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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 28, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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so he's just racking up points with me. some people... ugh! no, i've got it. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points on dining out and entertainment, with no annual apply, go to developing right now, a british man accused of hacking into u.s. government computers systems to deal, quote, massive quantities of confidential data. we have a live report. >> he's a great man. >> chris christie scores a major endorsement from former nba bright, shaquille o'neal, the
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former nba big man doesn't support many politicians but making an exception with chris christie. the fbi investigating the deadly shooting of a 13-year-old boy who police discovered was holding a toy gun. hi, everyone, i'm tamron hall. we are following new revelations about the secret surveillance program. on the front page of "the wall street journal", for five years of his presidency, president obama was unaware the u.s. was spying on dozens of world leaders by tap their phones. the president learned about the spying for the first time this summer as part of an internal review he called for. white house officials also told the paper the administration put an immediate stop to some of the programs after finding out about them, including the one tracking german chancellor angela merkel. today the white house responded.
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>> the president feels strongly about making sure we are not just collecting information because we can, but because we should. phone call the president had with chancellor merkel made sure we do not and will not monitor the chancellor's communications. another report out today, this one in a spanish paper el mundo, the nsa tracked over 60 million calls in spain in one month. documents provided by nsa leaker edward snowden. the spanish government summoned the american ambassador asking for an explanation. this weekend, thousands of protesters marched on capitol hill demanding an end to the government surveillance program at home and abroad. many carried signs praising snowden and thanking him for blowing wistle on the nsa by leaking classified documents. this comes as international outrage builds over the broad scope of the nsa's data gathering over years.
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european leaders continue to put pressure on the country to for a new spying deal on allies. chefon, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. >> let's explain why it is some officials have explained perhaps why the president would not know about this for five years. >> as it was explained to us, this type of surveillance is the type of program or decision that would be executed at the level of the national security agency and the way the protocols are set up at this point, that's sort of where the line of information would stop. there isn't necessarily a reason why they would tell the white house there's no protocol that insists that they do. and in the case of the monitoring the chancellor merkel and some 35 other leaders, nsa hadn't brought it to the white house's attention. >> the dates are significant
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because the monitoring dates go back to 2002 on angela merkel, which also would explain from the officials quoted here why the president would not be brought into the loop on this. as bizarre as that sounds to some people. >> at what level it sounds a little odd. you could see a situation where a program starts as far back as 2002 and keeps -- nsa is a very large organization with incredibly monitoring surveillance programs and these things kind of have -- unless someone puts a stop to them. >> many are processing what this means to the world and the u.s. reputation as we know european leaders are quite angry over these revelations. i want to play with european parliament member from germany, some of the reaction coming in. >> frustration, anger and have the feeling that no one is
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controlling the nsa, no one is respecting privacy rights. no one is respecting data protection standards, and therefore we are in a mix of anger and frustration, but also trying to keep the relationship alive. >> siobhan, what's interesting, when you listen to his words, very similar to the thousands of people who showed up in washington, d.c. over the weekend expressing their concerns about the surveillance program and where this all goes and who is overseeing the decisions and actions of the nsa. >> yes, that is definitely a theme that we have seen replaying over and over kind of ever since the snowden revelations began in june. there are a lot of questions still about oversight.
