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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 17, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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i'm thomas roberts in for tamron hall today. the "newsnation" is falling the unclear path forward now that the 16-day shutdown is finally over. president obama is trying to shift the focus back to his domestic agenda when he spoke at the white house just a few hours ago. >> let's be clear. there are no winners here. these last few weeks have inflicted completely unnecessary damage on our economy. probably nothing has done more damage to america's credibility in the world, our standing with other countries than the spectacle that we've seen these past several weeks. the good news is we'll bounce back from this, but all my friends in congress, understand that how business is done in this town has to change. if we disagree on something, we can move on and focus on the things with agree on. i'd be specific about three places where i believe we can make progress right now.
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passing a budget, immigration reform, farm bill. those are three specific things that would make a huge difference in our economy right now. the american people's hopes and dreams are what matter, not ours. our obligations are to them. our regard for them compels us all, democrats and republicans, to cooperate and compromise and act in the best interests of our nation. >> meanwhile vice president joe biden welcomed furloughed federal employees back today at the environmental protection agency. he even brought muffins along. and greeting visitors this morning, ted cruz, who many think was the architect of the shutdown. he and other conservatives vow to continue the fight. >> we haven't given up the fight. we are going to prevail on this
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issue. >> joining me right now, nbc news capitol hill hill correspondent luke russert and correspondent kristen dahlgren. anything on the renewed invig racing in the spirit of compromise? it's interesting. harry reid said it was his goal to might not as partisan and make it more sort of cohesive to having some large-scale deals moving forward, but, thomas, we usually always hear this after these big-time long fights saying let's hope we put this behind us and move forward in a cooperative spirit. you did see there is a budget conference committee meeting for the first time in a long, long time and from conversations i've had with young aids on the house side, they think there might be a chance to move forward on a farm bill perhaps but sort of
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the large-scale issues the president mentioned today, something like an immigration reform, that still face as difficult path. don't forget, thomas, we're probably going to putter through. the names of post offices throws some spheres until christmas and then there's that january 15th funding government deadline and i personally believe from talking to members that we're going to have a very similar fight. will we shut down the government again? probably not. i don't think anyone on either side wants to go through that again. the government saw what happened at the polls when they went forward on that strategy. but you're going to hear from the conservative wing at the gop house they want something regarding the president's health care law. they want to continue to fight. a lot of conservative senators said that. this is a, i would say, a holiday's calm and then we go right back at it in 2014. >> a holiday calm. does that give john boehner enough time to triage any of the wounds he suffered and the
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conversations about a weakened leadership position for him. >> well, interestingly enough this entire shutdown episode has made him a stronger leader within his conference. people like michele bachmann, real conservative representat e representatives like steve king, they love what john boehner did because they how he took the fight all the way into the foxhole for them for the last three weeks. that's sort of the perverse logic here on capitol hill. you can shut down the government and yet be pursued as a stronger leader within your party. it's an odd thing. i still believe the conservative groups on the outside have undue influence with the gop congress. these guys hijacked the plane. they had no idea how to pilot it. if they can figure out how to pilot it, you can see boehner crumble because he's of the mind set of creating some sort of large-scale deal before it's over. he wants something to hang his hat on besides going up to the
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bring every time and more than sequester cuts, thomas. >> stand by for me. i'm going to bring in nbc news correspondent kristen wachris c christen well kerr. >> the president today calling for a new spirit of cooperation. i think those words met with some skepticism in part because of what luke is saying. while there might be some indication that a farm bill could get bipartisan support, immigration support, one of president obama's key second term foreign policy items faces a really steep climb. i've been talking to white house officials. they've been expected much. they say you can expect president obama to focus on that in the next coming days and weeks and months.
