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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 14, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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here is what we are watching this hour on msnbc. the ntsb has just arrived on the design scene of a deadly cargo plane crash in birmingham, laem alabama. a teen rescued after an amber alert is revealing details of her abduction and family's murder online. a georgia teen kept off a life saving transplant list is added to the top of the list. what added to the hospital's abrupt change of heart? we will talk about that and more. topping the agenda today, the breaking news deadly clashes in cairo and the death toll could range from 95 to several hundred. it's a big disparity because of the clashes this morning in egypt. security forces stormed to protest camps that were set up by supporters of the ousted
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president mohammed morsi and moved in with armored vehicles and bulldozers and tear gas to break up the camps. richard engel was in the thick of it all. >> security forces here are clearly using live ammunition. firing into the side streets p.m. front line positions between protesters and security forces all over cairo and this one looks like it is about to get very ugly. >> we can report richard engel is there. ask amman i understand a nighttime curfew implemented in cairo? >> reporter: that is correct. they announced it will be imposing a curfew on various parts of the capital, as well as various states or -- rather throughout the entire country. this comes just about an hour after the egyptian government also imposed a state of imagine
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across the country at 4:00 p.m. local time and expected to last one month. we can certainly expect that situation to remain very tense in the coming hours. in addition to that declaration of emergency across the country and now the curfew, the presidency has authorized the country's military to support or augment police in restoring law and order and that is because throughout the course of the day the egyptian police has been strained in its efforts to restore security after clashing with protesters, mostly supporters of the ousted president morsi. it began with that early morning raid at about 7:30 a.m. local time. the death tolls are varying and because many of the voebodies a still in locations that are not accessible to health officials so a huge descriptsy right now. certainly a tense situation and very high in security across the country. thomas? >> we will keep an eye on it. stay safe for us in cairo, amman
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p.m. out of alabama a pilot and copiloted believed dead after a massive u.p.s. cargo jet crashed near the airport in birmingham. the huge fireball images after that plane which is an airbus a-300 crashed in an open field while approaching the airport. the plane is shown to have dropped 9,000 feet in two minutes. about four minutes before the crash. the ntsb updated reporters just a short time ago. >> where did the airplane actually crash? was it on approach or did it crash actually on the runway? we have not been there to actually get there and survey it. that is exactly what we will begin doing. >> no buildings were hit and no one on the ground was hurt. the plane en route from louisville, kentucky. like a live news conference but it unfolds as online experience for people. . someone claiming to be 16-year-old kidnapped survivor hannah anderson is on a social networking website speaking out
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about the ordeal and on hannah's ask fm account someone is answering questions about what happened and one response claims that the suspect james dimaggio, quote, had a gun and threatened to kill me and anyone who tried to help. nbc joe fryar joins me now. is the family confirming this is hannah's active account, this is her answering back to so many people with curious questions some. >> reporter: no, thomas. at this point, the family and the sheriff are not confirming that it is her. so at this point, we have to look at this and treat it very cautiously. we can know that since monday, someone has been posting on a couple of social media accounts in her fame. it has not been confirmed by the family or sheriff's office but we can tell you these accounts were established long ago and during the abduction there was no activity on those accounts and since monday, which is when hannah returned to southern california, there has been a flurry of activity. now some of the most interesting posts are on the website askfm,
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a popular site for teenagers where users can go on and ask people questions and try to get answers. one of the questions that caught our attention, someone asked are you glad he's dead? referring to suspect james dimaggio. the answer is, absolutely. in fact, someone else even asked if she would have preferred dimaggio went to jail for life and the response was he got what he deserved. we will show you posts are instagram account with hannah's name and pictures. one is of her painted fingernails. one asked what design did you get? reply was pink for my mom and blue for ethan and referring to her mom and brother who authorities say was murdered by dimaggio last week. their bodies were found inside dimaggio's home which was burned down. there is also an interesting post on ask fm about that fire in which the post claims dimaggio had set it to where the house would catch fire at a certain time. this speaks to modern day and how young people especially
