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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  December 11, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PST

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raul castro isn't even fidel castro. it's like cuba's jim ballouchy. he ain't john. >> the memorial service for nelson mandela making news for a lot of reasons other than honoring the icon's legacy. plus, a candid photo of the president that's made its way all over the world. while the prewas flying back here, congress was making a deal. we'll break down details on an actual budget agreed upon in our nation's capital. and as a consumer, are you mad as hell and not going to take it anymore? if so, you're not alone. how many of us have experienced customer rage? this is "way too early"! i have the volume but not actual anger. i can't fake anger.
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that was just loud. brian shakt man, in the show, we have interesting followups on the kenyan mall shooting courtesy of the new york city police department. we want to begin in washington, d.c. a budget deal has been reached between the senate and the house negotiators. so the called cease-fire on capitol hill buys lawmakers time to address the nation's larger fiscal issues such as the tax code, health care and social security. paul ryan and patty murray brokered the deal which raises military and dmen spending through 2015 replacing over $60 billion worth of sequester cuts. joining us for more on the deal is casey hunt. i guess first break down the key details in it deal. >> you went through some of them, brian. it's a two-year deal. it would fund the government through september of 2015, the end of the fiscal year. it would tick spending a little bit above the sequester levels that we saw before. it would eliminate $63 billion
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of the sequester cuts over the course of two years. but it would also reduce the deficit in the long term by extending some of the medicare cuts that were included in the same legislation that implemented the sequester. it would also cut pensions for federal workers and for some military members. and it would also impose new limit on how private companies can pay for their pensions the. >> now what about -- so unemployment insurance extension is not in there. does that mean democrats are confident they can pull it out and pass it anyway? or is that debt? >> democrats are hopeful they're going to be able to get a vote on unemployment insurance before congress leaves for the break. but there's no guarantee of that at it point. and that really was the sticking point. that's what lawmakers were talking about behind closed doors yesterday. patty murray was able to convince democrats it was more important to go forward with this budget deal. they really are trying to get away from this lurching from cross-ice tois crisis. nobody on the hill at this point, congress is so unpopular, they know they have to do something dramatic to fix that.
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>> but in general this is sort of like a peace meal agreement. there no real chance of a grand barringian here that will bring down the deficit or anything like that? >> no. this really is just nibbling around the edges. the way they cast it yesterday is to say we can only talk about the few things on which we could find common ground. nobody wanted to touch the big issues. so that's where the compromises are. ryan made the argument this actually goes in the direction that he wants to because it starts to make some cuts that are related to entitlement spending. it goes after pensions for the military. >> quickly, i forgot. i really want to ask. this how does this position paul ryan in the public perception and in d.c. for possible presidential run in 2016? >> you know, he made a really aggressive defense of this as a conservative measure. for someone who has been a darling of the right, he is really stepping out into on coming firement conservative groups attacked this before it was released. at the same time, it could give him protection during a potential presidential run because he took so much heat for
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pro towsing cuts to medicare and other entitlement programs, the romney team was nervous about putting him on the ticket for those reasons. that could insulate him from that. >> in the general election, the ability to work with both sides will certainly help. casey hunt, we appreciate you getting up early with us. >> thank you, great to see you. >> you, too. a year after winning re-election, president obama finding himself less popular than ever before. that according to a new nbc news/walt journ news/"wall street journal" poll. 54% disapprove of president obama. that is a record. it is mostly thanks to obama care. 58% say the health care law is the main issue shaping their views of the president. just 34% say the health care law is a good idea. 50% say it's a bad idea. and it could have political ramifications at the ballot box in 2014 in the mid terms. now more americans say republicans, not democrats should take control of congress. former secretary of state colin
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pole chiming in on the health care debate saying does he support a single payer system. powell made the remarks at a breakfast for prostate cancer survivors and pointed to his military health insurance as proof the system works. saying in part, "i don't see why we can't do what europe is doing, what canada is doing, what korea is doing, what all these other places are doing. i think universal health care is one of the things we should really be focused on and i hope that will happen." critics of a single parent system believe it will lead to the rationing of medical care. a new report by the new york city police department suggests many details surrounding september's mall massacre in kenya may not be true. nypd investigators who went to nairobi to re-create the attack say only four gunmen carried out at sault and they all may have escaped. officials in kenya initially said there was as many as 15 shooters. according to the nypd, there is
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no evidence hostages were taken or that any of the terrorists were killed. the officers believe the gunmen split up in two-man teams to kill as many people as possible. some victims were spared if they could say muslim prayers or named the prophet of mohammed's mother. the investigation also could be concluded no women were involved. interpal issued around arrest warrant for that woman right there, the white widow shortly after the attack amid reports that she was a suspect. let's go to the ukraine. the chaos is still building this morning. overnight riot police stormed an anti-government protest camp in the country's capital of key yef. they removed barricades and tore down the tents. the demonstrators fought back clashing with police and screaming, shame and we will stand. several police officers were reportedly hurt. the protests started last month after ukraine backed away from a european union trade deal to
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cope its close ties with russia. we're approaching one year frts mass shootings at sandy hook elementary and the white house committing $100 million to mental health. vice president biden announced the deal yesterday. the money can go to building new facilities or developing innovative programs to reach rural areas. the vice president made at announcement while flanked by newtown victims' family members. good news to report this morning, a couple and four children have been found safe after vanishing in the mountains of nevada. the family weathered two nights in subzero temperatures inside their overturned jeep with a little bit of ingenuity from the dad. >> they had a fire going. and jay was heating up rocks in the fire at night and putting them in the jeep with them. >> just imagine surviving temperatures as cold as 14 below in that. that is their overturned jeep.
