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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  December 10, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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directions. i want you all to benefit to the growing up. it's on amazon right now waiting for you to get it, read it and share it. that's "hardball" for right now. a all in with kris hayes starts right now. good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes, we begin with breaking news, the unveiling tonight of a two-year by partisan budget deal to avert another disaster rouse government shutdown. >> a plan i would have written on my own, i'm pretty sure that chairman ryan wouldn't have written it on his own. i know many republicans had hoped this would be an opportunity to make some of the kinds of changes to medicare and social security they have advocated for. but congressman ryan have set aside our differences, we have made some compromises and we have worked together to get
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something done. >> this is the first divided government budget agreement since 1986. nobody had to sacrifice our core principles. >> the deal sets overall spending about halfway between what the senate was calling for and what the house was calling for each of their respective budgets. while that might sound like the very definition of compromise, let's take a look at this new deal in compromise. that big bar on the left is president obama's budget, followed by the senate budget followed by the senate confirmation and the paul ryan budget. here is the bipartisan compromise deal announced tonight by patti murray and paul ryan. think of how much closer it is to paul ryan's budget than it is to president obama's. about a quarter of the cuts planned for 2015. but those plans are cut by other things like airline tickets and
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increased contributions for federal workers. there's a lot being left out in this deal. probably the most biggest, most outrageous mission is help for the long-term unemployed, benefits as we have reported here for 1.3 million americans are set to expire three days after christmas and this budget deal does nothing for those people and their families. joining me now msnbc political reporter casey hunt. casey, you've been following this all day on capitol hill. how did this deal come about? >> reporter: paul murray and patty ryan have been behind closed doors for months. these talks have been ongoing behind closed doors ever since the senate has been putting patty murray's budget on the floor. they kept those talks going even as other efforts by leadership were found and even as we went through that government shutdown. they passed this as a success of basically two budget policy w
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wonks who sat down and were -- they had to file this bill before midnight tonight to get it out this week. >> so the timeline now is they had until friday right? i mean friday's the last day, are they going to get this things passed? we're already seeing condemnations by house republicans. are they going to have the votes for this in the house? >> well, that's what we're still waiting to see. it seems as though leadership has made a commitment to bring it to the fore, that's what paul ryan said tonight in his press conference, you saw as you just read positive statements from the leadership. but the house had to get this finished by the end of the week. the senate still has another week, so there's a little bit more time. but we're going to start to see
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beginning tomorrow morning whether this is going to fall apart in the face of conservative republican opposition. they're going to presents this to the conference at a meeting here at the capitol tomorrow morning so we'll start to see the reaction then. when house speaker john boehner has pushed for deals in the past, he's faced rebellion from that caucus, you saw one congressman tonight on cnn come out and say that's a no. senator marco rubio has already said he's a no. but what i thought was very interesting having watched paul ryan on the trail in 2012, he got up there and made a very forceful case on why this is a down payment on conservative principles and as you sort of waked through at the beginning of the show, there are some things that democrats are leaving on the table. while they haven't tackled major entitlement reform in the way that previous budgets have addressed it, it is making a
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down payment, they are making small changes like pensions for federal workers, the sort of built in costs of the federal budget that are going to have to be controlled in the long-term. so he's already facing fire from groupslike heritage action from people who have embraced him in the past. >> heritage action was already embracing the deal. they were going to score the vote and attack republican who is voted for it before the controversial deal was announced. the basically compromise is kind of a mutual nonaggression pact on big stuff. social insurance cut which the majority of the democratic caucus doesn't want to see or any tax raises which republicans don't want to see. those are all thrown out and the rest is done in the margins. joining me now independent vermont senator bernie sanders, so senator, what do you make of this deal? >> this is a very, very modest proposal, it will prevent a
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disaster rouse government shutdown. on the other hand it goes nowhere close to addressing the crises facing this country, we're not dealing with extending unemployment benefits, we're not putting the money we need into infrastructure. early childhood education. what i am personally appreciative of is that we have had to take on every republican some democrats and the president who has wanted to cult social security, medicare and we have prevented that. so -- >> it seems to me this one take away from this budget deal is that ship has sailed. there was a window, there was a period of time in which some cuts to social security and medicare, that time has passed. >> we have to rally the american people against a huge array of
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special interests the koek brothers and -- to make the point that social security is not going broke, it is enormously important for 50-plus million americans. having said that, what we did not do in this agreement very clearly is address the absurdity that one out of four corporations in this country in a given year pays nothing in federal taxes. the huge loopholes that exist by companies putting their money in the cayman islands and in other tax havens, we're losing about $100 billion a year, that issue wasn't addressed at all. >> the most outrageous part of this deal seems to me the omission for extension of unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed. there is a demand from the democratic side, that would be included in any deal. that to me is a signal that
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those people are screwed basically t republicans are telling them you're out of luck. the white house issuing a supportive statement saying that a bipartisan budget agreement is a good first step and sort of praising the fact that we won't have the cycle of crisis driven decision making. but is that dead on arrival now? >> i don't think it's dead on arrival, it's the fight that we have to face, we're looking at 1 .3 million workers who face financial disaster, if that unemployment comp ---long-term unemployment comp extension is not passed. this is an issue that clearly we have got to address. but, again, the other concern is that there are so many important issues facing our country, unemployment is much too high, we need to invest in jobs, we have none of that in this legislation. >> how do we get the gravity, center of gravity to move in the opposite direction?
