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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  August 16, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> how hazy the rules really are. all right. t.j., what -- you can't even get the lighting right. if it's way too early, it's morning joe. i just want to make sure, is today friday? >> yes. we've confirmed today is friday. >> we've one firmed today is friday. yesterday, i said have a good weekend, but today i can actually say have a good weekend. >> the lawyers said yes. >> have a good weekend. we want to say good-bye to liz. she's been absolutely fantastic for 2 1/2 years. we love you, thank you so much. dan, going to brazil, going all the way to brazil to get married. of course, there's only one reason why that's happening. because nobody in america would -- dan, good luck. we will see you soon. if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." stick around. the fix is next. day of rage. egypt's unrest leads to hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries prompting president
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obama to cancel a major military exercise. is there more the u.s. will do to stop the violence? plus, some new names headlining in the hawkeye state talk this weekend. but the spotlight still belongs to the superstars on each side. and another surprise headline on what the nsa is up to. an internal review shows the intel outfit broke its own rule thousands times. good morning from washington. it's friday, august 16th, 2013. and this is "the daily rundown." we're watching developing news out of egypt. the country bracing for more bloodshed today. tens of thousands of muslim brotherhood members and their supports are responding to calls for a day of rage. pouring into the streets to protest this week's brutal government crackdown. we're watching crowds demonstrators crossing a bridge through cairo. most likely trying to make its way to the square where morsi
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supporters are gathering. in direct defiance to the state of emergency. the army has been giving the green light to use live ammunition against the protesters. troops have been deployed to guard police and state buildings. they've set up road blocks at key junctions. there are some reports now of deadly clashes around egypt as well. the official death toll stands at 638. with nearly 4,000 people wounded. the government crackdown has sparked criticism from all corners of the globe and concern about what happen next. the u.n. security council urged both sides to exercise maximum restraint. president obama canceled joint military exercises with egypt and challenged the country's interim leaders. >> while we want to sustain a relationship with egypt, our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets. and rights are being rolledmean
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government took steps, releasing tapes that it says shows the muslim brotherhood supporters using automatic weapons. abc's ayman mohyeldin is live in cairo. ayman, i want to start with you. day of rage, marching beginning. tell us what you know and what we can expect if we have any idea. >> i will. i'll bring you up to speed on that developing situation on the bridge. that's one of the major bridges that cuts cairo from the western part of the city to the eastern part. over the course of the last hour, there has been a tense standoff with people firing machine guns. a volley of gunfire every few minutes. you can probably hear it echoing behind me. a military helicopter has been tracking that. i begin with protesters, supporters of the ousted president, as they try to make their way to ramses square.
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that's the destination the muslim brotherhood has been calling on all their marchers and supporters to gather at by the end of the day today. it has been a challenge for some to try to get there as we've seen in the last few minutes. the city is on lockdown. egyptian armored personnel carriers have deployed on various parts in major streets across the capital, including on the bridges that are major passageways to get to ramses square. there clearly is some attempt to try to limit the movement of these protesters. every few minutes, we've been hearing the volleys of gunfire breaking out. we're not able to exactly tell who's shooting. images have shown civilians, dressed in civilian closed, firing. a situation that remains very tense. one that is unfolding. also in addition to the gunfire we've been seeing tear gas, a lot of the protesters over the course of the past hour or so. now, in addition to cairo, these protests are also taking place in other cities across the country. already, we're getting reports of fatalities.
