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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  October 10, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> he talks about his naked pictures of himself. >> it's soft lighting. making a difference today. we were all a lot younger then. >> they are way over. >> what about you learn? >> weekend is putting happy meals in it for healthy eating. wonderful. >> "the daily rundown." >> you can count. the shut down clock gets longer and the debt deadline gets shorter. they look for a way out. meetings galore from capitol
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hill to the white house. we will hear from both players about what's happening behind closed doors. plus, the garden variety debate last night in the garden state. less than a week to go before the special election. good morning. it's thursday, october 10th, 2013. i'm in for chuck todd. treasury secretary is testifying right now on the hill. you are looking at live pictures and moments ago, lawmakers said they can't guarantee the country will be able to pay bills at home or abroad. >> if we have insufficient cash, it would be impossible for the united states of america to meet all obligations including social security and met care benefits and contract with private suppliers for the first time.
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trying to time a debt increase for the last minute can be dangerous. >> the dead line fast approaching, house republican leaders are discussing with paul ryan how to move their conference with a sure plan to raise the debt limit. house republicans hold a special meeting of the full conference an hour from now. president obama invited all house republicans to the white house, but the house speaker invested only 18 will actually come. many republicans are skeptical that reaching a deal would be cav stofic. >> i'm not advocating the lead line, but if you go through it, you will mark default. >> the debt ceiling does not mean we will not default. >> luke russert is live on capitol hill. a busy day on the hill.
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let's talk about paul ryan in the "wall street journal" and what the plan is before this conference meeting and the meeting at the white house for republican leaders. >> the conference meeting is the big kahuna today. it will be a big important meeting because they have the presentation by the house and leadership of a temporary extension of the debt limit anywhere from two weeks to two months. that's what aides tell me. john boehner would like to present a plan that they can argue they are meeting the president halfway. the focus would be on presenting the debt limit and there will be no focus on government funding. you can have the house gop to figure out a way to raise the debt limit, but the government would be shut down. that's one of the things we will be talking about. they have to see how the plan will sell. the ryan op ed he had would be
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the more conservative wing is sort of a starting point. you can see how that games with members. as you know, chris, a lot of plans that come from the leadership only to doie a quick death. they realize the experience of getting a debt limit extension through and whatever they figure out today at the meeting, they will bring on down to the white house. >> lastly, i will say this. there is talk that the president was disappointed that not the entire house is coming. that was intentional to john boehner only bringing the house gop leadership and the chittee chairman. the last thing they wanted was for some very conservative member to have an awkward confrontation to derail any chance of bipartisan negotiation. >> they feel the headlines.
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we will see you tomorrow. thank you. >> take care. >> more news from the capitol. playing games. one of the biggest corrections of something majority leader harry reid did tuesday. they slated a report claiming billionaire charles and david koch were involved in planning the current budget crisis. >> by shutting down the government, that's what happened. we are satisfying the koch brothers and millions of people in america are suffering. >> senator reid reiterated that on twitter, but the koch brothers are firing back. michael has the reaction from the koch lobbying team. >> this is an extraordinary development. the koches are known for operating behind closed doors and issued publicly to members
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of congress, trying to correct the record and challenging senator reid saying look, we are not -- although we are against obama care, it wasn't our idea to tie the defunding of obama care to the shut down of the government and the debt ceiling. we don't take a position on that. what we want congress to focus on is balancing the budget and reigning in government spending. poignant comments from the top lobbyists from the koch brothers distancing themselves from a lot of group they helped fund. there have been reports over the last few weeks that they have partners that funded something like a quarter of a billion dollars to conservative groups over the past year. we are talking about heritage action and these are the groups that have been pressuring congress to do what they have done. house republicans and koch brothers have taken a step back and distanced themselves from