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we showed that chart at the top. we have shown about what's crazy about this sequester, this number plucked from the air, at a time when budget deficits are running at 10% of gdp, they're now much much lower, we're seeing the largest reduction of the deficit in 50 years, the labor market lags behind and we're not seeing a reverse from people's thinking in washington about what we need in this budget? >> that's because we have special interests, we don't care that unemployment is 13%, not an issue, we don't care that we have reduced the deficit by 50% over the last four years, we don't care that primary health care in this country is completely neglected or that so many of our kids have inadequate early childhood education, we don't want to invest in that. our job, and here's the good news, is on all of these issues, do you ask the wealthy and large
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corporations to pay more in taxes? the american people are saying yes, do you invest in jobs by rebuilding our infrastructure, the american people say yes, so on issue after issue, we have the american people on our side. they don't want to see cuts in social security, medicare and medicaid, our job is to rally the american people and put the republicans in a position where they have got to go along with us. >> often it seems the basic mechanisms of democratic accountability and the transfer answer of -- the one place where it has succeeded in the last three or four years is the fact that cuts to social security and medicare are overwhelmfully unpopular and -- that's a victory for american democracy aside from the substantive policy -- >> you don't know within the last year or two, how close we came to losing that fight. but you're right, the american people understand, you don't give tax breaks to billionaires
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and then cut social security, medicare and medicaid. coming up, an epic battle is brewing in texas. >> he came down off the bench after doing his time, he fought hea heathans and hellions and we sent him to washington for a really good show. big john. ♪ big john ♪ big john ♪ big bad john >> that's real. that was senator john cornyn trying to show just how texas he was in his last election, we can only imagine what he's going to have to do for this one, after the news dropped yesterday, a primary challenge from the very far right. we will bring you that next. i'm nick, and i want to show you
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big surprising shake-up in the texas senate race. a primary challenger for republican senator john cornyn, congressman steve stockman also of texas. a man who, and i am saying this totally honestly, when i first encountered his twitter account, i took it to be a parody. the best thing about the earth, is if you poke holes in it, oil and gas come out. our campaign bumper sticker, if babies had guns, they wouldn't be aborted and if you love your mom, you want to get her a bushmaster ar-15.
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s the not a parody, he is a real guy. >> do you remember during sandy hook, the president said you have to turn down the rhetoric. he reserved all the hatred and the rhetoric, not for the terrorists but for the republicans. >> we're asking the president to go through the process, if he thinks his bill is good, his law is good, he should go through congress. he's not a king. it reminds me of saddam hussein when he used kids. it's amazing what they're saying is covered by obama care, if you decide to become transgender, you can also get that covered. >> stockman filed yesterday at the last minute to primary senator cornyn and today stockman is out with a bligserring fund racing letter. if you let john cornyn back in the senate, he will go back to bayonetting republicans.
