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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 7, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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right now, one of al qaeda's senior leaders is being interrogated aboard an american warship. plus tornado threat, millions of americans along the east coast under a tornado watch. we're going to bring you the latest on that forecast. should the washington redskins change its name? president obama weighing in now, the football team responding. it's today's "news nation" gut check. we'll get you all caught up on that. i'm thomas roberts in for tamron hall. first, the "news nation" following president o bam am ma's challenge to john boehner. boehner claiming they don't have enough votes to pass a clean spending bill to end the government shutdown. >> the truth of the matter is there are enough republican and democratic votes in the house of representatives right now to end the shutdown immediately, with no partisan strings attached. the house should hold that vote
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today. if republicans and speaker boehner is saying there are not enough votes, they should prove it and let the bill go to the floor and see what happens. hold a vote, call a vote right now and let's see what happens. >> our nbc news count showing as many as 22 republicans would join democrats to provide more than the 217 votes needed to pass a clean spending bill. meantime, speaker boehner is the target of a new act by a democratic super pac. >> speaker john boehner didn't get his way on shutting down health care reform, so he shut down the government. >> we have one bright spot, a positive development with the pentagon calling 300,000 furloughed civilian workers back to work. chuck hagel saying they are essential to supporting the military. that still leads more than 400,000 government workers on furlough and without a paycheck. nbc news capitol hill correspondent luke russert joining us now. what are the chances speaker
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boehner will take up the president's challenge and hold the clean vote? >> reporter: zero as we stand right now. the speaker of the house was forceful in his interview on sunday show saying the votes aren't there in the house of representativeses. folks on the democratic side say it's not true. the popular conventional wisdom, if they did put it on the floor it would pass because of the fact of the matter, you saw 22 rpz on there. for boehner to strengthen his negotiating hand he wants to keep that out. where this is going and we've been saying it for the last week and it's becoming evidently clear, it's going to be tied into the debt limit, this new shall we say countdown clock should go until october 17th when the treasury department says they can no longer use in order to keep the government from defaulting on debt. that's the real deadline we have right now and how we figure a way out of this situation, athat
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point remains very much unclear. the white house staying they would be open to a temporary extension of debt limit to give boehner a longer time to get it in order. as early as late this week, that's when we'll start to see some way out of this hole, the u.s. government and u.s. economy could be in if the debt limit is not raised on october 17th. >> as we look at this time bubble we're in, shutdown mode, fastly and quickly approaching the debt ceiling issue on the 17th. speaker boehner was reluctant to say he wants to play with this, the default issue, at least yesterday, appearing with george stephanopoulos. it doesn't seem as if he's talking that way but everybody is pushing him that way. >> reporter: john boehner's -- if you take the republican party into two and have the tea party
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red blooded meat crowd and country club free market crowd, he's a part of the latter. plastics company from ohio, millionaire that lives on a golf course. he doesn't want to see the united states default on its debt. that's a lot of folks i'm sure close to him have called and said not to let it happen. a lot of concern among the establishment and those folks on wall street about house republicans playing with the debt limit idea. the problem is as we said all along, there's a group that doesn't want to see that go up. but everyone thinkds that john boehner would never in a million years let the united states default. you've seen goldman sachs, which i'm sure you saw where other nations go, leaning heavily on the gop side, saying it would be a economic ka tas trow fee that can kill points from the gop.
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i don't think john boehner and mitch mcconnell are going to let the ted cruz wing of the republican party are going to let the relationship get hurt. >> luke, thanks so much. pat rick murphy from florida, sir, it's great to have you here. i'm sure you heard luke talking about exactly the motivations and thought process for someone like john boehner. but you and your colleague, timothy bishop sent a letter signed by 200 members of congress, a clean spending bill vote to reopen the government. have you received a response yet? >> no, we haven't received a response. i agree with luke said. common knowledge and thought process on hill, if this clean cr came up for a vote, it would pass. mr. bishop and i put this letter together within a matter of hours. we had 200 democrats ready to vote for the clean cr.
