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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  October 25, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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♪ good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show," live from new york. let's get to work. >> we can do even more when it comes to exports. >> and the transpacific partnership, we think, is the instrument to help get us there. >> this agreement would send american jobs overseas. >> could we right the nation's laws on everything from health care and internet freedom to food safety and the financial market. >> the biggest and baddest of the trade deals yet. >> it will be nafta on steroids. >> a free trade agreement. >> that was a preemptive shhh. >> why are there 600 corporate
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consultants that know more about it than members of the committee? >> the way to think about it is a corporate trojan horse. >> we can get president obama thinking correctly on this. >> there are still plenty of details to work out. but we are confident that we can do so. ♪ ♪ pump up the jam >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. full disclosure off the top. i gained six pounds in england. my back is sore. i'm a little owly tonight. and normally when i'm owly, i tell it like it is, so fasten your seatbelt, okay? now this show tonight is all about trying to get president obama to see the world the way liberals see it on this particular issue. we don't want to steer the president wrong. but this is one of these stories that the tea party and unions intersect. that's right. see, the tea partiers are always out there saying we want our country back. question is tonight, do you want to give it away? the tea partiers always say that
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they're about the constitution. well, let's talk about the constitution tonight in sovereignty. now, good, middle class jobs are on the verge of being sold out. and there's very few people talking about it. and i want to know why. there's in the news, the budget. obama care. now we're talking immigration again. but there is also the transpacific partnership. and this, of course, is a free trade deal that is anything but transparent. that is the first red flag for every american. and i want to tell you, if this deal passes, it will be the largest free trade agreement in american history. that's not good. this is a story that every american i believe needs to pay attention to, and make no mistake, this trade partnership is dangerous for america. i don't want to use republican rhetoric talking points, but this is a fact. this is going to be a wage-killer. this is going to be a job-keller. and there is simply no up side
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for american workers. so tonight, i'm asking the democrats, can you make a full statement on this? i would like to hear where nancy pelosi stands on this. i would like to hear from the progressive democratic caucus. i would like to hear from the congressional black caucus. because across the board, i don't think that democrats can go around the country talking about how they support the middle class and then fast track this hummer. the partnership would, of course, consistent of 12 countries. the united states, mexico, canada is going to be in there. and, of course, japan, singapore, vietnam and australia. and i should point out, there are disenting voices in a lot of those countries. south korea, by the way, is also considering joining the partnership, but, of course, negotiations are being held blind closed doors in secrecy. the white house has barred members of congress from discussing specific terms of the deal. but some members of congress are
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speaking out. congresswoman louise slaughter of new york put out a press release highlighting the massive trade deficit with south korea. as of august, the trade deficit with south korea was over $14 billion. congresswoman slaughter also wrote a letter to president obama, saying, i am increasingly concerned our trade negotiators are making the same mistakes made in previous trade agreements. now, these agreements, she says, have decimated american manufacturing jobs and companies. amen to that, and the numbers are there to back it up. she is absolutely spot-on. since nafta was passed in 1994, it's estimated that 5 million manufacturing jobs in this country have been lost. over 60,000 manufacturing facilities have been closed. now, to qualify that number, this is manufacturing jobs of 25 or more in a shop. 60,000.
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ohio senator sherrod brown is also speaking out about the dangers of the deal. here's what he told me back in september. >> the congress and administrations of both parties don't seem to have learned much about trade when it was nafta, when it was pntr, with china, a host of smaller countries and then it was kafta and each time promised jobs and each time our trade deficit grows. i'm as concerned as you are where a company can sue -- a company has a right to sue another country, to actually sue the government of another country. that undermines all kinds of democratically attained health and safety rules and regulations. >> and senator brown from ohio is totally correct. about u.s. sovereignty. this is where the tea party should be alarmed. according to a leaked document, foreign corporations within the united states would be permitted to appeal key american legal rulings to an international tribunal. holy smokes, michele bachmann, where are you? a number of unions have come out
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against the deal, including the communication workers of america, and the afl-cio. cwa president larry cohen wrote an op-ed. u.s. workers will again lose out, multinational corporations in this continuing race to the bottom we'll be happy to send jobs to vietnam and every other subsistence wage nation. meanwhile, hold the phone. there seems to be only one democrat on board so far with the tpp. >> we can do even more when it comes to exports. which is why i'm out there negotiating the transpacific partnership, and now transatlantic trade partnership that will allow us to create a high standard, enforceable, meaningful trade agreement with essentially two-thirds of the world's markets, which is going to be incredible powerful for american companies who up until this point have often been locked out.