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at least five people have been killed in this city. and according to police sources, protesters tried to march towards the governor's office and that's where they came under attack by the security forces that were protecting that. now, the police have made absolutely clear, they will use live ammunition against any demonstrator or protester who tried to attack buildings. over the course of the last 72 hours, that's been the case with so many of these demonstration, that have turned increasingly violent. chris. >> amman mohyeldin in cairo, thank you. the joint military exercises the president is cancelling with egypt are nicknamed operation bright star. they date back to the 1978 camp david accords. involving tens of thousands troops in almost a dozen countries every two years. nbc news chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski join us with more. when this initially came out, there was a sense that canceling bright star was sort of a tap on
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the wrist, as opposed to taking away the more than $4 billion in aid we are sending to egypt. is that right description? is this more serious than people at first understood? >> i think your first description is accurate. as a matter of fact, two years ago, when egypt was in a state of turmoil, as they were throwing out the long-term dictator, hosni mubarak, that exercise was canceled, with no appreciable effect on the relationship between the two u.s. militaries. and one official here said they dare say that given the kind of turmoil in egypt right now, that if we didn't cancel it, the egyptian military may very well have canceled it, because they appear to be, quote, busy, pretty busy right now. and there is one more interesting element to all of this. this exercise, which has been
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under way since 1978, every other year as a result of the carp david peace accords. people here were telling us that the u.s. military was already preparing to scale down in this year's exercise because of the kind of budget pressures here at hope, chris. >> mick, i just want to follow up, what's the reaction to the extent you've been able to gauge it, at the pentagon for this move, as opposed to what many people either expected or hoped for or were calling for the suspension of military aid? >> well, you know, if you hear all the analysts, it appears to be the only card, the only viable card, that the obama administration had to play at this point, because after all, the 1.5, 1.6 billion that we give in aid is a small amount compared to the gulf states who are contributing to the egyptian
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government and country now. in term, of the money they're pouring into the system. there is some concern about the level of conflict, if you will, now, between the two militaries. you get a sense that the calls between defense secretary hagel and the defense minister, now head of the government, at least temporarily, assisi, there in cairo, while hagel lays down the law, and sets down parameters, it appears that the assisi-led government, right now, is pretty much ignoring those admonitions from the u.s. >> such an important point. jim miklaszewski at the pentagon, thank you. president obama said the u.s. is still committed to egypt and its people out of hope the country can return to democratically elected government. at least of today, that day seems far off. josh rogan is a senior correspondent for national security for "newsweek" magazine and the daily beast. i want to start with something you wrote this morning. i want to read it for folks.
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you wrote, the obama administration has had a timid, reactive and somehow incoherent policy that has alienated all sides. expand on that, including what president obama talked about yesterday, including the cutting off of the activity but not aid. >> yes, he calls his egyptian counterpart every day to no avail. seems clear u.s. influence on the egyptian military is little or nonexistent. a big change from two years ago, the last time we had an egyptian revolution, when the u.s. played a large role in influencing the military. what has happened between then and now is the obama administration has spent two years pretty much removing american leverage and influence from egypt through a policy of deciding not to speak up loudly during key points including an ngo crisis in egypt when
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president morsi was making some very controversial moves. that was a calculated policy to get close to the morsi regime. now they're choosing to not use the aid as leverage when the egyptian military is doing all these things. so this policy seemed prudent at the time but it's resulted in a lack of influence. like your muscles, if you don't exercise them, you lose them. >> don't i know it. mick mentioned this and i know you've mentioned it. the big debate back and forth, do we cut off the $1.3 billion in military aid or not. mick mentioned it and i want to make sure i get it right. other countries, $12 billion more than we are currently giving. when we say that's our remaining leverage point and the president doesn't want to use it yet, is it really, in your expert opinion? >> right, we shouldn't pretend that $1.3 billion is going to change the egyptian military's
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ca calculous. what it would do is sort of remove the sentiment that america is complicit in the crimes the military's committing against its people. >> let's talk about ways forward, beyond military aid and that debate. is there anything practical, logistical, this white house can do? you talk about secretary hagel calling every day to no avail. what can we do? there's a lot of criticism over what the administration is doing or maybe not doing. what can we do in your opinion? >> now obama finds himself with limited options but there still are some. we're living in a world where america by itself can't do much. what the obama administration could do is cowelless international action. there's a call for an event to criticize the egyptian government and the u.s. has resisted that. if we took a more forceful
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stance in the international community, we could build a coalition that could exert greater pressure. it doesn't seem like that's the way the white house is going to go. >> josh rogan, "newsweek" magazine, the daily beast, read his stuff, folk, at an important time. we'll keep an eye on egypt throughout the day as the day of rage protests are expected to intensify. plus, more revelations from nsa leaker edward snowden that show the nsa violated american's privacy thousands of times. can twitter predict election winners? the author of a new study that's getting a lot of buzz and could change the way campaigns connect in the future. first, a look ahead at today's politics planner. president obama is winding down his vacation but he's got the martha vineyard livestock and show. that looks fun. we're noting tomorrow, the
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much more ahead on this friday edition of "the daily rundown." new jersey governor chris christie makes his case for 2016 and takes a few shots. this is at his potential republican rivals. including, you guessed it, kentucky senator rand paul. plus, hillary clinton, you may have heard of her, is getting some unexpected encouragement to run. she doesn't even have to be in iowa to be the senator of attention there. that's all next. first, you know you've been waiting for it.
