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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  October 28, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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we've been following this since summer. it's day four of the trial. hopefully it's going to be a productive outcome for those people working 30 years in detroit and now are wondering if they're going to get their pension or not and this guy says they have no responsibility. in fact, when kevin orr was asked about it on 60 minutes he said basically, you know, i'm sorry. that's "the ed show." "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton begins right now. >> good evening, ed. and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, the gop's ted cruz problem. his camera-loving crusade against obama care drove the party to record lows. and it seems the texan is just getting warmed up. he spent the weekend pretending to be a populist in iowa. and what's better than having the right wing pr game of a little pheasant hunting trip with the far right tea party congressman steve king.
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great for the image. before hunting, cruz received multiple standing ovations from the rabid right where he continued his myth-telling campaign and the crowd loved it. >> we are facing extraordinary tletss to our nation. we are seeing an administration that seems bent on violating every constitutional protection we have in the bill of rights. >> an extraordinary threat? more of their trademark fear mongering on display. and despite poll numbers sinking like a stone, the gop hasn't learned anything over the past year. take a look. >> it's the number one job killer in this country. >> there's this big cloud hanging over small business right now. it's obama care. >> and it's denying care to millions. >> under obama care they're cutting $716 billion from medicare. >> the way we're going to stop obama care, it's going to come from the american people.
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>> when we elect me president of the united states, we're going to get rid of obama care. >> memories. we're going to get rid of obama care. how'd that work out? just like it was going to be his waterloo. need more proof the anti-obama crusade is hurting the party? look at the great state of virginia. a test case for far right conservatives. ken cuccinelli, the republican candidate for governor, and since the shutdown he's sinking down 11 points in the polls this summer. but today his big response was to call in tea party senator rand paul who voted for the shutdown. see the pattern? their answer to rejection is to go even farther to the right. how's that for a winning strategy? let's put the fire out with more gas. good luck, republicans.
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joining me now is congressman john yarmouth, democrat from kentucky, and joan walsh from thank you both for being on the show. congressman, after romney lost the election, the gop swore it was rebranding. but now we have ted cruz in iowa continuing with this myth campaign. what's going on here? >> well, reverend, it's amazing. john boehner november 7th after the election last year said we're finished with trying to repeal obama care. that battle's been won. that war's been won. now the republican party is acting like many of the japanese soldiers who kept fighting months and months and months after the japanese had surrendered. the war is over, but they are continuing to basically just to try and reap whatever political benefit they can from their base to try -- from this fear of
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obama care, the fear of president obama. it's irrational. it's not in the best interest of their constituents, but they keep at it. >> and you know, joan, i mentioned in the opening it's playing out in the state elections this year. for example, in virginia ted cruz and his obama care crusade has become a lightning rod in that race. >> right. >> it's playing out there and when you look at terry mcauliffe, the democratic nominee, and cuccinelli you see the difference. take a listen. >> just recently my opponent ken cuccinelli was campaigning at a gathering of his supporters with ted cruz. he refused to stand up for virginia and against ted cruz's shutdown strategy. >> we need people to know that november 5th -- that november 5th is a referendum in virginia on obama care.
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>> this is the ted cruz nth event in essence. >> yeah. at one point he was afraid to take a picture with cruz but supports all of his policies. virginia was the hardest hit state by the shutdown. he wasn't looking out for his constituents and terry mcauliffe has taken advantage of this. this is totally about 2016 for ted cruz. there he is in iowa, the first caucus state, appealing to the far right of that caucus -- those avid caucus goers. they're out of the mainstream, but they can conceivably make him a president. and so he's out there like an infomercial guy with his microphone clipped to his suit and tossing out red meat and platitudes. looking like somebody thinking about himself and not his party. >> congressman, this is not only about 2016 for ted cruz. it is bad for the republican
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party. for example, rick santorum is getting headlines for saying that ted cruz's shutdown antics hurt the republican party. listen to santorum yesterday. >> i would say that in the end he did more harm. i think it was not his objective. i think his objective was an automobile one. i don't think he did a good job pointing it out. >> four straight polls, four straight polls, congressman, since the shutdown all show the approval of the republican party's at a record low. so it's not only about cruz '16. he is bringing the party down with his antics and those agreeable to them. >> he is. and the most important factor is you have republicans like john mccain, like lindsey graham and karl rove and others we've heard who understand the damage he's
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doing to the party and this extreme element in that party is their rebranding. now there's serious concern among house republicans that they will lose krog of the house next year. and that's all part of this whole internal dispute they're having in the republican party. >> but you called out the scare tactics on obama care. here's what americans have heard from the right wing. listen to this. >> men and women have looked me in the eyes saying i'm scared for this country, my kids, my grand kids. >> hundreds of e-mails and phone calls expressing fear of obama care. >> individuals fear it. >> the fear is that only the sick will pay to join the exchange. >> which health care plan can you afford so you can see your doctors? this is what keeps parents awake at night fearful that life is not going to work out the way they hoped. >> now, these scare tactics, congressman, and scare rhetoric is out there.
