a year and up from eight days 20 years ago. that same worker the data shows would get ten days of paid sick leave and down two days in that same period. the longer you stay at a company the stingier it is with the sick days. 20 years of service to a company used to get you 17 paid sick
7:41 am
days. that is just ten now. u.s. employers are hardly being generous with vacation. the u.s. is still the only advanced economy with no legal right to vacation unlike canada and japan and eu which has 20 and nearly 1 in 4 americans have no paid time off whatsoever. >> wow. makes me want to take a vacation day! thank you, kayla. a battle at the box office this weekend with four new films all vying for the top spot but it was matt damon's movie that took first with a little more than $30 in million. the surprise we are we are the millers. analysts expected new disney pixar film to come in second but dropped to third with.22.5 million. "sea of monsters" was fourth and "two guns" rounds out the top five. dog, bigfoot. could you get the light? [ loud crash ] what is going on?! honey, i was close! it's a yeti! [ male announcer ] must! have! wheat thins!
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7:45 am
offenders and the change would mean some would not face mandatory pretty much sentences at a time when prisons are facing overcrowding dah eliminate ma. joining me is general barry mccaffrey. good to see you. some say that they have led to lower crime rates. what is your thought on that? >> i think by and large we ought to support what the attorney general is trying to do. we got way too many people behind bars. 2.1 million people. most of it overwhelmingly state and local incarceration which is where most of the drug related sales and prosecutions go on. having that said. a good argument. i'm part of a national association of drug courts board of directors. we want discretion to judges in sentencing less than prosecutors on whether to charge you with a crime that you actually committed. i'm a little uneasy about what
7:46 am
they are doing. the feds normally do not prosecute low level nonviolent drug-related offenders. >> if you're saying that is happening mostly on the state level then, the suggestions that will be coming from holder very shortly in the next two, three hours, are you saying they are not going to be effective? >> i don't think it's going to be a major factor. when you find the fed is prosecuting somebody in a major urban city because the locals are trying to get a long-term drug dealer off the streets, there is some room for improvement, by the way. no question a drug mule, some poor woman flying drugs out of columbia probably shouldn't go to jail for 20 years for carrying drugs. but as a general statement, what we want is the federal mandatory minimums changed so you don't have three strikes and you're out laws and you let judges adapt the sentencing to fit the
7:47 am
accused. >> now another point, another partly of what we expect holder to be saying will require some change in law which the congress will have to proof heapprove he. what suggestions do you think are good and will they make it through the house? >> i don't know. president clinton want me to change the sentencing guidelines on powder cake versus crack cocaine and we were notably ineffective in getting congress to change the law. this start in a part of the population with grossly varying sentences opinion one person gets ten years and the other people, 90 days. that's where these laws started. now, i think they have worked our disadvantage. they ought to be changed but the administration needs to go to congress and make the case. >> that case being made, where would you suggest then we would focus our energy and resources?
7:48 am
>> i think first thing i would do is to focus on putting additional resources into probation officers and probation systems and keeping people not behind bars at 45,000 dollars a year but keeping them under supervision. the case load on probation officers may run a hundred probationers and just completely ridiculous. you got to put resources. second thing you got to is affect drug treatment programs. a guy is a heroin addict and 35, you lock him up for a year, he'll go back to drugs when he gets out. >> as always, thank you, general barry mccaffrey. today's tweet of the day who writes almost half of the 219,000 federal enmates are in jail for crimes related to drugs. #holder #presumed guilty. and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief.
