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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  November 29, 2013 3:00am-4:01am PST

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[ male announcer ] this december, experience the gift of exacting precision and some of the best offers of the year [ ding! ] at the lexus december to remember sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. the right-wing delivers a crazy '13. let's play "hardball." hello, i'm chris matthews in washington. politicians on the right have done some disturbing and destructive things this year. they derailed every legislative initiative they could. when they did take up legislative it looked like this. more than 45 separate votes to kill the affordable care act. abortion laws cooked up by the
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extreme right. countless measures in attacking the poor like slashing food stamps. they advanced bills in three dozen states to suppress the voting rights of minorities. nearly toppled the economy by bringing us to the brink of our first-ever default. and they shut down the government. if you think what they did was outrageous wait until you hear what they said this year. the far right has uttered some of the most disgraceful crazy things you can expect to hear in politics. over the next hour we'll show you most of them. here's a taste. >> the president who bows down to allah. >> the administration's plan is simple, get addicted to sugar. >> are they being taught to use health care items. >> they weigh 130 pounds and
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have calves the size of cantaloupes. >> we can knock down the most knuckle headed statements. >> their hatred of the president. they are denial of reality. the antics of ted cruz and a special section devoted entirely to steve king of iowa. joining me is our panel of "hardball" all-stars. howard fineman. david corn. jonathan and joan walsh. let's get started right now with a look at the far right's hatred of president obama. number three on our listing our countdown goes to u.s. congressman of texas. the tea partier grabbed headlines when he sided with birthers and openly discussed impeaching the president. he's an are a dent supporter of ted cruz 2016 campaign for president. this is a clip from his appearance here on "hardball" in
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september. it's remarkable. >> obama is president, ted cruz can be president. >> this is serious business. is he eligible to be president? you've been touting the guy. >> i think he's eligible. i'm giving you a yes answer. >> if obama was born overseas even that crazy theory of donald trump is true he still would be eligible to be president by that standard. >> we're talking about ted cruz. >> can't you project an inch mentally. >> i'm telling you president obama is the president. if he's eligible to be president -- >> you brought this up. >> what better way -- yes. >> was he a legitimately elected president of the united states? >> i wasn't in congress to determine that. that was determined before i got here. >> howard fineman he won't do it. he's afraid of losing one or two
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votes. >> if you dig down to the very core, to the ninth level of -- to the ninth level of the anti-obama movement, you find people who not only view him from another party or another country but practically from another planet. and the president is fully aware of this. i remember him saying, a lot of these people don't even think i was born here and he wasn't sure what he meant here. that's the theology of it. there's a theological belief at the heart of this, the president is somehow not only legitimate, not american, not even from here, that's an almost of theology with these people. it goes back to the birthism and rejection of him from the body politic. they never accepted his legitimacy. >> i think a cosmic thing is
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true. >> if for you're ted cruz who was born to an american mother up in kentucky, i'm all for that. the worst crazy thing is donald trump is president obama was born to an american mother in kenya. he should accept president obama as a legitimate president. he wouldn't answer it. even in the narrow bounds i set it up. >> chris you're asking for something they can't give you. you're asking for some moral integrity. just to continue with what howard was saying the reason they do this because it works. identify been looking back at 2009. the president's approval ratings with white voters is in the 60s.
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it stays there in the summer. summer of the townhouse and joe wilson saying you lied in september and his approval rating plummet from the 60s to the 40s into the 30s. it's never budged. this strikes a chord beyond the narrow boundaries of the fringe and that's what scares me now. >> number two. goes to tea party congressman of michigan during a town hall event in august. he wanted to impeach the president and he couldn't tolerate the president's mere physical presence. this is a u.s. congressman responding to a question about impeachment. let's listen. >> if i could write that bill -- >> do it. >> yeah. >> excuse me. it would be a dream come true. i feel your pain. i stood 12 feet away from the guy and i couldn't stand being there. >> i couldn't stand being there.
