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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 18, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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hi, everyone, the "news nation" is following breaking news. we just learned within the past hour, george zimmerman was arrested in florida. details are still coming in. this was the scene outside a house in florida where the seminole county sheriff's office confirms these are live pictures. they confirm deputies were responding to a disturbance call at this home. these are live images outside the home. mark potter joins me now live in
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our miami bureau. we'll keep the video up. but what are the details that we know? >> details are few and far between. but i'll give you what i know. the seminal county sheriff's office says that george zimmerman was arrested about 1:00 p.m. eastern after deputies responded to a disturbance call in apop ka. he's being transported to a correctional facility for booking. wesh quoting a law enforcement source says zimmerman was arrested in relation to a domestic dispute involving a quote, girlfriend. a spokesperson for the sheriff's office says that the 911 call and the arrest report will be released just as soon as possible and you'll remember that last september there was an altercation between george zimmerman and his wife that did not lead to charges being filed. but this time again according to
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the sheriff's department, he has been arrested and on his way to booking. >> for clarification here, the law enforcement indicating this was a domestic incident involving a quote, girlfriend, they are not referring to his wife which you you just mentioned as well, shelly zimmerman. >> that's my report, girlfriend, not his wife. >> and this home right now, number of law enforcement officials around it, do we know if george zip zimmerman has been transported? >> we don't know. the report said that he was going to be taken to the correctional facility for booking. we don't know where in the process they are. we'll know more soon but that's what we know now, the basics. >> i'll let you get more information if possible and we'll bring your audience the latest details as they are
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released by authorities there. the developing news, the governor of illinois is describing it as a difficult day as communities in his state and surrounding areas assess the damage after the deadliest late season tornado in over a decade. eight people are now confirmed dead with more than 150 people injured. just look at the enormity of the scene. this is aerial video that shows the widespread damage in washington, illinois, which is believed to be the hardest hit. it is declared a state of disaster for several counties. >> we're all in in together. our state government is going to respond with every asset we have to make sure that these communities and the people in them are able to recover. >> authorities were going and have been all day going door to door searching for people who may be trapped in their home. early estimates show more than 500 homes were completely
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destroyed. tens and thousands of people without power. the national weather service confirms a total of 81 tornadoes touching down across five separate states. indiana, missouri, and ohio. tornadoes this time of year are rare and officials say yesterday marks the worst november tornado outbreak since 2002. chilling video shot by an illinois resident shows the moment of a massive funnel barrels toward his home as he prayed for his life. >> our father who arts in heaven, thy kingdom come i will be done. and lead us not into tem tags but deliver us from evil, amen. >> another survivor appeared on the "today" show this morning and broke down describing what he saw when he emerged from his basement. >> my neighbors' houses, i just
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couldn't believe so we went around, went to all of my neighbors' house looking for survivors. i've got neighbors crawling out of the basement. my son helped a gentleman that the roof had caved in on him. and it was just eerie silence. >> ron allen joins us. we see the shot behind you and see the debris. when you look at those aerial shots and see the enormity of damage and widespread damage, it really does give you just a punch in the gut thinking about those people and what they might be going through today and last night. >> reporter: it's pretty profound close up as well. when you look at the twisted piles of debris, they were homes where people lived, and where people went to their basements and survived and came out and this is what they found. if you look over here, there's a