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communicate. some interesting things in these posts. >> joe, thanks so much. we return to news in the new york city. mayoral debate is getting nasty as and anthony weiner hanging on to everything he has left. last night in a debate there was little talk of him sexting scandal but city council speaker christine quinn took weiner to task. >> i have apologized to my personal behavior. the speaker refuses to talk about things in her professional record. >> it's very clear to all new yorkers that neither me nor nobody else on this stage or any new york, quite frankly, should be lectured by anthony weiner about what we need to apologize for tonight or ever. >> hello, said the spider to the fly! joining me is buzzfeed reporter mckay. let's talk about the new poll figures showing that bill de
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blasio leading the pack with 30% of likely voters and weiner at the bottom 10%. down from 16% two weeks ago. at this point, is he -- he appeared with you guys on monday night. his justification to stay in this race he firmly believes that he can really win? the numbers just don't tell the full truth. >> right. he claims he knew when he got into this race that the scandal would come up again and he claims that this is the exact trajectory he expected all along that he would be riding high until some other bit of the scandal would come out, he would fall back down and triumphantly return and become mayor. i think anybody who is serious about new york city politics thinks that is a long shot at best and thinks that this is some pretty premium spin. >> i talk about the interview that buzz feed had with him on monday night and that is where he hinted that he knew what his wife huma's role would be in hillary clinton's 2016 presidential campaign. last night he tried to roll all
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that back. take a look. >> if you read the transcript the question is do i know what my wife was doing. the answer is yes. it was a joke. if you ever heard that sometimes people say, yes, but if i told you i would have to tell you? it was a joke. everyone laughed. it was a joke. >> but the line he left out, do you know what your wife is doing in hillary clinton's campaign? >> right, right. >> which is basic confirmation there is a campaign and no i'm not going to tell you what her role is going to be. a spokesperson for mrs. clinton nick merrell denied what anything weiner was referencing to in politico and giving a statement we have no clue what he was talking about. maybe his campaign does. doubt it, though. they are trying to distance themselves from this. obviously, because it may have revealed something they didn't want revealed throw hillary clinton stepped up into san francisco and stepped her foot
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into the political atmosphere by giving a speech. what do you think this means for the relationship between weiner and the clinton's? >> i think we have seen reporting out there that the clinton world is not a huge fan of anthony weiner. never really has been actually. and i think that his little revelation in our interview the other night only further damaged that relationship. although, you know, if anyone is in a position to know, it would be anthony weiner, his wife who has been a long time aide to hillary clinton. she probably has a good idea of what she is going to be doing in 2016 so no reason not to take that seriously. >> bill de blasio this morning on "morning joe" talking about what anthony weiner means to this race. >> we are actually talking about issues. the side show is dissipating and we talked about this last time. in the debate last night we
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talked about issues, not one guise' personal situation. >> de blasio is getting 22% in the polls. is there anything that can contribute to the fast rise there? a lot of people have speculated about his personal family and the fact that his son has come out with an endorsement. the headlines have been the stupendous afro and getting a lot of press and a lot of praise. >> that made his dad mayor? i think that actually what we are seeing here is that bill de blasio and anthony weiner had been competing for ruffle the same space, right? they are the outer borough candidates. when anthony weiner rose to first place several weeks ago it was at the expense of bill de blasio. now he has fallen, de blasio reclaimed that space. they appreciate the kind of values that bill de blasio has
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championed. >> we have until september 10th to see how it all goes down. great to have you here. thank you. developing news this hour in louisiana. a hostage shot inside a bank remains in critical condition. police say the suspect stormed the bank in st. joseph. one released and police moved in. police say the suspect shot both hostages before being shot and killed by the officers. one of those hostages who was shot has since died. the other is in critical condition. you know you could just use bengay zero degrees. medicated pain relief you store in the freezer. brrr...see ya boys. [ male announcer ] bengay zero degrees. freeze and move on.