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stockman is a truly ridiculous figure, but it is not clear that cornyn, despite being ranked the second most conservative senator by the national journal is going to win this thing. two years ago, everyone knew who was going to be the next republican senator from texas, it was going to be senator david due herseurst. he got to the right of him and beat him by budget digits in a runoff. and that's senator ted cruz. howard fineman, here's the challenge for an msnbc host, describing steve stockman, it is generally a challenge. we use all these words all the time to describe the far right opposition, that is sort of intent on the president's demise, that believes in a whole variety of awful, terrible and ridiculous things and nothing could quite capture the dark,
5:18 pm
wierd magic that is steve stockman. >> well, i'm tempted to say that the great thing about the earth is if you poke a hole in it, steve stockman comes out. i mean, you say this stuff coming out of texas is -- you know, you thought it was a parody. i question how much time you have spechblt in texas. i mean texas is built on being a parody and they're proud of their texasness, to a point that it's hard for others to explain and understand. in steve stockman's world, it's all about guns. i would say you pick different things for different people. with stockman, it's guns. i mean this is a guy who not only doesn't want gun free zones around schools, he basically wants gun filled zones in schools. >> he's introduced a piece of legislation that would
5:19 pm
essentially allow everyone inside a school to be armed. it not sure if the students are included. i have not read the bill text in a little while. >> i'm sure he would include that with the third grade report card. so, you know, that's stockman, it sounds crazy on one level, but interestingly, the rather sophisticated people behind the senate conservative fund, you know, who are backing some tea party candidates, this is the jim demint group, that's backing people in kentucky and now maybe north carolina and mississippi and elsewhere, picking their spots carefully, not kansas. they didn't endorse steve stock marine, but they obliged him by going after john cornyn with both guns blazing tonight. so they paid stockman the complement of giving him a free round of attacks on cornyn, which is an ominous sign for corning anyone. >> and you have a remarkable dynamic now.
5:20 pm
cornyn is first of all the incumbent senator from texas. first you would say this is not a contest. but that other people have said that before, mike castle of delaware brought thought that when he lifted christine o'donnell on the other side of the campaign trail. ted cruz, so far he's said he's remaining neutral. in kentucky rpgs you've got a dynamic where rand paul essentially gives mitch mcconnell cover. mitch mcconnell can draw on that credibility. nothing like that is forthcoming so far for john cornyn from ted cruz and you got to really wonder what john cornyn's voting record is now going to look like in the next year if he's trying to beat back a steve stockman changes. >> i think that's a good question, i think that even though john cornyn has a 93% positive rating from the
5:21 pm
american conservative union, it's going to get all the attention from steve stockman and tea party conservatives around the country. they're not going to run away from stockman no matter what crazy statements he made. john cornyn is a conservative. he went to a good law school, he used to hang out with george w. bush. he's an establishment republican, a conservative, but an establishment republican. for the tea party people, their whole thoughts is if you don't make outrageous statements, you aren't serious. and it sounds nuts to a lot of the rest of the people in the country, but that's the world they live in, that's what turns them on, that's how they raise their money. in virginia, the recent election there, there was a looutz
5:22 pm
governor candidate who said the most outrageous things. he got 46%, 47% of the vote. all those people turned out and they will turn out in a republican primary for steve stockman. >> there's six other people, he said there's less sons to be learned from ted cruz's victory. the last thing here is the institutional dynamic, the absolutely breakdown of the republican party. i was trying to think of the last time that a sitting congress member in the house primaried someone from their own party, an incumbent sitting senator and i was having a -- this is incredibly rare, it's one thing for some ex-dentist to get in the race, it's another for your state's congressional delegation to primary you. >> i wish i had the deep knowledge to give you a ready answer for that. but this kind of stuff's been go on for a long time. there was the jim bunning versus
5:23 pm
mcconnell stuff. that has been increasingly the flavor in, especially in the south, and the border states. taking on other people and all that sort of you know sense of standing in line in the republican party has gone away. >> that is out the window. >> it's very interesting, the republican party, the conventional wisdom was the republican party was the loyalist party, everybody stood in line, that's totally -- they're in a circular firing squad now. >> howard fineman, thanks. the president and first lady attended nelson mandela's memorial service today, which resulted in a day of scandal over a hand shake and a selfie and i will explain next. ♪
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yesterday, president obama travelled to south africa to attend the memorial service for nelson mandela, today he joined tens of thousands of others in the johannsberg stadium for the four-hour service. what he had to say will be written about in history books december 10, 2013, the day the world said goodbye for the transcended leader, came for the obama presidency a day of scandal. >> it's a hand shake everyone is talking about. >> with president obama shaking hands with raul castro. >> yes, the president hadn't even sat down before this hand shake shook up the world. >> castro, he's shaking hands
5:28 pm
