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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  October 12, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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you're under citizen's arrest. stop right now. >> going head to head. >> stop! >> i wish i was over there where i could get a little closer up into your face. >> refusing to back down. >> after i did it, it was like, yay, finally, it's over. >> heroes who aren't afraid to speak up. >> arrest me. i'm escorting you to the police station. okay? >> he said i don't want to touch you, but if i have to, i will. >> citizens who take a stand. >> you are assaulting me! >> ahh! >> politicians who lose their cool. >> i wish we lived in the day where you could challenge a person to a duel. >> it wouldn't be "hardball"
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without a fight. >> get ready for brutes in suits. >> you had it. you had the cab. >> misbehaving sprites in tights. and victims who fight back. >> i'm a balls to the walls kind of chick. i have an agenda. >> you still want to keep playing games? you wanna play games? "caught on camera: confrontation." >> ahh! >> a confrontation with police leaves a mark. >> i have a line, a scar there, from where the taser was turned sideways over my heart. it's called a kill shock. >> july 7th, 2012, 5:00 p.m. in castel berry, florida. zacomo piriofo, known as z, and his fiancee had just gotten off work.
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on the way home, they cross the street and stop at a check-cashing store. about ten minutes later, as they leave the store, a police officer accuses them of jaywalking. >> cross on the sidewalk. it's affecting the flow of traffic. >> did anyone get hurt? >> can i see your i.d. >> it doesn't matter if anyone got hurt. >> they deny they were jaywalking and don't understand why this is a criminal investigation, which requires them to present i.d. >> what do i need to provide you i.d. for? >> the fact that you committed an infraction. >> that's not a statute, sir. >> give me your i.d. >> it's not a lawful command. >> i did not fit the criteria for someone who should be stopped and identified, period. >> you shouldn't be afraid to stand up for your rights and you shouldn't be afraid to be given an explanation for something.
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>> castelberry police declined our request for an interview, but at the time they say they followed standard procedures. and that asking for i.d. allows police to check for outstanding warrants. >> do not hurt me. do not hurt me. >> meanwhile, noel starts recording with her cell phone. >> why are you trying to grab me? for what? >> no, you're -- >> police don't know, both z and noel are carrying concealed weapons. z has a permit. noel does not. >> when the situation was escalating, i was also trying to hand the officers my licenses, and make them aware that, you know, i was carrying a weapon. >> this is an attempted false arrest. >> you guys need your supervisors! >> we weren't trying to escalate any situation or fight with them or battle with them. we just wanted to have an explanation. >> the situation is escalating dangerously by the second. >> i'm not resisting. >> he's not resisting! do not tase him! >> z is tased at close range, just above his heart and a
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second time on his back. >> ahh! >> no reason! >> you are assaulting me! this is assault! this is assault! >> i couldn't scream or yell or anything. like, it was like breath was being taken away from me. >> no! i'm not backing up. no. why are you touching me? >> quit walking away! >> z is tased a third time at a distance and pulls the taser's electrified barbs out of his chest. >> he realized i had pulled the barbs out. he looks at his back-up officer as to say, what are you going to do? this guy is not falling. >> after being tased a fourth time -- >> i understand -- >> why are you shooting him with the taser? >> z falls to the ground. >> all we were asking for was his i.d. >> why? >> the police report states z pushes an officer in the chest and injures another officer in the hand with a handcuff.
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the charges, battery and resisting a law enforcement officer with violence. z pleads no contest. the plea avoids prison time but ends z's chances for a job he always dreamed of. >> you are all going to be charged with crimes. >> a career in law enforcement. >> this is not justice. >> i am not an enemy of those who serve and protect. quite frankly, i forgive the officers for what they did to me. >> i have been assaulted. >> you're in handcuffs. >> i have a license to carry. >> an unloaded gun, brass knuckles and a pocketknife are found in noel's backpack at the time of her arrest. she pleads no contest to carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. both are given 50 hours of community service. >> i don't know the power of the taser, but i know it's an electric shock. so -- it was difficult to actually film it. i don't think no one deserves that kind of treatment.