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two live events we are monitoring we want to bring you
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side-by-tied side. the left of the screen the clashes taking place in cairo where as many as 95 are dead after clashes with military forces there. on the right-hand side of your screen is the presidential press briefing. white house press briefing taking place while the president is on vacation in martha's vineyard. this is their first regular briefing from the white house abroad since the president arrived there on martha's vineyard but what is said the white house and administration is sending its condolences to the people of egypt for these clashes and encourage the government of egypt to respect the rights of peaceful protesters. we will keep our eye on that. when it comes to the star that can send somebody to the top for a favorite thing or a politician to success, say, the white house, one name comes to mind, oprah. now the one woman media mogul is returning to the silver screen in lee daniels "the butler."
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that is putting civil rights on the front burner ahead of the march on washington and the anniversary the nation contemplates the meaning of trayvon martin's death. >> look at you. all puffed up. tattle head. covering your ear. saying whatever you want. you're free to go. >> what? >> get the hell out of my house! do it! get on out. >> everybody sit down. >> i'm sorry, mr. butler. any mean to make fun of your hero! >> pretty emotional scene there. as politico was pointing out, oprah's return coincide with a senate endorsement controversial comment on trayvon martin's case. oprah and director "the butler" lee daniels sat down on "morning joe" to talk about it. >> trayvon is the emma till of our era.
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>> joining me is marvet britto and emily henderson. marvet, start with you. oprah seems to be on a high right now especially with the fact that the movie no way is getting so much buzz you but her network is now thriving where it had been seeming to be a black hole for money and now seems to be turning a profit which she is proud of and she is back to acting but there was the shopping incident in switzerland that has brought a lot of attention her way where she thought that there was a racial bias from the store clerk. take a listen. >> she said, no, no, no. you don't want to see that one. you want to see this one because that one will cost, you are not able to afford that. and i said, well, no i really did want to see that one. she refused to get it! i said, okay.
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thank you so much. you're probably right. i can't afford it. i walked out of the store. why did she do that? >> this was the 38,000 dollar tom ford bag. now oprah said she is sorry she mentioned it and said the following. then she tweeted that the woman did her a favor she wasn't going to buy a 38 thousand dollar bag. marvet, are critics right to say this is a passive approach from oprah? it seems innocuous that she was trying to say in modern times i feel at times that racial discrimination exists on this planet. that was her example. >> let's make no mistake. oprah is the most powerful influential singular voice in the world, but the reason that doesn't happen in america is because we are very familiar with oprah's face and with oprah's brand. abroad she is just another woman of color. so it is typical of oprah to share an authentic true organic
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experience. it's expected of her to share what took place. but that could happen to oprah anywhere in the world where they aren't familiar with a black woman who walks in underdressed and looking to purchase a 40 thousand dollar handbag. i wasn't surprised to see her share her truth. that is the oprah brand, her entire brand has been built on oprah telling the truth of every struggle she's had and it didn't surprise me. i'm actually happy she did it. >> you point out she is a singular and very powerful voice planet and domestically has a huge voice. according to the center for response of politics the only campaigns that oprah has donated to in the past two decades was president obama's and recently hold ago fund-raiser for cory booker who won last night's democratic nomination for new jersey senate to replace frank lautenberg. it's been estimated that her obama endorsement amounted to 1 million votes back in the '08 primary. so how do you think as oprah is careful about her branding and
8:20 am
her strategy moving forward, how do you think she wants to incorporate her next political agenda? >> i don't think we really know yet. there are reports the white house is reaching out to her people to figure out if she wants to pitch for obama care and not clear if she would make a perfect pitch for that since the people they have to go over is young and black and hispanics men. shi she can do whatever she wants in terms of politics. i think the strength of her brand she hasn't weighed in very often so whenever she does it's a surprise and very much a story. she very much at her network been able to rebrand that by going small. it was in special ways, i think, a scatter shot. she was going after the suburban woman at large and now she seems to be branding it specifically as a place for black women. i mean, she is trying to make that network must see tv for african-american women. >> last question to both of you. marvet, i'll start with you. oprah oscar, go?