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that nbc report has shown at least 22 republicans willing to vote for the clean cr. >> it was peter king, congressman peter king who was saying if he feels positive if a clean cr were pass if it went to the floor tomorrow, 50 to 75 republicans voting for it. if it were a secret ballot, 150. what do you think of speaker boehner's claims there aren't the votes to pass it? >> the only thing i can speculate it is politically motivated. we've seen how the message from boehner has changed over the last seven to ten days. no matter what we're going to repeal obama care. then it's moved to other things about a grand bargain and trying to get other mechanisms in to get something out of this. we have seen that over the past few days where some republican members of congress said we're going to get something for this. this isn't a game. it's one thing to have this negotiation leading up to the process but we're seven days into a government shutdown. how are we supposed to be the
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world leader if we can't get our own fiscal house in order? i talked to business owners back from abroad, they said we're being laughed at by folks overseas while we're trying to lead the way economically and foreign affairs and can't get our own house in order. kind of embarrassing. >> i want to go to the floor. speaker boehner is at the mike. >> i'm sorry. >> just getting word he just walked away. nothing monumental right there from boehner as of yet. how do you think this will all come to an end? we're barreling toward the debt ceiling issue and seem to be in this stalled mode of shutdown and many americans who are feeling the pinch of this. here we go again, sequester mode and shutdown mode and here we go for the debt ceiling again. it's almost as if there's not anything that will shake everybody in d.c. awake enough to not play these games.
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>> you're exactly right. i campaigned for two years against this sort of behavior so it's frustrating for me being a new member of congress and eight months in this is what we're dealing with. my talks with many republicans and democrats part of a group called no label and another group called the united solutions, both bipartisan groups and other meetings i've had with a lot of republicans, they are confident not only with the past, but that this sort of nonsense, games being played is not the right course of action. ultimately i don't know how it ends. my speculation is we raise the debt ceiling and that this government shutdown continues and they continue to try to use that as leverage to get a bigger deal struck. don't get me wrong, i do believe we need to have this talk of a grand bargain and improve the affordable care act. we shouldn't take into discussion of the debt ceiling. >> thank you for your time. a headline in politico reading
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government shutdown, the latest litmus test. it boils down to which side you were on during the shutdown. in primary campaigns where there's not much daylight on policy between establishment republicans and conservative challengers, how willing a candidate was to cloegs the government and opposed to a compromise on obama care that would reopen it, looks like the base's latest test. james, good to have you here. tell us more how this is all playing about when we look at the 2014 and those contests involving senators mitch mcconnell and lindsay graham that get primary from the right. >> it is already becoming an issue in primaries heating up. it's a lot like how t.a.r.p. was in 2008 and became in 2010 or oe earlier this year, immigration, it is the gut check for a lot of
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conservative activists to know where they are member was. for someone like mitch mcconnell, spent last couple of years trying to defund obama care and broke with ted cruz after his 21-hour speak and primary rivals are going after them and saying this is proof they are soft on the issue. what we're seeing in open senate races like one in alaska, a must win states for republicans to win control of the senate, you have joe miller who won the nomination in 2010 trying to make a comeback. he staked out ground as the pro shutdown senate candidate and then you have the establishment types who are more focused on trying to be competitive in the general election, tread well, the lieutenant governor wants to avoid the shutdown and takes a nuanced stand. so that dynamic is playing out. both sides are trying to raise money off of their position and
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it's certainly going to be one of those key issues a year from now or i guess a little bit less in the primaries. >> who in your estimation seems more vulnerable? >> a lot of incumbents that are up have been able to avoid serious primary so far. but there's still time for challengers to emerge against people from texas senator john cornyn to lamar alexander in tennessee. right now we're seeing the hardest hits against mitch mcconnell and lindsay graham, the senator from south carolina. >> we'll see how they campaign, the historic moment of where were you then. >> great to be with you. >> we're following developing news as we've been talking about this tornado watch in effect for much of the northeast. including parts of new york state and new jersey and washington, d.c. and virginia. kelly kas joins me more. how much change have we seen