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david, you'll get a shot. this thing about cooties, some physical presence that disturbs me. people go to work every day. they deal with people they don't know or like. you have to do business in sales. nobody ever said -- this is high school stuff. >> everybody at this table has been in a room with barack obama. it's really not hard to be near barack obama. he's smart, he's engaging. he does reach out to people he disagrees with. he can be fierce as a debater. he's not a difficult person to be around. it's not about barack obama in reality. it's what barack obama stands for and picking up on what howard and joan said a moment ago, it's rejection but it's because they believe when a political cultural fight and obama embodies everything they
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can't stand. >> the ultimate gentleman. he's charming. whatever you think of his politics he ain't hard to take. my question -- this is a great questions a columnist. are these people saying this because they do feel a yuck factor with him or they are selling the yuck factor to the yu yucky-poos on the right. >> chris, i think it's a combination of the two. depending on which member of congress you're talking to. i think he actually believes it. i think he doesn't like the president. most of these folks don't like the president. we're talking about folks who come to congress a lot of thermometer aren't smart. the guy you interviewed in that first clip said i wasn't here to determine whether the president is legitimately president. these are folks who failed
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school house rock. this is what's ridiculous about this. and the level of disrespect shown the president. >> i remember dick cavett, i only believe what i see. have you been to japan? no. do you believe there's a tokyo. >> number three goes to a tea party activist david clayman. clayman's wild rant grabbed the headlines. let's listen. comment on this. >> a president who bows down to allah. this president is not a president of we the people. he's the president of his people. i call upon all of you to wage a second american nonviolent revolution, to use civil
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disobedience and demand this president leave town, to get out. to put the koran down, to get up off his knees and figuratively come out with his hands out. >> my god that's hell of a demand. put your hands up, put down the koran, get off your knee or else we'll have a nonviolent second american revolution. >> we elected that president twice. i love how he throws in figuratively. he's inciting a kind of violence. also let's remember this is the rally where there was a guy with a confederate flag right there. they are outside the home of a black family. they are outside their home telling them to get out. i mean this is where people -- >> an eviction notice. >> an eviction notice. we elected that man to lead us twice. they don't accept his legitimacy
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and don't accept ours. but there's something so deep and so disturbing by taking that to -- i know it's the people's house and our house but they live there. i don't know if ted cruz was ever to disavow any of that. he was there at that rally. that was the same event. why aren't they asked to disavow that. >> last word here. clear to the crazy. if the president were a tyrant, why are you able to be such clowns in front of his house. attacking the man to attacking his plan. the republicans saved some of their craziest talk for the fishl care act. this the "hardball" the place for politics.
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we're back with more of the crazy on the right with our panel. this is the year republicans in the house of representatives shut down the government and
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contemplating defaulting on our debt in toward get the president to abandon his signature legislative achievement, the affordable care act. but that didn't stop them from holding the country hostage. there were many examples of the misinformation campaign launched by the far right to turn the country against the health care law. here are three of the oddest moments. michele bachmann cheered on the shutdown, declaring victory even as the republican turned strongly against the tactic and warned if the law wasn't repealed it would kill women, children and senior citizens. bachmann topped herself with this victory dance on fox news after the shutdown was over. after the law's troubled roll out. number three on our list. let's watch it. >> we hate to say we told you so but quite honestly we look like
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geniuses now because we predict this happened. we want people to have health insurance that works for them. for their family. >> what looking glass -- >> genius and michele bachmann doesn't go in the same sentence. these people remind me a little bit of the roadrunner cartoons where they keep slamming into the same mountain. yes there are problems with the rollout. yes it's complex. yes the president admitted there are problems. most american people want to see it work, they want to see health care extended, they want to see reform of the health care system and that's what the president is doing. now, they lost in the congress, they lost in the supreme court, they lost in the presidential election. it seems to me michele bachmann the genius had her way, she may, the republicans will run again in 2014 and maybe even in 2016
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slamming into the same -- >> chris cuomo on "good morning america" with what's your plan. >> he was got huffy when chris cuomo asked a couple of follow up questions. ted cruz came out we'll let people buy insurance across state lines which is a ridiculous plan that doesn't save anybody money or get anybody else insured. he did expose the fact they do not have a plan. >> tort reform. >> tort reform and sell insurance across state lines. this is their warmed over plan. >> when it comes to the affordable care act the right-wing is looking for a gotcha moment. if they can't find it they are okay making it up.