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>> time out. president obama, can you tell us who is counseling you on this one? because you're getting some bad advice. oh, by the way, you know is who is for this? the koch brothers. wow. that's what i thought when i started reading up on this. this could be president obama's worst move ever. we need to make sure he doesn't do it. this isn't about being against president obama. this is about being for american workers. there is no way that democrats can go around this country and claim they are supporting the middle class and let this go untouched. it is the height of hypocrisy to allow this to be fast-tracked, with no pushback whatsoever. the tpp has been crafted behind closed doors. i can't say that enough. there has been no public debate. i mean, i'd love to come out here and tell you every damn detail about this deal, but i can't. it's impossible, because of the secre secrecy. one thing i do know, this deal verifies that multinational
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corporations control the economy of the united states. i would like to know, who is president obama listening to? fair question. we should not be handing over our u.s. sovereignty to foreign corporations who are pissed off the way we do business or pass laws in this country! it is bad for workers and president obama needs to stand up and rethink this entire thing. and let me point out that labor carried president obama to two terms in the white house. and i think you could make the case, if it weren't for labor, president obama might not even be in the white house. now, there were a lot of things that were gelling to get the president elected and re-elected. but let's face it. labor boots on the ground, their infrastructure, they had a heck of a lot to do with it, and they have a heck of a lot to lose right now. democrats need to stand up and fight on the tpp, or oh at least can we have an open conversation about it? it should be a wake-up call for the middle class in this country. and no, i'm not a turn coat on president obama, nor am i a
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turncoat on the democrats. i'm for american workers, and have been for years. i am for rebuilding the middle class in this country. this story is headed in the wrong direction for democrats. and workers in this country. and i find it very interesting how the tea party is so silent about the national sovereignty issue. this might even qualify for a march. what are all these radical right wing talkers who claim they're for america. oh, this is free markets? no. bottom line, folks, this is a point where we have to draw the line. we have to have some level of protectionism in this country if we are going to rebuild the american middle class and be a strong economic engine again. if you think 7.2% unemployment is good and things are getting better, you pass this, you're going to see a lot of jobs in vietnam for 25 cents an hour.
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i tweeted out today, if you're a parent, think about your son or daughter a few years from now, losing a job to somebody in vietnam for that kind of wage. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question. should president obama give the country more details on the tpp? text a for yes, text b for no to 67622, always go to our blog at we'll bring the results later on in the show. let me bring in congresswoman louise slaughter of new york and the president of the communication workers of america, larry cohen. great to have both of you with us tonight. congresswoman, you first. why is president obama advocating for this? what's the up side? >> i will tell you, there's absolutely no evidence that any of the trade agreements that the united states has made since i've been in congress have benefited in any way the american manufacturer or the american worker. we've been desperately hurt.