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over the afternoon? >> not much but get ready for a cooldown. it's a dangerous day of weather from upstate new york towards new york city, philadelphia and parts of the delmarva peninsula are under a tornado watch. that goes until 5:00 eastern time. already a dangerous line that's moving through the capitol district right now. we start you off there and have an accountive tornado warning for portions of the mohawk valley and fulton county, you need to seek shelter now. it is in effect until 2:30 eastern time moving quickly at 40 to 50 miles per hour. that doesn't get a whole lot of time to get to the safe place. also down here in southwestern new york, orange county under a severe thunderstorm warning until 2:45. lots of delays at the airport as you might imagine with this line working through new york and philadelphia. for the philadelphia area, portions of bucks and hunting
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ton under a warning until 2:45 eastern time. we have reports of power outages in northern virginia due to trees and power lines coming down with this line as it continues to cut across virginia down towards the north carolina border. as you mentioned, thomas, we have a lot of changes coming our way as the system moves through, we'll look for cooler air to work in behind it. >> i know it's not completely uncommon but odd to have this weather for october. thanks so much, appreciate it. >> still ahead, al qaeda king pin being interrogated on a u.s. warship. plus, new scrutiny on the nypd after reports that officers may have been present during this shocking road rage attack involving dozens of bikers and the driver of the black suv. we'll get an update on that story. a reminder that our education nation summit is in full swipg swing. attend ees will participate in what it takes to achieve
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let's solve this.
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one of america's most wanted terror suspects is being interrogated aboard a u.s. warship in the med tear yan, al libi, a former confidentant to osama bin laden was captured in libya. he was indicted more than ten years ago for his role in the 1988 embassy bombings, the white house confirmed after his interrogation, he'll be transferred to the u.s. to stand trial. >> that indictment has been pending and we believe in a
11:18 am
system that brings people to justice through indictment and that's what we're witnessing now. >> just hours before al libi's capture in a separate operation in somalia, navy s.e.a.l.s were forced to abandon a raid for the al qaeda linked group responsible for an attack in a mall in kenya two weeks ago. richard engel joins us for more about these two missions. let's start with al libi. let's describe the life he's been leading and how he's been leading that. what type of gold mine, informationwise can he be in u.s. custody? >> that's unclear. he was a founding member of al qaeda. he's named al libi because he is libyan, al libi means the libyan in arabic. he was close to osama bin laden
11:19 am
and deeply involved in the attacks in u.s. embassies in kenya an tanzania, smart on computers, early communications officer in al qaeda but hasn't been that active in recent years. it's unclear if he'll have any real actionable intelligence. but he'll certainly know other al qaeda members or al qaeda like members who are in libya. that's -- >> wasn't completely off the grid in underground -- >> no, living quite lone in tripoli. his wife gave an interview on television today. his two sons have spoken on television, pointing out the scene of what some libyans are calling a crime and u.s. officials say was a absolutely legal rendition of somebody who needs to face justice. >> we've got that and now al libi in custody. on the other side of the raid
11:20 am
spectrum what happened in somalia and navy s.e.a.l.s. >> this operation in an urban area in tripoli, snatch and grab, three cars came up, and surrounded lib by's vehicle and dragged him out and took him away. an urban area where the special forces live, they were able to get close to the target without being noticed. who knows who is in a car or vehicle. to attach a beach in somalia in a town that is run by militants where there's no government, that's pretty obvious. imagine dark of night, ding his pulling up on the beach with men opening fire. that was the kind of raid that happened. when that beach landing happened in somalia, there was a big gun fight and they were forced to withdraw. they were forced to withdraw but could have done something else. the u.s. military could have simply called it an air strike but didn't. they wanted to capture or kill
11:21 am
this one specific target without creating a lot of collateral damage. they could have called it an air strike, that would have been the easiest thing to do if you know where the target is, you can bomb it. >> mean while, there was no loss of life on american side so -- >> if there had been -- that's why the threshold for risk is quite low. if one of these navy s.e.a.l.s had been hurt alone killed, a lot of people would have asked why didn't you just bomb the target. >> richard engel, great to have you. let's bring in former counter terrorism official, roger krescy. let me talk about the attack used in the two missions, we have the story in the "l.a. times" saying, quote question the collateral damage that happens in those. >> i saw that on the crawl and that's wrong.