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>> ahh! ahh! in another dramatic showdown with police, more people are tased in new orleans. protesters in danger of losing their homes after hurricane katrina are determined not to lose their voice. >> let the people in! let the people in! >> december 20th, 2007. 10:00 a.m. the new orleans city council holds a hearing before a controversial vote, whether to demolish four of its largest public housing complexes. >> you want to talk about the people, the 4,500 families? that's not 4,500 people. that's 4,500 families! you hear me? >> one of several hundred people inside is sess 4-5, a rapper who grew up in new orleans projects.
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♪ the more you listen >> i do feel like it was my duty to speak out and represent for those folks. >> loyola university law professor, bill quigley, is with protesters outside city hall. >> we were essentially locked out and people were outraged. they had been working on this for months and years, and you're talking about literally the opportunity for people to come home after katrina. >> as council members take their seats, pastor torin sanders sees chamber doors closing, but there are dozens of empty seats. he yells in outrage. >> let those people in! there are seats right there! there are seats right there! let those people in! >> i was just frankly appalled that an elected body would deliberately close out people from participating in a meeting. >> then, tempers explode. >> one of the security guards, you know, he put his hands on me, and then i pushed him back. >> sess is tackled and thrown to the ground.
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but what happens just out of range of cameras hurts the most. >> i was actually tased three times from three different officers at once. two went in my chest and one went in my stomach. >> outside, police are struggling to close the gates to prevent more protesters from coming in. a woman is tased, screams and goes into a seizure. others are being pepper sprayed. >> she's been brought to an ambulance and being hospitalized right now. it really felt like we were in some sort of dictatorship or some sort of place where the people in charge get to trample the people who are not in charge. >> new orleans police disagree, and state publicly, they did not use excessive force. >> they were allowed to stand there and protest peacefully.
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they then began trying to tear the gate town, punched a couple sheriffs in the face. >> sess 4-5 is charged with disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. >> 7-0. the motion is approved. >> while council members vote unanimously for the demolition of more than 4,000 housing units. >> they bulldozed the people before they bulldozed the property. >> sess pleads not guilty, but is convicted and ordered to perform 40 hours of community service. the woman who was tased recovers and there are no serious injuries. >> if i had to relive that situation again, i would do it the same exact way. they saw that the people of new orleans were not going down without a fight. coming up -- >> i'm escorting you to the police station. >> a woman dishes out some subway justice. >> i was about to go ballistic there. >> when "caught on camera: confrontation" continues.
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a brazen offense on a crowded subway, and the intense reaction is caught on camera. >> why is this person keep pressing up against me? i realize you have all this space here? and i see his penis out. >> furious, the woman confronts her assailant. >> i'm escorting you to the police station, okay? oh, yes. oh [ muted ] yes. >> september 4th, 2010. 5:45 p.m. new york city. nicola briggs boards a crowded subway train. >> i was headed downtown to meet a friend to go to dinner in chinatown. so i was dressed up and feeling very relaxed and comfortable. >> nicola finds a spot near the door.
5:14 pm
>> i remember i was holding the pole, and i remember another arm outstretched across. it was obviously a man's arm. >> what nicola doesn't know is the man standing beside her is a pervert. >> you know, i don't like -- why does this person keep pressing up against me and i realize you have all this [ bleep ] space here and i see his [ muted ] out. that's it! >> a passenger records the confrontation on a cell phone. >> when i turned around and i saw this person, his erect penis was out of his pants and he was wearing a condom and i realized what he had been doing. he had been trying to get off on me. >> nicola's small stature might make her look like an easy target but what the man doesn't know, she's an expert martial artist. fully prepared to defend herself. >> i said, i don't want to touch you, but if i have to, i will. >> nicola holds her ground. >> i know what i saw. >> and gets the attention of the
5:15 pm
entire subway car. >> that's it! >> i've never yelled the word penis out in public before, ever. i knew that within every fiber of my being i would do anything it took, anything possible in my power to make sure that he was sent away with the cops that night. >> the perpetrator is stunned, standing in the middle of the train -- >> let me see -- >> yeah, i'm serious. >> he covers himself with his bag. >> i think he was embarrassed to be caught. he actually tried to enter into some sort of conversation with me. >> i'm not leaving your side. >> but at that point, when someone violates you in that way, conversation time is over. >> transit police are notified by the conductor. nicola stays with the suspect. >> where the [ bleep ] is the conductor? >> and i thought oh, he's going to get away. he's going to get away.