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the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ now to our friday round you of all things 2016. dropping in on her neighbors in the hawkeye state. she will deliver the keynote address tonight at the tenth annual north iowa wing ding, i didn't make that up, fund-raiser. she dismisses any 2016 talk. >> i love being the senator from minnesota. it simply means i was invited to a wing ding. i think anything in iowa makes anything out of a wing ding and
6:21 am
that's all it is. >> hillary clinton, just one sign of the degree to which she overshadows any other democratic wanna be. the clint bes got a taste of what the next three years could be like with the front page of "the new york times" look at their family foundation with reported allegations of mismanagement, perks of celebrities and worries about financial conflicts of interest. clinton got an unusual endorsement from former first daughter barbara bush who calls her, quote, unbelievably accomplished, end quote, in an interview with "people" magazine. barbara bush won't commit to voting for her, saying, i don't know who she'd be running against, uncle jeb perhaps? another guy headed to iowa, former presidential candidate howard dean. would will return on wednesday to the state where his 2004 campaign launched and crashed with the infamous dean scream. dean will speak at the iowa federation in altoona about his
6:22 am
group and efforts to elect more democrats to state legislatures. if christie runs for president in 2016, he'll build that campaign around three simple words made famous by okayen raiders owner bill davis, just win, baby. took veiled shots at senators paul and cruz, saying, quote, i think we have folks who believe our job is to be college professors. for our ideas to matter, we have to win. if we don't govern, all we do is shout to the wind. and so i am going to do anything i need to do to win. christie also chanted governor jindal by saying, quote, i am not going to call you the stupid party. the election is over and we need to move on. one man who is not on team christie is ron paul, already hammering his son's potential competition. >> if he were the republican nominee in 2016, you wouldn't
6:23 am
vote for him. >> no, i wouldn't, i wouldn't do it, because he offers nothing, no change. it's the status quo. it's more big government. >> rand paul said wednesday there is, quote, no objective evidence, end quote that african-american voters are being disenfranchised. sounded again this week a whole lot like a guy who is running for president. >> i have been thinking about it. we've been considering it. i'm talking with my wife and kids about it. we won't make a decision for probably a year. i think the party is ready for something different. >> nbc's deputy political editor domenico montanaro is here. let's start out, i was most struck by chris christie sort of the in it to win it, don't pay too much attention to college professors, aka, rand paul who pursue an ideological course. what do you make of it and how it was received at the rnc? >> i think it's also a shot at sort of the rnc autopsy.
6:24 am
about, you know, the party needs to change with this demographic or that demographic. christie doesn't like to spend a lot of time thinking about all these kind of broad sweep things. when his philosophy is more practical. says, let's just get it done. let's get out and win. let's do the nuts and bolts stuff that needs to happen in order to win. i do think chris christie, he was pretty well received in the room. frank thorpe, one of our producers, up there in boston. talked to one south carolina committee woman who said she went in pretty skeptical of christie and came out a supporter. so that's a pretty big deal considering south carolina and new jersey are not exactly always aligned, chris. >> right, really good point. dom, one thing i want to get you on, for the democratic side, we spend so much time talking about hillary clinton, but howard dean going back to iowa, i'm pretty sure you agree with me, no politician goes to iowa by accident.