11:22 am
there's a little bit after action analysis going on. the realty thomas, the united states government will choose what type of military force they use based on the country and target and the local setting and all of those things come together. the united states is still going to conduct drone strikes it believes it is the right thing to do to take out terrorist operatives. if they an opportunity like in libya to snap anas al libi, they'll do that. this wasn't a rendition. a redigs is when you capture someone with their full knowledge. we did not work with the libyans. that's why the libyan government is so bent out of shape. this is more consistent with thousand we used to do things in the past in the extraordinary rendition. i hope everyone will not draw, we're not going to use drone strikes anymore. hell yeah, we will but depends
11:23 am
on the target. >> what about what happened with somalia and that didn't go 100% the way they had planned but what about the intention and priority it's being placed on? >> i think it reflects a couple of things. there's recognition in the aftermath of the westgate mall massacre that shabaab still poses a threat not just in somalia but to project out in neighboring countries. remember, thomas, we have hit shabaab multiple times over the past few years, using special forces and s.e.a.l.s and aircraft and missile strikes. as richard said, we have called in missile strikes there in the past. a variety of reasons not to minimize collateral damage and minimize the target. there is an al qaeda presence or al qaeda affiliated presence that's going to be a priority for u.s. counterterrorism efforts. we'll see these types of attacks and attempt to bring these people to justice off and on for the foreseeable future.
11:24 am
>> roger, thank you. >> supreme court said it's business as usual as it begins its new term today amid the government shutdown. campaign contributions and prayer in school two of the hot button issues on the agenda. pete williams will have a preview. rude awakening for a would be robber as a store clerk breaks out a unique instrument while trying to scare off that robber, staring down at the barrel of a gun. it's one of the stories we're following around the "news nation."" he breaks out a machete. up in alaska, we find the best, sweetest crab for red lobster that we can find. if i wouldn't put it on my table at home, i wouldn't bring it in. [ male announcer ] hurry in to crabfest at red lobster, the only time you can savor three hearty alaskan crab entrées all under $20. like snow crab and crab butter shrimp for just $14.99. or our savory crab and roasted garlic seafood bake. my name's jon forsythe, and i sea food differently.
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11:28 am
states can go in restricting access to abortions. the court's last term saw the justices striking down the defense of marriage act and key provision of the -- while the coming term may not conclude in june with the same fireworks as the last two, it has the potential to reshape american politics and individual liberties in profound ways. justice correspondent peter williams joins us now live to talk about this. pete, let's talk about the case as we understand it, taking up first. >> tomorrow will be the case on money and politics. most people don't realize that there is a limit on how much money you can give to all federal candidates. everybody understands there's a limit on how much you can give to any individual candidate, but the republican party and the businessman from arkansas are challenging what's called the aggregate limit, the amount you can give total to all candidates, it's an invitation for the supreme court to strike
11:29 am
down the difference drawn over the year between spending, which it says you can't limit and contributions which it says you can limit. it's doubtful the court will go that far but may allow a little more money in politics for people who want to give a lot of it. the prayer case involves opening a town board meeting in new york with prayer. what if the prayer is almost exclusively christian? is that a government endorsement of religion. the supreme court said in 1983 there was nothing wrong with nebraska legislature opening prayer with presbyterian min strer on the payroll as a chaplain. the question is, is the supreme court still looking at -- still going to be toll rant of prayer in that way. affirmative action will be a big issue. the question is can a state ban it by constitutional amendment. that's what michigan has done. then there's a question about presidential power. the president's ability to put people in office using what's
11:30 am
called the recess appointment power, the ability to put somebody into an office when the senate is in recess. that's been something that presidents have done since the beginning of the republic and it's become a very controversial political issue in the last decade or so with democrats or republicans saying that if the opposite party is in the white house, it's the wrong thing to do and the question is can the supreme court come in and referee that dispute. one other thing i should mention, the court may take up abortion this term. the case comes from oklahoma. it's a challenge to the use of drugs to have early turn medical abortions. supreme court has sent the case back to oklahoma for a closer definition of what it means and if that homework assignment gets done in time, the court may take up that question of what constitutes an undue burden on the right to abortion. >> still ahead, the dilemma for both president obama and house speaker john boehner.