8:21 am
>> absolutely. she stepped away from film making and in a film that is raising a lot of awareness for the cause and for the racial tensions that we are still feeling in america. i think she is a shoo-in. she was a perfect cast for lee daniels but lee daniels is a brilliant filmmaker. i'm not surprised. >> i think oprah has not acted well in a movie since "the color purple." when i see the trailers, there is oprah. i think she is not able to lose herself in a role and primarily she is so familiar. she is in our households almost every single day if you watch own and she has built up this past with the oprah winfrey show with her past and i think she is not a familiar actor. >> thank you both. this leads to our big question of the day. it's not oprah os ka, no. it is about can she make a difference in politics? we are back after this. c ka, no.
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it is about can she make a difference in politics? we are back after this. ar ka, n. it is about can she make a difference in politics? we are back after this. ka, no. it is about can she make a difference in politics? we are back after this. , no. it is about can she make a difference in politics? we are back after this. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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[ male announcer ] clearly this isn't one of those speed-eating contests. that's a hebrew national hot dog. a kosher hot dog. that means we're extra choosy about the cuts of beef that meet our higher kosher standards. and only a good, old-fashioned slow-motion bite is gonna capture all that kosher delight. and when your hot dog's kosher, that's a hot dog you can trust. hebrew national. the united states strongly condemns the use of violence against protesters in egypt. we extend our condolenences who have been injured and killed. we have called on the egyptian military forces to show restraint and the government to respect the universal rights of its citizens. >> that was josh earnest moments
8:29 am
ago, the deputy press secretary. the death toll in egypt could range from 75 to a hundred. camps have been set up by protesters. we have two correspondents in cairo and bring you updates as soon as we get them. earlier this week attorney general eric hold caused for a seismic shift to the criminal justice system. harsh penalties that pack american prisons at 2.million and climbing with this country's public prison spilling over we have seen the rise of a new industry. it's the business of private emprisonment. here is airy with more. >> too many americans go to too many prisons for far too long and no no truly good law enforcement reason. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder took a rare step to curb the war on drugs in a speech to the american bar
8:30 am
association launching a policy to seek less federal jail time for certain nonviolent offenses. over the past 30 years, mandatory minimums and harsh sentences have driven up the population in the prisons. d as governments run out of space to house them they turn to corporations to pick up the slack. an advocate has visited hundreds of prisons. >> war on drugs is not a war on drugs. a war against black and brown america and now in the past 20 on years, you've allowed that war tor profited by private priso prisons. >> reporter: when the inmate population was spiking in the 1980s. from 1990 to 1999 it ballooned by 1600% according to the aclu. >> the for most of the prisons
8:31 am
are making contracts with states guaranteeing our prisons will be filled. guaranteed we will make a profit and how do you guarantee that? you create drug laws. >> reporter: the companies that run these prisons say they are meeting a public need created by policies that predate their business model. governors from both parties have looked to private prisons to address the overcrowding. take cca the largest prison group in the country with 80,000 inmates in 16 states. the company says it provides the cost savings of business to the oversight of government. cca spent almost 15 million dollars lobbying in 32 states between 2003 and 2010. yet cca officials insist they do not lobby for longer prison terms. in an s.e.c. filing the company was required to submit in 2010, however, it conceded its business may be hurt by policies of lenienleniency. that is the point. the war on drugs has spawned a
8:32 am
powerful business model that needs more crime and more jail time to survive and a system th that presumes guilt as a business model. >> when you impcome back, we wo love to see you again. >> airy is joining me now to talk more about this. great piece there. let's talk about the numbers. since mandatory minimum sentencing we have seen 700% rise in the general prison population. 1600% jump in private prison populations. that really does add up to this dramatic real world implication of the profit off of private prisons. >> you have 1 out of 6 federal inmates in these private prisons. they are not here to work on public safety. they are not here to rehabilitated. they are here to make money off this war on drug policy that has warehoused so many people. >> when we talk about the warehousing of this, msnbc reached out to cca for comment on those lobbying numbers you
8:33 am
just showed us. the company issued a statement saying the following. when it comes down to it, as you point out, basically, incarceration means higher difficulties. >> exactly. this is where their profit comes from. we spoke to cca. they and other private prisons insist they don't have a position on whether there should be more or less prison in the sentences. they have worked with groups like alec which for years, have pushed the mandatory minimums and tough drug reforms that basically say for the first time in american history the last 30 years, we are going to treat private dug use on par with manslaughter or sometimes rape. put people away for ten years and proved very profitable for them. >> think what bwhat is driving it, the money trail will take you wraever you need to go. thank you. >> thank you. >> you can find out more on
8:34 am
"presumed guilty" reports are up on don't forget to watch "the cycle." they have fun at 3:00 weekdays. >> you'd be surprised. >> i just watch that show. i told you how good i liked the segment yesterday. atlanta children's hospital reversed course yesterday and decided to list a 15-year-old boy for a heart transplant only days after refusing to do so. this reversal follows a two-day media campaign arguing anthony stokes was being denied a chance to live because of recently behavioral problems. he arrived at the hospital last month wearing a court ordered ankle monitoring device for fighting at school and the hospital insists misinformation. ws we stated previously a heart transplant operation is on the family's ability to meet specific transplant criteria. patient care is always our top priority. joining me is jonathan marino.