6:25 am
what's dean up to? >> howard dean has said he would probably consider a run for president in 2016 if hillary clinton doesn't run. i mean, that is the big donkey in the room i guess you could say instead of elephant this time. that's the reality. there's a lot of people who would run if hillary doesn't run. joe biden, martin o'malley, howard dean or at least strongly consider it. i think that's something why not, go hang out in iowa, see what the temperatures are like. raise your hand, tell people you're still around. remember, newt gingrich had famously said in 2012, don't tell them you're not running. once you do that, no one pays attention to you. >> now, as republicans wrap up their summer meeting in boston, what does the fight for the right mean for the party and the candidates who want to lead it? let's bring in the rest. we're bringing in "the washington post" jackie kucinich who happens to be my host of our new web show. and viviana arturo, founder of
6:26 am
the wives latino club. jackie, let me start with you. this is fascinating. chris christie, between fighting with rand paul openly, kind of speaking his mind, that we need to win. it's a view many people in the establishment and the party hold. is it a view that he can run? and more importantly, win on in 2016? >> depending on what part of the party you talk about. if you talk to conservatives, they think that's exactly what went wrong in 2012 and in 2000 with mccain. especially places like iowa, south carolina, where you do have contingencies who say we need to go more conservative. saying what christie is saying isn't really the message you're hearing from party that's not the establishment. >> viviana, i want to read something from a piece titled "eve of destruction," going subtle. this is what they wrote. it is almost impossible to find an established republican in town who is not downright morose
6:27 am
about the 2013 that has been and is about to be. the farm bill failing. john boehner almost having to go to a second ballot for speaker. a lot of tea party versus establishment fighting rand paul versus the establishment. can they resolve this? is this the thing that always happens to parties out of power? is it different in kind? >> i think the real problem now is, you know, newt summed it up when he said this is a party who has no ideas for example on health care. a lot of people would say this is a party who has no ideas or really scarey ideas on a lot of other issues. on health care, for example, they're proposing making -- being able to buy your health plan across state lines, bringing down the costs, making it more competitive. the problem of course is the real noisy wing of party, the party of no, is saying, let's just defund obama care. let's shut it down. the same thing could be said about immigration. this is what's really the problem. it makes getting out primary into the general election really
6:28 am
difficult for a candidate. >> dom, i want to go to immigration, because it's something i think, you know, you saw marco rubio sort of go -- say, we need to do this, i'm going to be in the center of it, get it through the senate, now kind of in the house. we don't expect much to happen till the end of the year. rubio's numbers, they didn't collapse, but they took a hit among republicans. what do you make of that? is that sort of negative message for other republican establishment, guys wanting to step out? >> i think that, you know, you certainly have these two wings of the party that are still, you know, they hadn't figured it out yet. you know, you have the chris christie establishment quote/unquote new hampshire types versus the iowa, rick santorum, ted cruz types. that always winds up working itself out in these primaries. probably if you talk about grassroots support and energy, you would have thought mitt romney would be the nominee. he had all the rest in place. he had new hampshire.
6:29 am
he wound up being able to use that to leapfrog to other states. i think when you look at this inner it in er in terms of presidential politics, you can have somebody like marco rubio maybe take a small hit with conservatives but that's why you see him boomerang back the other way about health care. when you saw his negatives tick up, they only ticked up a bit. it's not like he's completely under water. but he's also not as well liked as he was before he started this immigration push among conservatives. >> to your point about sort of trying to reaffirm his conservative, with the 20-week abortion ban as well. i want to go through the numbers. i do think they are interesting. as dom points out, it's not a collapse of his numbers but this say morni among conservatives. in april, 45% positive. in july, 35% positive. his negative went from 6 to 13.