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i represent an area in upstate new york, rochester, new york. eastman kodak when nafta was signed was a great going concern and has now just gone through bankruptcy. something that nobody would have ever expected. i'm worried about tpp, because hickey freeman is one of the last wonderful iconic companies in my district. and we understand that tpp benefits vietnam to the extent that they will have privileges that we don't have. i also have a bill to stop what we're doing and to give us an opportunity with snapback and the way we regard these things. remember, ed, it's not the tariff that hurts us. what hurts us are the -- the barriers that they throw up to keep them from accepting our oh goods. >> sure. why is the president -- i find it very -- >> i don't know. we talked -- i talked with him before korea. there were 26 car dealers and all south korea that sold american cars. and now as you pointed out
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earlier, that we are really coming out the short end again on this trade. it's like we can't call ourselves a super power if everything in the world that we need in this world is made someplace else and we have to import it. >> okay. >> it makes no sense to me. none. >> larry cohen, how can democrats run around the country, say they're for the middle class and allow this to slip through? >> they can't do it. but they cannot do that. but fortunately, not only member slaughter, but 133 other democrats have already signed on to a letter authored by rosa de lore of connecticut and george miller of california saying to the president, no fast track, no trade promotion authority, unless we get workers rights and environmental rights. the environmental side is at at least as bad. and for us to continue on this track, is insanity. >> what about the u.s. -- congresswoman -- >> may i? >> go ahead. >> i just want to tell you, the reason you don't have fast track is in 2007, i was chair of the rules committee. fast track is part of the
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purview of the rules committee, and we took it away. >> okay. >> and i'm -- i'm working with george and rosa to say that we're not going to -- >> the president is asking for fast track. the president is asking for fast track in his economic meeting, that's what he talked about, which i find puzzling. there is no doubt that this is going to be a wage killer and a job killer. this is going to be outsourcing on steroids. >> let me just add, ed, it's not only the 25 cent an hour minimum wage in vietnam, which is 3% of our pathetically low minimum wage, 3%. but also service jobs. and the philippines alone, which is poised to become number 13 or 14, because other nations can join. 750,000 call center jobs have gone there in the last ten years, almost all the customers are in the united states. how do we expect to revive an economy if we send those kinds of jobs out of this country? no other nation does it. only this country is doing it. that's not growth. >> it's not. congresswoman, what about the u.s. sovereignty issues?
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>> well, i -- we've given it away. you know, it started -- >> you mean to tell me in this agreement, in this -- if this agreement goes through, multinationals are going to be able to go to an international body that will circumvent u u.s. law. >> world trade organization. they complain about our clean air, clean water, our environmental legislation. as a trade barrier to them. how stupid is that? >> are all unions against this, larry? >> i think, again, we work in a broader front. i think virtually all unions are against it. but just as importantly, it's green peace, it's the sierra club. it's food safety organizations. it's consumer groups. this is a broad array of organizes with millions of american members that are saying to this president, you know, listen to us. not just the 600 multinationals who don't care where they earn their profits. their profit is going to be earn's anywhere. and, in fact -- it's easier to
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turn the profits abroad. >> once they have earned those profits abroad, they want to bring them back here, no taxation. >> that's true and they want to park it off shore. >> we are still the biggest market in the world and we would be foolish again to give away the jobs that we have in our future. >> congresswoman, why the secrecy? why is this behind closed doors? a lot of consultants know more about this than congress? >> of course they do. and i think when you pointed out there is not a lot of talk about it, bless you for doing this. i don't know of any other commentators who are really concentrating on this. there is no talk about it, because nobody knows about it. now i'm going to go up next week to some secret spot and look and see what they're doing about the world trade in vietnam. as far as i know, that's all i get to look at. it makes no sense. i -- that's one of the reasons we don't want fast track. >> am i wrong to assume -- >> the economy still has a chance to say something. >> am i wrong to assume that these constitutionalists over in the tea party who are concerned about sovereignty -- where are they on this? >> i never know where they are,
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to be honest with you. >> see a number of them join in, and as you said, it's a weird coalition for all of us. but frankly, for american workers and for those who care about the world environment, we don't have a choice. we'll take whatever it takes to stop this and to change it. we want the president to have a trade promotion authority, fast track, that makes sense for the environment, makes sense for food safety, makes sense for jobs. it's not too late, ed, and i think if you continue to bring this out, we can get some momentum behind this issue. >> well, and we're talking about the budget and obama care and now immigration. but this as alan grayson says is a punch in the face to the middle class. and that's -- you agree with that, congresswoman? >> absolutely. and i was not a left to send american jobs somewhere else. >> well put. congresswoman louise slaughter, great to have both of you. i will not get off this story. i've done this story once or twice before on this program. but there will be new developments. what we need to do is give this as much exposure as we can from
