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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  September 30, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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first, your phone calls, then your e-mail, now your selfies on facebook. i'm glad they saw mine. sacred anymore? is anything? what everyone in the office will be talking about this morning, the series finale of "breaking bad." run out of the room, hands over ears, spoiler alert. it ends. always a wise guy in the room. good morning. i'm bill karins in for the one and only bee jackman. it's monday, september 30th. one, in all likelihood the federal government will shut down tonight. two, enrollment at obama care exchanges will begin tomorrow. number three, major league baseball playoffs are here. almost. we'll explain a little later in sports. first we begin in washington where it appears a deal to keep the government running through the night is a long shot. early sunday morning the house approved a spending bill that includes a one-year delay of
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obama care. it waives a controversial medical device tax. but the plan is as good as dead on arrival in the democrat-controlled senate. senate majority leader harry reid has made it clear he'll not pass any plan weakening the president's signature health care law and opted to keep the senate in recess until this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. instead of bringing them back early to take up the house bill. but at this point, most agree despite all the sound and fury, a shutdown is practically unavoidable. >> the senate will come in session. the house position, which is basically the same one they sent us the last time, is going to be rejected, again. we're going to face the prospect of the government shutting down come midnight monday night, tuesday morning. >> there's only one side that is linking obama care with a shutdown of government. >> what you're seeing play out here is the end of what senator richard burr, republican of north carolina, says was the dumbest idea he'd ever heard of. >> the president himself has
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acknowledged the law's not ready. he's making exceptions for people, unions, big business, other special interests. >> we have a system where the rich and powerful, those with connections to the obama administration, they get spared some of the burdens of obama care. but those who are struggling, single moms and young people, people who are just trying to make it. >> this is the old football strategy. when you get to where you want to be in a football game, you run out the clock. >> we could have a great country album. i feel like "o brother where art thou," only it's "senate, where art thou." >> i'm glad to invite to the microphone our distinguished majority leader in the senate harry reid. i'm sorry, harry's not here today. >> joining us from washington, nbc political reporter casey hunt. good morning to you, casey. the comparisons being made to the shutdown of the mid '90s. people say this one could be even more toxic because, well,
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the sides aren't talking. >> there's just not a lot going on. conversation-wise. i was at the capitol yesterday. it was eerily quiet. the halls were empty. we did get a handful of house researches who came up to ding the democrats for not coming back to deal with this yesterday. but at this point, there is just no negotiation going on between the sides. and what that reflects is this sort of evolving political conventional wisdom that it's going to take a shutdown to actually move either of these sides anywhere. harry reid has dug in, he's already said that the senate's going to come back today and reject outright what the house passed late on saturday night. and john boehner is trying to wrangle this sort of group of conservatives who resist him at basically every turn. and we're at the point where new year's an impasse. and there's acknowledgement from republican aides that if they're going to break that impasse,
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members, especially in nose conservative house republicans, are going to need to feel the pain of a government shutdown. >> casey, if we actually get to the shutdown, that must mean the democrats don't mind it, the republicans don't mind it. so who has the better poker hand here? >> well, at this point, the conventional wisdom is that republicans are the ones who are going to feel the pain the most of this shutdown. that's something senator tom coburn talked to me about on friday. he said republicans are going to hold like hotcakes once the government shuts down. but i think that there is some risk for democrats. senate majority leader harry reid has sort of refused, he's drawn a line in the sand, he's refused to budge at all on this. the thinking goes that, this is a short-term spending deal, it really only funds the government for a month and a half, maybe two months, depending where they decide to set the date. if they're not going to stand and fight how are they going to handle a larger conversation like the debt ceiling? but i think that at this point there are definitely voices who