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you can expect faith groups. other reform advocates will start to turn up the volume on fwhaus they know the window to get something done is so small. if there's anything they can get done because, of course, dwrou have those budget battles that are just around the corner and then you have the midterm elections in 2014. all of that is going to complicate things in terms of trying to get something as large as immigration reform passed. remember when the president tried to get new gun support plans through, that didn't make its way through this incredibly divided congress. i do think democrats believe the president has been emboldened in one aspect. he said he wasn't going to negotiate over reopening the government and increasing the debt limit and he stuck to that. in the past thomas, you'll recall that democrats have criticized the president for giving in and sometimes giving too much. he didn't do that in this instance. democrats were incredibly united
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throughout this even tire fight so they feel emboldened on that point. having said that i believe it's going to be an incredibly tough challenge to get some of those larger second-term agenda priorities passed. thomas. >> thank you to luke russert and kristen welker for joining us. sir, it's good to have you here. >> thomas, how are you? >> i'm great. how are you going to be when you get back to washington, d.c., because here we are. we kicked the can down the road, bought a little more time, but how do you think it be in january. >> and when i get back i'll have a little more sleep. we're raring to go. the committee's raring go. i know paul ripe and the budget committee, both democrats and republicans, this is what we asked for for six months. this is what harry reid asked for 18 different times and we're just getting around to negotiate the budget. we passed the budget six years
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ago and here we are today, thomas, and here are the results. >> do you think there's an opportunity for that. you bring up that paul ryan is going to be involved with this and budget chair patty murray. they're going to be heading there created by the house deal. do you think that a grand bargain is even a palatable opportunity here? >> don't forget. besides talking about this budget, in order to get this 2k3wr57bd deal you talk about, you're going have to talk about entitlements. there's no way to get around that. it's on the table. the president said he was willing to talk about it, negotiate it. i tlink there are too many distractions, thomas, for us to get to that result by the middle of december. >> but when we get to that
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point, there will be more time, sir, for results of the aca, the rollout of october 1st for those results to accumulate. >> yes. >> and if the right wants to recoil and pivot backward to wait and spring forward based on that data. i want to play part of what republican senator marko rubio said about the battle against the president's health care law. take a look. >> we haven't given up the fight. by the early part of next year, february, march, april, may of next year -- and i know it looks like a long way away, but it's not -- there's going to be a long out revolt against the people and that's the moment to absolutely act to say we're going get rid of this law and look for opportunities in the future to replace it. >> okay. so it doesn't seem as if conservative republicans have any will to want to surrender over this any time soon, so do you think come 2014 the midterms are going to be whatever proof about the aca? >> we've had an election and a
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supreme court decision. i don't look for surrender, what i look for is some kind of reconciliation. if it wasn't going to be this issue, it would be another issue, thomas. no question about it. they went after the aca, they were unsuccessful, they know they lost to put it in their terms, but we look at it as something that we should be trying to help this act along, make it better, improve upon it. some states are doing very well. some states that have preferred the federal government are not doing so well, and so let's look at the reaction instead of simply projecting ourselves into the issue. i mean rubio fades in and out of reality, you know. most of the time he's in the reality side. his counterpart is, i think -- i don't know what planet he's on. >> i know you said you go back on tuesday, so we wish you nothing but a restful weekend. >> thank you, thomas. we'll be busy, but we'll have
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some sleep anyway. >> thank you, sir. i appreciate your coming on. >> thank you. >> the markets are mixed as we're seeing. right now the dow is down by 52 points and that's after a 100-point gain. meanwhile the s&p 500 and nasdaq are a wee bit higher. i want to bring in msnbc's bertha cooms. >> thanks, thomas. >> we were trying to follow the money. it seemed in the morning time we were seeing this rally of 200 points, so people on the street had sniffed out the deal and they knew. >> yeah. essentially often on wall street you sell the news. ahead of the news things will run up in anticipation and we saw that the last few times. when there was a deal, things would run up. when there was a disappointment, they would sell off. today we're look back at what's goms on. they know we could be back in this position again 90 days from
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now or sometime around valentine's day when all efforts run out to avoid a debt ceiling limit and default. so people are not necessarily cheering that we got a fix. a number of business leaders say it's hard to commit when you're going from crisis to crisis to crisis. as far as what we'ring looking at today, we've had disappointing earnings from dow components like ibm which missed on its revenues in part because sales were week in china. that's a big deal for all of us here on wall street. for a lot of companies their growth is coming from china and if their growth is slowing that could be slower for a lot of u.s. companies also. also goldman sachs, it's kind of like the s.i. curse, you come on, you don't do so well after you've been on the cover.