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structure here that's really destroyed. the pipes are still leaking water, which is why authorities are concerned about letting people back in because there are gas lines and power lines down. that's the back of a house or some kind of building. they are going to turn off the water and utilities as best they can. this is a work in progress and very long, difficult work in progress. behind me, there are really very few people who are able to get back into their homes. there are a couple of people that we've seen and spoken to. and their frankly isn't a lot to salvage. the authorities are still concerned about letting people back here because it's just not safe. there have been search and rescue operations going on. that seems to be winding down now because they are convinced authorities are here, that everyone was accounted for. there was one fatality in this town. that number of 500 homes referred to earlier, that was in this town of washington alone where there are 15,000 residents or so. if you look over here, all you
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see is destruction. if you look further back here up the hill, more destruction. it's a completely devastated community. nobody is coming back here any time soon. the governor was here a little while ago making a plea for unity for those to help neighbors. there are 200 or so people homeless here. it's cold, unclear where they are going to go. the shelters were full here last night. the high school and the elementary school and that's one really bit of good news that we've been hearing a lot. people heeded the warnings and when the sirens went off, people ran for cover, which helped save a lot of lives, although just devastation is overwhelming in every direction. >> thank you so much. joining me by phone, sara sparkman with the office of emergency management, that includes washington, illinois as well as peoria. i know there's a lot going on. let me ask about people who are homeless, the shelters are full. what's being done to help the people who don't have a place to
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go tonight? >> people are being assisted to the red cross to assist them. we have shelters, red cross shelters and also have community shelters set up in washington and peoria. >> you're confident that those 200 or so we're hearing that are homeless because of the shelters being full, they'll have a place in this cold weather to go tonight? >> i'm confident that people will have places to go. we have several hotels in the area as well that people have been utilizing in the aftermath of this disaster. >> i know you're working hard and part of the emergency management team. can you tell me what you were able to see and what you experienced firsthand? >> i am actually in washington right now. i -- i was with press conference with governor quinn and we took a tour with the emergency management director. it's horrifying. there are homes completely gone.
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there's nothing but plywood left. it's amazing to see it. it's truly -- very tragic. >> absolutely. and you can't even start to talk about cleanup or any of these things honestly because as we understand, officials are still going door to door looking for people who may be missing. do you have any estimates on how many people are listed as missing, or is that still information coming in minute by minute? >> that's information we're still -- we've got our disaster assessment teams are out. and we have one in washington at this time. and what we're hoping to be able to do is use a-- figure out wha is now in place that is now in rubble. we're working on that and having a meeting in a couple of minutes. so that's one of the things.
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most homes, they don't no if it was a duplex but that's one of the things we're working on. >> as i mentioned, you have this meeting and thoughts are prayers are with that entire area. tremendous storms here, best to all of you there. >> we appreciate the support by the community and the country. >> absolutely. thank you. developing news right now as well. wall street has hit a major new milestone today. the dow hit 16,000. that's the first time ever. right now the dow is up 51 points for the day so far. in addition the s&p topped 1800, for the first time. all of this fueled by positive economic news, solid corporate earnings and the fed keeping up with its ease of money policy. so that is information that at least good news there for wall street and for the economy. still ahead on "news nation" --
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new mexico's police chief pledging to thoroughly investigate this shocking video. a traffic stop that ends with an officer firing at a mini van with a mother and five kids inside. plus, the war of the cheney sisters, mary cheney and her wife hit back at liz cheney's opposition to gay marriage. mary saying her sister is quote, just wrong. what the former vice president said in a statement issued only minutes ago about his two daughters going at it. join our conversation on twitter. you can find us at tamronhall and at news nation.