7:49 am
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a heartless new crime preys
7:52 am
on crimes. >> reporter: when you think criminals can't get any lower, they do. if you ever lost a pet, you know how scary and heart wrenching it can be. it's called pet flipping and find lost dogs and instead of returning them they sell them for a quick buck. >> it's a girl. >> reporter: that little ball of energy? is that that is rosy, the schnauzer. huge and feisty. it's why lisa wagner loves her so much. >> that a girl! >> reporter: there summer rosy got loose and lost on the streets of indianapolis. >> it's almost as if you lose a child, you know? they got lost. a dog is not much better and they can't talk. >> reporter: you were scared? >> very scared. >> reporter: desperate for help, police posted these flyers all over the neighborhood. when she went to a lost dog website the next day, great
7:53 am
news. rosy had been found! but here is the twist. this conartist had already claimed her, posing as rosy's owner. >> she knew it wasn't her dog. but she claimed her and next thing we knew, she had listed her for sale on craigslist. >> this poor missing dog was now being pawned online. price? $50. >> it's just despicable. >> reporter: it's called pet flipping and crooks finding lost pets and selling them for cash. at least ten cases in indianapolis this year alone. and police fear it's growing! how are thee criminals doing it? >> sometimes they will just find a missing pet. sometimes they will answer a found ad and then they claim to be the owner of that pet or sometimes they will just steal it out of your yard. >> reporter: and it can get even worse! when lisa tracked down the woman trying to pawn rosy, she says the thief tried to extort her. >> she texted us and said if we
7:54 am
gave her 250 reward that she would give our dog back to us. >> reporter: a ransom? you called the cops? >> we knew they were on their way to her house. >> reporter: police arrested the womanever dodd. do you feel bad about what you did? >> no. am i supposed to? >> reporter: do you? >> i feel bad to the dog, yeah, but i don't feel bad for the person no. >> reporter: dodd wouldn't apologize saying she needed the cash. >> i'm a single mom. i have paternal twins on the way and i have a 1-year-old and you know the economy is hard and stuff nowadays. >> reporter: you did it for the money? >> for diapers for my kid. >> reporter: you were going to use the money on the sale of a dog to pay for diapers? >> yeah. >> reporter: whatever the reason, lisa says there is no excuse for stealing a member of her family for money. what is your message to the pet
7:55 am
flippers? >> you will get caught. it is awful that people would put other people through that kind of agony. >> we are just happy rosy is back home with lisa where she belongs. police say crooks can make from $50 to a thousand dollars on one dog, depending on the breed. how can you avoid to become a victim? police say don't leave your pet unattended outside in your own yard or even if you have a fence. if your dog is missing check the pet section of craigslist to see if someone is trying to sell it. get a micro chip and that can prove you're the dog owner. it's cheap and pretty quick and done at your local veterinarian office. >> surprising stuff. thank you so much, jeff rossen. i'm richard lui in for chris today. thomas roberts is up next. what you got? >> good morning. the agenda next hour major breaking news after a federal judge rules new york's controversial stop and frisk job
7:56 am
is unconstitutional and going against mayor bloomberg. joining me coming up is the reverend al sharpton and ari and he reports on these issues with his "presumed guilty" take. gop hopefuls looking to get a jump on the 2016 race for the white house. is it is the same cast singing the same political song? pop culture personality. b. scott comes out as transgender in a lawsuit against b.e.t. citing discrimination after kicked off the red carpet as a correspondent for tb.e.t. awards. b. scott will join me for a conversation coming up. don't miss it. we can play an important role. that includes continually providing more options. giving people easy ways to help make informed choices.
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7:59 am
i'm thomas roberts. topping our agenda today. breaking news involving new york city's controversial stop and frisk program and a major setback for new york mayor michael bloomberg.
8:00 am
the judge has called for a federal monitor to oversee broad reforms to this program. according to a whopping 195-page decision, the judge stated the police officers have been stopping innocent people on the street for years, usually young minority men and searching their pockets for weapons and drugs and other type of contraband before letting them go and comments like this one from the mayor added to it. >> i think we disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little. >> it's exactly the reversal of what they say. >> joining me live are ari mel and he is reporting on the inequities in the criminal system. great to have you here. you have the report. you have been speed reading through half of it. the biggest take away here is the fact that the judge has ruled that police offi


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