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tv   Sex Slaves Addiction  MSNBC  October 27, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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oh my god. >> where's your clothes at? no, don't move. stay in the seat until i get your clothes. okay? >> they go hand in glove. sex for sale, and drug addiction. >> we arrest hundreds and hundreds of girls involved in prostitution. only a handful are not involved with any type of narcotic. >> find the heroin? >> yep. >> all across america, more and more women are turning to drugs like crack and heroin to kill the pain that comes with being bought and sold. msnbc goes undercover with michigan's human trafficking
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task force. >> are you taping me? >> for a sobering look at the overwhelming power of drug addiction in the business of sex for sale. >> i thought i could do it once and stop. >> it's a growing epidemic that can touch anyone, even the all-american girl next door. >> this is going to sound crazy, but it's not that hard to go from using drugs from point "a" to point "b" of selling yourself. how are you going to get that much money daily when your addiction is getting out of control and using so much of it? it's like how are you going to get that money every day? ♪ >> it's a saturday night in detroit, and the city is jumping. the local economy is finally on the rebound, and people are out on the streets again looking to celebrate and have a good time. to some, that means buying a woman for sex.
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>> hey, it's sanchez. >> state trooper richard sanchez is part of michigan's human trafficking task force. >> they say my girl is walking the track right now by telegraph and the river. what she's wearing is blue jeans and a black coat. she goes by honey. >> the task force combines the talents of federal, state and local investigators to combat michig michigan's growing underground sex trade. >> put your hands together like you're praying, okay? >> a lot of these girls have ran away from home, or do not have the support at home or the love they feel, the attention they need at home. so when they leave home, these predators and pimps start to locate them, manipulate them, groom them, and they feel loved. somebody cares about them. whether it's mental, physical, emotional abuse, it's still a type of affection. >> tonight, the team will be traveling from hotel to hotel. >> why don't we do 16 van dike, up there, we have tons of
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motels. >> undercover officers set up dates with women. >> he's heading for the door. >> close-cover officers monitor the rendezvous by wire. >> knocking on the door. knocking on the door. >> arrest teams move in once a deal for sex has been made. >> police. >> lights. >> the first goal of the task force is to identify and rescue juveniles from traffickers. >> i'm not from here. >> how old are you? >> 18. >> you're what? >> 18. >> in this case, the young woman we'll call nicky is 18, but she's not from detroit and investigators suspect she's being trafficked. >> did you purchase the room or someone else purchase for you? how did it work? >> are they still here with you that we need to know? >> i'm here by myself. >> police suspect nicky's pimp may be nearby watching and waiting, but she is not about to give him up. >> it's a sad situation right
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now. these girls are basically brought into a hotel, separated from families and friends, any type of support group they may have and stay in the hotel waiting for the next call. >> $205. >> before you go anywhere, is there anything i need to be aware of in the room? any guns? >> no guns. >> weed? >> no weed. there's some alcohol. >> nicky tells police she was recently kicked out of her mother's house and is relatively new to the game. but without meaning intervention, sanchez says girls like nicky are at high risk of developing substance abuse problems and drug addiction. >> the unfortunate reality of it is that we arrest hundreds and hundreds of girls involved in prostitution, and only a handful are the ones not involved with any type of narcotic. >> looks like it's going to be on the back side of the building with the office. >> just an hour after nicky's arrest in a cheap motel only blocks away, police find the all
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too common union of drugs and >> 115, right? >> where are your clothes at? don't move. stay right there on the seat until i get your clothes. okay? >> 33-year-old holly is no stranger to the game. >> what's going on? >> a resident of ohio, she's been in michigan for a month staying at various motels and posting online ads for sex. >> get your clothes on. >> a quick search of her room turns up condoms, $259 in cash, and dozens of used syringes. >> holy. that's the most i've seen in forever. what do you use the needle for? diabetes or anything? medical problems or just using it for other purposes? >> other purposes. >> okay. that's all i need to know. >> how many packs are you shooting a day? >> i'm just barely at all, nothing. >> you don't have any with you? >> i don't have any drugs. i just had needles. that's all.