5:16 pm
>> the train stops at the 42nd street station, and transit police arrive shortly after. >> he didn't get two steps off that train, and he was in handcuffs. >> the perpetrator is identified as mario valdivia. >> my heart was still beating, just pounding thinking, gosh, i've got to make sure they take him down. >> he's arrested for forcible touching, a misdemeanor offense, and he's found to be an undocumented immigrant. released on bail, he commits a similar offense on the subway just six weeks later. >> he was what i would call a menace to society. >> valdivia pleads guilty to both crimes and serves four months in jail. registered as a sex offender, he awaits deportation. nicola has no regrets, and continues to encourage women to defend themselves. >> don't let anyone take your power away and don't let good manners ruin your day, either. it's your right to speak up.
5:17 pm
>> oh, yes. oh [ muted ] yes. more than a decade earlier, a woman challenges men to think about what it feels like to be female. walking down the street. >> a man can't comment on a woman's body. >> it's up to you whether or not you want to comment back. >> what about the fact that you make me uncomfortable when you say things like that about my body? >> a lot of things make people uncomfortable. >> macke hadley west finds courage and inspiration after she buys a camera at a yard sale. >> i woke up the next morning and i was like, oh, my god, i have a weapon. >> hadley west says she shoots confrontations with more than 1,000 men. >> i'll break your camera! >> for what turns out to be a provocative documentary called "war zone." >> the initial message is walk in my shoes for a day. >> still want to keep doing it? still want to keep playing games? want to play games? >> what, you got a problem? >> many of the men in the documentary don't agree with hadley west's methods.
5:18 pm
>> do you say things to women on the street or do you just look at our bodies? >> or her premise. >> you're trying to judge all men. >> i'm not judging all men. >> oh, yes, you are. >> i'm a balls to the wall kind of chick. i have an agenda. [ whistle ] >> do you always whistle at women on the street? >> only the good ones. >> so it was her ass you were checking out initially. >> i was checking out her ass. >> why do you think they keep walking? >> because they don't want to hear that. >> why do you think they don't want to hear it? >> because they get constantly barraged with it. >> just being female and walking down the streets, being cat called, humiliated, degraded, that was intolerable to me. [ kissing sound ] >> who did that? did you do that? [ laughter ] >> do you always do that? >> oh, i do it all the time. >> so what are you trying to tell me when you make noises like that towards me? >> that i'm checking you out. >> i wore the same outfit in every city. i had a camera woman and a camera man following me usually
5:19 pm
across the street. i walked with a small camera at my side. i pulled up my camera and i said -- >> so what did you just say to me? >> i said you're very sexy looking. i give you a compliment. you shouldn't get offended about that. >> while many of the men say they're being complimentary, hadley west feels she's being harassed. >> why are you making comments about my body? >> because your body look good. we're not trying to disrespect your body. >> you look like you lift weights. >> you look like you lift weights. >> so maybe i'm not interested in whether you all notice i lift weights or don't. >> hadley-west says there is an element of risk to her work behind the lens. >> i had at least 20 men smash the microphone, which is me holding the mic. >> but hadley-west says some of her war zone encounters with men are also enjoyable. >> i just gave you a compliment. i'm still be wrong? >> absolutely. >> oh. >> oh, my god! >> like this conversation in new york's garment district. >> why do women wear revealing clothing, such as mini skirts,
5:20 pm
skirts with slits up to the top showing their thighs, and wear tight spandex, such as what you're wearing and not expect a man to respond? that's human nature. >> he's also somebody that i found incredibly charming, because he's willing to have some kind of a dialogue with me that's pretty funny. >> i said, "good morning young lady, have a nice day." that's harassment? >> was it necessary to say it to her ass? >> she had a nice ass, i'm sorry. >> after more than a decade, hadley-west is proud war zone is part of the conversation about what is acceptable behavior on the street. coming up, don't mess with this guy. >> no, you're under citizen's arrest. stop right now. stop! >> i think you've got to stand up and you've got to have a little bit of courage. >> when "caught on camera: confrontation" continues. ♪
