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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 2, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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and in pittsburgh, two decades of frustration gets one night of pure joy. highlights from the pirates and their first playoff game since 1992. heck. boys 2 men were number four in the country back then. this, "way too early". i was hoping grunge rock was number one. i was a little disappointed when i can it my research. good morning, everybody. i'm brian shactman. wednesday, october 2. and you know it will be an interesting day when michael jordan, ron burgundy and justin bieber are all in the news. although i must say it would be more interesting if they were in the same story. but we want to begin with more important but less fun stuff. it is day number two of the government shutdown and the day begins with few answers as to how to break the logjam. yesterday house republicans tried to pass a series of continuing resolutions as we're calling them now, crs.
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basically band-aids that would only fund agencies line the v.a., national parks and the city of washington, d.c.. but the measures failed to get the two-thirds needed to pass. flanked by people he says are beneficiaries of the health care law at the center of the shutdown, president obama said republicans were putting the country's economy at risk. >> this shutdown is not about deficits or budgets. it's aboutle roing back our efforts to provide health insurance to folks who don't have it. it's all about rolling back the affordable care act. this more than anything else seems to be what the republican party stands for these days. i know it's strapg that one party would make keeping people uninsured the center piece of their agenda. but that apparently is what it is. >> despite the seemingly high stakes, both economically and politically, there are few high level negotiations going on behind the scenes right now. house republicans with their
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jackets off came to a conference committee they called in the w echl e hours monday morning, but the senator had already rejected the meeting and no democrats showed up and a lot of people called it a stunt. >> i have to say i'm disappointed in the actions of the united states senate this morning by rejecting the bill passed by the house last night. my goodness, they won't even sit down and have a discussion about this. >> unfortunately, i read speaker boehner and house republicans are engaging in silly empty political stunts instead. what it's going to do is have republicans members of congress sit down for a photo-op across from empty chairs. has it ever been done before? maybe 5 thourg,000, 6,000. >> the sarcasm. small cracks in the armor starting to show. congressman peter king estimates at least 100 house republicans would back the president's call
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to restore funding without any conditions. and more moderates are joining him to say the stakes just not worth it. >> to te continue to hurt our economy -- we'll fight another day, but i do think we ought to stop where we are and go ahead and fund the government and get us back on track. >> the "washington post" has listed a few of the more serious repercussions of the shutdown. benefits for vets may be cut off if it lasts longer than two week. the cdc will halt its flu program as flu season begins. the fda food safety operations will mostly come to a halt. and financing for small businesses will be interrupted, as well. finally, roughly 200 patients including a number of children are with cancer will be turned away by the clinical research center because of the shutdown. another casualty of the shutdown, president obama canceling an official trip to malaysia next week. john kerry being sent instead.
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one group refused to honest or the shutdown. world war ii veterans visiting d.c.. they came to the memorial to find it closed. they spent about $90,000 just on the mississippi trip alone. when veterans arrived, members of congress were there helping to open gates while the cameras rolled. eventually dozens of vets streamed through, many in twh l wheelchairs visiting. for many, maybe both the first and the last time they could see it. some congressmen claimed the white house denied requests to keep it open. >> my dad was a world war ii vet. it breaks my heart personally. >> this is stupid because we're here just for one day. >> we just opened the gates and allowed 91 world war ii veterans to come see their monument that was erected in their honor. >> this is a spiteful decision that was ordered from the white
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house. >> we're trying to protect the lives and health care of these wonderful veterans who did for us. >> a spokesman for the national park service says they did not want to shut down the monument but were instructed as a federal agency to close the grounds. with all of washington not getting the government up and running, jack lew chiming in as to how all of this could impact the looming debt ceiling issue. yesterday lew sent a letter to skron boehner warning about the nation's borrowing cap. he wrote in part, as of today, treasury has begun using the final extraordinary measures. there are no other legal and prupt options prudent options to extend the authority. treasury department stands by their estimate that the debt limit must be raised before october 17 or the united states might not be able to honor its financial obligations. now, as if all this weren't enough, the health care exchanges opened up yesterday and there were plenty of hiccups on day one. the biggest problem was computer
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glitches as millions tried to enroll or look up insurance information on health it froze on applications throughout the entire day and states running their own marketplaces also had problems. maryland's exchange was down all morning delaying enrollment by four hours. the rough start left many feeling frustrated. >> not a good beginning. it's one of the first times i really reached out to what's been available. and this isn't good to me. >> meanwhile the white house, president obama met with people who signed up under the affordable care act. the president hailed it as an historic day for the 15% of americans without coverage and said every new product experiences glitches. >> consider that just a couple weeks ago, apple rolled out a new mobile operating system. and within days they found a glitch. so they fixed it.
