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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  October 17, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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good afternoon americans and well koum to "the ed show" live from new york. let's get to work. >> do you think that your recklessness was worth $24 billion to our economy? >> this means that we're doing exactly the right thing. >> this recklessness is a luxury the american people cannot afford. >> the house republicans marched into battle. >> all my friends in congress, understand that how business is done in this town has to change. >> we lost the battle, but we're going to win the war. >> let's be clear, there are no winners here. >> there is going to be an all-out revolt in this country.
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>> we indeed will continue to fight. we're not going anywhere. >> the game is flawed. >> we haven't given up the fight. >> now that's just a quick collection of the last 24 hours. you hear the republicans talking about war. we lost the battle but we're going to win the war. you hear them talking about revolt. you hear them talking about battles. can we just help america just a little bit? this is a night where we should all be celebrating the fact that people are back to work and their lives are getting back to normal, which is fantastic. the calculation of winners and losers is there. but you know who lost? you and i lost. the american taxpayers lost. and here they are, right here, these guys. they had all the cards. they are the party of so-called fiscal responsibility. for years republicans have been talking about wasteful spending
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in getting our fiscal house in order. >> our plan would cut wasteful spending. >> so we can send a signal we're going to get the fiscal house in order. >> this was created by the wasteful spending. >> go in and root out wasteful spending. >> cutting wasteful federal spending. >> washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. >> so there was nothing wasteful at all about what we've been through for the last 16 days. here's a wasteful spending number for you. $24 billion. and i want to know where's the march? there should be a march on washington. i mean these guys throw billions of dollars around like they're $5 bills with absolutely no accountability. this is how much the republicans cost the american taxpayer. and i don't want to hear any more republicans talk about how fiscally responsible they are. this loss was completely avoidable. you know, i'm just curious if
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there was any conversation or any kind of calculation by boehner and cantor and cruz for that matter about what it was really going to cost the american taxpayer. you know we could -- what we could do with $24 billion? it's amazing. but of course they're hung up on too many damn food stamps floating around grocery stores in america. they're hung up about the farm bill. they're hung up about the fact that health care in this country might actually be something the american people wanting. they don't care what you want. the republicans have cost this country again, just like they cost us in iraq and afghanistan and went on a fool's errand on false intelligence. this is false accounting. well, house democratic leader nancy pelosi slammed republicans for the economic consequences of their own shutdown. >> it has eroded consumer and investor confidence in our economy while taking $24 billion
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out of our economy. my colleagues, do you think that your recklessness was worth $24 billion to our economy? this recklessness is a luxury the american people cannot afford. >> now, i thought for sure the right wing talkers of america today would be all over this $24 billion. because any time it's democratic money, oh, it's a huge story. interesting, no conservative commentary anywhere in the media today about the $24 billion, and certainly no commentary about the 900,000 jobs that we have lost since 2010 because of the way the republicans would have run the railroad. it's estimated republicans governing by crisis cost this country 900,000 u.s. jobs. earlier today president obama also called out republicans on the damage they have done to our economy. >> these last few weeks have inflicted completely unnecessary damage on our economy.