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it. >> they are not the kind of folks who usually speak all that publicly. a fascinating time they chose here now. >> thank you. >> part of the reason for all of the gridlock, republicans seem unable to get on the same page. leadership move beyond the argument and the rank and file membership. it's a critical part of the debate. >> we have to stop the out of control spending. obama care is the worst culprit in this. if it doesn't go, we are headed to a melt down as a nation, i believe. >> senior political editor mark murray is here with more of the first read. luke mentioned this and that is that the republican leadership came up with a lot of plans over the last few weeks and months that they bring to the broader conference. the republican leadership is now
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trying to stay -- obama care is funding and let's move more towards that. is that going to be able to be sold? >> we will see. what we have seen over the past day and a half is the republicans and the rank and file and the leadership movement. they are divided. just in the last day and a half, you ended up saying that paul ryan and the "wall street journal" op ed should have entitlement reform. he didn't mention the president's health care law. >> they said of course the president's health care law should be part of any deal. michael is kof was reporting that the koch brothers were saying we don't want anything to do with obama care. let's focus on entitlement in spending. they received money from the koch brothers and said obama care should be on the table. let's raise the debt ceiling and have the fight over the shut down. that raised the debt ceiling. they send the letters to house
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republicans and saying abortion should be part of any deal. they are so divided on what they want here. >> the question i have is it feels like john boehner and eric kantor had the problem since the start. there four dozen republicans who believe on first principal that obama care is bad law and bad for the country and the economy. it's all tied in. how do you convince those folks to let's say vote for a clean debt ceiling bill. is that possible or do you expect if there is a short-term deal that it will be something attached as a souvenir? >> one of the biggest ironies is i don't think whatever yawn boehner and eric kantor will flee the 40 to 50 house conservatives and this is why people like john mccain are there and the gallup poll shows the republican party is at an
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all time low, lower than in the clinton impeachment. this is difficult for the republicans. >> i'm glad you mentioned those numbers. it's such a division and we have seen the republicans. you will be smarter for doing it. oklahoma republican congressman is one of the gop leaders heading for the white house this afternoon. what he said about his party and what republicans really want out of the site. developing news, the prime minister of libya in tripoli. could it be for libya last week. first, a look ahead at today's politics planner. o pamma meeting with senate democrats. the house republicans. i'm a poll nerd. mark is going to be a busy guy.
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meeting with a rainy white house. you are watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc.
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>> house republicans will hold a closed door session as they prepare for a meeting with house members and president obama later this afternoon. all 332 house republicans with 18 members of the leadership and chair men are ahead. they are shown as the republican policy committees as one of them. thank you for joining me on a busy day. let's start with what you expect
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to hear from the president in this meeting with the state. what do you want to hear from the president later today. are those two different things? >> we will find out. our expectation is to lay out the position. we hope to get into serious negotiations. ten days ago the house passed a bill to sign a negotiating team and would like to meet with the senate and hear all of the people who want to work this out. we work on it every single day and said he is not going to negotiate. he invited all of us and said it's not going to help to have 230 people over to do the session. we need to work this out. we are taking over with the individuals at committee chairs. we will try to work this out. we will sit down and have a serious conversation. >> congressman, there is some talk and know you will need the meeting shortly, but there is
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talk within the conference that you are hearing of passing a short-term debt ceiling extension, but not passing a continued resolution to keep the government open. is that something you would be supportive of. >> i would say there five plans floating around and a lot of conversation about how to continue this ongoing dialogue. the president said you passed everything that i want passed and we will talk later. the problem is we had 40 different deals dealing with the affordable care act and the congress never responds. we get to the moments where we have to negotiate. we want to say let's sit down and negotiate. this is 17 trillion $ worth of debt and there problems with the affordable care act. we can't continue to ignore it. the past two weeks in the roll out and you see all the things happening with the sign up process. that's indicative to multiple areas.