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it's 12 days and counting until the obama administration self-imposed deadline for fixing the troubled health care
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website. administration officials now say they consider it a success if 80% or four out of five users can successfully buy plans online, something house democratic leader nancy pelosi was asked about on "meet the press" on sunday. >> it's not acceptable ongoing but they are saying by the fixes to the website, they are anticipating that 80% by the end -- by december 1 as we go forward. no, it has to be improved upon then. >> president obama is inviting backers to join him on a conference call. the invitation was e-mailed to members of organizing for action, the political group born out of the president's 2012 ee rereelection campaign. ed, thanks for your time. >> great to be with you. >> it seems to be as reported part of the president's strategy is to reach out to the grass
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roots organization, his base and getting support. part of this was e-mail inviting for the conference. the president said i have over three years left as president. there's a lot on my to do list, why i want to talk with you. you're the ones putting in the time and effort to achieve real progress. he is rallying those who believe in him and still have confidence in the president to the battle here. >> that's right. he's got to rally them because frankly their confidence has been rattled with the troubles with i spent the weekend in philadelphia with democrats who say they are very frustrated and want to see the administration fix it. they remain confident things will sort themselves out. the nation needs to be patient. big laws like this before have been a problem at the beginning but work themselves out and so far they are confident that's what will happen with the
11:17 am >> you quote the chair here and he points to battle ground polling numbers that show majority of voters 55% favor democratic plans which they refer to as a fix and improve issue as opposed to republican plan of repeal and defund here and that gives him some in their mind, something to have -- i guess aspire or to have confidence in what's happening here. >> that's why you saw 39 house democrats last friday vote republicans on the proposal that would have allowed insurance companies to continue providing health plans that might not meet new standards of the new law because 39 are probably 39 most vulnerable democrats facing re-election next year. a few of them said, the reason i did that and support anything that will fix the law, i want to see it work and want to see it continue. this is an idea out there to fix it and improve it, i'm all for it and the rest of the democratic party understands they have to do that and deliver that message back home in order to get re-elected next year.
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>> you have quotes from people in iowa who take the setback particularly hard as they really fought for this president and supported him early on. and but still you have the basic argument of premise at least that democrats can benefit on this notion of being a problem solver, if these problems are in fact fixed by november 30th? >> that's the first november. there will be other issues with the rollout over this law. the big one is think about the high stakes deadline, november 30th is a saturday. december 1 is a sunday and that monday, december 2nd is cyber monday when everyone does their shopping. if isn't ready by the biggest shopping day of the year, white house and congressional democrats will have a big problem. >> absolutely. let me bring in chris van hollen of maryland, top democrat on the house budget committee. thank you for your time. >> good to be with you. >> ed just reminded us, cyber
11:19 am
monday. you've got a lot of things happening online at once. where is your confidence level right now regarding at least 80% of the people getting on and being able to access it properly, the website. >> you have confidence in jeff zienst, the guy brought in with broad experience. we've got to get this thing working. obviously it's gone off to a very bumpy start, very important they get it up and running so people can access health care plans and find out that in fact a lot of these plans are much more affordable than the plans they have today. >> there was a quote in ed's piece, a democratic party chairman, and she said that democrats elected officials and activists need to buckle down and take a breath. that was in reference to some democrats choosing to support the republican bill that we -- 39 of them that we discussed on friday. >> well, tamron, the whole show
11:20 am
overwhelmingly that the american people want to fix problems with affordable care act as they come up. they don't want to get rid of it. they want to fix it, not nix it. and we saw that in the virginia governor's race wherefore the first time since 1977, a governor was elected from a party different than the party in the white house. you have terry mcauliffe, democrat governor elected with president obama in the white house. he ran on the platform of let's fix the problems as they come along and criticized the republican approach, which is to try and repeal it for whatever time we're up to, 39, 40 times. so the american people understand that the status quo before the affordable care act was unacceptable. they want to make the affordable care act work. we want to work with people who want to fix it but it's hard to work with people who are trying to actually just kill it and undermine the entire effort. >> it's hard to get other issues