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every analyst out there believes it's slowed our growth. we know that consumers have cut back on spending and that half of all ceos say that the shutdown and the threat of shutdown set back their plans to hire over the next six months. we know that just the threat of default, of america not paying all the bills that we owe on time, increased our borrowing costs, which adds to our deficit. >> well, where the heck were all these ceos? don't they have boehner's number? can't these heavyweight ceos call up boehner and say, you know what, this is going to hurt our business, this is going hurt hiring, this is going to slow the economy. isn't there anything you can do besides shut the government down? we know you hate obama but there's got to be a better way. lo and behold, they did it anyway, and of course we're stuck with the bill. all republicans do is complain about growing deficits. guess what, republicans holding
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the debt limit hostage has added to the deficit. the republican shutdown and the debt limit crisis have seriously damaged our economy, it's well documented. fewer mortgages have been approved as of late, small business loans have been put on hold, new job hiring, that of course has been delayed. you just heard the president. consumer spending fell because things like the national parks, which apparently we like to go to, they, of course, were closed. and it's increased our borrowing costs, which of course increases the deficit. now, the republican stunt that we've been through has hurt our standing in the international community as well. all this hardship and waste was caused by the republican party. i don't know how clong the hangover is going to last. i hope it lasts all the way to next november. november 2014. maybe we can straighten things out. but this crowd in particular, make no mistake, and there's a vote behind it, there's a number behind it, the tea party of the
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world, the michele bachmann, ted cruz, louis gohmert, part of the crazy train, ted cruz is probably the worst of them all. i bet he's so happy because a year ago nobody knew who the hell he was. he must be just on a huge stroking ego trip right now. he manufactured this crisis for his own political gain. he fund raised off the shutdown. he added, i don't know, hundreds of thousands of people to his e-mail list, all at the expense of the country's finances. he's reckless, he's dangerous, and he's only concerned really about one person and that's himself and his own future. meanwhile, not everyone agrees with me. my good friend, laura ingram, said she likes the fight in ted cruz. >> the pressure on the republicans is going to continue to mounting. a lot of conservatives, myself included in spirit, love the kind of fight in ted cruz. >> isn't there something like maybe picking the right fights, when your own party tells you that this is a fool's errand and
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it doesn't sink in? laura, maybe you should get ted cruz to listen to your show more often. certainly you don't think that, do you? one thing laura conveniently didn't mention was of course the $24 billion that this stunt cost this economy. when democrats head to the bipartisan budget conference, they need to remember this number and they need to stick it to them with that number. don't talk to me about fiscal responsibility, you've cost us $24 billion. oh, what's that word that cantor likes to use all the time? offsets. how are we going to offset this? let me tell you what the target is and they will be as ruthless as they can be when they get to that table. it's going to be social security, medicare, medicaid and those damn food stamps that all those takers are just grabbing all the time. i hope this hangover from this shutdown lasts all the way through the midterms, because you know what?
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liberals, we have to think about the country in 2015. because you see we have had the white house, the house and the senate and we were really nice. we really didn't go for the jugular legislatively, we were throwing olive branches all over the place. but if this hangover on the republican party stays with the american voters and if the democrats do get the house in 2014, there won't be any more crisis caucus. and if we can hang on to the senate, 2015 could be a hell of a legislative year for president obama because i think the president has learned that there's still a bunch of these folks you can't deal with, like 144 congressional members last night. what did they do? they voted for default. they wanted, this number right here, that's how many people are in the house that wanted to see this economy go down. but even worse than that, 18
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republican senators voted for default, 18 of them. this is supposed to be the chamber of debate. this is supposed to be the chamber of respect and statesmanship. is it a statesman to say i think we ought to default on our debts? last night senator marco rubio said people are going to revolt over obama care. >> a lot of people are going to wake up and realize, hold on a second, this is not free health insurance, this is something that's going to cost us something we're already happy with. it's hurt us at work, cost our relationship with our doctor, our premiums have gone up an they are going to be angry about that. there is going to be an all-out revolt in this country and that is the moment to absolutely act and say we are going to get rid of this law. >> revolt? who's going to be revolting? ted cruz? sarah palin? minorities across america who
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are going to love obama care? small businesses who can't wait to sign up for it? people who don't have it, like 40 million? i mean is this revolt going to come from 40 million people from america? is this revolt going to come from people who can actually not get kicked off the insurance rolls because they got sick? who's this revolt going to come from? oh, it's probably going to come from glenn beck. yeah, glenn beck was in washington recently trying to rile up all the veterans. take a look. >> hi, everybody. it is -- it's strangely good to be in washington. >> yeah. where's the crowd, glenn? that looked like a little league football crowd just down the street. give me a break. come on, i thought you used to draw hundreds of thousands of people. but wait a minute, there's going to be a revolt. let me talk to you about the farm bill for a moment. while we have spent $24 billion on nothing, we've had this huge