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there issues we can't just ignore. >> you are arguing some of these points about the health insurance exchanges and the individual mandate. it seems as though however the leadership as well as paul ryan of wisconsin is talking less about defending and delaying obama care and more about signing a deal there. do you believe that any deal on either the debt ceiling or reopening the government must have provision tied to the recommendations you made about the affordable care act? >> we put these things out and two quick things. one to be fair. members should be in obama care the same as everybody else and businesses on individuals should have a one-year delay. that's all we are asking for. we moved and said okay. we moved to a simple thing. just don't have penalties coming
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down and the white house waved them for the business for a year. around here, the debt ceiling has been about how do we stop having the votes and what do we do to get our country on stable footing? the pr for us is about the affordable care act. you are hearing two different conversations. >> let me follow-up with you. do you believe that the provisions you outlined in the "usa today" op ed, they are plausible negotiating points that president obama who speaks very, very clear and do not want changes to the affordable care act. do you believe they are plausible points that can be worked out and that equals a compromise that would satisfy the majority of the republican conference? >> i absolutely believe that. we voted for that. here's the issue. the president saw when they started rolling out the business mandates that things were not
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ready for that. he met with the lobbyists around town and agreed on a one-year delay for businesses and still think they can be involved with everything, but the penalties would go away. we are watching the individuals and clearly see they are not ready. there going to be major problems with the insurance. all the things are going to happen. they have the same things with the american people. i think it's a reasonable thing to say if the president gave you a one-year delay because of problems with the business, he should have the-year delay with the penalty. people still have all the other aspects, but not the penalty. they made the mistake or didn't want to sign up the first year. it's reasonable to say members of the white house should be in it. she is signing up on the exchanges and i want to know why. >> thank you for your time. >> house republicans are not the
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only ones getting face time with the president today. senate democrats are there also. we will ask senator blumenthal what he is willing to do. >> the growing anger to provide for families of fallen service members. they are getting the money they need from a charity. first the trivia question. florida congressman bill young, the most senior republican in the house said he won't seek a 23rd term in office. namely members of the house with more seniority. i almost got it. the first person to tweet the correct answer will get an on air shout out that. answer and more on "the daily rundown."
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too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. private donors struck a deal to pay for troops who have been killed since the shut down
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began. veterans affairs said they can continue. hundreds of thousands of vets will get $6 billion in benefits. to serve in the marine corps reserve and focused on the impact of shut down on veterans benefits. richard blumenthal. thank you for your time. i want to start on the shut down and veterans. there does not appear to be an end in sight unless i'm missing something. can congress find a way to a deal before we reach this november 1st $6 billion veterans armageddon i think is the right word. >> i think it is, chris. the reason i think it's possible is that my colleagues are hearing the real life story on veterans and cancer victims and all kinds of real people who can tell the story about how their lives are impacted and an iraq
6:25 am
veteran wounded seriously by the disability benefits after waiting for two years for his claim to be processed. now on october 1st, the claim was planted. he has learned that as of november 1, he may not be receiving those benefits. these real life stories for a purple heart recipient as he was and now being denied again the benefits that he really needs and deserves. i think that's compelling. my colleagues on both sides of the aisle are hearing from not just wall street, but certainly a compelling story. the main street story about the effects on the economy and immunity banks and i'm hearing from the business community that this brinksmanship has to end.
6:26 am
they are supposed to prevent this gainsmanship. >> senator, you are headed to the white house today. the president said publicly since 2011 you do not think the reading of the 14th amendment allows him to reach the debt ceiling. sounds like you disagree. are you going to voice that today? >> i have voiced the opinion that the 14th amenitiment is an obligation on both branchs of government. all three. congress ought to be fulfilling the duties to make sure that the greatest thination in the histo of the world pays its debt. i think we may need a short-term deal, but they proposed a longer term extension of the debt ceiling to the end of 2014.
6:27 am
the president has an obligation also under the 14th amendment, but i respect his view that the litigation and the turmoil and the turbulence that results from losing it would be a result that we ought to avoid. >> within that, and given mistakes as you outlined, both wall street and main street, what do you believe? do you believe at some point the president will need to move off of his we are not negotiating on the government shut down. we are not negotiating on the debt front. do you believe that given all we have seen as a result of the shut down and the potential of this that he has to move up the position and will be? >> i think the president is absolutely right in his position. one of the most impressive aspects is how strongly united the senate democrats and the house democrats are behind the
6:28 am
president. this kind of government by short-term crisis moving from one self-inflikted wound to another when the president's position was obviously not that he won't negotiate or talk or engage in conversation. that needs to be the word du jour. after we reopen the government and make sure the nation pays its debts. those obligations are not to be negotiable. we have come to work and do our job and get it done for the american people. >> connecticut senator richard blumenthal, thank you kwr your time. treasure and tensions on the hill. jack lew is talking about irrevokable damage if the debt limit doesn't get raised.