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>> you have to have something here. >> i don't have drugs. >> a thorough search of the room yielded no drugs tonight, but they suspect holly's supplier may also be her pimp. >> he's probably out here somewhere. >> you have pimps that will use drugs to control the girls quite a bit. they will supply her, get her hooked, say, on heroin or cocaine or crack and that point that girl is dependent of that drug. >> i have to take a photo of you. >> it's a vicious cycle where the girl is hooked, she needs the drugs. the pitch smp says do this and give you drugs. >> here is some of her girlfriends. >> among her belongings are dozens of photographs that show her in younger days along with companions including an unknown male who may be her pic she is on a bed covered in money. they're the fading momentous of
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a fading young woman who uses now heroin to cope. >> that girl is about to have sex with a stranger for money. doesn't know if that guy will rob her. guys are violent sometimes. doing some of these dates. that's a coping mechanism for them to just separate themselves from their body, just to zone out to get through this. co coming up, a mother of four struggles to feed her habit and her children. >> i mean, i don't approve of what you're doing here, but if you're going to do it, you have to be safe. >> my baby's birthday is tomorrow. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the new twin turbo xts from cadillac. 410 available horses. ♪ room for four. twice the fun.
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♪ ♪
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it's saturday night in the motor city, and investigators with michigan's human trafficking task force are conducting undercover sting operations. >> oh my god.
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>> where's your clothes at? don't move. stay there on the seat until i get your clothes, okay? >> tonight's arrest begin to provide us with a rare and unsettling look at the chronic drug addiction that often goes hand in hand with life in the underground sex trade. >> holy. that's the most i've seen in forever. >> the unfortunate reality of it is that we arrest hundreds and hundreds of girls involved in prostitution. and i would say only a handful are the ones that aren't involved with any type of narcotic. >> get your clothes on. >> but as time fwogoes on, thes girls need that numbness or need that fix in order to continue to go on from the work that they're doing. >> in countless hotels and motels up and down the broad boulevards of the motor city, the same scenario plays out tonight and every night. a young woman sits in the dark drinking or shooting dope trying to forget the last john and waiting for the next one. >> he is rolling in right now. i see his brake lights.
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>> but sometimes that next date is actually an undercover cop. >> 219. >> the woman in room 219 is no stronger to police. >> i mean, i don't approve of what you're doing here, but if you're going to do it, you have to be safe. >> my baby's birthday is tomorrow. it really is. whatever. >> she is 32-year-old crystal manuel, a mother of four with a long history of prostitution and drug charges. >> she indicated to us that she started when she was under age. unfortunately. she didn't come from a very strong family background. she started hanging out with the wrong crowd and unfortunately got hooked up with a gentleman she thought was her boyfriend, now he's her pimp. >> i'm from livonia. my kids. four of them. >> tonight police find her intoxicated and a search of her
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room yields crack cocaine and a makeshift pipe. >> with crystal, unfortunately, i think narcotics plays a huge role along with alcohol. she's just trying to put food on the table for her children because she's not getting any support from anybody. in order for her to do that and cope with what she has to do on a daily basis, she resorts to narcotics. >> have you been drinking a little bit tonight? it's okay. i just want to make sure you're okay. >> my baby's birthday is tomorrow. >> you want to see her baby? if you want to see her baby, we can make that happen. >> detective sanchez might be willing to cut crystal a break in exchange for information about her pimp. a man named gregory smith. also known as g. >> are you still working with g.? >> g., no. >> got rid of that guy finally? >> i have a baby by him. >> i know you have the baby by him. i think she's still going back to her pimp. she'll deny every time we have an encounter with her. she will deny she has a pimp, that she's working for g. or anybody else. but he is mentally, physically,
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and emotionally abused her in so many ways. she has a child by him and there is still that connection there. >> he texted me earlier today and said he should have left me in jail. >> who said that? >> g. >> crystal and g. were caught up in the 2007 murder of a juvenile named kathleen jasmine hahn. crystal arranged an alcohol date for the girl and g. delivered her to the john's apartment where she was tortured and killed. while the teen's killer got life in prison, jasmine's trafficker was never punished. >> i know all about it. >> i know about it. >> why haven't you talked to us about it then? >> it's not my problem. >> investigators are working to build a federal trafficking case against g., and want crystal to cooperate. >> i know who you are. you're not a bad person. you're not a bad person at all. i think you got hooked up with