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debate for three years in this country about $3 billion in the senate bill in the farm bill. and then there was $20 billion in the house bill but they didn't like that so they upped it to $39 billion. this huge debate about whether we can even have a farm bill in america anymore because it was just too damn expensive. but in a matter of days, these guys can cost the country $24 billion. and the sad thing about it is they're probably going to get away with it. we have no recourse. this is why americans hate washington. we feel helpless. $24 billion. gosh, i wonder if detroit could use some of that money. i wonder if chicago might like to help out their public schools. they have only closed 50 of them in the last six months. distorted priorities is what the republicans are all about. and just remember when you go to
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conference, democrats, they're still republicans. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question. can the republicans still call themselves the party of fiscal responsibility? text a for yes, text b for no. you can always go to our blog. we'll bring you the results later on in the show. let me bring in congressman tim ryan of ohio. okay, the buckeyes are good, i know all that. enough of that. congratulations, congressman, you're back to work. you were on the right side of the aisle on this one, no question about it. you were all along. but i'm curious tonight, i'd like to know from you what's it like in ohio? what are people saying in ohio? is this republican hangover going to affect the midterms in which is such a pivotal state for 2016? >> well, i just got home this afternoon, so i'm anxious to see, you know, this weekend while we're home because we have been in d.c. for such a long
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period of time. but my inclination from the people i have talked to already, tired of the tea party, ed. they're tired of the irresponsibility, tired of the recklessness. ohio has always been democrat or republican pretty pragmatic, either republicans were never super conservative, they were always more moderate. even john boehner before he started getting led around by the nose by the tea party was a fairly -- he was conservative, but he was constructive. he'd pass bills, he wouldn't try to do hostage takings. and so my sense is that there's going to be a backlash against this tea party irresponsibility. i thought you hit the nail on the head. 140 some republicans last night voted to default on the credit of the united states and to keep the government shut down. how irresponsible and reckless can you be? >> well, can the republicans ever say that they are the party of fiscal responsibility from this point on? >> no, they haven't been able to
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from the very beginning. i mean let's go back to the 1993 budget with president clinton. all democrats. eight years later, we are in surplus for four of those eight years and we have money to pay down social security. the old lockbox debate that happened in the 2000 election. then the republicans come in and cut taxes for the wealthiest. we start running huge, huge deficits again. two wars on the credit card, a prescription drug not only on the credit card but didn't allow us to negotiate down drug prices with the drug companies. and then the deregulation collapses the whole economy. we go into a freefall. we've got to do a rescue package for the auto industry. you have to do a stimulus bill and they have the audacity to turn around and say, boy, these democrats. i tell you what, they really know how to spend a lot of money. we're still cleaning up their messes from the last 20 years. >> well, i hope that the democrats don't allow the republicans to get amnesia when it ms. to who's paying for what
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in the budget negotiations. you're on the house budget committee. i think you know very well what paul ryan is going to be pushing for. there's going to be voucher talk, all kinds of talk about curbing social security benefits. and then no revenue. do you think that this country can straighten its finances out with no revenue? no new revenue? >> i don't think so in the long term. i think it needs to be a balanced approach. and there's a lot of things that we can do smarter with prevention, wellness, food, nutrition, talk about the farm bill. we subsidize a lot of food that is really, really bad for us -- >> it's 1.5% of the federal budget. the farm bill is 1.5% of the total federal budget. 80% of it goes to nutrition and that's what the republicans want to cut and they can't get it through. it's amazing. >> sure, absolutely. >> i want to play a clip of president obama talking about disagreement versus dysfunction. he addressed this earlier today. >> we come from different parties, but we are americans
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first. that's why disagreement cannot mean dysfunction. it can't degenerate into hatred. >> that is the first time the president has used the word "hatred" to my knowledge. did republicans disagreement turn to hate? i want your take on that, congressman. >> i think for some it has. you know, i think for a core group, you can't help but to watch them on tv. last night we were coming out after the vote and we had some tea party fans out there on the capitol hill steps screaming that our act, our vote, our yes vote was treasonous. and then my buddy, mike doyle, said wait a minute, we kept the government open and made sure we were going to pay our bills. is that that irresponsible? but that's who you're dealing with. angry, hatred, hateful people. a lot of them hate the president, a lot of them hate democrats. they thumb their nose at the constitution, ed.