6:30 am
he's not all that well known as a candidate. what do you make of -- what message does it send? it seems like they have the problem of conservatives may not want immigration but -- immigration reform. in the candidate emerges as someone who opposes it, they have a big problem with latino voters. >> the strategy becomes what is the short view and what is the long view. the fact of the matter is, latino voters have a ways to go as far as turnout is concerned. not just in the general election but certainly in the midterms. so it is very possible. you kind of bring into the mix the fact that a lot of the vote s that are in the midterms up for grabs, we don't have candidates that are in super latino districts with a handful here and there. the party has to decide, are we going to start laying down the foundation for 2016 and 2020 successfully? or are we just going to be
6:31 am
focused, you know, nose right in front of the face? >> you spent a lot of years covering the congress. do you believe the house passes an immigration bill? is there any chance that bill has a pathway to u.s. citizenship? it? >> i don't think so. because you're not going to be able to get republicans in the house to support that. i think we'll see a piecemeal approach if we see anything. >> i think you're right. the gaggle is sticking with us. we've got more of this week's 2016 roundup and takeaways from the republican national committee meeting. check that out on our website. up next, can 140 characters really predict the winner of most elections? the power of the twitter-verse. after the president promised to make surveillance programs more transparent, a new report shows the nsa broke the rules when it comes to american's privacy. you're watching "the daily rundown." ce from walmart and secretly served it up in the heart of peach country. it's a fresh-over.
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these are live pictures from a bridge in cairo close to ramses square. thousands of pro-morsi supporters are headed there to protest the recent government shutdown. she was caught in the middle of the fighting. abigail, first of all, your piece was amazing. you said the fighting was stunning in its ferocity. you wrote government forces unleashing fire that seemed indiscriminate. tell us about those moments. >> it was a very frightening experience. my team and i found ourselves sort of trapped between two police cordons on wednesday. as the police moved in early in the morning to raid these two sprawling pro-morsi protest camps. it was a scene of absolute chaos. with gunfire coming from all
6:36 am
over the place. police opening fire very heavily on protesters and on the camp and we sort of got locked down for a bit in the middle of it. now, outside in the streets, we're seeing the clashes continuing actually at this very moment. >> and i just want to ask you, you mentioned the clashes continuing, can you get a sense, and i'm not sure exactly where you are right now, but can you get a sense of violence, peaceful? where are we at the moment? >> well, i'm overlooking a major bridge in central cairo right now. that bridge crosses over to the nile. that's where thousands of pro-morsi demonstrators, just one of a dozen of marchers to go through this country today. heading towards downtown. as they got to the end of the downtown side of the bridge, pretty heavy gunfire erupted. i heard bullets whipping past
6:37 am
me. i'm on the other side of the nile, overlooking this bridge. things were very hairy out there for a little while. we saw a molotov cocktail go flying through the air. and television is showing close-up footage that appeared to show someone amongst the protesters using an automatic weapon to fire at something off of the bridge. >> abigail hauslohner, "washington post," thank you. we're continuing to look at images of that bridge. let's check in another freelance journalist monitoring louisa lo. just tell me what you're seeing and hearing at the moment. >> i'm afraid you might not be able to hear me very well, but i'm at a field hop in the center the square that abby just told
6:38 am
you about. we've seen three dead bodies so far and there are dozens and dozens of badly injured people being carried in by their friends and their family. it's complete chaos here. >> louisa, thank you. we can hear you. thank you. can you just describe for us -- abigail described molotov cocktails. she heard gunfire. are you hearing and seeing similar things or not? >> that's exactly what i see. i was downtown when it started, the ramses bridge is below. there was gunfire, gunfire -- protesters below the bridge.
6:39 am
[ inaudible ] >> louisa loveluck, thank you very much for your reporting. we'll keep watching developments out of cairo. we'll be right back. first, a few program notes. tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern, msnbc will premiere "the politics of power" hosted by chris hayes. this sunday on nbc's "meet the press," new york police commissioner ray kelly on new york city's controversial stop and frisk policy. and of course it wouldn't be "the daily rundown " if we didnt have the white house soup of the day. seafood gumbo. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actually use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪
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i win! what's in your wallet?