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i don't remember anybody suggesting apple should stop selling iphones or ipads. or threatening to shut down the company if they didn't. that's not how we do things in america. we don't actively root for failure. we get to work, we make things happen, we make them better. we keep going. >> the department of health and human services say more than 2.8 million people visited the federal exchange yesterday. we have new developments this morning in that case of road rage that was caught on camera. christopher cruise who is seen here suspected of cutting off the driver which seemed to spark the entire situation. he's been arrested and faces several charges including reckless endangerment and reckless driving. the driver did stop but took off when the bikers started damaging their suv. he plowed into a man who is in a medically induced coma and paralyzed from the waist down.
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a second bikers has voluntarily sur roerounded to police. many are asking where police were. >> the individual in the suv, he did call. we responded to that call. but catching up to him from 120th street to 178th street, i have no indication that we didn't respond adequately. >> new york "post" is reporting the bikers tried to actually take over the entire highway for their rally by blocking off several entrances to other drivers. you can see there is nothing else on that highway except for the motorcyclists, basically the one suv. the jacksonville international airport in florida shut down last night for nearly five hours with two suspicious packages discovered on site. according to the florida times-union, the incident began when authorities confronted a man who said he had a bomb. a second man was seen running from the area. law enforcement officials say one of the packages was deemed destructive, they didn't say it was a bomb, but deemed destructive and had it to be deactivated off site by a bomb
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squad. the airport has since reopened. israeli prime minister netanyahu delivering a strong warping to world leaders while speaking at the united nation, warning they will to be skeptical of iran president rouhani. >> rouhani doesn't sound like ahmadinejad, but when it comes to iran's nuclear weapons program, the only difference between them is this. ahmadinejad was a wolf in wolf's clothing. rouhani is a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> an iranian official quickly responded the prime minister had better not even think about attacking iran, let alone planning for that. a group of international inspectors in syria to oversee the destruction of the chemical weapons stockpile, a team of two 20 experts must find and destroy
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an estimated 1,000 ton chemical arsenal and only have about nine months to complete the task. according to officials, the u.n. inspectors will be guarded around the clock by syrian intelligence agents and special forces. a second group of 100 inspectors are expected to arrive in the next week. wall street seemingly unphased by the government shutdown. all three indices posting gains yesterday. s&p got a boost mainly from tech and health care shares. cnbc steve sedgwick live for us in london with the rest of the headlines. hey, steve. >> hey, brian. very interesting. we sold off on seven out of eight sessions going into this shutdown, so the mar wet was well prepared for it. as we spoke about previously, historically shutdowns do not necessarily mean big market falls elsewhere. it looks line whistleblowers are making quite a lot of money when it comes to successful enforcement by the sec, but just
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over a year now, the sec has been rewarding whistleblowers if there are successful sanctions that result in at least $1 million being received back to the sec. this time around someone's received $14 million for an action which has led to swift enforcement by the sec. elsewhere, the wrangle between google and the european commission may be coming to annd. google has agreed to display more prominently links to rival search engines and be monitored more and this could lead to an end in that long running dispute between the european commission and google. >> also not spending a whole lot in taxes there in the uk either. less than 3% on google's revenue in the uk. i want to ask you, the government shutdown having an impact, we always in the business world look forward to that first week of every month with those job reports, but we won't get all of them is that right? >> yeah, i may not look it, but for 25 years now, i've been excited about the nonfarm
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payroll ever since i was in the square. 25 years. i'm only 28. and the fact remains i've been on the bls website. that's not the bs website, it's bls, bureau of labor statistics. the website is currently not being updated due to the shutdown. they will not collect data, issue reports or respond to public inquiries and that includes dear old nonfarm payroll which means we probably won't have it in time for friday which means the private sector adp report which is out today which we'll look at around about 178,000 private jobs being created, that one will be the key jobs report of the week. >> every month it's the most important report ever. and we get all ramped up. thank you, steve. still ahead, the great justin bieber takes his dance moves to the great wall of china. we have the pictures. trust me, this one doesn't look between for the biebs. but first, michael jordan dishes on who he would like to play
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one-on-one. what are your dream matchups in sports in any era, two people? #way too early and we'll put the best answers -- i don't know. i got brady versus montana maybe. but we'll have to see about that. check on weather, too, when "way too early" comes right back. it had all begun four months early when president johnson made the following announcement. >> i have talked to the chief justice and informed him that i will send to the senate this afternoon the nomination of mr. thurgood marshall. [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers.