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middle class americans who are going to be affected so maybe the president will come out and hold a press conference or at least send his consultants out, whoever is counseling him on this, and explain to the american people, just give me the up side. just give me the up side. remember to answer tonight's question at the bottom of the screen, share your thoughts on twitter add ed show and facebook. by the way, i really want to be wrong on this last story. coming up, rush limbaugh makes an off-color comment about breast cancer awareness. plus jpmorgan has been slapped with a $13 billion fine. and conservatives are crying foul. actually, they ought to be happy nobody is in jail. bp had two bi: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts
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with us, facebook, twitter, and, of course, and we do take story ideas. join the team. and this is where you can find me on the radio. sirius xm channel 127, monday through friday, noon to 3:00 p.m. the ed show social media nation has decided, and we are reporting. here are today's top trenders, voted on by you. >> on wednesdays, we wear pink. the number three trender. caller commentary. >> the chickification of everything is taking place. i don't know if there is any question. you don't put the nfl in pink for a month. >> i'm a middle linebacker in the nfl. if i can wear pink, anybody can wear pink. >> rush limbaugh thinks pink does more than promote breast cancer awareness. >> people in the national football league think about pink not as a color but life-saver. >> basically, it's a critique against masculinity. >> real men wear pink. >> the number two trender, devil's reject.
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>> meet rick santorum, the movie executive. >> most people say rick santorum is a cultural warrior. >> the devil for a long, long time, has had the screens for his playground. >> rick santorum wants to take back the silver screen from the dark lord. >> who tells the stories? 100 years ago, it was the church. today it's hollywood. >> he says millions of donor dollars are coming in from those willing to engage in this culture fight. ♪ >> we just want to thank you in advance for everything that you're going to do to help in making this a successful venture. >> oh, you got me. ♪ and today's top trender. a fine mess. >> jpmorgan chase, the country's largest bank, has agreed to pay a $13 billion fine over mortgage practices that led to the financial crisis. >> jpmorgan's $13 billion settlement isn't sitting well with the right. >> prosecution or -- the government's crackdown on jamie
2:23 pm
dimon, shakedown, says the "wall street journal." >> it's like a piranha gnawing away. >> this is pay back. >> a lot of people say it's politically motivated. i don't know how else you can really dissect this. >> joining me now, david k. johnson, journalist and tax specialist. great to have you with us tonight. did they buy their way out of prosecution? it seems rather strange a company would step ford and say, you know what, all right, we'll pay up $13 billion because we're really good guys on wall street. what do you think this is about? >> i think they got a really sweet deal here. most of this is money they would probably end up having to spend anyway, to work things out with their customers who have been cheated. and they may yet deduct a great deal. the real cost may be less than $10 billion. and that's about what jpmorgan spends per year on dividends to
2:24 pm
its investors. >>, and of course, this money doesn't do anything for the people affected by the jpmorgan mortgage practices, does it? >> well, some of it will. some of it is supposed to provide some remediation. that's why it will be tax deductible, but compared to the damage done, damages like this, penalties down here. el. >> well, we did lose $24 billion on the shutdown. so i don't know who is doing the math on this deal. i don't know how the -- would the justice department -- they're the ones that came up with the number? this is a negotiated number. it is unprecedented. but what does it mean? does this mean that wall street is going to just say, you know what, we're going to do what we want to do and we'll pay the fines when the time comes. >> yeah, it's a little more than a traffic ticket. but it is not really dealing with what was calculated, deliberate, planned, profitable, cheating. criminal activity. we should be seeing criminal indictments. unfortunately, eric holder's position is, oh, we have gone after people, because they indicted some minor guy in
2:25 pm
tampa, florida, and a few other places. and not going after the big banks that knowingly engaged in fraud as thoroughly documented by the financial crisis inquiry commission. >> so they get off easy. that's your take on it. i believe it, as well. >> oh, yeah. >> the good news for them, nobody is going to jail. and, of course, the comforts are crying foul, saying this is unprecedented, never happened before. so this now is -- >> well, conservative tors seem to be screaming in favor of tough law and order for everybody except the big bankers. isn't that amazing. this is recognizing the power of the -- the rule of power rather than the rule of law. >> no doubt. the country gained 148,000 jobs in september. now, we have had a 43 straight months of private sector job growth. just seems that this economy is ready to break out. it just needs a little bit more help. is that a bridge too far? >> no, not at all.