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5:24 pm
stolen, nothing is more satisfying than catching the person he believes has it. >> i live in portland, and you stole my bicycle. >> red-handed with cameras rolling. >> no, you're under citizen's arrest, stop right now. stop! stop! >> august 3rd, 2012. its bike-friendly culture makes portland, oregon, the bike capital of america for hard-core cyclist, jake gillam. he's in shock when his most prized possession, his fuji road bike is stolen. >> went to go grab a beer and came back after half hour, 45 minutes, and it was gone. >> jake's ride cost $2,500. and he doesn't have any insurance to replace it. >> i didn't really talk for about an hour after that. >> jake files a police report, but believes he can increase the odds of getting his bike back by taking matters into his own hands. >> my dad taught me to stand up for myself. he taught me to do the right
5:25 pm
thing and to walk around with a set of ethics and, you know, to kind of grow a pair and -- that's about it. you know? >> after 20 hours looking on the internet for someone selling his bike locally, jake widens his search and hits paydirt. >> i was focusing on portland on craigslist, and i just had kind of a whimsical thought, maybe i'll check out seattle and i did and two minutes later got my bike posted up there. >> photographs showing every scratch and custom feature leave no doubt in jake's mind, the bike on sale for a bargain $1,000 is his. house mate and best friend chris williams helps jake set up a sting to trap the suspect. >> getting involved was a fairly simple decision for me. i have had a lot of stuff stolen from me in the past few years. >> they create an online profile for a fake person named simon jackson. download a phone app that makes it look like jake's phone has a seattle area code.
5:26 pm
>> this is seattle. >> and drive 170 miles to seattle with chris' brother to expose the guy jake believes has his bike. >> full disclosure. i'm not censoring anything. this mother [ muted ] needs to get displayed on the internet. people need to know this is not okay. >> we shot the whole thing with just three cameras, two smartphones and just another junky video camera we had with us. >> jake and his friends don't plan on confronting the seller alone and call seattle police. but after 45 minutes, there's no back-up. >> i just texted my friend and said get ready, this is going to go down. >> so here's the deal. i live in portland, and you stole my bicycle. and this is my bicycle. >> all right? >> okay. >> what do you want me to say? >> i have paperwork, i have police on the way. >> you are going to get arrested. i have security on the way. >> the seller tries to get away, and bolts across the parking lot.
5:27 pm
>> no, you're under citizen's arrest, stop right now. hey, stop! >> it was an immediate admission of guilt for me. i almost felt like he was -- might as well have been in court saying, yeah, i stole it. i did all this. because he ran. >> jake jumps on his recovered bike and shoves the camera phone in his pocket. where it records this conversation as he rides behind the suspect. >> i bought this bike from craigslist, i knew it was stolen, yes. it's not illegal to buy stolen stuff. i looked it up, man. >> whether or not what he is saying is true -- [ sirens ] -- seattle police are about to end the discussion. the suspect pleads guilty to attempted malicious mischief and receives a deferred sentence. >> smile! >> by putting his story on youtube, jake believes justice has been served. >> this is how it goes down, everybody. this is why you don't steal from bicyclists, because i will go
5:28 pm
160 miles to get my $2,500 bike back. >> today is a good day. a few months earlier in the south, another bold confrontation. a county jail deputy takes on a team of robbers. unarmed and unclothed. >> i never thought it could happen to me. >> may 20th, 2012. san antonio. where every loyal texan remembers the alamo, this texan won't ever forget battling invaders outside his own home. mike is sleeping late when he hears noise and breaking glass downstairs. mike thinks it's his wife and tries to go back to sleep, but makes a horrifying discovery. he opens his eyes just in time to see an intruder at the foot of his bed. >> when he reached for my tv, i knew this was a robbery. >> the robber escapes down the stairs. >> i decided to arm myself first, so i ran around my bed, grabbed my knife.