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when you're added to the dow, stocks don't do so well and for goldman sachs, a really terrible quarter. a lot of its trading revenues were down nearly 50%. both their own individual trading and their clients' trading revenue. one of the canaries in the coal mine here that people are watching is ebay. earnings not so exciting but what's concerning is in the current quarter they've seen a real pullback in terms of growth in spending and that's one of the things people are worried about, whether this has impacted americans, and come supers are worried and they're going to hold back to the holiday season. >> it create as ripple effect which is right around the corner. ber, that great to have you on there. still ahead, what the government is going to seize on. the botching of the health care rollout. some who have still not been able to sign up 17 days later. plus -- >> everything went wrong that
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day. >> so truly emotional interview from the fiancee of a former florida football player shot and killed by a police officer he was running to for help. her surprising message to that officer who pugged the trigger not once but 12 times. as always you can join our conversation on twitter. you can find us at "newsnation." the american dream is of a better future, a confident retirement. those dreams, there's just no way we're going to let them die. ♪ like they helped millions of others. by listening. planning. working one on one. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. that's how ameriprise puts more within reach. ♪ you may be muddling through allergies.
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to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. for a store near you go to with the fight over the shutdown and the debt ceiling behind us now more attention will likely shift to and the glitches that plagued the site for the last two weeks. the obama administration projected nearly half a million people would sign up for the health insurance markets but
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despite around-the-clock repair efforts, many americans are still having trouble logging on to see what insurance plans are available. yesterday health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius addressed those concerns while speaking at a school in cincinnati saying, quote, there are vast improvements, but we're still not satisfied. it's hopefully improving. >> well, that's what the white house says. it also says 15 million people have now visited the website and it insists the site is now getting through to people who are signing up but it isn't saying how many people have done that. by some estimates we could be talking less than 1% of the website traffic. if the obama care website were a patient, it would probably be in intensive care by now. more than two weeks after its rollout is getting falg great by supporters i hope they fire the people that were in charge who were supposed
11:19 am
to make it work. >> it absolutely must be fixed. people are getting on and enrolling. >> the "washington post" has called it a complete train wreck. the milwaukee journal sent knell says they need to problems and fix them now. >> at where live chat assistance is also available. >> on october 1st we met the schultz family eager to sign up through the website. 17 days later they have still not been able to fin tish process. >> as time went by and we realized this was taking longer than expected to sign up, you know, the excitement became more like a question mark, but we're not giving up. >> when you see this as a software programmer, what does it say to you? >> amateur hour. it looks like it was created by someone who's never delivered commercial software before. a user should never see this.
11:20 am
this would barely make beta testing. all right? >> one potential problem, the website demands users input their personal information before they even begin to window shop for insurance, something retail websites like don't do. programming experts say a lot of work needs to be done. >> if they don't change management, this project is doomed because we've already seen what the existing management considers ready for shipping, and it's not. >> now, there are allegations that the administration waited too long to draw up the blueprints for the website, then had too many contractors involved. meanwhile many of the state websites that are running their own sites are getting high marks for their running, colorado and kentucky in particular, thomas. >> we're joined by white house reporter julia halparin. you've been talking about
11:21 am
customers who have been scared off between october 1st and the 13th where the site was plummeted by 88%. you've breaket down to show many have visited to show where people successfully were able to log in. so how is the white house supposed to respond to this because is the onus supposed to be on the state or the federal government taking responsibility for it or is this a purposeful way to make it look so messy so that there has to be something more done? >> well, this particular question is really one for the administration because what we're talking about with these numbers are the federal health insurance exchanges which the united states government and the obama administration is running in more than 30 states. so as the reporter indicated, some of the state health care exchanges are doing right well and it's really the rolling state system of the federal government that's in charge of.