2:26 pm
we are not back to the employment population ratio before the recession, because the right has restricted government spending. and is not willing to engage in investments that will grow the economy. at the increment rate, it's going to take us another 13 years to get back to where we should be if we hadn't had the recession. that's way too long. and the people standing in the way of this, the very people who are arguing that oh, to make a bank face up and be penalized in any way for awful criminal conduct? that's outrageous. >> what is your forecast for october? now, we've been through the shutdown. we've had a hell of a financial battle in this country about whether we're going to pay our bills or not. what do you think that's going to do to the job market. what's your anticipation at the end of the month as to what kind of numbers we might see? >> well, i think, ed, that the likelihood is growth will be a lot less than we have seen in the months before the shutdown. simply because of the delays.
2:27 pm
but remember, the federal workers are going to get paid, even though they were off, which shows how really stupid the shutdown was. but there will be delays and things and it's done oh some damage to business. a lot of business leaders in utah, for example, who have gone and complained to mike lee, the tea party senator, because they need the federal government's services to run their businesses well. so i don't think we'll see robust numbers. i don't have any idea on exact numbers. but the solution to this is it is available, and that is public investment that grows the economy. and remember, interest rates are lowest in 700 years. so ignore these people who tell you hyper inflation and destruction is just around the corner. david k. johnson, always great to have you on "the ed show." thanks so much. appreciate your time. coming up, mr. academic dishonesty. sean hannity gets called on his lies. plus only low-rated conservative radio will air the garbage dick cheney is spewing as of late. but next, i'm taking your
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with information from experts on your condition. all right. "ask ed live," every night monday through friday. it's your questions. tonight, our first question comes from judson kline. he says, what do you think privatizing the big three would do to the price tags on these for average americans? through the roof, my friend. the word privatization. there's another word/profit. that's what privatization is all about. nobody wants to privatize something unless they see they can make a profit. now, with the big three you're talking about, medicare, medicaid, social security, this country has decided many, many times through elections that they are done for the greater good. not to be privatized. we have decided that over and over again. our next question is from nikki
2:32 pm
and she wants to know, are republicans programmed to go on tv to spew lies about obama care? no, they're not robots, are they? look, the centerpiece of the republican party right now and the radicals on the right is to take this down. they believe that this is the road to number four. they believe that it's not medicare, medicaid and social security, but then obama care, which is going to eventually evolve into universal health care, which, by the way, most americans do want. so to answer your question, they are going to go out and spew any kind of lie they possibly can. you know, guys like sean hannity, who we'll talk more about in a moment. stick around. rapid response panel coming up. i'm mandy drury with your cnbc market wrap. the dow closing up by 61 points. the s&p gaining 7 and the nasdaq climbing by 14. consumer sentiment fell in october to its lowest level in ten months, driven down by the government shutdown. orders of durable goods rose
2:33 pm
3.7% in september, thanks to a surge in demand for commercial aircraft. and shares of amazon hitting an all-time high after the online retailer reported sales over three quarters percent. have a great weekend. la's known definitely for its traffic, congestion, for the smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the buses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution into the air. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment.