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g. when you were too young. >> no. >> when you were young, come on. >> no. >> he's not good news. you know that. >> but crystal is not about to give up g. tonight. in the jargon of the underground sex trade, she remains true to the game. >> the girls would deny that they have any type of pimp, that they're doing this for themselves. they don't want to see him get in trouble and don't want to have the repercussions of what he can do in them if they do give him up. so we still see that they're continuously scared to testify against these pimp. he's not good for you. >> no. >> he's not. you deserve better than this. you know you do. i know you do. >> these guys take advantage of these girls, play their little game with them. then what happens to the guys? nothing. the girls have to go to jail all the time. they don't deserve it. they have babies to take care of. daddy's not taking care of the babies. >> they don't never. >> daddy's not taking care of babies. they take add vvantage of you g
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and you're, like, hey, whatever you say, g. you know what i'm talk about. >> don't matter who you're talking about. because when they leave, i'm like, hey. >> if you didn't hook up with him, you wouldn't be in this situation. >> i'm like hey, yeah, here we go. baby. changing the diapers. >> there you go. exactly. you're the one doing all the work. >> here i go. yep. >> you are. i know you are. >> yep. >> he is he, out smoking some weed? >> i don't know. >> banging some other chick? >> yep. >> you know that. but you're the one who has to go to jail. >> yep. >> we always protect him for some ungodly reason. >> right. >> he's the nicest guy in the whole world. >> no. >> this is what he puts you up with. makes you take care of the babies, makes you do everything. doesn't pay for the babies. you're out here working trying to make ends meet just to be able to feed the baby. i know you're not a bad girl. >> although crystal has not been legally punished for her role in
6:17 pm
jasmine's death, detective sanchez says women like crystal cannot escape the sort of day-to-day sentence that often comes with life in the underground sex trade. >> they just don't know where to go, who to turn to, who to trust. they've been beaten down so long, to make them feel like they're nonexistent. so we're looking for some way, some how, for somebody to help them. you can't always do that unless they want help themselves. that's where we get stuck. not a lot of them want to go that extra mile or get away from their comfort zone because they lived that life so long they don't have no place to go and you run into that quite a bit. find the heroin? >> up next, addiction can touch anyone. even the all-american girl next door. >> i thought i could do it once and stop. i didn't know that i would do it the one time and that would be
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lights. >> tonight, investigators with michigan's human trafficking task force have shown us how life in the underground sex trade can easily lead girls and young women into a bitter downward spiral of alcohol abuse and drug addiction. >> been drinking a little bit tonight? it's okay. i want to make sure you're okay. you're working with gracie, baby? >> i'm not working with anybody. >> gracie's stuff's here. >> who is gracie? >> you know grace. >> no, i don't. >> police suspect 30-year-old grace, crystal's roommate, may also be selling sex out of the room. >> okay. there's a white female here probably roaming around with dark brown hair. she's probably about 5'2". maybe 5'1". >> yeah, i got a female that came from thedu dunkin' donuts. she's inside on the phone.
6:22 pm
can you bring the i.d. over here? >> grace, what are you doing? why are you hanging out in this room with crystal? >> i let her use my room. >> why? i don't know. >> who are you working with now? >> nobody. >> was that cocaine in your purse? >> in my purse? >> there was some cocaine. >> in what purse? >> in the room. >> in what purse? >> we don't know. they're going to find out which one's yours. >> where are we going? >> where'd you go last time? >> downtown detroit. >> that's where you're going this time. >> for what? >> grace is no stranger to detectives. >> come on, sanchez. you know me, i'm not no drug addict. you want to test me? >> why are you still working here? >> i'm not, sanchez. >> be real with me. are you working the track anywhere? >> just the hotels. >> this can be done. >> i'm sick today. i'm not working. >> although grace admits to being a little drunk, she did not break any laws and police cut her loose. >> you know you're lucky i like you, grace. grace, if i catch you next time,
6:23 pm
you're going, you understand that, right? >> yes, sir. i understand. >> police say cases like crystal's where women slide from prostitution into drug addiction are all too common. while she's bound yet again for jail, the task force moves on to their next target. >> conversing with this female, through e-mail. she posts on the casual encounters. possibly just to save money on craigslist. >> an undercover has made an outcall date with a woman who cleverry posted under craigslist casual encounters rather than an online ad for sex. >> we're going to do an outside date. once he makes the deal inside, we'll go and arrest her. >> making the approach. >> outside a quiet suburban motel, close-cover officers eyeball the rendezvous while arresting officers move in slowly, waiting for the good deal signal to make the bust.