11:22 am
>> this shutdown was due to the efforts to try to defund it. ironically it's been overshadowed. even lindsey graham had this to say last sunday. i want to play it for everybody. >> fft the last 12 days you've had a complete meltdown of the portal call to obama care. the whole system is just not working and we're overshadowing how badly obama care has been rolled out. >> so how much do you think the backlash would have been on the administration if the gop had waited patiently to see how this would have gone down and to see that it wasn't a success out of the gate. would that have given them the an nation they need god after the aca properly? >> i think everyone would agree they would have had significantly more ammunition if they would have, in fact, waited
11:23 am
and judged this rollout on its merits rather than trying to obstruct it through the budget battle. you would have had them, you know, every day on what was happening with the exchanges and as a result it was absolutely overshadowed by the budget fight here in washington rather than individual families trying to get insurance. now, there have been some improvements and i think one of the real questions is maybe they might get it fixed in time that they would recover from this but it's interesting that they've had more than a two-week grace period. >> juliet, thank you. i appreciate your time. we're going to talk to "the daily beast" reporter. they're now even more em boldened. plus new developments in the missouri alleged rape case involved a 14-year-old girl and a popular football player. >> it was about when we got to the hospital they started putting two and two together and
11:24 am
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watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. the fiancee of a former professipr football player whos with shot ten times. >> he really enjoying making people laugh. >> reporter: they met junior year of high school. later they got engaged, moved to charlotte, she an accountant, he working two jobs to finish school. their life together seemed like a dream, but then came the nightmare in mid-september. >> everything went wrong that evening.
11:28 am
that could possibly go wrong. >> she said her fiancee dropped off a co-worker and drove off the road. he went to a house to ask for help. she called 911. one officer used a taser. another shot at him 12 times and he shot him 10 times. >> he acted out of fear and i do think he intended to kill him. i understand. he was scared. but it hurts. >> the officer was charged with voluntary manslaughter. the charlotte naacp is pushing for a more serious charge. >> when you fine out he shot four times, paused, shot six times, paused, shot two times, that was deliberate murder.
11:29 am
kerrick's attorney is declining to comment but last month he said this. >> we're confident that the resolution of this case, it will be found that officer kerrick's actions will be justified. >> herric's family wants the dash cam video to be released as cache heidel endures life without her fiance. >> if somebody took a step back and figured out what was going on, they would know he didn't cause -- you know, meant to threaten anybody. still ahead, the midterm effect. democrats emerge from the last 16 days, more unified than ever, but will that unity be enough to carry in 2014. we'll get the first read. >> look at me. >> sure. >> look at me. i'm the captain now. >> from limo driver to a major role in a hollywood movie starring tom hanks that's doing great at the box office, coming up we're going to talk to
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the government shutdown. an effect on the 2014 midterm elections and the tea party effect. joining me live to discuss all that, nbc news political editor mark murray. mark, it's been a wild one to watch and here we are on the other side of this. but but we're only in the modest
11:34 am
90 days before we start it all again. it seems like this was an effort in futility almost. >> it was. you know, if the republican party wanted to have major change in the president's health care law, they didn't get it. if they wanted to strengthen their hands over the reform they didn't get that as well. what they did end up getting are lower "wall street journal" poll numbers. it showed that in plain sight where the republican party's ratings went to an all-time low. democrats have a substantial advantage when it looks to next year's midterm elections. and, oh, by the way, the president's health care law became a little bit more popular. when you add it up, the republicans ended up getting a whole lot of pain and not a lot of gain if any. >> as we look at the 2014 midterms and everybody keeps talking january, january, january, january, and it is in 2014, it is in the midterms,
11:35 am