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we've seen evidence subsequent to this revelations that the surveillance court supposed to oversee and monitor nsa surveillance, didn't have full information because nsa didn't provide it to them. you see that obviously a number of lawmakers on capitol hill weren't aware of how nsa was executing certain programs and now we also see that the wousz wasn't aware of at least some of fairly key surveillance programs that nsa had underway as it relates to foreign leaders. >> in your piece, you discuss that traditionally the u.s. had this agreement with four other countries known as five eyes where they don't spy on each other. some of the ramifications from these documents released by snowden, obviously germany and other european countries want this same deal. how is this playing out? we've heard from carney briefly today, jay carney here. but the relationship the president has particularly with
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angela merkel, any kind of deal making? >> it makes it difficult and it certainly would give germany leverage to some degree in some of these discussions because the u.s. is in a position where it was caught doing something it had not previously acknowledged it was doing. how this ultimately plays out is a little difficult. we're still in early days since the revelations and sometimes these things do calm down a little bit. however, as we've seen with the snowden revelations they seem to gain momentum over time. what will be the main challenge for the obama administration is how to sort of restore this trust that germany and some of the other european leaders have talked about because they still do need germany to work with them on lots of key national security and economic issues. >> siobhan gorman, thank you very much. intriguing report. developing as well right
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now, we're learning that a british man is under arrest in england charged with hacking into u.s. government computer systems. those include computers used by the u.s. missile defense agency, army, as well as nasa. justice correspondent pete williams joins us. he was arrested friday and we're getting the details now? >> the court documents were unsealed today, he lived in the southeastern coast of england. not only the agency you mentioned, department of energy, health and human services he infiltrat infiltrated. he was not so much interested in government secrets but personal identifying information for people who were contractors and quote from e-mails he was sending to other hackers from australia and sweden, describing how to install back doors on the sites and use them later to get information. they quote an e-mail he send
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saying, it's basically every piece of information you'd need to do full identity theft on any employee or contractor. so at the request of the u.s., british authorities arrested him on friday. there are charges pending in two separate courts here in the u.s. now they will see extradition undoubtedly to get in here and face these charges. >> thank you very much. the website has a new look. gone is the woman that's been the face of the website for these weeks. she's been replaced by new four ways to get coverage link perhaps being more direct in helping people navigate the website. this is to emphasize more ways for people to sign up for the health care. however, the change is basically cosmetic. it follows the latest problems with the site, the part that verified information for people applying for insurance went down yesterday. they are blaming a technical problem by verizon, which
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operates the federal data hub. wednesday is shaping up tore quite a critical day. that is when president obama will take the push for enrollment to massachusetts and also when health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius will testify about the problems with the website. renee elmers of north carolina is one of the committee members who will committee is sebelius. >> why did she repeatedly tell us by that october 1st, that website would be ready to go, that every american would be able to come on? i also want to understand, who did what when. who was calling the shots? i'd also like to know from kathleen sebelius, how am i going to respond? i'm getting thousands of requests from reaching out to my office, telling me that their health care premiums are going up and their health care plan
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they have is being canceled. >> nbc's white house correspondent peter alexander joins us. based on what that one member of congress wants to ask, you have a laundry list. it's going to be a hot one on k will be speaking and president obama simultaneously to massachusetts, they implemented something to obama care in 2007-2008. white house advisers say we're okay here. we expect most signups to happen in later months. if you take the example of massachusetts, only 123 people signed up in the first month. that's .3% of the entirety of the signups there. there are other issues that are frustrating americans, including sticker shock. a lot of americans who believe they could keep their present plan, because they do not meet the minimum standards required
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by the president's health care law, are forced to have their plan canceled or changed or some say they simply can't afford the affordable care act. we've spoken to some families, because of the new rirpts, new laws, we can no offer your current policy. this individual tells us that the closest comparable plan available from an then blue cross is 65% more. another family in north carolina says the plan they are most likely being forced toward is going to cost them $1208 a month. that's a 430% increase over what they were presently paying. >> with a that said, we've talked about the glitches, including this issue overnight, as has been pointed out over and over, those things can be fixed. for those people who have sticker shock and perhaps don't know the process of getting in subsidies or help with paying with this, this could be the thing we're talking about most on wednesday. >> reporter: i think you're
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right. we reached out to jay carney and i asked if the white house would concede there are winners and losers in the the obama care situation. he would concede that the vast majority of americans will have preferable more affordable plans but cannot deny the fact that some people will pay more. the reason that is, because those americans need to be offering their money up to the pool to cover those other americans being added to the pool, many of them sick with higher costs that without those people adding more money to the system it simply would fail. >> peter, thank you very much. we'll see what happens on wednesday. the buildup to that day is here. we're following developing news out of oklahoma, where four inmates who escaped from custody are still right now at large. there is an all-out manhunt under way. they are searching along the highways an visiting family members -- we have breaking news. two of these individuals are now in custody. let's go to carrie carrie -- ke