11:21 am
done, other issues adequately addressed, particularly budget talks. with all of the focus with the 12-day countdown, to the website's new unveiling if that's the proper way to describe it. budget talks, immigration, all of these other things, particularly budgets and i know that's something that you are focused on, takes a back seat. >> well, you're absolutely right, tamron. it should not take a back seat. our republican colleagues want only to talk about affordable care act. we should be working right now on the budget negotiations and focus on jobs and the economy. that means looking i believe at additional investment in infrastructure and replacing deep and immediate sequester cuts with the smarter approach. those cuts are having a drag on the economy. that's according to the congressional budget office. we have to deal with the issue of unemployment compensation. that expires at the end of this year. that's millions of americans still looking for work, can't
11:22 am
find it, need to make sure they put food on the table for their families. >> thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it as always. >> is it the end of the road for toronto's embattled mayor, now that the city council voted to cut his budget to just $30,000? that's bad news of the day. the good news may be for him, his new tv show. yes, tv show premieres tonight. plus -- >> this would be really dangerous for travelers. it would mean terrorists and criminal and mentally ill person could walk through a metal detector undetected -- >> an outcry for the nation's laws to keep up with technology. will congress be able to extend the ban on guns made with 3-d printers? this one is our "news nation" gut check. always have. they always will. that's why you take charge of your future. your retirement. ♪ ameriprise advisors can help you
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is time final i running out on toronto mayor ron ford. the unprecedented move means ford would essentially be a mayor in title only. but despite a week of embarrassing outbursts and apologies, ford is calling the move a coup and vowing to fight with council in court. the mayor insifrts he's not a drug addict or alcoholic and plans to run for prime minister one day adding to the surreal atmosphere. ford will star alongside his brother on a tv show that debuts tonight. joining me on the phone, kevin donovan. let's start with what's happening with the city council. this seems to be all but a done deal. >> it is, but one thing we learned in toronto, never count mayor rob ford out. he's making a spirited attempt -- to get his point across. >> that is absolutely true.
11:27 am
in fact, speaking of american media, i saw on tmz he was asked about snl, saturday night live and seemed flattered he made it in a mocking form on television here in the states. nevertheless, if this goes through and he's stripped of powers that allow him to have a $30,000 budget, how does he maintain his position as mayor or any authority? >> i think he's got two options if and when that happens later on today. first, he's the man, millionaire, money he may end up to decide himself and staff for a short period of time. secondly we're hearing he's going to go to court and try and mount a challenge. he's hired one of the best municipal law experts, helped write the act some years ago. he's got -- he's coming to arms
11:28 am
with pretty artillery. >> he's got enough personal wealth to keep this tangled up legally? >> he has a company, we don't know what he's worth but his family has a company that has a plant in chicago and one in toronto. and those plants manufacturer some form of labels for produce packages, chicken and beef and things like that. it seem to be worth a great deal to the ford brothers to stay in power. it's hard to anybody would want to endure this but -- >> this tv show that debuts tonight, how is it being described? >> it's on a cable news network that is actually been having trouble with ratings and it's -- he is going to shoot from the hip.
11:29 am
that's what we've heard and he's going to call on other counselors to have drug and alcohol tests and it's quite a bizarre situation that these two elected officials are going to have their own talk show. they had a radio show but that one was canceled recently. >> all right, kevin. thank you very much for the update. we'll keep our audience up to date, those not online watching the show tonight. a family divided. >> very much, i love our family very much. this is an issue in which we disagree. >> mary cheney takes to facebook to tear into her sister, liz cheney after those comments reiterating her opposition to same-sex marriage. liz's sister-in-law also took a couple of jabs. we'll have new reaction from dick cheney that just came in. ready to run your lines? okay, who helps you focus on your recovery? yo, yo, yo. aflac. wow. [ under his breath ] that was horrible.