6:24 pm
>> she agreed, she's out of his ride. count the money. good deal. good deal. >> the woman selling herself is a 20-something college student we'll call dana. upon arrest, she tries in vain to thwart investigators from looking inside her car by hiding her keys in her pants. >> where are those keys? you didn't throw them. you got them or something? you have the keys on you hidden. >> no. >> she's saying they're right up here. i didn't see her throw them. >> through the conversation with her, she concealed the keys from us and she concealed her phone which made us believe that there's something in the vehicle she doesn't want us to see. >> what's your deal? what's going on? what are your concerns? talk to me. >> to be honest with you,vy a drug problem. >> you have drugs in car, no big deal. okay? >> find the heroin? says she has a bunch of heroin in there.
6:25 pm
>> that's probably heroin right there. >> inside dana's car, police find what they say is $300 worth of heroin and three syringes. it's just enough of a fix to get the young woman through the night. >> take photos real quick and then we'll go from there. what's going on with you that you're getting so addicted to it? you don't appear to be girl that needs to be on that stuff. >> i know. that's why i'm doing this because i'm addicted to it, and, you know -- >> how long you been out here? >> what do you mean? >> involved in prostitution. >> almost a year. >> that's why you're feeding the addiction? she's been involved in prostitution about a year and has an addiction problem with heroin and feeds that addiction through prostitution. >> back at the state police post, dana confesses she's been fighting heroin addiction for over two years. >> so what got you started in prostitution? >> just paying for it.
6:26 pm
you know, my habit, it grew so out of control. >> with a $300 a day habit, it's a battle she's losing. >> heroin, especially, especially heroin, i mean, it just changes your brain, you know, how you thick. i mean, when you don't have it, you feel like you're dying almost. like your body tricks itself. it's like you have to have it or else you're not going to live anymore, like you're dying. >> unusually articulate, educated and self-aware. officers are surprised to learn dana's downward spiral from honor student, to addict, to prostitute happened from a sports injury. >> i had a bad rotator cuff. i was at the point where i could keep playing but i was, like, basically putting a bandage over it, taking painkillers and vicodins were prescribed to me and oxycontin because it got so bad i had to take them to play. >> dana says she graduated to heroin when her health insurance ran out and she could no longer afford prescription drugs.
6:27 pm
in the cold quiet of her jail cell, struggling without heroin and facing charges, dana realizes she has hit rock bottom. i had scholarship offers from, i mean, i can't even count how many universities. i mean, i could have basically played sports anywhere that i wanted to.
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i'm milissa rehberger. here's what's happening. a chinese immigrant has been arrested on five counts of murder, accused of stabbing to death his cousin's wife and her four children in brooklyn. the oldest child was 9. the youngest just a year old. singer chris brown's bodyguard has been arrested in washington, d.c., in a fight that broke out near the w. hotel. one man was injured. and music legend lou reid died at the age of 71 from complications from a liver transplant. now back to msnbc "undercover."
6:31 pm
there is nothing more shocking than understanding that this young woman, who we will call dana, was a highly recruited college athlete just a few short years ago. at dana's request, we refrain from mentioning specifics. >> i had scholarship offers from i mean, i can't even count how many universities. i mean, i could have basically played sports anywhere that i wanted to. that's why i'm doing this. i have a drug problem. >> okay. >> we met dana at what she now admits the lowest point of her life, strung out on heroin and selling her body for cash. >> did you find the heroin? >> dana was arrested in a federal sting aimed at rescuing trafficked girls. >> she did not work for a pimp, she had a little heroin, she was reluctant to assist us at first because she was scared. >> between tears and lock up, the college student admitted to being addicted to heroin. after a devastating sports injury.
6:32 pm
she told our cameras this was not the life she had planned. >> you know, i was just a really happy-go-lucky kid. you know, outgoing. had a lot of friends. played a lot of sports. was really active. >> raised in rural michigan, dana personified the all-american girl. studious and athletic, dana wasn't just good, she was exceptional. >> i was always a bright child, very athletic. anything i picked up i excelled at very quickly. >> looking back now, dana says the punishing physical grind and pressure to succeed as a star athlete led her to abuse alcohol. >> you train rigorously. you're playing sports seven days, six days a week, you know? that's hours-long practices, you know, and tournaments and, you know, just different training sessions. you know, weight lifting. you know, running. everything. it's just, you know, it kind of consumes your life. >> big 10 schools and duke came calling. offering dana full athletic
6:33 pm
scholarships. but she says she started to rebel and chose to stay close to home. >> by the time i got to college, i was just, like, i want to hang out and have fun with my friends. it felt like a swrob almost at the time. you know, the enjoyment was gone. the fun in it was gone. it was so serious, you know, because at that point, it's all about paying for your school. >> after a shoulder injury and with her scholarship on the line, dana started self-medicating to play through the pain. >> my body started to hurt. my knees were hurting. my back was hurting. i'd be in so much pain, i started taking ib prouprofen ale time and stat escalated into vicodin and stuff like that. >> after a year of prescription drug and alcohol abuse, dana entered rehab and met an addict that was introduced her to heroin. >> i tried heroin one time. that was it.