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second inning, russell martin, two run homer to left center. one of two homers from martin. pie the arerates up 2-0. dominant rolled -- >> i'm on the bandwagon. >> how can you not. >> i pirates are on their way to st. louis in the national league division series. a playoff win this pittsburgh for the first time since 1992. >> that's just awesome. according to the final number, largest paid crowd in the history of the ballpark with 40,487 fans. the pirates play the cardinals on thursday. other match-up is braves against the dodgers. and tonight tampa bay will face the cleveland indians in that
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wild card playing game. >> and if tampa wins, there will be 10,000 people. >> and you've been sitting on that line? that's a good line. the winner goes to plate red sox and there will be more red sox fans in tampa than tampa fans. let's get a little bit of hockey in there. the blackhawks hoisting the banner to the rafters. and then the actual game, tied at four in the third, fires from the point and trickles by the goally. they score one more late, they win 6-4 over the capitals. a scary moment. orr goes to the ground and smashes his head.
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that's just chilling. he was basically unconscious. carted off. told that he has a concussion. we don't know when he'll be back. not sure how i feel about fighting in the nhl anymore. promoting an nba video game, michael jordan drifted in to a little bit of controversy. asked who he would like to go one-on-one with if he was still in his prime. >> jerry west, baylor, kobe bryant in his prime. d. wade in his prime. melo. that's a good start. i don't think i'd lose. other than kobe bryant because he steals all my moves. >> nice. he said he'd beat lebron, though. kobe bryant tweeted domino effect. i stole some of his, this generation stole some of mine. #the cycle. meanwhile lebron said no one will ever see the match-up. this made us wonder your dream match-up in any sport.
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#way too early. i love playing that game. >> it is fun. i got 22-year-old mike tyson verse ali in his prichl. i think that would be one of the biggest spectacles ever. >> if ali was on, he would toy with tyson. >> it would be over one way or the other in the first two minutes. well, let's get to your forecast. the good news is it continues. what a trip we're having this fall all the way through the east coast. temperatures yesterday, this map is just ridiculous out there. we're seeing about 85 in washington, d.c.. even all the way back out to deny versi denver, it was 74. we'll do it again today. cooling off eventually especially montana and areas back toward seattle, but that's about it. if you're going to the airports today, no issues whatsoever. 85 today like d.c. to new york city. this will probably be the warmest day we'll see maybe
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until april, may. >> good day for golf. >> bees will be out. >> they will. >> desperate to bite you before they die. i have somebody who wants knee wrestle christie brinkley in her prime. i don't know where that's coming from. coming up on "morning joe," house republicans trying to if you said fund parts of the governmental la cart style. what will it take to get the government back up and run something when we come back here, we huddle around the cooler with the biebs. [ yodeling plays ]
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we brought you the latest on the government shutdown at the top of the show. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends that the cost of the government shutdown is about $1.6 billion a week. $300 million a day. or $12.5 million an hour. that according to ihs global insight. time for the cooler. louis in the house. >> if you aren't already a nonbeliever, you may become one thousand. brand new photos on twitter show justin bieber carrying him up the stairs of the great wall of china. the whole point of the great wall of china is being able on say he and his entourage
2:55 am
reached the top. he was in beijing for a concert on sunday. someone needs to rein that guy in. we have the first look this morning at the lnew memoir, let me off at the top, my classy life and other musings coming to a bookstore near you on november 19. the book will share personal stories about the many women in his life, his dog baxter and of course the channel 4 news team. this of course has nothing to do with the sequel to anchorman. hits theaters later this year. mika, we've unfortunately run out of time, so i will go to for you a check on what's coming up on "morning joe". >> you know, you're a really big deal. thank you. coming up on "morning joe," a graup of world war ii veterans take center stage in the shutdown debate as both parties jockey for the political high ground. senator tim kaine, congressman peter king, jill braand arrests
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made and bikers speak out. "morning joe" now just a few minutes away. still ahead on "way too early," your dream one on one sports match-up. and of course "morning joe" just minutes away. [ male announcer ] they say it was during an arm wrestling match that mr. clean realized the way to handle bigger, tougher messes was better leverage. that's why he created his new magic eraser handy grip. it has a handle that firmly attaches to the eraser so you get better leverage and more oomph with less effort. it's the perfect magic eraser for making stuff that's big and tough not so tough, after all. mr. clean's handy grip -- the newest member of the magic eraser family. in all purpose and bath. [ engine revs ] ♪
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we asked what are your dream one-on-one match-ups? any era. natalie has some answers. >> we have an interesting track meet up. usain bolt versus michael johnson. and ann marie says tyson verse ali. >> we broke that down. >> and robert said tiger verse jack, 36 hole match play. >> same equipment. no technology.
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in their prime. that's another the fantastic one. i said braid city ver i said braid city verse montana, but they said you can't go quarterback. so i'll take the st . >> may those who possess little or no power an woes lives are made all the more difficult by a failure to work out serious differences. >> finally listening. good morning, everybody. >> thank you, father. >> welcome to "morning joe. kwlths. it is october 2nd. oh my gosh, it's october. willie, are you all right there? >> oh my


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