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sanders. >> reporter: about a 30-minute drive from here, if you go east in oklahoma, that's where two of the suspects were picked up. two of the inmates who broke oust jail over my shoulder. the police there were able to pick them up. we don't know the details yet. one of those back in custody, is dylan and the authorities are searching at this point for two other inmates who escaped from the jail here and it's certainly a very unusual escape in that this is a relatively new jail. the jail's complex here cost $11 million and yet somehow the inmates were inside their jail cell and able to figure out how to take screws out of grates in the shower area and climb up and then escape through the duct work and actually punch through one of the concrete walls to then make their way out of this
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jail and flee on foot. two still at large. the sheriff who i spoke with earlier said that the fact that there had been an escape here, even though this is a brand-new jail, that this did not surprise him with inmates trying to get out of jail sitting in jail cells wondering, what's the easiest way out. listen to what he had to say. >> sitting in there and been several years in prison. when you sit there as many days as a prisoner sets there, they figure out anything. >> reporter: so they have spent a better year of this morning here today and into the afternoon now going back through the areas where these inmates were able to escape. they've had the architects of the jail here as well as a contractor who built this, not only sealing up the route that was taken but also determining whether there are any other exits that other inmates co-use. so the headline right now, two of the four inmates are back in custody. they will eventually be returned
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here to the county jail. and of course the authorities hope the other two are in custody soon because they are concerned for public safety. >> kerry, thank you very much. breaking details just now, two of the four inmates now in custody. still ahead, more breaking news, this regarding penn state. they've now settled with 26 victims who were sexually abused by former football coach jerry sandusky, we have new details on the settlement. the man convicted of killing michael jackson is out of jail after serving half of a four-year sentence because of a change in california law. there are reports that he's interested in realty tv. plus -- >> i don't endorse many politicians but chris christie is different. >> governor chris christie's surprise endorsement from shaq, when the most conservative in his own party are rejecting him.
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why the daily beast says it sends a message that should resonate throughout the gop. a lot of you have let us know your thoughts on the latest nsa dust-up. [ male announcer ] pepcid® presents: the burns family dinner.
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we're back with breaking news, penn state says it is paying nearly $60 million to 26 young men over claims of child sexual abuse at the hands of former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. sandusky was convicted of 45 criminal counts last year, again, $60 million to be divided amongst 26 young men over claims that they were abused sexually
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abused by former assistant coach jerry sandusky. new jersey governor chris christie scored an intriguing endorsement from former nba star shaquille o'neal as the daily news points out, o'neal joins a number of prominent african-american officials an pastors out in support of chris christie, his growing stat tour in the african-american community stands in stark contrast with other republicans in the country. shaquille o'neal praised his education reform efforts. >> i don't endorse many politicians but chris christie is different. he's working with me to bring jobs back to the cities and help kids in tough neighborhoods get ahead. he provided more funding for schools and giving more parents more choices and merit pay for good teachers. he's a good man -- excuse me, he's a great man. please join me in supporting
11:22 am
chris christie for governor. >> joining me now daily beast senior political correspondent david freelander. i think the end of that -- excuse me, he's a great man. bringing up that charm shaquille o'neal has which is why people like chris christie rough around the edges but able to turn on this local loveable charm as some people would describe it. >> yeah, sure, that's a great endorsement, shaq has a 10,000 kilowatt smile that beams off the screen. it does seem significant that christie is able to appeal to people outside the republican base. >> let's face it, that could be set about any celebrity, george clooney or anybody down the list, but the significance or big surprise, in the past shaquille supported al gore. he's african-american and young,
11:23 am
doesn't live in new jersey, and he represents this group of people who perhaps would never vote for a republican but intrigued by chris christie. >> sure, he has a symbol. he's huge. he paints a picture of christie, not the republican we typically know. chris christie is rewriting the political landscape, he's going to win in a blue state by 30 points next week. i don't think we've seen a political force like this in some time. >> this comes at a time when the most conservative in the republican party have put up a do not knock on our door to chris christie, the chairman said regarding chris christie being snubbed, for better or worse we felt he didn't deserve to be on the all-star selection. >> sure, he certainly made enemies in new jersey and in the republican party. but i wonder how much some of those will last as 2016 gets closer. >> it's hard to take back you're not an all-star. they don't dissolve into thin air and you have to wonder
11:24 am
whether chris christie cares if the most conservative in his party back him when you look at the demographics of his home state and if he's going to run on a national platform. >> i think he's not going to be ted cruz. he's never going to be ted cruz but he's going to say, i beat a democrat in democratic state by 30 points. if you want somebody to compete with hillary clinton or whatever democrat, i'm your man. >> this is also the issue of the primary candidate if he decides to run for president versus a general election candidate where we've seen time and time again, the most conservative might be able to win the primary. but when it comes to a national election, that can come up losers. >> the republican party has to decide whether they want someone that pleases the base or who can k win. >> back to shaq, we know it's not christie sees this as a big move as well.