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the study of social media isn't an exact science but there's new evidence out that shows if people are talking about you on twitter, that's a good thing. if you're running for office, it may be proof that you're on your way to victory. back in 2010, researchers collected more than a half
6:43 am
billion random tweets, then honed in about a half a million that mentioned the names congressional candidates. they found a strong correlation between the number of tweets that included a candidate's name and a final vote. the politician mentioned in the most tweets ended up winning 93% of the time. that's pretty good. it didn't matter what was said in those tweets or even who said it be it. the study found just the number of times the politician's name was mentioned was enough to predict victory or defeat. predictability is just part of the story. they argue the big takeaway is that anyone can access this data and that's critical for candidates who can't afford or can't access quality polling. nevertheless, not everyone is on board. this is washington after all. in a recent column, stu rothenburg the rothenburg political report called it weak. he wrote that the idea the number of tweets alone can predict political races seems to fly in the face logic.
6:44 am
joining me now, one of the authors of the study, professor rohas. let's start with the critique. i'm sure when you published this, you knew a critique was doing. he basically says this conclusion flies in the face of logic. give me your quick take on that. >> so let me start by saying i appreciate what he wrote about us. i appreciate the attention. and i'd like to start with the response by saying that random samples are not the only way to learn about the world. there are other ways you can learn about the world. here's a very simple example. if i would like to know whether a building is on fire, i do not need a representative sample everybody who's in it. all i need is somebody on twitter to start talking about it. the same kind of dynamic is working in elections. if people are talking about a candidate, whether they like a candidate or not, that means that candidate is getting traction. they're getting buzz. they're getting money.
6:45 am
and they might be getting votes. even if people don't like the candidate, they might be forbesed to talk about the candidate because they're wing. and that's what we're picking up in the data. >> professor, the thing i was most struck by was, and you mentioned it but i want to go more into it, this study seems to articulate the all publicity is good publicity theory of the case as it relates to public life. that it doesn't really matter the sentiment in which the name is being mentioned. simply being mentioned is sort of an indicator. >> that's right. that's the theory we're using to explain the results. which is that all publicity or most publicity is usually good publicity. so, for example, i always think about the tea party, their preferred candidate would probably have been mitt romney but they can't stop talking about barack obama now. the reason is barack obama won the election. similarly, if you are in a race and you're generating buzz, then people are going to talk about
6:46 am
you, whether they like it or not. and you're right, the buzz is an indicator that you are picking up support. that you might be on the verge of victory. because people in general don't like talking about losers. >> i like this because all the people attacking me on twitter, i feel like this now justifies my existence. it gives me buzz. i want to ask you there are exceptions to every rule. i want to ask you about anthony weiner, candidate for new york city mayor. he's generated a massive amount of buzz on twitter. his pulling prospects seem to be dropping. explain the sort of -- if there is an explanation for sort of the anthony wiener effect. >> right. i'm glad you asked about that. when you always look at an am democratic study like this, we talk about trends, orangeaverag. we have data for 2010, 2012. we're talking a large number of cases. we're talking overall trends. however, because human life is messy, there's always going to
6:47 am
be something that doesn't fit. and skcandals are an example that's going to start distorting your social media presence in a way that may not be reflective of what people truly think about you. so what my sense about something like mr. weiner in new york is that you have a baseline of popularity. that baseline of popularity translates into people talking about you. whether it's a criticism or a form of praise. but then a scandal comes. then there's an increase in social media. and then you revert to your new normal. so my sense or my prediction is anthony weiner is a candidate who's an exception to the overall trend. he's going to get a short-term spike in social media discussion. and then whatever the voters are going to think about him is going to be his new normal. then a few weeks from now, he's going to return to that once people start forgetting or not thinking so much about the scandal. >> and professor, let me ask you one last thing looking forward. is this the sort of thing you
6:48 am