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are saying, you know, democrats are going to need to be cautious too. because every shutdown is different. and at this point, trust in government is so low. frankly, congress' ratings are so low that it's not out of the realm of possibility -- >> can't get any lower. >> democrats could take some blame, yes. but they're certainly working very hard to push them as low as possible. >> we'll find out tonight at midnight. thank you so much, nbc's casey hunt. the shutdown could spur shock waves in the market today. "the washington post" reports the average impact of a shutdown that lasts ten days or long over the s&p 500 is a 2.5% dip. nothing to sneeze at. shutdowns lasting five days or 4, a 1.4% drop. to give us a preview, steve sedgwick is live in london. you heard those numbers. what are people going to do with their money today? >> fascinating. do you sell in advance of the shutdown? or do you sell during the shutdown? if advance we've had the main of those two numbers you've just
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mentioned in the last six, seven sessions, we've fallen six times and fallen 2%, right bang in the middle of those two numbers. very interesting that a shutdown historically does not mean a market collapse. in fact, that big shutdown we've talked about on this show, the standoff between newt gingrich and president clinton back in the mid '90s over the prolonged period of those two shut-downs, t five-day one in november, the 21-1, the s&p managed to rally heavily during that period. we've seen the market rallying at the start of this year when we had the wrangles about the sequester as well. it is not a given these markets will fall during a shutdown. as you mentioned it does depend on the length as well. >> is it your opinion it's already built in, the market's already anticipated this? >> i think there's a great degree of that as well. don't forget there's a whole host of reasons why people are taking money off the table. the s&p has had a fantastic double-digit gain already this year. the nasdaq is up over 20%.
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plus the fact there are a lot of worries on this side of the atlantic, old foes of investors like the eurozone crisis. we have worries about france, portugal, spain, greece, and especially italy again as well. so it's not just the shutdown, why people have been selling stocks. they're taking a bit of money off the table as we go into the fourth quarter because they've had fantastic gains this year already. >> all the experts like yourself, everyone's saying if we don't get an increase in the debt limit, it would be much worse on the marks than this would be. >> yeah, look. this is quite an astounding number. you only have to look at the and other sites to see the level of u.s. bent on a debt to gdp ratio it's not that bad, compared with the europeans and japanese on the other side of the pacific. it remains to be seen whether we're going to get this as well. the u.s. is bumping along, somewhere in the region of $16.8 trillion of absolute public debt. those are scarey numbers even if on a proportion compared with the growth rate of the u.s. it's
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not as wad as some of the europeans and japanese as well. that's another key day to look forward to in october. >> that's not far away. thanks for the information. be an interesting next 24 hours of politics and with the economy. cbs's steve sedgwick live in london. critical kin ton was president the last time there was a government sut-down in 1995. his advice to president obama, it's time to call the republican party's bluff. >> there's nothing to negotiate with. he shouldn't delay the health care bill. it's the law. and we're opening the enrollment on october 1st. this is the house republicans and the tea party people saying, we don't want to negotiate with the democrats. we want to dictate over the senate, over the house democrats, over the speaker of the house of our own party, and over the president. we insist on dictating the course of the country. >> you're saying you have to stand up to that no matter the consequences? >> i do. >> speaking of the house
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speaker, he's also no stranger to shutdowns. this is congressman boehner dumping out a bunch of coal during the 1995 shutdown. he called it a christmas gift from president clinton. look at the hair. the obama administration is taking the state of north carolina to court. today the justice department will file a lawsuit to block new voting rules. the new rules scale back the time period for early voting and state voters must show a valid photo i.d. critics say it will disenfranchise minority and elderly voters who are less likely to have i.d. supporters of the law, including republican governor matt mccrory, say the law is simple, to fight voter fraud. in june the supreme court struck down part of the voting rights act requiring states to get federal approval before making voting changes. the entire state of north carolina was not covered but several counties were. that prompted attorney general eric hold tore promise to fight any voting laws he considered vim that tore. the justice department has already sued to stop a voter i.d. law in texas.