people have to be conscious of that going into next year about the political moves they make and a what that sets them up for back in their home districts. >> the good news that republicans like to point out is the midterm elections are still a month away and a lot can happen. a month ago we were talking about syria and how it's the biggest story in washington and how it's dropped off. maybe this government shutdown does the same, but, thomas, there is one big factor in how this can play out in the midterm elections. you have at least seven house republicans who are going to be running in senate contest this year and senate is going to be the prime battleground. that is the opportunity the republicans have to potentially take over if they pick up a net of six seats, but you will end up seeing perhaps this government shutdown play out in a lot of democratic ads because you end up having these seven house republicans who voted pretty much in lockstep to shut down the government. it was interesting. some of them were actually divided in yesterday's and last night's vote on to reopen the government and to extend the
11:36 am
debt creeling. >> but talk about that for the tea party effect and what that means to the senate potentially. the biggest example on the senate side being ted cruz. >> ted cruz has a very, very big factor. one of the reasons why, the conservative republicans were on his side in the debate and the tea party is already playing a role. we're seeing a handful of challenges that republican senders are getting from safe republican state. for example, thad cochran is getting a new tea party challenge and pat roberts and maybe the biggest tea party challenge of all mitch mcconnell is getting one in kentucky. >> mark murray, thank you so much. i want to bring in michael from the day by beast. good to have you here. the title of your piece is "after the bloodbath."
11:37 am
this goes in coordination. the president's tone this morning was pretty modest in saying that there are really no winners, no losers here and that we expect washington in washington for there to be disagreement but not so much dysfuncti dysfunction. >> yeah. i don't think either side is to blame but in this particular case i tlink's only one side to blame, thomas, and think they're obviously paying the price for it. so the question now that i raised this morning and that a lot of people are raising is are they going to learn the right lessons from this. they overreach and weekend way beyond the norms of american politics are exactly the people who aren't going to learn their lesson. they're going to take away from this that they were sold out by rhinos and turn coats and that they just need to stand tougher next time. >> here's the thing. none of those people that have overreached the major players in all of this will ever cop to
11:38 am
that publicly. >> right. >> they will never say that they were complicit in a major failure of this effort and that that's what they were -- this is what democracy is all about. they're going to play that card. this is what democracy is all about. >> right. they're going to say as i just said that they were betrayed and they're going to say they won a moral victory. that's always a good line people like to use because they brought it forward. yes, they're going to trot all that out, but poll numbers are poll numbers. outside of the tea party, those people are in terrible, terrible shape. the republican party needs a sanity caucus. the republican party needs some of its -- i don't even think there are many moderates but just reasonable conservatives to step forward and to take on those people and form themselves into a cohesive unit that has some political muscle on capitol hill. >> has the president pointed out today what he would like to see happen, his legislative agenda
11:39 am
is a grand bargain and then something on immigration reform and then the farm bill. he brought up the fact there was a bipartisan bill over on the senate. do you think that's going to pick up any steam? >> i could see a farm bill passing, i guess. but, boy, you know, the other two things, no. as of today, i wouldn't think that there's going to be any kind of a grand bargain. they'll limp toward a -- you know, whatever the opposite of grand is. we'll limp toward a mediocre bargain. there'll be a -- >> a patchwork bargain. >> yeah. but immigration, no. i don't see it. i'm very sorry to say. doim see it. >> you don't think that's way for the republicans to help foundationally improve their brand? >> oh, it certainly is. yeah, it certainly is. that's what i they said after the 2012 loss they wanted to do. but i doechlt think there's a critical mass of people with willpower in the middle of the republican party right now to take on the far right and stand
11:40 am