11:31 am
we'll get the first read plus the other battle brewing in washington over the redskins name as president obama takes the unpopular position on that issue. >> if i were the owner of the team and knew that there was a name my time -- if it had a storied history that was offending a sizable group of people, i think about changing it. ♪ 'take me home...' ♪ 'i'll be gone...' ♪ 'in a day or...' man: twooooooooooooooooo! is that me, was i singing? vo: not paying for scheduled maintenance feels pretty good. no-charge scheduled maintenance now on every new volkswagen. that's the power of german engineering
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the end. lovely read susan. but isn't it time to turn the page on your cup of joe?
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11:35 am
answered how big of a debt ceiling hike they are seeking. joining me now is senior political editor mark murray, what can you tell us what all of this means for speaker boehner. to remind everybody, the shutdown, they've negotiated the terms of the sequester, allocations of the finances they wanted to use for our government. obama care gets in there and tanks everything. now here we are ramping toward the debt ceiling and speaker boehner saying he doesn't want to default on the nation's debt. but given the inclination of the tea party and what they want to see, it seems unlikely the two sides will meet. >> this goes back to the point there isn't an end game of the house conservatives and house speaker boehner aren't clear what they want. they went into the government shut down debate trying to defund the president's health care law and then a one year delay of it. now all of a sudden we're
11:36 am
talking about a repeal of a medical device tax. the tea party conservatives who wanted this, would they be happy when the negotiations come down to something like that. it does seem to in a lot of ways box house speaker john boehner in a bit. >> speaker boehner was on the floor earlier this hour and moments ago i wanted to play what he wanted to say. >> the president's refusal to negotiate is hurting our economy and putting our country at risk. the american people expect when their leaders have differences and we're this a time of crisis, we'll sit down and at least have a conversation. really, mr. president it's time to have that conversation before our economy is put further at risk? >> so mark, explain to everybody when we're talking about the economy and where we stand with what's going on, everything was churning along just fine until tea party folks figured out a way to stick it to obama care,
11:37 am
something they've been after from the very beginning. >> thomas, what we do know right now economic confidence according to the gallop daily has been tankering and going down and that's matching what other pollsters are seeing, it's not good news in a economy that's moving in the right direction but in a slow and ploding type of way. the hour speaker talking about negotiations he wants, it was late in september when their opening bid in these negotiations to end up raising debt ceiling had all of the demands they had from the previous 2012 presidential election, one in which barack obama ended up winning. there was a key member of the house republicans paul ryan, who was on the ticket with mitt romney and so we do face this very interesting situation in which the side that ended up losing in the 2012 election are ones trying to dictate the terms
11:38 am
of the negotiations. that's an unprecedented in modern political times. >> how does the president negotiate over obama care by not negotiating about it? basically what kind of carrot does he offer to distract tea party republicans and get their attention that he means business? >> thomas, the answer to that probably solves this whole thing. the end of the day, house republicans want something to be able to save face and look, we ended up shutting down the government. we went face to face with the president. we need something in return, what president obama gives them, we're unsure about that. but that's how this finally plays out. >> mark, thanks so much. it's fun to watch and we'll see how it plays down together. thanks, mark. >> secretary of state john kerry is praising syria for complying rapidly with the process of destroying its chemical weapons stockpile. speaking aside the russian foreign men sister, experts began the process of destructing weapons a day after the u.n.
