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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 18, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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to deal with the brutal roll out of >> movies are dramatic and sus spenceful. in real life, we have two murderers who walked out of prison and let the guards escort them. the best hitter in the american league playoffs, mike napoli. highlights from another tense night in baseball. this is "way too early." >> not running well at all. a tough time turning going around the third -- ♪ morning folks. it's friday. it is october the 18th. we have pictures today of the "duck dynasty" guys beard. we'll have that later with the classic colbert. we want to begin in washington, d.c., where the shutdown is over, but the divisions that spark the stand off remain. yesterday, president obama spoke about the crisis that put the
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united states on the brink of default. >> there are no winners here. these last few weeks have inflicted completely unnecessary damage on our economy. probably nothing has done more damage to america's credibility in the world. our standing with other countries than the spectacle we have seen these past several weeks. you don't like a particular policy or a particular president? then argue for your position. go out there and win an election. push to change it. don't break it. don't break what our pred assessors spent two centuries building. >> the president shifted his attention back to passing a budget, immigration reform and a farm bill. on the republican side, walking away from the shutdown with little to show for it.
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senator ted cruz still wants to dismantle obama care. >> i would do anything and i will continue to do anything i can to stop the train wreck that is obama care. our focus should not be on d.c. politics, it should be on people getting hurt. >> this is seen as the ted cruz shutdown. you wanted any individual who triggered the crisis. >> i said we shouldn't have a shutdown. i don't want a shutdown. i repeatedly voted to open the government. >> we are not going to fund the government for six weeks unless we can defund obama care. >> there never would have been a shut down if they hadn't said we will not compromise or negotiate. >> mitch mcconnell replaying it over the same issues, not an option. mcconnell said, quote, one of my favorite sayings is there's no education in the second kick of the mule.
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the first kick in 1995, the second one in the last 16 days. a government shutdown is off the table. we are not going to do it. mcconnell is a handful of republican senators facing a tea party challenger next year. lindsey graham, lamar alexander and in the house, 14 seats that are up for grabs next year are now leaning democrat because of the damage done to the gop. congressman from toss up to left leaning states are in the most danger. the report says republicans actions have energized fund raising and recruiting efforts and handed democrats an effective message, end quote. with the shutdown, the folks in washington will likely fall on the government's health care website. judging by the headlines, it's not good news for the administration. three weeks after launching, there are still stories of error messages, long wait times and as you can imagine, frustration.
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as tom costello reports, cost overruns designing the site have been massive. cgi federal. their business with the u.s. government grew during the bush administration. on october 4, 2011, it was awarded a $55.7 million contract for computer systems design services to build the website with a ceiling price tag of $94 million. by may of this year, the contract shows cgi spent $196 million. the ceiling price tag soared to $292 million. >> the marketplace is generating flawed data for the insurance companies. everything from duplicate enrollments and missing fields to eligibility and spouses reported to children. the information isn't getting transmitted correctly.
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usa today report says the site was built on 10-year-old technology that will need constant fixes and updates over the course of the next six months. cannot make this up. johnson has been a mainstay of the obama administration crafting some of the most sensitive and controversial polici policies, detaining terror sus spekts and the use of drones. he began as a federal prosecutor in the state of new york and served as a legal adviser during the president's 2008 campaign. he was known as a leading advocate to end don't ask don't tell. if confirmed, he would replace outgoing secretary janet napolitano who left to head the university of california education system. we have disturbing video released showing the panic as gunmen stormed the kenyan mall last month. take a look.