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so call liberty mutual today. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? thanks for watching tonight. good to have you with us. sean hannity is at odds with "consumer reports." i'll start out by asking this question. who do you trust? "consumer reports" or sean hannity? here's what happened. >> "consumer reports," ann, they're telling people stay away from the website. >> really? well, this is the problem. "consumer reports" never told americans to stay away from the website for good, as handy
2:37 pm
implied. sean hannity cherry picked a few words to send his message. i should point out the full kwoed reads, "if only this is too much for you to absorb, follow our previous advice. stay away from for at least another month, if you can." the kicker is, sean hannity went on the air with his lie hours after "consumer reports" had already issued a statement calling out pundits in the media for completely misrepresenting they're position. now, of course, we see this all of the time with fox news. i mean, when the facts aren't in their favor, fox completely distorts them, or runs stuff out just to fit their own agenda. sean hannity spews lies. that's really nothing new. but this really takes it to a different level. his ignorance and disregard for public interest could actually prevent people from enrolling in potentially life-saving programs, which, of course, is obama care. joining me now, rapid response
2:38 pm
panel, occupy wall street protester, jesse lagreca, and stephanie miller and mike pap antonio. mike, you first tonight. they're resorting to constant lies, cherry picking words from even organizations like "consumer reports." how desperate are they? >> et cetera desperate to create drama, especially sean hannity. when you don't have substance, when your ratings are tanking, you great as much drama as possible, no matter how outrageous your statements are. you start playing to the honey boo-boo crowd, the lowest hanging fruit available. even roger ails has figured out that storage wars has higher ratings than sean hannity so someone is advising him, you have to say this crazy stuff. his ratings have dropped 35% throughout the year. his post o'reilly position -- oh, riley goes on the air, has a huge market, he goes on the air and loses 50% of the o'reilly
2:39 pm
audience, almost immediate llim. so he's in trouble and we're going to see more crazy drama out of sean hannity as this year progresses. >> stephanie, what effect do you think this has had on consumers? it is a constant barrage of anti health care. when i was overseas, people were asking what is it about the media in your country against health care and, of course, at the pin california of it all is, of course, sean hannity and his minions who flat out lie and twist stuff like this. with your audience, has it had an effect? >> i for one, ed, am shocked, there is dishonesty going on in fox news. this must be brand-new information for you, ed. i understand. but, you know, you're absolutely right. it is hurting people. that's what's sad, ed. they're trying to deliberately scare people away from the exchanges. and as the kentucky governor said, you don't have to like me or obama. go see what you can do for you and your family. so sean hannity is doing a real disservice to real people that need this, ed.
2:40 pm
and, you know, those couples he had on his show that turned out to be a complete lie. same thing. those couples could have done better for themselves and their families if they weren't scared off the website by sean hannity. >> his manipulation went further this week. he called into the obama care hotline on his radio show, grilled the employee who answered, and the employee was subsequently fired. now, this is a pretty crafty move on his part. sean hannity is now trying to cash-whip the public by saying he's such a good guy and really cares about people. he's offering to pay the woman the salary that she lost and to help her find a job on his website. jesse, do people buy this garbage? clearly, this must be the first person he's ever been concerned about getting a job all of a sudden, trying to wipe up his mess after stating lies on the air. >> i think it's hilarious these guys constantly accuse obama care of being a job-killer and then there are lies about obama care actually kill someone's job.
2:41 pm
and i only wish there was some way we could make every millionaire conservative have to pay that person's yearly salary out of their own pocket. listen, i've personally saved thousands of dollars on obama care, because preexisting conditions, what one of those preexisting conditions used to not be covered was childbirth. so i am a personal obama care success story. the more people who have those success stories, the more the lie brigade falls apart. >> mike, we've got budget negotiations coming up. they're going to want a piece of the health care law. what's ahead for us? >> well, i think as the budget negotiations go forward, unfortunately, you have the democrats, they're willing to give up too much, almost right out of the block. if you take a look at chain cpi, democrats are all but saying we're going to go along with that. you're not going to see a fight on something like social security, because the -- the republicans feel like they've already won. you're going to see the fight on -- you're going to see the fight on things like medicare. but, you know, ed, this is a
2:42 pm
time for the democrats to be the party that they can be and say no. you may not cut government anymore. we stand for something that's different from republicans. compromise is over. it's a time when they must draw that line in the sand. we're going to see in january and february whether they have the courage to do that. if they don't, they're going to have a real ugly 2014, i can promise that. >> stephanie, if the democrats were to serve up a little bit of obama care, make some adjustments in negotiations, doesn't that lend credibility to a network that is lying about health care in america? >> i think so, ed. as everybody has said, you know, medicare -- it took two years to get it up and running smoothly. if we had another party in this country that actually cared about the american people and not just political points, we can see already, ed, the states that did not set up the exchanges are the ones that it's not working -- working well in. so if we could all get together and, you know, along -- the president has always said, he's open to ideas. let's make tweaks. let's make it better.