up to it. they're terrified of these primaries that mark murray was just mentioning. and, you know, if pat roberts can get a primary, anybody can get a primary, and that's just going to freeze them in their -- in their tracks. >> michael tomasky. michael, thanks for your time, i appreciate it. >> thanks. still ahead, will new jersey's newly leekt cory booker be diebl anything about the atmosphere in washington, d.c.? plus a manhunt continues. it's one of the stories we're following around the "newsnation" today. and i avoid frustration. you'll find reviews on home repair to healthcare, written by people just like you. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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developments to talk about in the missouri rape case. the district attorney in maryland is now calling for a special prosecutor to reopen the case involving a 14-year-old girl and a popular high school football player from a prominent family. the case has forced the girl's family to move go another town and it's strong intense scrutiny over how the case has been
11:44 am
handled. nbc's indicakate snowe with mor the investigation. >> i felt weak, worn down, like i wasn't worth anything. so it mean as lot more now. >> reporter: melinda and daisy coleman spoke out. on a freezing morning melinda found daisy passed out on the front lawn wearing only a t-shirt and sweat pants. >> i asked her if she was hurting and she started to cry. at that point i called 911 and we took her to the hospital. >> it was about when we got to the hospital that i started putting two and two together and that i really started remembering some of the things that happened the night before. >> reporter: daisy says she and a 13-year-old friend sneaked out of her house and went to the home of a 17-year-old member of the maryville high school football team. a typical teenage party took a
11:45 am
turn for the worse. excessive alcohol consumption and then a sexual encounter, possibly even videotaped. he told police it was consensual. she says absolutely not. police quickly filed charges of sexual assault. >> i thought something would be done about it and that it wouldn't happen again. >> reporter: but then the charges were dropped. the prosecutor cited lack of evidence. melinda says she believes the family of the accused help make the charges disappear. the district attorney said he dropped the case because the colemans refused to speak on the record. >> in my opinion they were the one that cast the death nail on the case and if they were wanting to put it back to life, they'd come back to me. >> reporter: the colemans insist they did cooperate. what exactly happened is unclear. the court file is sealed for now. what is clear is that life got even harder for daisy after her accusations went public. in maryville coleman said many
11:46 am
attacked daisy online. feeling overwhelmed the family move 40d hours away and eight months later the home they lived in in maryville burned down. i was almost relieved when they said it was electrical. i hate to think they're that vindictive but part of me is still afraid. >> reporter: the story was reported by the kansas city star and sparked an outcry. the accused man is out in college, his mother using his name matthew barnett stepped in front of cameras tuesday to say she's worried about her son. >> students having to be walked across to class and be escorted because of their safety, that needs to stop. >> that was nbc's kate snowe reporting. >> normally we would not identify the victim of a rape but since daisy and her mom electively came forward, we're using her name. now, the lawyer for the accused teen had no comment on the latest development. well, a manhunt is under way
11:47 am
the for two convicted murderers who were accidently released from prison. right now police in florida are searching for these inmates. they were mistakenly released from the same prison in september and october but authorities just learned of the mistake this week. prison officials say the men were released on documents that forged a judge's signature. no word on how all the details of this happened. the cleveland kidnapping survivors could soon receive thousands of dollars from the state. the ohio house of representatives will soon hear a proposal that will provide victims like them for up to $25,000 for each year of captivity and get free living and tuition expenses at a state college along with covered medical expenses. >> still ahead, the rookie actor who some say outshined tom hanks in the movie "kwap tan phillips." actor barkhad abdi joins me next. e one...
11:48 am
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so there's a lot going on today. new jersey's new senator says he's ready to bring a mayoral attitude to washington. cory baker beat steve lon again by more than 10 points. >> i think everybody feels the fe teague and frustration which create as great climate for change. i mean before you can have a great victory often you have to have a great frustration. >> all right. listen to this one. anthony weiner said he would have won the race for mayor of new york were it not for the internet. in a new interview with "gq" magazine weiner calls himself an empty soulless vest ill. he mentioned his wife houma aberdeen is labeled an idiot who stuck with him.