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they say they're for the constitution, but they thumb their nose at it, at the very process the founding fathers set up for us to follow. >> well, we'll see if they go through a personality transformation between now and the end of the budget negotiations. tim ryan, good to have you with us tonight. go buckeyes, i'll give you that one. coming up, caught in a web. anthony weiner reveals his deepest regrets. oh, by the way, there's a full moon tomorrow night. plus chris christie may think he's hot stuff in new jersey, but he had no coat tails for steve lonegan. cory booker goes to the senate. stay with us. [ man ] on december 17, 1903,
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the radio. monday through friday noon to 3:00 p.m., sirius xm channel 127. well, the ed show social media nation has decided and we are reporting, here are today's top trenders voted on by you. >> thank you, new jersey! >> the number three trender, senate showdown. >> newark mayor cory booker won a seat in the u.s. senate. >> and i said to myself, who wants that job anyway? >> the 44-year-old becomes the first african-american elected to statewide office from the garden state. >> cory booker is the garden state's newest senator. >> we are here for everyone. don't go down there to score victories for a party or for politics. go down there to work for people. that's why i'm going to washington, not to play shallow ba politics, but to engage in the kind of hard, humble service. we have work to do. we must do better, because when better is possible, even good is
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not enough. >> the number two trender, net loss. >> i have said that other texts and photos were likely to come out. >> maybe instead of meaning to send a picture of his [ bleep ] he spent to send a picture of his duck but his camera phone auto corrected. >> serial sexter anthony weiner said it cost him the mayor's race. >> get the net! >> and today's top trender, back to work. >> hi ho, hi ho, it's home from work we go. >> we'll begin reopening our government immediately. >> the national zoo is going to need a day to get things going. >> the panda cam, however, will be going life this afternoon. >> panda cam is back up and 800,000 workers are back on the job. >> we'll bounce back from this. we always do. >> but look no further than the traffic on the streets going through the heart of the district to know the nation's
2:24 pm
capital is back in business. >> i've got a simple message for all the dedicated and patriotic federal workers. thank you. thanks for your service. welcome back. ♪ maybe we can work it out and put it back together ♪ >> we welcome michigan senator debbie stabenow to the program with us. >> great to be with you. >> lots of calculation about how harmful the shutdown was to the economy. your thoughts on this. what's your calculation? >> ed, it's as you've been saying, $24 billion to the economy. you know, i chair the agriculture committee. we worked really hard to eliminate subsidies and get $24 billion in savings over the next ten years. they did it in just a couple of weeks, $24 billion. their stop and start crises over the last few years have cost us 900,000 jobs. as you know, i focus on
2:25 pm
manufacturing. i can tell you democrats would rather be focused on manufacturing jobs than another manufacturing crisis. this manufactured crises that they have been doing is -- it's outrageous, it's irresponsible, it's reckless and i hope they're done. >> senator, 18 of your colleagues in the senate last night voted for default. i mean i find that to be a shocking number. i thought it would have been, you know, at least 90, 95 votes or something like that. but it wasn't near that. >> right. >> my question to you is how do you plan to move forward in this environment when you have ideologues who have no problem costing the taxpayer $24 billion, yet they fight tooth and nail over $3 billion in the senate over food stamps? >> well, you know, first of all, we've got to bring together the middle, the people that do govern. in my judgment, some of those folks we're just never going to
2:26 pm
be able to talk to them. >> what do you think the middle thinks of this? >> well, i know in the senate, when we were coming to the floor and saying we need to resolve this, we need to come together, we were joined by republicans, like john mccain, like susan collins, lisa murkowski, others who were embarrassed and angry at what was being done to their party. >> they were embarrassed by ted cruz? >> oh, there's no question about it. no question about it. when ted cruz is on the floor speaking, you normally see no other republican in the room. and so we're going to move forward whether it's focusing on the budget, i'm a senior member of the budget committee and we've got a very tough row to go here in terms of trying to put together a balanced budget. whether it's the farm bill, i also have my conference going on now. we're going to find that reasonable middle that moves things forward. >> what is the reasonable --
2:27 pm
senator, great respect for you. what is the reasonable middle when they want to cut social security? when they want -- >> well, that's not reasonable. >> all right. >> no, no. let me say, first of all, you know what the hardest part about all of this is? there's two things i would say in terms of going into this budget. first of all, they won't acknowledge that we already have put in place $2.5 trillion in deficit reduction. you know, simpson-bowles said $4 trillion and we put $2.5. ed, as you know, we start from saying yes, we're getting older, demographics are changing. how do we strengthen medicare and social security for the future. they say how do we eliminate it. so we are in very different spots. and the only way we come together is if we -- together if they decide that social security and medicare are here to stay and that we need to find things that will strengthen it for the future. >> and what are the chances of
2:28 pm
us going through this exercise again in your opinion? >> you know, i don't know. i really don't know. i do know that the majority of members in the senate, the majority of republicans do not want to go through this again. i'm sure that ted cruz does. but in the house of representatives, it's hard to know. >> well, there was 144 of them last night that voted for default. >> right. >> i think that's an awfully strong statement about how united these tea partiers or whatever they call themselves, how crazy they are to shut down the government and then take us to the edge of default. well, we know what moves republica republicans, and that's near crisis and collapse. >> and as i said again, you know, as i said again, we want manufacturing jobs, not manufactured crises. so we are going to pivot back to jobs. >> senator debbie stabenow, michigan, good to have you on "the ed show." coming up, a house stenographer gets kicked out. nothing happens when elected officials make bizarre rants, i might add.