8:35 am
he is from the university of pennsylvania. good to have you with me. the stokes family relieved a stadium in regard to this saying the doctor did not explain why they changed their mind. we had a meeting and it just came in and said we have approved anthony to receive a heart transplant. first off how common is it for doctors and hospitals to impose those kind of restrictions and conditions for a potential transplant candidate? >> it's pretty unusual, in my opinion. we don't know the real data on that because these are confidential decisions. but, you know, the underlying problem here is that there aren't enough organs. i just checked this morning before i came on the show and there are 76,000 people on a waiting list for organs in this country today and including thousands of hearts. so the problem is, as you know, is that if one person gets an organ, another person doesn't. so really two lives in the balance, not just one. >> you talk about that because
8:36 am
we know that being an organ donor is certainly something that people talk about with high praise. however, as you point out, there are certainly a sparse number of proper organs to go around. we know the most recent string of transplant cases that gained a lot of attention, one is sarah who celebrated her 11th birthday receiving new lungs after that court battle. the high profile attention allowed her to be included as an adult on the transplant list and similar case involving costas whose mom filed a suit and he received a lung transplant. how ethical is it for the cases to be turned over after media attention? does the end justify the means? or is that making it unfair to thousands of other patients who are still waiting that aren't getting their story told on national television? >> this is a pretty unusual situation and you really sort of hate to have this litigated as you might say in the media.
8:37 am
on the other hand, let's hope that young anthony does well, that he gets a heart, that he does stay on his medication, has a long productive life. we are constantly trying to do this better. and until there are artificial substitutes for hearts and other organs which i think there will be within the next 10, 15 years, we are going to be in this continued process of trying to learn from situations like this. >> it's also a good reminder for all of us to recognize and take into consideration whether or not we. to be organ donors and that just takes a couple of moments of time to figure out. jonathan marino, thank you for coming on. >> thank you. we switch topics to making it happen. have you heard that before? that is the rnc's summer meeting theme. making it happen. but will the gop make immigration reform happen or block it altogether? and dropping a hint vice president joe biden is making strategic stops. is that his way of saying bring it on in 2016?
8:38 am
those are today's topics for our agenda panel. with us is joanne, benji, and vivian. gang, great to have you all here. benji, start with you. marco rubio was warning that president obama is going to take drastic measures if the congress fails to pass immigration reform. take a listen to this. >> if nothing happens in congress, he will be tempted to issue an executive order like he did for the dream act kids a year ago where he basically legalizes 11 million people by the sign of a pen. >> you have this article up saying rube owe might be on to something. why do you say that? >> it may sound like a wild idea give given th given that obama has done something like this before. as he mentioned after republicans of congress blocked the dream act which would legalize young undocumented
8:39 am
immigrants, obama did step in under heavy pressure from immigrant rights groups and created a program called doca through an executive order that halted deposteriortations from any qualifying and young and documented immigrants. you are hearing similar pressure now. in fact, some immigrants rights groups have argued that obama should expand that order at the very least to the patients of the people affected by the previous ones since you don't want to split up the families necessarily. and if congress decides or republicans of congress decide to block immigration reform, there is going to be more pressure for him to do something. obama has said he does not want to do this and unsure if he has the legal authority to try but he said the same thing before he issued doca. so it's quite possible that at the very least there is an expansion of it. on the political merits is this a good argument for rubio to use to win over republicans? i think another story. as far as predictions go it's not completely out there. >> the presidential temptation could be a big one.