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take a look what happened at the epa hearing. paul brown tried to make this news. listen carefully to how miss mccarthy responds and watch how he distorts it. >> let me ask you one more question because my time is running out. are you signed up for obama care? >> no, i am not. >> why not? >> because i'm lucky enough as a federal employee i have health care available for me which i signed up for. in a few years when that's not the case i'll be happy to have other -- >> our president says obama care -- >> to be clear mccarthy is referring to the fact that she's lucky enough to already have health insurance. she's not knocking the affordable care act. a few minutes later, congressman stockman interprets her words carefully. >> you gave me my favorite tweet of the day which is i'm lucky
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enough -- the quote is from you. it says i'm lucky enough not to have to sign up for boom care. that's wonderful. i wish my constituents could say the same. >> i'm referring to i'm lucky enough to have access to good health care. >> i'll still take your quote for the record. i wrote it down. >> my father is a court reporter. he would have lasted about three minutes, this guy. he completely changed what he said and said it to her face. he read it back to her. >> remember what i said during the last blog a lot of these people aren't very smart. exhibit b. not what she said. >> right. now you tweet your distortions immediately. >> this guy did it in real-time on the same videotape so we can see how he lied.
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lie is a strong word but distorted. >> when you look at what michele obama said obama care will kill women and kids and grandparents and this guy said this is not what you said. the fact they can get away with out right lies again and again because they are people that believe it -- >> fair and balance and giggle at this stuff. they mean balanced to other networks. never mind. the way people hear things. when it comes to health care there's a lot of hysteria. please try to explain this.
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listen to this. number one forever on our countdown. what's this guy talking about? >> it provides in obama care that this commission nooen commissioned officer corps will be trained. but i want to know are they using weapons to train or are they being taught to use syringes and health care items? >> joan, what is the army of people bearing syringes -- what are they putting syringes up over their how older. what are we talking about. what fear zone he's talking about. army of body snatchers indoctrinating people with death panel juice. >> we have three guys from texas which makes me worry about my friends in texas. these are the people that believe there are fema camps that obama is preparing to round
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us up, not us, them and put them in fema camps. they play on the most based paranoia of a fringe of people and get elected and re-elected. >> they get re-elected. >> these are deep red districts and the black helicopter theories of the world work there. by the way when they tweet them out most of the country isn't reading what that congressman said. he's reinforcing the base. those people are following him. he's just giving more paranoid theories. >> i'm still here. >> paranoid sit down strike. >> constant booster shots to keep them in business. syringes with an army. up next republicans flat occupant denied reality. this should appeal to everybody watching. these people are unscientific. this is "hardball," the place for politics.
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we're back with our panel. next we're going to take a look at the reality deniers of the right-wing. these are the folks for whatever reason still don't or won't get it. kick off this category at number three is georgia congressman paul brown a creationist who shuns science in favor of the literal interpretation of the bible. this guy cyst on the house committee on science, space and technology. have a listen to what he told a group of his supporters last year. >> all this stuff i was talking about, evolution, big bang theory is straight lies. it's lies to try to keep me and all the folks who were taught that from understanding that they need a savior. i hold the holy bible as being the major directions to me of how i vote in washington, d.c.
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and i'll continue to do that. >> joan, i think he's speak at a natural history museum of all places, denying the connection of us all there. i don't know why we test our medicines on animals. there seems to be a lot of connection physically with us and the rest of this world. this guy denies all of that. he believes somehow it happened exactly as it was in the bible, as he interprets the bible and that's how he decides to vote on, the science committee in the house. >> these are lies straight from the pit of hell. even if you disagree with him there are some other things straight from the pit of hell that don't have to do with evolution. he wants to be the senator from georgia. he thinks he's got a bright future in georgia politics. and all we can hope is georgia slowly steadily turns purple and then blue and we don't have to deal with the paul browns of the world any more. >> i'm glad he wasn't running
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nasa back in the '60s. next up number two. this comes from one time president yam candidate, host of the crain broadcast network, the 700 club, pat robertson. the right twinge televangelist went to yale law. this was a whopper accusation he made last summer and owe controversy at the time that the christian broadcast network removed it from their show shortly after he spoke it. >> in san francisco, some of the gay community, they want to get people so if they got the stuff they will have a ring, shake hands and the ring has a thing where you cut your finger. >> really? >> vicious stuff which is equivalent to murder. >> your thoughts on the subject? where did he get this wives tale? >> a lie. this is a man who blames the
3:29 am
gays for everything. hurricanes, earthquakes, name the natural disaster, whatever calamity -- >> 9/11. >> don't know if he went that far. >> he was close. >> so, that he would accuse people with hiv and gay people with hiv intentionally going out with some sort of wicked decoder ring, cutting people and giving them hiv is outrageous. you know what? kudos to cbn to taking that off their website. he goes out every week and says what he says is outrageous. >> can't figure out what this guy's story is. he went to yale law. got very small classes. hard to get into. he comes out with this over and over again. >> i think he's a vaudevillian. he knows better. he knows this plays and the