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it started out as a trip to play in the snow near their hometown. they brought into food with them or water. crews searched for 48 hours and finally found them in part using cell phone signals and footprints? in the snow. survivors suffered mild exposure but amazingly, no frostbite. nelson manzella's body will lie in state for three years. giant crowds lining the streets as the motorcade carrying the former president passed on its way to petoria. tens of thousands paid tribute zpid bat weather at a marathon memorial service featuring speeches from world leaders of every stripe. but there is monday morning quarterbacking for that picture right there. that is president obama shaking hands with lots of foreign dignitaries including cuba's raul castro. it's the first such exchange since 2000 when bill clinton and fidel castro shook hands at the united nations.
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critics were absolutely outraged. ted cruz actually walked out when castro began speaking. senator marco rubio said, "if the president was going to shake his hand, we should have asked him about those basic freedoms mandela was associated with that are denied in cuba." and during a hearing on iran later in the day, secretary of state john kerry actually asked for assurance that's the hand shake didn't signify a shift in policy. >> mr. secretary, sometimes a hand shake is just a hand shake. but whether the leader of the free world shake the bloody hand of a ruthless dictator like raul castro, it becomes a propaganda coup for the tyrant. raul castro use that's hand to sign the orders to repress and jail democracy advocates. >> the white house says the hand shake was brief and unplanned and reflected the spirit of the
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memorial service. one of the strangest moments of the day. it looks like it's a selfie taken about the i danish prime minister with british prime minister david cameron and president obama. i want to point out a few things here. i don't know if it's a selfie or looking at a video. is the president seeing if there is food in his teeth? i'm not sure. and the first lady, obviously, not taking part in the festivities. obviously, a perfect opportunity for a caption contest. the hash tag is #waytooearly. wall street down across the board yesterday. steve sedgwick live with us. >> the market is getting back. at which timer is doubling the ipo price hitting over $52. over at gm, we're going to have a real car gal in charge. this is mary barra.
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she is taking over for dan 5:00erson in january. she's been at the company 33 years. she's done a lot, engineering, human resources, most recently in charge of product development. so that is a big change at the top. first big female chief executive of one of the automakers. gold rush hitting the spectrum. the government is auctioning off space it's got in wiley spectrum. we're using more and more in the united states for games and downloading video demand, et cetera. but none of the major carriers are bidding for this at the moment. 34 investors in this. they're trying to make mb by selling on that spectrum to some of the big carriers. >> shopping is a big deal this time of year, obviously. there is a new survey out that says consumers are angrier than ever. >> yeah. this is coming out of the arizona state university. parentally we buy stuff, we're unhappy with it and we wh we complain to the companies, 68% of people up from 6 60% are
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dissatisfied. they have customer rage. yelling rose to 36% from 25% of the time and cursing is up to 13% from 7%. >> cursing? >> yeah, cursing as well. ghaes the product they most complain about? cable and satellite tv. although i'm told no one is complaining. >> no one has been complaining about "way too early." >> i don't think i had a single complaint since may 13th. not one. >> amazing. >> it is amazing. we appreciate it. steve sedgwick live in london. still ahead on "way too early," is texas looking for a new football coach? latest reports swirling an mack brown. jimmy kimmel. he caught a can't miss local news movement. and lewis, what is he going to look like today? he'll have that and cooler. ♪
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that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. mack brown could be on his way out as coach of the texas long horns football team. the "dallas morning news" reports brown is expected to resign by the end of the week. this comes after the coach strongly denied reports that he planned to quit by the end of the week. brown has a record of 158-47. led the long horns to one national tight until 2005. that's not good enough. they're 8-4 and they're going to play oregon in the alamo bowl on december 30th. the nba, big matchup, pacers looking to show the miami heat that they're a threat.
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two best teams in the east not saying a lot. indiana down seven at the half. paul george, some clutch threes late in the fourth. roy hibbert piled on 24. the pacers win it 90-84. if you want to think about home court advantage for the playoffs, pacers are 10-0 at home this season. finally, good news for one lucky fan. cameron rodriguez won $20,000 by hitting this half court shot at an oklahoma city thunder game. he nailed the shot back in november. but the celebration was short lived because he was told if he took the money he'd lose his amateur status at southwestern college. so he appealed the niaa and they said he can keep it now if he uses it as scholarship money. i mean, of course. it's crazy. they did the right thing though. it's america. what a country. >> the ncaa would have been like -- they would have done an investigation for they years.