2:43 pm
but it is the law and it's here to stay. and i agree with mike. we have got to stand our grouped. we just had a huge political win by standing together. >> what's it mean for 2014, jesse? >> the budget negotiations are a line in the sand for a lot of people. there's a party who wants to cut social security and medicare. it's called the republican party. if the democrats adopt that same position, it ruins any reason to vote for them. so working class people in america want these programs to be defended tooth and nail. and if the democrats are foolish enough to chase the republican rabbit down the hole, they're going to burn with them. i think the smartest thing to do would be to invest in america. we can't fix the economy by just cutting it a thousand times. we have to actually build something. and as far as i'm concerned, there is only one party interested in doing that. and if they're smart, they're going to stick to what they stand for. >> no. doubt about that. stephanie, again, on health care and lying. how hard is it -- do you think people in this country are susceptible to not believing that obama care is going to be
2:44 pm
good? how good a job have they done, in your opinion, of gumming things up? >> well, they have done a pretty good job, ed, the one thing that i think is hilarious, since the website launched and it's one story or another about what a disaster it is, the approval rating for obama care has only gone up. >> yeah. >> and i think as more and more people are seeing what it actually is, and helping real people, that's only -- it's only going to get worse for them. i mean, this is their last, you know, try, their last desperate try to get people, scare them away from it so oh it doesn't work. >> mike, you confident they're going to fix it? >> i think -- i think it's going to be fun. 2.5 million young adults get health care, 40,000 americans preexisting condition get coverage. those are great talking points. and it's up to the rank and file democrats to be out there talking about that and helping the president he had kaeducate c about what this is about. 350 new community health centers in america already because of it. >> mike pap antonio, stephanie
2:45 pm
miller, jason lagreca. thanks so much. coming up, locked, loaded and hunting for votes in iowa. candidate ted cruz takes aim in iowa. stay with us. [ tires screech ] ♪ [ male announcer ] 1.21 gigawatts. today, that's easy. ge is revolutionizing power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software. using data predictively to help power entire cities. so the turbines of today... will power us all... into the future. ♪
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usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. and in pretenders tonight, foolish heart, dick cheney. cheney's book tour sunk to a new low. low-rated radio, that is, to be exact. the former vp dropped by hugh hewitt's radio show to slam how president obama handled osama bin laden. >> bin laden was killed. would you allow the president to allow the victory dance that occurred and the operational details that came out? >> by going public the way they d did, they lost, i'm convinced, some opportunities. in such a hurry to go out and announce victory that i'm convinced they probably did not
2:50 pm
get maximum advantage of it until they had captured. >> oh, don't adjust your television sets. you heard the dickster correctly. dick cheney has the audacity to call president obama's announcement to call president obama's announcement of the death of osama bin laden premature? let's remind him how his administration handled iraq. >> my fellow americans, major combat operations in iraq have ended and the battle of iraq, the united states and our allies have prevailed. >> i think there in the last throes of the insurgency. >> really? president obama announced the victory because it was a reality. cheney never knew victory under the bush administration. only deception.