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we will talk to ron johnson. those warnings are scare mongering. you are watching t"the daily rundown" only on msnbc. plus wireless speaker, kohler is the proud sponsor of singing in the shower. ♪ (announcer) answer the call of the grill
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we're going beyond insurance to become your partner in health. humana. an abrupt end after armed gunmen freed seven hours after he was abducted. these are pictures shown that claim to show the being held. hours after being released he went on television to urge the libyans not to respond. our correspondent from new york, this is a wild story. what more can you tell us about it? >> it's caught a lot of people by surprise. we know the group that did take the prime minister is a militia and at least one point a revolutionary and has been more
6:33 am
and more emboldened. it was angered by the current government that is headed in, particularly in response to the grade on tripoli. a few days ago that involves and according to members of the government, many are disappointed that either through the u.s. prior to the rape or afterwards, it would not be through libya and the united states, despite the fact that they had the infringement and they wanted some kind of a result of the u.s. he himself has been coming under criticism. they are in the country and underscores the issue of lawlessness to complete control that they have when it comes to issues of security. the difficulty and the
6:34 am
challenges that they have in trying to in many of the military forces that continue to grow more independent of the central government. >> while we have you, i know you spent a lot of time covering this in egypt. i wanted to share big news for over $150 million in cash aid that includes delivery of military assistance and aircraft and tanks. what more can you tell us about that decision and the impact in the region? >> the u.s. government has been disappointed with the transitional part of egypt since june 30th and since they carried out to an ousted morsi. more for them to include a political process. since that time the government has been cracking down on the muslim brotherhood and led to a low level of insurgency on the
6:35 am
peninsula that created a lot of criticism from the way they have been handling this period. they responded to that u.s. decision saying that it is a wrong decision and it comes at an incorrect time and jeopard e jeopardizes them to cut down with what they describe as a terrorism across the country. the egyptian governments and all of the decisions without any type of foreign sbrrcinterferend cairo wants to have good relations with washington and they are going to make their decisions the way they see fit. that's what the government announced earlier today. >> thank you for your expertise. back now to developing news, treasury secretary jack lew is identifying and once again urging congress to raise the debt ceiling. the republican senator questioned secretary lew on whether the administration's expectations are when it comes to raising the debt ceiling.
6:36 am
>> i am asking how much do you want and how long? that's two simple questions. how much do you want us to raise and how long? >> senator, the question of how long is one i think i am answering and the longest congress is prepared for with the debt. the president tried to be clear in his statement in recent days. we tried to be clear. >> it's not clear to me. >> clearly there is the confusion from one end of pennsylvania avenue to the other. the market is actually up at this hour across the board there. 150 points for the dow jones. democratic strategist and instructor of the congressional black caucus. and former bush white house director at cnbc contributor. a lot of news. i want to start with you. we had the congressman from
6:37 am
oklahoma and they said look, all the president has to do is agree to push back the individual mandate and have every member of congress take part in obama care. i asked whether that was a reasonable request. it might be granted. he said sure, it should be. take a step back from the strategy. is that something the president will give us? >> he is not going to delay the mandate, but you mentioned the market is up. the reason is because new york, wall street and washington now believe there is going to be a deal. there is going to be temporary push back and push up. they will buy time and come up with many a market of sorts. there will be repeal of some obama care elements.