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mid-size price. (aaron) purrrfect. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro. keep those questions coming, love this segment, love to hear from our viewers here. tonight our first question comes from lisa hall. tea party is talking impeachment of the president. why can't we talk treason for boehner and the tea party? well, actually i did talk about treason with boehner and connected it to him last week on this program. of course all the conservatives, they just loved it. look. if they have an opportunity, they will do everything they can to impeach the president of the united states. but why can't we talk treason for boehner and the tea party? we have bigger fish to fry, like running the country. why would we want to waste time on that? the main thing is we have to stay engaged, activists need to
2:33 pm
move forward. we're a year away from owning the house after this fiasco. our next question is from hank melton. he wants to know when will ted cruz learn that the american people are more important than his twitter followers? easy answer. never. stick around, rapid response panel is next. i'm jackie deangeles with your market wrap. the dow sliding three, the zpds up 11 and the nasdaq gaining 23 today. the number of people filing for unemployment fell by 15,000 last week. however, that number off a bit due to computer problems in california. oil prices fell to $100 a barrel for the first time in more than three months and shares of google surging 6% after the tech giant reported third quarter earnings rose 36%. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide.
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welcome back to "the ed show." last night we witnessed a bizarre outburst at the end of the 16th day of the government shutdown. as lawmakers finished voting, the stenographer in the house started shouting, had to be dragged from the house floor. according to reports, the woman surprised staff and house members when she took to the microphone and started shouting about god and free masons. in an audio recording, the woman can be heard shouting we will not be -- he will not be mocked. you cannot serve two masters. the constitution as written by free masons. they go against god. the woman was forcibly removed and interviewed by capitol police before being sent to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. i honestly hope she gets
2:38 pm
whatever care or treatment she might need. although hearing religion on the house floor is nothing new. republican lawmakers who want to cut food stamps and take away health care use religion to gain political advantage all the time. >> some say that this is nothing more than an effort to impose mine or your or anybody's religious values on others. this is not about imposing values, because these values don't work unless you really believe them. who's harmed by these values? how does promoting these values hurt anyone? >> each of you is called to be here. much like esther, you were called for a time such as this. >> as people of faith, i'm a born again believer in jesus christ, and i believe that as part of my duty as a believer in christ and what he has done for me that we should do for the least of those who are in our midst, let's repeal this failure before it literally kills women,
2:39 pm
kills children, kills senior citizens. let's not do that. let's love people. >> the way i see it, our job is to preserve our values in the 21st century. we need to apply our principles to the challenges of today. that means we can never give up on repealing and replacing obama care. >> i looked at second thessolonians 3:10. >> i thank god that we finally have the will to stand up, take on this oppressive president and sfoo stand for what is good and righteous and true. >> joining us today on the ed panel, msnbc contributor james peterson and nancy giles, sunday morning contributor. i want to say that both of you have been called here. you have been called here. >> i felt the spirit today. >> that's right. >> holy smokes. i mean what is it about
2:40 pm
republicans, they constantly use the bible to justify cuts to programs that people vitally need in this country. >> i can't believe it hearing those clips again. the one of michele bachmann where she goes between she's been called and god has told her to, to make sure that obama care go into place. yeah, a program -- the affordable care act, by the way, a program that has extended health care to people, young people, has kept people out of emergency rooms, has kept people who weren't able to get insurance because of pre-existing health -- just on that score. >> their method of making the case -- >> is contradictory. there's no way to make that case based on christian principles without contradicting one self. but let's keep in mind, the bible and christianity has been used to protect and defend home phobia, slavely, racism, so you can use it and manipulate it to say whatever you want to say.