2:51 pm
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2:54 pm
. this is for the folks who shower after work. ted cruz is heading to iowa to go pheasant hunting with steve king. rick perry and rick santorum went hunt k with the congressman
2:55 pm
before the 2012 caucuses. it seems that on the path to the white house, every politician aims to hit the mark. >> i'm a lifetime member of the nra. >> i'm not a big game hunter. i've always been a rodent and rabbit hunter. small varmints, if you will. >> i'm a catholic deer hunter. i am happy to be clinging to my guns and my religion. >> it's the must-have photo op. actually on both sides of the aisle from sarah palin to john kerry. and even the president himself. then, of course, there's shooter. dick cheney's escapades are well documented. >> vice president dick cheney has accidentally shot and injured a friend with whom he was hunting. >> bird shot fired from the vice president's weapon apparently wounded a fellow hunter.
2:56 pm
[ cheers ] >> thank you, jesus. >> why is it? it just seems that everybody who runs for president on both sides of the aisle has to prove they just love to hunt. well, now it's senator ted cruz's turn in iowa. democratic strategist joins me tonight. chuck, is this what people got to have a smidge of. that you have to do this to appease people whether you hunt for a recreation or not? >> well, the problem is a lot of these guys went to some really nice schools. they got the best education and they find it hard to relate with the working class americans. they think if they grab their shotgun, they go up to iowa and shoot some birds, it'll make them look like everybody else and make everybody forget they shut down our government. they could say i love to hunt and be with you good guys. >> yeah. it's kind of like you kind of
2:57 pm
want to have a beer with that guy. like he must be a good guy. heck, he's got a shotgun and he's going pheasant hunting. so when is hillary clinton going to go hunting? when's that program going to show up? >> i'm not going to put anything past what hillary may do. i'm sure she may go out and go hunting. there's not been one candidate i are call in 20 years who haven't had the photo op so they could say that. the one piece i will say about mr. king, if you want to guarantee you don't get the latino vote, go bird hunting with steve king who said latinos have calves the size of cantaloupes. >> so there's a big problem with who you're hanging out with and doing this stuff with. >> absolutely. >> where does this leave ted cruz? he's basically playing to the base. i don't know if the guy pheasant hunts a lot. but it seems everybody who's running for office has got to run to iowa with a shotgun.
2:58 pm
>> well, they want you to forget. they want you to forget the truth. they want you to forget about the shutdown so they put out lies about who they are and what they do. and it's kind of like an old saying in texas. if you lie long enough about having a horse, eventually somebody will buy you a saddle. and these guys are hoping somebody buys them a saddle and they can be cast as regular americans hunting in iowa. >> now, do you think ted cruz actually has a chance of winning the nomination? now, you know, it's out there on the blogs. it's people are somewhat afraid of this guy. he is being compared from time to time to mccartccarthy. what chance does this guy have? he wouldn't be going hunting with a congressman he doesn't even know if he wasn't thinking about trying to do something in 2016. >> i've run lots of elections in iowa and been part of the caucuses. the one good thing about him going to iowa is the right of the right of the right is who goes and caucuses in iowa.
2:59 pm
it's been a spring board for people like michele bachmann and people like that. the governor of arkansas. you only have the extreme right of the party that can catapult a person into the field. anything can happen in a presidential primary. we learned a lot from the last election. when you see these primaries highlighting and mobilizing the most conservative amongst us, anything can happen with a ted cruz. >> there is no doubt about that. look, he's going to raise some money. there's no question about it. but this shows that he is definitely planning some seeds. the question here is what else is he going to do in iowa? is it just pheasant hunting? or going to different counties so he can say i've been to every county in iowa. this is when it starts. >> i think he's just laying the ground work. he'll be out there talking to other people. there's only a small amount of brokers in iowa who control those caucuses. and let me just say this today, ted cruz could be the best thing that ever happened to democrat ifs he gets the nomination.
3:00 pm
>> amen to that. always good to have you on the program. thanks so much. that's "the ed show." "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening. >> good evening, ed. and thanks to you for tuning in. i'm live from los angeles tonight. tonight's lead, fear mongering over obama care. creepy uncle sam is back. and so is creepy uncle ted. remember those anti-health care ads? the ones funded by the koch brothers trying to scare young people to opt out of health care. well, they've returned to the small screen. enthis time they're halloween themed. ♪


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