with raul castro. >> a move so outrageous it sparked anger across the cable news networks. >> watch this video, i don't know, ten times today. >> we all stopped and said whoa. >> there are two ways to read that, carol, one is awkward. >> what are they going to discuss, tips on how the cubans can improve the obama care website? i don't know. >> thankfully, fox news asked the question we all wanted to know, what would nelson mandela do? >> this would not have been in the spirit of mandela. >> we all know that nelson mandela would never have made contact with a castro brother. fortunately, one renaults the shameless hand shake of appea appeasement when he sees it. >> why shake hands with someone who's keeping americans in prison? what's the point? neville chamberlayne shook hands with hitler. >> yes the president shaking
5:29 pm
raul castro's hand and other world leaders is just like placating the nazis, john mccain knows what he's talking about here. but the president's troubles did not end with the hand shake. >> the other moment from today's memorial is getting attention tonight, a selfie that instantly went entire rag. >> that's british prime minister david cameron, and there's, according to usa today, we're not positive who the other person in the snap is. obama cameron and some random lady also known as the prime minister of denmark were caught on camera taking a selfie during today's events. and for the second time today, the world cringed. even the first lady was horrified. i mean, one has to ask, what kind of world leader would do such a thing? amateur photo analysis done by people on the internet tells the whole story. michelle obama upset by the inappropriate behavior moves
5:30 pm
over to separate the world leaders and forces hem to behave and then smiles about it afterwards. yeah, it didn't make any sense to us either. but the question remains, can barack obama do anything right? the answer is, oh, right. yes, he can. >> there are too many leader who is claim solidarity and struggle for freedom but do not tolerate dissent from their own people. around the world today, men and women are still in prison for their political beliefs and are still persecuted for what they look like and how they worship and who they love. that is happening today. >> she helped develop and itchment the open side. -- i thought the freakout of the raul castro hand shake, i guess it was predictable, but honestly what should he have
5:31 pm
done? >> talk to the hand? >> exactly. like the heisman trophy arm bar. he's on the context of the president is he's in a receiving line of world leaders shaking hands. >> and about to deliver a speech in which he was going to praise mandela for his ability to shake hands with his enemies. not to mention his jailers. >> let's also be clear, he was running the essentially fascist state that's persecuting and killing -- >> and underridesing some of the zulu nations 2350ig9s with the dnc during the negotiations. it's just silly. i thought that this thing went viral today with the picture of michelle obama reacting to
5:32 pm
thiss selfie moment. it's oh, michelle obama is disapproving and she kind of switches seats. and i thoughts about it, then i saw this other picture of her smiling. this image that people are approaching the first lady with, like she's the angry black lady, that she's the scold and there is something actually kind of ugly about it. >> she's had to say before, of course, that i am not the angry black woman. which, actually, i think it's actually okay to be angry, as a black woman, i would like to say that out loud. but i think it's -- first of all, i couldn't even tell what she was actually looking at in that shot. is she look off into the distance or is she look at the selfie? >> it's simply impossible. frankly, i actually wish he hadn't have sake taken the selfie at the funeral. i thought that was a little bit awkward. >> i was like where are we on
5:33 pm
the selfie? i think this was maybe not appropriate. >> it was not the appropriate time for a selfie. but why are we trying to get inside the head of michelle obama? >> the entire event t theatrics of it. you have this stadium, the last time that americans have seen it was during the world cup. it feels like the sound of 60,000 people, is exuberant and joyous when the president is introduced. people are thinking this is a funeral in which we are dower and this was a big celebration of one of the most celebrated individuals on the plaechbt who passed away after a long and tremendous life. >> absolutely, i think we all should rejoice he got 95 years. i can't think of something that was not more important to me personally that nelson mandela should get 95 on this earth after spending 27 as a freedom
5:34 pm
fighter. >> and there was a long time that it looked like he wasn't going to get # 5. >> one thing that was really stirring to me in the president's speech, he said this on the day that mandela died. he the first time i took up any issue, any cause, i went to and an anti-apartheid rally. he was kind of a nonpolitical person in his high school years, he wasn't really into causes. it was really the apartheid struggle that was the first entrance of barack obama into social justice, into seeing himself as a vector for change. >> which is i think is true of his age at that time, because the civil rights movement was not in the place it had been in in the 60s and 70s. one that is actually still galvanizing college campuses and
5:35 pm
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from td ameritrade. new study out this week completely shattered a deeply held conservative belief about the world. i'll tell you what it is coming up. the first most awesome thing comes from iowa and it combines two of the most awesome things in the known universe, leggos and the movie the blues brothers. for some beautiful reason, put together an amazingly accurate shot by shot remake of the famous car chase in a shopping mall scene in the 1980 film done entirely with leggos. >> anything else? >> yes, do you have miss piggie? >> they're on a mission from leggo god and they have really nailed it in a 12-minute video
5:39 pm
detailing just how they did it. it took more than 5,000 leggo bricks a and more than 100 hours to produce, it doesn't leave a whole lot of time for dating. the second most awesome things, it is christmas so you have probably seen trucks rolling down the highway. ever wonder how they load up those trucks? here's how they do it by helicopter, like really, really quickly. this is a shot in the christmas tree farm in salem oregon. if you're in the christmas tree business, this is your one time of year to move some product. i imagine this is probably pilot dan clark's favorite time of year, to spend a week or two, as the poster put it, ruthlessly owning inertia. always check the car facts, people, in whirly bird.