6:34 pm
it was a wrap. i don't know how to describe it. any pain, hurt in my life, anything negative, when i did it, it was just gone. >> these are kids that grow up in great households. stable households. >> dana's story isn't shocking to scott macy who says he counsels many high achieving young men and women who have sold themselves for drugs. >> heroin addiction or opiate addiction is a physical as well as a mental -- it's what we consider a brain disease. >> a former addict, scott macy knows firsthand the devastating impact of what is known as chasing the dragon. like dana, he lived a double life going back and forth from his white-collar job, to detroit's east side to feed his addiction. >> addiction just takes over any type of thought process. any type of, you know, just takes over their life. and you know, it's just an obsession of the mind. >> dana says her $20 a day fix quickly escalated to a $300
6:35 pm
a day habit. transforming her into a vulnerable fiend. >> a drug dealer who had been very fond of me kind of made me an offer, you know, that i couldn't refuse, where he said i'll give you "x" amount of drugs if you let me, you know, sleep with you. >> the memories of selling herself remain a source of trauma for dana. >> the first time was obviously really hard on me. you know, i was so upset. you know, i was crying afterwards. i felt so weird, you know, and i remember sitting in the shower for, like, a half hour after just crying, what am i doing, you know? am i going crazy? >> those who are open about their sex work experience, i would say it's about 95% also admit some sort of drug addiction. >> the trafficking survivors that she counsels says pimps and drug dealers use the powerful need for drugs to enslave women. >> drugs cause physical addiction. your body goes through withdrawals.
6:36 pm
so even if the pimp is nowhere near them, the physical need for the drug overwhelms any urge to leave or to report that pimp, to go home, any of that. because they have this physical addiction, and it's not like they can go up to a cvs and say may i have some heroin? >> once i saw how much money the drugs i had made from it, that hushed any concern or negative feelings i had toward it because there was no other way i could get that amount of drugs for, you know, doing anything else. >> you are aware of all of the parties going on? >> yeah, they have them all over. >> the night she was arrested, dana told investigators about a underground network where men buy women without fear of police detection. >> i met a man from craigslist that knew about this underground
6:37 pm
society, if you will, of men that created an online website where the girls would go there and, you know, post, and, you know, people could call you and set up, you know, a date with you. >> these are kind of like a secret society type of websites. where the average person has to apply to gain access into the society. you basically fill out a form on the internet, and they do a background check on you through the information that you provide to them. and it's very difficult to get into these websites. >> and what kind of men frequent the secret society? >> a lot of -- you know, that messed with trust issues with me, you know, with trusting people, too. i mean, you look at that and see that, you know, just like the deception there and sometimes hearing people that you're with, you know, like, calling their wives, as they're in the room with you. hon
6:38 pm
honey, i'm in the grocery store. i'll be home in an hour. i'm thinking, now you're going to sleep with me right after you get off the phone with your wife? i dealt with that a lot, that was hard. >> it's hardly glamorous, it's violent, and it's ugly and it's quick, and it's nameless, and it's hurtful. >> fighting to stay clean remains a daily struggle for dana. with the support of her family, she made the difficult decision to go public in order to help other struggling teens. >> my real hope is that from my experiences, if i could help one person teetering on the edge of addiction, you know, and trying a harder drug or maybe someone that is already addicted of maybe thinking of, you know, selling themselves, you know, to help them maybe step back from that, you know, would make me feel like everything i went through wasn't for nothing. coming up, a wake-up call
6:39 pm
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our commitment has never been stronger. while some women like dana might be able to operate in the underground sex trade without a pimp, police say a case like hers is not the norm. >> she was not a typical case. she was an independent. a lot of girls think they're independent, but one way or another they're going to be around a pimp. there is always one involved one way or another. >> police say it's not uncommon for some pimps to require their working girls not only to sell sex acts for money, but also to recruit other girls to join the stable. >> these two young ladies are
6:43 pm