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and there has been, in fairness, glitches in the rollout. but in your state of kentucky, obama care in kentucky is a genuine success story. the state committed to building its own site and it's paying off. more than 26,000 people in the state have enrolled, 50,000 applications have been started, more than 300,000 people have visited the website. i mean, this is happening in a state with 625,000 uninsured people. so this is a real, real serious start, isn't it? >> absolutely. and i think more importantly 400 businesses have already found insurance for their employees through the kentucky connect. and that's all private insurance. it's not bad for businesses. it's great for small businesses. this is in a state for which the last three years rand paul and mitch mcconnell have done nothing but try to mislead my constituents and the rest of the
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citizens of kentucky about the benefits of obama care. so next year when mitch mcconnell's on the ballot next year, all of his claims are going to run up against the reality and the experience that kentuckians have had. >> isn't that the fear, joan, that as this thing comes into fruition that it becomes successful and this becomes a great political backfire for the republicans? >> yes. that is their fear. that's why they've worked so hard to stop it. they complain about website glitches but they've thrown every obstacle in the way of the president. they're terribly afraid of it. it's too early to say it's going to be a smashing success, but from what we know already is a lot of people are getting care that didn't have it. >> thank you both for your time. and have a good evening. >> thanks. >> thank you, rev. coming up, we'll have bre breaking news out of texas tonight with national implications. a judge blocked key parts of the
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today the republican war on women met its match. texas republicans led by governor rick perry pushed through one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. it came after a marathon filibuster by state senator wendy davis in which thousands of pro-choice protesters made it known they did not want their rights restricted. >> the vote is being taken right now. this is what it sounds like inside the rotunda. these screams are deafening. >> unfortunately for them, governor perry and the right wing control texas state house ignored their pleas. but today a victory. the breaking news came late today. a federal judge blocked a key portion of the law calling it,
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quote, unconstitutional. the decision saved the state from closing a third of its abortion clinics. and while the -- and while today there was a victory, the fight is far from over. texas attorney general greg abbott says he'll take this fight all the way to the supreme court. and we'll all be watching. joining me now are krystal ball and patricia murphy. thank you both for coming on the show tonight. krystal, this fight became national news because of state senator wendy davis' filibuster fight. how big of a message did today's ruling send nationally? >> i think it's very important both in terms of the message that it sends. you know, the ruling that these sorts of restrictions are clearly unconstitutional. so it's important in terms of the message. it's also in terms of the substance. because texas is not the only
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state trying to take away the woman's right to choose. there are a lot of states that have passed or are looking to pass similar provisions. they're usually call eed trap bills which impose requirements on abortion providers forcing them to close. which is why a third of these abortion clinics in texas looked like they were going to have to close. from that perspective, the legal precedent also could be very important here. >> now, patricia, governor perry issued this statement about the abortion ruling saying, quote, today's decision will not stop our ongoing efforts. we will continue fighting to implement the laws passed by the dually elected officials of our state. laws that reflect the will and values of the texans. abbott says he's going to fight up to the supreme court, texas attorney general. >> rick perry is not alone among
3:18 pm
republicans who believe this is a winning political issue for the republican party. there's actually a lot of polling that shows that women are not comfortable with the idea of abortion after 20 weeks. but there's more polling that shows they're less comfortable with a panel of all men deciding that. when you look at the specific piece of a bill that was struck down as krystal was saying today, this really had nothing to do about the health of women or anything really anything to do with that as republicans were saying. it really had everything to do with making it almost impossible to have what is still a legal procedure in texas and the united states. when you look at the specifics, it's clear this really is all about politics for rick perry, absolutely, and a number of republicans will absolutely see this same issue come up in the senate. i think we'll see pushback from women again who say this is a decision they should be making, their doctors should be making and no panel of male legislators need to be making the decision for them.