2:41 pm
when you think about the set of core christian principles, what the affordable care act does is a very christian kind of law. giving health care to people that can't afford it. you have to think in some kind of absolute sense that would be consistent with the teachings of the bible. >> there is also biblical scripture about how you handle your money. $24 billion at the drop of a hat is thrown away because of what, a political pointing? >> that's right. >> are they not hypocrites? >> they're totally hypocrites. i know i'll be getting the hit on our twitter feeds tonight. >> you cannot claim fiscal responsibility and be responsible for this. >> every day the amount of money that was lost. you also can't call yours the jobs, jobs, jobs party by laying people off. this whole exercise in stupidity and using something as beautiful as any kind of scripture, it's just more proof of how it can be manipulated to serve anyone's cause. >> it is manipulated, that's a very profound point. and it just permeates throughout the entire conservative movement
2:42 pm
with their organizations. tony perkins of the family research council says it's not government's job to take responsibility for the poor. >> we're hearing a lot of rhetoric that if you really wanting to be a faithful christian, what you really need to do is become a liberal because they really care about the poor and things like that. >> okay, let's unpack that for just a moment, janet. is that saying then the government has the responsibility to care for the poor? that's not what the scripture says. the scripture handed that responsibility to you and i as members of the faith, followers of jesus christ. that's who he gave that, to not to the civil government. he never said to rome, to the romans. hey, you guys need to make sure that you're taking out of one person's pocket to put into another. no. he said you sell all that you have and give to the poor. you take that responsibility. >> we are the government. >> we're the government! >> and we all have a voice. >> we don't feel like our government is as representative as it should be right now,
2:43 pm
bought disconnect between congress and real people. but this is the kind of stuff i think that kind of makes my blood boil. because it's really they're inverting the principles of christianity in the actual comments that they're making. >> and they're showing a real lack of understanding of basic what you just started by saying. we're the government. so we as christians are supposed to help our brother. that's like basic -- >> one other thing here is that what the right wants to do, they believe in charity. they believe that individual wealthy people or churches can help poor people and feed people and that will take care of all the challenges. it won't. >> that's what eric cantor said at a town hall meeting to a sick woman. he said you can go out and get some charity. >> oh, my gosh. >> this neoconservative movement that has a grip to the total of 144 in the house just look at how they voted, they want to -- they want to just exonerate themselves from any responsibility of any social responsibility whatsoever in america. that if you don't have it,
2:44 pm
that's too bad. you're on your own. you're on your own attitude. what about christians in government, the family research council has a political action committee. don't they have a responsibility? >> i think they do. i'm of the mind honestly that we need less religion in government and less christian and religious rhetoric in our government. but if you're going to be christian and be in government or a lobbyist organization, then be a real christian. >> that's not something that's subject to discussion. i mean the writing and the care and the charity and the love of people is all there. >> so all of this rhetoric that's on the floor about faith, it's almost as if we're better than you. >> oh, yes. >> and they're trying to divide clearly. connect it to the shutdown on how they really don't value american families and have no problem spending $24 billion for a political point. how much of a wake-up call is this to the progressive movement and to the center?
2:45 pm
because independents make up the biggest political block in this country. the middle class economic block is the biggest voting block in this country. >> well, i may be a little too optimistic. we were saying this outside. but i really think that this woman a wake-up call for everyone. even though i keep hearing about the different races that could be challenged from the right, i believe even in some of these gerrymandered districts, they now know how important government is, how essential government is and that is an inadvertent accident. >> we can hope so. i think progressives are more focused on pressing the left and have dispensed with the right a long time ago. >> james peterson, nancy giles, congratulations on your award. thank you for joining us. coming up, you know they raised horses in kentucky, but they also slice hogs and bring home the bacon. mitch mcconnell loads up the truck on the debt deal. stay with us.
2:46 pm
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in pretenders tonight, radio fraud. this right wing conspirator believes he coordinated the believes the president made the deadlock. >> this president of the united states is threatening to violate the 14th amendment. if not article one. that is to drive this nation into intentional default. he is prepared to do it. what could be better to fundamentally transform america? it is obama who is holding the nation ransom if his demands are not met and met absolutely. >> you've got to get with the program. president obama wasn't holding the nation hostage for personal gain denying paychecks to hard working government employees and leading the nation to the edge of fiscal ruin. mark levin has got the wrong
2:51 pm
guy. luckily he doesn't need to look too far to find who is responsible for organizing international harm to our nation. >> senator ted cruz, how are you, sir? >> mark, my friend, i'm doing great. it's great to be with you. >> we're very proud of you despite what some of the mouthpieces are saying out there. >> they just like each other so much. ted cruz joined leviny after the senate deal and was met with praise. mark leviny is so proud that the country just blew $24 billion. if he thinks that's a good deal, he can keep on pretending. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971.