5:29 pm
>> mike runs outside, but drops the knife in a struggle, trying to stop two would-be robbers from escaping in a get-away car. a neighbor's security camera records what happens next. >> that's when i saw a third person running through my neighbor's yard, trying to catch up to the car. and there is no way i'm going to let this guy get away on foot. >> mike's prison guard training and instincts kick in. he tackles the robber and uses a martial arts hold to choke him into submission. >> i just planned to hold him until the cops got there. >> mike doesn't know it, but a neighbor calls police. help is on the way. but then things take a turn for the worse. the female get-away driver makes a surprise return to free her partner in crime. >> she tries to grab my private area. tries to pull my underwear down and probably should have punched her. >> then the third thief shows up to plead with mike. >> he lifted up his sleeve and
5:30 pm
he was showing me his tattoo. he was like, i'm mexican mafia, man. i'm mexican mafia. >> outnumbered, mike runs out of steam and the three escape. but police already have the thieves' license plate number, and the trio is arrested in this minutes. >> i didn't know i was being recorded at the time. i was like, yes, there's some evidence. >> all three suspects are charged with home burglary. two plead no contest and one has not yet entered a plea. >> mike is happy there is a security camera to record it all, and that his underwear doesn't fall down. coming up, a victim strikes back. >> i'm thinking, it has to end here. it has to stop. and then -- >> get out of my face! >> playing "hardball" when "caught on camera: confrontation" continues. copd makes it hard to. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can help make this a great block party. ♪ [ male announcer ] advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function.
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there has been a huge break in a 22-year-old cold case in new york city. police have arrested a person
5:34 pm
for the murder of his 4-year-old cousin who had been known only as baby hope. people in 17 states had trouble using their food stamp debit cards today. xerox was performing maintenance on the system, causing it to halt service temporarily. back to "caught on camera. a boy being bullied with his back against the wall retaliates." a boy being bullied with his back against the wall retaliates. >> i'm thinking, it has to end here. it has to stop. >> march 16th, 2011. sydney, australia. casey heynes is at school talking to two girls when he starts to get picked on, just like countless times before. >> heard you been talking
5:35 pm
[ muted ]. >> i wasn't even talking to you. >> he was going, oh, yeah, why are you talking about my mother, or something like that. i went, i wasn't. i didn't want anything to do with it. and then he started hitting me, and then it all happened. >> it's all being recorded on a bystander's cell phone. >> he's a very soft-hearted, heartfelt, very eager to please type of young man. >> casey's mom says the bullying began all the way back in grade school. >> he was never invited to birthday parties, he was always segregated out. >> the bullying gets so bad in it high school, casey attempts suicide. >> it feels like -- like the world is going away from you. when you get bullied. i just fell down to a really low place, and i went out the back and tried to hang myself. >> right down there is where it happened. just straight down there. >> at school, casey tries his best to avoid confrontations.