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they would have ruled on it in six years. yeah. exactly. >> we're not cynical about the ncaa or anything? >> not at all. a little chilly, a little ice. the roads are better than i thought they would be. yesterday we had the snow and that mushy stuff that came down. a lot evaporated overnight. not saying there isn't black ice. it didn't flash freeze for everyone. be careful especially in the driveway and the sidewalks. a lot of the main roads were okay. the temperatures are cold. i mean this is the coldest we've been in a while. the wind chill five in buffalo. there is a lot of lake-effect snow out there. the wind chills in the northeast, we call it the refrigerator. the northern plains is the freezer. rugby, north dakota, minus 41 this morning. we're at minus 31 in fargo. minus 15 in minneapolis. serious cold winlt chills out there. dangerous. there are wind chill warnings for areas of minnesota and portions of wisconsinment chicago, we got one to three inches of fluffy snow for you this morning. be careful driving in between the quad cities in chicago. the next storm is already coming. it looks like it's going to be
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saturday especially. ohio valley. saturday night into new england. not a big blockbuster storm. but possibility of maybe some areas getting three to six, four to eight, something on that order. so that's the next storm. and, of course this is a -- everyone has holiday plans this upcoming weekend, traveling for a lot of christmas parties and stuff like that. just be careful. it looks like the next storm this weekend. you didn't get any invites to any christmas parties? >> none. >> there is grinch parties, i'm sure. >> i'm holding one. >> all right. thank you, bill and mr. barnicle who we'll see at the top of the hour on "morning joe." they'll talk about congressional leaders having that budget deal. but will it actually get to the president's desk? the complication that's could lay ahead for the supporters. and when we come back here, we'll hover around the cooler. the local news, of course, it covers weather unlike bill karins can because bill stays in the building. jimmy kimel, what he's watching
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at the top of the show we tau talked about the budget agreement that does not address the looming deadline. since president reagan, congress
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approved 38 agreements. let's head over to lewis, see what he's got today in the cooler. >> thanks so much, brian. let's start with the weather which turned brutally cold up here in new york. the west coast is dealing with some of its own severe conditions. >> it's very cold on the east coast right now. highways, schools, government buildings are shut down in philadelphia, kentucky, tennessee, ohio, washington, d.c. but here in l.a., it was 66 degrees and sunny today. do not tell our local weather reporters about this. there was a little bit of wind last night and here's how crystal cruz of our local channel 9 covered that. >> a piece of plastic caught in this tree was whipping around like a flag tethered pole. and then there was this. >> one, two, three, four, five, six -- and check out where the wind rolled number seven. >> wow. i tell you, it's almost like
2:54 am
those carts were on wheels. >> oh, my god. >> he knows times are changing. he also knows that some things simply don't change over time. >> they claim the middle class has declined standard of living because typical household this morning makes $51,000 which adjusted for inflation is what it made back in 1989. so income hasn't changed since the '80s. neither have a lot of things. i mean just look at rob lowe. you're older than i am! why aren't you melting? you're like a flower preserved in amber. >> you have to love rob lowe. now puppy love landed a 6-year-old boy from colorado in hot water with his school. the boy has been suspended from school for a day after kissing his pup on her hand and cheek. now the school is claiming sexual harassment. i think that is a bit harsh. hunter said the punishment is harsh. she admits hunter than in
2:55 am
trouble for the same thing before. the culprit had this to say. >> she sent me to the office. i feel sorry. i've been taught to be good at school. i just have a lot of energy. i'm 6 years old. i have a lot of energy. >> i mean give the kid a break. he has a lot of energy. he's a lover, not a fighter. what is the problem with the world today? suspended kids for showing affection. come on now. now some people out there, they take pride in their knitting abilities, crochet abilities, their ability to put together a jigsaw puzzle. me, i'm taking pride in my new found ability to grow a mustache. it can only for today. but i think i should just pay some tribute to my inspiration, that's right, tom selleck, you're a true inspiration. back in the days of magnum pi, you grew just a stash like no
2:56 am
other. >> that is a classic. >> you got a little gap there. >> a little gap. but let me tell you, bring an, last year i could not grow this stash. >> we came up with a few. >> it took me until 28 to become a man. >> we thought there were other comparison that's were a little more appropriate for you. >> that's ron jeremy. >> what about this one? >> borat. that's better. >> since you're an artist, we wanted to -- >> salvador dali. that's more like it. like that one the best. >> all right, lewis. you're beautiful. >> thank you, brian. >> still ahead on "way too early," your most creative captions from the mandela memorial and president with heads of state. what is that? "morning joe" moments away. ♪ i want to spread a little love this year ♪
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is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. all right. after saying that nobody complains about me, twitter just had a lot of complaints. i don't know what happened. anyway, take a look at this photo and a great caption contest for you. we have plenty of responses.
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this is from paula jean. i should have sat with george in aurora. do we have another one? >> yeah, one more. >> this one,@carolyn >> well, you might wonder which political party bears more responsibility for nothing getting done. obviously, each side is blaming the other. here's a tip, the one responsible might define its fission mission thusly. >> we should not be judged on how many laws we created. we ought to be judged on how many laws we can repeal. >> ask


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