11:39 am
security council voted for action. >> we're very pleased with the pace of what has happened with respect to chemical weapons. i think it is extremely significant that yesterday, sunday, within a week of the resolution being passed, some chemical weapons were already being destroyed. >> kerry's comments came after international inspectors began work on ensuring the destruction of weapons including dismantling missile warheads and taking apart the equipment used to make them. let's start with secretary kerry emphasizing this is just the beginning, the first step of the process to get rid of syria's stockpile. how do we know the biggest stockpile or all of it is all accumulated and how long do they expect the process to take? >> reporter: well, it's an extremely ambitious timetable, thomas. the production facilities for
11:40 am
chemical weapons in syria need to be put out of action by the end of this month and then the entire stockpile, around 1,000 tons of nerve agents and poison gas needs to be disposed of by the middle of next year. we had fascinating detail from the agency that's overseeing it, fror the prohibition of chemical weapons talking about what the teams are using to get the job done. cutting torches, angle grinders and sledge hammers in some cases. it's a difficult job that's under way, a very difficult and dangerous given that this is taking place in a war zone. the first disarmament of his type to go on in a war zone. >> it is an active war zone. thanks, appreciate it. new information on the shocking road rage case involving dozens of bikers and suv, why as many as six police
11:41 am
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we have an update on the crash. the three spectators injured in the crash have all been discharged. franchitti's car collided at 100 miles per hour sending debris over the fence and into the spectator stands. the four time indy car champ suffered two broken vertebrae and fractured right ankle and concussion. four bikers have been charged in the violent encounter between an suv driver and group of motorcyclists and another taken into custody. they are asking new questions surrounding the role of an undercover officer who may have been there during the altercation. stephanie gosk has more on the latest investigation. >> reporter: thomas, residents are still rattled by what they saw here on this street corner a
11:45 am
week ago. prosecutors say they have the video of those final moments and that five or six men surrounded alex as he lay on the ground stomping and kicking him in the head. the nypd is asking for public aegs help in finding two persons of interest, seen in these photos released overnight. this as the biker using a chrome helmet to bash in the window of the suv was in court on sunday. 37-year-old reginald chance showed apparent disregard while being arraigned on multiple charges including first degree gang assault and criminal mischief. one week after that now infamous altercation and beating. his attorney says he never actually hit him. >> my client obviously overreacted and smashed the window. beyond that, he was not a participant in any assault on that victim. >> 35-year-old robert sims was also arraigned and faces charges
11:46 am
of gang assault and felony assault. his lawyer says he is cooperating with police but worries simms may not be fairly treated. >> they need a fall guy, somebody to take the weight for this. >> reporter: while the investigation moves forward, the police are now coming under fire. senior nypd officials tell nbc news an undercover officer may have been on the scene as well during the final moments of the attack but didn't intervene because he was worried about blowing a sensitive operation and there may have been as many as five other offduty police officers who took part in the unauthorized rally as well. in the end, it was residents of this uptown manhattan neighborhood that stepped in to help the family before onduty police got to the scene. >> this family was in clear and present danger. they could have been both killed, not just the man, but they wanted to get after the wife holding on to her child.
11:47 am
unacceptable. >> reporter: internal affairs is looking at this issue whether there were as many as five off duty police officers that took part in the rally. they are also looking specifically at this undercover cop and wondering and asking the question, why it took so long, three days, for him to come forward? thomas? >> stephanie gosk, thanks. a new york deli worker scaring off a gunman when a machete tops our look at stories around the "news nation." plo look at this. the suspect entering the deli on new york's long island firing his pistol before ordering the worker to hand over cash. well the guy behind the register grabs his machete and exchanges the script. it was a 2-foot long spa chetty. went after the gunman. police are searching for the suspect. can you believe that? >> federal agents are investigating how a 9-year-old boy was able to sneak past check
11:48 am
points to board a delta flight to las vegas without a flight pass. it departed thursday morning. the tsa has reviewed security footage and considering if it will reconfigure bearriers to prevent a similar incident. the boy remains in protective custody. the washington redskins respond after president obama weighs in over the controversy over the mascot. should the redskins change its name? that's our "news nation" gut check. and i knew he'd feel better if he lost a little weight. so i switched to purina cat chow healthy weight formula. i just fed the recommended amount... and they both loved the taste. after a few months max's "special powers" returned... and i got my hero back. purina cat chow healthy weight.