5:36 pm
>> i was feeling scared. i didn't want to pursue. >> but he's about to reach the breaking point. as the seconds tick by, frustration built up over years of abuse ignites. >> you really don't know what's going to happen. >> casey lifts the bully over his head and body slams him to the ground. >> after i did it, it was like, yay, finally, it's over. >> before casey's mom sees the video, she's expecting a different kind of ending to her son's bullying story. >> i was more expecting coming home, yelling, screaming, swearing, something. but, my god. >> all it takes is eight hours for the cell phone video to go viral, and then spark an international media frenzy. >> i was actually sitting down, eating my cereal and all of a
5:37 pm
sudden i'm on tv. >> underdogs around the world sing casey's praises. he's even a cartoon hero. next he's invited on stage by none other than justin bieber at a melbourne concert. >> started the night screaming justin's name. at the end of it, they're screaming mine. >> he's walking with pride and he's actually got a smile on his face for the first time in four years, which is great. >> i have a social life. i have a girlfriend. >> both boys end up getting suspended from school for four days for fighting. fortunately, there are no serious injuries. casey has no regrets for standing up. >> i had only one friend in high school, just one. now i have millions. halfway around the world,
5:38 pm
it's an ordinary day in southern california. until a smoke shop gets two unwelcome visitors. and the unlikeliest of heroes springs into action. [ barking ] july 7th, 2012, altadena, california. duane deer is never far from his loyal dog, the rescued stray named paco, he brings to work with him each day. >> they were going to put him to sleep, so i went down and grabbed the dog and brought him home. >> one of the stops on paco's daily rounds is the ace smoke shop two doors away. >> he would just hang out in the store. he had a bed there and would just hang there all day. >> paco, what's up, paco? >> alfred is the store's clerk. >> he was very close to me. he's the best friend. to me. he's great. >> alfred is about to discover just how loyal his four-legged
5:39 pm
friend really is. when two hooded robbers make an unwelcome visit. >> you have to do it -- anything you want. >> paco starts to bark. [ barking ] as alfred is held at gunpoint. >> if the gun is fake or real, you don't know. alfred is scared for his life. the robbers order him to fill a backpack with cash. but then the feisty eight-pound chihuahua attacks, backing the robbers away from alfred and their loops. the robber points his gun at the dog, but paco doesn't back down. >> who knows if the gun was loaded, who knows what they were going to do, but they could have just kicked the dog, because he's so small. >> paco, the chihuahua, fights off not one but two armed robbers. and sends the stunned crooks scrambling out the door. store owner, eric nazarian,
5:40 pm
watches the security video in awe. >> it was hilarious. paco is just nipping at their heels all the way across the street. >> the robbers escape with 200 bucks and are never caught. without paco, alfred believes it could have been much worse. after his heroics, the rescued pooch, who comes to the rescue, is nicknamed "paco the brave" and becomes a local celebrity. >> paco is really a hero. he saved my life. coming up -- >> why are you screaming? >> because you always get me excited, chris. >> sparks fly when you play "hardball" with chris matthews. >> i can keep pulverizing until it's pretty clear they don't know what they're talking about. >> and then, men behaving badly. when "caught on camera: confrontation" continues. the recent increase in cafeteria prices is not cool. when you vote for flo, we'll have discounts.
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5:44 pm
let's play "hardball." >> night after night, chris matthews pokes -- >> what did chamberlain do wrong? >> you're not going to box me in here, chris. >> probes. >> how many people in the congress of the united states, do you think are anti-american? >> and prods pundits and politicians. >> i wish i was over there where i could get a little closer up into your face. >> we like a good debate. it wouldn't be "hardball" without a fight. >> the show matthews created in 1997 has one clear mission. >> and my job is to document, to demonstrate, truth and untruth. >> even if that means making guests squirm. >> hold on. >> i'm holding on. i'm giving you all the time you want, buddy. >> and creating some truly fascinating television confrontations along the way. >> you're watching "hardball." play some politics.
5:45 pm
>> may 15th, 2008. a heated presidential campaign between barack obama and john mccain. >> did president bush inject himself into the presidential campaign today in israel? >> krla radio talk show host, kevin james, is in the hot seat, and hot under the collar after this question about president bush. >> and you think it was a fair shot to go overseas and to take a shot politically against a fellow american? >> let me tell you who should have been overseas. barack obama should have been overseas. >> the point of contention, a historical reference president bush makes in a speech before israel's knesset. >> we have an obligation to call this what it is, the false comfort of appeasement, which has been repeatedly discredited by history. >> the illusion to nazi appeasers and world war ii is interpreted as a reference to candidate barack obama's willingness to speak unconditionally with america's adversaries. >> let me ask you, what did
5:46 pm
chamberlain do wrong, neville chamberlain do wrong in 1939? what did he do wrong? >> it all goes back to appeasement. >> i asked kevin james after he accused obama of appeasement. i simply asked him to define appeasement, what was it, and he couldn't do it. >> what did chamberlain do in '39? tell me. in '38. >> chris, it's the exact same thing, all right? >> what did he do! >> '38, '39, chris? what year do you want? it's the exact same thing that happened. >> i think the best times are when you can remain calm and realize you've got your fish. you know. you've got him. you've got him hooked. >> what neville chamberlain did wrong most people would say is not talking to hitler but giving half of czechoslovakia in '38. that's what he did wrong. i have to go to somebody who knows some history. >> although james hasn't returned to date, matthew says the "hardball" door is always open. >> you're not going to box me in here, chris. >> probably enjoy having him back. for further vetting.