11:25 am
>> he's famous and represents a demographic so he sort of signals to voters, this is a different kind of republican. >> it's a great pleasure having you on. still ahead, from the governor's race in new jersey to another big one in virginia where bill clinton is now on the campaign trail. >> this whole election is about which virginia shows up. >> the former president stumping for his long-time friend terry mccalliffe, the two hats on display in virginia. as we discuss, in new jersey. and chris brown in court today. he's now charged with felony assault for allegedly breaking a man's nose outside of a washington, d.c. hotel. could this be a violation of his probation stemming from the attack on rihanna. [ male announcer ] crabfest ends soon,
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conrad murray is now a free man. murray was released just past midnight after serving two years on his four-year sentence for delivering the fatal dose of propofol to michael jackson. a change in california law due to prison overcrowding allowed his time behind bars to be significantly cut down. his attorney says he's working on getting his license back. she also said he would eventually make a statement at the appropriate time. >> i'm greatly relieved and thrills because i know firsthand what an ordeal this has been. it's been a nightmare and handled it with dignity and incarceration beautifully. i greatly admire the way he treated everyone with respect and able to get through this.
11:30 am
>> jennifer workland joins us from los angeles. there is also the information that conrad murray wants to go into television. what is the likelihood of the medical license being restored? >> reporter: even people in his court who are really on his side say that's a very, very tough job to actually -- the conviction overturned first and then get his name cleared and have those licenses reinstated there, three different states and various states of suspension, one is even revoked. it was a happy day for him otherwise. at one minute past midnight he left los angeles county jail a free man. able to slip out without any of the paparazzi or michael jackson fans to get a shot of him. some cameras did catch up with him a few hours later. one of the first stops was in and out burger, west coast
11:31 am
tradition. he looked noticeably thin in those photos that turned up. he served two years of a four-year sentence which is the expected amount of time for an inmate serving state prison in a county jail in california. convicted much involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson and he is hoping to get that sentence overturned and conviction overturned and get his medical license back and start saying patients again. >> the fallback reportedly according to tmz, he wants a reality show of some sort. >> it could happen and he's also, we've been told written a book while behind bars, his lawyer was talking about that but says she's not his publicist. the fbi launches a civil rights investigation after a california sheriff's deputy shoots and kills a 13-year-old boy who was carrying a pellet
11:32 am
gun. >> wanted to go to college and have a career. he wanted to do something more and better with his life. >> we'll talk to veteran civil right attorneys john burris who has gone up against california law enforcement accused of police brutality in the past and won. the music world remembering rock pioneer lou reed who died sunday of an ailment related to his recent liver transplant. he was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 19969 and member of the velvet underground, he is known for experimenting with other sounds, including jazz and classical music. we're playing my favorite lou reed, right now. 71 years old. what a career. ♪ ♪ violin... hey, what are you doing? music lesson. he has to start sometime.