3:19 pm
>> she's right. this was around admittance and the constitutional rights of having certain -- having your health care even taken care of starting with admittance into hospitals that would take them. >> and what's going on here across the country is there's essentially a legislative playbook being rolled out in state after state. where they're going everything they can to pretend like they have women's health in mind. but really the goal is is to just shut down abortion clinics and make it impossible. so you have certain states it is almost impossible. you only have one clinic still operating. already in texas before these provisions -- by the way, these provisions were set to go into effect within 24 hours. so even before that, you have women who it's so difficult for them to obtain the legal procedure of abortion in texas that they were having to go across the border to mexico. which is a very scary situation. yeah. >> now, patricia, today's ruling was a big victory for wendy
3:20 pm
davis. now that she's running for governor, her focus on women's issues could effect the whole party. a davis candidacy might not be successful in the texas governor's race, but the high profile of the campaign will keep attention on the issues which helped democrats. the gop may wisely convince its most gaffe-happy members to shut up when it comes to matters like rape and contraception, but davis will be talking. interesting. >> yeah. i'm sorry, go ahead. >> no, go ahead. >> i was just going to say i really do agree with that assessment. this is the issue that launched wendy davis to national acclaim. so this will make wendy davis' single issue the biggest issue going on really across the country. now, this is going to be her issue. this gives her campaign a big boost. why is she running? this is why. she's tell you that. i think for other senate races across the country, look at a
3:21 pm
race like the senate race in georgia. look at the senate race in kentucky. there are a number of places where there are very conservative republicans running against more moderate republicans and all democrats want is for the entire senate campaign to be about abortion, contraception, what is real rape. those are the conversations that republicans had in 2012 that absolutely sank their candidacies. democrats, if they could have that playbook redrawn and just run the whole play again, they would love to. when you see something like this decision coming out of texas, we know it's going to the supreme court. that keeps these social issues in the light. if they let the republicans beat each other up, make a huge gaffe and then let a moderate democrat come in and save the day, that is what they're hoping for. this decision gives them a lot of hope they have terrain that could be very friendly to them in 2014. >> but, you know, krystal, governor perry said we're going to make abortion a thing of the past. you're dealing with a 20-week
3:22 pm
ban in texas and in other states. is this what a lot of '14 is going to be about? these states with 20-week bans? >> we've already seen this happening across the country. despite the fact we saw a lot of attention around the war on women in 2012 and 2011 with the comments about sandra fluke and vaginal probes in virginia. republican state legislatures did not get the message. so in ohio with who is supposedly a moderate republican, john kasich, he's also been passing these very controversial abortion bills. so they haven't -- you know, they haven't gotten the message here. they're still launching these extreme tactics. one note on wendy davis in texas. even if she's not able to succeed this time around running for governor, which it is way too far out to know, but in terms of turning texas blue, having a candidate like her who is going to have a lot of energy, who is going to start to
3:23 pm
build an infrastructure is important to the future democratic politics. >> let me bring to virginia. cuccinelli is losing the virginia governor's race big time. but women are hurting him the most. he's down by eight points among voters, but down by 25 points with women. >> that is brutal. and he actually in the last polling i saw is winning among men. so it is truly the women who are against his extreme tactics. and i think it's way more than just abortion. that is certainly part of it, but this is a guy who just doesn't know how to work with anyone on the other side of the aisle who is way too extreme for most virginians. >> patricia, it's no wonder the party is very anti-woman. when you listen to the right wingers they listen to. listen to this. >> the chickification of everything is taking place. which what is that?
3:24 pm
rush, what do you mean? it means that feelings are triumphing over commenon sense. >> i want to turn to research showing that women have become the breadwinners in this country and a lot of other concerning and troubling statistics. when we're watching society dissolve around us. >> something going terribly wrong in american society. >> you look at biology, look at the natural world. the roles of a male and female in other societies, the male is typically the dominant role. the female is not antithesis or it's not competing. it's a complimentary role. >> what they have done, the democrats, they have invented this phony war on women. >> i mean, you would almost think it was a montage of "snl" skits. if it wasn't so sad, patricia. >> it really feels more like a montage of "the flintstones." that is caveman conversation going on there. this is exactly what i'm talking about.