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shoppers will absolutely run for their lives, duck for cover, as armed terrorists attack. portions of the video are too graphic to show. there's footage of the militants exchanging gunfire with security. al shabaab, a terror group based in somalia took responsibility for the attack that left 72 people dead. >> dick cheney waged a long battle against heart disease. now we know more about his condition. writing in his new book, "heart," he reveals he was so close to death, he said good-bye to his family before undergoing heart surgery. he writes, if this is dying, i remember thinking it's not all that bad. i believed i was approaching the end of my days. it didn't frighten me. i was pain free and as peace and led a remarkable life. a blood test showed he was at risk of a deadly heart attack as
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he managed response to 9/11. he put off taking a new blood test until the following morning. nbc news obtained a copy in advance. at this hour, there is a manhunt under way for two convicted killers accidentally released. that's right, accidentally released from a florida prison even though they received life sentenc sentences. one walked out on tuesday, walker, on the right was released september 27th. they believed bogus court documents were legit. >> the department of corrections followed every protocol we have in place. they were released based on the court orders we received. the orders were later determined to be fraudulent. they were modified and they had passed through several systems
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and so we are in the process of trying to apprehend these guys and put them back where they belong. >> the documents have the forged signature of judge perry. he presided over the casey anthony trial. the documents had identical letterheads, county seals and formatting to make them appear legitimate. an air marshal has been charged with using his cell phone to take pictures of female passengers, skirts. he was on duty at the airport in nashville when he was removed from the plane. he is no longer on active duty and in the process of being suspended or fired. let's go to business. yesterday, the s&p closed at a new all-time high. the dow finished lower. the reason? big blue. ibm disappointed with revenue
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numbers weaker than expected. it dropped more than 6%. for more, let's go to jeff, live in london. good morning. >> good morning, to you brian. there's a problem here. investors feel as though they have been flying blind somewhat on the u.s. economy. now we have the shutdown resolve temporarily, at least. we will start to get some economic data through. we are looking for the jobs number for september to come through. we will get that next tuesday and then subsequently, we'll get a week's delay on the october jobs number. this matters because clearly, the markets are sensitive to improvements in the u.s. economy of what this means for the tapering debate. ben bernanke is focused on improvement for jobs for movement on the interest rate. so, let's move you along. i want to talk about sac capital. we know the multibillionaire has been engaged in a battle with
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regulators for the last seven years here. this is over a criminal insider training probe. it looks like they are getting closer to a settlement here. the possibility of at least some partial admittance of liability and access of $1 billion in fines. that's the talk of the moment as they inch closer to a resolution. >> it doesn't necessarily reach every day americans. a lot of americans bank with bank of america. they have a new checking account with wrinkles. give us details on that. >> this is the story from the wall street journal. they have spoken with people close to the bank. they are saying there's a possibility of a new checking account that will not let you go overdrawn. it's not clear whether there will be financial penalty if you try to do that. it sits in line with previous policy at this bank where they try to introduce products. i think they had a debit card in
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2011. the idea was they were meant to prevent you from moving into overdrawn territory. it looks like bla wants to tighten up on lending practices toward those maybe who are not managing their accounts appropriately, brian. >> i know you handle yours appropriately. have a good weekend. let's move to twitter. a new sleep study explains why it's so important. sleep allows our brains to get rid of gunk. that was the term uses, gunk, that builds up while we are awake. how dirty is your brain? tweet your best and most creative answers two #waytootired. >> we decided against a caption contest today. if we had, we would have used this one.
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look at joe biden as they opened up post shutdown, handing out muffins. for awhile, people were hesitant to go get them. then he was worried he was going to run out. good muffins from the v.p. would have been good. the tigers flashing some leather in detroit. highlights next. duck dynasty pb. that would be prebeard. the picture you have to see to believe. a check on weather when we come back. the commandos flown in earlier unknown to the hijackers at 2:00 in the morning, black clothing, they blew open the
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it's no wonder the world can't wait to see what kohler does next. time for sports. sox/tigers, game five of the alcs. jhonny peralta singles to left. here comes cabrera lumbering home. went through the stop sign. he was out by a mile. actually, he was told to go home and the third base coach changed his mind and he kept going. napoli leading off for the sox. this is a bomb. he batted over .300, the only red sox to do that in the playoffs. two men on, the choppa, david ross at the plate. avila hangs on. he knows he had stuff to do. let's go top of the third.