doing calls -- >> duos. >> how come there are two? >> i think this young lady is teaching that young lady how. >> we witnessed a case like that on a sting at an upscale hotel in the suburbs of detroit. >> how much was it for a twofer? >> $250 today, but that was a surprise, i thought there was just going to be one young lady here. i walked in and there was two. >> does that happen a lot? >> not really. >> at 19, police say this young woman named april is actually the experienced one. she's familiar to the task force from a prior arrest where the team also nabbed her pimp, a 32-year-old man named jason. >> who is this guy over there? >> on that sting, they met with the undercover officer. once the girl had the money, she actually slipp eped the money u under the door to jason. he picked up the money. he was detained in the stairwell by the arrest team with the
6:44 pm
laptop on him and the undercover money. >> they say he was using april to break in a new recruit. a 23-year-old we'll call laurie. >> she tried to convince me that her friend was okay, cool, and there to have a good time as well. the other girl at this point is moving around the room. looked nervous. looked out of place. it was evident to me this was probably her first rodeo, so to speak. she was very out of police. >> back at the state police post, investigators separate the women for further questioning. >> hey, how you doing? you want to give a statement or talk to me? >> no. >> not at all? >> no. >> how come? >> because i don't want to talk. i want my lawyer. >> okay. not a problem. >> tonight, april takes the fifth, but her friend, laurie is, is ready to talk. she tells police that she was unwittingly tricked into the in-call situation by april and her pimp, jason. >> she was told she would just answer the calls but then she was encouraged to watch and then, you know, if she felt like
6:45 pm
she could, that she was supposed to get involved. and she was upset about it, you know, felt awful about it. >> police say that young women like laurie usually don't fall into prostitution overnight. it's often a process that takes a lot of time and smooth talk from so-called roam know pimps like jason. >> they will take months to groom a girl because they know towards the end she will be selling her body from them and they will make money from that. they will take them out to dinner and say i have feelings for you. they will buy them gifts and all that. they may start off slow, hey, i've got these other girls doing that, i just need you to answer the phones or just look out for her. you don't have to have sex. but at some point, that's going to change. >> tonight jason was arrested outside the hotel room that he rented for april and laurie, but he does his best to convince detectives and our cameras that
6:46 pm
tonight's run-in with the law is just one big misunderstanding. >> what happened to you tonight? >> apparently somebody that was in the room that i rented out did something wrong, and the fact that it was my room is the reason i came down here. >> do you think you were wrongly brought down here? >> i definitely believe -- i didn't do anything wrong. i mean, if something went wrong in room or whatever, i wasn't there. it's just the fact it was my room. that's what i got brought down here for. >> i mean, it's just like a sports player. some guys are good at hitting the baseball. some guys are good at jump shots. these guys are good at lying to females. or just lying in general. >> i'm not a human trafficker. that's for sure. i'm not really sure too much around here right now. >> really? >> yeah, i'm not. >> do you know what human trafficking is? >> i believe that human trafficking is, you know, forcing people underage to do things sexual for money or
6:47 pm
something. just to do anything. >> this is your -- >> this is good effort. i mean, they should be stopped. that's terrible. you know? but i don't understand, you know, where people that don't have anything to do with that is just kind of washed up in the whole mix. i don't understand, you know? it is what it is. >> i think the reason you were brought down was because the girls in your room, one of whom i guess is your girlfriend? had they made an appointment with an undercover officer to have sex with him for money. >> you know what, i don't believe that. you know, until i talk to who was involved. and i don't know what was going on. i wasn't there. so that's bizarre to me that somebody would be my girlfriend would do something like that. i don't know who was there or what was going on. i don't know if you have the right person or whatever. as far as who's my girlfriend. >> jason's ongoing effort to play dumb for our cameras is finally thrown aside when police
6:48 pm
release his girl, april. >> so is this your girlfriend? >> yeah. what's wrong? >> and just like you saw, he told you all those things and then when it's time to leave, at the end of the night, with their tickets, that day walked out together. >> you got to come get me. they're not going to let me go n unless you come get me. you have to come get any. >> as far as laurie is concerned, police hope tonight's trip to jail will be enough to make her think twice before hanging out with friends like april or jason ever again. >> we're going to let you sit in here. >> my take on it is she's got an acquaintance. she's got the bad friend that every parent worries about. the bad friend that makes the bad decisions. you'd like to think, yeah, this did change her. >> i felt like this was going to be a good night for her. she's going to hopefully get a wake-up call. hopefully realize what a dangerous road this is. and kind of see her ways.