3:25 pm
you cannot have a party that is being dragged to the right by talk radio and have a party that is also going to win national elections. it's just not going to happen. i can't even really process most of what i've just heard. except -- >> chick-ification. >> republicans have a number of having talented -- actually four republican women governors in this country. you never see them on national tv. you never see them being highlighted by the republican party. this is a party at war with itself. if it was smart, it would put forward some of its own women leaders to do the talking. but they let the chips fall where they may. we've seen the results. >> thank you both for coming on the show tonight. and be sure to catch krystal on "the cycle" week days at 3:00 p.m. still ahead, a new epic flip-flop from marco rubio. could his sudden reversal have anything to do with president obama?
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big news tonight from former vice president dick cheney. he's clearing the air. coming clean about a huge story. cheney made the admission over the weekend. >> it's just simply not true. never happened. >> but what's simply not true? what never happened? is cheney finally admitting that a 9/11 bomber didn't meet with an agent of saddam hussein.
3:30 pm
he used that meeting to justify the iraq invasion even though it didn't happen. nope. that's not what he's talking about. is he trying to tell us that he didn't actually shoot one of his friends in the face? nope. that definitely happened. is he saying it's not true, that he criticized how president obama got bin laden, the terrorist he couldn't get himself? nope. the former vice president was weighing in in one of the great issues of our time. fishing. that's right. fishing. take a look. >> your daughter liz running for senate. >> she is. >> in wyoming has wrinkled a lot of feathers. most supporting the incumbent. he himself said he felt a bit blind sided by your whole family. thought you were his friend. >> he also said we were fishing
3:31 pm
buddies. which is simply not true. never happened. >> they're not fishing buddies. not true. never happened. well, glad he cleared that up. the whole country was worried about who cheney goes fishing with. the truth is cheney doesn't want to talk about things that he really needs to get straight. so he can go on national tv to plug his new book or plug his daughter's campaign, but the american people won't forget what he is refusing to talk about. mr. vice president, that wasn't even a nice try, but we still got you. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. (aaron) purrrfect. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro.
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3:35 pm
day long. limbaugh, i hope obama fails. somebody's got to say it. >> no, nobody had to say it. but it wasn't long before other republicans picked up on the theme. >> should we hope that president obama fails? >> yes. >> yes? >> absolutely we hope that his policies fail. >> our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny president obama a second term. >> we're hoping that president obama's policies don't succeed, exactly as you said. >> the gop senator pat toomey said republicans blocked a bill on background checks because they, quote, did not want to be seen helping the president do something he wanted to get done just because the president wanted to do it. they worked against a common sense proposal just because the president wanted to do it. this has been the gop's number one rule for years. but this weekend president obama had enough.
3:36 pm
he told republicans to quit rooting for his health care law to fail. it's a theme that former president bill clinton picked up on today. >> when president bush passed the medicare program for seniors, it wasn't paid for and it was more unpopular than the health care bill was and there were horrible computer problems when it was implemented. the people that voted for it and the people that voted against it said it's the law of the land, let's make the best of it. they weren't rooting for america to fail. >> you can disagree with a law, but you do what's best for your constituents. that's not what we're seeing from the gop. and every now and then the right wing politicians and pundits actually say it. >> of course i want obama care to fail. because if it doesn't fail, it
3:37 pm
will just further entangle american society with the government that is not up to this. >> of course you want obama care to fail? well, of course. this is what's wrong with the republican party. and of course the american people are fed up. and of course republicans will pay the price for it at election time. joining me now are cynthia tucker and bill press. thank you both for being here. bill, how can republicans justify rooting for president obama to fail even when it hurts their constituents? >> well, they cannot justify it. and i think we've got to be clear about this and you heard it in with what rush limbaugh said. they just don't want president obama to fail, they want the country, they want health care to fail and they want the country to fail. these are the people who were willing to give a sequester and shut down the government and default on debts in order to get
3:38 pm