8:40 am
but let's talk about marco rubio. this is a risky position for him. >> i think so, thomas. because on the one hand, you can never go too far in trying to channel the republican base's hatred of president obama. you say this tyrant, we have seen what he has already done with the dreamers. he can do this for all 11 million. let's act nouchl okay, that sounds reasonable. these people are not reasonable on this issue. so the backall about possibility is if i'm one -- why would i want to cave in, surrender to this tyrant who might do this with the stroke of a pen? i'm going to continue to fight him to delegit mize him and fight those powers and say he might do this without us. i think it's risky. >> you said there is pressure on the president and white house from the dreamers themselves.
8:41 am
it's not only people watching what the republicans are doing on immigration reform activists are closely watching what the president is doing and there is an expectation. >> absolutely. if we are closer to overhauling the immigration laws in the united states as we have been in 20 years, it's precisely because of the advocacy community but a wing of it, the dreamers. they stood up to president obama in 2011 attended white house town hall meetings and just really focused on the exponential. there is a rhetoric twofold. it's not just the pressure on the gop and we also know that the advocates going to town halls and make our voices heard on obama care is what they are doing for immigration. and they are keeping the pressure on this president referring to him as the deportation president. >> seems like the same political
8:42 am
cast and same political song. i want to switch gears. joan talked about the vice president and joe biden. you look at his schedule. he is stopping in iowa, south carolina, michigan and is this a signal from the vice president he has a willing interest for 2016 and it's not going to be marsha, marsha, marsha. he is considering running. >> no downside for joe biden doing this. hillary has not declared. there is a possibility she won't run. why not put himself out there and enjoy the limelight and say to an and draw cuomo or martin o'malley, who are you? what do you have over me? i think he is not as formidable as hillary for sure. >> does he recognize time? so much of our modern times as we look over history it's about the legacy of timing. >> yeah. >> we seem to be at a point right now where the country and
8:43 am
everyone is ready to see the first female president. madam president. >> right. i don't think he would run if she decides she wants it. i could be wrong about this. i have no inside information. >> if you do, i want to know. >> you would be the first to know. i think he is putting himself out there in case she doesn't and he doesn't want to be forgotten and that makes sense to me. >> joan came in out of a beautiful day and tweeted me how angry she was to come inside a windowless studio so we set you free to this beautiful day. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. thanks for being here. we will be right back. s betsy. her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪ [ susan ] i hate that the reason we're always stopping is because i have to go to the bathroom. and when we're sitting in traffic, i worry i'll have an accident.
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bob filner accused of sexual harassment by 14 people is staying firm. in statement he is saying now not the time to go backwards and recall organizers saying people from san diego want a mayor who doesn't grope and demean women
8:47 am
another development four hooters restaurants around san diego placed a sign in their windows saying the mayor of san diego will not be served in this establishment. luke russert is covering this story and joins us. they have change the locks on the mayor's door, luke. let's start with the serious part. >> the serious part, thomas, is that bob filner and his staff have said he will be back to work on monday. he is taking his first week back after two weeks of therapy for his personal time as the staff said. he plans to go back to city hall on monday. on sunday night the recall position to try to remove him from office will start. the petitioners need to get 200,000 signatures in 39 days and say it's quite possible. a lot of saying the 14 women filing sexual harassment cases against filner some aegregious
8:48 am
and difficult to read. some folks saying he is staying on to cut the possible deal for himself to get out with the city attorney. remember a lawsuit filed against him. the city has said they will not pay for mr. filner's defense. he perhaps is trying to cut some sort of deal that would limit his financial liability. the whole plethora of problems for bob filner and an investigation into his use on a credit card that is funded by taxpayers about taking women to a hotel bar. so the sexual harassment is just the tip of the iceberg. now on the funny part. you said hooters is not going to serve bob filner. a move on the conservative right to get businesses in san diego to say they will not serve bob filner. i was there over the weekend. usually when we do these stories you hear people say, you know, he should have his day in court or we shouldn't rush to judgment. i did not find a single person in san diego that i spoke to that said, hey, give bob filner his gap the only real backers are the organized labor and they are starting to dwindle a little bit.