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11:51 am
california governor jerry brown signed a bill allowing undocumented immigrants to practice law in that state. the bill is part of a push to increase immigrant rights in california and across the country. last week the governor sign a law allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for a driver's license. late white house correspondent helen thomas once went on a date with john f.
11:52 am
kennedy when he was a young congressman. this is according to thom as' niece who revealed that during a memorial for reporter over a weekend. when a friend asked how it went, the young kennedy was quote, too fresh. it's time for the "news nation" gut check. members intensified their calls for washington redskins to change their name, which they say is offensive to native americans. >> the right thing to do needs to be done, it sthmub done. those are the ideals we aspire for. we want dan snyder to succeed but under the right ideals that america stands for. >> the conference was planned weeks ago but the president weighed in on matter in an interview this weekend. >> i don't think they are there are redskins fans that mean offense. i've got to say if i were the
11:53 am
owner of the team and knew that there was a name of my team, even if it had a storied history that was offending a sizable group of people, i'd think about changing it. >> the redskins attorneys said while he respects the president's opinion, the redskins organization has no intention of changing the name. >> the redskins name has existed for 80 years. the original coach of the redskins was a native-american. this is about loving an athletic team, not about disrespecting or disparaging anyone. >> joining me now, michael smerconish. this has a lot of people talking about this. because the last time the native americans were specifically polled about the redskins name, that was nearly ten years ago, only 9% found it to be offensive and 90% said it was acceptable. in april of this year, the associated press found four out
11:54 am
of five americans don't think the team should change its name. with that background and that information and now the president weighing in with his delivering opinion, do you think the cause will gain the momentum it needs? >> i'm not sure. you showed footage from davis, former clinton adviser representing daniel snyder in this skirmish. he quoted polling data that suggests that most native americans don't have a problem with the current name of washington redskins. so it seems like there's some conflicting polling data and what matters most is the poll of daniel snyder, because in the end he gets to call this shot. you know, thomas, he has said thus far never. and you can use all capital letters when you spell that out. >> do you think it was wise of the president to step a foot into the fray over this or he's just giving his personal opinion, but while he is against the name itself and feels it should be changed, do you think
11:55 am
that gives the cause the momentum it needs? it's got the help from the white house or president's attention. >> well, i thought he was measured with his response. i'm sure he was anticipating more questions about the government shutdown and all of a sudden this is raised and it is a matter of public curiosity. what i heard him say in the clip, if he were the owner of the franchise he would think about it. he didn't necessarily commit to it. that's probably as far as he wanted to go at that juncture. >> i like the way you're analyzing his words figuring it all out. thanks, michael. >> do you think the washington redskins should change its name? go to and cast your vote will. thanks for why are time. i'm thomas roberts. tamron hall back tomorrow. don't go anywhere "the cycle" comes your way next versa note, with more technology,
11:56 am
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♪ >> monday, monday, it was all i hoped it would be, except that the tez cruz shutdown continues amid doom and gloom from mother nature and there's a tornado watch from the mid-atlantic states up through new york. and of course and also in d.c. here now seven days into the government shutdown and just ten days away from the more severe deadline hitting the debt ceiling. can't wait for that one, ari. >> president obama is demanding the house vote on a clean cr and raise the debt ceiling without holding anything or anyone hostage. >> the truth of the matter is, there are enough republican and democratic votes in the house of representatives right now to end the shutdown, immediately, with no partisan strings attached. the house should hold that vote
12:00 pm
today. if republicans and speaker boehner are saying there's not enough votes, they should prove it and let the bill go to the floor and see what happens. just vote. >> luke russert on capitol hill as he usually is. i heard bernie sanders say part is what's happening the club for growth saying, if you oppose boehner and ted cruz on this thing, then we will primary you from the right and take you out, which means we could be in this for a long time. >> reporter: absolutely right, tour'e, october 17th looks like the drop dead deadline for the debt ceiling and shutdown. in terms of funding the government, the two sides are no closer together than they were last week when this started


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