6:38 am
>> they will raise the debt and they are apart with the agreement. it's right. the market is going to move up and down based on what they think is going to happen in washington. you are down there is this reasonable optimism or is this uncheckered optimism? they are saying it's a deal. >> the fact that they came out with a book and it's fine. we don't care as long as they promise to hold the line on obama care. >> keep the government closed to get beyond the debt ceiling. >> that is hope that we can get the short-term deal, but the congress a lot of times comes in
6:39 am
with something and they have a knee jerk reaction saying no. we will not agree to that. i will not sure they will go for it. >> four dozen republicans who whatever john boehner said, they said we will get to that. i feel like this is something that pap will go along with. he opened the door to a short-term debt ceiling in a press conference earlier this week. he has not given us any ground on the idea of moving parts of obama care to get the government reeling. should he and should democrats be willing to go along with a short-term race? >> personally dwleeng the government should be closed at all. this is highly problematic not only for congress, but the american people.
6:40 am
as you begin to see the real impact of the shut down longer term, the fact that the government is really starting to run out of funds. this will become problematic. there will be a cyclical impact with the local economies where the people shop. it's highly problematic on that side, but also as it relates to the debt limit. the president needs to hold his ground for several reasons. is as jack lew testified this morning. they never played this game because it's a real challenge not only to the country, but -- >> that's not accurate. all of the debt limit fights and all of the government shutdowns have typically resulted in some sort of deal. it's not all economic. >> it's part of the obama deal. >> it's not a deal, but the negotiations. >> there is a reason.
6:41 am
past history of how using the triggers have provided debt reduction and welfare reform even. the republicans, i think the person who may get the last laugh is john boehner. >> that's not a lot of laughs. >> i wouldn't have said that a week ago. this country looks like it's headed towards some debt reform package. based on the environment the government shut down with the debt ceiling negotiation. he is going to have at the end of the day gotten something for all of this. we were talking about never defaulting. that's a fact. >> before we go, i want to get on this. this is an interesting one. is john boehner -- this is the whole process. he's in a situation. he can't pass anything.
6:42 am
is it possible that john boehner can get a win? is there a winning scenario for him? >> there potentially is, but it's unlikely. you didn't get what you should have gotten and i think that will be difficult. >> the tone of these members has changed. >> he could change again in another 12 hours. we will come back. there more in the show. that's here on "the daily rundown." from conservatives who allegedly threatened from the senator ted cruz. first, it's day ten of turkey chili. the white house is serving the same soup since the shut down again. they want you to spill your beans on the debate. beans or no beans. beans is the right answer. logon to "the daily rundown" and my answer, i told you. tell us what you think.
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>> with seven days before the u.s. hits its borrowing limit, the president is exaggerating the risk of default and even if we did pass the debt limt, there is plenty of money to meet the country's obligations. a member of the senate budget committee. thank you for your time on a busy day. i want to ask you like you said in the past there was a debt ceiling increase without anything else attached to it. you came to the senate and said look, you need to raise the debt ceiling. how do you reconcile your position with their position? >> i ran a business for 31 years and i had to do task four management. the rejections for next year and
6:47 am
covering about 80% of projected spending. you have social security trust funds and you can utilize those to pay off benefits as well and cover all the spending. there is no reason to have a capacity of crisis if you actually managed it and planned for it properly. what the president ought to be doing is rather than scaring the markets, they ought to be palming the markets. we got this handled. >> senator, the president is signing which bills are paying when. is that logistically not feasible. i assume you agree with that. >> yes, sir. only in government. they didn't repair the system and make it possible from the last debt crisis. this president has been so incredibly awol and the administration is so inept as
6:48 am
being able to lead. they lurch from crisis to crisis and scare the markets rather than calm them. it's irresponsible. >> the treasury secretary lew is on the hill and has been blunt about the dangers. is he misleading congress and the american people in your opinion or are we too far down the road. there seven days away from the next debt crisis. >> the sky was going to fall and the sky didn't fall. look at what they are doing. look at the actions. they are trying to create pain. it is shameful that they had to spend money. around world war ii museum memorials to keep veterans out of the memorial. that is shameful and disgusting. that's the politics this
6:49 am