5:47 pm
>> later the same year, another classic matthews showdown. >> congresswoman, thank you very much for joining us. >> october 17th, 2008. minnesota congresswoman, michele bachmann, is taking her first steps on the national political stage that includes a baptism by fire on "hardball." >> well, let's take a look now at congresswoman at the radio tape message. >> matthews challenges bachmann about presidential candidate, john mccain's robo call, linking his opponent, barack obama, to radical anti-war activist, bill ayers. >> this connection you're talking about between the democratic candidate for president and his connection back in the '90s with bill ayers, what is your concern about that? >> i think it's devastating, because this is an unrepentant terrorist who says he wishes he would have bombed more people. >> i'm not like this kind of guy that likes this of others, but i do enjoy doing my job, which is to catch people when they say the absurd.
5:48 pm
i'm not part of their flimflam. >> remember, it was michelle obama who said she's only recently proud of her country. >> what about people like nancy pelosi and harry reid, the liberals you were mentioning a moment ago, where would you put them? would you consider them anti-american, as well? >> i would consider them to have far leftist views. >> she made this startling demand that the media investigate members of congress for anti-american attitudes. >> i wish the american media would take a great look at the views of the people in congress and find out, are they pro america or anti-america? i think people would be -- would love to see an expose like that. >> for matthews, bachmann's comments are disturbing echo of the mccarthy era witch hunts of the 1950s. >> i was letting her expose herself so she couldn't go away and say i didn't mean that. she meant it. and i clearly let her dig her hole. >> okay. thank you very much. u.s. congresswoman, michele bachmann of minnesota. >> well, don't listen to them.
5:49 pm
don't listen to those people. >> september 1st, 2004. new york city. one of the most memorable confrontations in "hardball" history. >> it's seen as 34th and broadway, the miracle on 34th street is about to occur. >> democratic senator, zel miller, has just crossed party lines to speak at the republican national convention. >> u.s. forces armed with pot, spit balls! >> sarcastically criticizing democratic presidential candidate john kerry's position on defense. >> do you mean to say you really believe that john kerry and ted kennedy do not believe in defending the country? >> matthews challenges miller's position in front of a live audience. >> i wish i was over there, where i could get a little closer up into your face. >> this idea that somehow his face in my face would be somehow intimidating. and then -- somehow that would be almost a -- a aggressive move toward me. it was really hilarious.
5:50 pm
>> you believe, senator, truthfully, that john kerry wants to defend the country with spit balls. you believe that? >> that was a metaphor, wasn't it? you know what a metaphor is? >> i said a metaphor for what? metaphors have to be for something? what are you actually saying here? and he just got very angry at me. >> i think we ought to cancel this interview. >> well, i don't mean -- >> playful banter explodes into an old-school challenge of honor. at 20 paces. >> get out of my face! if you're going to ask me a question, step back and let me answer. >> senator -- >> you know, i wish -- i wish -- i wish we lived in the day where you could challenge a person to a duel. now that would be pretty good. but don't ask -- >> i need that, senator. >> i got the feeling that he was serious. he wanted to meet on some bluff somewhere, confederate dueling pistols or something. i don't know what was going on with the guy. you used very strong words tonight about the democratic candidate, much stronger than
5:51 pm
you're using with me. and they'll be remembered a lot longer than anything you say to me so i'm not worried about what you say now. >> i always wanted to be an irish lawyer in a courtroom. i think i play that part. trying to get that perry mason moment where you catch the witness and they stand up and say i can't take it anymore, i did it. you know those scenes? they never happen in real courtrooms. but there's a moment in political tv where the person almost does stand up and say, okay, you got me. and that's what i like. coming up. tiny ballerinas who are more spice than sugar and everything nice. >> there it was, my little girl up there, boxing it ought with another girl about a foot shorter. when "caught on camera: confrontation" continues. ooh, homemade soup!