back with president obama. and they have been against everything he has been for as you pointed out from the very beginning. it's a no -- there's nothing positive, i guess i want to say, about what they have to offer. they can't defend it. and notice they don't want to replace obama care or health care with anything else. they just want to kill it because it's president obama's idea. and just one final point, remember, this is a republican plan. this is private insurance companies getting this money. it was hatched by the heritage foundation and was implemented by mitt romney in massachusetts. they're against their own plan because now president obama put it forward. >> now, cynthia, you know, rush limbaugh pounced on pundit george will's comment that he wanted obama care to fail. listen to this. >> well, if you want obama care to fail, you want obama to fail. and it's all i said. it's the same thing except i
3:39 pm
said it two weeks before he was immacklated. for the same reasons he gave on obama care, i said i would the whole kitten caboodle to bomb out. >> now, rooting against obama care according to to rush is the same thing as rooting for the president to fail. now, cynthia, in a funny way, do you agree with limbaugh? >> well, yes. i mean, this is president obama's signature piece of legislation. if it did not work effectively, it would certainly tarnish his legacy. but let's look beyond that rb reverend al. what about the millions of americans who have no health care at the moment? is there absolutely no concern for them? you know, it is clear that the only thing that unites the republican party is hating obama and trying to destroy his
3:40 pm
presidency. but if millions of americans get hurt while they're trying to destroy obama, that's fine too. you know, when mitch mcconnell made his earliest remarks and when rush limbaugh made his earliest remarks, that was 2009. when the country was still in the depths of a recession, employment in some states was 10% and 11%. and the very first thing that obama did was come in and try to get a stimulus package passed to get people back to work. to rescue people so they would have jobs to put food on the table and roofs over their heads. and what were republicans rooting for? that to fail. so that means they were rooting for americans to fail as well. >> you know, bill, laura
3:41 pm
ingraham says that this is the house republicans' mission. listen to this. >> we elected them to block obama. that's an important role of the house republicans. block obama. you are our ballast between progressivism and a growing economy. >> isn't this why we're seeing such gridlock? because republicans feel their mission is to just block president obama? >> absolutely. and you've got to look back at the contrast. democrats were in the minority, they were the opposition party. what they did was they fought for what they believed in and worked with the republicans to get things done. this gang of republicans, once they got in the majority they say no, no, no. look, we are -- with president obama in the white house, they said our mission is not to work with him. from the beginning as cynthia
3:42 pm
pointed out, from the beginning they pointed out their mission is to oppose every single thing. i've got news for laura ingraham and the other guys, they're there to solve problems. they're there to fix things. they're not there to block things. that started with newt gingrich and the congress and has been wrong ever since. >> you know, cynthia, last week president obama renewed his push for immigration reform. listen to this. >> everybody knows that our current immigration system is broken. across the political spectrum, people understand that. we've known it for years. let's not wait. it doesn't get easier to just put it off. let's do it now. let's not delay. let's get this done. and let's do it in a bipartisan fashion. >> and what do you know, cynthia? days later marco rubio backs away from the immigration bill that he worked on. i mean, is he jumping ship
3:43 pm
because he doesn't want to help president obama succeed? if obama's for it, they're against it. is that what we're looking at here? >> if obama's for it, they're against it. that is absolutely the code of the republican party at the moment. let's look at immigration reform here. there are a kwoum things going on here. it would be a signature accomplishment for the president. if he were able to get immigration reform because immigrants people here without papers have been languishing in this country for decades. the other thing republicans fear, though, is if they allow undocumented immigrants to become citizens, they might vote for democrats. because everything the republican party has over the
3:44 pm
last decade has been uninviting to them. they gave obama about 70% of their votes in the last election. so they don't want obama to accomplish anything and they fear that they can't win latino votes either. >> well, they feel that. thank you both for being here. ahead, the dramatic new twist in the 30-year-old case against kennedy cousin michael skakel. we'll talk to his country about it. plus the hollywood black face controversy. this is definitely a case of whatnot to wear for halloween. stay with us. twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligations. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio.