8:49 am
>> i'm glad you clarified that that you said san diego and not hooters. i was confused on which part you went to but it was just you were in san diego. now you're in l.a. >> i did not visit a hooters in san diego. >> you're you'll tan and you're in los angeles now. >> i'm feeling great! i feel great! low carb diet and light and tight and i got the sun! i feel off the ocean! it's great stuff. get on it! it's good! >> don't be seduced by the southern cal sun. impam her check out this. one boy did this at his bar mitzvah in texas. ♪ >> i love this kid. that is sam horowitz rocking out to a fully choreographed dance routine at his big party in dallas! this happened about a year ago
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amid a blood shortage in california, a fight remains over who can donate blood. it all began when the red cross allowed the mayor to set up a blood drive. the mayor couldn't donate. men who have sex with menace a group have higher increased risk for hiv, hepatitis b and certain other infections which can be transmitted by infusion. joining me is mayor evan low of
8:54 am
campbell county. obviously this is ironic that they would set up this blood drive and refuse you when you get there. how infuriorating and humilia humiliating was that experience for you? >> as mayor of the city, it's my commitment and priority for the public, but as a gay man i felt conflicted in my advocacy for gay blood drives. certainly it's an important communal need for blood but at the same time we need to re-evaluate the policy. >> speaking of that, we have senator tammy baldwin who is the first openly gay senator. she has sent a letter to end the ban on blood donations for the gay community. panama ended a ban. they're only able to donate a blood if they have abstained from having sex with another man for five years prior to their donation. we see that going on in canada. what you do you think of the
8:55 am
senator's encouraging movement forward, to send that to secretary sebelius supporting it saying we need to take a look at this and re-evaluating it because medical science has proven that we can do better. >> absolutely. it's not only canada but the u.k. and i am encouraged by the fact that it's a bipartisan letter. in fact, republicans and democrats in the house and senate have sent letters to ask about the re-evaluation. i come from silicon valley and we adhere to science. let us use rational scientific based deferral periods to re-evaluate this referral policy. >> you certainly started a great conversation, and as i said in washington, senator baldwin is taking this up as well, but you are a perfect example of why we need to re-evaluate this, because as the mayor and someone who supports blood drives, you should be able to donate. mayor evan low, thanks so much for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. that's going to wrap up this hour. i have to sit in for tamron hall
8:56 am
at 2:00. now with alex wagner. >> as egypt descends into deadly chaos, we will get the latest from ayman mohyeldin. we will delve into the mind of alleged boston bomber tam merlin tsarnaev and examine the rise of far right conspiracies, and while republicans continue their push to roll back reproductive rights, we'll explain the fake science of fetal pain with dr. ann davis of physician's for reproductive health, and katie mcdonagh. all that when "now" starts right after this. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned,
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9:00 am
hours ago egyptian officials declared a month-long national state of emergency, and just imposed a curfew in cairo and ten other provinces after security forces in riot gear stormed two protest camps set up by pro morsi supporters. the police arrived in armored vehicles armed with bulldozers and tear gas. the violence has now spread to other parts of the country. now they say 149 people have been killed and over 1400 wounded. thus far, scores of protesters have been arrested, including leaders of the muslim brother hood. on account of the violence, the u.s. embassy in cairo has been temporarily closed. in the last hour the white house has had this response. >> we have repeatedly called on the egyptian military and security forces to show restraint and for the government to respect the universal right of its citizens


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