5:52 pm
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it's a smackdown when two commuters get into a rush hour ruckus. >> it's not everyday you see two guys in suits acting like children.
5:55 pm
[ honking ] >> september 20th, 2012. 6:30 p.m. in new york city. the worst possible time to hail a cab. >> when it's starting to rain in new york city, getting a cab is like finding a needle in a haystack. >> l.a. movie producer, ron senkowski, is between meetings, raising money for his next film. and about to shoot one of his most popular hits with his own iphone. >> i saw two guys coming from different directions, both angling for the same cab. and they were shouting from afar. you know, "that's mine, that's mine!" >> senkowski's movie-making instincts kick in as he reaches for his camera phone. >> by the time i got my phone up to record this, they had already started fighting in front of the cab that had pulled up. >> push comes to shove as two grown-ups start to behave like brawling babies. >> maybe they're both just frustrated with being bankers on
5:56 pm
wall street and having no real outlet for their cave man tendencies. >> the plot thickens when a woman in red makes a surprise stealth move. >> while these two guys were jerking around with their little shenanigans, she was trying to make an end run and sneak in around them. >> nothing doin'. in a mad dash, the guy on the outside throws a block on the man in the lead, and yanks him out of the way. the passenger getting out of the cab steps back, stunned. in a sudden plot twist, the burlier adversary makes a decisive move and shoves his nemesis out of the way. >> one of the guys puts the other into a choke hold, thinking that's going to bring the guy down, but it ended up being a real ineffectual move. >> the loser dishes out a parting shot. with a slam of the door, the fight is over. >> dude, you had it. you had the cab. instead, you were focusing on
5:57 pm
the big guy. you gave it up. dumb. dumb. >> senkowski leaves the scene with about to be viral video on his phone. >> i hadn't walked but five blocks and i had already forwarded the video to my son. >> the unscripted drama gets hundreds of thousands of views in days. and proves once again, conflict is king. another brawl breaks out at a school auditorium. >> i got in a recital fight. >> between two sweet little girls acting their age in tutus and tiaras. may 18th, 2012. roy, utah. 2-year-old freya and 3-year-old reagan, are about to grace the stage at their first ballet recital. but things heat up when reagan's next door neighbor, freya, gets oh so restless under the bright lights.
5:58 pm
>> she wants to do her own thing and no one is going to tell her otherwise. >> freya and reagan's squabble starts innocently enough with the tiniest of shoves. ♪ >> her friend was trying to tell her to go back to her start. but she -- she is very stubborn. she doesn't like to listen. >> the real trouble begins when freya starts to push back. >> me and freya kept on pushing, because i wanted freya to go back in the spot. >> meanwhile, freya's dad is having all kinds of trouble keeping his camera steady. >> reagan's dad is also videotaping the tutu tussle. >> from where i was filming, i could kind of hear a little snicker over here, a little laugh over here. >> oh, no, reagan. >> and then i'm like, oh, no. the whole time i'm like, should i go out there, should i do
5:59 pm
something? >> freya's mom is thinking the same thing. >> i was like, maybe i'll walk to the stage and call her name and coax her back to her spot. >> the battling ballerinas are stealing the show. >> the harder shoving started and then we were getting more worried and then the hitting started. >> the duet crescendos with reagan's flurry of slaps. and freya's roundhouse right. >> people have told me, maybe you should put her in some kind of karate or something. rather than dance. >> after the rough recital, reagan and freya still love dressing up in their costumes. >> i like wearing the tutu and this. a lot of flowers. >> even if they dance more like prize fighters than ballerinas. >> oh, no. reagan.
6:00 pm
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. a sadistic murder transforms the jail. >> he was sodomized, peed on, spit on, boiling water poured on him. he was tortured. a roller derby queen takes a hard fall. >> i have kids, and i need to be with them, you know? this ain't cool no more. and one inmate realizes that even a good day in jail can have a dark side.


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