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in just a few hours israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will address the united nations. he's prepared to deliver a stern warning. don't be fooled by iran's sweet talk about his nuclear program. the warning comes just days after president obama and iranian president rouhani held the first conversation between the leaders of u.s. and iran in 34 years. netanyahu will meet with president obama, says iran's sanctions ar smoke screen to get sanctions eased. president rouhani wants to reach a nuclear deal in three to six months. secretary of state john kerry says that could happen even sooner. >> it's possible to have a deal sooner than that depending on how forthcoming and clear iran is prepared to be. we need to have a good deal here. a good deal means that it is absolutely accountable, failsafe in its measures to make certain this is a peaceful program. if it is a peaceful program and
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we can all see that, the whole world sees that, the relationship with iran can change dramatically for the better and it can change fast. >> israel also just announced it arrested this man. ali monsieuri for spying for iran. israel says the iran native had photos of various locations including the u.s. embassy in tel aviv and has confessed. more bombshell revolutions in the nsa spying scandal. documents show the national security agency has been serially gathering information on connections u.s. citizens have made on social media since november 2012. massive amounts of data on phone calls and the e-mails have been collected by the nsa. this information can be used to pinpoint a person's exact location. here's the catch. it can also detect who a person is traveling with at any given time. if that wasn't enough, more classified data is expected to be released soon. this time details outlining a
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top secret u.s. assassination program. ouch. in nigeria, islamic extremists attacked a boarding school. horrible story over the weekend. in the admit of the night torching classrooms and killing at least 42 students. the attack on the college of agriculture is being blamed on the boca hair ram extremist group, an organization described by president obama as one of the most vicious terrorist groups in the world. a student told reporters there are about 200 attackers who stormed the college at about midnight. still ahead on "way too early," tom brady, the so annoying patriots, look to stay unbeaten against the falcons. they'll have to do so with the help of gronkowski. later, how does it all end? for hie's sen berg and jesse pinkman? we'll look at cast and crew as they say good-byes. we'll take a look at your favorite tv series of all-time.
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perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste. now it's time for sports beginning with the nfl. late night game on sunday, patriots/falcons. fourth quarter. that's brady. nice catch there. chem bill tompkins, third touchdown last two weeks for them. atlanta rallies.
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there's their last shot at tying the game with man-to-man in the end zone. broken-up pass. look at roddy white. patriots hang on. can you believe they're undefeated? smoke and mirrors for the patriots. 4-0. kansas city, giants trying to avoid the 0-4 start against the unbeaten chiefs. not if alex smith can help it. the kansas city qb threw for three touchdown passes. they romp over the giants, 31-7. the chiefs join the 1980 detroit lions as the only team in modern league history to win two or fewer games the season before, then to start undefeated. by the way, one team, that's it, san diego chargers back in '92, made the playoffs after starting 0-4. denver, the overmatched eagles at the undefeated broncos. peyton manning, he's breaking a record every sunday. what a season. he threw for four more touchdown passes. he only had six incomplete passes in the entire game.
2:48 am
manning now holds an nfl record with 16 touchdown passes in the first month of the season. hasn't thrown an interception yet either. they're the super bowl gaves. to houston texas leading seahawks 20-13. houston blew this game. matt schaub is picked off, kicked off his shoe. still runs it back for the touchdown. this one goes to overtime. and the seahawks, they nail the 42-yard field goal in ot. did it split the uprights? eked it to the right a little bit, that's all right. they're 4-0 for the first time in franchise history. it was the final day of baseball's regular season. in the american league it's still crazy interesting. three teams are still vying for the wild card spots. in minnesota, the indians wrapped up their season with their tenth straight win in the ticket to the postseason with a 5-1 victory over the twins. the team's first wild card berth since 2007. toronto, rays and jays, must-win
2:49 am