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mary cheney says a public argument will make awkward this year. although they meet in jackson hole for christmas, she will not be seeing her sister, liz. the ongoing feud between the few aired publicly when lisz cheney running for senate in wyoming was on fox news and once again declared her opposition to same-sex marriage. >> i do believe it's an issue left up to the states. i do believe in the traditional definition of marriage. i love mary and her family very much. this is an issue on which we disagree. >> after the appearance, liz' younger sister mary and her wife heather immediately took to facebook to sound off. yes, liz, in 15 states and district of columbia, you are my sister-in-law. she went on to say, liz has been a guest in our home, has spent time and shared holidays with our children, to have her now say she doesn't support our right to marry is offensive to say the least. mary cheney added, liz, this
11:34 am
isn't just an issue on which we disagree, you're just wrong and on the wrong side of history. politico's national reporter joins me now with more on this family feud. james, we just got the statement in from dick and lynn cheney. this is an issue we dealt with privately for many years and pained to see it become public. liz has always believed in the traditional belief in marriage and treated her sten area sister's family with love and respect. compassion is called for even when there's disagreement and such a fundamental matter. liz's many kindnesses should not be used to distort her position. that's just in -- i don't think this moves the ball forward one way or the other. but i am curious and people have wondered, is liz cheney contacted her sister mary or at least prepared her for what she had to expect would happen on sunday? >> tamron, it's good to be with you and it is a pretty
11:35 am
remarkable family squabble. it really speaks to a divide in the republican party and divide in the country. mary cheney is not a political novice, she played a key role on her father and george w. bush's 2000 and 2004 presidential campaigns. she's worked closely with her sister. it really is surprising that this has come out and we're seeing this fight play out in public. the dick cheney statement which he issued with his wife is pretty remarkable for saying that liz cheney has always been against her sister's right to be legally married. so it definitely surprising that this came up. we know from some reporting that liz and mary have not been talking for a while. and this is all playing against the back drop of this competitive wyoming senate race with a super pac is hammering liz cheney for not being strong enough on gay marriage and now attacking her for not supporting a constitutional amendment to
11:36 am
ban gay marriage. that she's soft on the issue if if she's getting hit on the other side for not being compassionate enough. >> that's what her sister-in-law in 15 states and district of columbia with a alluding to, you've come to our family, been at gatherings here. i think people connect the dots that, yes, in the past liz cheney made her view clear on same-sex marriage. but she seems to have ramped it up given that she's considerably behind in this race and being pressured by this conservative group in the state of wyoming. >> absolutely. >> it speaks to how this issue divides the party. it's another fracture point in this broader republican civil war, which you and i have talked about before. and it -- >> and the civil war in the family. liz is on one side, dick cheney and mary and everyone else on the other side. >> liz has clearly made a calculation that for political reasons that she needs to stake out this position in a public
11:37 am
way. and dick cheney's statement is notable, he wants her daughter to get elected, doing a fundraiser for her in denver soon. he very much is trying to give her credibility so it does not look to voters in wyoming like this is some kind of calculated political move to get where the voters are but some kind of long held view. >> probably wants a happy holiday between his two kids as well. this is a family fractured by this and it speaks to i think the issue of same-sex marriage and it gets personal. we've had lawmakers come out of support of same-sex marriage after their own children have come out and others who have not. >> and that ultimately only two republicans have come out in the senate for same-sex marriage at this point. that really does speak to the fact that the broader national politics have changed and continues to change in a dramatic way.
11:38 am
at this point if you're running in a competitive primary, it's politically suicidal in some states to come out for gay marriage. wyoming is not mississippi or alabama or iowa. it's a libertarian state in intermountain west where there's individualist culture and dick cheney said freedom should mean freedom for everyone. it's remarkable that he didn't in wyoming feel the need to take the strong position that she has taken. >> thank you very much. one of the headlines today from our nbc first read team, medicaid expansion, a winner in louisiana race. it involves republican businessman vance mcallister's win against state senator neil ri riser. he got 60% of the vote beating his tea party backed opponent. what's north worthy, he supported expanding medicaid under the health care law,
11:39 am