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the third most awesome things on the internet. the sploid section is the first and only video in history to ever show us the moon objecting around the earth. shot from the vantage point ofs that so's genome spacecraft. that slightly bigger dot is the effort. do you have some other video of the the earth orbiting the moon you would like to share with us? no, you don't, because this is the only one every. if you can't see the awesomeness of that, then perhaps this video is a little more your speed. you're welcome, america, you can find all the links for tonight's
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family. dependency has become the one enduring heirloom of too many fragmented families. >> that was ronald reagan, in his 1988 state of the union address. the idea when government tries to help the poor, when it gives them food or money or shelter is only setting a poverty trap that keeps the poor from climbing up the economic ladder. the government programs to aid the poor helped reduce the percentage of americans in poverty from 26% in 1967, to 16% in 2012. those facts don't matter to those ---they general lunly believe that the poor -- yesterday new york times introduced an 11-year-old girl who lives with her parents, seven siblings and hundreds of
5:46 pm
other children. she makes her home with mold creeps up walls and where roaches swarm and feces and vomit plug commercial toilets. it's a remarkable piece of journalism that left many readers lamenting the challenges of one of the poorest readers. the conservative "new york post" was not one of them. the post huffed that the times and liberal establishment seemed to think it's the city's job to create comfortable lives to outrageously irresponsible parents. if the city is at fault, it would have been for being too generous. most elected republican leaders are smart enough not to actually talk like this, but the perspective that grounds this editorial is the same one that is right now driving republican policy. it is what's behind further cuts to food stamp benefits, a it's
5:47 pm
what's kept 25 states from expanding food stamps with federal money. it's what happens when instead of fighting a war on poverty, you declare a war on the poor. joining me now president and ceo of a food bank in new york city. and the owner of craft restaurants and i want to begin with you because you guys did a big event today, there was a time when there was a political consensus around food stamps, it wasn't a real partisan issue, it was ant particularly polarized issue, people understand when you have a downturn, unemployment is high, people are poor, they need to eat. that consensus has come undone recently? >> yeah, there's just this idea that poor people want to stay poor, they don't want to work, we don't see that. the majority of people that receive food stamps have at least one member of the family working. when you factor in that 16 million children are on the food
5:48 pm
stamp program or snap program, 14 million seniors, do we suggest that we start having children work now in sweat shops a and seniors going back to work? it's just -- it's a talking point, but it's not based in reality. >> and you guys have introduced a way of trying to create some accountability on this issue. you're coming out and scoring members of congress on how they're voting as cuts are being proposed. >> we look at issues around food in general, not only hunger, but the way food is manufactured, safety issues around food, farming issues, environmental issues, and i think at some point we realize that the hunger community alone can't solve these problems. we need to actually bring a large group of people to coalescing around these issues and find commonality among people who care about animal rights and people who care about food safety and various other things around a whole food movement.
5:49 pm
>> you are someone who had a very intimate experience with the kind of poverty that i think people in america who are of a certain class don't realize exists, is that people move in and out of poverty because of big life disruptions. you went through one of those situations? >> when i was a child, my father left and we used food stamps, i had reduced school lunch vouchers that i used. i was very lucky to live in a middle class town and be able to stay in a middle class town because we had section 8 vouchers. people try to think that desani is somebody else's child. the fact that we're in a holiday season, it's like scrooged the writing that article because they want to think it's somebody else's children. a and in america, we like to
5:50 pm
believe that we're -- how do people move up in poverty? the conservative attack on government is just a strategy to ensure that we don't have that helping hand to people so that they can move into the middle class or even to be our next, you know, millionaires, innovators, et cetera. >> we declared war on poverty, we spent a lot of money of reduszing the poverty level. >> it worked. >> we essentially stopped fighting that war in the 1980s particularly, it sort of flat lined since then. the ideological bedrock of this idea. to help secure retirements and protect financial futures. to help communities recover and rebuild. for companies going from garage to global. on the ground, in the air, even into space. we repaid every dollar america lent us.