president and his administration is playing with and funding the government. we are not getting it from this president. >> we want to ask you about there has been a lot of talk about the divide within the republican party. eric erickson, a prominent conservative wrote something very aggressiove about you. ron johnson is a damn liar. it looks like johnson has decided to blowing up the bridge with the grass roots is the only way to stay in good graces with the big boys. he said you yelled at or berated senator ted cruz over approaching the shut down. what do you think that is? >> it's totally untrue and anybody with integrity before they face that charge would have the courtesy of calling the
6:50 am
individual and finding out. he didn't do that. whoever gave him that information also lied. i don't lie. i have a great deal of integrity. that is a totally false and ashamed of himself for not giving me the courtesy of calling me so i could set the record straight. >> senator, just to be clear, you did not dress down or berate senator cruz in that private meeting over his tactics and strategy related to the government shutdown and president obama's health care law? >> listen, we have these conferences. we have these lunches. and we discuss things. is there passionate debate? are there pointed questions? sure. i have never heard another republican senator yell at another republican senator. i've certainly never heard anybody scream at the top of their lungs which is what they're accusing me of, totally false charge. whoever fed that information to erick erickson, that is the person that is lying. >> wisconsin senator ron johnson, thank you for clearing that up for us. thank you. >> thank you. trivia time. the members of the house with more seniority than retiring
6:51 am
florida congressman bill young. now, i got two of these. john dingle of michigan, john conyers of michigan, and charlie rangel of new york. congratulations to today's winner, allen t. allen t. send your trivia suggestions to dailyrundown@msnbc, and we will be right back. [ male announcer ] this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. [ groans ] all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. female announcer: through columbus day,
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his vision of newark is about as real as t-bone. you may not be able to swim in that river but i think it's from all the bodies floating around because of shootings in your city. >> oh, my god. >> yeah, oh, my god, oh, my god. you use these words like tea party, extremists. i'll tell you, the coach has done a really good job. >> yes, that actually happened. the special election fight between them got even more
6:55 am
heated last night in new jersey. let's bring back our gaggle, angela, john and sara. let me note, cory booker is ahead by about a dozen points. the election is next wednesday. hard to see if it's going to change, but those are some harsh words. >> not only are they harsh, it's just so drat and disrespectful. i mean, when you live in a municipal area where you've worked really hard to address gun violence, there are all these gun proposals on the table in a chamber where you intend to go to address these things like background checks and for him to do that? >> cory booker looked taken aback. >> he did, but this is jersey. frank lautenberg once told me he carried a knife in his sock in case he had to deal with a problem. this is jersey at its finest. >> the only story coming out of jersey will be chris christie and the size of his victory. >> chris christie will have a bigger margin of victory than cory booker.
6:56 am
you get to go first on your plug. >> fisher house for stepping up when the government failed to do its job. >> good. and short. well done. john stanton. >> for the birthday girls in the buzzfeed bureau, rosie and especially kate who held it down while i was laying on a beach in hawaii for the first week of the shutdown. >> thanks a lot for that, john. >> again, the government employees, just keep their heads y up. it's day ten but keep going. >> these are all nice shameless plugs. that's it for "the daily rundown." chuck will be back tomorrow. coming up next, it's "chris jansing & company." that's why you take charge of your future. your retirement. ♪ ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others. listening, planning, working one on one. to help you retire your way... with confidence. that's what ameriprise financial does.
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good morning, i'm chris jansing. it's taken ten days of the government shut down, but talk finally there could be a short-term deal. let's outline a busy day on washington. jack lew just wrapping up
7:00 am
testimony where lawmakers questioned him about the consequences of default. >> the debt ceiling deniers need a dose of debt ceiling reality. >> i don't know how you could possibly choose between social security and veterans' benefits between medicare and food assistance. these are obligations we've made. >> i think the real crisis is that default, the with unthat we are screaming toward because of our refusal to engage as a country. congress and the president with regard to reforming our failed entitlement system, reforming our failed tax policy. >> the senate banking committee's hearing on the shutdown is starting in moments. and then next hour both nancy pelosi and john boehner will come to the microphones. senate democrats will meet with the president at quarter to 2:00 followed by house republican leaders going to the white house. some realms like paul ryan are signaling they


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