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welcome back to "ed show." this is the story for the folks who take a shower after work. we talk a lot on this program about infrastructure, about jobs. well, this is something that kind of unfolded in the fight last night. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell got a pretty nice deal on the agreement to avert a world economic crisis. the gentleman from kentucky has been the biggest single obstructionist in the history of this country. especially when it comes to infrastructure. last night the great state of kentucky got $2.8 billion investment for a lock and dam project. friends across the street, they're not real happy about it. >> time now for news by the numbers. the ear mark condition. here are the extra checks that were written into last night's bill to open the government and continue the debt ceiling.
2:56 pm
first, $3 billion. that's how much senators harry reid and mitch mcconnell have secured for a funding project for a dam in kentucky. it was originally allotted at $775 million. it got quite an upgrade. >> now, this must be the new republican infrastructure plan. the government needs to be shut down and negotiations need to be in the crisis mode for them to approve legislation which creates any jobs. now, the story here is that the white house wanted this. harry reid says it would have cost the government a lot more had they not put this money in. flooding on the ohio river is a big, big deal. when a flood comes, it takes everything. it takes all kinds of relief money. so for the long-term, this is the good thing. my issue with mitch mcconnell on this is, dude, you've been obstructing infrastructure all over the place, but when it's in your back yard and you know you
2:57 pm
can choke somebody's chain to get the money, you go ahead and do it. that's how the republicans run the railroad. brad woodhouse joins us tonight. united americans for change president and former democratic party communications director joins us. what do you make of this? is this just another washington two step? >> it's pretty incredible. i'm like you. i support infrastructure spending. i hope when they meet and talk about a budget and try to, you know, deal with government funding for next year that they'll talk about infrastructure spending. but i don't think mitch mcconnell's years of obstruction should have been rewarded in this case. >> by the way, he's got a tough race coming up. what about that. this is something he just had to have. >> well, look. you know, he's kind of squeezed any which way he's going. that comes with someone who has spent all of their time in washington looking out for themselves. now he finds that he's been challenged by the right, a significant primary from tea party person who won't look too kindly on the fact he came in at
2:58 pm
the eleventh hour and cut the deal. but on the other hand, kentuckians know that he's been the walking, talking example of dysfunction in washington. i don't think he's going to get any credit for essentially handing the firemen the hose after he set the match. >> this is a great opportunity for the democrats to come back and say, look, you know this is good for your back yard. you know this is good to build infrastructure and jobs. why don't you can do this in all 50 states. it would seem to me there are other senators that would be upset about this because a lot of them in their back yard have got projects that are really, really needed. not to mention we could have used $24 billion to fix some bridges in this country. >> imagine if we had a $24 billion infrastructure plan. i think you're right. the folks sitting down and he's not one of these people at the table, the folks sitting down over the next few months to come up with a budget should look at mitch mcconnell and say we need more of this. this is what the country needs. it's what we need to get back on our feet economically, what we
2:59 pm
need to create jobs. and it's what government is supposed to do. to invest in infrastructure and things to help the people. >> so how are we going to get infrastructure going on if the only way we can move anybody is take us to the edge of a fiscal cliff? >> it shouldn't come to that. one thing i think came out of this that i was happy to see and i know you were, the democrats and president were united and they stood up. the president said today, you know the work that the government workers do is important. and you should be proud of it and republicans should stop monkeying around with it. so if democrats stay unified, i think there is hope to get some money to help create jobs, to help invest in infrastructure, and to improve the economy. but it's going to be -- the test is going to be whether mitch mcconnell and john boehner are more concerned about their re-elections and positions in leadership than they are the country. >> all right. good to have you with us tonight. >> thanks b ed. >> that's "the ed show."
3:00 pm
"politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts now. good evening, rev. >> good evening k, ed. and thanks to you for tuning in. i'm live tonight from atlanta. tonight's lead, back in business. after 16 days the gop shutdown nightmare is over. today hundreds of thousands of furloughed government workers went back to work. vice president biden was up early to welcome environmental protection agency workers with some hugs and hand shakes. he even brought along some muffins for the crew. and look at this. the national zoo's famous panda cam is back online. and the national monuments are also open. here's some of the tourists at the lincoln memorial. and no sign of sarah palin or ted cruz today over at the world war ii memorial. this morning president obama gave a heart felt and emotional speech from the


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