something the state's leader, including jindal opposed and riser attacked him for it. >> they were trying to wrap president obama around my neck which he's not very popular in this highly conservative district that we have. it was 100% negative campaigning against 100% campaign. i stayed true to my faith and maintained my integrity and my faith was tested a few times. but the lord kept his hand on me and did what was right. voters in this district are not as naive as political consultants thought. >> joining me now, senior political editor mark murray. outside of the fact that mcallister got an inendorsement from the duck dynasty family, let's talk about medicaid and he was able to pull off the offset. >> it's always hard to reach too much into special elections and also, this wasn't your normal
11:40 am
special election, you had two republicans runs and louisiana has top two compete. it is the second straight race where a candidate is supporting expansion of medicaid as someone who is opposing that. last time was the virginia govern's race, with mcauliffe beating ken cuccinelli. this is something that is popular in blue and purple states. if you're a republican winning in blue and purple states, louisiana is not even a purple state but does show you how popular it is expanding this safety net, saying you want to be able to provide medicaid and health insurance for people who are just slightly above the poverty line. and that doesn't seem to be a political loser. >> on fox news, where he said
11:41 am
they tried to tie obama around my neck and still able to win there. >> the president's health care law has never polled very well. in the last two or three weeks with all the attention on the bungled rollout, that particulars of the legislation of the policy due poll very well and our popular and expanding med indicate is part of that other ones that we've talked about before, making sure you can't deny people with preexisting conditions and can ensure children after the age up to 16. the overall when you talk about the health care law or obama care, that's when it sometimes starts getting unpopular. >> thanks very much. we'll talk with you tomorrow. >> thank you. >> still ahead, an investigation under way after a routine traffic stop ends like this. an officer opening fire on that mini van. a mother and five inside and the latest on the investigation. [ coughs, sneezes ]
11:42 am
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authorities are investigating an incident that started as a routine traffic stop and ended with police opening fire on the mini van filled with children. we get the details from nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: video taken by a dash cam shows what happened when an officer pulled over a 39-year-old for speeding. the officer asks her to wait but she drives away with five children inside her van. she's pulled over a second time and things quickly escalate. >> get out of the vehicle. get out of the vehicle right now. >> reporter: the video shows a struggle to get her out of the van. eventually she does. >> turn around and face your vehicle. >> reporter: another struggle prompts her 14-year-old son to rush toward the officer. there's a brief scuffle before the teen runs back toward the van and shuts the door. at this point backup has
11:46 am
arrived. >> open the door. >> reporter: that's when the first officer uses his baton on the window before another officer fires what appears to be three shots at the fleeing van filled with five children. the state police chief is promising a full review saying in a statement, i have of course reviewed the video and do have concerns relating to the conduct of the officer who discharged his firearm. he adds the entire incident was an intense 43 minute long dangerous situation that placed the public at risk. according to court papers, the officer fired in an attempt to keep the vehicle from leaving, farrell's attorney said she was flat out scared something was going to happen to her children. the chase eventually came to an end outside a hotel with the arrest of the mother and her son. she's charged with intentional abuse of a child and fleeing an officer. the sun was arrested for battery. the officers are under internal
11:47 am
investigation. joe fryer, nbc news, albuquerque, new mexico. >> let's bring in michael smerconish i i'm startled at the motorcycle incident that happened in new york. what's your take here? >> mom put her kids in harm's way and the police reaction was way over the top. but i think both of those at least to the extent this is the full record of what occurred, both of those are not subject to debate. i also think, tamron, this is perhaps the top reaction of the police officer with the baton may provide some level of defense to the police officer who fired his weapon. by that i mean, if cop number two arrives on the scene and he sees cop number one using the baton to break the window, logically he must think that police officer's life is in jeopardy. what else would cause that reaction when and that doesn't
11:48 am
appear to be the case. cop number two may say this guy has taken a batonto the window. i thought i needed to defend him. >> he fired off shots there. they are trained to use logic but trained by far more than anything we would ever be able to understand when to use deadly force. i assume some were in the back when the officer comes to the scene, don't they process rather than firing in the back of a vehicle there with kids in the back? >> i don't know. so often, it looks absolutely appalling. i'm not defending the police conduct. i'm simply -- trying to put myself into the head of the second police officer. there's no defense for first cop. you would say the second guy fired his gun. i'm wondering if when he gets there and sees that scene, he doesn't know what's going on but sees guy number one totally unhinged and maybe he thinks he's already missed something.