3:30 am
particular demonization of gay people is kind of terrifying, but, again, these people are being left behind by history. and i think that fact scares them even more. to go out and say something like this, you know, someone from san francisco, it's just -- it's so beyond reality and it's so cruel. it's just so cruel. >> worst than even our friend trent lott used to go out how people made their choice. >> covered pat robertson's presidential campaigns and he struck me as a guy willing to say and do just about anything to augment his role as a supposed spiritual leader of men. >> this incites violence as well. if you take him at his word what's the proper response? you go out -- >> gay people are killing people. >> finally our number one reality denier republican
3:31 am
congressmen of florida speaking to "the washington post" on the prospect of defaulting on the u.s. debt. he made this outrageous claim that contradicted economists all over the earth. we need have that moment where we realize we're going broke. i think personally it would bring stability to the world markets. your thoughts, howard. we're still suffering from the near miss of '11, near miss of '13. >> this is an economic thinking. this is apocalyptic thinking. with a piece with the way this part of the american landscape thinks. servicing an apocalypse. and apocalypse is good. you want everything to fall apart because it's only when everything falls apart that you pick up the true belief. whatever the true belief is. whether it's the holy bible, whether it's the gold standard,
3:32 am
whatever simplistic notion there is. >> there's two republicans that stood out. one is ted cruz. we got the greatest or worst hits from cruz himself. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we know in the cyber world, threats are always evolving. at first, we were protecting networks. then, we were protecting the transfer of data. and today it's evolved to infrastructure... ♪ and military missions. we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber battle, wherever it takes us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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. good morning, everybody. t.j. holmes. president hamid karzai threatening not sign the security agreement with the united states if there's any more drone attacks in his country. he was angry about a suspected drone attack on thursday. 97 million shoppers are
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expected to get the jump on shopping this friday. and she stole the show, thanksgiving day tradition. there she is. best in show. american fox hound jewel won the national dog show. stay with us right here. back to "hardball" now. welcome back to "hardball." this year freshman senator from texas ted cruz was determined to make a name for himself and that de. the issue he found a way to turn it into a platform to showcase himself. we're back now with our panel. the thomas crown affair, the best and worst of ted cruz. number three from ted cruz, in july he made an impassioned case at the western reserve summit in denver. the conservatives had to block
3:37 am
the president's health care law at all costs because of all things people might like it. let's listen. >> on january 1, the exchanges kick in and the subsidies kick in. once those kick in it's going to prove almost impossible to undo obama care. the administration's plan is very simple, get everybody addicted to the sugar so that obama care remains a permanent feature of our society. >> david, this is the strangest acknowledgment. he said it might work. let's screw it up before it gets to them. >> they might like being insured. they might like going to a doctor when their kids or spouses are sick. that's what he's saying. there's a bigger picture they're. they were so desperate to stop obama care is because when we fight about obama care, what we're fighting about is whether the u.s. government has a role in social policy and making things better for the average
3:38 am
americans. they say no, government's solution we need less of it. if obama care works and provides insurance to people in a way that they appreciate, it blows the republican party out of the water. this is the alamo for them. >> does the tea party want to roll back the safety net, do they want to roll back medicare. how far do they want to roll it back. social security. this is the big lie. they love medicare. seniors love it. >> their constituencies -- they are older, white, senior based which is their base. they love that stuff but they don't think about it as something the government is doing for them. they come to take it for granted. it's been part of their landscape. none of us remember what it was like to grow old and live in that kind of fear. so there is a real disconnect.
3:39 am
you're right. between what they preach and what -- >> okay. howard why do they assume the center left, roosevelt to the left, over to the left, had some republican support why do they feel they are wrong. these guys were right about social security. it helps the poor. >> these people believe that the role of faith and the role of markets can take the place of the role of government. they do. and i agree with you on one level they don't want to get rid of medicare and social security but want to reverse history. they view this as a long running program to reverse history. if they can stop obama care or dismantle obama care they will take the risk of another conversation about medicare and social security. they will. >> jonathan, when you make a come par stone the nazis you are losing so was for senator cruz during his 24 hour filibuster in
3:40 am
depth. it's number two in our countdown. >> if more politicians just listened to the people, we would respond and avert this train wreck. and yet, mr. president, the politicians of washington tell us don't worry about it. obama care is just going to be peachy kene. you go to the 1940s. nazi germany. look, we saw in britain, be chamberlain told the british people accept the nazis. yes, they will dominate the continent of europe but that's not our problem. let's appease them. why? it can't to be done. we can't stand against them. >> it was the 1930s about appeasement. had nothing to do with europe but the people in czechoslavkia. your thoughts. why make comparisons on nazis?