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welcome back. former president clinton is back
11:36 am
on the campaign trail today. it's day two of the former president's four-day swing through virginia on behalf of democratic candidate for governor terry mccalli i have. >> half of the people who voted against him, will wonder what they were thinking. >> our latest nbc news maris poll shows an 8 point lead over his opponent ken cuccinelli. mark, you're the first read team, wrote about the race and position it what we're watching take place in new jersey as well. >> two things going on. on the one hand in the republican party, you have what is seen -- kind of playing out in virginia where republicans say we need to be a conservative party first and foremost. in new jersey, where chris christie is running for
11:37 am
re-election, you end up having a different argument where chris christie who is conservative, is saying we need to win races first and foremost. almost electability versus ideology argument playing out. chris christie appears to be cruising towards re-election and ken cuccinelli is trailing mccalliffe. >> as exploring this as the 2016 proxy fight between clinton and christie. >> one of the reasons it's a proxy fight, a lot of people working on the terry mccalliffe campaign, there are folks who wouldn't play a big role in the hillary clinton for president campaign, on the other hand chris christie doing well in the exit polls with different demographic groups, what george w. bush did was able to take his message, i won latinos by a big
11:38 am
margin or did better with african-americans than a normal republican candidate would do and make that case in a presidential bid. >> mark murray, we'll keep track as far as clinton and these appearances in the next few days. both new york times and wall street journal report immigration reform stands to become the next issue that divides the republican party, following the infighting over the government shutdown. the times reports a push to bring immigration to the house floor led by business executives and evangelical leaders threatens the party and could have a noticeable effect on campaign contributions before the midterm elections. the article goes on to indicate, several republican executives and donors parts of a lobbying blitz coming to capitol hill said they were considering withholding or had already decided to withhold future financial support to republican
11:39 am
lawmakers. they believe are obstructing progress on immigration, the article is the work of eric lip ton who joins us now. thanks for your time. this threat of holding money, we saw this as mentioned with the government shutdown as well, conservatives wanted to see the show go on said they would hold up their money. >> there seems to be a bit of a moment of tension between the traditional alliance between business community and the republican party. and particularly in the house of representatives. so once again, business leaders are saying, you guys aren't doing what we want you to do and we are your primary bank rollers so they are getting frustrated and wondering why they are contributing hundreds and thousands of dollars to republicans if they are unwilling to take up the agenda the business community is pushing. >> what does this mean for senator marco rubio, this was legislation that he helped create and write and seems to be -- i don't know if it's accurate to say undecided but certainly he's not fully behind it anymore.
11:40 am
how does this threat from the business community for in young politician who has surely national aspirations outside of florida, how does this impact them? >> i think rubio is walking a fine line between being a major proponent of this legislation. he was a significant author of it on the senate side and at the same time trying not to alien ate the republican bait that would and a lot of what you're hearing out of him right now is political pos touring, of him not appearing to alienate too many of the republican base, while at the same time push comes to shove, this guy will support the legislation he helped write. >> if push comes to shove, with some of these lawmakers who said they won't support it and refer to it as amnesty with the new threat, is there an optimism combined with the national attitude towards immigration reform and new threat from the conservative donors that the
11:41 am
legislation will move ahead here? >> i think it's unclear. the house and senate are very different on immigration. the house -- most of the republicans who the sort of business leaders are threatening to hold contributions come from very safe seats that are small districts and many rural states who aren't really that threatened by the potential of getting less money from, say, you know, the chamber of commerce members. so i think that they have less sway with them. it's unclear whether or not -- even though boehner, the majority leader wants to take -- the speaker of the house wants to take up the legislation, it's unclear whether it will come up this year or next year. may have to wait until 2015. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> jay-z finally breaks his silence amid a call for an end to his business relationship with barney's, the luxury department store. also, developing news regarding new meetings reportedly planned between barney's and civil rights leaders.
11:42 am
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welcome back, in northern california the fbi is investigating two officers involved in a shooting of a 13-year-old boy dead. sheriff's deputies say the teenager was walking through his neighborhood last week when officers fear he was armed with a high powered weapon. but what officers thought was an assault rifle was actually a toy gun replica. investigators say two deputies ordered the teen to drop the gun. seconds later officers open fire shooting him seven times and killing him. friends and family of course are questioning what happened. >> he wanted to go to college and have a career. he wanted to do something more and better with his life. >> he was not a criminal. couldn't something else have been done? >> let me bring in criminal
11:46 am