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5:54 pm
this is america, how many of you people want to pay for your neighbor's mortgage who has an ext extra bathroom and can't pay their mortgage, raise your hand. >> not with a rant against the degree gradations of big banks what attacking what he called losers who had what he called mortgages they couldn't afford. the idea that the people in poverty deserve to be there, that is a -- that's deep and it's deepen in our political culture and it's deep among conservatives on the right and it had effects on how we ruk structure or policy. >> one of the deepest thing is that there's been almost a shaming of just regular folks to
5:55 pm
speak up, to speak up and ask your elected official, now you do know you went to washington to serve the people, not a party? i am honestly shocked that more people are not outraged. that something like that could have been printed in the post today. i hear what you're saying, people are seeing that as other people's children. but it's any child. this is a country that screams that we love children, correct? >> right. >> and it's disgusting. that in this city 22,000 children, more children than during the great depression have nowhere to safely rest their head at night. >> yeah. and -- yes? >> growing inequality is becoming more of a political problem for people. i mean obviously this city also
5:56 pm
elected bill deblasio by a huge margin. >> but at the same time, washington today cut a deal, patty murray and paul ryan cut a deal, which i'm glad the government's going to stay open, three days after christmas, more than a million people are going to be told, oh, i'm sorry, your long-term unemployment benefits go -- good luck with that. we're not talk about negotiating food stamp cuts, we're talking about a democratic bill that cuts them a little and a republican bill that cuts people by a gob smacking $40 billion. from's going to be some cuts that come out, the middle space is going to be cuts to food stamps at a time when we have a lot of poor people. >> right, chris, both sides are spinning right now. you have democrats that are saying well, this is a cut, it's a lie heat cut. there's still ways for people who are paying heating bills, to
5:57 pm
collect full benefits of snap. and then on the republican side, they're saying well if you take the cuts, there's actually $11 billion cuts, add it into the $8 billion cuts for the lie heat, you have both sides of cuts. from what i'm hearing, i don't see how heritage came out today bashing the bills, saying the cuts aren't deep enough. we know we have democrats like jim mcgovern and rose delora who probably can't going to vote for this. so i don't see how we're going to pass this. but what i'm really concerninged about here is it seems to me that we are no longer investing in our most precious commodity and that is people. when you have 1-6th of the people who can't actually participate in the american dream, something is wrong with our entire system. when we see 50 million americans who are food insecure, this is just a canary in the coal mine.
5:58 pm
this suggests that there are a lot of other problems right now and things that we need to address. and unless we start addressing this, unless we start changing the conversation and talk about how we're going to invest in our future, invest in our children, send them to school with food in bellies so they can learn, and we're talking about getting people job training programs so they can get back to work. >> how about more employment? >> there's a graph recovery and there's this little part of the graph where the recovery, the jobs recovery ticks up very dramatically and it's the census hiring and it goes back down. let's just have another census, like for the love of god, people. >> what the poverty study that came out today shows which is actually that the government is doing an effective job. what isn't working is the economy. the economy isn't producing enough jobs to go up that scale. and that's why it's so vital
5:59 pm
that we pass a minimum page, should we have any cuts to food stamps, absolutely not. but we should not quake the two parties on the issue of food stamps or the minimum wage or other issues. we should actually increase food stamps, i agree with that and we should demand a minimum wage increase and that's something we can go to the republicans on and say pass this bill. democrats are almost united on that. >> the recovery act had billions of dollars for the social safety net and for poor folks. but the 4 billion cuts came from increased benefits. when the democrats were controlling everything, we had a much better ageneral darks margaret? >> without a doubt. and we have to get so many people on food stamps, people in shelters have jobs. it is about -- so about the wage, it is so about the wage as well. but we also got to make sure, you know, you talked about this kind ideal logical that as long
6:00 pm
as it's not me, i'm kind of okay for it to be you. but the problem is -- >> there but for the grace of god. >> there go i. >> thank you all. that is all in for this evening. the rachel maddow show starts now. thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. watch. >> i cherish the ideal of a democratic and free society. in which all persons live together in harmony and equal opportunities. it is an ideal which i hope to live for and to achieve but if needs be, it is an ideal for which i am prepared to die. >> president obama today in johannsberg quoting the words of nelson mandela in his extended eulogy at mr. mandela's memorial today held in a huge


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