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david ortiz popped one up. over the shoulder catch. that guy has one of the best gloves in baseball. so much you know we were going to watch it again, but dnlt. it was going to be a one-run ball game. the red sox hang on for the 4-3 win. they are one win away from punching their ticket to the series. we usually consider this the aim of baseball players so emotion and and get into it. he's fun to watch. >> one game away from my misery. >> we want to extend that misery as long as we can. let's go to the nfl. sea hawks and cardinals thursday night football, third quarter, watch this play. russell wilson in trouble. just tosses it for a six-yard game and first down. this guy is an unbelievable
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athlete. if he wasn't playing football, he would be playing major league baseball. a great catch, by the way. an amazing play. cardinals still in it. palmer does what he's been doing well lately. runs back 49 yards, leads to another touchdown. three tds. sea hawks win it. some say they are the best team in the nfl. bill? >> what's your score for the patriots this weekend? >> they have the two best players out for the season. i don't dislike many teams -- i don't dislike many teams in prosports, but i really don't like the jets. the patriots are going to win. >> we should watch this game together. >> we shouldn't do that. >> we shouldn't. >> i'm too busy this weekend. >> sick like last weekend. here is what we are dealing with this morning. the bad weather is the snow coming down in wyoming and
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colorado. cheyenne, wyoming had five inches of snow last night. now it's snowing in denver, 30 degrees. it's enough to coat the cars and the grass. otherwise, it's quiet. the rain came in and out in a hurry yesterday from pennsylvania through up state new york. pennsylvania is all clear. it's wet out this morning. the leaves could be slippery. the weekend forecast, cool in the great lakes. we are mild in the east coast and great weather for the west. you are going to see a fantastic friday today from new york city to d.c. near 70 degrees and sunny. partly cloudy saturday on the east coast. as we go through sunday, what a great sunday. what a great fall forecast. >> late saturday afternoon in boston? >> we're good. it's fine. >> sweatshirt? >> i mean -- am i supposed to pretend that i care? >> no, but i might go. bill, geez. get another cup of coffee. loosen the belt buckle. it's a friday. he's killing me today.
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top of the hour, "morning joe" says the best way to change policy, win an election. a powerhouse round table will take that on. when we come back here, the cooler. steven colbert's keynote speech. he says he knows why the cardinal was not chosen to be pope. funny stuff. we'll be right back. [ superfan ] we're hitting the road to help america discover the new helper. you've got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken. crunchy taco or four cheese lasagna? can i get another one of those actually? [ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help. ♪
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at the top of the show, we talked about the aftermath of the shutdown that cost the u.s. government $24 billion over 16 days. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends that's 100 times more than the $236 million payroll of the new york yankees. i think both got about the same quality results. >> all right. >> sorry, bill. it's too easy. let's go to lewis in the cooler. good morning, sir. >> good morning, happy friday. duck dynasty is one of the most popular shows on television. their beards are certainly a trademark. check out this photo from 2001 before their hit reality show. this is what they look like now. i love this show. things definitely change when you are part of a hit tv show. if you can't get enough of these guys, we have the perfect
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christmas gift for you. ♪ santa out in the yard ♪ drive on by, but you can't miss him ♪ ♪ the raging caging red neck christmas ♪ . >> that is their christmas album that comes out this october 29th. i cannot wait. i can't believe we are already talking about christmas albums. we heard arnold schwarzenegger say it as the terminator. >> i'll be back. >> any excuse to play arnold schwarzenegger clips. now he wants to get back into politics. the former governor of california is ready to have a legal challenge to run for president in 2016. he was born in austria. the u.s. constitution prevents foreign born citizens to become president. any must be approved by
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two-thirds majority of congress. we'll see if he can get that passed through. late night action where david letterman has a solution for working with his own party. >> the president said that john boehner cannot control his caucus. that's what he said. the pharmaceutical companies have, they immediately released this commercial. watch this. >> are you tired of waking up in the middle of the night to phone calls from angry constituents? does passing legislation seem impossible? that's why you need boehnex. it's designed to help the speaker of the house control his caucus. side effects out bursts, facial discoloration and bouts of hysteria. being speaker of the house is hard. boehnex can help. >> i would love to get my hands
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on that. steven colbert was at the keynote for the al smith chair. nobody was out on bounds. >> the cardinal is doing a fine job, isn't he? he really is. so fine -- so fine, in fact, so fine in fact that earlier this year, the cardinal came this close to being selected pope. but he blew it in the swimsuit competition. i would have gone with a one piece. >> gotta love colbert. he's an equal opportunity lender there. still ahead, a new study, sleep allows our brains to get rid of -- i figure it was friday and i decided to steal your script. >> do you want to do it? go ahead. >> it's all you. yes. >> are you sure? still ahead, a new study that says sleep allows our brains to get rid of gunk.
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a new study says when you sleep, it cleans out the gunk i the gunk in our brain. dave, my brain is so dirty miley cyrus said that's gross. >> why do you think we watch way too early, we're strunk out on gunk. "morning joe" starts right now. have a great weekend, everybody. >> it has been my honor, my deep true and sincere honor to be here tonight with all of you truly generous new yorkers who have come together for 68 years to do good for those who need as much. you have housed


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