11:49 am
there are other officers there. the officer you refer to as guy number two, it doesn't look like the other officers are firing off their rounds. somehow they processed it differently an we can't litigate this because we don't know the details. he's the only one firing. >> mom put those kids in harm's way and the police reaction was way over the top. >> there's an internal investigation and we'll talk more about it as we get more details. we know this is being investigated. back to the breaking news we reported at the top of the show. we're getting in the mug shot of george zimmerman. he was arrested in florida after deputies respondeded to what they call the disturbance call at a home. seminole county sheriffs say zimmerman will be booked into jail. this is his mug shot just released by authorities in florida. ♪
11:50 am
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welcome back. a lot going on today. here are some things we thought you should know. the supreme court reject the a case challenging constitutional in the nsa surveillance program. a trial begins today for a western pennsylvania minister accused of breaking his vows after he o fishiated at his son's same sex wedding. frank shaffer pleaded not guilty. he could face punishment ranging from a reprip pri manned from suspension to losing minister credentials all together. a crowd gathered in support of shaffer who could have vowed to never perform one again but refused because three of his four children are gay. those are the things we thought you should know. a federal law banning firearms can go unnoticed by
11:54 am
metal detectors is set to expire by the end fd year. pete williams has more. >> reporter: this is what has law enforcement organizations so worried. a plastic gun that can withstand firing several bullets bull cannot be discovered by metal detectors in public buildings and schools and sports arenas and airports. >> this would be really dangerous for travelers and would mean terrorists and criminally mentally ill person could walk through a metal detector completely undetected and be perfectly legal. >> the gun is made using machines called 3d printers now widely available that lay down then layers of plastic to build up solid objects. computer instructions for making this version are circulating on the internet developed by a group of texas headed by a law student who opposes government regulations. >> we should have the right to pursue creative endeavors and
11:55 am
work with materials and pursue what you want. >> reporter: his design calls for putting a 4-ounce chunk of steel so it can be discovered by detectors. even though the metal piece can easily be removed making it undetectible and illegal to possess. the federal law that bans undetectible firearms is about to expire. >> it is a matter of common sense and common security to extend the act and modernize it. >> you could manufacturer this in a day and a half. >> reporter: officials at atf say they present another hazard because they can be made with 3d printers. guns exploding the first time they are fired even though they are made for instructions on the internet for various guns and parts. >> there really is no hunting or sport purposes for a plastic weapon that can blow up in your hands or hurt the collector or
11:56 am
sportsmen surrounding. >> reporter: now the atf and others who worry about plastic guns hope congress acts before the law expires december 10th. pete williams, nbc news, washington. >> what does your gut tell you? should congress extend the act? will they act fast enough? go to newsnation.msnbc. that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'll see you tomorrow. "the cycle" is up next. t all th. [ grandma ] with new fedex one rate, i could fill a box and ship it for one flat rate. so i knit until it was full. you'd be crazy not to. is that nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. a man who doesn't stand still.
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you've got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken. crunchy taco or four cheese lasagna? can i get another one of those actually? [ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help. ♪ it's very, very important that at this time we finish our search and rescue efforts all across our state to make sure there's no one in harm's way, but upon completion of that, our mission now is to recover. we will recover. we will prevail over these tornadoes. >> breaking news starts "the
12:00 pm
cycle" this week, 8 people are dead and hundreds homeless after severe storms on sunday. this hour pat quinn who you just heard there gets a firsthand look at the damage. he's been chris crossing the state just left the hard hit town of washington, the twitter that hit there had a preliminary strength rating of an ef-4, that means winds up to 200 miles per hour. jay gray is in washington, illinois. it's unusual to get storms this strong so late in the season. what are you hearing and seeing on the ground? >> reporter: no question, tour'e, always good to talk to you. what we hear and see is shock. people still don't understand what happened here. this splintered wood and twisted metal. these pieces of people's lives scattered for miles right now. some moving into the neighborhoods for the first time within the last hour. let's push through some of this debris and you'll get a look at now poring through what's left of their homes and community, searching for anything that may represent their li,


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