11:52 am
"captain phillips". some of the buzz surrounding this film isn't just for the story you see on the screen. it's the sudden rise for some of its stars. barkhad abdi who had no acting experience prior to this movie. take a look. >> captain, no one gets hurt if you don't play no games. >> the ship's broken. we had to -- >> nobody gets hurt. hey, look at me. >> sure. >> look at me. >> sure. >> i'm the captain now. >> i'm the captain now. barkhad abdi joins us in the studio. it's great to have you here. >> thank you. >> congratulations on the success of of the film. i think not only is the film great but with your backstory it adds a new layer. we'll talk about the film in a second, but before landing this role you were a limousine driver. >> correct. >> and you answered an open
11:53 am
casting call at home in minnesota, correct? >> correct. >> when you saw the casting call, did you know what the film was about? how was it described? >> you know, all i knew about it was it was a tom hanks film. >> that's good to know. >> you know, that's all i knew about it and that was good enough to me. >> and so when you responded to the casting call, did you take friends with you? >> no. i went there by myself. >> but then you and the other characters that were cast at the somali pirates, they're friends of yours back home. >> yes. >> did you know you were going out for the roles. >> we met the second day. we were part of a group. we were told to form a group as part of the audition, we realized we each had different characters. then we form ourd own group. >> when did you know you were going to get the lead character with the nickname skinny? >> i had no idea. after the first day they give me a paper, you know, with part of the script and the assignment to
11:54 am
that character. so i was running for it. but i first found out when i went to l.a. and met the director. >> the film itself, it's amazingly suspenseful. even though we covered the story in the news and we know how it all ends, they did such great job. you mentioned the director tom greengrass. he did not want you to meet tom hanks ahead of the first scene when you came onto the bridge. >> yeah. >> explain what that was like? >> it was disappointing. we wanted to meet tom. my friends, we wanted to meet tom. but looking back now it was really important for the film for us not to meet tom at this time because it would change the whole dynamics of the film. you know, it wouldn't be the same. for your me it was really stressful. i had to just do the best i can. >> and now your background, you were born in somalia. you lived in yemen for a while
11:55 am
before moving to the united states. were you concerned at all about taking on this role and the way that the background of these somali men is portrayed? >> you know, i was concerned in a way, but at the same time, you know, it was a true story. wit as true story that happened and it was like -- and as somalians we had that story happen. i grew up listening to that stuff through somali people. piracy is something that i understand what they're doing it for, and , you know, i felt compassion about it. they had been in war for the last 24 years. no government, no hope. was blessed to have parents that got me out of the country into another country to be a better person. so with their situation, it was just something that they couldn't get -- >> you do an amazing job. congratulations. >> thank you. >> the film is doing so well at the box office. there's been oscar buzz around
11:56 am
it. do you have the acting bug now? >> i don't know. >> you don't know? do you want to do more work? >> i want to do more work. >> okay. casting directors out there. he's great in this film. so nice to meet you. thanks for your time. >> thank you. time for a gut check. 400,000 federal workers come back to work. president obama urged new kopgs between democrats and republicans going forward in a search for a long-term budget deal. all right, so what does your gut tell you about that? will there be a stachbd-off in a few months? you can go to ta's going to do it for me. thomas roberts for tamron hall. "the cycle" comes your way next.
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today i want our people and our businesses and the rest of the world to know that the full faith and credit of the united states the f the senate republicans would have stood, that's how we would have won the fight. >> the white house is claiming victory but republicans refuse to admit defeat but the shutdown is over at least for the next 90 days and the debt ceiling is raised for the next four months and now after all of their hard work negotiating, the house is on recess. good job, guys. a much deserved break. and as nnbc's first read points out all pain and no gain. more on winners and


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