think campaigns -- you mentioned the study. for candidates who can't afford, who don't have access to what we would describe as quality polling. that this is a way to judge sentiment. is this the kind of thing you would expect campaigns to use, not solely but supplementary in campaigns to come? >> that's absolutely right. one of the biggest implications of this research is not in prediction. you can always, you know, work with different models. you can always get one prediction over another prediction. but the big impact, the big long-term impact of this study is how polling and political campaigns are going to be conducted. so you're always going to have polls. because polls will always be useful. especially if you want to ask candidates in detail -- excuse me if you want to ask voters in detail what they think, polls are the best way. the social media is an inexpensive accessible sort of data that people can use. >> indiana professor fabio rohas. i think it is a fascinating study. thank you for taking the time to
6:49 am
explain it to us. >> thank you very much, it's been a pleasure. trivia time. we asked, who is the only woman to chair a house committee in the 113th congress? the answer, congresswoman candace miller of michigan. she chairs the house administration committee. congratulations to today's winner, roger morris. you're famous! send your trivia suggestions to and we will be right back. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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jackie and vivian and donald, start with you. a couple of days the president says, look. we are putting these things in place. you know, we want to make sure that the court nsa not overstepping their bounds. what does this do to the president and his credibility on this issue? >> the president said she would set up a group to review what is happening. when you look at the big picture, a president has about six to eight months to implement their second-term agenda. you see a lot of other stories including the nsa stuff i think are making people say just sort of looking toward the next thing rather than giving credibility to what obama can accomplish in the second term. >> gun control we thought might get passed and is not part of his second term legacy.
6:54 am
jackie, i want to ready what the nsa statement said in reaction to awful this. they said nsa's foreign intelligence -- the agency reports the issue internally and to federal overseers and aggressively gets to the bottom of it. from the nsa's public and media affairs office. given what has come before and what edward snowden has leaked out. does that -- >> i don't think so at this point. you have members of congress who have defended this now calling for more oversight and nancy pelosi had a statement just this morning talking about how disturbing this was. i think this not only for people who are observing this, i think for people who have oversight over there are extremely concerned and i think you'll see more talking about it and pushing for more oversight on
6:55 am
the congressional level. >> what can the president do on this? he has defended the program broadly and said this is important to our mission to keeping the country safe. can he do anything beyond what he announced monday given what was come to light in the "the washington post"? >> the fact of the matter this president has to be thinking about the national security of millions of americans and, yet, every single time he does open his mouth on this, he gets what kind with this whammy. what strikes me about this is that when there is talk about reform and talk about oversight but in the case of edward snowden as well as manning nowhere these people felt they could go and listen and where the reforms could be put in place so they decided to take it to the media. >> president obama said we were going to get there which raised some eyebrows about edward snowden, if he was just a catalyst. >> huge crisis of confidence in
6:56 am
government. >> shameless plug? >> happy first week of school for my nieces? georgia. >> i bet you think i'll plig our show in play? instead i'm keeping it in the company. dan balls, amazing, amazing, amazing book. such a fan of it. >> collision 22. great company. dom? >> i'm the won that is truly shameless and plug my piece from the other day about low turnout and about the consequences of it. more instead of sad face on american politics and more of a, you know, trying to inspire people that they should get out to the polls, especially in primaries. >> go vote! democracy. danielle jones, i think, hearse 21st birthday today. happy birthday! never fear. chuck todd will be back on monday and he'll have a special look back at the 1984 republican
6:57 am
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right now, this cordova vanity combo is a special buy. just $199. good morning. i'm chris jansing. they are calling it friday of rage in egypt. we have just learned that the anti-coup coalition says their marches towards ramseys have come under attack near the square. 25 people they say have been killed so far and that follows what appears to be the worst mass killing in that country's history. on wednesday, 638 people dead, thousands more wounded. in response president obama canceled joined military exercises with the egyptians but stopped short of canceling the $1.3 billion in aid. >> while we want to sustain our relationship with egypt our traditional cooperation could not continue as usually when vif silveians are killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back


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