for tampa. it was a heart-stopping 7-6 victory. so in the late afternoon, pressure on texas rangers. but they come through. adrian beltre. deep. catch it, guy in red. nice. 443rd home run, texas wins 6-2. indians clinching the top wild card spot, rangers and rays will play a one-game tiebreaker tonight at 8:00 p.m. in arlington. one game and in, sudden death games. the winner faces cleveland for the wild card game on tuesday. one more major league game of note, tigers and marlins scoreless in the 9th, henderson alvarez has a no-hitter going. no score in the bottom of the inning. bases loaded. two outs. no. a wild pitch? a walkoff no-hitter? never seen it before. doubt it's ever happened. what a way to end what was
2:50 am
absolutely horrible season in south florida. let's get a check on your forecast now. dylan dreyer what do we have on tap for the last day of september? >> you know, not so good in the pacific northwest. this is a typical storm system that happens in the winter out in washington and oregon. to get this in september, this could be the strongest wind storm this area has seen in september. we're looking at another additional 2 to 3 inches of rain, especially from seattle right down into parts of portland and the coast of oregon. but it's the wind on top of that. up until about 5:00 a.m. pacific time, there's the chance we could end up still in the highest elevations of wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour. in the lower elevations, wind gusts up near 60 miles per hour. elsewhere across the country, it's actually a really nice day. we're going to see a lot of sunshine up and down the east coast. 72 in new york city. hot and humid in the south with a couple of gulf coast thunderstorms today. and again tomorrow, looks pretty quiet as well with a few thunderstorms down south. and rain in seattle will turn more into regular rain that they get this time of year, not this
2:51 am
huge rainstorm they've been dealing with. that should start to exit and it looks showery as we go throughout the rest of the week. >> the east coast, let it keep coming. one of the best falls we've ever, ever seen. >> love it. coming up on "morning joe," when it comes to washington it appears the question is not if the government shuts down but for how long. "morning joe" has all the latest coming up. we'll huddle around the water cooler with tina fey and a few new members of "saturday night live." can we say hazing? before they sat down, one more time, just for themselves. before the last grandchild. before the first grandchild. smile. before katie, debbie, kevin and brad... there was a connection that started it all and made the future
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the final credits have rolled in the drama of "breaking bad." while final ratings are not in yet they should be huge by today's standards. if you want to sound smart today tell your friends the highest-rated television series finale of all-time, m.a.s.h., pulled in almost 106 million viewers. on cable television now, it was the sopranos with nearly 12 millions. that's where 10.6 million. millions turned to the series finale of amc's "breaking bad." while we're staying away from the spoilers, since i've never seen an episode, cast and crew is bidding good-bye on twitter.
2:55 am
bryan cranston said, this is it, the last episode ever of "breaking bad." thank you for sharing this ride with me. without you, we never would have lasted. let's do, this get ready everyone for some madness. he also instagramed this photo of walter white. pretty cool. and finally, dean norris tweeted this photo with show creator vince gilling thanking him for changing his life. nice. "saturday night live" was back on the air this weekend kicking off its 39th season and it didn't take long for the "snl" to get political, weighing in of course on obama care. >> i am psyched for obama care! >> there you go. i love that enthusiasm. >> because now that i've got free health care, i can get sick all the time! whoo! >> i have this friend, you know. and he got sick. like cancer sick. but because there was -- wasn't
2:56 am
obama care, he couldn't afford the treatments so he was like backed into a corner, know what i mean? >> and keep in mind, this man was a teacher with a family. >> he was. he was. so he did what any of us would have done. he started cooking meth. >> i think we can probably wrap this up. >> wait, hold on, you know what happened to my friend? >> i'm told that was a "breaking bad" dude. this week's host and former cast member tina fey had the honoring of welcoming six new cast moebs to the historic sketch comedy show. ♪ really want to make it ♪ let me see you shake it good. good. that's very embarrassing. you're going to feel a deep shame coming up from here and out. it's natural. bring it home, nerds! ♪ ♪ got a great show
2:57 am
♪ so sing aloud and >> commit! let your spirit die. congratulations, you're done for the night. >> that's the way it should be. first show. still ahead on "way too early," what was your favorite series finale? someone's trying to convince me to go off of "dawson's creek." our best and most creative tweets and "morning joe" moments away. [ bird chirping ]
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all right. you're up. series finale favorites. >> "lost" mainly because it was finally over. >> and "the office". >> a lot of bunch of "the shield". >> i changed mine from dawson creek's to ana marie's, 90210, best ever. "morning joe" starts right now.