defense attorney john burris, best known for his work on police misconduct cases including the b.a.r.t. case with oscar grant. andy lopez, there was a huge outcry over the weekend and continues today. sonoma county sheriff says he welcomes the fbi investigation in addition to a separate joint investigation by the santa rosa police department. what would you like to see happen here? >> i think they want to find out what the real facts are. you have a kid walking and wasn't causing any particular harm. there had not been reports of police misconduct of some kind. how was he approached? how did the police approach him? did they give him an opportunity to put the weapon down, whatever it was? why did they shoot as many times as they did. i would like to know if the kid was shot in the back at all. it sounds like he turned around. very difficult to believe a
11:47 am
young man would point a gun, a toy gun like that at a police officer. that is not to say the police could not have a reasonable good faith belief that the weapon was a real gun given the size and have a right to respond to that. what you want to do is examine me and interview all witnesses prime minister. some say the officers after the kid were shot and done, the officers continued to shoot. that is a situation of excessive force. for me as a civil rights lawyer, i would want to get all of the facts i can about how this happened and some evaluation whether or not police acted in an appropriate manner, even though it was in fact a toy gun. the problem with the toy gun, if it really looks like a real gun, the police who have a right to respond to that and did they respond in a way that a reasonable police officer would have done so. >> the two deputies have been placed on administrative leave. on thursday, john, the sheriff released what they say is the
11:48 am
time line here and it indicated in a span of ten seconds the deputies made a call reporting a suspicious person and called for emergency assistance and notified dispatch of shots fired. that's according to the timeline we're looking at perhaps ten seconds here. >> that's -- ten seconds could be a very long amount of time, a lot can happen in ten seconds. the question is what did the police do in terms of their approach? did they give this kid an opportunity to put the weapon down? did they have the kind of communications that would have deescalated the situation. the kid wasn't threatening in a way he was trying to commit a crime of some kind. maybe different communications would have been helpful in terms of not creating confusion for the kid if that's what happened. >> john burris, i'm sure we'll discuss this in the days and weeks ahead as the fbi investigates. coming up next, our gut check.
11:49 am
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singer chris brown is behind
11:52 am
bars, awaiting an arraignment from a judge as he's facing serious jail time in another assault case. early sunday morning he was standing in front of a hotel in washington, d.c., when he and a man believed to be his bodyguard got into another altercation with another individual. they believe brown punk punched the man in the face after he tried to get in a photo with the singer. chris brown was charged with felony assault and remains behind bars and already on probation from the 2009 assault case against his girlfriend rihanna. joining us now with the latest, chris brown is expected still in court at some point today? >> he's been in jail since saturday night. he was in d.c. as part of howard homecoming celebration. he did good in an altercation at the w. we're waiting to see if this
11:53 am
welcome a violation of the probation he's been put on since the altercation with rery hannah in 2009. >> what are details from the witnesses and also what chris brown's camp is saying happened? >> it hasn't been verified and police reports haven't confirmed anything. what is rumored to have happened, he engaged in an altercation after he took a photo with fans outside the w and photo bombed by a group of men month decided to appear in the background and this altercation ensued. we don't know what happened and no names have been released. we do know one individual went to the hospital and we'll see to see where we go from here. >> that's there been an official statement from chris brown. >> nothing yet. we expect him to make some sort of statement. we've seen repeat behavior several times, altercations with rapper from drake to frank ocean, there's been several
11:54 am
people, this isn't anything new. we have to wait and see when and if his behavior will ever change. >> we're awaiting his aarrangement in the latest charge against him. time for gut check. a lot of people talking about this one. created a buzz over the weekend, julie an huff iough with her halloween costume, black makeup, also known as dark face, by the time she left the party, the makeup apparently was gone but the next morning she tweeted an apology saying she's a big fan of the show and never meant to be disrespectful or demeaning, as you can imagine, a lot of people aren't happy with her. she says she's a big fan of the character. do you find the costume
11:55 am
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♪ the great lou reed's perfect day, my thoughts to the band and the music later in the show. we begin with another not so perfect day in the land of the obama care website. critics are calling for someone to get fired over the mess and i nominate ari. >> second. >> first axe has fallen and the lady, whose picture adorned the home page and never even knew her name. now she's nowhere to be found. been replaced with four buttons telling you how to start signing up. critics real target is hhs secretary kathleen sebelius who was sabotaged in the opening of snl. >> frequently asked questions for topics like, what the hell?
12:00 pm
how have i been on the same page for three hours? does obama care cover mental health issues caused by using this website. enjoy your health care system and be sure to like us on facebook -- look at that, we're already up to three likes. and i like that enthusiasm. i.t., can we get someone from i.t. in here. >> this week the administration will try its on reboot. sebelius will testify wednesday and also wednesday, president obama takes obama care on the road to massachusetts, a state that's been running insurance exchanges for half a decade. mass is sets the precedent that many in enrollment will spike the closer we get to the


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