3:41 am
>> you got to talk about something, anything, green eggs and ham. now ted cruz falls into that other category of people. he's not dumb. he's saying things that plays to the base, that plays to his base, which are the money people who keep rewarding him, keep rewarding his bad behavior. >> here's some more cruz number one. it happened at the confirmation hearing for defense secretary nominee chuck hagel. cruz used a deceitful rhetorical style that reminded me of joe mccarthy, insinuating hagel may have taken money from the communists in north korea. let's listen. >> it may be he smoke at radical or extreme groups or anti-israel groups and accepted financial compensation. we don't know. he couldn't say the $200,000 he received did not come directly from a foreign government.
3:42 am
may be perfectly appropriate. we might conclude it was benign, it was reasonable but it is at a minimum relevant to know if that $200,000 that he deposited in his bank account came directly from saudi arabia, came directly from north korea. >> baseless? baseless innuendo. this guy is working for the reds in north korea. >> or anti-israel groups or anything else. may have come from satan. when you get into this -- >> may have come from the heritage foundation. >> probably not. i want shows that there's no bottom line any more and he's sort of responsible safety net for public discourse. that you can just say anything. there's no harm that can come to ted cruz for speaking this way, for saying nazis that will being a greater than the benefit he reaps. he's leading the p.a.c. the money is flowing in. no shaming any more. who can tell him have you no
3:43 am
decency? >> sees the product of our times and the product of the movement we've been discussing. it's no accident that you're doing a whole segment on drids. ted cruz is the summation of the whole thing you've been doing this whole hour. yes he's only talking to his own people. no edward r.murrogh. i don't think he'll win at the end. if you look at republican polls who republicans like as a possible standard bearer, the average republican responding to that poll is smart enough to know that ted cruz is not translatable to the country as a whole. >> among the republican candidates for president in those round robin debates it's going kill the brand. ted cruz may have gotten the biggest headlines, iowa congressman steve king not the author not the smart guy may
3:44 am
have found the most absurdest things to say. king is next. this is "hardball," your place for politics. we're aig. and we're here. to help secure retirements and protect financial futures. to help communities recover and rebuild. for companies going from garage to global. on the ground, in the air, even into space. we repaid every dollar america lent us. and gave america back a profit. we're here to keep our promises. to help you realize a better tomorrow. from the families of aig, happy holidays.
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before any planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® is not for patients with artificial heart valves. jim changed his routine. ask your doctor about xarelto®. once a day xarelto® means no regular blood monitoring -- no known dietary restrictions. for more information and savings options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit we're back with our panel. just when you thought it couldn't get any better or worse frirgt wing their's iowa tea
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party champion steve king who never fails to remind us why gop alienate mainstream voters. here's number three on the congressman's list of doozies. >> what does raising a family teach you about international finance. where do you get -- where does knowledge about international finance derive from raising a family? what's the connection? >> my only source of information is raising my children. there are many other sources of information. you steam be a geography my critic. i can challenge you the same way. >> do you trust the "wall street journal"? do you trust the "new york times." >> read the "wall street journal." i don't trust the words of any source. >> i don't trust the word of any source but he raised a family and he understands the nuance of
3:49 am
international finance. i don't know how it works. >> i don't know entirely how it works and i'm proud to defer to other people when there are thing i don't know but that's just not done on the right. it goes back -- this is an old, old tendency. they called adlai stevenson egg head. they demonize knowledge. they demonize smarts. they elevate what they think is a common sense that comes from the father, the head of the household presumably and it's crazy. but this is what they think is going to let them take back the country and it's not. >> here's where the horse sense leads, number two from steve king on the topic of president obama's birth. >> in any case it would have been awfully hard to fraudulently file the birth notice of barack obama being horn in hawaii and get that into our public libraries and that microfiche that they keep of all
3:50 am
the newspapers published. that doesn't mean there aren't some other explanation how they might have announced that by telegram from kenya. >> white woman from kansas decides she wants her son to be president. she meets this guy from kenya and plans to have the birth announced in hospitals in newspapers out in honolulu where he lives. gets on an airplane, go kenya to have the baby there so she can announce and planning to have her son named have his father, and she will do all this -- let's get to jonathan. this takes strategic planning on the part of this woman. this is a hell of a hot. this is a long ball. >> completely insane. i want feeds into the birther notion which we all knew was ridiculous. we all thought it went away once the president released his long