6:49 pm
up next -- >> you taping me? >> neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night shall stave these desperate souls to work. >> how powerful is that addiction? >> very. bold has a huge imagination.
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for those who wonder what ultimately happens to exploited women when they cannot make more money for their pimps, look no further than the prostitution track, the investigators say. >> this area has a lot of drug activity and prostitution going on. >> every city has one and it's haunted by ghostly women and shattered lives. >> unfortunately the ones on the street are just trying to basically survive. >> here on john r. stroll, it only takes investigators a minute to spot desperate women
6:54 pm
out in the rain and trolling for dates. >> what's going on? >> slow, slow, slow. >> is it slow today? >> we are slow. >> everything okay out on the streets though? >> ain't nothing out here. it is what it is. >> unfazed by law enforcement or our cameras, the woman speaks openly about her work. >> you got young girls out here? >> kind of. >> young, young. like babies. >> no. >> anybody under 18. >> not that i know of. >> detectives suspect this woman is out here in the rain today to feed a serious drug addiction. >> i would lean towards crack or heroin for her, just her face or lack of teeth. your first hit you can get addicted to crack, it's highly addictive.
6:55 pm
>> many of these abandoned houses often serve as drug dens, dolling out all manner of devices to feed the habit. sometimes they will live somewhere on the block, but they will store their dope in a vacant house. >> vacant houses can serve as makeshift brothels where dealers pimp out female addicts that perform sex acts out in the open in full view of others. >> in some crack houses, the women are sold as extras to the drugs. the idea is, you keep the woman there, they are there and the idea is they keep the women
6:56 pm
high so they're just there as that extra large fries with the milk shake if you will. >> somebody on this porch sitting, enjoying the weather a little bit. >> a few minutes later, detectives spot another woman out in the stroll in the rain. >> what are you doing? >> nothing, no fun? >> a little bit? >> how much. >> i don't really want to say. >> at first she is understandably wary of these clean cut men in suits with police pins. but what follows is cat and mouse that speaks volumes about the overwhelming need for a drug addiction. >> you have a place? >> i have a room. >> a hotel? >> how far is that? >> two blocks. >> what room number? >> i don't know, sorry -- >> visibly nervous, she gets suspicious and hurries away. after one more trip around the block, she is ready to make a deal. >> these girls are in a
6:57 pm
situation where they need money, and sometimes they don't think. >> okay, let's go to the room. >> okay. >> you're good with that? >> just me, both at different times or one at a time? >> yeah. >> i'm doing a documentary on addiction and trafficking of young girls, so i just wanted to ask you about why you would be out here in the pouring rain in the hail working? >> you're okay, sweetheart. >> i don't want to get you in trouble, am i going to get you in trouble? how bad is it? >> it's not heroin, but i left my family and nursing school about six months ago. >> you were in nursing school? >> you were in nursing school? how powerful is that addiction? >> very. >> did you have children? >> yeah, four. >> where are they now?
6:58 pm
>> they're grown, they live down south. i never used drugs when i was pregnant. >> at 41, this mother of four says she's been out on the streets for about a year and admits her addiction to crack leaves her powerless to change. >> i would, but i can't -- i don't want to be redundant, but i just can't seem to get over the hump. but a lot of my friends have been killed out here. >> really, from what? >> dates. people. i have a girlfriend that was shot, i was with her that night, she was shot in the head a few weeks ago. >> who was she shot by? a john? >> i don't know the person, i know what he looks like but i don't know him.
6:59 pm
>> although the unsolved murder terrifies her, her addiction to crack keeps her on the street. >> my advice, don't even try anything even a little, even if you're uncomfortable, just stay away from it. >> as the woman disappears, we are also reminded of dana, who was hungry for her next fix. but today, dana says that staying sober is the only way to stay off the street. >> it is a fight, but a fight worth fighting for. to stay clean, i'm aware of that. i just really hope that you know, i can continue forward and just don't ever go back to it.
7:00 pm
>> what kind of tattoos you go? you got any tattoos? >> every day, across america and around the world, human traffickers, who call themselves pimps, are selling women like cattle and branding them like commodities. >> they will have their name branded on their bodies. >> it is a particular depravity to mark somebody as your property. and that is what is going on. >> people living in fear, more and more, young women are being scarred for life. i


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