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tonight new developments in the murder case against michael skakel, the kennedy cousin who was convicted of a brutal crime in greenwich, connecticut, more than a decade ago. last week a judge ordered a new trial. and today skakel's lawyers file paperwork they ask he be released from prison. in 2002 he was found guilty of killing his neighbor, martha moxley. more than 25 years earlier in
3:49 pm
1975 when they both were just 15 years old. he was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison. but in a dramatic shift last week, a judge ruled that skakel's lawyer did such a terrible job defending him that mr. skakel deserves a new trial. skakel supporters say it's a step toward justice, but the family of martha moxley are frustrated and angry. her brother says quote, there's no question that michael's guilty. and martha's mother says, i do believe michael skakel killed my daughter. if there's a new trial, i will be there. joining me now is michael skakel's cousin robert kennedy jr. who for years has argued that skakel did not kill martha moxley. bobby, thank you for being here. >> reverend, before we talk about this, i just want to say
3:50 pm
one thing to you personally. about, i don't know, a couple of months ago a new york newspaper got ahold of a 13-year-old diary that i had written and in -- and published it. i took a shot at you in that which i know must have been painful for you because you and i have been friends for a long time. we worked on a lot of causes together and were in jail together. and the next day, the new york post called you and tried to goad you into saying bad things about me. and you were so gracious and classy and kind, and you refused to take the bait. and that meant so much to me. and then you and i talked afterwards. and you were just wonderful. so i wanted to thank you for that. you're a big man, and i appreciate it. >> well, thank you. thank you for saying that. and just between you and i, i said things 13 years ago that we
3:51 pm
shouldn't bring ut either. let's go on into this case. the judge's order for a new trial, he says skakel's defense lawyer made numerous mistakes including failure to call an alibi witness, failure to identify other potential suspects in the case, and not mentioning reasonable doubt in his closing argument. in your opinion, would those things have changed the verdict? >> absolutely. they would have joined the verdicts. the only thing that the jury heard was testimony saying michael skakel confessed to clubbing martha moxley to death with a golf club. they never heard the testimony of the people who said he couldn't have done that. he was 11 miles away. and i'll tell you why what he was doing that night. he had a brother called rush skakel who had lived in london for a year. and rush skakel while he was in
3:52 pm
london had watched monty python's flying circus which was on bbc in london but it had never been shown in this country. and it was going to have a premiere on u.s. television. so he loved the show and he invited michael and julie skakel and george and then a man who today is a famous psychiatrist who was an acquaintance of his. they all went over to that house and watched the show. the show took place, the murder took place at 10:00. they were at that house from 6:00 to midnight. so michael was nowhere near. and if those people had come in and testified and said he couldn't have done this crime, he was with us at the time, michael wouldn't have been convicted. >> basically, robert, this was about michael's lawyer was incompetent or inept and didn't call on witnesses and didn't raise points that were vital to
3:53 pm
the defense of michael skakel. that's your argument. >> that's right. and i -- you know, mickey sherman who i know very well who is michael's attorney, he's a very sweet guy. and he actually is a good lawyer. he has the capacity to be a good lawyer, and he won a famous cases before this one. but in this case he got distracted. and he got distracted by the glare and the circus atmosphere and the television. he told me at one point during the trial that what -- he didn't want to be a trial lawyer anymore. he wanted to be a television lawyer. so i don't blame the jury for this. i think judge bishop was right in his assessment that at some point lawyering becomes so inept and incompetent and bad that it's just unconstitutional to call it a trial. you're not really giving the person a shot. >> now, it's 30 years later. are you hopeful that 30 years
3:54 pm
later that there can be a recreation of the facts here that would lean toward your beliefs? >> well, all i think michael needs is the alibi witness who is were there who will say at the time that martha died this terrible tragedy, that michael couldn't have been involved because he was 11 miles away with five eyewitnesses. >> i'm going to have to leave it there. robert kennedy jr., i promise we'll be watching this case as it proceeds. thank you for your time tonight. >> reverend al, thanks for having me back. >> all right. we'll be right back. add brand new belongings from nationwide insurance and we'll replace stolen or destroyed items with brand-new versions. we put members first. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart.
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halloween is right around the corner, but dressing up does not give anyone a pass to be tasteless 37 actress julianne hough is getting a lot of criticism after these photos of her in black face emerged over the weekend. she went as the character crazy eyes from "orange is the new black." she apologized tweeting, it certainly was never my intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to anyone in any way. i realize my costume hurt and offended people and i truly apologize. but there was already another black face photo that's worse. this one. taken in florida. you can see a young man in black
3:57 pm
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and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. it's time for reply al. remember, friend or foe, i want to know. james writes republicans want someone to be held accountable for the glitches that the affordable care act website is having. shouldn't someone be held accountable for the $24 billion the republican shutdown cost? well, the answer to that is of course someone should be held accountable. and the way to held them accountable is in the midterm elections. those that shut it down should be shut down politically themselves. we should not forget 800,000
4:00 pm
american workers furloughed, $24 billion to the economy for no reason. they're betting on we have short memory. i'm voting we'll have long lines waiting to vote and vote for the interests of the american people. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. the wacko birds go pheasant hunting. let's play "hardball." ♪ . good evening. i'm chris matthews in new york. let me start tonight with this. halloween is about pretend goblins. we can laugh at what we're afraid of. ghosts, monsters, tea partiers. but ted cruz is for real. he's not just a nightmare but out there this weekend in the broad scary daylight of iowa. he's saying he has nothing to be


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