3:51 am
form birth certificate when the short form didn't prove sufficient for folks like donald trump. still there were polls that came out still a significant chunk of people who still believe the birther lie. the fact that congressman king is out there talking about microfiche and birth certificates. >> the thing about the common thread faith not logic. it's family not science. >> why is that a matter of faith? >> openly or frankly discussed either race or religion. >> why would that be a matter of faith he wasn't born here? >> because he struck people from the very beginning both because of his name, because of his background, because of his color in part as somebody foreign, as somebody who wasn't quite american, as somebody who -- and in a world that they see where
3:52 am
it's all either good or bad, where there's no gray and only faith or lack of faith. >> he's also a protege of left wing policy. >> it's part of the plan. >> wait. >> but the way to make this work really easy is with something like birtherism. it gets to the original sin. it's a plan. there's a telegram. it gets to the root of the problem. is that he not just doesn't like us. is a different color. thinks differently. he wasn't born here. >> you know what's the ultimate secret plan? satan. that's what this is about. >> oh, my god. >> you give me that look i'm getting worried. number one from steve king. >> that wasn't number one?
3:53 am
>> catch this. >> some of them are val valedictorians. they weren't all brought in by their parents. for everyone that's a vaedic torch rian there's another one that weigh 130 pounds but calves the size of cantaloupes because they are bringing in drugs. >> why cantaloupes. i remember a guy, a great running back had big wide legs. what is this about wide calves. by the way, marijuana doesn't weigh that much. you can have bushels of it. what is he talking about? how does he put these ideas
3:54 am
together? >> so icky because it reduces this alleged latino person to kind of being a beast of burden. he's an animal. you're looking at his body. i don't know. i don't go around staring at people's calves. there's something so elementary about this. >> he does. >> obviously he does. but let's stay on otherism. this is part of otherism. making these people bodies, making them mules. and this is why the republican party is really -- >> look at the numbers. 100 out here for every valedictorian. they weigh 130 pounds. there's a lot of information here. this guy is putting a lot of facts in. >> a lot of information, wrong information and i think it all comes down to a matter of -- you talk about faith versus logic. also a tremendous lack of trust.
3:55 am
one of the clips you showed, i read the "wall street journal," i think it was him. i don't trust it. they don't trust -- >> this is how you get a debt ceiling crisis when the folks on the hill do not trust the experts who are telling them if you don't do this all hell will break loose. there's no trust and that's how you get someone like steve king talking about cantaloupes and bales of marijuana and people believe him. >> we can make fun of steve king because this at one level quite ridiculous and absurd. he comes from iowa. that's the first caucus, beginning of the 2016 election. there's a lot of people looking for his endorsement, trying to play to his crowd, the crowd he's playing to, played toby ted cruz, rand paul. >> what do they think? >> it's beyond iowa and beyond the laughter this is a serious issue and problem in american
3:56 am
life. we just had an hour laughing at and enjoying the extreme statements of these people. but these people are important in american politics and not just because of iowa bath because they represent a strain in american life that's very large in which there's no faith in any source of authority. >> we'll be right back after this. t card, so you get your fico® score on your monthly statements now, for free! that's nice of you! it's a great way to stay on top of your credit, and make sure things look the way they should. awesomesauce! huh! my twin sister always says that. wait...lisa? julie?! you sound really different on the phone. do i sound pleasant? for once in your life you sound very pleasant. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. free fico® credit score. get the it card at we've always been] at the forefrontumman, of advanced electronics. providing technology to get more detail... ♪ detect hidden threats... ♪
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obviously it doesn't hurt too much to laugh because we had a lot of fun talking about this
4:00 am
craziness on the right. thank you all. thank you all for being with us. if you're out holiday shopping get my new book "tipper and the gipper." see you monday night at 7:00 eastern for more "hardball." good morning, it's friday, november 29th. i hope everybody had a great thanksgiving. >> i'm stuffed. >> are you? >> i ate so much, i wore a sweater today. how rare is it for you guys to see me wear a sweater. i ate so much. >> yeah. suspended. i'm celebrating tonight. >> really? >> fantastic. >> we have sam stein in


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